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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 17, 2010 10:44am-11:00am PST

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as a sensitive director rather than make my day dirty harry. the cultural references may be lost on the newest students. >> let's keep in mind the weathe it's still cool out there, mike. >> sti pretty cloudy in a lot of areas. let's show you a beautiful picture. clouds still pretty thick around san francisco and sfo still has flight arrival delays. we'll talk about this cooler roller-coaster that will see the coolest temperatures this weekend it would you like a job to go with those fries. today mcdonald's is hanging up the help wantedign in california. >> all you can fly for months. jetbe brings back its popular pass but you he to act fast. >> you have to consume just the right amount.
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♪ mcdonald's is servicing up 1,000 jobs today throughout california. the fast food chaiis holding a hiring day and getting a lot of interest with the state's jobless rate over 12%. most of the jobs are part-time but employees w work just 20 hours a week can qualify to participate in mcnald's benefits and heal insurance plans. you can apply by talking to a
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manager on duty at any participating restaurant. for more information go to our website click on "see it on tv." also abc 7 in the californi job journa are hosting another job fair on tuesd august 31st from noon to 4 p.m. at the health and gard inn in emeryville. you can find more information at our website under "see it on tv." >> all right. as i sat in traffic for an hour waiting for the traffic to clear because of the accident, i couldn't help b think about the weather. >> nothing else to do, mr. mike. >> all around you, isn't it? >> it's a long time. >> finally the sun starting to come out. but, yeah, kind of a cloud over the golden gate bridge. but that's not because of the traffic there, it's because of the actual weather. my first job was at mcdonald's. sorry if i distracted you. might be interesting stuff. 11:19 this morning. here's a look -- i went back to scho.
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here's a look from emeville back to san francisco. you can see a few breaks in the clouds trying to develo things could be an extra hour, maybe hour and a half compared to yesteay. that's all it takes to bring us slightly cooler weather today. here's the east bay hills. you can see a lot of fog as we look south in the bay to the east as we look into the hills and entually the valley. you can see it's clear out. temperatur show it well. the clouds definitely still around the bay and to the coast. a wealth of 50s from santa rosa and san rafael and san francisco, redwood city, half moon bay, los gatos. 76 antioch. upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures pull back. clouds an drizzle developing and en tonight and a cool weekend. looking more likely saturday and sunday will be the cool nest this weather pattern. an area of high pressure yesterday stopped the onshore flow from being so warm. strengtheng that sea breeze and bringing us the cooler
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weather today. in between these area of lows, we'll have breaks. that's why we're going thave a roll roller-coaster of temperatures because of these parades of low pressure. today we're on top of one or one is on t of us. that's why we have cooler weather. mid to upper 70s the south bay. 81 los gatos. the cloud breeze 67. more sunshine the rest of the peninsula, low to mid-70s for you. along the coast not as much sunshine as yesterday. temperatures upper 50s. sausalito sunshine but low to mid-60s. upper 70s north bay valleys but look at your beaches, included, upper 50s. 90s gone from the east bay valleys. mid to upper 8s in most neighborhoods. same thing morga hill, gilroy, hollister. 72 santa cruz and 64 monterey bay. scattered thunderstorms possible in the desert today it is as far as coming back home, 7:05 first
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pitch. coliseum, blueays and a's. the cloud cover mor exteive tonight, drizzle along the coast, temperatures in the 50s. see what low. we may warm up through tomorrow and into thursday. that next low comes in friday, drops a couple degrees and stronger and coor low moves in for the weekend. what y see saturday and sunday are the warmest temperatures inland. mid to upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. i want to share a couple cool weather photos wth you. these shots were taken of the moon uploaded to abc 7's if y report by christopher! i like christopher! anytime you can spell out your name for me that would be really helpful phonetically. we appreciate the effort. you sending them to us and allowing us to share them.
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>> all right! sounds good. thanks, mike. you did it! listen to this. jetblue, all you can jet pass is back. unlimid number of cities over a one-month period. the $699 pass for flights seven days a week. the $499 pass allows five days a week excluding friday through sunday. the passes are on sale through friday. they sold out in two days last year. >> if your child is one of the youngest in class, he or she may be more likely to be labelled with behavior problem a new study from michigan state university shows the youngest kids in the grades are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit activity disorder than older children. it suggests teachers and drls should evaluate kids based on
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their age, not their grade. another new study focuses on chocolate. harvard researcrs have found eating chocolate protts a woman's heart. swedish women that had one or two servings each week had a lower risk of heart failure. researchers think maybe eating so much cholate replaced other nutritio foods. compounds in chocolate are known to lower blood pressure. >> chocolate one of my favorite food groups. coming up next, the map olympics. >> some very smart bay area students showing off share top students showing off share top sciences f f
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the images from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals and schools destroyed; families searching for loved es; parents tryingto feed t. but we can all do something.
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we can help the ameran red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. or call-800-red-cross. thanks for your help. >> today on oprah at 4:00 the first intersection view with johns edward's one-time mistress. listen to this. hearing loss is on the rise among america's teenagers. can anything other than those mp-3 ear buds to be to blame? what did you say! >> an impressi second place overall finish at the girl's math olympiad in china. >> the mathematical science and
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research institute in berkey sent a total of eight girls to china. >> the team won a told of five gold's, one silver and a bronze medal. ten countries exceed the event that emphasis creati thinking. >> all right. so the questn is if you add the week's high temperatures and divide it by seven, do you still fall below average and by how much? just like that. >> a new formula. >> yes a by 3 to 5 degrees. >> you proved your m
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