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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 19, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> there has to be. we
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is is l you upper level low offsho
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anda run at us . right now trae ridge of h s the warm today and keoling down very sharply tomorhe low is the jet strea dipsext day sohvigorously d we have sharpl to. in factooling on shorereeze late and lead us inweekendown. overnig some drizzle near the coast and around the lowy in the mid 5 the tomorrow plethe southith sunnys h of 77 in san jo in ca in ly low nthe peninsula up 77altos. n the coast. high 59 at half moon. 58 at pacifica. ar seeigh of degreen. 5 inn set districide range n theñi now. inlyinty but the manufac into napa county we 80's, . 8
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cland 92 clear la ncaa high mainly to 72 at castro valley,union city72 at castro city, nd. over thells into inl see mid 80 up to about 87 brentwood but ct in therow and montereyow 60's at car here's the a regonego. further cooli onticallyer on saturday cooler. igh getting 80grees buteezy milde on then warm on monday within lap high in the mid that hot. to 80 aro. s true sum like we finally xt week fis early nextweek. 't we said i somewhere we discusthet average since the 60's. so farle ature in the ba area espec city san fran in about 40
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>>t your imagi >> uparents insouth bay school hope
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yislation of pare san want to open 2 new chchools taking the cas schoolboard to. other parpts imply doesn' any mor ed repoley ha the. : newsweek maga rankaratory char school imber the entire nation. thatught the atten of a companions san jose >> parents know, frien >> parentsiends, alking about what downhe road.
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the f ha our child >>reporttter months p were publ open a charteool in san the sam than studen a meritse pay sys whormance is. teachea sal thatpetitive but t igible of thatase s allyd tohe e of thei students >>reporter o administrts therion do we re wanttell ouould go teach top sch those mehen paid this want we want te ors work with what t >>ast side union ict alre 18 high sc most w la because summ are parentad will as school board to
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one bt school i jus the p ces for paren dents are goin thall. some st like a schoolly is ab brin to san jose.reporter: board s charin the th 4in the di. on sep16 board membe if they wan ore. san jose n we contin toni presi h with new signsftrouble ou >> tech ta ne ikely torch virtu ev modern d lin to t meg whitman arrid at ebay they had 30 people and aidea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. foc. anthe ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one oamerica's
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best ceo's by harvard business review she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come tru now meg has a plan to create bs. fix sacramento. and deliveresults. meg whitman. for a new califoia.
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wçoóq good evening
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he a loodlines followi younight. ameres new yoe s sfo ceiving a thre lawnforcement passenge inny realdangerk serioue. it tu outlarm. police r home in gilroy e seizinf pounds narcing crystal meth. cs says the drug have a stre v of more than mis. people ar undarrest. u.s. mail explo in los altosght. t resulted ve started itlatethis re it mayarked over aen gas main. e
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ar glad to t aged to escaunharmedss. sident obama his evening jushington nother sea congreyst say this yeadeficit will 1.3 . is theglum newsomy which continues to the pr here's >> theconomic figures a damper open the ent 10 day vacati to v this that claiose again compels us to ac >>reporterless claim reached high. employers ar cutt veryotake hold. usually evhire at lea or 3 extra the businessere. >>reportma admitthe recovery willely takes. tl 8 lost
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t weed me. : in alameda co >>repoameda countycalifornia witnt eringpercent thoselookingor workd up at an j lined upob out of work year. yleastme ah the wor poolway it lick0 people are athe job try to positive.porter: ther ith 1 ti of g. eneral motors preparin to sell stoco theblic once agai a yeart hadto be rescueby the federal g. lf all lack ecgh unemploymen numbers a majorg ratic in normressional . newsw f you areooking f the fection!fix the fection ca even emer aug in additionr jobs there i l section on h carell. ve all the
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on ou seat ab 7 reet at the gove is ready to am airlinesrecord penalty fedn on expected to te 25 million dollar mae for ncertcomings led to of canceln 2000 8. an spokes mare fro the faa andction governmentarranted it's the big has ever done sincompany ded from a yea ago. l isng almost 7. 7 bis to acquiresecurity softw c tware companyfee. david ex uisitionke sely for co er: intel aa no stry are headquar blocks away ina also partners. and whilellaborating receecutives
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fompaniesgnizede dea ng need >> we areg customer ey showingecompany mill, cars smartoneof things. it's the wiughout oe ecure those devi>>reporter: ine y? the swedish made vikinghine u b p built in and touc scree connect net a u.s. b that's how are down loade roidery makeeset of gordon hall is of vi center e.a it essentia is vulner, to o load attackf ta aard offer deattern ings assibilities. >>repo an mcfeeain urity i th to wa attack. threat growing with of utilitmeters and security ca
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acceack traffirveillance o st say bismer ases especial thesmart pho smart phon is xt great ferround . we t t coolyy. to a degree that thebusiness by making more and mormore hacknot into theby offering this of securi as well : as mored he advisesed to thenet the whole it so we dok bit as long securi is b tat link us we ha to to fe n san jose lou abconeyope. >> so waink alltel stocknt down aboutd a half percent. but mcfeewent up by 57rcentook at performan there tod ecame more too up 6>ge ovbitantpaid
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ials in a sm a letion now sacramento. stateke cking for ways to sure tha of andlic trus never happen. t annetteports sacramento >>reporter from repub >> try o be >>reporter to d thatrnment should donehe dark er show bipartisan o the excessive pay the city ofgave including form manag ade nearly ars a yearento ispushing a pf 6s at prevenering simila compensa >> bell offied thatust, their privi and xhoo comm unfommitted for able offense >>reporter down on exdes requirinlicensing
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yizeed by te f more than tr ci. g above is sa 50% personal t. bannintomatic raisiting severa to no more than one salary. e people why lome the s way aate bum which is now almost two mont californiak of . n h fore tomorrow publicschools a star much they geerday memb of the disa comm blockedol st to protest proposed cut t theirs. b they dono >>should be workinhe budget. noestiont it. hen people's and ly are at stake the buo be worked o >> statersnt out they on multiphall ateme. >> i don't t that we sholdating them
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that are etecause haven't resolof thet. theell scan today to light fe we ago andaker vow crack down papproved by the end of the movem couldn the sameor theate bump it. in sacws. tingday of america. nearlyicans nowcorrectlyeve obama isa muslim f pol foun8 percentf those incorrectl i presid as. he's c that's from11 percen so last yearhird think he's christiand 4 per don't know pmaligion aftere poll came oepresident ob who prays duniversity o carolina sociologyfessor says resear has s false can spread qu if ds neighbors also or believ toreenforce the
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nego bank of ame vigin progra monthomerschase their sm. trial programagain month omersply the phonece at a c out. 80 and phoneoviders jockey forad that could become a plead of every . co s be one day. xt wine in san josere dealingleasant
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pre airport foul odorstev asmiss tires as s persistent the d the story now at sa l. there is el problem at tional airport.behind closed doorson the ar of the ted you can't but apparen yousmell it. >>this would be de smellmell. sewer >>report first repo fr airline officesoutnt smell april. the theory i sed constructiosomething
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pe disconnecte or broke during work but spectionsbing s turned up little. we have done smoke techltsshing smoke tm symiddle ni to fin system.hat te occasions >>reporter: if you leak wereund ad that hadn't stos stare ussmell fromrfacing. lushed all tiple time. tv the s linedonother ext . we h on night anor months comes andoes. : air license work in t with yawpted u.s. innocent affected area is haind that door there.spoke we knowmerous employ l te stink whe it reallystinks. somew put der unfortunatele them have ai license cos to tthere. these picte y partnermercury some shordy th
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of >> we pu fans hener in place. we e picnicide f have the lunc >>repoere was tary the ai rent paymen the cityl the smellxed but t de that. o remove thor at anys jose >> interesti little it w for more mental glass ofnorwaystudy wines give women a bit o anpwebingtal n. tudy tested amer000le age men andr seven years. and f whether drank or more times over two w period on of course betterve th whonce du the same . oneason m the antioxidine for you ob another could beelf whichs
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ulation erenniferiston d its babyut whatwhener bes
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>> new besst o tonightsbit ent. has a take. aaa bes doggory the the nod. rubberd keep a comfortabl con feigned to cargo area. active life division and forresterted am plus theo calenty of pointecure a kenne. economicalategorys san cuof the 2 selebecausenter is surpri ating for largerfgs. ght. back up date theforecastcer here. next time i'm at the car ve to brin dog. the th do exactly with time from the high d camera show oving across francisco with the cooli e. area weekend state wid over wasn'tt's quite wa interior parts of the sta
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90allley 0 yos mate an on sunday sim t 0the springs to the desert say lick but the bay areaittle cool t we hope re theywarm-upn. inlanpay andest sd warm-uponday and temperatu up around 80 at the 60's the coast what will'tne >>encer very muc. >> ins tomo woman wae a baby in theitch. atemanars -year wh6-year-old w stne. s don aisle >> you are b i'm working ontreporter: js itave baby. herriend wally by jason teers t the dad is looking
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>> ad. that's porter: patrisoing. cst sivee lo attitude. would you ple this iuation.ang on. you justames a verbifficult : on you heard me right a batemaneplacetheribution witht doesn't rennifer ures awayntact wven. is he never she c yearsrguess >> thi. waichlingts ithink d. r some earyse e eary conesdenses. looksou. it dawne. >> i hij her pregn >>hat's ill advisesomehow she ce. so has a. if what
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about single women ren't tome pregnantmall few laughs th doesn't sea ryanistondeman. reut his personalit the real scene stepe sonhose dialogue soundske it is fil with ending ointing i give f a bu. 7 nee'll see y aisl ull bucket. nteeddfull bucketood is stuff tonight. phills hotjaints no. ob tooolem
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ring ring. progresso. why does it say box to for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money
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for school that'sreat but this is a can. yes is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. bua can isn't a box. we know.i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. did you know safeway gives you two ways to earn cash for your kid'schools? with boxtops for edution and safeway's 10% back to schools program as much 50 cents per item goes to their schools when you buy product like these. look for the school bus tags at yr local safeway.
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coming up tonigh 11:00. >> went on like a very jule >> his hotel y's fl what the caller sa a:00. then hea might not npe of you to avoid di. oming over on channel. now weve on to lar all thetonight. giantction. lot of baseball highlightsd play ofind of slipping it seems gi need t vands tonight in philad. third game off terrificart. ques wose
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phillies fan and this is high degree of ty full of foand makes th. wewalkingnts r firs josle center sportsot here. sanchez coolsz inning 2 heather. pair going left, pair of rbi lens off the a giants to fou san. thisis torched dow of giants win 5-2 and back within philatcard padres al of plays in ight this guy on hi lap top.ay. es the . now go update th face kevin gives ir girl then a k then nd givesvenir. viny have motives
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ke ulteriormotives. carl st. formereticth of the year in the fo. 2-1 bay.e sixth.ecrisp scalese wall and r home run.up two in the. noty more. this is smoked . driv jackn and is your game winner. a's pu it federal news appearse tightening aro r clem. grand j indictedclaim that golied congre about usi. clemens test th he never u rugs now ofn coerjury. oblem for th u barrys clemens trastified and therey be physica the was in deed jawsin. ued a statement
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twitter hing illegack sayings forward c the and hopes the pe keep an mindnd free season former ca bow mayb sign to be the back uphind cand bruce. ut ike re openssome eyes last al d. >>reportmerterback bowl wasimore firstnd pick03. hrew nearly 8,0 yards 64 t dow cal. but nfl contrary ca firee is glad the raid e with the s. n. throwing recall has it hes it. or a raid . er: i thinkwesome. t offighting they we havemeeat leaders the team. ho can just t t
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.reporter: on feelscomfortablystem. it st dallas th r 21 14. n. >> i like hed. thousome big thr own throwiously play.porter: he's a most of his tocamp t same w whoeverrepare yoursel whoever,ppens,ens. rter: he happen back o west coa ho for thend. >> i'm excited. i the thet things. take it one a ppens. er: in napa widers . >> thank mike. scene fight in spain bull leas up i thcattertryingapeehow some place to go.intoeople. d man in 10ar-old with serious woun
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ghting of cour a tr in spain but knewwing movement to ha o moste people are out animal rightsand hurting th ing but this scene flips it a concern y did have several injucouple ious. t had be kille >> i hen anything that the bu going afte >> after someboing. agitate. ry much skythat is this e of he tv d o you g appreciate y time. see you a 11:00 with ay in makecatch look at th harrye lap to >> yes he was. he got ton they on the fie they are preeeyought


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