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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 20, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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>> claire police at an elementary school are taking a bomb threat seriously even though they think it's a sick vicious attempt to scare children. >> some stayed home because of a graffiti thre that said an explosive would be set offn campus today. >> theresa garcia joins us from the schoolhere there's a very noticeable police presence. theresa. >> well, even though almost half of the students did stay home today, briarwood is open as a normal full school day. there is an obvious difference. you see multiple police cars parked out front. it is a day of high alert but hopefullan uneventful one.
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it was scrawled out in an amateurish xhie amateurish style. >> the scol district says the graffiti was discoved more than two weeks ago and hopes or not, police have taking it seriously investigating and preparing for this day ever since. >> earlier ts morning we had one of our canines that trn to detect explosives sweep the school. >> the police canine didn't pick up any explosive material but out of an abundance of caution there are extra officers in uniform and some under cover monitoring the resintial area around the 12 acre towns and avenue campus. >> we can understanding some of the anxiety it the anxiety showed in the attendance numbers. nearly half of the students didn't come to school. the district says it's not surprised that parents have been asking. >> is it okay if i have my child home. of course. they just need to call in like a regular excused absence and it
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will be handled that way. >> they sent parents a letter advising them of the threat and the extra security precautions briarwood is taking. even if it's a prank, police and school officials felt obligated to act based on the history of so many past incidents of school violence nationwide. >> sadly we know there have bee instances throughout the nation where unfortunatel real tragedies have occurred. and we don't want that to happen here. >> when rerring to violence in schools nationwide and how the reaction towa handling any such thrts has evoed over time, top of mind are the fatal school shootings at columbine in colorado more than ten years ago as well as at virginia tech university in 2007. now, the hope here is at briarwood it will end as just another normal sool day at 2:30 today. live at santa clara, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> i certainly hope that's the casetheresa. thank you very much. three suspects bieved to have a link to a mexican drug cartel
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are being held at th santa clara county jail charged with one of the biggest drug operations local authorities have ever seen. authorities seized 500 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and cocaine. today it wld get $100 million on the street. this is exclusive video. in addition to the drugs, police believe the men mahave been using that home for cockfighting and for dog fights. local and federal agents started the investigation more th a year ago. >> a lot of dope. you start talking about 400 pounds. and that's pure. that's about 95 to 98% pure methamphetamine. that could have messed up a lot of people's lives. >> the suspects are all mexican nationals who have lived at the home for a year. authorities say they expect to make more arrests. >> the santa cla county sheriff's department has stopped illegal marijuana arrests in the
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wilderness. a man shot and killed by deputies and during a marijuana farm raid last month near morgan hill had a pellet gun. depues and say the suspect didn't obey commands to drop his weapon so ty opened fire. >> a millbrae clean up after a suspected unk driving smashed into a tree, awnings and house overnight. the suspect was travelin at high speeds and lost control of his s.u.v. just before 12:30 on ca koya avenu the house did not have any serious structural damage. the family was home at the time but fortunatel nobody was hurt. he wasn't arrested because other than doing a lot of property damage, he didn't injure anybody except himself. >> in san francisco police investigating the city's third fatal shoong in less than 24 hours. the most recent shooting happened just after midnight. police say a man was shot and killed outside the city housing
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complex just before 7:00 last night a 19-year-old man was killed in the city's oceanview neighborhood. >> today is a furlough friday which means you'll see closed signs hanging up again at every dmv and other state offes. 150,000 state workers are being forced to take an unpaid day off after the state supreme court ruled furloughs can resume until it decides whether governor schwarnegger has the authority to impose them. the governor believes the furlough day he's ordered workers to take wi save the state $150 million a month but many of the people we talked to today say they're angry not only because the dmv was closed but becaus they got no notice. >> i lost money to come here. so now i'm here and i've lost money and the day and i still have to come back next week. >> we ride together. i live in colorado, oregon, all
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over the east coast. i have never seen the chaos that is california with pretty government service. it costs me over $300 a year to register my car. would have ct me only $50 in oregon. in return i get less service rather than more. >> that's pret important. we'll hear oral arguments for and against furloughs next month. meanwhile new members show california's umployment rate remained at 12.3% last month showing few sns of an economic recovery. the state employnt development department says cifornia lost more than 9,000 jobs in july. most of those were temporary jobs wh the u.s census. california has the third highest unemployment rate in the nation. nevada is numr one. the national unemployment rate is 9.5%. nearly half of all the homeowners in psident obama's aim programhave now quit. the treasury departmenteport says out of the more than 1
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million hoowners initially in the program, about 630,000 with drew from the prram before they were able to get thei monthly mortgage paymes lowered. suggests they say that suggests foreclosures could rise in the second half of the year and weaken the housing market. many homeowners had complained banks often lost their documents and the banks and borrowers weren't sending back the necessary paperwork. in new york the were some new developments in the couldn't he jersey over relocing an islamic cultural center of the mosque in the site of the september 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. the goveor has been tryi to neat with developers to talking about concerns and those ill angry over the attacks. but the group postponed the meeting saying they were traveling. former may rudy giulianied new york through the aftermarket of the attack. yestday he support the idea of moving the moss aring further from the site. michael bloombergame out and supported the mosque saying it's a test of the operation of
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churchnd state. >> adventures in babysitting. still ahead, the inventive punishment one father came up with after his teenager daughter breaks curfew. >> the obama administration with an important break through to solve mile east
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♪ >> the obama administrati is taking new steps to recharge middle eas peace talks.
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secretary of state hillary clinton annoued the palestinians have agreed to directeace negotiations and those talks will take place in washington next month hosted by president obama. clinton said the goal is reach a peace agreementithin one year. >> as we move forward, it is important that actions by all sides help to advance our effort, not hinr it. >> the leaders of egypt and jordan have also been invit to attend the first middleast peace session. >> say new associated press hole says the majority of americans see no end in sight in the war in afghanistan. the poll says nearly six in ten on polls the nine-year-old war. only 39% say they support his expanded war effort. just 19% expected sittion to improve during the next year while 29% think it will get worse; however, a majoty of the americans do well president obama's decision to end combat
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operations in iraq. american e left iraq thursday ahead of the present's august 31st deadline. some 50,000 troops remain in iraq to help advise and assist iraqi soldiers. >> arreste at a remote campsite. the s.w.a.tteam arrested two yesterday. welch is accused of helping her fiancee and two other inmas escape from prison last month. the pair are linked to murders of a couple in new mexico. a stranger spotted the fugiti yesterday. he wished he had shot the ranger when he had the chance. >> kathy welch had a firearm in the small of her back. she attempted to go for the firearm. as she pulled it out, the swat officers obviously had her -- had their guns trained on her and she dropped the weapon. >> i think all of us here were convinced this was going to go down into a bloody shoot-ou
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>> they are expected to appear in court later today. >> a landmark study today says california's overdue for a huge earthquake. scientists from u.c. irvine and ariza state university say they believe a major quake should hit the southern portion every 45 to 144 years and the last quake there happened 155 years ago so the qui period should be over wi the big one coming soon. researchers use charcoal sampl in the past few centuries. the study is in the journal of geology. >> always something to make us think about with that. always be prepared, mike? >> and be prepared for the cooler weather. it's here. >> what a surprise! >> let's take a look outside. (laughter) >> here's a look at the cuds lingering around the bay from emeryville and the cooler weathe that's bringing it could have us drop 4 to 6 degrees today and again tomorrow. we'll talk about a warming trend into next week. >> thanks. and the newest rare resident at
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san francisco's aquarium of the bay. >> and more people ar getting sick across the nation from tainted eggs.
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♪ special breaking news where police have been involved in an accident with another car during a chase.
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investigats say police cruisers were chasi a suspect off a bus when they collided with that other vehicle. this happened at the intersecon of 23rd and wakefield avenues. earl reportsay they were two people inside that car, possiy a woman and a child. and the vehicle may have flippe over. however, police have not confirmed that yet. investigators also ha not said why the suspect was being chased. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll continue to brin you updates on the air and online at >> say rare seven-gill sha is on display at san francisco's aquarium of the bay at pier 39 at fisherman's wharf. hoped to find something interesting and, boy, did they. they found a 10 foot long fele characr, the biggest of the aquarium's 20,000 creatures. she'll be on exhibit fo the next year at the aquarium. >> very exciting.
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>> cold and getting colder? >> yes. >> i guess it's the last of the summer. >> supposed to be. still have september and october. yeah. you can see the cloud still hanging around parts of the bay. the cloud deck a little more stubborn today thanks to the stronger sea breeze. the tperatures around, still in the 50s santa rosa, napa will receive some sunshine right now. san francisco, half mo bay still in the 50s also. cloudy. the rest ofs in the 60s, san jose 70 and antioch 71. the monter bay, cloud cover. our highlights. we'll see sunshine everywhere this afternoon. maybe a few pockets along the coast. the clouds pretty stubborn for you. cool breezes arrive today. that's why temperatures are 4 to 6 degrees coor than yesterday. cloudy with more widespread mist and drizzle for your saturday morning. the coolest afternoon, we'll follow that tomorrow afternoon with the warmest seen 48 hours later on monday and spilng
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into tuesday. san jose, want to give you an idea how cold it's been this summer. 76.5. that's our average high so far. the usual average high for august 84. the coolest avere high ever in august is 80. but right now we are in record territory in august. our warmest temperature this month was yesterday,83. the only other time we made it to 80 was on the 6th. so we haven't even been able to get a high that is at our average for above thi month. the reason why, had this per tis sant trgh out to the west and keeps this low pressure and cool air it brings with it. with this count clockwise throw. the south bay, mid to upper 70s. even saratoga and los gatos in the low 80s. the peninsula low to mid-70s but millbrae pulls back at 68 today. sausalito the mid-60s. mid-70s through the north bay
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valleys. richmond, berkeley and oakland 60 degrees. mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s for the east bay shore. mid to upper 80s in the east by valleys where we had widespread 90s yesterday. about 1 degrees cooler in santa cruz, 10 degrees cooler than that in monterey. fresno 100 and l.a. 88 with sunshine. the rays, 7:05 first pitch. dropping to 58 with increasing clouds. ma morning drizzle will give way to a partly cloudy afternoon tomorrow with those temperatures 4 to 6 degrees cooler than today. look at sunday, slightly warmer. mond and tuesday about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we were over the weekend. >> all right, mike. thank you. >> well, the national tainted egg recall is getting bigger and more people are getting sick. t. j. winick shows you which products to throw away. >> at the clear lake fairway store in mason city, iowa, 1,000
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cartons of eggs have already been removed from the shelf. >> not really scientist matter. take 'em, throw 'em in the dumpster. >> the salmonella outbreak has spread leading to the recall of more than 380 million eggs. according to federal health officials, 2,000 people have alreadbeen infected. >> real bad, lost almost 25 pounds. >> woke up in the middle of the night, horrible stomach pains. >> even after three of its farms were flag for salmonella, they continued shipping eg from their other farms in iowa. only later were they added to the recall. the government has been slow to act on food safety. >> why did they take so long before we discovered there was this widespread contamination problem. >> already wright coty egg is facing lawsuits. the owner has been sued for water pollution and waste violatns at other farms. in 1996 he was fined for what the u.s. labor secretary
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described as sweat shop conditions. the cdc and fda are urging customers to pay attention to cartons with the following numbers indicating these eggs are tainted. eggs with salmonla look, smell and taste normal. >> the birds themselves aren't sick so the farmer doesn't even know what's going on. >> there ve been no deaths but thousands more are likely to get sick before the outbreak is contained. t. j. winick, abc news, new york. >> a 15-year-old texas girl has an unusual punish am for breaking curfew. her father put an ad in the newspaper offering his daughter's free babysitng servic. she's in trouble for missing curfew and offers 30 hours of free babysitti as her punishment. he wanted to discline his daughter and help others. she' learned her lesson and won't break curfew again or throw late night parties. >> brought into question
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breaking curfew if you want her to babysit your child. to babysit your child. >> we heeark.
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now, wheartily] ouch! what's the matter? oh, me. feinst oh! aaah! >> today on oprah at 4:00 are, life and death intervention for drug abusers and those really overweht. at 5:00, when di they first learn about the practice of welfare checks being cashed at casinos. >> what went on aboard american
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airlin flight 24. why two specific people were taken off the plane and questioned aft a hijack threat was called in. those stories later today at 5:00. >> we have to lighten things up. >> you mean mike nicco? >> oh, yeah. and your perfect pet. there. >> no, you didn' (laughter) i think they'r talking about you, yes, i do. jason, nice to meet you. thanks for coming in. >> a pleasure to be on. >> we have sou here. tell us about soupy, kind of a sad ory how he ended up. >> soupy was surrendered to us because of foreclosure. he's a five-year-old beagle. he's great and superfriendly with people. he get along well with other pets and is great with kids. (laughter) >> look. who's a handsome dog? is that you! >> the famy had three kids. >> had three kids. gets along terrific with kids of
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all ages. >> we can play later. see how much lov he has to give. if you'r interestein soupy or any other animals call. we'll try to find you a home. >> hard to tear your eyes away from him. >> "who was to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. bye-bye!
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