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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 25, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ today firefighters expect to fully contain that wildfire in and around mount diablo ste park. >> the smoke is still visible in some parts of contra costa and alameda counties from the fire. it's burned 375 acres. it was repted in at least four east b cities. >> the fires started yesterday afternn along morgan territory road. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the command center with the latest item the folks at the command center behind me will tell you this is one of thos situations where everything that could go right just about did go right. for example, take a look at that hill. you can see smoke coming up from it. go up over and past that where
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the fire was burning you get to black hawk this could have been a disaster but it's not. 100% contaient could come this afternoo >> robert was out this morning surveyinthe damage done to the land all around his house on this side of mou diablo. >> i'm the house they saved. the guys come around, nice job of saving the property. fire department right there. >> this morning it's mostly smoke and occaonal pocket of fire on this side of th fire still buing in other spots. but after a productive attack overnight by 200 firefighters aided by weather conditions, crews have this 375 acre fire going in the right direction. >> overnight we got most of the flame out. heat intensity is down a lot. mostly have just mop-up, especially towards the hill of fire which we're at now. >> the unit was first to
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respond. they found a power pole across the road and had to wait for pg&e to cut power before getting any water on the flames but six air tankers and three helicopters werell called in in the first hour. one chief says without that this could have been a 1500 acre fire. on the groun rolling burning had firefighters repeating their efforts. >> work back and material down below us, we'd have to go back down, extinguish it and work back up th hill. >> robert didn't have that much time to talk to us. he had neighbors to check on. >> i have to check done a little old lady. did you see that little old lady down the road? >> i didn't >> i gotta go check on her. >> the caus this have fire is under investigation. that down power line is a possibity. the firefighters say they're going to be out here today and tomorrow just to be on the safe side and aga 80% contained right now, 100% containmt expect this afternoon.
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terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. high fire danger will keep allen rock region park in san jose closed for a second day. temperatures topped 100 degrees there yesterday. park offials say they'll decide what do do the rest of the week on a day-to-day basis. >> residents felt the impact. >> the smoke didn't mix o whatsoever it hung in the valleys south of mount diablo which is where i live. you can smell it. smelled like a campfire outside. because itas 103, we had the air conditioner on and that was drawing someof the smoke in the house and i woke up with ash all over my car. a littletoo close to comfort. smoky north at 3 upping up to 9. look at that temperature, 91. expecting a high of 106. east b valley, santa clara valley, the north bay valleys where the heat ll reach triple
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digits again and will be dangerous throug at least 8:00. even though it's not becom to be quite as hot as yesterday, we have so records that could fall. 88 oakland, 85 san fraisco. still very warm 96 san jose today. 103 in concord. would be a recovered high as would napa's 100. half moon bay 74. the coolness made it to the monterey bay. i'll show you that. >> bart trains are again reporting some delays already this morning. officials say it's likely heat-related. overall bart expects delay today because it's slightly cooler and crews made many repairs overnight. there were delays during the evening commute becae trackside equipment overheated in several locions. operators were forced to run trains on manual mode going over 25 mph. even worse, air conditioning failed on trains yesterday. bart says if you expeence that today, repor it to the operator. and the he could cause
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problems for caltrain riders again today as well. the heat could soften the rails exposing them to possible damage so yesterday they ordered trai to slow downo reduce pressure on the tracks. >> now, in southern california, crews ar hoping to keep a wildfire from reigniting near instate five. shot before rural county, this fire has been knocked down significantly. it was a much different story yesterday. flames charred 1300 acres and forced 200 pele out of their homes. evacuation orders have bee lifted. so far no one's been hurt and no secures have burn. >> a strike by workers has had a big impact on trash servic 12 members of teamsters are staging a two-day strike against the ox mountain wae transfer station and landfill in half moon bay bay. however, some 300 other union drivers and workers ofllied waste, including these in san
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carlos, have decided to honor the picket line. this means there will be no residential trash pickup in most of san mateo county in the next two days. the county has a phone message urging its customers to be patient. >> a labor dispute not related to the san jose division. it should be resolved in the next 48 hour we will begin serving as soon as possible. we ask you leave your can out and it will be serviced by sunday, august 29th. >> new home sales have hit their slowest pace since the government began keeping records back in 1963. sales were down 12.4% in july from a monthly earlier. that report cos a day after the gornment reportedhat existing home sales fell to their lowest lev in decades. experts blame the big drop on the expiration of the president's tax credit as well as cash-strapp consumers. >> they' going to pay down debt, they're going to save money. if they're going to spend money,
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it's only honenecessities. >> creates on the average three jobs per year for a year. generates about $90,000 in taxes. mortgage applications rose another 5% last week as thousands of borrowers are trying to refinance at lowest interest free in decades. they have done little to boost home sal which have been hurt by high unemployment, slow job growth and strict credit requirements. >> right now in n francisco, a confirmation hearing just got underway for governor schwarzenegger's nominee for chief justice. a judge is expected to win easy approval from the three-member commission on judicial appointments. the panel has received two doze letters and bipartisan support for the nominee. if approved by voters in november, he will be the first
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philippinesna/ameran to be on the california supre court. the sacramento native will replace chief giusti vaughan george who plans to retire january 2nd. >> still ahead, tiger woods ex-wife tells her stor for the first time. what she says really happene the night of tiges s.u.v. accident >> actress lindsay lohan is out of rehab e e
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>> tiger woods' ex-wife elin is making a big slash in "people magazine" speaking for the first time about his sex scandal and their relationshi the reporters asked tiger about it this morning at the barkley's open. >> it's a sad time and we're going through it right now. and as far a my game and practicing, you knowthat's been secondary. we're trying to get our kids situated, too, to our new living conditions and how that's gonna be. that's wre our focus is at right now. >> while tiger struggles to regain his golgame, elynn says she hasn't been able to hide her sorrow from her daughte who asked, mommy, where's your boo boo. >> he lynn told "people magazine" about wh she discovered her husband was being
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unfaithful. >> i felt stupid. how could i have not known anytng. the 30-year-old mother of two opened up for the first time abouthe past nine months and about th divorce that was finalized on monday. initially i thought we had a chance and we tried really hard elynn says but without trust and love it couldn't work. >> they seemed really adult about the this, went through counseling together to see how they were parentg these children. but the marriage i clearly over. they tried many, many months but there's just no trust in the their marriage now. >> wanted to set the report straight about what really happened in the moments that led up to that infamous c crash, pictures of which were capred by a website. there was never any violence inside and outside our home. the former coup will share parenting of three-yr-old alexis and 19-month-old charlie.
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i've been through hell. as for whether she can forgive tiger, i'm going to be completely honest and tell you i am working on it and i know i will get there eventually. >> she has no inteion of publicly speak bodega this again. she hopes she and her children can have the privy they need to adjust to their new lives. abc news, new york. >> lindsay lohan wa ordered to go to a rigorous outpatient program. she will get psychotherapynd addiction counseling sessions several times a week unti novemb. also she will undergo fruent drug testin she spent two weeks in jail for violating her probation in the 2007 drug ca but the judge did give her incentive today. she dismissed two drug counts she pleaded guilty to in the drug case she ll be taken off supervised probation if she complies with his orrs. >> mike is am could go up next to talk about when this heat
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wave will really break. >> i think along the coast in some areas today but the rest of us probably tomorro wait until you see the weekend. could fe a lot like fall. mount diablo, you can see much cleaner air as the firefighters get that conined. we'll talk about that 20 to 30 degree drop and wh it gets to your neighborhood in a few minutes. >> former president jimmy caer makes a rare visit to north korea. >> using a smart phone to fight crime. one man stops a burglar from breaking in when he waaway on vacation. i spend three hours on my homework --
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♪ [ female announcer high speed internet from at&t. ♪ former president jimmy carter is in north korea on a mission to bring home an imprisoned american. the former president was at the airport and greeted by a top envoy. the trip is aimed at winning the freedom of a boston man sentenced to eight years in prison for entering the communist country illegally in january. >> it seemamericans are trying to balance their need to get away with saving moy this labor daweekend. aaa says it expts 34 million people to travel at least 50 miles from home during this holiday period this year. that's up 10% from 2009. >> but still below the number of travelers in 2008. people will take shorter trips.
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the rounds trip-average is 4635 miles compared to last year as 645 miles with more than 90% traveling by car >> here in the bay area, you just can't win with the weather. first it was too cold, then it's too hot and now people want to know when it's going to cool off. >> even during a drought it rains once in a while. even though thiss the coolest august in some areas we still have heat once in a while. trying to take care of everybody. down in sajose, ridi around on bikes earlthis morning. folks out enjoying the comforts of the early morning air when it was still in th 70s and the low 80s. now let's take a look. you can see all the way to san francisco and the bay bridge, how clean the air is. still a little haze. you expect it with high pressure and the sinking of the atmosphere. but we'll take a differe perspective. we talked about how the winds would come back to the coast. now they've made it into san francisco. temperatures today in san francisco, i'm now thinking will
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probably be 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's in the mid to upper 70s which is still prett warm. but that right there the is definitely a picture of relief as the windsre blowing from west to east which means the sea breeze is back along the coast intoan francisco. also if you'rgoing to at&t park, 12:45 the first pitch, mid-70s most of the afternoon with sunshine so be careful from the sun. let's take a different perspective and show you where the marine layer clouds are. just creing up big sur and heading into the montey bay. now, we're going to get squeezed by both of these over the next 12 hours. once you see the clouds in the morning hours, that's when you know the relief is here. 75 oakland, still low to mid-80s around the bay and into the north bay valley. same with san jose and low to mid-90s in the east bay valley. around the monterey bay, look how much more comfortable it is now th yesterday. 69 santa cruz. low 70s monterey bay. see the breeze in half moon bay
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and san fransco. 13 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. everybody else out side there in the north bay, it's warmer. that's why we have dangerous heat, especially our inland areas today. cooling breeze returning to the coast. start in the east bay valleys where the hottest weather is, over 100. concord 103. that's a record. oakland's record a little more iffy east the breeze pic up. hayward possible, 92. we'll be in the mid-90s to near 100 in the sou bay with 96 san jose, pretty close to a record. millbrae 88, low to mid-90s for the rest of the peninsula. mid-70s along the coast. probably reached your highs already with temperatures holding stead if not dropping this afternoon with that sea breeze. downtown san francisco, don't think we'll make 85 now. probably upper 70s. 88 sausalito, up to 100 santa rosa, 100 names the record high. 100 gilroy. 84 watson vil, salinas possibly a record high 86. here's the comfort. look, temperates back in the 50s and 60s tonight. look at the clouds ling up
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along the coast. that's when you know the marine layer's back and the free air conditioning. the reason why? our areas of high pressure are moving to the east. they're losing their grip on us and with this onshore flow -- offshore flow, land breeze weakeni, that's where we'll start to see the winds take over into our all neighborhoods and that will start tonight. tomorrow's tempetures around bay, we dro nearly 15 degrees. drop another 10 to 15 degrees friday, possibly another 2 degrees inland on saturday. going to feel a lot like fall saturday like it did last saturday. maybe even cooler with temperatures dropping 20 to 30 degrees comped to now. a little warming trend for ne week but nothing like this. >> wha a change from now to the weekend. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> we are learning about yet another series of vandalized plants. just the latest. park officials say nine newly
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planted tea tre were cut at their base on parker city boulevard. that's not far where three does rose bushes were destroyed last week. 40 trees have been cut down since may. undercover police are patrolling the areas hoping to catch the vandaling responsible. a $2,00is offered in this case. >> a dallas texas man credits an i-phone app for keeping his home safe. he was 15 miles away from his house in connticut when his app sent him a text message alerting him that motion detectors from his security system was going off. he checked the i-phone to see the webcam installed. >> i checked the footage. we see in real time guys this this area and they had just broken in. i said holy cow, we gotta call 9-1-1. >> he called9-1-1. police showed up a few minutes later. unfortunately theburg la were
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already gone after being scared off by the homs alarm system. >> google earth, a mapping program, introducing a major upgrade. now google earth underwater. shows what the earth looks like neither the ocean surface. hundreds of pictures fro contriburs that can't wait to share their undersea adventures. >> up next bob dylan's pla to keep ticket prices low. >> why it could
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, overcong sex addiction. at 5:00, targeted treatment for aggressive melanoma. it's proving to be very effective. and "7 on youside" helps expedite a hefty late mortgage payment to stop a foreclosure from going through. those stories and more later at 5:00. >> finally bob dylan fans have to sweat it out if they want to see the music legend perfm in san francisco tonit. >> playing one of his most intimate sho in years just for 2200 people. >> every ticket still available but to get one youave to stand in line at the concert venue and pay in cash 60 bucks per ticket. >> fans are told they can't line up until noon.
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a few diehds already started gathering. a long wait head. tickets don't go on sale until 5:30. >> din lanes says it keeps fans from having to pay any ticket surcharge. gotta bring wter bottles with them while they wait. >> you have a big function in liverme this weekend. >> i do. >> family sunday. >> i hope you raise a lot of money and it will be probably the mid to upper 70s. >>
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(speaking in international langge) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel ♪ every creature in the world. (applause)


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