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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 27, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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state lawmakers refusa to come up with a budget is directly affecng child care decisions in oakland. >> several child care centers shutown the end of today and that means working parents may not have a place to take their kids. terry, you just learned something new, that some centers may stay open but this is not help coming fr sacramento? >> something of a revolution going on over here in oakland. a group of parents are now saying we are sick, we are tired of state lawmakers not getting their budget act togethers so monday the scho is going to have its school closed. these parents say they're goi to open it up. we'll do it ourselves. that's erica and her mother coming to child development center her in oakland. the fact funding could close their beloved preschool upsets them. >> she been improving a lot. she know how to read her numbers, knows a lot. this is a really good school.
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>> there may be school after all on monday. a group called oakland parts together has a plan to take over the schools and keep them open with vonteers all screened and t. b. tested. >> we're trying to send a message to the state we're going to do whatever it tas to keep our centers open. if you can't do it, we'll have to do it ourselves. >> but the ste problem remains. the plan eliminates funding for the k-3 before and after school programs and dramatically reduces spending for afterschool programs. >> we rece our budget by 73% overall. to compensate we'll have to close as of monday seven child care centers. >> some parents say they won't be able to make it work. lili says she will make it work but it won't be easy. >> it's like 20 minutes from my house. it's a good school. i like it but i like this one
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better. >> the official school district response to the possibility of volunteers taking over is that should not happen because of liability issues and a number of other things. but parents are telling me they have approval of the school district. monday we'll fd out. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. the union for san francisco firefighters is holdina news conference this very moment warn being recent layoffs have proven dangous for the community. four major fires broke out yesterda the biggest this house fire on del monte place. theresa garcia is live at the holiday inn in san jose. theresa, this morning comes as firefighters vote on taking pay cuts. >> that is rig. about 250 firefights will be voting whether to give up to 9 understands reductis in pay and benefits, hoping to pay more into their pensions. and that could get all 49 firefighters rehired. but that doesn'telp the situation right now. that's why i'm going to show you
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behind what they'realking about is yesterday incident where there were multiple fires. they say thi say perfect example of a city of a million people without enough fire safety coverage. >> why thewere taking so long. >> home shirley shared her surprise to abc 7 about the time it took san jose firefighters to respond to her house fire yesterday morning on dell month tae place. the san francisco fire department aims for an 8 minutes response time 80% of the time. it took a fir engine ten minutes to rife because the closest station was already working another house fire. >> we lost that lady's house, lost her pets and properties next-door. what do we lose next? >> firefighters did all they could but are stretched thin because of the city buet cuts laying off 4 firefighters and reducing five engine companies. councilwoman compose is now asking the ci manager and mayor for a full incident report detailing the fire departmens
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response to three fires yesterday including how long it took them to get there and what its ability would have been to handle a fourth incide if one had happen. they believe the city needs to reprioritize public safety. >> the mayor needs to stop playing his political game of chicken with firefighters. there were many lives in danger. >> the union says the fire department was crippled in its respse time yesterday, not only because of a lack of staff and equipment but because the city's dynamic deployment strategy is not fully operatnal yet. it's a strategy usin computer softed ware to determinehere resources are needed most. >> if there was dynamic deployment, which we call dynamic deception because it doesn't exist, these rhett click it would have used th computer to quickly find resource this is silicon lley and we're moving magnets on a magn board. this is putting the lives and property of citizenst risk. >> now, back out live what
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you're seeing is the map where they're detailing where all the crews were yesterday and also the gap and lack of resources should more fires have broke out. the firefighters' union says that the dynamic employment model is a deployment straty. i'm told it dolls exist, it's not full operational but that's because there are three phases, the second phase that computer software model which was not in place. that's the description of having to use magnets to decide which engines and trks to send to those fires yesterday. on the vote to take reductns, we may know the results as early as noon today. reporting live in san jose, theresa garcia. >> san francisco's fire department is given e all clear after a hazardous material scare at the recycling plant on pier 96. that incident began about 6:30 this morning at west coa recyclin a box traveling down a conveyor belt broke open and released a white powder into the air.
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more than a dozen people reported eye irritation. 11 required treatment. one was taken to the hospital as a recaution. >> nothing life-threatening at this point. just more concerns i guess that they were relieved of their issues, that they were experiencing with the treatment that they were doing here. >> the environmental protection agency and the san francisco health department determined the substance ws a non-hazardous fertilizer. the facility will reopen once the cleanup is finished. >> in san andro a construction crew damaged a gas li forcing the evacuation of 20 to 25 employees at the ghirardelli chocolate factory. some machinery walls shut off as a precaution. no injuries were reported and pg&e is working to fix the leak. >> antioch police arrested a man on felony child abuse charges after he confessed to critically
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injuring his girlfriend's four-year-old son. he wasaken into custody on wednesday. police say handy was caring for the child last friday when he got angry and did somhing to seriously inre him. the boy has a serious brain injury. doctors have put the child into a medically induced coma and removed a portion of hi skull to treat swelling in his brain. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the fed will do what it takes to keep the economy moving forward. he gave a spee this morning and said the fed will consider making another large-scale purchase of e securities if the slowing economy begins to deteriorate significant. bernanke's rerks came after the govement reported this morning theconomy slowed sharply in the second quarter. >> this point, you know, we're not in these quarters where we're seeing actual growth declining. but we are still in the kind of period where people really feel a lack of confidence and fear in their ecomic prospects. >> bernanke says he expects the
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economy to contin to grow in the second half of th year but at a relatively modest pace. he says despite the weaker financial data reported lately, it appes the economic conditions for growth next year are still intact. >> palo alto-based hewlett-packard is upping its offer in a heated back and forth bidding war for a south bay data storage company. today h. p. boosted its bid to $1.9 billion topping the last offer from computer maker dell made late yesterday. dell and h. p. have together made six public bids for the fremont data storage company. three par and dell have a separate agreement th could give them an edge. dell wld take over the compan but only if it can match the highest bid from any competitor. stock for santa clara chip maker intel is up today despite cutting its sales forecast for quarterback. fresh evidence that a slow economy is putting a damper on the back to school shopping
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season. intel is seeing weaker than expected demand for consumer computers. blockbuster filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy next month. the chain that dominated home video rental business has racked up billions of debt. they have moved toward online rental services like netflix and movies on demand. blockbuster hopes to come back and continue after restructuring and offer movie rentals. >> deadlines in the final step to complete cap the gulf oil spill. >> also rebuilding the big easy five years after hurricane "katrina"ocked new orleans, we'll sh you how much the city has rebut and the concerns that are still lingering. >> and trapped alive deep underground. the incredible first video of dozens of miners in their message to their rescuers and families. [ man ] he's got nothing but open field ahead ohim!
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>> the federal government will start work monday to remove the temporary cap that stopp oil from gushi out of b.p.'s blown out well in the gulf ofmexico. the incident commander says engineers must remove the cap so they can raise the fail blown out prevent or blow out preventer i should say. it's consided a key piece of evidence in determining what causedhe april 20th deadly oil rig explosion. officials don't expect new oil to lk into the sea again when the cap is removed but b.p. is told to be ready to collt any
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crude just in case. >> president obama will give a speech on sunday marking five years since hurricane "katrin slammed into the gulf coast and devastated new orleans. five years later abandoned properties in some neighborhoods are still being demolished. mike brown today acknowledged there was a disconnect about the bush administration was saying about the crisis and how bad things real were. new orleans' mar says the city is reboundings. >> too in essence wt you're dealin with is a as long as, slow rebuild. >> below sea level, $16 billion spent to rebuild and improve the city's flood protecon system that failed miserably in 2005. some key pumps will not be replaced for another few year the world is getting its
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first glimpse of the 33 chilean miners trappe underground thanks for video cameras sent there. the health minister says the men have lost more than 20 pounds and are dehydrated. emily has t latest. >> 33 men trapped in a mine 220 stories underound. the world is dark. their moods are not. the men have been stranded in this chilean mine since august 5th. they now know drilling a hole to get them out can take until christmas. yet when authorities sent tm a small video camera, the men apparently didn't talk abou their own problems. >> this miner told his family to stay calm and be patient; that he would get out. another said we are extrely happy. the n who survived for weeks on rations meant to last days look health though hot.
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this thermometer shows 29.5 degrees celsius, 85 degrees fahrenheit get him outside so he can take a shower one man jokes. in reality the men are quite organized, a cup for people to brush their teeth, place to pray, room to sleep. a place to play dominos to fill incredibly long hours. the miners yell long live chile. they don't know the state-owned mining company is now digging their estat tunnel because thei employer can't afford to do so, can't even afford to pay them. those worries will wait as the men try to make the best of their wait. >> miners' families have filed the first o what is expected to be many lawsuits against the mining company. the company said it's close to declaring bankruptcy. >> such an incredible story. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> let's take you up to tahoe for the weekend, show you how it's clear now but a high danger
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that will be replaced by thunderstorms this weekend. i'll update you on that and the same stem that's bringing us the chance of light rain. >> climb up there to clean the lens. >> a bab tiger recovering after an unexpected trip to an airport. the unusual hiding place he was found in
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♪ a baby tir is now being
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cared for by wildlife protecon group today after surviving a cruel ordeal. officials at bangkok's international airport found it inside the suitcase of a woman flying from thailand to iran. they s the three-month-old cub was drugged and hidden next to stuffed toy tigers. an x-ray helped security identify the animal. the cub could have fetched thousands of dollars on the black market. the woman faces up to four years in prison if convicted of smuggling wildlife. >> what people think about. it's amazing. the cub's okay? >> yeah. >> the weekend is here, mike nicco is here. what do you have in store for us? >> a lot. (laughter) fog lingerin around the bay. sausalito starting to bre out in sunshin one place seeing sunshine now in san jose. looks good down there ght now. let's talk about some temperatures. they're nning already in the 60s, like 67 san jose. but we have upper 50s along the
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coast into san francisco where the clou are the thicker. 76 antioch and livermore. the clouds stretching into gilroy, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s there. and just for good measure to show you that it is getting cooler today, as we talked about, cooler except san francisco menlo park. slightly warmer santa rosa by 2 degrees. sunshine everywhere today, cooler conditions except the coast where the sunshine slightly warmer than yesterday. cold front brings us clouds and drizzle tonight, a cool weekend with a stray shor possible in the north bay. warmer weather next week. for today in the south bay, mid to upper 70s. 75 san josand cupertino. the breeze will keep us in the 60s millbrae, san mateo. low to mid-s the rest of the peninsula. sausalo in the upper 60s. sunshineorth bay beaches near 60 with upper 70s near 80 in
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your valleys. richmond to berkeley, upper 60s for you. low to mid-80s and no air conditioning needed in the east bay valleys. near 80 gilroy, morgan hill. 72 santa cruz with sunshine about 64 in monterey. game tonight, 7:15 first pitch, coolnd breezy 62 dropping to around 58 degrees. tonight's temperatures will b in the 50s. notice the clouds getting thicker with low to mid-50s in the north bay, mid to upper 5s for the res of us and patchy drizzle possible in the morning, especially along the coast. this cold front divings down that will bring us this unseasonably breezy weekend. temperatures drop another 4 to 8 degrees. a little calmer, a little brighter and drier sunday. only about 2 degrees warmer though and the temperature will jump nearly 10 to 15 degre by next wednesday and thursday. coming up next, perfect pet. i'll introduce you to clipper. >> i knew your work wa't done
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an american man held captive in north korea for seven months just landed at home in boston international. jimmy carter made a rare visit to the country to win the man's release. our lead story, hool officials with the seven oakland day-care centers that were supposed to
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have shut their doors after today because of a lack of state funding have just told us the state has now pvided enough money to keep the afterschool programs open through tuesday. we'rgoing to follow up and have more tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. today on oprah at 4:00, journallgist laura lynn talks about surviving imprisoent in north korea. an imported candy product. we'll have those stories all coming up later today at 5:00. >> you know what else is going on friday, perfect pets. >> that's right mike nicco's here with a new friend. >> definity a new friend. this is clifford. how you doing, good to see you again. >> actually clipper ws named by debbie because we used to fly with pan am, pan am clipper. he's been with us more -- about a year. >> i can't beeve it. >> he's wonderful. >> so happy! so energetic.
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>> he's a gnocchi, knows all his commands watching debbie now. a very go dog. knows sit, down. he is a lab pit. and we have some pits. she's been with us two years. we have dogs -- >> my goodness >> we have 36 chihuahuas. these dogs are representinall the wonderfudogs and how long we've had 'em. too long. >> he's kind of a big strong guy. >> he is. >> not with children and. >> great with young kids, young boys playing ball. he's very kind and very gene. very energetic. and he loves his treats. (laughter) >> and he has al his commands, sit, down, shake. >> clipper or carmella or any of the chihuahuas that you have. call. and we also wanted to mention that perfect pet works when we get our pets adopted. this is izzie from last week that we had izzie he got adopted.
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and two weeks ago snoopy also was adopted. hopefully we can do the same for clipper. >> by the time we get down to the shelterhe'll be adopte >> absolutely! >> good stuff! thanks so much. and thank you for joining us today. >> that's nna do it for now. "who wants to be a millionaire" is
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