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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 30, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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[ female announcer ] see itbelieve it. u-verse tv. ♪ the fremont police ficer shot in oakland whi trying to serve a warrant is slowly improving today. >> as blood donaons flow in around the bay to suppt him. todd young was trying to arrest andrew barriento when police say the suspected guns shot him. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland. >> the news is positive, continues to be for fremont police officer todd young, he continues to impre where they are talking about rehabilitation and the community is coming through with offers of life saving blood. >> news is encouraging for todd young, a police department
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spokman say doctors reduced his sedation and not only did he open his eyes but he contins to move his legs. plans are already being made for his rehabilitation. sources tell "abc 7 news" that the suspect in the shooting, 20-year-old andrew barrientos captured with an accomplice on the border on saturday won't be brought back to the baarea today. and they say has been no confession to the shooting. when he tried to arrest andrew barrientos on attempted kidnapping. at the blood bank, many people are turning out to donate blood to the offir who was shot in their city. >> he needs it. if he needs it, i'm here. >> jim is also here dedicatg his blood for officer young. >> yesterday i saw they were calling for blood for officer young and it was a perfect
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opportunity to help him out. >> officials are hoping to prevent the blood center from being overwhelmed. >> it would be called our 1-800-numbernd also call be a on our website. >> and 30 uns doubled to 60 and 60 we are told is the number of units he needed for his surgery on friday. he has had another surger since and veral more are expected. >> there are two other suects in this case, both are being accessors after the crime, one caught with him at the border and another a woman arrested in union city. we'll have more information and cecilia vega will have that for you at 5:00 and 6:00. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney "abc 7 news." >> the man convicted of killing a fairfield city councilman was sentenced to 50 years to lifen
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prison. matt garcia was shot in the back of the head back in 2008. prosecutors say the gunman, 33-year-old henry don williams mistook him for a drug dealer. a codefendant in the case will be sentenced later this month. san ancisco police are investigating a dozen separate incidents of bare copper wire thefts in the last few weeks. it can result in power outages. police say the thieves strike between 00 and 6:00 in the morning. they say the suspects park near a manhole cover, remove the cover, climb down in the vault and cut the copper wire. anybody a witnesses around those under ground vaults is asked to call 911. >> concord police need help to
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identify where the stolen property came from. they came to a loc recycling center last thursday and they say they are some kind of irrigati fittings and they. some of them are stamped with the rd brand. anybody that has information call crime stoppers. >> bay area officials are holding a meeting tonight to talk about the search for a new police chief. rob davis is retiring at the end of october but his replaceme is not expected to be announced until afte that person is chosen. they were calling fo a more open process after the department was accused of racial profiling and using aggressive tactics. they say confintiality is necessary to attract a large pool of candidates and protect their standing. >> caltrain will not cut the weekend service and trains
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between gilroy and san jose at least for now. the cuts will not happen until 2011 fiscal year. the proposals are most drastic being considered to fix the deficit. other cuts include recing weekday service at non-peak hours. agency is also considering several proposefare hikes. >> thousands of school kids across the bay area and california areetting some grea news today, wish list they posted on the website are all coming te thanks to a massive donation by san francisco person who administers the fund. eric? >> teachers go there and post an item they would like to buy or do and hopes that a donor will fund it. one donor, a foundation is
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funding all the projects, some 2,000 across california. ♪ >> she teaches kindergarten at hunters point and she is one of the teachers that stand to benefit from the gift. >> with the budget cuts, especiallyhis year, a and we don't hav anything. >> the fund is going to pay for all the donors project to the tune of $1.3 million. clare hoffman was the daughter that founded bank of america. she wanted to make a contribution that her late mother and they would be proud of. >> wanteto find a way to reward and recogne teachers th the initiative and students that have the imagination to come up with kriv ways t enhance the learning
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experience. >> its website where teachers can request for items they need for udents. donors can peruse the project and decide whichhey wanted to support except this year, thail are all paid for. martin wants to use her money to build a therapy area whe her students can feel safe. >> some come from different backgrounds and been through hard times in their life. i would like to create an area where they feel safe. >> now wait this workis the donors and staff will go out and buy the items and take care of procuring the projec for these teacrs and ship them out. so som of them should be arriving as soon as this week. they also hope an the foundation hopes that more people will see this and go to the weite andribute
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themselves. more help for kids. today is the fit day of school in oakland and first day of a free program. starting today every student can get a free breakfastno matter how much money their parents make. they say it fills a need for all famili. >> i'm a working moth and i don't have time if my son is going to get a nutritious meal. so to know it's gng to be available at school relieves a lot of my concerns. >> the district pays for a program through a special tax approved by voters back in the 1970s. berkeley and san diego scho districts offer similar free breakfast programs >> just ahead, how you can make a quick buck. we'll explain. >> fst, president obama has a busy week ahead, his focus, war
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and peace. >> and concussion concerns, the trend that has researchers raising red flags for student athletes.
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the in southern afghanistan afghanistan, 7 troops have died in two separate attacks. witnses say an armored u.s. humvee hit a roadside bomb, exploded and caught fire.
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today's deat brings the number to 14 over the past three days. 49 u.s. service members have died in afghanian this month. last month was the deadliest in the nine-year long war, 66 troops died in july. >> vice president joe biden is meetin with iraqi leaders in a surprise visit. he will preside over a ceremony on wednday marking the end of operations. iraq is one of several ho topics for president obama this week and the economyis the other. he talked about it from the white house. >> president obama takes on the issue foremost on voters' minds, the economy. >> history shows us these things are ver nasty and take a while to get out of. >> but in a week, he started about talki about recovery in the gulf omexico. >> we're going to stay on it until this area is fully
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recovered. >> tomorrow night a prime time address on the u.s. withdrawal from iraq. >> as a candidate for this office, i pledged i would end this war. as president, that is what i am doing. >> it is a massive historic under taking. >> that is rely the equivalent to moving a city of 80,000 peopleith all the automobiles, all household goods and moving them 8,000 miles back to the united states. >> and on wednesday, he hosts mideast peace talks. voters midterm elections are focused on the state of economic news, nearlyll bad. >> you can't fix it overnight. this election is going to be about the ecomy. that is the fundamental driving issue of this election. >> the latest white house plan, a modest $30 billion small business lending initiative, white house insis it's just a start. >> even the president acknowdges there are limits what he can don the economy.
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he told reporters in an interview there is no magic bullet but they are buildingor a recovery. >> and abc7 will carry his speech on iraq live tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. >> former major league pitcher roger clemens pleaded not guilty. he faces three coun of making false statements, two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of congress. he ha denied any wrongdoing. if convicted on all charges he could fac up to 30 years in prison althoug he would probably to ser only 15-21 months. >> doctors are seeing a jump in athletes bng treated for concussion. emergency visits from 14 to 19 year olds have tripled from 17,0007,000 cases to 22,000
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cases. they s kidswood injuries should never return to play until all symptoms are gone. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> let's ta a look outside and show you somof the sunshine and it's beautiful. you see the priess cruise line they are getting some the better weather this week. we'll talk about how hot it gets before the holiday weekend. >> and the golden touch, first timers were big winners at this year's emmy awads. [ male announcer ]hen meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it hpen. it ok leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitn delivered.
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named one of america's st ceo's by harvard business view, she grew ebay 15,0 strong and made small busess dreams come true. now mehas a plan to create jobs. f sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitm. for a new california.
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the east coast is keeng a close eye on hurricane earl. it grew into a category three storm and exper say it's likely to keep gaining strength. it bl off roofs of buildings in the caribbean. it could brush north carolina on thursday or friday. meanwhile, some people could soon be making money of where
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hurricanes make lanall. they are petitning regulators to let users bet real money. right now they allow mock money. >> it's kind of sick, my goodness. >> it's easier than gambling. there arall sorts of informatn for traditional gambling. >> so if they are going to bet they better list to your forecast >> i think it's going to miss. but they wl get dangerous rip currents and waves. back here at home. we're getting a calming influence and our waves is going to be less than they were. here is a look at the high pressure and now that the cool weekend is over. check out the temperatures, 59 at half moon bay. a finger of cloud, mount diablo lookg from the berkeley hills and how wonderful it looks in
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the east bear valleys. half moon bay at 59 degrees. rest ous in the low to mid-60s. 67 in concord. >> monterey bay, sunshine and temperures in the low to mid-60s even inland. compar to 24 hours ago you can see four degrees warmer in liverme, couple degrees in napa. four grees in novato and santa rosa. see you see the beginning of our warming tren it will be a slow warming trend this week where the inland areas will warm the greatest. sunshine aroundthe bay and coastal clds and oling again for the weekend. here is what we're looking at upstairs, you can see the low pressure and trough pulling away. taking the cool air with it. high pressure moving in and that is why we're going to have warming. south bay, milpitas at 71 and 76 in san jose and low to mid-70s
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in most of peninsula. we'll have low 50s along th coast today with downtown and san francisco mid to upper 60s. sausalito all the way up to santa rosa, mid-60s. your beaches will be around 60 degrees also. mid to upper 50s richmon and berkeley. around the water you'll probably notice the wind will taper as we head into the afternoon hours. another by-product of the high pressure. >> low to mid-80s east valleys. watsonville, 70. rockies in town, first pitch is going to be cool, 64 down to 58. we'll see more clouds tonight than this morning. low to mid-5 in the north bay valleys. mid to uer 50s from the bay to the coast and into the east bay valleys. those clouds, they'll be quickl
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vanished tomorrow d temperatures will warm nearly two to four degrees. wednesday and thursd, that is the big jump in the temperatures. i think it's going to be about 10 degrees warmer on wednesday. the heat will hold around on wednesday and cooling will hit the coast and bay. by friday the cooling will move inland and temperatures will drop 10-14 degrees. >> up and down, up and down. >> and the down is always on the weekend. >> thanks, mike. >> a rookie abc tv series took up a bunch of awards at 62nd annual prime time awards. chris had a front row seat. >> night filled with first time winners, modern family took home just about everying including george clooney. three emmys in all. >> were you shocked or did you
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lose weight? >> sophia to fulfill her promise to streak in a modern family win or so she did. >> you have alws run naked? >> i did. >> supporting acto, eric stonestreet started to give his statue to his parents. >> this is a reminder they breaking worked really hard to make this possible. >> best actor, jim paons was planning to hang on to his. >> i'm not giving to my mother, you are welcome to look at it visit. >> and jane lynch also won. >> outlandish and heavy as it looks, and it peels. >> and edie falco also won.
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>> i never thght about it that way. >> there were repeat winners, like madness. >> this is a role of a lifete for me. >> jimmy fallon he opened fantastic number that showed everyone who is boss. >> that was the funniest opening ever.
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entire national wi-fi network on t go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me ♪ [ female announcer ] high spe internet from at&t. at 5:00, 7 on yo side helps kitchen appliance bls. we go to a santa ross home with the story. >> that is going to do it for now. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is comingp
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