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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 9, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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a stunning announcement from iran today about one of the three u.c. berkeley graduates jailed there more than a year. >> ir says one of them will be released by tomorrow night. the speculation is underway about which one will be released, sarah her boyfriend shane josh. terry mcswney joins us from berkel. what are the families saying? >> it's been an extremely guarded response from family and friends to this announcement. almost as if there saying we'll believe it when we see it. and if the same from the iranian minister of culture is correct, they're going to see one of the hikers saturday in tehran.
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that's 11:00 friday night our time. the same hotel where hikers met with family members earlier this year. this suggested release coincides with the end of ramadan, the holy month, and customary to show clemency and release prisoners. usff steven duenas sells abc 7 the fact two hikers will still be held is a concern. >> they know darn well there not people who should be on trial for espionage. the likelihood they'll hold two of the other hikers, however, show they are not done with the political manipation that likely prompted the three hikers in the first place. >> the professor complains that
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the iranians have rais expectations before only to dash those hopes as they're used as a negotiating tool by iran. most likely to be released is sarah who has a host of medical problems, a lump in her breast, psychological problems. we have seen the news reports and are urgently seeking further information. we hope and pray that the reports are true and this signals the ends of all three f our children'song and difficult detenon. it goes on to say the three are innocent of the espionage charges and the moms are hopeful of their release. they're hoping against hope at it's going to be one or the other two release will follow quicy. laura anthony is going to continue to follow this story. she'll have much more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. this morning the obama administration is celebrating at
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least a temporary legal ctory when it comes to stem cell research. >> eric, it's a victory for now. just hours ago the u.s. court of appeals put a temporary hold on a ruling by a lower court judge that blocked government funding for stem cell research. it will stay in place while the justice department reviews this case. the justice department argued that stopping federal funding could cause irreparable harm because it could force scientists to halt some stem cell research projects abruptly. a judge blockeds government funding after a lawsuit was filed by two researchers working on alternatives to steml research. the suit claimed federal tax dollars should not be used on research that involv potential destruction of human embryos.
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no word yet how long the u.s. appeals urt will need to reveal the merits of the obama administration'sosition on this case. of course, we'll be continuing to foll this story closely all day. that's the w it is right now. cheryl, back to you. >> jenelle, thanks very much. sex owe fendser he is will face tougher sentences under a law just signed by governor schwarzenegger. he signed the law in san diego. he was flanked by the family of a teenager girl whose murder prompted that bill. 17-year-old chelsea king was abducted and raped and murdered last year by a convicted sex offender. >> because of chelsea everyone has joined together to solve this serious problem in our state. because of chelsea, california's children will be safer. because of chelsea, this never has to happen again. the hope is that it offers some comfort to all here today. >> theill calls for lining
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sentens for sex criminals who attack children under the age of 14. the sex offender who killed chelsea john gardner pleaded guilty in may and is serve i alive sentence without parole. >> a man fired a gun near some apartment buildings. police swarmed the sunnyvale public housing complex around 8:00 this morninafter officers answering a separate call on the grounds heard a gunshot and spotted a man running from the scene. the officers chased the man bu he got away. >> a perimeter was set up. there was a unit of interest. we searched that unit. there were no victims or witnesses at the time in there. but we did find a firearm and some casings on the back fence back over there. >> officers don't know if the incident is gang-related. nobodyas hurt. >> this morning a vallejo man at the cent of an east bay murder mystery is free on bail. a judge reduced bail for 72-yeaold charles rittenhouse from $2 million to $25,000
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yesterda police arrested him last week after the bodies of his wife and another woman were found at home. however, prosecutors only charged rittenhouse with possession of explosives and bomb-making chemicals found at the house. investigators are trying to determine his involvement if any and in the death of the two women. a fourth women was killed in a murder spree by valdemoro. valdemoro was shot and killed by the highway patrol after a high-speed chase. the search for a possible fifth victim has turned up notng so far. at a pittsburgh landfill police are expected to continue that search for a 7th day today. >> police are holding one man in connectionith a deadly shooting in oakland. that shooting happened around 9:30 last night when a group of men were eating at a taco truck parked at 44th avenue and internationaboulevard. another group of men drove up and there was some kind of dills pute. a 23-yr-old antioch man who had been eating pull a gun and fired it. that's when several people
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started a fight. someone grabbed the gun from him and shot him to death. the man they detained had also been shot and injured during the fight. just abt 15 minutes ago -- 15 minutes after that shooting police were called across town on reports of shots fired at a home on the 1200 bloc of 87th avenue. in that ca a 40-year-old woman was shot and injured. a third shooting wag reported three minutes later at foothill boulevard. both of those victims are said to be in stable condition with nonlife-reatening injuries. no arrests in either of those shootings. arson investigators have been called to the scene of an early morning fi at an apartment complex at 60th street and martin luther king in oakland. that fire because just started at 3 a.m. and knocked out quickly. witnesses reported hearing an explosion and seeing huge flames. officials say the fire is extremely suspicious because the same apartment burned yestery afternoon. nobody was hurt in either fire but seven people have been
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displaced. >> studes and teachers are getting an unexpected day off at west valley college in saratoga. a campus-wide power outage at 7:30 this morning. it cld be related to continuing construction on campus. no word when power might be restored but until then the students a faculty will not be allowed on th grounds because of sety reasons. >> coming up president obama speaks out in an exclusive abc interview opposing a floda teacher's plan to burn copies of the quran on septber 11th. now there's word the pentagon might get involved. >> a heads up for drivers
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>> the obama administration is exploring ways to convince a florida pastor to call off his plan to bur the muslim holy book the quran on september 11th. a spokesman says one possibility is a phoncall request from defense secretary robert gates. meantime afghan near kabul protested the event by burning the american flag and shoutg death to christians. t. j. reports. >> an act of defiance by a tiny florida church is having far-reaching security implications for americans around the globe. >> this was a recruitment bonanza for al-queda. >> the president is reacting to the planned 9/11 quran burning to be held by pastor terry jones, lead of th 15 member
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dove wolf outreach center. >> if he's listening, i hope he understands what he's proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans. >> the preside joined a chorus of criticism from government and religious leaders that the demonstration would endanger american troops abroad along with f.i. concerns the radicals might attack the event. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> promotion of saturday's cereny has already sparked an immediate response from the terrorist website. one writer warns oh, you americans, i swear by allah if you do this deed, a weight of war you wi not witness. we will not rest until we kill tens of you in place of every letter in the book of alla. it will be the latest demonstration targeting muslims nationwide, many a reaction to the community center and mosque two blocks from ground zero. speaking on larry ki live, the center rejected the possibility of halting construction or moving the project.
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>> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radica have taken over the discourse. >> abc news has obtained a copy of a leafette that insurgents in afghanistan have been spreading around the plned quran burning. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco ha dismissed a lawst by five men who claimed they were tortured in overseas prisons. the american civil liberties union of the aviation company and subsidiary of boeing. the suit would endanger national secuty secrets. the men claimed they were kidnapped by the c.i.a. and flown to secret prisons. they tried to two jefferson for that company's part in cooperating with the c.i.a. >> some encouraging nothings on the economy. there's been a major drop in new unemployment claims. the labor department says 451,000 people filed new claims for unemployment last week. that's a drop of 27,000 from the
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week before. economists had been predicting a much smaller decli. a separate report prompts some to predict the u.s. may avoid a double dip recession. >> how about the forecast. >> let's take a look at sfo where flight arrival delays have stopped. everything running on time. you n see why, because of that sunshine. we'll talk about a warming trend through the weekend. >> mike, thank you very much. >> plus an oakland landmark reopens today with a new name. >> and updating your status while you drive. how g.m. is it working to make that reaty.
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♪ we're gettg a preview today of a first of a kind toll lane coming soon to a stretch of 680 in the east bay. starting september 20th, solo commuters on the sunol grade will have the opportunity buy their way into the carpool lane. crews have gone restriping those lanes. it could be a bit confusing at first becae drivers will have three specific points wherthey can enter or exist those lanes. once the new lanes are active, carpoolers will be able to use them for fr but solo drivers with a fas trak tag will also be able to use the lane for a price. a little fee. >> just a little one.
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a long-time landmark along telegraph aven reopens after shutting its doors this summer. danish bakery closed in july after 81 years in business. a collective of employees has banded together with the taste of den narc. the taste of denmark plans to hold a grand opening next month. >> yummy, yummy! >> looks as good as the sunshine out there. >> does look nice. >> it does. if you like the clouds, we ve a few of those. brighter sky and a warmer afternoon coming your way the next couple days. stretching into next week. looking from south beach to the northeast, some of the haze hanging around the bay into the san pablo bay. anotr perspective from ballmer peak. some of the cumulus clouds hanging around and will continue to do so this afternoon. a partlyloudy to mostly sunny
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sky. one of the reasons we're warmer today an yesterday this is let's take a look at these temperatures. cloud cor mainly to the coast. upper 50s to half moon bay. around the monterey bay, the clouds prey stub burn. gilroy low to mid-60s for you. changes coming toda with those relaxing breezes, the brighter sky and the warmer air but still cooler than average. dry, don't need to worry about drizzle for the morning commute. a warmer day tomorrow and that will head into the weekend where temperaturestay pretty steady. we've taken some wild roller-coaster swings of temperates over the last month or so. that's not going to happen at least the nex seven days. san jose, one degree cooler, san franciscto oakland to fremont to concord. you can see that, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. the satellite and the radar you can see why we're warmer. sinkinair on the back side of
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it plus we're on the back edge of the coolest air and that's why it's starting to modify, the air tang away some of the clouds and sunshine. strong this time of year. temperatures today in the south bay. we'll start there with a low to mid-70s under a partly cloudy sky. same type of sky over the peninsula and low 70s menlo park and los altos. pockets of sunshine, not nearly as brisk and raw as yesterday. the sunset near 60. south san francisco and sausalito, mid to upper 60s. north bay valley topping out at 77 ukiah. sunshine and upper 50s at your beaches. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore, partly cloudy for you. fremont a little warmer at 70 as we head into the east bay valley low to mid-70s from dublin, 72. possibly the upper 70s brenood, 77. everybody else in between that. hollister 60s to low 70s. stubborn around the monterey bay. look at the cool weather pushing
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into the central valley upper 70s there. not as breeze but sunshine and 68 tahoe. only 84 in palm springs. tonight mid to upper 40s in the deepest of our north bay valleys. marine layer clouds along the coast and into the bay. low to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, warm 4 degrees in the coast and bay to nearly 8 degrees inland tomorrow and a couple degrees over the weekend. those tempatures don't fluctue hardly at all from sard to wednesday with low 60s at the coast and mid-80s inland. >> always looks good, doesn't it? >> uh-huh. thank you very much. >> if you're lks that need to keep track what's happening on, you may have a way to update you status safely while driving. general motors is testing voice command software that allows drivers to update their status and listen to messages on g.m. insists the feature not debut until engineers determine it will not distract the driver from the road. >> a new government study says
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most americans still don't eat enough vegetables and fruit consumption is droppi. last year about 26% of adults eat vegetles three to four times day. that's unchanged from two years ago. 42% have two or more serveings. california california ate the most fru but no state met the federal goal. >> g busy with that. up next, where to go this weekend to get new ideas for your home or garden. >> don sanchez looks at
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♪ [ female announcer ] high speed iernet from at&t. o0 c1c1in their lives are only christians. and that should be a model for us. d then... you would be a terrost today had jesus christ not entered youreart. what happened to you? next time on...
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today on oprah at 4:00, supermodel nayiomy campbell. at 5:00, the california woman jailed for killing her abusive ex-boyfriend. and gray davis making a special request of governor schwarzenegger. why americans aren't even close to eating an apple today. the health problems that come from not gettinghe right amount of fruits and veggies. >> from classic opera to mode tips for your home. >> don sanchez has it all. ♪ >> an opera classic opens in san francisco oprah's 88th season. it's opera in the park free in
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golden ge park. preparing art to go and keep coming at the comedy for kids autism show at the palace of fine arts. chef does food, a benefit performance saturday night. ♪ >> the aerial dancing h become legendar the spectacle of the fly away product celebrating the 100th anniversy inform san francisco. two weeken beginning friday. ♪ >> the mountain view art always a cool ride with silicon valley world class art. a movable feat for the senses. >> go home, and say why, why did this happen? you may have never heard of him but irish comedian dylan lang is predictable, outlandi with a bit of bizarre.
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>> the world mesd up for good. that's the colored and the whites. (laughter) >> more than 40 years after trouble in mind was written, it still delivers strong emotions about the early days of the civil rights movement. now at berkeley' aurora theater. >> new on dvd and blu-ray is the prince of persia. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> wow, that's excitg. >> the weather's going to cooperate, too. thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" coming up next. >> see
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