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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 13, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. >> my mother, my aunt, my uncle this is their home. we have had every christmas, christmas, every easter. it is very emotional to me lose thanksgiving home. >>reporter: reaction tonight from one of the residents of the san bruno fire allowed to see their home from aboard a bus. they could get no closer
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than that. as neighbors see the devastation for the first time, we got our first look at video recorded just seconds after the blast. surveillance video from a gas station on san bruno avenue and glen view drive block from the ruptured pipeline as you can see it just shows the explosion. man who had stopped to fill up the tank when huge fire ball rises up across the street. then in the same video woman seen running away from the flames in a panic while holding a baby. next video was taken inside a grocery store on san bruno avenue near the explosion. look at everyone. they run as quickly as they can as they panic ensue as the moment the blast is heard. they rush to get away from the fire ball as quickly they can. >> men time pg&e issuing a major promise in. 100 million dollar fund for the victims and 50,000 dollars up front for neighbors. heather begins our coverage from san bruno. >> everything started shaking. >>reporter: phil was just
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sitting down to dinner with his wife, 3-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son when the pipeline exploded. >> all of a sudden everything started vibrating. i said come with daddy we are going to try to get to the doorjamb be but it just kept getting worse and worse and i felt heat coming through so i said let's go to the garage. >> from there he saw fire raining down in his back yard. >> at this point my wife hit the garage door and people running down the street and we see flame from that way. on both sides so i'm not sure what is coming from where. and i just yelled get the kid in the car. get in the car. >>reporter: his family made it out. the house has minor damages. green taking meaning he can come back whenever he wants but he's in no rush. >> even if people say it's all clean ready to go back inside. i don't know if we want to leif here. >>reporter: he doesn't want his kids to have to look out the window at a field of chimneys. playground was obliterated. bob's house is
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gone. today he and other residents of yellow and red tag home went to closed meeting with city officials to find out about getting back in. he will only be allowed to look at his property from inside a bus. some time today or tomorrow. >> i can understand it. i don't like it. >>reporter: bill's wife is eight months pregnant. for now they are in a hotel. he says he's grateful for the meeting but he needs more. >> we want to get on our with our lives. don't want to be at the meetings. group hug any more we want to see something substantial. we need a house. >>reporter: for the 10 yellow tag homes those are the ones that have some damage but it can be repaired. the city is making individual appointment with those residentssending a br out with them to help with planning and permitting the city goal is to stream line the permit process. they are waiving all fees to get the rebuilding going as quickly as possible. in san bruno, abc 7
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news. >> today federal investigators pack the run steward section of pipe in crate to be delivered to dc. they are inside the crate. they will be analyzed to try to determine what went wrong. investigators have two areas of concern as they examine those pieces of pipe, first that it has a long seam where it was welded together and may have been susceptible to could rose but also finding that variety of small piece were on the scene. each individually welded into place to help make the pipe dip under the roadwa roadway. more moderate he were pipe are bent to shape which leave fewer weld points that could fail then catch fire from something as simple as nearby stove or car. microscopic examination will look for an answer. >> for example a fatigue fracture where the pressurization or depressure bent it back and forth and break or fracture from impact from excavation. >>reporter: the pipe that exploded was 50 years old. it
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was inspected twice within the past year. despite that pg&e facing mounting frustration from people in the neighborhood. cecelia explains why. >> we have to take pg&e and bend them over our knee and spank them. >> resident tour the destroyed homes for the first time the anger against pg&e is mountin mounting. many say they smelled a gas like odor in the days before the blast. >> the i dndi tnk anything else of it until someone had mentioned the gas smell but it was a smell about that point where the houses iing night. >>reporter: pg&e maintenance there are no records of any gas leak reports from residents. >> we have not found any anything in our records that would indicate that people called for that specific area. >>reporter: jose didn't call when he smelled gas because he said he felt like he didn't need to. he thought saw bge worker two days before the blast. >> i saw a guy from pg&e when
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i got out from my house that morning he was checking something on the floor with some something that beep. >>reporter: pg&e says there's also no regard of any crews in the area. >> all we are saying we don't have a record of that. we would like the customers to come forward with any information that they have so we can investigate it further. >>reporter: they report all gas report call and officials will hand all call log over to the ntsb for independent review. what exactly caused this pipe to explode and shoot 100 feet into the air pg&e isn't saying yet. but officials do say it was inspected as recently as march. >> when we looked at it historically we did not anticipate any issues with it at that point. >>reporter: the company announced 100 million dollar donation to the city of san bruno and resident affected by the fire. resident who say none of this was their fault. >> these are our neighbors. woman down the block my dog played with her dog. she's dead. it's not fair.
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>>reporter: resident on the damage they suffer will soon be receiving check from his pg&e between 15 and 50,000 dollars. pg&e says the resident will not need to sign waiver to collect the money. in san bruin oshtion abc 7 news. according to sf gates state regulators get the first look tomorrow at proposal backed by pg&e that would require customers to pay all cost of a fire that exceeds the utility insurance. now this would apply to the san bruno fire as well. proposal was introduced last year by san diego gas and electric. it was in response to massive fires in san diego county in 2007. official number of people killed from the fire stands at 4 but keep in mind there are 4 others listed as missing tonight. among those killed 44-year-old jack we lip and 13-year-old daughter. she worked for the public utility commission pipeline division. she was the student body
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president at the gram or school in san francisco. also killed 20-year-old jessica morales seen here with her boyfriend joseph gomez who was badly burned trying to rescue her. and here are 3 of the missing. ia-year-old the and her son greg age 50 and his son william who is 16 years old. >> we heard about the heroic efforts of emergency crew in the face of the danger in san bruno last thursday and tonight we are hearing how it all unfolded so dramaticallyq. dan has that part of the story. >>reporter: some of the first reports of the stan bruno explosion came from commercial pilots over san francisco international. >> fire just started. >> yes i know we are just looking at that. that is huge. >> yes. >>reporter: first fire craw on the scene didn't quite comprehend what they were about to see. >> control thinks engine 77. we are headedfá norton expressway and is there a large fire approximately at
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the redwood san carlos border must be 50 foot flames in the air. >>reporter: it was much larger. so big that they believed the false reports. >> plane down getting multiple response started. >>reporter: for nearly an hour crew operated under the assumption that a commercial airliner had crashed. >> we have multiple houses. we are trying to get close. we have extreme heat. we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. >>reporter: minutes pass firefighters begin to understand thee norm ty of the job they face. >> l call for fourth alarm. appears we have a plane down in the neighborhood. multiple structure on fire and we have a fire ball still coming out. >>reporter: dawns on them they have a serious problem. >> stop that engine. we have no water in the hydrant. they need to go into us. >> cope that. engine 38 go ahead. >> we think we have a broken
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water main down here so they need to lay in from the corner of san bruno avenue. >>reporter: firefighters have to stand back and watch while long hoses are run to working hydrant or supplemental water is trucked in. of. >> engine 33 on command 31 what's the eta for water? >> looking at 10 minutes. >>reporter: too long and too dangerous to wait. >> engine 51 we are going to disconnect hose lines and back up to a safer position until we get water. >> that's affirmative. still i want you to back all the people up. every company that is back there, back them up to safe position. >>reporter: even when there is good news it comes with a bad. >> leave a message to command. we have an active hydrant at can clairemont and concord. also patient with severe third degree burns at the 1500 block of clairemont. we will require an ambulance at that
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location. >> we are at a school on cress view and currently there is a grove of eucalyptus. fire is heading towards us. if it gets into the eucalyptus we have problems over here. >>reporter: an hour after the explosion firefighters accurately pinpoints the cause. >> this is north branch on 31. go. >> it does in the appear that this is an aircraft down. it appears this is some sort of natural gas explosion. >>reporter: and as the evening wears on. >> p gechl has turned the power off in the area. power is off. >> cope that. >>reporter: many individual drama play out. >> be advised occupant trapped in 1651 clairemont. copy 1651 clairemont. >>reporter: san mateo fire called for mutual aid from department across northern california and cal fire. >> this is a natural gas leak and explosion. multiple structure. multiple vehicle.
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not a large wild land area as we originally thought. >>reporter: you can hear it all. we are posting first hour of raid why transmission that abc 7 for the i team, dan, abc 7 news is that go to the web site for more. it is gripping as you can hear. coverage of the fire storm continues in just a moment. what are the chances of this happening in your neighborhood. tonight we identify the two bay area pipe lines that are most at risk. >> other news. mystery of the missing oil plume. new research suggest that a lot of oil in the gulf of mexico did not simply just go away. >> i'm spencer. accu-weather forecast center. midweek warm-up followed by he said of the week rain all in the 7 day forecast coming up. >> also tonight. getting a job after college. tonight our ivy league graduate out of their league? their league? news at 9:00yççñóçi)ññ
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♪ [ malennouncer ] wells fargo. with you when lifes mobile. . >> take you now to the gulf of mexico. bp says crews back at work drilling relief well to permanently seal off the blown out oil well in the gulf. should take another 4 days or so. while that work is finishing up one urgent question remains unanswered. what happened to the spilled
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oil. as mat reports some experts have an alarming new answer. >> it is a mystery that has bee devil scientist and the government. over 1 80 million gallon spilled but much vanished. where did it go? one group of scientist now think they have the answer. down. >> not gone. in places where nobody has looked for it. a lot of it is on the bottom. >>reporter: past couple week joy and other researchers have pulled up cone of sediment from the sea floor finding a layer of sludge over 2 inches thick extending up so 70 miles out from the well head. we reach joy by satellite phone just few miles wai from the spill zone. what is potential fall out for marine life. >> i have yet to see a living worm or shrimp. nothing. these guys basically just got suffocated by a flood of the stuff. >>reporter: joy caution on the findings are preliminary but it is enough of a threat to larger fish and perhaps human that she feels compelled to talk about it. last time
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shefeld so compelled she and team of scientist had just discovered oil plume lurking in the gulf. federal scientist immediately demanded they stop talking about it. later acknowledged the plume exist. you feel you have been bullied. >> that's kind of fair to say. >>reporter: when joy and others challenge the government recent assertion that 75 percent of the oil was gone, administration tryed to discredit them. this time federal scientist are listening. we learn the government will launch a new fishtive to hunt for the oil in the water and said meant and enlisted dozens of scientist including joy for help. this is abc news. okay. to the weather forecast you probably noticed today a little bit cooler but that may change. >> as a matter of fact near the coast it was really interesting because whether he a little something for all weather chasers. clouds and fog and cool conditions as you mention early in the day. cloud burn away in the afternoon. sunny skies and
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mild conditions on the coast. a little something variety pack. here's live view from our high definition roof top camera. 7 looking at downtown district and financial district of san francisco. mostly clear at the moment. see the moon there and just a lovely evening all around the bay area and these are our current temperature readings. mild i can't aantioch at 62. 60 in san jose an temperatures in the 50's everywhere else. these are the highlights. we see low clouds moving inland overnight. graduate warm-up tomorrow through thursday. then a chance of rain on friday actually could spill over into saturday morning. this afternoon here's what happened. i was talking about the clearing a path of developing along the coast line from the golden gate south ward and sunny inland at the coast at least late in the day and we have similar picture to. here's the image with the low pressure system that brought us reinforcement of the cool air pushing inland. brief warm-up in between the 2 low pressure systems. one departing now and one headed our way for later in the week. we will
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see patches of sun near the coast and later in the week this low comes in. that brings us a slight chance of rape on friday and some could spill over into saturday morning. low pressure tonight under cloudy to foggy conditions. with fog pushing well inland. generally in the 50's but up north bit cooler and some of the clear area of the inland valley of the north bay we see low dropping into the upper 40's. napa, santa rosa and clover dale. to tomorrow mainly sunny skies and south bay. see high pressure in the mid 70's for most part. 75 at cupertino and san jose on the peninsula range of high from upper ask is to low 70's. upper 50's on the coast where it will be at bit cool. in and around san francisco look for high of 58 in the sun set district 62 grease do you want. wide range of high in the north bay 68 san rafael and 77 at sonoma up to mid 80's at ukiah and clear lake. nearests baylow 60's and richmond and berkeley to mid 70's at castro valley and fremont. inland in the
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valley we have high in the upper 70's to right around 80 in antioch. maybeia at brentwood and monterey high in the 60's at the bay and mid upper 70's inland. here's the 7 day forecast warming continues starting tomorrow continue go through thursday which is the warmest day in the forecast period and mid 80's inland on thursday. upper 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. clouds move in friday and cool down with slight chance of showers. wrap up or wind down on saturday giving way to sunny skies and bit of a warm-up on sunday. up and down on the thermometer but nice pattern. >> good looking week. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. >> this is probably happened to you when you fly. what happens when the luggage gets damaged? >> airline damages a what does the passenger owe. this is 7 on your side is coming up. >> also coming up. why college isn't paying off for college isn't paying off for i want you to
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to irove schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over t schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to t crime. but murdersoubled, making oakland th4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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he just can't deliver the results >> several education items to pass along. president obama spoke today at white house reception. part of the first week honoring national historic black college and universities. president says teachers have quote waged war against illiteracy and ignorance and won. the fight is something the earliest black educators new firsthand. >> right education might one day allow to overcome ignorance and every child fulfill the god given potential. they recognize as frederick douglas once put it that education will recognize that education is how america and its people might fulfill our promise. >>reporter: in the mean time new report finds significant increase in the percentage of students defaulting on the
9:25 pm
college loans. take a look at this grant. shows the default of 10 years until 2008. most recent data available. rate is highest among for profit college averaging more than 11 percent. default rate at public college is 6 percent and 4 percent for private colleges. one more item on education. students hoping to get well paying jobs would be better off with degree from less expensive state universities perhaps than from ivy league like harvard. at least that's the take away from a survey by the "wall street journal". 500 of the country largest company say she want students well rounded academically and who are best prepared to enter the work force. of the top 25 schools, cited best for recruiting only one was ivy league and 19 were public like uc berkeley and ucla. companies like students from state schools for other perhaps more practical reasons reasons, too. they tend to live nearby. saving on relocation costs and unlike
9:26 pm
ivy leaguer who mate want to job hop or go back for advanced degree by businesses say students from public schools more likely to stick with the job for the long-haul. saving the company money on hiring new people. when we continues here tonight. >> violation on every job i have been on. >> pg&e employee going public over safety practices. >> head injuries are not just common in football. coming up. sport hurting more and more young people particularly young girls. another half hour of news jaguar platinum coverage is not jusa warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 milpromise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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bl shield.
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xw >> good evening once again. because of the disaster last weekend in san bruno pg&e safety record and practices will be coming under particular scrutiny going forward. tonight a former pg&e employee is coming forward with stories to tell. stories he also plans to tell in court. here's david. >> one of the joke in my department is pg&e management puts the safety cap on during safety meetings and takes it off when we hit the field. >>reporter: he has been an employee working on gas transmission pipe lines. 3 weeks ago he filed a lawsuit against pg&e complaining of harassment after he blew the whistle on safety violations. he complained workers were sent into a ditch almost 6
9:31 pm
feet deep without training or required manual. >> i had my foreman take the picture of me in front of the ditch. at the end of the week we had to submit this to my supervisor. he called me in his office and threatened to discipline me over the picture. >>reporter: the attorney says the situation only got worse. >> this is the the most extreme, bizarre case of retaliation harassment that i have ever heard of. confining him in hotel in stockton overnight. demanding that he turn over his car keys or they will fire him then keeping then moving his car without permission just unbelievable. >>reporter: wise man never worked on the gas line that explode entered san bruno. however he and his attorney both suggest pg&e commitment to safety is under scrutiny. they argue that workers safety has implication for public safety. >> if the pressure in the line inadvertently is allowed to go too high because of the performance of worker who is not sufficiently trained then there is a public safety issue.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: the nagging concern about the integrity of other pipe lines prompted state regulators to order a complete inspection. >> they have asked us to inspect all 6000 miles, all the pipe lines will be inspected. >>reporter: in the meantime wise man says he's getting contacted by fellow workers alerting him of other safety violations. however they fear stepping forward. >> i tell my fellow employee was pg&e start speaking up. don't be afraid. >>reporter: pg&e issued a statement saying it has absolutely no tolerance for retaliation. every employee is expected to stop the work in process and raise his or her concerns if there is unsafe situation. now the watch dog group public citizen says whistle blowers play a crucial role next posing safety violation but also risk losing their job and possible harassment. in san jose, jose, david, abc 7 news. >> well since the tragedy a lot of people have been asking what about my neighborhood? is there danger. 2 bay area pipeline have been identified as even more risky than the ones in san bruno. both in
9:33 pm
the east bay. that story tonight from laura anthony. >> comes down crosses mitchell boulevard runs through the northern mission san jose neighborhood. >>reporter: fremont fire chief martin points to pg&e natural gas transmission line 1 31. identified by the utility as one of 2 posing the highest risk in the bay area. >> we are looking forward to more specific information from pg&e precisely where it is located. the condition of the line and we want to know that the preventive measures have been taken. >>reporter: though the associated press reports pg&e has a list of the top 100 high risk gas lines, the utility won't release it. last year during a rate hike hearing in sacramento pg&e did identify 2 lines pose the highest risk in the bay area. no. 1 is 8 mile stretch of line 1 07 from livermore to pinole. cost of replacement 35 million dollars. the second is 131. 4 mile stretch through fremont at 13 million dollar fix.
9:34 pm
>> 2 path to the risk analysis. >>reporter: jeffrey is with sunnyvale engineering firm. >> first thing is you have to decide which damage mechanism is life letting. corrosion or weld or cracking by fatigue. having identified that damage mechanism then utility has to estimate the likelihood of that happening. second part of the equation is if it does happen what are the consequences. >> we think that it is important for pg&e to release not only the list but the inspection report. >> it is of great concern. >>reporter: 43 mont mayor frustrated. he didn't hear about the town high risk line from pg&e. >> they certainly knew more about the risk than we did and yes if there was some risk they should have let us know. >>reporter: now pointed out by the fire chief in fremont adding to the risk at this particular location line 1 31 at certain points crosses the hayward fault. in
9:35 pm
fremont, abc 7 news. this tragedy like so many others in the bay area people respond. people across the bay area are pitching in to help victims of the san bruno explosion both young and old. for example the 7-year-old boy showed up at the disaster center today holding a box with more than 400 dollars inside. posely singles. you see joshua is a drummer. he made the money over the weekend by playing at fisherman's wharf. way to go joshua. >> it is that kind of giving that the mayor of san bruno says his city has seen time and time again. and today he took a moment to say thanks. >> this has been an overwhelming experience for all of us. overwhelm with the blast and fire that devastated the whole neighborhood and took lives. but overwhelming after and response we have received from hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals. thank you from all of the residents of the city of san bruno. >>reporter: another
9:36 pm
expression of support, a firefighters and police officer raising a flag amidst the rubble at clairemont and fairmont drive in san bruno. attached the flag to pole where it will stay until everyone comes back home. >> if you would like to help we have information on our web site. 7 news dt come. some sobering news tonight about the most popular sport for american children talking about basketball. the study in the journal of pediatrics says the number of teenagers and adolescent is suffering traumatic brain injury from basketball is soaring danger is greatest interestingly enough among girls. here's sharon. >> that is nickie nom no. 23. star on the court who thought basketball would be the ticket to college. but today those strings are leveraged. >> do you my basketball at all. >> no i can't play any more. >>reporter: multiple concussion left her unable to finish test, homework, full day of school. it started in the seventh grade. when she
9:37 pm
hit her head on the gym floor. age 14 she suffered 7 concussions playing basketball. how do you get 7 concussions on the court. >> i guess as an athlete i uses wanted to win and i would do anything in my power to make that happen. >>reporter: today just touching her head can cause her to have another concussion. >> i can't good to the move avenues. can't ride a train or do anything that i could potentially get hit. >> just standing here right now what is it like. >> such a bad headache later. >>reporter: she searched you tube and see why the number of young people suffering head injuries while playing basketball is on the rise. researchers say traumatic brain injuries playing basketball spiked 70% over 10 years. more kids now play basketball than any other sport. and er report basketball now account for more head injuries than even football. >> adolescent is growing and learning new things and developing wiring and so
9:38 pm
anything that interrupts that can have a devastating outcome, devastating result. >> so many parents and players that would say stop you can go back n.item nothing. just a hit on the head but i don't know how i'm feeling inside. >> about she testified last we can at congressional hearing. house bill seeks to fund better education and diagnosis of concussions. >> authorities in colorado say the wildfire that destroyed at least 166 homes was most likely sparked by a fire pit. boulder county sheriff's department says homeowner made a fire in the pit days before the fire broke out. he doused it with water and stirred the ashes to put it out. so he thought. investigators believe gusty winds week ago today reignited the ember and blew them out of the fire pit start thanksgiving tragic wildfire. authorities have not yet decided whether owner will face criminal charges. mean time fire crew in colorado hope containment line stop flames from damaging more
9:39 pm
homes in the second wildfire burning in the state this wildfire started yesterday in the northern colorado town of love land and destroyed at least 2 homes and scorched 900 acres of land. it was started by someone burning brush. >> more to bring you here this evening. airline loses the bag you are covered. but washington happens when they damage them? 7 on your side helps marin county family with damaged county family with damaged snowboard. stay with
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>> if airline loses your luggage you have rights under federal law. but washington happens if the airline damages your luggage? family in marin county raising that quo tonight and makeal
9:43 pm
has some answers for you. watch this. >>reporter: she gave had snowboard to her son for christmas. this ace faith activity over the years and her son alec looked forward to taking the board out for the first time. >> very xaited to go back to school and to use his brand new snowboard. >>reporter: he took united flight from san francisco to maine. that evening he noticed a big rip in his snowboard carrierism this is where the hole is. about where we discovered meadly. never used it. 97 used it. here's the other part of the bag that was damaged as well. it is just torn open. >>reporter: short time later her son noticed damage to the snowboard itself. >> it is bent and then there's a bubble right underneath it and then when we took it to the place where we purchased it they said it would be better if it was replace and not repaired because the
9:44 pm
integrity of the board is damaged. >>reporter: her son filed a claim with united airlines but was told united didn't cover damage to sports equipment. randy is an attorney based in san rafael. >> certainly the airline would have the right to give themselves that sort of an exception but there's a legal question of notice. how is the consumer supposed to know this so that they can assume the risk in checking the luggage. >>reporter: airline set the official policy by law in the contract of care. that contract posted on united web site specifically states it will accept sporting equipment as checked baggage subject to certain conditions and limit tastes. terms and conditions which will be provided by any united reservation agent. alex told his mom that never happened. >> i would put the burden on the airline to prove that they had given adequate notice to the person they are now saying assumed the risk. >>reporter: she continued to
9:45 pm
push her son claim writing letters talking to people open the phone and being transferred from one department to another. this went on for 15 months. >> before giving up i decided one last shot and contact 7 on your side. >>reporter: we contacted united airlines and lisa tells us it became much more pleasant to work with after that. three months later quantityed september her a check for 500 dollars. enough to replace the snowboard. >> i was thrilled to finally get that check after a year and a half. it was a great feeling to finally get that check. >>reporter: lisa tells us she will soon be buying her son alex a new snowboard. now if you have a problem and need he help, let me know about it. go to our web site. this is 7 on your side. just ahead robot could have feelings, too. thanks to new skin developed by some bay new skin developed by some bay area researchers. back in a
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower a torque to get out of just about any situation. payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's ov 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to atop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, yr truck is ready.
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>> it turns out that robots may one day have feels. engineers at both berkeley and stanford invented new artificial skin called e skin. it is an array of very small senss that convert tiny changes into pressure in electrical signal. researchers lay transistors on top with flexible pressure sensitive rubber. stanford prototype requires less layering and is sensitive enough to detect the weight of a butter fly. imagine that. the goal of the invention is to help patients with prosthetic feel once again. promising stuff. >> it has been said that experience is very thin e skin. let's go back to the
9:50 pm
forecast. >> you are right about that. i don't know if i can feel the chill of cool air. tomorrow morning still cool at 8:00 o'clock and temperatures mainly in the 50's. lots of clouds and fog around. coast line midday giving way to temperatures rising into the 60's and 70's. late afternoon we see inland high in the 70's up to about 80 warmer spots. 60's around the bay. just upper 50's on the coast. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast this thursday is the warmest day of the forecast period see temperatures gradually rising through thursday then friday clouds arave and cool down with chance of light rain on friday. just slate chance into early saturday morning then we get some clearing on saturday and warm-up again on sunday and we have mild please apartment weather after that. can't go wrong. >> great week ahead. >> thanks. >> turn things to larry and tough talk out of the 49 ers. >> what is funny we have had a parade of people come into the sports department all day long saying the niners alec smith and this and raid are fans come in and tonight the charger fans. nobody is
9:51 pm
happy. nobody is happy. one wean of the season and whole lot of explaining to do around here. 49ers. mike on the niner woe. was it the body. smith or the brain? that:00 lack there of that led that:00 lack there of that led to the route in ?o?oxw?w?oó
9:52 pm
[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take ov the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised tcut crime. but murrs doubled, making oaklanthe 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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were prese i want you to >> ♪ i thght it was over here... ♪ [car horhonks] our outback always gets us there.
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... sometimes it just takes us a little long to get back. ♪ >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. people who risk their lives to save the neighbor last thursday. hero in san bruno. hear some of the stories. and resident are asking tough questions tonight. is it really safe to go back to homes near the blast zone? those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but lets talk some football and larry is here. not what we hope. >> you think? on either side of the bay it was bad. 49 ers know exactly what they have to fix after the massacre in seattle. everything. no running game. smith very shakey. not on the same page with crabtree. defense did nochlingt on top
9:55 pm
of that you have a coaching staff that can't get plays called in time. jimmy ray where are you? crabtree one ball through the hands. that turned into a pick. either he ran the wrong route or smith misfired that led to this interception. coach said today well he drove right past and davis all over crabtree in practice. couple weeks ago. 49 ers supposed division favorite have the world champion saints coming in next monday night. coach says the nippers are better than what they showed yesterday. >> when you talk about confidence i don't think all of a sudden man we are not any good. if maybe dump but not very good. i went say we are not good. i feel in we are going to be a very good football team. >> not going to feel good or taste good but that's part of the deal. you have to get better. long season. 15 games ahead of us and rate now focus is to learn from this and get ready for new orleans.
9:56 pm
>>reporter: dump line there. from one debacle another. raider smoked by the take it answer on the road 38-13. campbell had the same problem as russell year ago. really hard to throw when there is a 300 pound guy sitting on your chest. raiders offensive tackle henderson and walker look like revolving doors. everybody blamed the the the problem here last year but the 4 sack. 4 falls starts yesterday. johnson says it's everybody. he runs wild. maybe the fastest player in the league. so all right. the raiders will host the ram on sunday. they expect to improve. >> kind of p.m. and not feeling sorry for ourselves. set back. part of life. so that's the way we are dealing witness. really kind of angry about what happen. >>reporter: speaking of angry. jets and ravens kick off monday nature football. if you watched any of the hbo
9:57 pm
series hard knocks focusing on the jets you know what coach ryan reaction will be. bleep it. the pre-game fitting. talking smack and throwing football at each other. joe lift up by thomas and brass knuckle game all tonight long. pile drive them down. late second quarter. only touch down of the game. manly 1 yard run. sanchez dreadful jets offense again. 10-9 rave he says. less than a minute to go lewis sighting. ravens win the defensive battle 10-9 the final score. rain postpone the men final at the open yesterday. delayed the action again today but only delaying the inevitable. for nadal. sky open up again so match on hold couple hours. frustration for him if him as he slams it down and react not cooperating. great rally in
9:58 pm
the third set. shot for shot with nadal. he got a chance to put this thing away here as nadal retreats. doesn't put it away. and he makes him pay. cross court winner. nadal wears him down. match point. forehand wide. nadal completes the career grand slam. nadal the champ. with20n the challenge for the a's just finish above 500. matinee action in kansas city and obvious why the royals have already lost 85 games this year. fundamental. ground ball to third. should be double play ball. throws it away. cocoa crisp 1 nothing oakland. next inning. this is an easy play. a little casual. a little casual. scores 2 nothing a. milestone for jack. opposite field power. that is no. 100 for cups and contrary. game over
9:59 pm
500 3-1 victory. former a miguel helping san diego retake half game lead over the giant in the west. pad in colorado. 2 run bomb in the first. san diego and pride of san jose runner at the corner gone. suddenly colorado back in it. but doing it at the plate and field. diving grab in the sixth. nice play. pad win 6-4 halting the 10 game win streak and giants host donors tomorrow night again half game out and war why are sign free agent forward lewis today. physical high energy guy can rebound and block shots. played last year. >> good monday for sport. >> that's they diagnosis of 7 news at 9. for all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again


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