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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 20, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> good evening everyone. pg&e is breaking its silence today by revealing 100 riskiest pipeline location in the state. no. 1 trouble spot is indeal yeah 2 other locations in the bay area also made the top 10. section of pipe in san jose near milpitas and another in novato. in all
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there are more than a dozen -- 2 dozen hot spots in the bay area but the one noticeably missing is the pipe that blew newspaper san bruno. more now from david. >> i find it really scary. it could kind of go at any minute and there's a lot of kids in this neighborhood. >>reporter: she knew the pg&e pipeline was there but had no idea the different segment rank no. 8, 9, 11 and 98 on the list. it is buried in a ravine behind 143 town homes at san marin valley. >> i have noticed pg&e around here for awhile. i'm not i have phone about that before but since the whole san bruno thing. orderly enough not so comfortable. >>reporter: pg&e executives released the list and map this afternoon setting up new hot lane number for the public to call. >> they will be able to get information as to whether or not they are within 500 feet of any of the gas transmission
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line or within 500 feet of the top 100 planning segment. >>reporter: san brawn 0pipeline that exploded was never on the list. list developed from cement rae viewed last year. pg&e says it can't explain. that it will have to wait for the result of the ntsb investigation. top 100 ranking weighted list based on 4 criteria from third party damage such as accident by contractor doing work in the area. potential for could ros rose, ground movement such as earthquake and physical design and characteristic such as aiming of the pipe round out the criteria yeah. it can be mere feet or yards long. >> segment could be an area of pipe between 2 valve. cement could be where the type of pipe is different or transition that another type. so there's a lot of different things that make up the segment and could be as short as 2 foot segment or mile long cement. >>reporter: list is raising awareness of pipeline safety all over central northern california. at another top rank site on the border of san
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jose and milpitas shoppers at a mall express concern. >> i am concerned. i couldn't know it was this close. i knew it was in milpitas but not here. >>reporter: pg&e has done extensive check of the 200 miles of pipe line that fed that the san bruno pipeline that exploded. in the process it discovered a small leak in a valve in milpitas. but it repaired it immediately. in novato, abc 7 news. pg&e has a hot line customers can call to find out if the homes are within 500 feet of an underground pipe lane or on the so-called top 100 list. that phone number is 1-888--4 3-7-7 4 3 1. we have the information at our web site as well and complete list. on our web site abc 7 now there are new concerns being raised about what the explosion will did to property values and whether anyone looking to sell their home will have to disclose the fact they are sitting on a
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dangerous pipe lane. cecelia has that part of the story. >> flood hazard the dam the high fire hazard the earthquake. >>reporter: this is the list of disclosure san bruno homeowner must warn potential buyers about. it is a list that goes on and on. >> when i started in the business twaiv years ago our disclosure was half page long. now we are folders are 3 to 4 inches thick. >>reporter: literally. now realtor and san bruno planning commissioner bob marshall is bracing for a new addition to the list. he predict anyone looking to sell a home near the blast site will eventually be made to tell buyers they are sitting on one of pg&e main gas transmission line. >> this is one more thing that most people know about now and i think the pipes are all over the place. >>reporter: this home for zeal is located just few doors away from the destruction. selling it now will not be easy. that from the lawyer who last week filed the first
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blast rae late the class action lawsuit against pg&e. potential at property value decline is one of the things he is suing the utility company over. >> there was an explosion in san bruno and that will ring in people ear when looking for a place to live unfortunately. >>reporter: may be hundreds of males away but he lakeen the devastation in san bruno to the destruction caused by bp gulf oil spill. >> that still has an evaluation on the property particularly along the main areas where it was hit. even though it has been cleaned up. >>reporter: blast left nothing but the for zeal sign in front of property bob marshall had listed on glen view drive. whether anyone will buy it now rae maynes to be seen. the owner doesn't know what he want to do any more since no longer a home to sell. >> that person is telling us he is just going to not put it on the market. maybe sell the land and go from there. >>reporter: in the just the resident here in san brawn 0who could be made to expose the gas transmission line. now pg&e made the list public
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experts are saying that resident in those neighborhoods could have a whole new disclosure roorment on their hands, too. reporting in san bruno, abc 7 news. tonight there's a warning out for female joggers in south san jose. the sheriff's department is looking for a man who attacked a woman jogging alone yesterday morning. happened just before 8:00 o'clock on trail around snell road and colleen drive. the attacker pushed the woman into an aquaduct and tried to sexually assault her but she managed to fight him off and run away. oakland police issue a warning after 2 women robbed sexually assaulted in separate incidents near lake merit. police think the same person may be responsible for both yesterday's attacks. victims say the man was carrying a weapon but police don't have a more specific description yet. experts are using tissue sample to determine the species of a whale on ocean beach. carcass badly decomposed and high tide made
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it hard to examine in. researchers have been able to determine that it is not a humpback, gray or blue whale. bit is a bounty for researchers. >> it is so hard for us to study them out so far in the ocean that these give us a nice opportunity to get some sample and dna and put together the different pod of population of the the whale out in the wild. >>reporter: carcass will be buried during low tide on the beach tomorrow. it was just last we can that a tanker impaled a blue whale on the bow and dragged it to the port of oakland. experts believe that whale was probably dead before it was hit. bay area first ever express lane is open for business. now solo drivers on busy stretch of south bound 6 80 can pay to use the car pool lane. on its first day the chp says some cars cut across all lanes trying to get to the express lane but over all the highway patrol is happy with the first day. more now from miss lang.
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>> solo drivers you can now buy your way into a faster commute. just by using your fast track pass. all you have to do is pay electronic toll and zip down 14 million stretch of south bound 6 80 between pinole and milpitas. >> i would definitely consider using the express lane. do anything to get to work faster. more conveniently with less traffic. >> this morning i saw a lot of people using them but for me it was once i got to the 84 it was wide open so why get on. >>reporter: if you do get on, on, you only have 3 chances. the locations are marked in green. highway 84. washington boulevard. and mission boulevard. you can only exit in 3 spots. those are marked in red. auto mall parkway, jacqueline road and calvert road. >> we strongly recommend you go on lean. spend a little extra time figuring out what the routes are for you so you don't $15 your snevl a situation where you are taking chances and crossing over double white lines or find your snevl a situation where you are crossing all lanes to
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try to take an exit which can be extremely dangerous. >>reporter: the toll amount depends on congestion. 30 cents when no traffic. up to 6 dollars during peak time. you will automatically be charged when you enter the express lane. today we never saw the toll higher than 1.75 for the entire 14 mile stretch. car poolers, poolers, motorcycle and hybrid vehicle with valid stickers can still use the lane for free. just put the transpoppeder in the fast track mylar bag so you won't get charged. but if you are a solo driver watch out. the chp is hiding in spots lacking for cheaters. if they see an amber colored light it means you have a faulty transponder or no transpoppeder at all. fine if you are a car paler. not if you are solo. >> the fine for driving in the express lane illegally is 370 dollars. coming up. bay area has him but los angeles wants him. couple top city official being wooed by the south land.
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also on the bottle but off the street. bay area city controversial approach to dealing with homeless alcoholic. >> no free water. plan to eliminate a drought in california schools. accu-weather forecast center cooling down over the next couple days but maiming warm-up coming this weaned.i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. >> plus face-to-face. fun gadget for i-phone user turns that a must see application that a must see application for others. . i want you to >>
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>> new bill on governor schwarzenegger desk would require public schools to provide water at lunch time. interestingly students in about half of public schools across california don't have access to drinking water in the cafeteria. oakland high school nearest water fountain is outside the building. the bill in sacramento would require schools to provide water with meals by next july. the governor is expected to sign it. >> head of san francisco health department may be moving to los angeles. according to the los angeles times la wants dr. mitchell cast to run the health department. they would pay him more than the 260,000 dollars he earns working for san francisco. the partner
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will create healthy san francisco as program that provides medical care to most of the city uninsured. cast is expected to travel to los angeles in the next couple of weeks to meet with city officials there about that job. san francisco is exploring a controversial method to get homeless alcoholic off the street and into housing but the plan would house them with tax dollars and allow them to continue drinking. story now from carolyn tyler. >> san francisco streets are home to dozens of chronic alcoholics who are clogging the emergency medical system and the city's jails. for example paul is self described drunk we meat few years ago had been arrested 128 times. and hospitalized 50. supervisor duffy thinks there might be a better approach. so-called wet housing model after this project in seattle. where homeless alcoholic are allowed to live and keep on drinking.
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>> providing a medically supervised safe living environment which people who are chronic drinkers probably not going to change in their life time have the ability to live safely but also don't draw from public resource. >>reporter: three year study by san francisco health department found 225 of the worst offenders accounted for more than 1900 ems pick up. spent more than 2000 days at sf general hospital. in all the treatment cost taxpayers 13 and half million dollars a year. >> it is not a good idea. it is bizarre. >>reporter: dr. eugene worked in the field of addiction medicine for more than 40 years. >> best solution would be to have them hospitalized involuntarily if necessary and detox. >>reporter: he believes the wet house allows severe alcoholic to keep killing themselves. on the face it seems. >> enabling.
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>>reporter: yes. >> it is. but so is method on maintain. >>reporter: mayor newsom supports seattle program. >> at least this gets people through the door. then you can start saying we are hear for you. right now you have people that aren't going through any doors that are all out on the streets of sidewalk and hard to pull in. this may help save some lives and reduce cost to taxpayers. >>reporter: seattle officials say the program saved 4 million dollars the first year alone and study by the journal of the american medical association verified some cost savings as well as a drop in alcohol consumption by the homeless. supervisor duffy heads there for a look next week. this is abc 7 news. spencer christian here we have that ugly weather out of the way. now you are promising speed limit decent weather. >> well it was certainly decent today. nice warm-up. sunny skies even at the coast. probably going to cool down the next couple days but i don't think it gets ugly. just kind of cool. you can be cool and still look pretty good. here's the live look.
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i was waiting for. that from our high definition roof top camera lacking at an almost full moon. almost likes like a telescopic view. great view of the moon as it is obviously rather chose to the earth rate now in the orbit. let's mav on to the current conditions rate now. temperatures are generally in the 60's and areas inland and around the bay. 70 at antioch. a little bit cooler closer to the coast and a half moon bay 54. highlights. slightly caller next few days but still lacking good. autumn arrives on wednesday at 8:09:00 p.m. and inland high at the end of the week into the 90's. this afternoon high pressure dominant feature and we had sunny sky from his coast to the inland area. nasty warm-up but tomorrow the excuse me sound lyme like i'm going through puberty again. satellite image. weak disturbance in the jet stream. not a dramatic change to the weather but it will reinforce the on shore flow that was
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absent today. and make conditions cooler tuesday and wednesday. low pressure tonight under partly clear conditions up in the north bay. low tonight drop into the upper 40's up north and see low clouds and fog pushing across the bay locally and most other location outside the north bay we see low in the 50's. then tomorrow the sunny skies in the south bay high pressure will be in the low to mid 70's so certainly pleasant day just not quite so warm as today. look for high of 73 at san jose. 75 at los gatos. on his the peninsula high right around 70 degrees and perhaps just above mountain view and 71 los altos and 73 on the coast. 60 agrees at half machine bay. 59 at pacifica. in and around san francisco high of 64 downtown. 61 in sunset district. up to the north bay we go where most locations will see high at least in the 70's. low to mid 70's in sono sonoma, petaluma, no vat upper 70's in calistoga and ukiah. east bay high in the range
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from upper 60's to low 70's. 68 san leandro. 71 at hercules castro valley. over the hills in the valley range in the 70's. low 70's at danville and dublin. upper 70's at antioch and brentwood. in the bay monterey bay inland mid 70's at gilroy and morgan hill. here's the 7 day forecast. 2 day of cooling take us through wednesday and in the first day of fall emit add not the first full day. fall doesn't begin until 8:09:00 p.m. on wednesday. then we what is your name? on thursday. lack at the warmment on friday saturday sunday monday. inland high in the 90's around the bay. mid 80's on the coast we see 70's and that's summer weather in the fall. >> that's beautiful. >> which we tend to get in the early fall. >> if you do go through puberty let us know. that's a medical story we need to cover. >> you won't want to hear about it. >> challenging silicon valley. the effort to make the latest technology more accessible. why now is the time to start
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then call an agent at 1-800-statearm h p agreed to end the lawsuit preventing the former chief executive with working for or committee. mark hrd forced out after a sexual harass the investigation and then hired by oracle. he spoke at the world conference today in san francisco. as part of the settlement reached today the 2 companies agreed that hurd would protect h p trade secret while performing his duties. he agreed to relinquish the0 million dollars in stock he was given in his severance package. >> challenge tonight for silicon valley. there are new efforts here in the bay area to make high tech products more accessible for the disabled. advocate say much
9:24 pm
more still to be done. here's money scope reporter david. >> there was an aha moment in june when jobs unveiled the i-phone 4. instead of front and face back camera open the door for deaf people. there was immediate reaction. >> they realize this had a completely different meaning for pretty large population of disabled. >>reporter: building accessibility into the latest technology help the blind or those with limited vision. despite the example of progress users and engineers acknowledge accessibility issues remain. >> doesn't matter whether an i-phone or side kick or black berry uses that accessibility is not there yet. that is something we really need to push hard on. >>reporter: victor is the accessibility project manager at yahoo. as engineer blind
9:25 pm
he tries to come up with solution because it is not that simple. >> certain things work for me because i have been computer user for ages. some things may not work for other people so i don't want people to judge the quality based on what i think is good or bad. >>reporter: but succeeded in doing is getting colleague to make accessibility part of every project in service at yahoo. >> he has been good at making me understand well if a portion of the population actually can't use this feature then it is not really complete so you shouldn't really be happy with bust it out into the world unless everybody can use it. >>reporter: there is another motivation behind accessibility that goes beyond public benefit. silicon valley pioneer focus on the issue for 30 years says the 60 million disable in the u.s. have a disposable of course of 220 million dollars. >> most see them as customers
9:26 pm
we have a hard time staying here if fit is a cause. >>reporter: we visited the california school for the deaf in fremont and avid users of computers and rely on mobile phones for texting. one deefficiency they would like addressed is slow network speed that make video quality poor. >> but with signing it looks like a ghost trail. when people are signing. you see you can see the travel of the sign language and i wish they would improve an that. >>reporter: meeting the needs of every disabled person may be a challenge. but there is optimism and just a bit of doubt about how soon it will happen. >> i'm hoping it will be in 10 years or even sooner than that. everything will be great and they will make progress but will they, i don't know. >>reporter: perhaps in time silicon valley company and other companies across the country will grow more sensitive to the need of the deaf community. community that knows that technical prowess exists. in 43 mont, d
9:27 pm
mont, david, abc 7 news. >> when we continues tonight. tough questions for president obama at town hall meeting. >> is the american dream dead for me? >>reporter: come up. middle class americans challenge the president as economist say the second longest recession in history is over. >> violence south of the border. 2 reporters murdered in less than two years. and now a mexican newspaper makes a desperate plea. >> bigger and a half the time to come full grown. government considers weather to approve genetically engineered salmon. another engineered salmon. another half hour of news
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at some of the headlines we are following tonight. pg&e is revealing 100 riskiest pipeline location in the state. the no. 1 trouble spot is in cordeal yeah 2 other locations in the bay area also made the top 10. section of pipe in san jose near milpitas and another in novato. in all there are more than 2 dozen hot 'in the bay area. pipe that blew up in san bruno is not on the list. pg&e admits it never shared this information with state regulators. experts are using tissue sample to determine the species of a whale that washed ashore this morning at san francisco ocean beach. researchers have been able to determine that it is not a hum humpback, gray or blue whale. carcass will be buried low tide on the beach tomorrow. >> bay area first express lane opened today. item a 14 mile stretch of south bound interstate 6 80 between milpitas and pinole. fast
9:32 pm
track users are charged between 30 cents and 6 dollars to use the road between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. depending on congestion. economist today declared the recession officially over. turn around began a year ago on july 2009 t.18 months in all. longest since the great depression. as many americans know the struggle goes on. town hall meeting today president obama faced tough questions from middle class workers. many asking if the american dream is dead. here's jake. >>reporter: the president this afternoon was confronted by the angst of his supporters. participant at cnbc town hall said they were frustrated by what the man they invested so much had in the been able to accomplish. >> i'm exhausted exhausted of defending you. your administration. defending the man for change i voted for and deeply disappoint wld we are right now. >> like a lot of people in my generation i was inspired by you and by your campaign and
9:33 pm
message that you brought and that inspiration is can i go away. is the american dream dead for me. >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything is where it necessitated to be. it's not. but we are moving in the right direction. >>reporter: echo today in the news the recession officially ended in june 2009. which mate come as a surprise to those who recall that month. when general motors declared bankruptcy. and 5 15,000 jobs were lost. >> even though economist may say the recession officially ended last year, obviously for the millions of people still out of work it is still very real for them. >>reporter: economy has stabilized since that month. value of goods and services proud has increased. but unemployment has continued to go up. in a recent poll 79 percent of the public agreed that the united states economy is in a recession now. and many americans, many supporters express concern about what they have heard from the president about
9:34 pm
solutions. >> i think he has lost some of the ability to connect that had he during the campaign. >> i think he was shocked at the intensity of the republican opposition. i think that it the disoriented him for awhile. >>reporter: the president was asked today if he thought those who didn't think he got it felt that way because of his racial heritage. >> when the unemployment rate is still high and people having a tough time it doesn't matter if i was green. doesn't matter if i was purple. >>reporter: the president was also asked if he could work with tea party candidate. he said he thought the healthy skepticism was good thing but still waiting for the tea party machlt to describe specifically what they wanted to do. this is abc news the white house. newspaper in mexico is taking a desperate step asking drug cartel to stop killing its reporters. 2 photographers working for a paper were attacked on their way to work last week. one died the other seriously wounded. crime reporter for
9:35 pm
the paper was killed in 2008. the paper is the biggest paper in what is of referred to as mexico most violent city, juarez across from el paso that's where 3 people with ties to the u.s. consulate in mexico were murdered in a case of mistaken identity this year. also where 3 people died in the first car bombing launched by cartel. paper says even in war there are rules to protect media workers though in an open letter to the cartel the paper writes we ask you to explain what you want from us. what we should try to publish or not publish so we know what to expect. editors at the paper point a finger at the government inability to control the situation saying the drug cartels are the defacto authority. landmark in the history -- in a listened mark in the history of food for the first time the government is considering whether to allow the sale of food from a genetically altered animal. company has tinker with the genetic material of salmon sought fish can grow faster
9:36 pm
and reach homes sooner. but is it safe sf here's lisa star. >>reporter: it looks like any other salmon. but opponent call it franken fish and hope to keep it off the dinner plate. the difference. both are 18 months old but the larger genetically engineered salmon grows twice as fast as the regular salmon. >> this is the first genetically engineered animal that would be introduced to the food supply. so it is a big deal. >>reporter: atlantic salmon grows in fits and start. but scientist found that adding genetic material from a pacific salmon and he'll like fish helps them grow round the clock. >> this is the like the traditional fish. >>reporter: it clearly has a different genetic make up. >> but it tastes the same. looks the same and biology the same. >>reporter: scientist today agreed. >> this salmon is atlantic salmon and food from this salmon is safe as food from other atlantic salmon.
9:37 pm
>>reporter: still critic claim more studies are needed on how the fish might affect human and environment. for instance what happens altered fish make it out into the wild. would they breed with native salmon? would they crowd out the wild fish? the company insists there are safe guards. >> all sterile and raise entered physically contained >>reporter: but opponent say there's no guarantee all the fish will be sterile. there's already one case study in how the best laid plans can go awry. this plant were genetically jaerd to be resistant to weed can i recall. the problem? the seed have now migrated from the company farm. carried by the wind. and perhaps by truck taking them to market. they are now growing on the road side of north dakota. scientist worry they may create a hard to kill super weed. as for the genetically altered salmon one question still on the table will folk eat it and will they even know what they are eating because the fda has to decide
9:38 pm
if the fish will even even carry a special label. this is abc news washington. 95,000 square feet shut down. >> just really gross. i feel in like everywhere in new york. >>reporter: up next. bed bug suck the life out of big name store in manhattan. turns out the infestation is fought limited to beds. caught on video. dramatic end to both rescue moments before it was rescue moments before it was ?o?oxw?w?oó
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(train child) the train is now arrivi. (announcer) the train s arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> travel experts are saying you should book the holiday flights soon. head of fare compare says the competition for seats will be tight this year. the economy forced quite a few people to stay at home last year. fare compare says that is not the case this
9:42 pm
year. on top of that best warn capacity on most flights is down and fares are up. as much as 30 percent above last year's rates. one place many people travel to is new york. but they may have second thoughts. the bed bug infestation sweeping across america is claim ago new high profile victim. nike. company giant flag ship store in manhattan is closed forced to shutter the dars because of infestation of bed bug. here's jeremy. >> with no warning nike town store near new york swank fifth avenue shut down due to the bug. >> bed bug. >> really? really? really gross. i feel in lake it is everywhere in new york. >>reporter: nike says it proactively closed and forced several to temporarily shut down new york locations recently even google office and iconic empire state building fought off the bug. and spreading to businesses all across the country. >> really has everything to do
9:43 pm
with trucking. we have found that bed bugs are hitching rides being transport the back and forth into offices into stores. >>reporter: with about lost zeal damage mir chan disbed bug cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. the sniffing dog up to continue grand to inspect huge department store. and pesticide up to 70 grand for some large businesses. insurance typically doesn't pay. >> get on the clothes. you can be in a store and get on your clothes and go home and they get in your house. >>reporter: now they start to have an impact on where we go and what we do. poll thought month shows recent news about bed bug infestation caused 1 in 5 americans to change their plan to good to certain public places. >> have you changed where you go. >> definitely. i would not good to i won't good to a movie theater in new york. >>reporter: so what do you do if you bought clothes from a store that may have been inundated with bed bug. experts say put the clothes in the dryer. turn it on high
9:44 pm
heat. heat the only thing that kills the bug and their egg. this is abc news, new york. >> nike says they closed manhattan store as precaution. they are taking steps to eradicate the bed bug and plan to reopen soon. >> royally bizarre. coming. britain prince charles comes clean about his habit. it has some people calling him loony. some people calling him loony. we'll be
9:45 pm
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fact: brown promised improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take ov the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised tcut crime. but murrs doubled, making oaklanthe 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. he just can't deliver the results >> dramatic video. 56-year-old man is rescued from his quickly sinking ship. rescue swimmer got to the boat just as it began to sink.
9:48 pm
the rescuer and man are pulled out just seconds before the vessel sinks in the water. heavy weekend floods have left hundreds of people homeless after heavy rains swelled rivers, damage buildings and washed out roads gentleman after swimming across the english channel a quadruple amputee dreaming of new challenge crossing from europe to africa in the straight of gibralter. about. [applause] if philip swam the chan they will weekend. he expected to take up to 24 hours to complete it but he finished in under 14. he used especially designed prosthetic leg ending in flippers. he lost the limb in 1994. he was adjusting a tv antenna when a power line hit the metal ladder. he says he swam the channel to inspire others. britain prince charles coming clean about eccentric
9:49 pm
behavior in new bbc documentary. he admit to his interview he eaves drops on the thousands of tourists who visit his home. britain future king even says he sometimes lays on the floor and listens to what tourists are saying as they are walking around the house. prince also confesses to talking to trees and plants in his garden. he knows people have called him loony in the past but he says speaking to the the plants keeps him quote relatively saint. okay. it's go to a relatively saint man spencer christ has our weather forecast. >> relatively saint. that's right.i'll be amazing if the plant speak back. live view of a time lapse view from high definition east bay camera looking to the west. see broken clouds near the coast. the they had not begun to make the inland bush but they will tonight. we had a warm day today as well. look at the high pressure in the inland area. low 80's ringing around the bay area and 70's near the bay. 68 was the high in san
9:50 pm
francisco. pretty warm day but things will change a little bit tomorrow starting at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. follow the time line. fog low clouds early in the morning. burn away. another sunny day coast to inland area and a little bit oven shore flow developing tomorrow. high clouds in the forth bay so temperatures generally about 4 to 8 degrees cooler than today. still pleasant day coming our way and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have a little bit of cool down tomorrow. and wednesday. wednesday by the way marks official arrival of fall. autumn equinox at 8:09:00 p.m. warm-up on thursday and friday saturday sunday monday inland high 90's around the bay. mid 80's on the coast. 70's that's good weather. >> warm spell. >> dan friends of camp concord charity golf turnment another great success. event held in clayton raises money to help send kids to summer camp at lake tahoe. past 15 years they raised half million dollars. last year alone 350
9:51 pm
kids got the chance to go to the camp. >> it's always fun. you may know 1 or 2 people in the cabin but then you end up by the end of the weak you know everybody. their names. want to keep in touch with them you have the phone numbers. and you are so sad to leave. >>reporter: camp is great. now if you want to donate go to our web site and click under see it on tv. all right. 49 ers lost but good points in the game. >> great game it was. thanks for giving away the ending. 49 ers with the saint on the road tonight. quarterback alex leading the way and best outings as frirn. tied with outings as frirn. tied with minute 14 left and as saidyççññ
9:52 pm
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>> come up at 11:00. we take you to pg&e most dangerous natural pipeline. even the fire chief has had trouble getting information on where the pipeline is. now you see it now you don't. short-term
9:55 pm
solution bringing business to vick anti-san francisco stores. that's ahead in one hour on 7 news over on channel 7. art. mike here quite a game tonight. >> monday nature game. especially too. all right. frainers show they can play with defending superbowl saints but 4 turn over the difference in a win and loss. hall of famer rice running out of the tunnel honored at half time. frainers also awful start on opening drive. snap over smith head natural end zone that's a safety. 2 nothing. saints. it would be 9 nothing before the ninersgot e secondth smith finds frank gore. tip tow down the side line for the touch down. 12 yards. forty-niner trail 9-7 at the half. came out sharp in the third. first pro carry dixon. high step 2 yards out and 14-9. first lady of the game. later in the third. third and goal. breeze to thomas. count it. breeze threw for 3 54 yards. 49 ers
9:56 pm
down 19-14 but driving and deflected. one of the turn overs on the night. smith gets another shot. down 8. executing the 2 minute drill to perfection. morgan down to the 39. smith 23 of 32. 275 yards. minute to go. gore capping off the team record. 112 with 7 yard touch down. niners down 22-20. on for 2. some ivt to davis goal line. first ruled no good but the play welcome back reviewed and official say he broke the plane and tied at 42. the safety looking bad now. but plenty of time for the saints to march down the field. breeze to the marcus. great throw and catch. 30 yards all the way down to the 18. with two seconds left hartley 37 yard attempt is tipped but had enough juice to get through. 49 ers fall to o and 2. 25-22
9:57 pm
the final. >> when we stop about defeating ourselves. when we stop putting the ball on the ground. when we stop doing things to hurt ourselves we are going to be a good football team. how good that remains to be seen. that is my feeling after this game. >>reporter: about right to the point. meanwhile rice had quite a night. anxiously awaiting half time with former forty-niner owner ed on the side line. detuckett deducted into the hall of faichlt and had the jersey number retivrmentd he set a new stand arrested in the 20-year career but he knows he didn't do it alicense. >> i'm honored and also when you get something like that and jersey retired it's not an individual thing that's why i want to thank my teammate and fans to give me inspiration to kilometer out and play my best football. >> my number 84 is still available. we seem to have our first quarterback
9:58 pm
controversy here in the bay area. it is not with the niners. raider head coach cable yanked his starter campbell yesterday against the ram at half time. campbell 8 for 15 for 87 yards then interception. right before the half he didn't look bad but really was no spark. if bruce takes over in the third quarter. 11 for 22. 162 yards. touch down to murphy. offense seem to rally around blue but today the coach cable was evasive about next we can start are. >> pretty lucky to have 3 quarterback that we have and 2 guy whose played obviously him if we haven't had that kind of depth around here i don't think in quite some time and i heard a deal where if you have 2 back like we do, michael and daryn, and with two quarterback there's a controversy. but there isn't a continue.i'll make a good decision, right decision. >>reporter: he will decide on wednesday. cocoa crisp likely out for the season with a broken fink -- pinky same
9:59 pm
during spring training. in progress highlights courtesy of sports net. game scoreless until the seventh thanks to gonzalez. allowing 4 hits striking out 7. but he would get the no decision because the a's didn't get on the board until the seventh. 2 run single here. a's up 3 toing in in the bottom of the 8. those complete highlights for you coming up tonight at 11:00. good showing by the 49 ers. tough way to lose but now they know they can mraichlt they have it together and i think we'll lack for good things down the line. >> smith looked good. >> he really lacked good. a lot of talent and ready to rumble. >> hang on to them this fall. >> that's tonight from all of us here thanks for watching.


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