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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> carolyn: a few blocks apa, san francisco police to respond to two situations. offirs open fire on one suspect, and a man barricaded himself inside his room in another. thatituation is ongoing tonight. we're live at the scene of that standoff whereeveral streets are still closed. >> reporter: aboutwo blocks in each directio actually, near this building here on franklin street. a heavy police presence. polic say the suspect barricaded himself in his room
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this morning. its took the investigators a few hours to declare this a critical incident. it was around 11:00 this mornin when the s.w.a.t. team raced to franin street to check on a man barricaded insidehis apartment. officers pcked the building. investigators spent the day at the apartment but had few details about the man inside. they blocked off streets and hostage negoators tried to make cntact by phone. >> we're very concerned when somne is barricaded in his room, not making contact with the police. we are interested in this well-beingnd safety as well as the other peop that live in the apartment building. >> reporter: st five blocks east, about the same time, completely up related second incident. san francisco pole responded to a noise complaint at the grenada residential hotel in the tenderloin. someone-possibly a tenant. thw stereo speakers out of the window of a 7th floor
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apartment. >> lots of calls about noise complaints. >> porter: police say a tenant pulled o a weapon and the officer fired. authorities are not sang what kind of weapon the man had. >> the person displayed a weapon to the officer, and the officer fired the fat shot to the victim report many of the hotel residents are seniors. this man heard the shot from inside his room. >> some police officers were there. throw lice officers. one of whomas really shook up. and she was sang to the others that she didn't know how many shots she fired. and thenhey told me to get back in my room so i did. >> reporter: now, the officer-involved shooting is bei investigated by san francisco police intern affairs. the department's homici division as well as the san francisco district attorney's office. as for the barricade incident are the suspect here, police aren't saying whether he has a
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weapon. reporting from san francisco, abc-7 news. >> caryn: well, a death-row inme took his case the ninth circuit court of appeals. albert brown is schedud to die 12:01 wednesday morning for abductin and raping a riveide girl 30 years ago. here's more. >> reporter: tw things happened today. the pedestrian the anyone circuit and brown's failure to choosehe method in which to be executed. his attorney called such a choice unconstitutionay medieval. brown is convicte of kidnap, raping, andilling a 15-year-old girl 30 years ago. a federal judge has given brown the option of a three-drug cocktail, which raises questn whethe it causes pain 0, a heavy dose of sodm pentothal that supposedly carries less recollection of pain. brown set missed the noon dead
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will line to make the decision so the three-drug cocktail will be used. bro appealed to the nine circuit. but if the higher court decides not to step in, brown is scheduled to die 12:01 wednesday morning. >> whose ging on here is that the lawyers are considerg whether they can make an argument that it is crowell -- cruel and unusual punishment to require a man to choose the manner of his death, and theye thinkg as long as the congralations alternative is e three-part lethal injection process, they still have all of those issues. >> reporter:rown is scheduled to be the 14th person to be executed in califora. the first execution in nearly five year and the first to be held in the newly con -- consucted death chamber.
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>> carolyn: the chp expects to re-open highway 1 at an moment near o'dig -- bodega bay. the wildfire is 100% contained. a volunteer firefighter was in crical but stable conditio in a burn center in san franciscoful cal fire believes he came in contact with a powerline. we're feing warm weather throughout northern califnia. a strong high-pressure system is keeping the heat on. there's a "spare the air" alert today and tomorrow. leigh glaser is here now with what's in store. >> lgh: temperatures will come up a few mo degrees, especially inland tomorr. of course, it is a "spare the air" day once again tomorrow. r quality forecast, very poor air quali in the east bay, and santa clara valley area. be miful of that. and even go with some moderate levels of ozone and air quality as we head into the nor bay, arod the coast and central bay, as well as south bay. i want to show you a quick look
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at the expected -- actually, record highs expected for tomorrow. here's a look at -- recor highs that were set for form. gilroy, 108. san jose, 97. that is not to say we're going reach these highs, but a good indicatn some locations might get very close to those number. >> carolyn: the republicans' pledge for america was a hot topic on the sunday talk shows d on the camign trail. it's a list of things republics hope to accomplish if tey win the majority in ngress. we have this report from washington. >> reporter: predent barack obama played basketball on sunday with his daughters. just about every other washington insider played politics instead. former president bill clinton barn-stormed for two new england democrats in an election that could hand the republicans control of the house and senate.
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>> we -- their argument is we dug a $3 million hole, they didn't pull is out, through them out. >> they're pushing not to extend all o the bush tax cuts. >> the most irresponsible thing i have seen since i've been in washington, dc. >> dem dem democrats countered they're willing to do this. >> they have to explain to their constituents wh they're holding up tax cuts for the middle class. i think it's an untenable position to say, we're going to allow your taxes to go up on january 1st unless the president president agrees to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. >> extendis tax cuts for those making over a quarter million would cost over $700 billion. one republican house member says he has found a way to pay for some costs. >> reding discrion
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discretionary spending would save $100 billion. >> votes head to the polls in a little over a month, but the battle is likely to last well past th mid-term. >> carolyn: the latest poll numbers show the measure to legize more major for recreational use is gaining populity in california. it's 49-42%. in jewel -- july it trailed by four points. opponts including most majo party candidates. they worry it would lead to increase in crime. >> iran says it crashed into iraq to go after terrorists. also, tourist vacationing at lake tahoe caught this on camera. this turned into an amazing investigation. and then this. >> stay down! stay down! stay down! >> carolyn: that's the whing passengers heard as their delta
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>> carolyn: the u.s. navy is now nfirming two pilots dipped a pair of $33 miion helicopters into lak tahoe two weeks ago. a tourist captured it all on caera and poweed it -- posted it on youtube. >> oh-my gosh! >> carolyn:he video shows the chopper skimming the surface of the water. one appears to lose control in a near disaster. the pilot manages to pull the airaft back up. the navy spokesperson says both went in and that neither had enough hovering power to hold their positn. the incident happened september 13th. the damage the helicopters could reach half a million dollars. an investigation is underway, and the two pilots are grounded until the investigation is
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complete. a delta flight heading to new york from georgia made an emergency landing at ysk ysk. -- jfk. >> stay down! stay down stay down! >> caryn: the plane's landing gear malfunctioned, sending sparks flying and leaving one of the plane's winging dragging on the tarmac, passengs braced themselve and some prayed on the tense descent. [applause] >> carolyn: no one was hurt. all0 passengers left the plane through the main doo and were bussed to the terminal. delta is working with federal authorities t deem what caused the problem wi the problem. overseas now. iranian forces crashed into neighboring iraq and killed 30 fighters involved in last week's bombing of a military parade. general of the elite revolutionary guards told iraniantate television that the terrorists were killed in a
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clash beyond te border. iran said it would target armed groups on iraqi soil. an iranian newspap reports a delegation from ohman will visit in to try to secure the release of two hikers who were arrested two years. iranian authorities captur shourd, her fiancee and their friend 13 months ago when they went into iran. a freeze on israel's settlementonstruction ended today. they broke gowned on -- ground on a kindergarten to celebrate. the palestinians have threated to walk out of the peace talk out in that the building restrictionsave end. david axlero said both parties need to talk. >> they're still talking. secrery clinton and her team
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are working with them. we're very eager to keep these talks going. we thing this is an unparalleled opportunity and a rare one and we have to seize the advantage. >> carolyn: aerod says mediators are tying to bridge the gap between the palestinians and the israelis. hyundai recalls over 140,000 cars, and we have the forecast whe we come back. >> mike: the 49ers got barbecued by the chiefs, and the raiders kicker can -- can't convert
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>> carolyn: hyundai is recaing 140,000 sonata see danes. it affts the 2011 models.
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south korea's largest automaker says there's a detect in the steering column. we saw warm temperatures. >> leigh: it's pretty hot. near 100 degrees. we have a little bit of cooling in th bay thanks to a littl patchy fog that moved in overnight. temratures a little more comfortable there. ou can see from the high definition east bay cam, a beaiful evening setting up. here's a look at highs for today, antioch, 98. 99 in livermore. 80 in san francisco. half moon bay, 75. gilr, 9 4. currently temperatures slowly coming down as the sun is getting ready to set. 70 in san francisco. still hot, though. inland, with antioch 95. santa rosa, 92.
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so,ere's a look at highs. the heat's going to be with us the next several days. tonight, clear skies, mild overnight temperatures, a little patchy coastal fog there. more heat for our inland areas, especially for monday, and then as we head into wednesday, thursday, a friday, that's when we start to notice temperatures starting to cool down. a on the closeup satellite, you can see the fog moving south, cooled us off as much as n degrees in some locations. overnight tonight, a litt patchy fog near the coast. temperatures into in the mid-50s. inland, still in the 90s. going toe mild overnight, with antioch getting down to 6 2. this this story. high pressure buildg in. bringing us heat and slight fshore wind flows tomorrow will really srt to be with u so more heat on monday. tuesday and wednesday, the high will actually start to push on
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tords the east, and that will allow the return of thos onshore win, a cooler wind dirtion, as we head into mid-week so, tomorrow, a another scorcher, 90s in he south bay. 94 for san jose. the coast. half moon bay, 78 degrees. maybe a little warmer than that, dependig how the fog flows through the day. the heat will be on. 94 for palo alto. san francisco,4 tomorrow. north bay, temperatures near 100 degrees. 100 for ukiah. pet how many ma -- petaluma, 94. but the high heat is in the east bay valleys. 100 goings expected for pittsburg, 101 for antioch, 100 for you guys in danville. 99 for concord. and we'll carry that heat down towards morgan hill. high heat for our monday and tuesy. remember, tomorrow is another
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"spare the air" day, and then those winds start to shift to more onshore, cooler wind direion, as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, gradual cooli, a little more comfortable for you. in the 80s, and 60s at the coast. and low clouds and fogs. >> carolyn: the heat is hre for a few more days. mie shuman told us he's grumpy and is going kick it off with the radars. >> mike: i'm hot but not because of the weathe being a kicke you're sit and watch and then you're expected to kic the game returner, in arizona, janikowski has that situation and was wide left. gradkowski getting the start ove campbell. threw for 255-yar one score and a pick. game tied at 7. seconds left in the second. mcfadden finds pay dirt. raiders led 20-17 at the half.
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thi quarter, derek anderson to larry fitzgerald the best receiver in the game. 24-20 cardinals. a minut to play, raters down one. fourth and ten. brd cow -- brad cow -- janikowski's 32-yarder to win it? pushes wide left. hishird miss of the game. usually money. a heartbreaker for the raiders and soccer players of they fall 24-23. niners in kansas city. crabtree slips, then the interception. niners had only 11 first downs. next play, cassel. burned the niners for 250ard. all went south from there third quarter, cassel deep over the middle to the rookie out of iowa, a sensational one-handed
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catch. 24-3 chiefs. what happened to the niners' defense. alex smth, one of five sacks. niners total outcoached. going do 0-3. niners embarrassed in condions city. >> a little baseball. giants fans are getting an ulcermentatt cane on the hill today against the rockies and wa money. can was able. went the distae and flirted witha no-hitt. freddie sancz, top one. see ya. second straight ge with a home run. 2-0 giants. meanwhile, cain was doling. in the sixth, blows away young. carries the no-hitter into the 8th. oneup the middle. the double clutch, it's beaten out, ruled an infie single so the no-hitter is gone. cain get giam looking.
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strikes out eight. 4- win. coupled with the padres' loss, the g-men ar back in first place with six to go all at home. >> a's were eliminated from the postseason yesterday. backo work today against the rangers. francoeur, two-one blast. cahill gave up seven runs and the rangers win a shootout. >> women's professional soccer, gold pride in hayward. marta, anoer shot blocked. the sinclair gets the rebound and converts. goldride up 1-nil. in the 29th minute, wilson inside the box. unt it. gold pride wins their fit championship, 4-0. went from worst to first in one season. a rainy final reasonable of the tour champions, the final fedex cup play event. shot of the day, luke donald. a bump and run. drops to 7-under.
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in the clubhouse a stroke behind jim furyk. bottom! furyk needs a par on 18 to win. has to get up and down from the beach first amp beautul shot out of the bunker. within two and a half feet. the longest par putt of his life. 1.35 for the win, and 10 million for the fedex cup titl that's a payday. finally dover, second race of the nasc championship. jimmie johnson takes the checkered flag. of course, our pls of the day at 11:00, and th niners and raiders will not be involved. >> carolyn: that's a bummer. >> mike: thtale of two soccer players, kick and a champion. >> carolyn: way to go gold pride. michael dglas is back in the role that won him an oscar in 1987. [ female announcer ] y settle for plain bread
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