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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 28, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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hurry and take advantage of o great deal on u-verse tv. just $29 a month for six mont. us for a limited time, get hbo and cinemax free for three mont. u can even upgrade to over 130 hd channels. that's so cool. i know. [ female announcer ] s. u-verse tv. ♪ >> this isn't very good. when jerry pwrup left actually oakland was rated the fourth most dangerous city in america. >> she has the values that if
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you just give it to wall street and business and follow the george w. bush play book, things will be well. >> a little bit of bare knuckle as brown and whitman hold the first debate in the race for governor. good evening. it was the season politician versus the newcomer. most anticipated political debate at the he hex season is now over. so how did it go? political reporter mark matthews live tonight at uc davis and joins us from the auditorium. it was interesting. >> it was but you know we expected them to be throwing elbows a little bit. actually i think there was more action outside of the awed to have um than inside. let me she you. we have pictures of before the debate. supporters of meg whitman and jerry brown stood toe to toe yelling at each other. more than a kim 100 people standing outside loudly voicing their preference. inside the challenge to get them to answer tough question. the first question certainly
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qualified. both candidate were asked how they would solve the state budget impasse. you know. in the legislature? meg whitman went first. she talked about unemployment. >> we have the third highest unemployment rate. only behind michigan and nevada. did anyone ever think we would have the third highest up employment rate in the country. i want to do that by enacting some targeted tax cuts to get industries going like manufacturing. we necessitated to eliminate the factory tax so we can hang on to our manufacturing jobs. >>reporter: and she said she want to stream line red tape to make it easier to do business and if that doesn't sound like how to fix the budget impasse well here's jerry brown's answer to the same question. >> the first of all you have to live within your means. they started spending money and we had a boom and wall street was going and all. that then it collapses. well you have reset. reset 15 percent or 18 percent. i authorized by my legal opinion
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an 18 percent reduction in the governor salary. the legislature salary and my own. how do we get this. >>reporter: so the answer from brown is to cut the pay for politician that certainly not going to cost him vote with too many californians. but it doesn't explain how you are going to get rid of the budget impasse in the legislature. both candidates side stepped questions the tough ones any way to get to the talking point. there world trade center a light moment in the campaign and we'll show you that at 11:00 o'clock where jerry brown went off message and he joked about closing down the bars in oakland. it's worth seeing. we have that at 11:00. >> thanks a lot. 2 questions. let me start first of all about the issue of crowd control. it was obviously very, very among take ited out front. mondav i auditorium seats 1600 people but they didn't fill the place. why. >>reporter: 900 people in auditorium that holds 1600. and that was done for crowd control. they wanted to make
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sure that the audience would b be, well, uninvolved i would guess. but this is davis. you know. the rowdy ride around on bicycle. it's hard toy imagine that they would want to keep people out because they were afraid they might take over the auditorium. that's what happened. 900 instead of 1600. >> event was for television any way. that was the bigger audience. last question. meg whitman is a political newcomer. jerry brown the old veteran. in some respect whitman perhaps had the most to lose because she hadn't been in the situation before. how did they both do? >>reporter: well whitman ace quick study and she has been very well schooled. and i thought she stayed on message better than jerry brown. but both of them i think stuck pretty close to their talking poychbilitys as i said jerry wandered away once or twice but meg whitman certainly stayed right on her message which i think may have disappointed some viewers hoping we were going to see
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more substance from both whitman and brown and i don't think we did. >> interesting. okay mark thanks. reporting live from uc davis. appreciate it we'll look for your report at 11:00 o'clock over on abc 7. thank you sir. moving on. federal judge has blocked the execution of death row inmate albert brown. he was scheduled to die by lethal injection at san quentin state prison on thursday. 48 hours from now in fact at then okay on thursday. judge jeremy fogel said he didn't have enough time to weigh the constitutional issue surrounding the case. this comes after federal appeals court last tonight told the judge to reconsider whet to grant a stay of execution. the panel expressed concern about the state new execution procedure. as well as the time table for executing brown. the state existing supply of the first drug used in execution expires on friday. higher court doesn't reverse the decision by mid nature friday the state will be unable to execute brown for several months. >> real mystery in the east
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bay. someone dumped a dead bear in san leandro. the 300 pound animal major thorough fare and amy is in san leandro live tonight. this has to be a first. >>reporter: this is definitely my first dead bear in a strip mall story. this is so bizarre. found writ here in front of this liquor store. it was 6:30 at night. it was open. check it out. very busy strip mall. also a deli here. there's a taco restaurant. they were all open. it makes the strange story even more unbelievable. here are picture people took of the bear. it was lying on the sidewalk. witnesses say it was dead and had a gunshot in its shoulder. about a 300 pound black bear. no one here will even take a guess at why someone would leave a bear here. people here say they honestly have no idea. >> think maybe find an open field or something. somewhere else. right. but writ here
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in front of the man liquor store. kind of a shame. >> feels really weird honestly nobody somebody would drop a dead bear off and not tell anyone. not say anything to anyone. >>reporter: thinks obviously an urban area. not known for a black bear population. the theory is that possibly someone shot it on a hunting trip and then drove it here. one witness told the store owner that they saw a pickup truck driving away. how someone off loaded a 300 pound bear off of a pickup truck without being spotted is quite a mystery. live in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> as you said we have never seen anything like that before thanks amy very much. >> never. >> blistering heat around the bay area today again as you know. number of temperature record were broken. these pictures from downtown san jose where it got up to 99 degrees this afternoon. over 100 in many other inland areas around the bay. spencer is here with a look at where
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exactly spencer. >> we had triple digit all over the place today. in fact we had 10 new records or 10 records for this date i should say. one was a tie. santa rosa at 104. 99 at san rafael. 95 at sfo. 100 in oakland. all new record for this date and tie city of oakland 92 degrees tied the record for the date and downtown oakland and more new record 97 in richmond. knicks and 104 gilroy and san jose all new record high for this day and other high and weren't record but pretty hot nonetheless. 104 clover dale. 100 in napa. 101 at fairfield. 103 at concord and 101 at morgan hill. it was a lot of heat spread all over the bay area. but things are going to change and i'll give you a look at that a bit later. heat will leave us for awhile. dan is that we'll be ready for that. thanks very much. see you shortly. >> cuts at cal in. 5 enter clean at sports at uc berkeley limit natured and no sign they
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are ever coming back. here's education reporter the dan. >> vince bruno also dreamed of playing baseball and attending uc berkeley. today one of those dreams was shattered. as of next year there will be no-cal baseball. >> this happens not expected but just kind of makes you stronger in a way. hopefully works out for me. this isn't the cookie cutter idea of what i was going to have coming to berkeley but i mean somehow we are going to make the best of it this year. >> now he and team mates have to decide if they want to stay at the top university or transfer somewhere else to pursue the sport. >> baseball is prominent all over america and everyone knows that. cal community is just huge and cutting that is like, just unreal. >>reporter: wasn't just baseball but 4 other sports now go away. >> baseball. men and women gym and women lacrosse and men rugby no longer represent the university at athletic sports.
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>>reporter: rugby will remain but as a varsity club sport. it will be funded by the university for the next three years until it can sustain itself. uc chancellor said this action was necessary following the state budget cuts and the rising cost of the athletic department. >> we went 2 years without hiring faculty where we went a year with furlough where we laid off 500 low paid workers which we hated to do. we could not justify if university support of intercollegiate athletic at 20 million dollars just fought possible. >> reporter: the number of sports will go from 29 to 24 at cal. more than 160 student athletes and 13 full-time coaches will be affected. when all is said and done the cuts represent a savings of 4 million dollars with the university next year. on a positive note the university says it will honor all present athletic scholarships. at uc
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berkeley, 7 news. more to bring you her at 9:00. bay area street with a tragic nickname. >> if at noon and cemetery at night. >> cemetery at night. coming up. bullet fly hitting a sleeping 6-year-old. oakland police now looking for the gunman. fichlt major break in tradition tonight. cable car bell ringing competition the without key participant. india throws a monkey wrench. why the well trained team is roaming the street in an roaming the street in an official capacity. i want you to >>
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our state has a huge deficit meg whitman's plan wl make it billions worse by eliminating the capit gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in theudget" and is "deeply fwed". analysts forhe l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" tosc. rry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will ke billions from our children when we can least afford it. get cafornia working again-for all of us.
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>> oakland police say it appears that gang member shot up a house on seminary avenue in east oakland early this morning wound ago 6-year-old girl. leslie was shot whale she was sleeping in the milt of the night. her sister says despite being shot in the arm and the chest leslie seems to be doing okay thank goodness. more new on what happened from abc 7 vick lee. >>reporter: the home is on the 1600 block of seminary avenue. by day it ace quiet family neighborhood. at night neighbors say the facade changes. in fact they have got a nickname for seminary
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avenue. >> seminary at noon and cemetery at night. >>reporter: karen ramirez is sister of leslie. 6-year-old who was wounded. police believe gang members armed with more than one gunshot up the home in a car parked in front. karen showed us the bullet holes. we counted more than 30 that ripped through the walls of the house and into the bedroom where her sister was sleeping with her parents. karen believes the shooters are after her 18-year-old brother richard. >> it seems like all these guys hating on him and always breaking in to his car or breaking his window. >>reporter: she says this was the third time the house has been fired on. her brother wasn't too talkative. how many times has house been shot up. three times. in less than a year. >> yes. >>reporter: why are they shooting at your house. >> i don't know. >>reporter: the garage were
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tagged with gang graffiti but he denies being in a gang. police say this neighborhood is known for gang and drug activity. late today police chief came to the hospital with a teddy bear to visit the 6-year-old. >> kid should be able to grow up in the community without being afraid they would be hit by stray bullet or some gang member shooting up the community. >>reporter: but fighting gangs is becoming i hope creasingly difficult. there is no police gang unit as there was before. >> lay off 80 officers down size some of the specialized units. >>reporter: so because of the police lay off that specialized gang unit or members of that unit have now been integrated into the regul regular, the general criminal investigation unit of the police department. now the ramirez family rents the home. and karen ramirez told us she hopes the family will be able to move out of that neighborhood as soon as possible. this is abc 7 news. >> governor schwarzenegger and
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attorney general jerry brown salute 4 police officers for their valor. [applause] the officers received medal for helping capture a former student trying to setoff 2 pipe bomb at hills dale high school in august of last year. the honors went to captain kevin, rafael and officers rick apple and jeff dill and roberto gonzalez a day after judge ruled the suspected bomber here alex shock is competent to stand trial in january on charges of attempted murder.r. all right let's go back to the heat. spencer is here. brutal. >> let's go back to the heat. >> we are moving forward. >> as a matter of fact we are. heat will be behind us tomorrow for sure. we do have some cooling coming our way but we really suffered today. >> it was 90 in the city. >> triple dim tonight almost all the outlying area and 10 the record high for the statement unbelievable. but
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big change tomorrow. live view from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking down along the embarcadero quiet and still quite warm. here's look at the current teerature readings around the bay area. even now 75 degrees hear at san francisco. 77 across the bay and oakland. 82 in concord. 86 in antioch. 83 livermore. 85 in los gatos. 82 at san jose. slow. consolidate down in the inland area but cooling will come tomorrow. back at the beaches with fog and much cooler weather around the bay and along the coast line tomorrow. not quite so hot inland. still warm tomorrow inland and not as hot as today. this afternoon fog well offshore so sunny along the coast and season unland and it was quite hot. but things are changing. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. fog will push up against the coast line and locally inland just a little bit 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning start the day with mainly mostly clear 68 s everywhere except the coast. the fog will burn back a little bit. but it will have
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a cooling influence around the bay and coast line and adding that cooling influence will be some high clouds being pulled up in the area by the counter clockwise circulation around the low pressure system centered to our so you have. so we have 2 cooling influences working at once and things are going to become more comfortable. overnight tonight still pretty warm in some spots. low will drop into the 60's in many inland location. upper 50's closer to the bay then mid 50's closer to the coast line. that picture will change tomorrow night. tomorrow in the daytime sunny sky in the south bay. high pressure range from mid 80's, yaiv at santa clara a-87 san jose to 90's at saratoga and los gatos. on the peninsula upper 70's to low 80's and mid 60's on the coast still pretty $1 million at pacifica and a half moon bay. not hot. downtown san francisco 68 degrees to. more than normal range. 65 in sunset drichblingt up in the north bay we see lots of 80's up to about 90 calistoga. 93 clear lake and 99 in ukiah. east bay high range from upper
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80's hercules and oakland and upper 70's to low 80's i should say in castro valley and fremont and over the hills natural inland valley east bay we see high in the low to mid 90's. no triple digit tomorrow and monterey bay 68. 75 at santa cruz upper 80's inland at morgan hill and gilroy. ears the accu-weather 7 day forecast. if further cooling after tomorrow that will continue right on through the weekend. by sunday and monday inland high will barely reach 80 degrees. see mid 70's around the bay and about 60 on the coast. then on tuesday of next week temperatures will bounce back up again but no triple digit are in our immediate why the forecast future. >> we didn't need any more. >> no we don't. >> thanks very much. >> coming up here. shooting that fared up the immigration tp debate. >> if as we continue. was it a hoax. arizona deputy claim that he was shot by smugglers may not add up. >> and the county that has just instituted one of the country toughest anti-smoking
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country toughest anti-smoking laws. new places where you i want you t [ fele announcer ] jerry brown and oakland'schools.
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fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks vote for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises bett schools. but the drop t rate increases...50%. the school budget goes ito a 100 million dollar deficit. thschools become so bad...the state has to te them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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failure as governor. failure as mayor. >> natural gas leak on alameda bay farm island has been capped. the contractor accidentally clipped a 4 inch pg&e line around 2 this afternoon. shelter in place order was in effect. about a dozen homes along the bay farm elementary area were evacuated but all is okay now. men time a man who was critically burned in the san bruno fire has died. that brings the number of people killed in the disaster to 8. 58-year-old james franco was taken off life support yesterday at uc sf medical center. he rent add room in a home on glen view drive just 200 feet from where the pg&e natural gas transmission
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pipeline exploded on september 9. franco grew up in pacifica and was passionate about the coast and surfing. in fact a friend tells that you say franco liked taking his dogs to the beach and camping at lake berry east 8. federal emergency management agency fema is turning down california request for millions in federal disaster aid to help the victims of the pipeline explosion. fema says state and local government and pg&e can cover the cost of recovery on their own. law makers in washington meanwhile are trying to come up with a plan of action to prevent another san bruno tragedy from happening elsewhere. that part of the story now from david. >> something went wrong. and we were all doing our jobs and explosion happened any way. >>reporter: that is the executive director of the calf public utility commission. he joined the president of pg&e and others as a senate subject sub committee fine-tune a bill to tighten regulation. the
9:26 pm
mayor set the tone. >> may be asking yourself what can the federal government do to help san bruno. first and foremost the federal government should take all necessary actions to assure that this never happens again. >>reporter: the tragedy of september 9 has prompted california 2 senators to sponsor a bill that will double the number of pipeline inspectors. the federal agency responsible for interstate pipeline admit it has 17 fewer inspectors than budgeted. 96 people to check on 217,000 miles of pipe. >> each inspector is responsible for over 2000 miles of pipeline. that is the distance from san francisco to chicago. >>reporter: pipes confine to state border remain the responsibility of state regular lay toyvrments all the work we did leading up to september 9 was inadequate. i include the p uc in that. >>reporter: boxer bill calls for more use of so-called smart pig. remote controlled sensor that search dense corrosion an other defect.
9:27 pm
technology the non-profit trust has been urging regulators to deploy. >> clearly smart pig are the best available technology for assessing trauma condition of a pipeline. again this is another debate that should have been sold years ago. >>reporter: pg&e president renewed a pledge to help the resident of san bruno. we know for certain that a tragedy like this should never happen. we recognize that as an industry we have a responsibility to make sure we are operating in accordance with the highest standards when it comes to pipeline safety. >>reporter: also at the hearing there was a surprising admission by an official from the federal pipeline inspection agency. it has cut back on routine inspections of existing pipeline as a result of a flurry of new construction projects. in the newsroom, david, abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight afghanistan takes a significant step toward northbounding with the
9:28 pm
taliban. >> and it happens just as marines get into a fire fight with insurgent. >> another bomb scare forces evacuation of the eiffel tower as intelligence officials intercept incredible terror plot against european targets. >> and fingerprint file at the santa clara county jail. tonight the decision to opt out of a program for deporting illegal immigrants. another illegal immigrants. another half hour of news
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were prese i want you to >>
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>> good evening once again. we start this half hour with what authorities call a credible terror threat. paris on alert again. eiffel tower evacuated. crowds forced to clear out for the second time
9:32 pm
in two weeks. another bomb scare. intelligence officials say today's alert in paris is one of a series of terror threats against the u.s. and countries in europe. >> now that plot was discovered weeks ago no. specific time or place is known. but the plan was detected after the capture this summer of radical german muslim who reportedly had been training with teams of others in pakistan for attacks. now as brian ross explains, a worldwide man hunt is under way. >>reporter: among those being sought now a group of other radical german who have been training at terror camps in pakistan producing video in germany to gain more recruit back home. german officials say some of the recruit actually came from the same mosque in hamburg where the 9/11 hijackers gathered. the mosque was closed in early august after officials learned of the plot. >> most of the gays share very pronounced anti-americanism. >>reporter: officials believe
9:33 pm
one team of german jihad was dispatched to europe over the summer traveling on german passport with no visa required to enter the u.s. officials say the captured germ' said the new attack would be a commando-style raid similar to what happened in mumbai almost two years ago. and officials say the captured germany claim said the had been blessed by osama bin laden a claim not yet validated. this is abc news new york. >> and now to afghanistan where the taliban ambushed u.s. marines. it happened outside a village west of the capitol city of kabul. patrol conduct a sweep under fire listen and watch what happen. >> standby.
9:34 pm
>> echo company called for back up including a drone. >> coming from manufacturing north open 8. go approximately 200 meters and you will be able to get into the village. go. about watch yourself watch out. back flash. >>reporter: taliban eventually retreated. no one was hurt. >> men time afghanistan president karzai has a new peace initiative. he's launched a council to negotiate a settlement with taliban insurgent. the taliban would today assassinated a deputy governor of a key province immediately rebuffed karzai overtures. if karzai got emotional during today speech. he said he worries that his son might not be able to grow up in afghanistan. because of the violence. >> back home now to a mystery in arizona. that became a flash point in the debate over
9:35 pm
immigration. officials just reopened the investigation into a sheriff's deputy who says he was ambushed in the desert. in the back by drug smugglers and there is agreeing doubt it ever happened. >>reporter: one week after the governor signed a tough new anti-immigration bill this was the dramatic incident that focused the debate here. >> okay. okay. >>reporter: fire fight in the arizona desert. overheard on 911 call as the sheriff deputy called for back up. if the sheriff backed the deputy story that he was ambushed by a band of mexicans smuggling marijuana. >> what appears to be 20 to 30 rounds were fired at him. >>reporter: the sheriff immediately became the darling of arizona anti-immigration movement. diamond back game he awarded deputy a purple heart before he threw out the first pitch. he's had cameo in mccain campaign ads.
9:36 pm
>> senator you are one of us. >>reporter: the problem is there is now mounting evidence the whole incident was a hoax. serious hole emerge this week in the deputy story starting with that bullet wound in the side. one of the nation top forensic experts say the evidence points to a self inflicted wound. powder burns indicate the muzzle was in contact with the body. >> i can not tell you who held the gun and who pulled the trigger but in theory an individual could cause this wound to himself. >>reporter: although hundreds of law enforcement rae responded to the scene they never recovered the bails of marijuana or supposed shooters. deputy isn't talking writ now but for now the shave is sticking to his guns. >> try to dismiss it or discuss witness some type of a hypothetical conspiracy theory is a far stretch. >>reporter: he's now reopening the investigation fought because he doesn't belief his deputy but rather he says because he hopes to exonerate him. this is abc
9:37 pm
news phoenix. >> santa clara county wants out of federal program that automatically tracks illegal immigrant when local law enforcement fingerprints them. board of supervisor voted unanimously this afternoon to request to opt out the secure community program or creates fear with immigrants that if they come forward to cooperate with police they will be deported. people did argue against fighting the feds on this. >> cost the county unknown amount of money about once word gets out that illegal immigrant with criminal history are offered safe haven in santa clara county. >> we have a lot of legitimate issues and a lot of legitimate reasons here in santa clare county for standing up and saying that we respectfully reject ice invitation to participate in this program. [applause]. >>reporter: for now the vote is symbolic. attorney general brown already turned down san
9:38 pm
francisco vote to opt out. saying it is important to work with federal agencies on this issue. thousands of para military troops and police patrolling new delhi beefing up security for the commonwealth games since the mumbai attacks in 2008 india has concern it could be a target for attack. authorities are deploying monkey to chase away smaller animals from the games. some athlete threat tone boycott the competition after complaining the accommodation were his overrun with animals. one competitor even discovered a deadly cobra in his room. we worry about bed bug here. >> if [ bell ringing] coming up. why the annual cable car competition had a very competition had a very different tone this
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@2 >> what if they held a cable car bell ringing contest and nobody came? san francisco today that is kind of what happened. as wayne reports there were people there just not the most important people. in san francisco today the annual cable car bell ringing got a lot more interesting. but for all the wrong reasons. figured out the problem with this picture yet? >> not even fun. >>reporter: no this year contest looked like a bunch of amateurs because they were amateurs. equivalent of bell ringing sick out. muni real stars of the show boycotted it. >> where are the real bell rippingers. >> we are also asking that question. we if you said out
9:43 pm
late last tonight that the contest anti-that we expected to participate decided no the to participate. >>reporter: men time while all that was going on it's worth noting that on powell street the cars weren't running. broken cable. and maybe also a broken heart for grip man bell ringer leonard oaths. >> are you a hero or villain today. >> if that depends on which way you look at it. if i'm just trying to do what i can to help out. my fellow workers. if. >>reporter: this was leonard last year when he won the championship. he wanted to play today. how hard was this decision. >> very hard. >>reporter: because? >> if because it's a lot of politics and i don't want to get involved in politics. >>reporter: neither did the transit worker yawn which
9:44 pm
claims it had nothing to do with this. >> definitely have issue. we have issues the way they have been running over our contract. right now our challenge is to make sure that our revenues and the expenditure we have protect as much muni coverage as possible. >>reporter: so if there was bell ringing today it sounded more like the start of a fight than celebration. but here's the consolation. as car sat stalled leonard played us a few that he would have used this year for first place trophy which ended the day uncontested. unclaimed. ignored. and now huge. will this go become to being the way it was. >> i hope so. >>reporter: from san francisco wayne $43man abc 7 news. >> if not the same. federal judge is refusing to block merger of united air lanes and continental airline clearing the way now for this deal to close by friday. 49 people most of them current and rae tired travel agents sued in san francisco claiming the deal would raise fares. the
9:45 pm
judge says the travelers have not shown that they personally would be harmed enough to stop the deal from moving forward. both the justice department and shareholders of the 2 airlines previously approved the plan. >> one of the strongest smoking ban in the bay area was pass dad by the contra costa county board of supervisors. the ordinance will prohibit smoking in common areas of apartment complexes, lake patio and balcony. also bans smoking inside apartment units built after the first of next year. and new law also aplays to medical marijuana. ordinance includes language to protect landlords from liability as long as they met all requirements in the smoking ban. coming up here. who apologized more men or women. >> which profession drinks the >> which profession drinks the most c
9:46 pm
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doctors and hotel workers work odd hours. by age group it's young people 18 to 34. most say they can't make it through the day without drinking coffee. >> all right back now to talk about the weather. spencer is here and this heat we need lemonade and ice tea. >> iced could have fee. something cold. tomorrow warm but nothing like today. high pressure mainly mid 90's and warmer spots and no one00 tomorrow. 70's around the bay. 60's on the coast. much more comfortable day tomorrow. down near monterey bay similar picture. high in the 60's to 70's near the bay. inland upper 80's. gilroy
9:50 pm
morgan hill here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast cooling continues right on through the weekend. in fact sunday and monday we see inland high reaching up to about 80 degrees and warmest spochlt mid 70's around the bay. 60 on the coast and warming at bit on tuesday but no more triple digit for awhile. >> maybe until next summer. >> i hope not? thank you very much. >> okay. if you think you hear women situation i'm sorry more than men. you are right. researchers say women apologies more of but not that men are reluctant to admit wrongdoing. researchers say they have a higher threshold for what they think warrants an apology. bottom line men will say they are sorry. they just think they don't need to. >> all right. sports is next with larry don't blame me biel. >> nothing to poll jays here for dan. why do you look at me like that? the giants in good shape tonight. trying to move one step closer to securing play off. sanchez. best stuff tonight but perhaps good
9:51 pm
tonight but perhaps good enough to ha?o?oxw?w?oó
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were prese i nt you to >>
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. dead bear has been reported outside a busy bay area market. authorities think they know how. tonight they just need to know who is responsible. and how a state law that bans texting while driving could actually make roads more dangerous. those stories and a lot more for you on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. on to larry and sports and giant very close to pulling off the first of the 6 very important games. >> i don't want to say start getting the play off tickets ready. close. we are getting close. 6 games left. every pitch now every swing every play is critical for the jints and play off hopes. trying to hang on to first place and one game lead in the west hosting arizona tonight. jonathan sanchez on the hill and pitching very well as of late but in trouble early. 1 nothing arizona in the third. kelly johnson. high and deep and goodbye. solo homer. 2
9:55 pm
nothing d-backs. giants answer in the bottom half of the inning. middle of everything here. sharp single to center. torz home. 2-1 game. the juan in the leftfeld stand 23rd of the year. we are tied at 2. to the sixth. d-backs nothing to play for but look at the effort by gillespie. made the catch briefly then month hack panda hat dude shows he has the ball. look again. tremendous effort there in progress highlights courtesy of the go ahead rbi and bottom of the sixth. sandoval scores. just again to the 9. giants lead 4-2. jaints could be 2 up with only 5 games to play braves still on top of the of card and atlanta take a 3-1 lead. billy closes it out. and braves are victorious 3-2. another 3-2 finish in cincinnati this evening. bottom 9. j bruce.
9:56 pm
you go big or you go home. that is division clinching homer as the reds take the central in dramatic fashion 3-2. meanwhile a and angel playing out the string and he nose it. kevin if turns on the dan sinker takes the former ad tied at one. oakland up in the sixth. mike with base hit to left. bobby. angels tag on another couple runs and they go on to the 4-2 victory. now to the nba. warriors life after nelli. martin in charge promising more defense just as important changing the over all vibe of the franchise really. if you listen to ellis he says it all. before the first shot was even taken in training camela's season the warriors knew they were going nowhere. i mean we did too but they are admitting it. they had chemistry issue. hears regime
9:57 pm
change was necessary. >> last year we came in training camp. we knew what kind of soap we were going to have because of the tension and i didn't want to go through that this year. this year we have new logo. and everything is transition to new beginning. >>reporter: sometimes i know the sports cast is going to go that way. i know what this is going to be like. sometimes. pre-season hockey in vancouver. sharks canuck and spencer insult me $18 won't say he's sorry. because he's a man. danny scores the shark loan goal as shark lose in pre-season hockey 3-one. become a hostile workplace here. stanford has become a college football heavy weight and this saturday nature maybe the biggest test in the harbaugher a.pac-10 she down at number 4 oregon. i know stanford fans said we upset usc if you years ago. out gun notre dame last season. well this is kind of different. stanford not the little under
9:58 pm
dog. not a bunch of brain kid trying for the upset. not rudy out there. 9th in the country. physical. bust you in the mouth spencer. given the success of harbaugh was asked about maintain ago calm business like demeanor. >> you have a business lick demeanor. first to ever say that. him if no we are just attacking each day lick we said we would. enthusiasim unknown to mankind and just. >> lie that i can unknown to mankind. >> first time you heard that? >>reporter: i love the harbaugh reaction. we'll have the stanford oregon game saturday over on abc 7. kick off at 5:00 o'clock follow that with edition after the game. cal would have should have could have. if they made a chip shot field goal on saturday they should have beaten arizona. could have escape the desert with tremendous bounce back victory instead 10-9 wildcat and score
9:59 pm
over a minute left and cal has a by week this we can to regroup. >> wish we could have played a game the next day. let alone this week. we have to use the time the to regain ourselves and go back to the basic and fundamental as coach says so well do that and captain wait to play ucla. >>reporter: kind of a messy game. >> i love harbaugh. about clearly focused on the game at oregon and 2 out and giant game trying to stretch here to get the final out but it is 4-two in the 9th. they are going to close it out. >> thanks larry. >> that's this edition for all of us. unapologetic. thanks for watching. see you again in an hour on channel 7. in an hour on channel 7. appreciate your time. see


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