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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 11, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. >> this time siming el to left and buster scores and tremendous home in time to get pat and giants take a 3-2 lead. and that lead would hold up with two men on in the 9th. brian wilson gets him to ground out to end it and the giants are moving on to the nlcs to face the phillies with a 3-2 victory. champagne flowing afterwards. a lot of champagne the last couple weeks. afterwards manager talked about his rookie pitcher madison. >> we knew we had our hands full with the pitching. we are fortunate to have outstanding pitching, too. what a job they did. can you think kid balm garth interfirst post season game you wouldn't know it the way he happened himself. >>reporter: game 1 in the nlcs
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giants and phillies sat in philadelphia. start time to be announced. first appearance in the series and since 2002 and they are looking for the first ever world series title as san francisco giants. won it in 54 as new york giants. >> let's hope. they are playing good. >> more coming up in sports. >> thanks see you in a few minute. >> windy warm tonight. dry and hot tomorrow. conditions really are just right for a fire. >> red flag warping in effect from 6:00 p.m. this evening. >> red flag warning comes at this time just about every year. fire crew do not take it lightly though. for now oakland however is not increasing its patrol. >> currently we don't have patrol out. we don't have any extra staffing on. if this pattern continues we may go to patrol type of activity possibly tomorrow we may add on some extra crews. >> firefighters are hoping cool damp summer whether he will keep this year fir danger at a
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minium we shall see. >> sandy is monitoring the weather situation obviously. she's here with the latest on wind conditions and the red flag warning area. sandy. >> wind is a big factor when we consider the fire danger and that is why we are very concerned here as we head into the next 24 to 48 hours. north bay mountain right now out of the north northeast gusting to 35 miles an hour. look at the humidity. it is still coming down in the teens right now at 13 percent. diablo range gusting to 21. relative humidity 15 percent. in the east bay hills we look at northerly winds gusting to 13 with relative humidity of 24 percent. dry an windy which has prompted red flag warning for the north and east bay hills including the diablo range until 6:00 a.m. wednesday. the north northeast wind gust up to 40 continue and relative humidity is expected to be in the 10 to 20 percent range. record today we are going to see record temperatures in the next two days as the heat continues to build.i'll be back with a lack
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at the temperatures coming up. dan. >> okay sandy thanks see you in a few minutes. >> other news. police accuse ago san jose teacher of positive lessing several minorities. officers arrested this man 64-year-old jay hanson for sexual assault. they say avenues substitute teacher at frank lip elementary school but also substituted at other schools in the san jose unified school district. police are asking the public to contact them if they have any information about this man or this case. mainly step forward today in the first clinical trial involving human embryo stem cell. those cells have been implant entered a patient suffering spinal cord injury. first phase phase is focus on safety not really the outcome. safety. but as david reports, the start of the trial certainly does not end the controversy surrounding stem cells. >> there are many people who thought it would be decades before this day would actually come. >>reporter: 11 years after founding the top executives here are seeing the very first
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human trial under way. stem cell have been given to a recently peril laced patient at the shephard center in atlanta. the test will focus on whether procedure is safe. the stem cell are developed using soley private funding. >> what we are diagnose here is injecting live human cells that based on the animal evidence to date permanently regenerate the tissue that which we inject them creating a healed environment. >>reporter: fda gave the green light in july. identity of the patient is not being released nor details of how the injury occurred. in time they hope stem cell therapy will have the same affect in lab manual in patient with heart patient, die bees and mainly milestone in the eye of this maichbility such a day of joy and happiness and literally come now because we have started as human clinical trials. >> however there are others who consider this a first step down a dangerous path.
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>> this is atomic bomb dropped on society. >>reporter: he's approve of philosophy at the university of san francisco. >> you are talking about conducting experiments on human beings and that is really direct assault on the right to life an right to bodily integrity. >>reporter: trials will begin slowly. for now just one patient at a time. but in due time there could be as many as 7 medical institutions conducting these trials including stanford and northwestern. in menlo park, david, abc 7 money scope. the federal government is ordering the area surrounding all levee supported by federal money to be clear cut. now california lawmakers are joining forces with local flood agency and environmentalist trying to fight that order. story now from laura anthony. >>reporter: if the federal government has its way the banks of hundreds of california creek and rivers could look like this. clear cut of any
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trees or vegetation. >> corps of engineers stuck 50 years ago. >>reporter: he joins with local leaders in bay area flood protection agencies to oppose the stipulated enforcement of national clear cutting policy by the u.s. army corps of engineers. >> sort of over reaction to katrina 8. i think so. i think the army corps of engineers was really pummelled in the katrina and the new orleans situation. they wanted to could have their back side. fine. okay. but doesn't make any sense. doesn't make sense here in california. >>reporter: in 2005 after hurricane katrina there were catastrophic levee failure. engineers determined the uprooted tree along the river bank compromise the levee. in the bay area 100 males of levee that would be impacted. including this is along the russian and napa rivers and creek from san pablo to coyote creek in the south bay. removing the vegetation will did east industry the habitat here and threaten fish and endangered species.
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>> stated purpose is to increase protection however we don't necessarily agree with that. there are studies that show that vegetation the especially in california actually improve the safety of the levees. >> we cut tree down from here down to the look out at the en end. >>reporter: wildcat creek in north richmond is a prime example of how the clear cu cutting would affect the local environment. in july county crew mistakenly cleared 25 tre trees from the bank of the creek. another 1,000 would be removed as county complies with the federal mandate. >> we call collectively on the army corps of jeeshtion our engineers to change the policy otherwise all the vegetation will be destroyed. spokesman told us this afternoon the agency is in the middle of 2 year study to determine the exact impact of vegetation on levee integrity. in the mean time the federal government will consider a limited number of variances or exceptions to
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this new policy. in north richmond, abc 7 news. >> well there is more come up this clue columbus day 4. what the nfl is doing to drive home the danger of concussions among athletes at bay area high schools. >> do your thing. >> hotel take over. building invaded by dozens of homeless advocate. why police could not make any arrests. >> defines behind growing prizee long time california man wins the annual half machine bay weigh off. >> how to has gone ella hidden camera reveals the secret art >> how to has gone ella hidden camera reveals the secret art of buying a car. stay with us.
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>> step up and throws and picked off by land dry. linebacker able to get in the face of. >> green bay packers aaron rodgers suffering a concussion after that hit yesterday against the washington redskin redskins. former uc berkeley quarterback could sit out next weekend's game as a result. there is growing drum beat about sports particularly football to better protect athletes. concussion are a serious problem. one that is finally being addressed in a
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more serious way. as vick lee reports, bay area lawmakers has the ball on this issue and he's running with it. >> you could see his helmet slammed to the ground. >>reporter: another player getting a concussion. this time it was chicago bears quarterback jay cutler. congressman miller wants to change the sports culture that encourages players to suck it up and play. despite ferocious hit to the head. >> certain element of toughness in the sports and sometimes it can be leftal. >>reporter: miller and officials today unveiled this poster at pinole valley high school. poster describing the signs, symptoms and risk of concussion. this is the same poster that is is in all of the nfl locker room. congressman miller now wants it to hang in every high school locker room. [applause] also at the poster unveiling today was former forty-niner linebacker tina turn. he still remembers his concussion from college.
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>> i think the one at purdue was my worst. got kicked in the head by a running back. >>reporter: last year pinole valley high linebacker travis missed 3 weeks of football because of his concussion. >> all i remember is i ran and everything else blacked out after that. >> he says this campaign is long overdue. >> about glad it is happening now. everybody really needs to know that concussions is no joke. >>reporter: congressman miller introduced legislation that would set safety standards for public schools in dealing with concussions. this after hearing horror stories from student athletes during a congressional hearing. >> in one case the student is fully disable because of an injury in the softball game but multiple concussion improperly diagnosed. >>reporter: the stories were enough to move miller to carry the ball on the dangers of concussion. this is 7 news. >> all right let's go back now to sany to talk about the
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forecast. and the fire danger which is significant. >> that's absolutely. we are facing critical fair weather conditions heading into the next two days. please be aware of. that heat is coming with a price actually. let's get you outside show you what it looks like from our east bay hills camera. you see the camera pwoupsing around. right now some of the raw sites from those location reporting wind gust to 35 to 40 miles an hour. so it is going to get gusty overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning which is when we are facing the highest fire danger with regards to the wind. but the fire danger will continue really right through wednesday morning. today official high. these were records santa rose 97 degrees broke previous record of knick knicks. san rafael 90 today. yip in nap a.both of those were ties. sfo 88 degrees. smashed its previous record of 87 and moffitt field coming in at 87 degrees. which was a tie for
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the previous record set back in 1991. numbers right now look like high for today. look at how warm it is still. it is 83 in fairfield. 80 in antioch. we have 70's around the bay and coastal areas like half moon bay fall to the mid 50's range. fire danger on the rise. warm and hot next two days and warm records likely the next todays. set up bring about the heat. higher pressure pushing inland to the offshore flow continuing to strengthen. that's what is going to bring the wind. wind basically flows off the mountains and blows towards the ocean. as it happens even the coastal areas really get warmed up and of course the humidity drops in the situation like this which is why we are looking at the high fire danger for the next couple of days. also an xivs heat watch for san francisco. this is from tuesday afternoon through wednesday evening. high in san francisco expected to be in the 80's so warm weather if particularly sensitive to heat
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you mit want to take precaution. this is primarily targeted to the elderly, infirmed and the very young. of night tonight a mild night. looking at low to mid 60's across most of the rest of the bay area even though we warmed up quite a bit today the. we have longer nights so we are expecting the cooling especially with the clear skie skies. tomorrow afternoon though rapid warming. in the south bay 94 degrees in campbell up to 93 in san jose. 90 degrees in sunnyvale million pete. all low 90's. half man bay you are going from the 60's to the 80's so quite a bit of a warm-up there. 80 degrees there why in pacifica. downtown san francisco south san francisco in the upper 80' 80's. so pretty warm day and in the north bay 96 in santa rosa. 95 for sonoma, calistog calistoga, east bay look for temperature of 89 in oakland. new work getting toasty inland. 95 walnut creek. dublin 93 for livermore and for the monterey bay 90 degrees in
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santa cruz. accu-weather 7 day forecast warm to hot tuesday and wednesday. then we look at bottle bit of cooling beginning on thursday as sea breeze kicks back in fog really start to return by friday and much cooler weather expected of the weekend. low 60's coast. mid upper 70's inland. we are talking about a 20 degree drop-off heading into the weekend. >> that will feel like fall. >> absolutely. kind of fall weather we expect late in fall. >> thanks very much. >> this remind us that fall is here. half machine bay today the 37th annual safeway world championship pumpkin weigh off. didn't produce new record but the winner still pretty darn big. they can which thing out weighing in at 1535 poind pundz. record is nearly 1700 pounds. still these are pretty big. sacramento area man grew this year winning gigantic gourd. he explains it's quite a science. >> a lot of people but it's in the soil. amend the soil with
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natural kelp meal, if organic material. a lot of manure. love compost. during the season we spray with the things we use. >> the prices was 6 dollars a pound that works out to 92 10 plus keep in pa mind 1,000 extra for being from californi california. there's additional 5000 dollars for anyone who breaks the world record. today weigh off kicks off the half moon bay pumpkin festival this weekend. as we continue. impending rescue of 33 trapped miners in chile. the plan to bring them home pass as major safety test. rests cue could be imminent. >> and death of british aide worker in afghanistan. was she killed by the very people who worker in afghanistan. was she killed by the very people who were trying to rescue her?
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chase what matters. gn up at a branch today. so who called prop 13 a "fraud and a "rip off?" jerry bro. who raised the gas tax as governor, jerry brown. who tri five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide come taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected he'lask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brow governor jerry brown, again? hide your waet.
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jerry brow >> police arrested head of the aluminum company responsible for the spill of toxic kluj in hang ri. 8 people killed. spill happened after the collapse of holding pond for the sludge which is a waste by product. the prime minister says it's highly likely the company knew the holding pond was structural weak. >> jersey in chile have declared the test of the phoenix mine rescue capsule a success clearing the way now for the first rescue to begin tomorrow night. as you know 33 men have been trapped in the mine since august. they will be lifted one by one to safety starting tomorrow night. the capsule was lowered to within 50 feet of the chamber where the men are trap. there was concern it might loose ep rock but guess what it didn't evenen stir up any dust. 10 of the
9:25 pm
men have developed medical conditions. but the others are fighting among themselves over who will be rescued last from the mine. they are hoping for fame and fortune as a result of their ordeal. nato is looking into whether a british aide worker killed in the process by the force would say were tryinto rescue her in afghanistan. 36-year-old linda nor grove was kidnapped last month. 3 others taken with her were later free freed. fearing she was in grave danger nato launched arrests cue mission on friday in kuhan arrest professor inand reported that nor grave had died when one of her captors detonate add bomb during the rescue attempt. but today british prime minister david cameron said that she may have been killed not by a bomb but by a grenade lobbed by a member of a u.s. special forces team. investigation continues into what happened. when we continues here tonight. november ballot initiative that i uniting big city and small towns in california. teachers are giving it a failing grade.
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>> popular clothing chain. change its logo ignite ago fire storm. tonight gap makes a new decision about it new look. >> police regain control of a hotel taken over by holeless advocate. why can't they make a single arrest? >> new landlord. state find a buyer for some of its most valuable real estate. another half hour of news begins here valuable real estate. another half hour of news begins here we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper the interstate. i gotta get cleveland! remove your belt, your watch,yo. i wonder wt gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow? i hate traffic! ♪ [ chil] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. take 10 trips, earn 10,000 trak guest rewards points, plus double points alonthe way. details at
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>> good evening again thanks for being here. we star the half hour by updating the headlines we are following for you tonight. [applause] fans have reason to cheer. giants rally to beat
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the braves 3-2 winning best of 5 division series 3-1 now van to the national league championship first time since 2002. they will face the phillies on saturday. menlo park company experimental embryo stem cell drug undergoing the first test on humans. the first trial is focused on determining if the use of human' stem cell is saf safe, a potential cure is not the purpose. injected into a patient in atlanta to see if it is safe. >> red flag warning for extreme fire danger has been issued for the north and east bay hills until wednesday morning. strong north winds and high pressure are expected to increase the possibility of fires as well as falling humidity. listen to the headlines. to the november ballot for few minute and the one proposition that has city across the state banding together and educators fighting back. if it passes proposition 22 would keep the state from raiding city cover to balance
9:31 pm
the budget in san francisco. >> hundreds of cities across california are supporting proposition 22. san jose mayor reed says it is time the state stopped raiding local revenue to could have its own budget fail uvrment he says that practice results in cuts to police fire and library. >> service that people value most are the service we deliver in good government -- local government. state has to live with its means and that's a good thing. investigators say not so fast. they say the economy made budget balancing tough enough and prop 22 would sty the tandz of legislators to redirect money where it is needed most. president of the san jose teacher association. >> every aspect of the district attorney we can barely operate the programs we have operated in the past and we can't afford to lose any other dollars. >>reporter: in addition to the california teacher association groups opposing prop 22 include
9:32 pm
the california nurse association and california professional firefighters. november initiative is supported by the league of california cities, california transit and california alliance for jobs. non-partisan office doesn't take a position on proposition 22. but says this 1.9 billion dollars from city cover but created a mechanism to repay it immediately. the state took or redirected 1.7 bill from redevelopment agencies to school districts. >> this would restrict the state authority over gas tax money and revenue intended for local youth. san jose redevelopment agency says the state money grab wreak havoc on its ability to create jobs through redevelopment and neighborhood stabilization project. >> this agency was hit with a
9:33 pm
75 million dollar take. which is a significant hole in our budget and prevents us from doing a lot need. >> if voters approve him that would change the way he manages perfect money. >> reform long overdue but some taxpayer groups warn it would take away the flex ibingt lawmakers need when money is tight. >> when it comes to setting priority education should come before redevelopment. >>reporter: proposition 22 would not generate any new money or create any new debt. but it would have a big impact on many state local budget. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> texas real estate company and equity firm from irvine are partner to buy 11 state buildings for 2.3 billion dollars. some of them are historic landmark like the state supreme court in san
9:34 pm
francisco civic center. these beings including the state office building in oakland will now be least back -- leased back to the state. 1 bill of the sail used to pay off bonds" on the bill. the other goes into the state gem fun. >> governor schwarzenegger is on second major trade mission in a month. this time he's in russia. govern brought a delegation of business leaders and venture capitalist to help him stab and first comes 4 most after silicon valley. when he made a pitch to boost his high tech power hour. executives earned about doing business in russia because of the rushed klaiingd promise. gather is back to blue old familiar logo after all. decision cops we we think after swamping it on line for new article royal customers. now one on the lef
9:35 pm
left. and the right. customers were loud and clear in their complaints. gap says it is changing its logo back to try and true. >> in san francisco police day did not arrest of the homeless advocate the who took over vacant holt and apartment building yesterday. protestors said they did it to show more housing is needed in the city. but the building owner says trespassing is not the way to achieve that goal. carolyn trespassing is not the way to achieve that goal. carolyn reports on what happened had a. he show down began at 11:00 o'clock this morning. the san francisco police department tactical spot norsefully broke the officers arrived. remanufacture protestors who had taken over. >> item empty and we have a lot of pch poobing people. >>reporter: started yetd when a group called creative housing
9:36 pm
liberation held a rally at civic center plaza. mark to the other property. hang bin bit or was used as dormatory for that lease expired in october 2,000 8. just as the housing bubble burst. >> we have had the building up for sale and we have had the about talked with various agency about the building but nobody has any money. and so we have had to hold the knowledge. >>reporter: john watched anxious hi as police wept room by 13. 38 68 units in the 6 story building. >> be advised that you are trespassing. >>reporter: officers say the protestors created' object stoke el course after searching the morning made a clean get away.
9:37 pm
>> they put it out the pwachblingt they would have pre-exit sanjay gupta difficult for the presence. there was some minor damage. >> fir to the landlord? i don't know if it is fair to the landlord. certainly not fair to the 6,000 people that are something that needs to be addressed this not the way to do it to chest. >> activist occupied 3 other vacant properties this year alone. today police did p.m. detain 2 people but had he this to release them. they couldn't take over abc 7 news. >> hidden camera guide to hang eling. how you could fate bic buck next time you buy a car. >> and? this was no stunt. how real cop crashes the shooting of transformers.
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>> thinking about getting new wheels. americans expected to buy 37 million used cars this year. but how do you know if you are paying too much? elizabeth tonight with hidden camera experiment that shows you the art of the deal. >>reporter: even people who love cars often hate car buying. we set out to change that. by going undercover to show you how to has gone el. >> let do it. >>reporter: our expert? philip reid auto web site our mission to buy certified honda odyssey. budget no more than 25,000 dlaivrments we weren't just going in and playing games with people and wasting their type. i needed to get this for my
9:42 pm
company. >>reporter: no. 1 strategy no. 1. get the salesmen to name the first price so you know you are not starting too high. here goes. >> what i was wondering what are you really selling them for. if. >>reporter: next drop the name of a reputable pricing guide lake where phil worked. >> is that a problem? >> not a problem. i think that it the doesn't reflect really what the market its. >> bring a wing man along. that's my job to pooh pooh the car and the price. >> i don't know phil if you really wanted something with lower michlts i actually lick the other make and model better. >>reporter: something like. that when the salesmen leave to go talk to his manager you should leave, too. >> we were sending them a signal we were not going to be controlled. >>reporter: next we left all together. >> the sell you an odd is situation right now. >> you have your number.
9:43 pm
>> sure enough dealership no. 1 called phil three times. >> yes i remember. >>reporter: while on the way to dealership no. 2. >> we stirred the beehive. >>reporter: always shop more than one dealership and make sure they know about each other. >> we have an appointment somewhere else. >> if you can keep from us keeping the other appointment. >> another appointment at another dealership. >>reporter: when ready to make the all important opening offer give good reason and firm number. >> based on what we have seen on other car lot and our budget and the fact that it is at higher miles than we thought frjs we would be prepared to offer you now 25,000 5 hunter. after that put a certain amount of pressure on now. >>reporter: dealership no. 2
9:44 pm
response come from a manager. >> i can do for you is bring it down to 22 8 65. >>reporter: now show you are tough making counteroffer a smaller increment than others. dealer came down by american a thousand fill goes up 100. so we would be happy to come up to 21,000. >>reporter: no matter what they say worry about your own budget. not theirs. >> i don't want to lose money. can't hear about that. i mean that in the nicest possible wa way. >> i understand. >> stale cars sitting around for awhile. >> i notice here that they have had it for more than a month. >> offer the table now 21 5. this time the manager manager comes over. >> we make a deal there. >>reporter: ta da. >> absolutely. i would like to
9:45 pm
encourage people to negotiate and stand up for themselves. car sales people understand it and play it with the guild. >> odyssey differ price but we got it for 21 5 75 dollars all because we knew has gone el. >> pretty good tip. elizabeth reporting. unscripted accident stop shooting today on the out door filming of the movie transformers. canine unit en route to suspicious package when it slammed into the pwubl bumble bee the yellow chevy camaro driving through an intersection. watch. >> oops. the area had been cordone off but the officer parent hi didn't get the memo about the street klovrnlt with this result both drivers walk away uninjured. dog is okay, too. stopped whoution a while. away uninjured. dog is okay, too. stopped whoution a while. singer justin about
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i want you to [ whitman ] they say californi. i say baloney.
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>> teenager singer justin about to rehe's an autobiography. active on television and now nail polish designer to his resume. >> there is going to be one less ♪ lonely girl snet ♪. >>reporter: one less lonely girl isn't just the name of one of the hit songs. it's also the name of his collection of nail polishes. the colors will be named after his song lavender shade is called one less lonely girl. blue is called me plus lou and a red will be named if golden b. >> which clear will you khichlts would i say lavender.
9:50 pm
all right. tomorrow morning. mild start. temperatures in the 60's at 8:00 a.m. look at the numbers by lunch time. 70's and 80's and 4:00 o'clock remember looking at mid 90's inland. coastal areas you are in the 80's so it ace warm to hot couple of days. record likely. red flag warnings up for the northeast bay hills. through wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. cooling begins on thursday. really significant drop-off in temperatures by the weekend with 70's inland. 60's at the coast line. >> okay thanks. >> tl she was chuckling at the nail pop issue but you have a teenager daughter. >> what is o mb. oh, my biebe bieber. giants on her way to the nlcs first time this 2002. beat the braves clenching in 4 games. ross the hero. game 4 beat the braves clenching in 4 games. ross the hero. game 4 hear from him next in sports.
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>> so, ah, your seat gd?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can seeverything ok? just stay off e freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on tho yet. and leave yourhone in your purse, i don't want you texting. daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving we knew th day was coming. that's whye bought a subaru.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. the facebook campaign that may bring life saving help to a baby girl hospitalized in san francisco. that story. and new study challenges conventional wisdom about yo yo dieting. all that and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. let's go back to mike to talk more about the giants game. nail biter but pulled it off. >> exciting fans. going crazy. giants step closer to first world series title in san francisco. they take care of the braves tonight in atlanta. moving on to the nlcs to face the phillies. looking to soil he says the chop in the guam garper. in the fifth. swinging. one of the 5 k but barrack lowe just as good. he gets pat burl in the fifth and no no through 5 but in the sixth ross took care of. that ends no hitter and shut out with one swing of the bat.
9:55 pm
game tied at 1. bottom of the frame. brian and solo best of his own 2-1. but in the second here comes the giants. bases loaded. ground in the hotel. gonzalez throw is high. take another look. ties the record with 8 series in the series we are tied at 2. 2 out it's ross again. single to left. the score. matt throw home and in time to get pat burl but giants will take a 3-2 lead. that laevd would hold without 2 men on in the 9th. ground out to end it. giants moving on to the nlce to face the phillies with a they-2 victory. sham paper was instance and what a series. of. >> these came govern con either way. we night. we have break and ground ball that we see
9:56 pm
ground ball we couldn't get a double play on. but you take them in games like this that's what it takes. >>reporter: right before. that about get your if the down not getting your foot down. i watched my video right after my bat and he was right. i wasn' wasn't. so try to get it down early and patchy would could handle and got good wood on it. >> watching video. modern technology. phillies on saturday time has yet to be determined. all right. despite their record forty-niner president will stick with michael as the head coach and texted this chef and would win the fine line. story of last name gay and today single tear says aebltion you are still his starter. >> witness to give him a chance
9:57 pm
to been an nfl challenge you in the mug. smith responded. >> i think when he went back if the game i don't think he pressed. i think he really played more true to who he is. i think he threw the ball keep. i think he was, i think after the conversation we had on the side line he forgot about all the other stuff. wept out and played quarterback. find out today he would remine the starter. >> there are numbers out there that i know that i play too cautious. and i think that's when i find myself making those mistake. so i need counter think glass sex. what is happened. i think when i put it loose. way more fearless anyone else. >> team mates have his back.
9:58 pm
>> i thought it was up to me to look for alex and tell him to stay in the game. pretty much told him stay in the game. wanted in the game. we need him in the game. >>reporter: niners look for first win roingting -- hosting raiders on sunday. now 2 and 3 but shuffle their quarterback. reaggravated shoulder injury but still the starter if healthy. impressive leading the radar combat. coach today said having 2 as good problem to have. >> also history with the rai raiders in that you and having the ability to have germ come off the bedroom and go in games like that. there is hospital so not like it hasn't been done hear before. you like your quarterback to good out and consistsly do it. >> raiders 2 and 3 and davis compared him back to mrivrngt.
9:59 pm
took over for injured pastor and went on to win the super bowl. stay tuned. of course 197849 ers o and 5 and i was on that team. >> last time got that worse i know you wondered who had the better attempt. i was other than the team for the 2010 season. touch to watch. >> yes. he came out firing. he is cautious. nobody play with at more money on him see what happened giants. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20. this is mike, sandy and all here. thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in 1 hour on channel 7. your time and hope to see you again in 1 hour on channel 7. goodbye for now


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