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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  October 17, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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today on world christn world news thousands around the world, theimission to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. our exclusive report on lausanne congress on world evangelism. 33 chilean miners share how faith and hope kept them alive. why george clooney is warning
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of ensung ing confli in sudan. hello everyone i am wendy griffith. lausanne isharing the message of jesus christ with others. only happened 3 times in the past 36 years. this week it is taking place in cape town, south africa. my colleague george thomas is there. >> reporter: welcome cape town, south africa. you know after years of planning, the moment has finallcome. there is an air of expectation to see what god is going to do in the next 10 days. they have been arriving by the hour. >> welcome. >> hi, thank you. >> from all 4 corners of the globe. >> where are you coming from? >> south america.
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>> to answer god's call to the whole chur to take the gospel to the whole world. >> it is a thrilling experience for me >> 4,000 delegates will meet at the cape town, uth africa convention center on world evan jellizion known as cape town, south africa 20. >> the whole church must be mobilized to bring the whole gospel to the whole world. this is our calling. these are our orders. >> revere billy graham then ma i -- this gathering will be a global event unlike any other in the histy of the
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church. >> because here we will have over 4,000 participants, the global technology allows them to participate while it is happening in 92 different countries. lausanne has set up 600 sites around the world. dr. victor nakah from zimbabwe is a leader overseeing the project. >> i had an opportunity to bring christians together. not physically but using techlogy. when christians come together to talk about kingdom stuff, that is exciting. >> the 10-day event starting october 16th will include daily prayer, worship, and extensive discussis facing persecution, poverty, aids and sharing god's truth in an increasingly
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secular world. >> hundreds of leader around the world. >> for now it is a lastminute dash to put the final touches on whamany are hoping and praying will be a mileone event to further the gospel worldwe. >> sound crews are settg up auditorium. registrationhas online system functions. hundreds of people workinto make this a truly great congress, the glory of god and growth of church. >> joining me for more is our senior proder, stan jeter is here in cape town, southfrica. i have been talking to the officials, they say the united states sg not necessarily taking a backseat at this convention. but that the majority world, latin america, africa, and
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asia, for you that has to be exciting. >> it is. latin america has come of age. as well as asia and africa. latin america there are people involved from every country. we have theologians talking at lausanne presenting their papers. the excitement is rising. there are a lot of centers watching videos from lausanne. there are television stations all over going to be showing news clips from lausanne. it is going to be a tremendous time. >> in fact, you are intri kately involved behindthe scenes working for the spanish-speaking wld folks scattered across the world as an access to cape town, south africa? >> absolutely. the idea is not to have a conference located in cape town, south africa but to involve people in a global
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conversation. to do that we are producing videos, video reports, news clips airing around latin america. global link sites in churches and seminaries and bible schos where people will come to watch videos of what is going on in lausanne. the idea is to get everyone engage >> terrific terrific. my man stan jeter here. i hope you'll enjoy us for the next exciting 10 days, i am george thomas reporting with stan jeter in cape townsouth africa. 200 chinese christia expected in usanne confence will not be attending. governme police stopped them from leaving china. deeply saddened by the chinese actions. >> we are very disappointed our
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friends from china will not be here. we were looking forward to featuring what god has been doing among them over the course of the last 20 years. they are not going to be here. we are trusting in god's sovereignty, whether they are here or not here, god will speak to them and through them so they are a blessingto the global church. >> over 1,000 police shown at beijing to prevent them from going to lsanne. they don't want them interacting with believer outside the country. >> they are issued a secret document, a conference by the anticha forces. by attending the fellowship in the lausanne conference, they could learn more about how to
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pursue purifications about their faith and about how to pursue -- the government -- a member there. >> also missing from the congress, christians from the government control free south church. delegates are expected to sign a covenant, such a pledge prohibited by the chinese government . in south america, 33 trapped miners spent 2 month undergrounand came out to a hero's welcome. for many a life changing experience. >> reporter: all 33 men freed after just 23 hours. >> tonight we have experienced a night that we will never
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forget. >> full of emotion. full of joy. [applause]. >> it was for the dale herd cbn news. >> miners were all wearing similar t-shirts when they came out of the capsule sent down by a brotr of one of the miners, on the front, thank you lord, on the back, to him be the glory and honor, inspired by psalm 94:4, in his hands are the depths of the earth. comingup, ukraine's version of meals on wheels. why this man travels the back roads to help the nation's needy.
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>> likmuch of the world, ukrainis suffering from a poor economand high unemployment. christians are no different but some are overcoming their own personal challenges to help
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needy families. >> reporter: as ukraine continues feel the strain of the economic crisis and political unrest, a group of brave christians are bringing support to some of the neediest people in the country. one helping the poor is gregory bossy of the christian charity mercy projects international. he goes out and buys grocery supplies with funds sent by supporters in the west. he navigates his way during the harsh winter months to deliver to families in northwest ukraine. >> bossy does all of this despite his own persona challenges. he lives in a small 5-room house with 8 of his children, many with heal issues. he works hard as a carpeten ter
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to feed them. his wife says god gives him grace tomeet the challenges. >> along the road you meet hardships and joys and with a great ve. we eure everything. >> he says servinother families is his duty as a believer in jesu >> i do this because it is god's will for . and i just love to help people. >> impact on the family's he helps is clearly evident, mr. and mrs. shick l and 11 children livin 2 rooms and a kitchen. father out of wo and would be lost without boss regular visits. not because of the food but the spiritual support he prodes. it is god's way of showing his love for them. >> [ foreign speaking ] we feel
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we are united that other people care about us. we feel that god cares about us when he sends people like this to us. >> the family also knows those that send sponsorship funds are motivated by god's ve. people in america who help us have love in their hearts. >> and gregory carries this love from them to us. >> as mercy projects coordinatorsike bosy continue to quietly carry on their ministry as the unsung heroes of ukraine, they recognize the impact they are having across the country and providing god's help. peter wooding, cbn news, ukraine. >> our viewers can find links to ministri like this one at
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our website coming up, george clooney talks with our reporteabout his mission and christian missionaries.
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>> welcome back, peace talks broken downbetween north and south sudan. some including george clooney fears theywill reach a civil war if a agreement is not reached. john jessup sat down with the one on one interview with george clooney. >> reporter: george clooney takes on many difficult roles in his hollywood career, but his current challenge of peace in sudan is no act. >> we need to do everything we can as a world united in protecting theseeople. >> they have suffered decades of brul and deadly violence. he fears it could split the
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country in2 and perhaps lead to civil war. >> this is one you can do now, not mopping it up afterward not coming in and saying, we didn't know about rwanda and congo and dart4 and millions of people died. this we know about. >> clooney and john returned from a week long trip from southern sudan. he says people are excited about gaining their independence from the north's repressive muslim-controlled regime. >> they told us they are willing to fight and die for their chance at freedom. these guys have gone through centuries of horrors. people of southern sudan, slavery, colonialism, terrible atrocities committed against them. they arefinally almost to the brink of getting a chance for independence. they are not denied.
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>> clooneytook up the cause in 2006. since then he and others have tried to put spotlight resulting in the murderof hundds of thousandand displacement of and a half million peop. >> honestly i was late to dar 4. i came in 2006, 2005, really. when faith-based grps had been lking about it for a long time. my job is to be a megaphone. >> clooney praised the work to the manychristian workers, a 21-year-old american missionary living in a small remote village accessible by a 2-hour boat rideup the nile. >> she is on a mission. she is there working. you have great faith in her belief and her, you know, doing
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what she believe solar s right. i have first and foremost the utmost respect for everyone there. especially these young people, these young missionaries there really because they believe it is the right thing to do. i have to tell you, i come for a week, we got on a plane eventually and lef they are there with no lights and electricity and a lot of ways to get hurt. they are very brave. >> clooney drawsinspiration from christian missionaries who join the cause to help sudan. john jessup cbn news, washington. >> gary lane has traveled several times, how many times? >> about 20 or so. >> gary, is it surprising to see an actor of george clooney's status singing the
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praises of christian missionaries? >> yes. i thin he was touched by what he saw. he knows christians put pressure on governments. it happened with george w. bush and in 2005 we saw a peace agreement. because of christians being involved in that pressure. >> let's talk about the upcoming vote on independence in the south. why do they want to break away? >> for 2 decades there was a battle between the north and south. north, government is arab muslim fighting black christians in the south. they tried to impose islam. they said no. we don't want to become muslims. as a result 2 million people killed and 5 million homeless. they don't have a good taste in their mouth because of the north. >> that is when we see these innocent victims, arms and ears
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cut off because they won't bow to islam. >> i think with this referendum, if it happens, there is some doubt, if it comes off, maybe violence afterwards if they vote to su seed. if they do, what about the oil revenue? oil is in the south, north controls the pipene and have to work out agreement on the cash. >> thks so much for your insits, we appreciate. we'll be righback.
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>> finally today christians in israel helping holocaust victims live in dignity. here is julie stall. >> this is bite hum. in english it means a warm home. it unique because it is the only place in israel where holocaust survivors can live for free. >> they receive medical treatment, meals, also games and drama. they have a painting club, craft club, really life from
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a-z. >> more than 200,000 holocaust survivs live in israel. about 1/3 are in povty. >> shanna's ro is filled with pictures including her mother. her parents fled pola. she says she doesn't know how she surved. god spoke a special message to her. >> he said don't cry because if you cry you will die. >> who said that? >> god said that. >> so you didn't cry. >> she says her room is small. it is much better than the last place she lived. >> it is better live here like in the glass palace with everything from god. >> more than 1,000 survivors tryingo get into the renovatebuilding. only 120 will be able to live
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here. >> my aspiration is to give beds to another 150 people. >> this home exists mainly thanks to donations from evangelicals from the german branch embassy. >> book of isaiah chapter 16, the sons of those afflicteyou will bow before you. isn't it remarkable that it is the sons of a generation that was involved in the worst tyranny against the jewish people in history have come here for a burning love for israel in their hearts because of their biblical faith and love for jes. they have renovated this home for 100 holocaust survivs. >> 88-year-old woman was 16.
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6 months later she escaped and hid for 3 years in europe before arriving in israel in 1944. >> in the end i lived on miraes all the time and all the time god was with me. >> after her husband died, she sold her home and used the money to pay rent. eventually her savings ran low and moved here. >> for me it is like a circle. there i was a holocaust survivor and i am again with holocaussurvivors. >> it is not encouraging, it is deeply humbling. we oh them something as christians and people all over the world, to see their smiling faces and gratitude is something i think that will livewith me for a long time. >> julie stall,cbn news, hifa.
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