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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 19, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ . (cheers anapplause) >> giants fever is rising and the partying began eay this morning at the ballpark ahead of game three in the national league championship series. >> it's orange october all the way as the giants take on the phillies at home two hours from now. terry mcsweeney is live at the ballpark that's been buzzing all morning. terry? or tim? >> or you can call me the freak as many do. the atmosphere is out here, electricity in the air. it is real, you can feel it and you can still get tickets for today's game if you know where
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to look. people came out here this morning. talk aut luck, got tickets, didn't eve have to pay for them. >> theiants may have drummed up some seriously good karma when the selmas of tracy came to watch the game on tv, won a drawing for box seats hind home plate. >> i'm so excited! >> yocame just to be cle to the game and ended up being in the game. >> awesome! i'm speechless. >> for those of you who have not yet won a ticket drawing today, you can find tickets now on craigslist and elsewhere. >> they start $60 range for standing room only. reserved about $75. you can actually find lower level seats for under $100. >> joaquin drummond took matters into his own hands running around the s with burning sage to smoke away negative
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vibes. the first game i prayed and they won. second i didn't and they lost >> some guy came behind him and slapped a shoe on the willie mays statute. >> every time i do it they win. >> are you guarantying they'll win? >> guarantng myself they'll win. >> how about a look at the real tim lincecum. sy young award winne maybe not this year but pitchi here on thursday. could be the day the giants wrap things up ahead of the world series. we will find out. what do you think, cheryl? >> i think it's you, tim. >> terry mcsweeney, back to you. >> wouldn't want you any other way. you can see giants fever everywhere. page whitman sent this video of a truc covered in orange. 9th and irving in san francisco.
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here's a picture from janet rosen. her son and dauter-in-law showinher spirit all the way from washington d.c. hopefully we'd love to see how you love your giants. send them or e-mail them. >> and on to the unless you now. the pentagon is telling militar recruiters they have to accept the court decision that strikes down the 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" rule. that's gays serving openly in the military. they have been told to tell potentia recruits the moratorium could be reversed at sean point. they have asd for a temporary stay. >> government defense officials say somebody fired five to seven shots at the pentagon eay this morning. they don't have any suspects yet. the spokesman said a sweep of the area said some bullets hit the building and did cae minor
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damage. they locked down some roads and pedestrian entrances to the building after a civilian said he heard shots 5:00 this morning. police a looking to see if there's a conntion of today's incident and yesterday's discovery of bullet holes in the national museum of the marine corps. >> tusands of new jobs created by intel in the u.s. it will spend bilons of dollars to support future technology advancement in arizona and oregon. the investment will create up to 8,000 construction jobs and up to 1,000 permanent hi-tech jobs in those states. the next generation will be chicer and feature higher performance and longer battery life at lower costs. >> the state assemblys holding the state's first legislative hearing focusing on the san bruno explosion and fire.
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it killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes and damaging 18 more. survivors and family members of those killed are also testifying today. they're tellg leaders they want to make sure this never happens again. >> i sit here in front of you with anger, exeme anger knowing that this possibly could have been prevented. >> meantime pg&e is now offering to buy the homes damaged or destrod in last month's. if they do take the offer withi six months, the's a $50,000 bonus. the utility says it may offer to help residents rebuild quickly. but attorneys say the offeng gives too much control to pg&e and cod prevent residents from getting additional dages in court. >> governor schwarzenegger joined other big political names in a breakft in san francisco put on by former mayor willie brown. they'r pushing pension reform warning of devastating economic
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consequences. jenelle wang is live in the news room with the story. jenelle? >> hosted by politica adviser willie brown wrapped up 90 minutes ago. he holds this event every year and each time it's a hot spot for politicos and eleed officials. this year governor schwarzeneer stopped by. (applause) >> the governor was the keynote speaker at this morning's breakfast. he spoke about his seven years in offices an admitted it was filled with successes and failes and spoke of pension reform cling it the keyway to balanc the budget. he said less money should be spent on pensions for government workers and more into education and other state programs. he didñç not mention propositiob in san francisco specifically which would have city workers contribu more to their pension. but he and other political leaders including willie brown say they support measures like that. the state level th say the
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retirement plan has gotten out of control. >> it costs the state $150 million ten years ago. now it costs us $3.9 billion a year from my general fund. deposit $3.9 billion. that's an increase of 2,500%. >> the city of vallejo ended up on near bankruptcy. as a result benefits on public employees. oakland laid off 80 police officers under similar circumstances. so there clearly needs to be some particular attention paid to that issue. >> this mornins program featured a roundtable discussi with former labor secretary robert reich and senate republican leader. i spo about the enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats. they admit the republicans are more enusiastic but encourage everyone to vote in this critical election november 2nd
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which could bring a change of control capitol hill. reportg live in the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thanks. the mother of one of two american hikers still jailed in iran says the u.s. berkeley graduates have a november 6 trial date to face charges. they remain in a prison. sarah shourd was released and returned to the.s. a month ago. the famils don't know if the men will be tried togher or separately. iran accuses the graduates of crossing the border in 2009. the hikers say that crossing was accidental. >> the most famous tourist attractions will get a new home. the new eastern span takes shape. >> later helmet hits are no longer allowed in the nfl.
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"meg whitman has demonstrated loose relationship with the truth" "a poor derstanding of government" "pat solutions for proems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "shetterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what ineeds" "gd ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telng the truth" and the ability to et things done in sacramento" meg whitman's metown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsejerry brown for governor. >> bad news regarding one of the stars of happy days. actor tom bosley paled away today. he was 83. he played mr. cunningh on happy days. he died of heart failure early this morning. tv guide ranked his character number 9 on the list of greatest tv dads of all time in 2004.
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the show debuted in 1974 and ran through 11 seasons. >> heading over the bay idge tomorrow, you are being warned there may be a really big distraction. the second tower of t suspension span is scheduled to be p in place. all part of that earthquake retrofit being done. theresa garcia joins us. this is 500 feet tall when it's finished. >> amazing, cheryl. once just the second section is in place it will be 272 feet tall. that's halfway to its ultimate height the bay bridge drivers, you often tale traffic. sometimes you get good news on the bay when you get no fog but you don't usually get the front row view they're going to get beginning tomorrow. caltran is cautioning the public crews are beginnin the most visible part of construction to drivers when they install th second set of sections of the massive suspension tower. this shoals the work that will be de as four sections are hoisted stories into the air and lowered down and bolted into
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place. the pieces are 107 feet tall and weigh over a million pounds. what will catch drivers' attention is these sectis are going in right at the same level as the deck westbound in san francisco. drivs are urged to focus on the road. >> it won't be being that close and it's going to be moving very slowly because we have to control it. but if people gawk at it, it will back things up. we looked at seeing if there was a way to put gawk screen or blocking it offut the to you's 525 tall. >> back inuly caltran installed the first section of the legs. the four-leg tow has never been built this way before. it's specifically for seismic safety. the link beams are the only designed to crack as they bear the brunt of a quake. around the clkwork begins
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tomorrow at 4 a.m.. the third section is expected to arriven december. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks. crews will break ground on the exploritorium's new home. the museu moves from its decades' old site near the pal lals of fine arts to 15. it's bee a favorite for both residents and out of town visitors since it opened in 1969. the newest is expected to fully open in 2013. >> i'm look' outside. very foggy, mr. nicco. >> it is fading and will fade rapidl we'll talk about how there will be sunshine for the game today. we'll update you on those showers. chances of them thursday and again over the weekend. >> thanks, mike. if you're in the market for a tech job, the questions from
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♪ if you're looking for a job and wantne in the tech industry, get read to answer some head-spinning equals. try these. why are manhole covers round? estima the volume of water on earth. and how about this one, describe an orange. these are the questions interviewers had to awer when applying for jobs. they don't have to co up with the coect answer. there may not be one right answer. they want to gauge thinking skills. would it rate highly to describe the orange, tell them giants fever, woo who!
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>> speaking of that, we'll look at that. the whole bay from mount tamalpais. the haze and fog hangin around and still in the 40s on mount tamalpais this morning the look of the haze hanging around. should be a nice bright and beautiful day for baseball. let's take a look at the foreca. game three, our first one here in lcs 2010 at&t park, 1:19 your first pitch. warming to 68. a sun burn this time of year so be careful. maybe a hat and sunglasses. our temperatures and clouds. you can see there's still so hanging around san pablo bay and out to the coast. a lot of 50s there. mountain view, san jose, into the east bay valleys low to mid-60s. monterey bay, santa cruz and monterey mid to upper 50s.
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watsonville with more sunshine. warmer weather what we have today and tomorrow. patchy fog. look forward to it to form tonight. chance of showers not only thursday b also rough the weekend. our 24 hour temperature change, everybody on the plus side. oakland, sanrancisco 5 degrees warmer. concord 6, san jose 7 and santa rosa could see the biggest jump, 8 degrees today. let's start in the south bay where we have mid-70s for most of us. upper 70s saratoga and los gatos. we'll have low 60s along the coas downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 60s with mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. sunshine this afternoon and around 60 at your beaches. richmondnd berkeley, the upper 60s. the rest of the east bay shore, throw mid-70s, castro valy, fremont for the warm spot, 74. the try valley, upper 70s for you. pittsburgh, antioch and
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brentwood 80. same gilroy, hollister. mid-60s monterey and carmel. the fog reforms tonight along the bay and coast. coolest weather diminish the north bay valleys. mid to upper 40s there. same thing half moon bay and faireld. the rest of us in the low to mid-50s. here's what we're watching. low pressure moving away causing a lot of shower and thunderstorm activities in southern california look at the clear air to the north. that's the high pressure arcing in. why we'll have sunshine and warmer weather the next two days. air of low pressure to the west. this will come in thursdaand bring us that chance of showers. increase of high clouds tomorrow and temperatures cse to today's. that chance of shower thursday into friday and then another chance for saturday and sunday. look at those temperatures. they'll be belo average startingthursday. >> mike, thanka lot. >> you bet. >> the national football league is ratcheting up its punishment
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for flagrant violent hits. the league will begin suspendi players for violent dangerous collisions, particularly those involving helmets. comes after last sun -- sunday, some ejected. >> your hell bet is put on for protection. when that happens, yes, we need to suspend those guys an penalize them. >> the rules coincide with cracking down on head injuries. stop black rising violent hits on its own cle network. >> the flight attendant that melted down has plead the guilty. he's a grownup and needs to take responsibility fohis actions. he'll undergo at least a year of counseling. if he completes the program to the judge's satisfaction, he'll
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avoid jail time. if he doesn't, slaterill get one to three years. he made a dramatic exit on a jetblue flight, got on the loud speaker, cursed the passengers and slipped down the plane's emergency shoot with some beers from the airlin >> jus ahead. giants fever hitting everybody. >> and how bay area pets are
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(speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel ♪ every creature in the world.
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>> today on oprah at 4:00 what's happened to the next big thing. the latest findin on hormone replacement therapy. this is not maternity leave but in one overseas nation new dads were being given time. join us at 5:00. >> bay area pet lovers are caught giants fever. the peninsula humane society has placed 50 orange and black cats in the past ten day from 9 to the usually 50 to 80 dollars for all cats that are the same colors as our san francisco giants. >> 50 more cats are available. a special gift to the adepositor
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who comes up with the best name for their pets. >> a lot of creative ideas. thanks for joining us. a great day for the game. >> the weather? >> clearer b the moment. be prepared for sunshine and mid-60s. >> yeah. all right! that does it. go, giants! "who wants to be a milonaire" is coming up next. >> bye-bye. i spend three hours on my homework --
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