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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 20, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. what a game.
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the giants pull off a huge win. they are now up against the phillies 3-1. one more win and they go to the world series. team coverage tonight starts with amy holyfield at at&t park live. this one was a real heart stopper for fans. >> reporter: so exciting, so exhausting dan. we were up and then we were down. it was tough and fun to watch. the fans this post season have been very excited, very fired up. but tonight even more so. they really appreciated the good baseball that they saw tonight. it was such a great game. there were terrific highs. it did get quiet, though, during some of the lows. but even during the fifth inning when the phillies went up 4-2 a fan looked at me and said we're going be fine, we'll win this. he was right. giants fans say they hope that the point in time the phillies now respect the giants. >> they should be thinking really seriously about us and not like they were thinking in the first game.
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i think they will take us a little more seriously and get their mind straight because we are going for the world series right here. not holding. >> this is the best game i have been to, without a doubt. the greatest crowd ever here. >> it was such a great crowd. on a serious note let me talk for a minute about ticket fraud. officials say they are seeing a lot of fraud lent tickets out there. fans are spending a lot of money out there on the street to find out at the game the tickets are fake. obviously everyone wants to go to tomorrow night's game. unless you buy it at the giants box offense or subhub you are taking a risk. i don't know why i'm trying to be serious out here, it is impossible. a huge win. we are up 3-1 and the fans are confident about tomorrow night's game because tim lincecum will be on the mound
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so tomorrow night could be it and we could be headed to the world series after tomorrow night's game. reporting live in san francisco. dan, we will send it back to you. >> captured the fun of the nye perfectly. what a nice night. the game itself now we want to turn our attention to that. nearly got away from the giants. it was touch and go there it for a few moments but they did prevail and larry beil is here. you were at the ballpark. what a finish tonight. >> great stuff. the whole ride has been fantastic for the giants. high drama this evening. back and forth with the phillies all night long as dan mentioned in game four of the championship series. comes down to the bottom of the ninth. the giants one victory away from the world series. a packed mccovey cove. 43,000 plus inside. huge night for buster posey. remind yourself he is a rookie. deep over the head of ben francisco. santiago in relief got lit up. placido to the gap in left
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center. a 4-2 game in the bottom of the fifth. huff his second hit of the game. torres racing home from second and he is safe at the plate. 4-3 game. in the six, looking for a big hit. sandoval has been on the bench for most of the series. settle for a double. pat burrell and ross score, the giants back in front. the phillies respond in the 8th. jayson werth off of sergio romo. we are tied at five. bottom nine the phillies brick in roy oswald in relief. runners at the corners. juan arribe gets it to the outfield. here is one of the heros of this night, buster posey. >> can't get ahead of yourselves that is for sure. a good ball club over there. got to come out tomorrow and keep running on it and keep
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making pitches. >> reporter: buster not really soaking up the energy. he is thinking about tomorrow and trying to close out philadelphia. he had four hits in the game tonight. we will have more highlights and post game interviews later in the newscast. tim lincecum against roy halliday tomorrow night in game five and a win would send the giants to the world series which nobody foresaw. >> like buster was saying, we got one more game here. >> it is exciting. >> fantastic. >> we would love to talk baseball all night but we got to move on to other news. the late of effort to influence public opinion in the oscar grant case includes workers who want to shut down the ports around the area. they are alling attention to mehserle for the shooting of oscar grant. carolyn tyler explain hass is going on. >> reporter: the port of oakland came to a virtual stand still two years guy as long shore workers protested the war in iraq. now, they say they will do it
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again throughout the bay area on saturday to honor oscar grant. >> we are sending a message to the powers that be that justice has to be served here. >> reporter: a port spokesperson is downplaying the demonstration saying it is simply a change in the date of a monthly union meeting. >> and so all the work schedules have been adjusted accordingly. there won't be any significant impact on cargo or maritime operations on saturday. >> reporter: but organizers say 1300 longshore workers will not show up for work. >> the port of san francisco, port of oakland, the port of richmond, ports of benitia, if redwood city if they have anything scheduled for that day, it's not going to move. >> reporter: it is the latest in a battle by both sides of the volatile case to public opinion. beyond the protest rallies there are now dualing boats in the bay carrying messages in support of former bart police officer johannes mehserle and
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oscar grant, the unarmed man mehserle shot and killed on a bart platform new year's day 2009. >> you see the boats out there and think that is nice but it is not nice. it represents an ugly side of this case. it represents the side of this case where people are angry. >> reporter: michael raines is mehserle's attorney and he says there has always been a public relations aspect to the case but he doesn't understand the port shutdown. >> i don't know looking at it from my perspective that that achieves something that they really should want to achieve. >> reporter: john burris is the attorney for oscar grant's family. he believes the actions grant supporters take is part of the healing process. >> and i also think it brings out a good side of the human paths that decide that people can express their frustration and anger. >> reporter: burris says he
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received some 4,000 letters of support. in oakland, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. a battle going on in the east bay tonight over a proposed new indian casino. the plan is to build the casino along the water in richmond. supporters have just cleared a major hurdle but as abc 7's vic lee reports, the project is hardly a sure bet. >> reporter: point mulatte is on richmond's shoreline on hundreds of acres of line with unobstructed views of san francisco. this is where the tribe wants to build a las vegas style resort with 4,000 slots and a thousand hotel rooms. michael derie runs the tribe's affairs. >> they want it to be the best it can be. >> reporter: it has been a contentious war. environmentalists filed lawsuits to stop the billion dollars project.
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the opposition includes the mayor. >> a casino will bring more poverty and more crime and more addictions and basically more misery for hard working families. >> reporter: today the tribe announced it reached an agreement with environmental groups who sued. their lawyer is steven investigator. >> we believe this is the first step in the creation of the greatest system of regional shoreline parks in the history of this country. >> reporter: the pact includes $35 million for restoring habitats, creating parks, and protecting native eco systems. labor endorses the project saying it will bring jobs to a city where unemployment is nearly 20%. >> but we have officially have the project labor agreement in place that is going benefit local residents in richmond and contra costa county. >> reporter: opponents are betting that the casino project will be nothing but false promises. >> are you going to come out
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with traffic congestion and crime and a lot of local people with their money gone. >> reporter: this was a significant victory, but the giddyville band says it is just the beginning. the environmental impact still needs to be approved and the richmond city council needs to vote on it and most importantly the federal government needs to put its stamp of approval on the entire project. vic lee, abc 7 news. senator diane feinstein came out against the casino saying it is wrong for the east bay shoreline environment. >> one, two, three. >> east bay leaders joined bart to mark the start of construction on a rail link between the coliseum station and the oakland airport. this bart animation show hass planners call the train to the plain. officials estimate it will take three and a half years to finish the link. most of the construction will start next year. bart says it will create thousands of construction jobs. there is a lot more to get
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to tonight for you on the news at 9:00. just ahead, a san francisco court rules on don't ask don't tell. what its decision means. plus, a sea of purple at a bay area high school. what is behind the show of solidarity. >> i'm spencer christian. a chance of showers late tomorrow and a greater chance of a wet weekend. a closeup look in my accuweather forecast, coming up. thanks, spencer. also ahead, starbucks adds a jolt of books music and entertainment to its menu. entertainment to its menu. and meg whitman's campaign
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you know it's bad whenhe press asks if you'd take a e detector test. meg whitman didn'tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider dealat goldman sachs. she anged her story about physically abusing an employ. she campaigned as tough asails on immigration knowing her houseeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have be condemned as false and misleading. aneven her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship witthe truth" ♪ ♪
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and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you creatthe most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownersp experience to match. special lease and finance offers available for a limited time. see your loc bay area jaguar dealer for details. an appellate court in san francisco rein stated don't ask don't tell for the military at least for now. president obama said the ruling should be overturned by congress, not the courts. the president says what southern, california judge overturned it, it did not give the military time to implement new training procedures. yesterday the military ordered recruiters to start accepting applications from gay recruits but the decision by the san francisco court appears to negate that again for now. you may have notice a
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number of friends or colleagues wearing a purple shirt today. perhaps you did as well. it is in response to suicides of a dozen gay or lesbian young people in the past few months. at one high school on the peninsula today, there was a sea of purple. >> reporter: a moment of silence for teenagers who killed themselves after being bullied because they were gay or lesbian. students who wore purple to honor the victims. it is meant to signal a better understanding among students and to send a message to gay and lesbian students. >> it says to them it is okay who you are and i support you. >> so many people care so much so this is showing people that they are not alone. >> i'm not gay but i think what they do is the school, at least so people can come out and feel safe in the schools. >> reporter: that kind of attitude organizers hope will prevail when they are not
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wearing purple. aragon has more than 1500 students and the administration made a concerted effort to promote understanding but there have been incidents. >> he was walking down the ramp and this other guy shoved him with his shoulder and called him a faggot and washe washingd on. it took a lot for him to report it. >> reporter: he did and the administration reacted. they say this event today may not mean the end of bullying or change people's opinion. they just want to make the public aware and for people who have been bullied to report it. purple shirt day started on facebook. there are national campaigns like it gets better which has drawn famous names. >> so teak heart and have hope and please remember that your life is valuable and that you are not alone. >> it is time that we stopped waiting for it to get better. i think it is time that we start taking action and start making it better. >> reporter: because bullying
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can be fatal. in san mateo, don sanchez, abc 7 news. on the subject of students, a new study finds that most at california's community colleges never get their degrees. 70% of students who entered in the fall of 2003 did not graduate or transfer to four year universities within six years. researchers say the findings threaten the state's economic future. they say maintaining the high standard of living depends on colleges graduating more students in the coming years than they do now. all right, on to the weather forecast. a nice night out there for baseball. a little cool but spencer christian here with the forecast. >> the giants warmed up everybody with the victory tonight. things are a bit cool out there and getting cloudier as we speak with rain moving in our direction. here looking at the tower lit up in the giants colors or the color of halloween?
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or could be both. well, okay. boo. on we go to a look at the current temperature readings. 61 degrees in oakland. that is the mildest of the readings. all of the locations have temperatures in the 50s right now and temperatures will continue to drop a little bit as we go into the overnight hours and during the overnight hours some coastal drizzle. a chance of showers developing tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening and rain with us off and on or on and off during the weekend. 5 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. although the season came out later in the day, it came out later in the day so the clouds were slow to burn back and we didn't warm up until much later not the afternoon. clouds did hang on along the coastline and we will see more clouds in the coming day. satellite radar composite image shows a system advancing. breezy. conditions cool tomorrow. chance of afternoon and evening and overnight showers. saturday and sunday expect periods of rain throughout the weekend.
9:19 pm
looks like it will be a wet two day period over the weekend. we will start the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon at which point somebody will already be moving into the parts of the north bay and as the front continues to push through the bay area, more showers hitting different parts of the bayary during the evening hours. overnight as the front pushes through it will fall apart. friday morning scattered lingering showers' we start to clear out and dry up on friday. overnight look for increasing fog and low clouds. low temperatures up in north bay mainly in the mid to upper 40s. low to mid 50s everywhere else. and then tomorrow mixed condition in the sky of some clouds and some sun sun? the south bay. 66 santa clara. 67 san jose. on the peninsula, 65 san mateo and palo alto. upper 50s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. breezy as well as cool.
9:20 pm
in and around san francisco highs of 57 in the sunset district. north bay highs only in the 60s. 65 sonoma. 67 santa rosa. only 68 at ukiah. low 60s to mid 60s. what a span. 62 to 65 degrees. over the hills to the inland valleys, 69 antioch. maybe even 70 at blendwood. monterey bay, low to mid 60s near the bay and mid to upper 60s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast. after showers overnight tomorrow night into friday morning we have partial clearing later in the day on friday but then periods of rain and the pretty soggy weekend saturday and sunday drying out on monday. beginning to get milder monday and tuesday with temperatures climbing back into the low 70s inland by next wednesday. things are looking sort of autumnal. >> right word. thanks, spencer, very much. digital download. the effort to get you to drop
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apple unveiled its latest innovation. i and padtween an eye pad and and laptop. david louie explains the concept. >> but there is one more thing. >> reporter: steve jobs had a surprise up the sleeves of his turtleneck. >> what would happen if a macbook met an ipad. >> a brand new notebook that sports all the best features of the popular ipad tablet.
9:25 pm
th battery can last from five to seven hours. solid state flash memory and won't be a burden ton carry. >> one of the key things is portability and the 13.3-inch model weighs 2.9-pounds and the 11.6-inch weighs just 2.3-pounds. while the ipod, ipad and iphone have been driving profits, 33% of the revenue or 22% billion dollars is the mac. >> the mac is still at the core of apple and very important and nice to see they have the ability to migrate all of the innovationback into the mac as well. >> reporter: technology analyst mike mcguire thinks the new macbook air will give buyers a new choice. >> not the product that is meant to serve every portable users but those who value light weight, battery life, itle be the only thing that they will be giving it second and third
9:26 pm
looks. >> reporter: apple announced plans to release a new version of its operating system, a new app store for the mac in 90 days and a new version of i-life to manage and edit digital photos and video. a fun feature, being able to make your own promotional movie trailers. david louie, abc 7 money scope. the biggest name in coffee is joining forces with one of the biggest names on the internet. yahoo is helping starbucks launch a digital network in its stores. it gives away premium content from the "wall street journal," "new york times," apple i on tunes and others. there is a catch. you to be in the starbucks to use it right along with the coffee or the scone you purchased. the content is designed to be consumed in buy the sized portions anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes at time. people can then either buy the content outright to take it with them or return to starbucks, once again. well, just in time, this is
9:27 pm
national information overload awareness day. a group of companies and academics focused on work place productivity is behind this. they say that any one who works on a computer deals with nearly 100 e-mails a day and if each person sent ten fewer it would boost productivity by $180 billion annually. if we could all just get ten fewer. wouldn't that be nice. when we return, a crucial turning point for the city of oakland. the four leading candidates for mayor and how they would solve the city's crime problem. also, who is this guy? the mystery tweet and the curveball in the race for governor as a new frontrunner emerges in the campaign. and the missing biscuit. did president clinton lose the next time on...
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this nation which once was city set on a hill,today if there had not been those who counted the co of freedom and were willing to pay the price? and then. when you go home tell em for us and say "for your tomorrows, we gave our today." on...
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good evening. glad you are here. going start this half hour with politics. the oakland tribune reports the number of people murdered in oakland over the past nine years, about a thousand, is almost exactly the same as the number of u.s. troops killed by enemy fire in afghanistan during that same period to put it in perspective. the leading candidates in the oakland mayor's race have strikingly different views on how to make the city streets safer. tonight, cecelia vega reports on the four frontrunners in the race. >> reporter: a city with a reputation for being among the most violent in the country. its financial troubles run so deep, 80 police officers laid off this year and more could lose their jobs in a number of
9:32 pm
months. in spite of or perhaps because of the long list of problems the race to run this city is a crowded one this election year. ten people want to be mayor and four have emerged as the the clear frontrunners, leading the pack in fund raising, endorsements and support in the polls. >> this is not an easy job but it is a doable job. >> reporter: rebecca kaplan is the city council most junior member and believes the potential can be seen in the revitalization of the uptown neighborhood and says that could happen all over the city and create jobs if business permits were easier and faster to come by. kaplan also wants to sell off city owned properties that aren't being used and is leading the charge to expand the medical marijuana industry as a way to bring oakland out of the red and into the green. as for one of the most controversial topics in oakland this year, laying off cops, she voted against it. >> i voted no, no on the
9:33 pm
layoffs and they absolutely could have been avoided. we should have instead pushed for a deal where the police would contribute 9% toward their pension in exchange for agreeing to no layoffs. >> reporter: council member jean kwan voted for the police layoffs and says the only way they could have been avoided is if the police union agreed to a pension deal and despite city negotiateors repeated attempts no deal was reached. >> i think it has to be avoided. i would like to have more officers but until you get the cost of officers down that is not going to happen. after two terms on the the council and before that a school board member kwan says city hall has too many administrateors. if she is elected mayor she promises fewer bureaucrat jobs either through retirement or if necessary forced layoffs. the one thing kwan is not willing to cut are neighborhood programs for young people even if saving them comes at the expense of laying off more police. >> one cop is a quarter million
9:34 pm
dollars. one after school pro-a programd be a quarter million dollar and if you have no aftercool program and nothing for the youth the city crime will only go up. >> in addition to battling oakland's crime problem the next mayor will take charge of a city facing a $45 million deficit. >> oakland city hall doesn't work. this city does not work. money is paid and it goes into a black hole. >> reporter: after four years with the mayor widely accused of being absent on-the-job, former state senator don perat travel says he has the leadership kills oakland leads. it involves cutting what he calls redundancy in city hall. that means immediately freezing boards and commissions including the ethics commission responsible for investigating campaign and ethics
9:35 pm
investigations. peratta says the economic future lies in healthcare and he wants local government to be more friendly. if he becomes mayor, he plans to ask voters to approve a half cent sales. have to go back to the voters i think within a half a year and say okay, this is what we have done and this is what we needed, just to stay even. >> so think of the north/south division there. >> reporter: joe toomen is considered the race's dark horse thanks to rank choice voting this year. a label he welcomes. >> if we don't fix the pension problem in oakland all other bets are off. the crime problem we have will pale by comparison to this because city government won't be able to provide any of its core functions. >> reporter: that oakland needs a fix and a fix soon may be the one thing all of the candidates agree on. in oakland, cecelia vega, abc 7
9:36 pm
news. a poll shows democrat jerry brown pulling ahead in the governor's race. the public policy institute of 37%fornia poll found that 47% support brown and 36% support whitman. senator barbara boxer has a lead over carly fiorina. boxer held a 7-point lead in september. 44% of those polled say they will vote yes on prop 19, the initiative to legalize marijuana. but keep in mind it needs over 50% to pass. the poll has a margin of error of 3.5%, less than two weeks now until the election. meg whitman's campaign is learning the hard way that one letter can make all the difference. campaign spokes woman sara pompeii sent out a tweet about endorse meant for meg whitman. the text was off by one letter
9:37 pm
so followers found this instead. ♪ >> this you tube video of a man in pink tutu playing guitar has nothing to do with whitman except for the bump in traffic after the incorrect tweet went out. president obama just arrived in seattle. he has a speech in the morning so he is just literally came from portland and has now arrived in seattle. he has been making some last minute efforts here as the election draws closer to try to rally the troops and try to get out the vote to support the democratic candidates in offense. so again he is in seattle tonight. vice president joe biden was here supporting barbara boxer yesterday and now the president supporting candidates here in seattle. coming up next. fearless. this young woman is the new police chief in one of mexico's most violent towns. that story.
9:38 pm
and a young man who inspired hundreds of potential doan marrow donors and how hit we know the real story on jerry brown. jerry brown opposes the death penalty. even for copillers. he signed annmates bill of rights. one supreme court judge that brown apinted was so liberal... he voted to stop the death penalty 64 times. we know the real stor on jerry brown. now you do too.
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against meg whitman. millions in ch for brown. and the teacher's union just spent millions more attacking m. jerry brown again? he sure comes with stngs attached. when it came to finding a police chief for one of mexico's most violent towns no one was raising their hands except for a 21-year-old criminology student. the last mayor was killed in june apparently from drug gangs that controlled the area. she hasn't even turned 21 yet. she is only 20 still. police officer officers have bn kidnapped and murdered and at least 8 people were killed in the town just last week but she stepped up to try to help her community. there was a big bone marrow
9:42 pm
registration drive. the focus is on getting more minorities into the registry. leighanne melendez reports on one man's fight with leukemia and what he has done to help others. >> reporter: it has been only a year since carol's son nick died of cancer. his efforts to find a bone marrow match was posted on virtually every social networking site. the fact that he was part caucasian and part japanese made it difficult to find a donor. >> we found two matches. >> but the leukemia came back. like niclas, there are many people in similar circumstances. >> when you mix caucasian or two race races races together e finding your match more difficult. >> for a caucasian the chances of finding a match are 85% but
9:43 pm
for someone of mixed race heritage it is much less, 30%. once you find the person you have to hope he is or she is still onboard. nick, his family and managed to get 3,000 mixed race people on the bone mare registry. if you are matched with a patient, 75% of the time the stem cells are collected through a nonsurgical procedure pretty much like donating blood and recently governor schwarzenegger signed legislation to allow ememployees to take time off donation. marrow or tissue >> he would be really proud that we are continuing the fight. >> in fremont abc 7 news.
9:44 pm
the bone marrow drive in honor of nick is this saturday at the great mall i milpedas. coming up, keys, cell phone, that happens a lot. there are some things you should never ever lose like the should never ever lose like the authorization i want you t >>
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back to spencer christian to update the forecast. game conditions tomorrow night for game five of the national league championship series. i can spit that out. at game time 4:57 p.m., a chance of showers. it will be cloudy and foggy and cool and breezy. temperatures only in the mid
9:48 pm
50s at game time. not ideal baseball weather but it will be if the giants win. on to the accuweather seven-day forecast. chance of showers late tomorrow. partial clearing for the remainder of the day friday. a wet weekend. periods of rain saturday and sunday. clearing out and getting a little milder next week. >> beginning to feel like fall. >> autumn like out there. i want you to know what spencer has in his hand. he is never without it. this is his little clicker. the button to push at a moment's notice. key to forecasting, right? >> yeah, its. >> on the subject of buttons you to push, it is easy to forget families that people in the white house are just like us, misplacing things from time to time. but did a president actually misplace a nuclear code? >> things that a president can lose. key votes in congress. standing in the polls. a game of golf. things that a president can never lose. never ever. the card with the nuke codes on
9:49 pm
it. the one that lets him get into the black brief case that an aide is always bringing along inside of which are instructions for launching a nuclear attack like the brief case which is called the football and the card which is called the biscuit is supposed to be with the president at all times, giving him numbers to read outloud that identify him to everyone in the system as the commander in chief. that is why you don't lose the biscuit. >> think of it like an atm pin number to get your money except that when bill clinton was president someone lost the biscuit. this is according to the former chairman of the joint chiefs hugh shelton who just came out with a memoir and it is right there on page 392. at one point during the clinton administration the codes were actually missing. that is a big deal shelton writes. especially, e says because the codes were unaccounted for, for months. actually, this clinton critic told a quite similar story in his own book seven years ago.
9:50 pm
colonel robert paterson was one of those men who carried the football for clinton. he says clinton is the someone who lost the biscuit. >> he thought he misplaced them upstairs and we called upstairs and started a thorough search around the white house for the codes and he finally confessed hours later that he misplaced them. he couldn't recall when had last seen them. >> who is to say that he couldn't have just picked up the phone to order an attack. today's his offense is not commenting same as no one is confirming or denying another old tale that jimmy carter once left his biscuit in a suit that got sent to the cleaners. well, thank goodness the only biscuits we deal with are butter and jelly. >> nothing that serious. >> larry beil is back to talk baseball and giants. >> we have the code for victor aand a lot revolves around buster pose. the giants came in as the ultimate underdogs and now might be unstoppable.
9:51 pm
huge night for buster. we knowhe real story on jerry brown. jerry brown opposes the death penalty. even for cop killers. he signed an inmates bill of rights. he voted to stop the death penalty 64 time we know the real story on jerry brown. now you do too.
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against meghitman. millions in cash for brown. and the teacher union just spent millio more attacking meg. jerry brown again? hsure comes with strings attached.
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