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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 27, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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with anthem blue cross, you're free to enjoy value ke never before. ♪ you're looking at live pictures from sky 7 hd at the center of the baseball world. in just six hours game one of the world series gets underway. giants and rangers at at&t park. abc 7 terry mcsweeney is live at the ballpark where some giants fans are still hoping to see the game for free. >> they're going to. part of the game for free. take a look at this line. six hours before the game begins. this line started forming actually at 4:00 this morning. and we know because we were out here. what they're going to get is a chance to look at t ball game for a few innings from just this side of that chain link fence in
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there. a couple innings. >> tortured. >> oh, yeah! alwa season long. >> that's eddie rascal and he wants to see history. >> down, texas! >> tracy came from lake county. living, breathing and in orange and black. >> we're right on the field. better seats than anybody sitting with their beer. we're gonna sit here and look t hear everythg. >> for those not interested in standing for hours to watch a partial game, watching a complete game will cost you hundreds at dollars at least but you're in better shape if you can make it to anotheworld series game. >> price$550about $375 for tomorrow. >> it's not every day you get a chance to interview a panda. i asked the million dollar
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question. >> what are your prediions? >> take it in five. >> giants in fiv >> yeah. >> do pans ever lie? >> nope. >> out in the coast, a retirement party for a safety captain. >> we were him with his boat to capture all the energy. once in a lifete opportunity. we're here. >> all they need to do is roll tout this football size field flag and play ball. >> they can have a few bruce. we have got may a dozen boats out here. game time by the way 4:57. lincecum versus lee. play ball! live at at&t. terry mcsweeney. >> terry, thank you very much. it's not just the ballpark. it seems all of san ancisco is covered in orange. jenelle live at union square. >> hi, eric. just about an hour from now
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local hair salon is going to give free mohawks or faux-hawks if you want to look like lincecum. >> fear the beard, baby, fear the beard. >> locals are wearing their orange and black, including the fouregged ones. >> this is so exciting. i'm pinchingmyself are we really in the world series. this is wonderful. >> you're from out of town! >> you're wearing giants gear! >> the spirit of it all. >> oh, that's so nice. you guys follow baseball . >> we do now. >> at lefty's the phone has bin ringin constantly sce 6 a.m. apparently an active revenge after the bar put trumpeters
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outside the front door trying to annoyance the range. >> they told their listeners and order a big serving of texas toast. >> ringing off the hook? >> nonstop. nonstop. but texas toast goes great with our favorite blood by mary mix. >> signs are hanging even at gas headquarters along the embarcadero, the manikins are sporting giants gear. storefronts painted brightly, including the walgreens. the manager say huge fan. happens a pair of ticts. >> we're gonna do it this year. i'm so happy to be part of it. >> if you have tickets, take public transportation. it will be running longer trains during the world series and it might be a good idea. parkin is outrageous down near
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the ballpark. one lot that usually costs 25 bucks is now 60 bucks during the world series. reporting live fm union square in san francisco, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you. check out the giants faithful. this picture was sent to us by writer producer sean dobie. it's his seven week old. been a giants fan his whole life. sphinx the cat, with the lincecum look. e-mail picture in other news in santa clara county a state connections officer is under arrest on drug charges. he is accused of possession of controll substces. authorities arrested him tuesday
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following a six-month long investigation. an inrmant told deteives an officer was providg drugs and cellphones. he was arrested when he showed up to meet an undercover detective who was described as an inmate outside source. reopening the former nndz auto plant in fremont. the ceo will be joined for the unveiling event. palo alto and his company took overer own theship of the plant in october. tesla purchased the plant for $43 million to build it's model s sedan. they decided to shut the down ap general motors declared bankruptcy. three hospal workers have filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit agnst santa clara valley medical store. two card yol jiflts and a medical assistant claim that more than one patient has died at the hoital as a result of
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substandard care. both eloyees say they face verbal abuse and a hostile work environment when they spoke out about probls with patient care. a santa clara county executive admits there are personal conflicts but no evidence the patients in question died because of hospital negligence. president obama is back at the white house tday but even though he's not making stump speeches he's still working the phones campaigning for democratic candidates across the country. karen traverse reports. >> president obama may be off the campaign trail but he's still on message trying to rev up democrats. this morning he called into an urban radio station in dallas and urged liste to get out and vote. >> i'm doing good. how you doing? >> i'm doing great but i'll do better if every one of your listenervote november 7th.
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>> he mailed in his own absentee ballot yesterday. >> today the president appeared with the first lady in a brand new televion ad for democratics who's in a tight race from mr. obams former senate seat. >> he is in this for the right reasons. he will be a phenomenal u.s. senator. >> campaignin in chicago, former president bill clinton. >> republican senate candidate carly fiorina was admitted to the hospital with an infection associated with he reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. her campaign says she hopes to be back on the trail later this week but the timing konlt be worse for the republican behind in the polls. >> and complicates this a week out from the election. >> both caidates with ads.
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>> president obama is reaching out to young voters. karen traverse, abc news, washington. >> carly fiorina says the candidate will be released from the hospital later toda and will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. still ahead, four church volunteers are back in the bay area after spending several nights in a zimbabwe jail for handing out aids medication. what they're saying about their ordeal next. and a second day of devastating storms back east leavavav [ male announcer ] lifis indeed an incredible journey. d while the road you traveled may have been different from that of your ighbor, some choices are pretty clear to just about everyo. like getting more for your money. anthem blue cross has a healthy selection of medicare advantage plans, medicare supplement plans,
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>> four health workers are back in oakla after being arested in zimbabwe after suspicion of dispensing aids medication without a license. it's part of the baptist church in oaklan they spent four days in jail in mid-september. the ziabwe government later admitted their arrests were a misunderstanding. the fo say they are not deterred by what happened. >> we ha committed to move forward and go back and encourage other humanitarian groups to joi us in our effort to eradicate hiv and aids and provide services to the over 1,000 patients that we served. >> the church began its aids ministry in 1987. in recent yearst has fossed on zimbabwe where an estimated 25% of the population, that'
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1.3 million people are affected with hiv aids. here in the u.s. storms continue to rip across several midwest states. 70 mph winds spawned two dozen tornados across four states. up to 200,000 people were left wrought power. north carolina suffere some serious damage but no injuries reported. the storm system dumbed snow on dakota. >> right on the front the screen. >> the power of that always amazes me. >> straight ahead is our forecast. a tricky forecast for tomorro
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the game today, picture perfect. an updated forecast for that and the holiday weekend. jet blue's infamous flight attendant steven slater talks about wh led to his dratic exit down a plane's emergency chute.
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♪ all right. here's the deal. world series game one get through it okay. >> right. >> what abou game two? >> not so much. each model looks like drizzle, maybe light rain by the time the game rolls around. these tomorrow. today looking at a few high clouds taking over our sunnyky as that syst approaches from the west. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais today. sky 7 hd. flying high over at&t park. you can see a lot of beautiful pictures of the city during the game tonight. because it will remain clear. 11:19 this morning.
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let's take a look at temperatures as a lot of mid to upper 30s this morning but rebounded to 60s, same thing monterey bay and inland. afternoon high clouds. temperatures a few degrees warm warmer tomorrow. low s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay into the northay valleys. near 70 the south bay and east bay valleys. around the monterey bay, upper 60s to near 70. low 70s for salinas, morgan hill and hollister. that forecast for tonight's game, 4:57 first pitch. high clouds pretty comfortae but droppg to 59. may get a little breezy for the game. temperature 59 to 55 degrees. looking kind of iffy if we can
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get the entire game in. here's the lows for tonight. much warmer than this morning. upper 40s to low 50s. mid to upper 40s where we'll have rain tomorrow morning. here we are at 5:00 a you can see some of the rain just kind of headi towards the northern sections of soma county, marin during the overnight and stays there even during the commute. but after the morning commute, syst starts to slide slowly to the golden gate bridge. even by 5:00 touching at&t park and you can see the stronger or heavier rain start to move in towards 9:00 at the ends of the game. rain will hang around through friday morning commute except the east bay valleys. more mainly drizzle and then you'll start to see a litt intensity pick upn the showers there as we head to friday evening and into saturday. the bulk will probably fall saturday with that if this comes in in one felled swoop.
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temperatures mid-60s for all of us. looks like it will be dry for sunday. trick or treating plans, nothing scary about the weather and sunshine slightly swarmer for monday and tuesday. tonight beautiful at the ballpark, tomorrow not so much. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> hope we get the ge in. probably can't get it in friday either because of the rain. >> thank you very much. a federal advisory panel is saying teens should get a booster dose for bacterial meningitis. it shows the vaccine is effective for less than five years. three years ago the same panel recommended the meningitis vaccine normally give ton collegstudents that should be offered to children age 11 and 12. back then it was believed to be effective ten year. teens should get a booster dose at age 16. the world's most famous angry flight attendant is explaining in his own words what happened
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on that infamous jet blue flight in august. he adtted to good morning america'elizabeth vargas that he had a meltdown and swore to a passenr. the recovering alcoholic grabbed a couple beers and slid down the emergency chute. slater says he was fed up. >> the end of the day i am accepting responsibility b i believe there are contributing factors that came together to create this. and many are within the airline's control. why are we charging people to check their luggage? >> slater became something of a folk hero immediately aer the incident after the details emerged he pleaded guiltyo criminal mischief and was fined $10,000 last week. director james cameron is making a return to pandora. he will sta writing scripts
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>> today often oprah at 4:00 legendary actress jane fonda. what happens when a southwest flight from san jose lost its navigation estimate and was approaching l angeles international. and an east bay man is reinvented a local bookstore. he plans to put book selling on wheels. those storieand more at 5:00. and finally the force can be yours for a price. christies will sell the original darth vadder costume from the move franchise. the black helmet, mask and armor worn by david prusse is excted to tell from 250 and $365,000.
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the empire strikes back, the second film released, christy's says the suit belongs to an american private collect but it can be yours. david prous, he's a big guy. as we all know, he didn't do the voice. >> he didn't sound like james earl jones. >> back outside and show you at&t park and look at the cove there. they're lines up for seats at tonight's world series game. >> a little earl >> yeah. thanks for join being us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is nex
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