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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 27, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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line drive base hit to center. here comes sanchez and it as two-run giant lead. >> even barry bonds is standing up for that one. the giants play another exciting and at times excruciating nerve wracking game. game one of the world series goes to the home team.
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i'm dan ashley. the hits just kept coming for the giants tonight. but as much as the giants won the game the texas rangers also lost it. lots of errors. start with larry beil live at at&t park. it was loaded with errors in fact, larry. >> reporter: the rangers he committed four errors. the giants made mistakes themselves but in the end adds up to a giant victory in game one. i heard thousands of people as they were exiting the stadium all chanting ooh ooh-ribe. an offensive explosion as we check out the highlights of the giants series opening 11-7 victory. willie mccovey, the giant hall of famers throwing out the first pitch. in the first, guerrero smokes one off of lincecum. texas off to a 2-0 lead. bottom five, freddie sanchez
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splits the gap in left center. the first player in world series history with three doubles in his first two at-bats. after the giants chase big lee the big blow from u-u-ribe. the giants up 8-2 and closed it out with an 11-7 victory. minutes ago the giants manager on the explosive giant offense. >> we needed the runs. we had some great at-bats there, two-out hits and, of course's juans who homerun helped give us cushion there. we are not a team that tries to slug it with the other teams but today they threw out some great at-bats. >> reporter: post season where we learned to expect the unexpected, hey, we expected a pitcher's duel, right? it was going to be 1-20 and 2-1. -- 1-1. you get 1800 18 runs in the ses
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opener. we will have more coming up and hear from the giants players later on in the newscast. live at at&t park, larry beil. >> it was not what we expected in terms of a pitchers' duel but awfully exciting nonetheless. now, amy holyfield also at at&t park live. the fans seem like it is finally their time. >> larry had people chanting and screaming. i have a subdued crowd here tonight. they will make a liar out of me as soon as they realize the camera is live and they start yelling and screaming. is a fan said hey, we have three more games we have to win. what a game. it was exciting. what was amazing is how many ballpark.nt to watch the game many came with the hopes of getting a ticket which was
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nearly impossible. most just wanted to be close to the action. they said they couldn't afford a ticket but wanted to be here for this moment. it doesn't happen very often. >> it's fun. how often do we get a world series in up to. in not that often. i tried in '89 and 2002 and this year to get a ticket. i still can't. i'll try again. >> i love the atmosphere with the fans. it's loud. it's crazy. >> giants are winning! >> reporter: ticket prices tonight were obscene. we met people who paid $1,300 a ticket. there are likely people who paid even more and they said they felt like their team owed them a victory since they paid so much. the rangers fans did not get their money's worth unfortunately for them. we notice that people's attitudes were more intense tonight. giving attitude to the ushers about their seats and access to the stands. arguments among the crowd. ushers told us this is typical
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when people spend a lot of money they feel like they can act like that. the stakes are high for this world series not only for the players but for the fans. they are in it to win it and they are being very aggressive about getting their piece of the world series. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. they are, amy, thanks very much. she mentioned the ticket prices. parking like $60 and t-shirts are $40 but when you win it as bargain at twice the price. the weather for testimony's game a little more iffy. didn't need upo ponchos tomorrw night but could be different. >> the chance of rain at the ballpark tomorrow night is diminishing a bit. not much happening in the way of precipitation in the north bay. earlier a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. only napa reports any measurable rain at all so far this evening. a little batch of moisture offshore and some debinning to
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move inland up near clover dale but nothing really exciting in the way of precipitation. you can see the precipitation that is -- or the moisture that is moving inland is lifting northward away from the bay area at the moment and away from much of the north bay. so we might get lucky tomorrow for game two and have a dry ballgame but won't be dry in all parts of the bay area. >> a little later on in the hour we will move on to other news and get back to baseball a little later. new information about a crime one year ago that shocked the bay area and the country with its brutality. the gang rape of a student at richmond high school. a sadistic attack that went on for hours as people watched and did nothing. tonight the school board is holding a meeting to talk about security changes since that vicious attack. abc 7's cecilia vega has more on that and new developments with the victim. >> reporter: it was this location one year ago where a 15-year-old high student was
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gang raped outside the home coming dance. the section of campus was so dark and so isolated the school security had no idea the attack went on for two hours while a crowd watched and did nothing to happen. today that same area looks like this. trimmed trees make the space visible. fences keep kids out when they shouldn't be there. new lights actually work. video cameras once covered in cobwebs got a $2.5 million upgrade and they now produce high resolution video that stands up in court. >> i take pride in the fact that we did what was necessary to make the community understand and know that we were responding. we saw the problem and fixed the problem. >> reporter: more security upgrades in store for the rest of the school district. for the seven accused attackers a court date is in store in two weeks to decide whether they will stand trial. they range in age from a high school student to a 43-year-old man. all remain in jail facing life
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in prison. on campus the wounds still run deep. >> students at richmond high are fine upstanding young people who want to do well in life and felt like they were adversely impacted as a result of the tragedy that happened here. >> reporter: impacted by the barrage of headlines when the school became a national story but no one suffered greater wounds than the victim herself. a year later her identity remain a's none must. the family reached a settlement with the school district for an undisclosed amount. sources say it was in the millions. school officials are trying to make sure that last year's brutal attack does not become the school's legacy. h this is one of the suspects, 43-year-old john crane. the lawyer plans to argue that crane wasn't in the area the night of the attack. as for the rest of the suspects they will be in court on martinez on november 15 for a
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preliminary hearing. normally that is a brief court procedure and in this case it is expected to stretch for at least a couple of days because of all of the people who will take the stand. that includes the witnesses who saw the crime and police officers but not the victim herself. reporting from richmond, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. with just days left before the election a new twist in the governor's race tonight. meg whitman and jerry brown both released new and different campaign ads today after a challenge to end the negativity. here is political reporter mark matthews. today, jerry brown's campaign introduced a new tv ad taken directly from yesterday's women's conference. >> if she takes the negative ads i will take mine off. we do is together, no problem, i ledge that right now. >> i don't think we can take down the ads that talk about where governor brown stands on the issues.
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i don't think it is the right thing to do. >> brown's campaign kept him away from cameras today but whitman was campaigning in san diego and riverside and her campaign released a new ad. one decidedly positive. >> our problems are tough but so am i. >> at the same time the campaign cent links to this jerry brown video where he is seen telling his supporters he wants them to go negative. >> we will attack whenever you can. >> meanwhile, political pundits and analysts put yesterday's performance down to whitman's campaign inexperience. >> she should have said i'm pulling my negative ads, as a matter of fact, jerry, i don't even think my ads are negative. >> republican campaign consultant says whitman couldn't afford to pull3w her negative ads, she is trailing but there were other ways to handle it. >> one would have been to say let's sit together and bring governor schwarzenegger in and
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look at each and every one of the ads and decide which is negative versus which is a comparative because that is one thing we get lost in the whole debate. >> reporter: abc 7's political analyst says whitman could have just gone positive in the last several days because that is what campaigns do. >> you start positive and go negative and then come back positive. it was likely that both campaigns were headed in a positive direction anyway. it wouldn't have been much to say that is where we will go. >> reporter: instead, meg whitman is defending the negative ads saying voter is warrant to know. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. well, bring on the bay area jobs. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, new life for numi at tesla takes the wraps up its new factory in fremont. arrested and thrown in jail.
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four a bay area health workers talk about what happened to them halfway around the world. a bay era man reinvents the book store by putting it on wheels. the jaw of awe. still ahead, a mouth so big it can hold a can of ♪
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new research on electric vehicles. j.d. power and associates says the combined global sales of hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric would reach just over 5 million in 2020. that is about 7% of the 70 million automobiles expected to be sold in that year. j.d. power also says sales of electric cars will remain slow for awhile and that is not good news for tesla motors. >> , it held an opening ceremony at the numi plant where new electric cars will be built in free monday. they have grand plans to employ over 5,000 people in the future. that long process started today. we are at n -- tesla's new sign ushers in a new rare. inside most people would say this is the ghost of the past, an idle auto plant that used to produce tacoma and vibes and pick 81s.
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instead, tesla sees it as the future where a new generation of electric cars will be built. the clock is ticking with production less than two years away. the vice president of manufacturing, it is his job to make the transformation. >> what we have in mind is a little bit of like aerospace and clean and organized and visual. >> reporter: tesla will make the model s electric sedan here. it will start slowly with one shift a day with 450 emplo emps about one tenth of the number of numi workers. >> not everything you see here is going to necessarily stay in place. some will be la replaced by newer equipment. the tesla plant when it goes in production two years from now will be occupying only 5% to 10% of the original numi plant. >> this was the one that we hoped we could get but really didn't think we could afford. >> the $42 million purchase was helped by a loan from the department of energy designed to promote green tech.
9:17 pm
tesla paid an additional $17 million for equipment toyota didn't take to its other plants. they will add robotics and other devices. hiring of assembly line workers won't happen until late next year. senator feinstein says this bids well for the future. >> we can have a blue collar manufacturing base but says if we are smart that that manufacturing base is green. >> as i mentioned, tesla indicated it aspires to hire 5,000 people. that is the first time we heard that. it came from ilan muskits coe. a lot will depend on how well its electric car sells. in fremont, david louie, abc 7 money scope. what do you say we put the screws to spencer christian on the baseball forecast? we all want to know. >> only forecasted the giants would win the world series first game and now saying that the weather for game two might
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not be so bad. pleasant right now weather wise and fan wise as well. a live view from the high definition camera. giants won game one of the world series tonight under dry conditions. will it stay dry? showing moisturshowing moisturf petered out and tapered off in the north bay. looked more threatening a few days ago. a little moisture working in. this is the path of the showers coming in right now moving lifting northward. i should say the moisture because we aren't really getting showers at the moment. moisture showing up in the atmosphere but very little is hitting the ground. but some will hit the ground before the system totally fizzles out. right now looking at temperature readings mainly in the low 60s right around the bay and 50s in the inland locations. these are the highlights. rain continues to organize in the north bay tonight. it will be spreading southward overnight and tomorrow and we
9:19 pm
are looking at a good chance of scattered showers on friday. satellite radar composite image shows the advancing frontal system approaching the bay area right now and it will start to move slowly southward with the rainfall that develops overnight tonight and tomorrow. we are going to get some wet weather here. the big question is will it push far enough southward to affect game two in the world series. the forecast animation. by 5:00 tomorrow morning whatever rain is falling will still be mainly well up into the north bay. we advance the animation further and by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon rain down past the golding gate perhaps pushing into san francisco. maybe not heavy enough to have any effect on game two of the world series. as we advance further into friday doesn't look like the rain is going to push far eastward at all. moves southward but most of the rain that falls confined to the north bay. as we go even further into the forecast future and look at friday, a showery day and more
9:20 pm
of the bay area will get wet weather on friday perhaps than even tomorrow. friday night at 11:00, rainfall projections 2 to 4 inches in the north bay mountains. one to two and a half inks in the remainder of the north bay. a half inch to finch the peninsula and the south bay not getting very much at all. the suze mountains might get more of a soaking. tomorrow night, late afternoon, at&t park, 4:57 p.m. the game time start officially there will probably be light rain around. temperatures dropping from 58 at the start of the game to about 55 degrees. that's about it. overnight tonight, lows mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s around the bay area. tomorrow's highs in a narrow range. upper 50s in the north bay. 60s elsewhere. similar reads around the south bay where there will be little rainfall at all. highs 60s near the bay to low 70s inland and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. more showers on friday. a chance early saturday and then drying out later saturday.
9:21 pm
looks like a mainly dry day on sunday which is halloween. good news for trick or treaters and for parents and sunny and mild for much of next week. >> the rain sort of dodges all of the events we have going. >> a good thing. the rain is smart. coming up here tonight, a bay area retailer takes a page from the public library to reinvent the book store. and one toilet paper manufacturer goes tore the
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mega pops lollipops. they may contain portions of metal particles. the candy list is on necessity is the mother of invention. a bay area book seller is reinventing his business from the traditional book and mortar mod toll a new mobile version. an idea basically borrowed from the public library. >> her name is big blue and she is making appearances at farmers markets and community events throughout the east bay. dave simpson is the owner of the 35-foot custom made bookmobile. >> i thought wouldn't it be neat to have a taco truck for books and then i realized they exist and called book mobiles and nobody really used them in a retail context.
9:26 pm
>> he closed his lafayette book store for good in july. simpson fully intended to stay in the business through special events and online sales. then he found big blue on the internet and she became part of his reinvention. >> this was decommissioned from the ypsilanti, michigan, public library. he flew to michigan, purchased the bus and drove it back to california. >> it will be just one of a handful in the country being used for retail book sales. >> rather than waiting for customers to come to him, he will bring his books to them. >> the lafayette farmers market and art and wine festival and we were invited to a neighborhood block party that they are delegate to. he says he will give big blue a year and if it doesn't work
9:27 pm
out. >> i had two people want to purchase it. one wanted to pull it into his backyard and take it into his library and one is a total hippy and wanted to drive it across the country as a hippie bus. >> book blue with be at the annual book fair and a number of events in the coming weeks. for a full schedule go to under see it on tv. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight, one store, one neighborhood. it can't transform the entire area but it might come close. also, giants fever extends to a bay area hospital. the players showing up to spread a little cheer. i'll have that story. also tonight, why an entire police force is throwing up its police force is throwing up its hands and walking
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good evening, once again. a look at some of the headlines we are following for you tonight. >> 3-2. popped it up. giants win game one. it was ugly at times during game one at the world series. the giants against the texas rangers but in the end the giants won decisively 11-7. game two is tomorrow at at&t park. we'll have live coverage from the park in a few minutes. dignitaries were on hand as electric carmaker tesla oneiled the new plant logo on the front of the former numi plant in fremont. there are two years of outfitting to be done before the first aluminum body car rolls off the assembly line. one year after a
9:32 pm
15-year-old was gang raped outside her school district, her family has reached a settlement with the district out-of-court. sources say it is in the millions. a trip that ended in arrests. a church had been going to zimbabwe for a decade when suddenly they were told they were breaking the law. leyanne melendez tells their story. >> the holding sells were bear and minimal at best. >> glory says they were fed and treated with respect. the allen temple baptist church
9:33 pm
aids ministry that's bee has bo zimb babylon which for ten years. they treat people. they moved to a different location to provide clinical services to more people. that is when the government charged them with operating in a location that was in the licensed. they were also charged with not having a pharmacist on site. >> after clearing up this misunderstanding, the charges were dropped and the ministry medical team was commended. >> for the work. >> david volunteered with the group for nine years. he says everyone was upset with the government for having them arrest. >> whether it was the inspectors that arrested us, whether it was the officers where we were in jail, whether it was people on the street that saw us in the news, they
9:34 pm
all thanked us and wanted us to continue. >> reporter: he says he will go back to zimbabwe. the others are too. they are urging the community to continue providing them with financial support. >> we are saying don't back up but continue down this path. >> reporter: so this is interesting. while in the holding cell one of the workers was asked by prison officials to talk to some of the locals about hiv and aids so there she was giving out information to the other prisoners. now, the government says the health workers can return any time. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. back out to larry beil at at&t park for game one of the world series in a little bit. major league baseball is dedicating game one of the world series to the fight against cancer. today, giants legends gaylord perry and vita blue signed
9:35 pm
autographs and handed out gear. the visit is part of a standup to cancer campaign an initiative created to raise money to accelerate ground-breaking cancer research. >> something special in my heart, visiting the soldiers and also visiting the young kids and just let them know that we are pulling for them and praying for them and look for them to be back 100% soon. major league baseball has been a leading partner to the stand up to cancer campaign, donating more than $10 million to the effort to date and those giants legends made a big impact on those kids today. a new store is coming to the san francisco bay view districts offering residents something they haven't seen in their neighborhood for many years. something most of us take for granted. leigh glaser has the story. >> we have been talking about the grocery stores and convenience and here it is.
9:36 pm
>> reporter: sophie says when the new fresh market opens next year families will get what they need most, fresh produce and an easy way to get it. >> honey, go to the store and get sol it filling and not fear for their lives because it is convenient. >> we haven't had a glory store here in a long time. to get it up and ready to do the components of a neighborhood is it is happening in the out-of-boundser bay vieira. >> the 10,000 square foot park is part of a new development at the muni station. they expect to hire 20 people to run the store and will be hiring local. >> we will be excited to bring fresh produce and fresh vegetables and fruits to the neighborhood. >> a diamond in the rough. >> reporter: wayne has lived in the bay view all his life and says he is positive about the changes taking place.
9:37 pm
>> it would be great for the community. you know, every other district has a growth restorer to go to within their bounds. >> reporter: the entire complex cost $100 million, all coming from the private sector. 20 condos have already been sold. fresh and easy stores are sprinkled throughout california. this will open in spring. two restaurants will also hope in the complex. a few sign that bay view is becoming a a neighborhood families will want to move into. >> you wouldn't think there would be any way to reinvent toilet paper but the kimber ly park is coming out with tubeless t.p. it is estimated that 17 billion toilet paper tubes are produced each year. the technology may also be adapted to the company's paper
9:38 pm
towels. >> one of the most enduring musicals in american history. ♪ i like to be in america >> the san francisco revival of "west side story" that's ahead. plus, fast and furious. scientisis@#d
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let's go south of the border for a few moments. the entire police force in an entire mexican town quit after its new headquarters of attacked by drug cartel gunmen. gunmen fired more than 1,000 bullets and flung six grenades. the 20 minute shooting spree left the building speckled with bullet holes and six police
9:42 pm
cars utterly destroyed. it was inaugural rated just three days before. move to entertainment. west side story is considered to have one of the best scores written for a musical. a recent revival has given the show a more contemporary edge and generated at the same time. here is don sanchez. >> reporter: the unforgettable score of leonard bern stein. west side story was considered ground breaking more than 50 years ago. >> it is as cell van as it was then. a -- as relevant as it was then. this piece really feels timeless ♪ >> spanish lyrics and dialogue. >> i think they wanted to create an authenticity and more of an edge. >> arthur wrote the original
9:43 pm
and directed the 2009 revival at age 93. >> the story, of course, hasn't changed from the 1957 original but it has been reimagined in this production with a grittier edge. ♪ it is still the love story of tony and maria, romeo and juliet updated and the battle of the jets versus the sharks on the west side. gang violence seems more prevalent in society now. the leader of the sharks. >> it is about people wanting to belong and coming here looking for an opportunity but it is also unfortunately about bigotry, love and violence trying to survive in that environment. >> reporter: this is a little extra. rehearsal before opening night. we are in the lobby. 14 local musicians joined the five who travel with the show. >> five hours of rehearsal and we do the show the first time that the cast that evening. and that -- it as challenge but
9:44 pm
it has always worked out. >> great. so, that's it. >> they are here for five weeks. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. ♪ that looks fun, does at any time? it seems that love really is like a drug. according to a study in the journal of sexual medicine love at first sight really does exist. euphoric chemicals flood the brain and it is the same sort of sensation one gets from using cocaine and being schmitten takes one fifth of a second after spotting someone that you fancy. coming up, classic car, classic movie. ♪ >> as we continue, james bond his car sells for almost as his car sells for almost as the newsa goldfinger. i want you to
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you are about to see a real life elastic man. a mouth so rubbery it is a half a foot long. it earned him a place in the guinness book of records. it is so wide he can fight an entire can of soda inside sideways. that is something, isn't it? the real trick, of course, is getting it out of your mouth. apparently he can do that as well, thank goodness. go back to the forecast. >> i have trouble sometimes getting my foot out of my mouth. >> that's true. >> moisture up in the north bay. we have. had much rainfall at all. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere picked up on the radar but very little hitting
9:49 pm
the ground. some light sprinkle north of hillsdale and around gloverdale. start at 8:00 tomorrow morning. rain still developing in the north bay and pushing slowly southward. the late afternoon hours perhaps light rain pushing just south of the golden gate down into san francisco and up to the peninsula. high temperatures upper 50s to 60 tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast. showers likely on saturday. tapering off on saturday early in the day. sunny and dry for most of the day on sunday which is halloween and sunny and mild for monday and tuesday. for tomorrow night game two at at&t park the of the world series looks like we will have a good chance of dry conditions and if it does sprinkle just a light sprink. sprinkle. >> if you have trouble getting your foot out of your mouth, i have no trouble getting mine in. it does not come with a license to kill but has just about everything else.
9:50 pm
>> the 1964 aston marten used in goldfinger sold for $4.5 million at a london auction. includes an injection seat and bulletproof wind shield. machine guns in the front and smoke shield in the back. the owner bought the car in 1969 for $12,000. he is donating the money to charity. what a cool ride. >> all right. stay with us. larry beil shaken not stirred out at at&t park today where it was a littlefield with th litte fans. he is up next. >> dan, cliff lee could have used that pullet proof glass today. this world series is going to be decided by pitching? not so much my friends. the giants take game one.
9:51 pm
♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled,
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your target has never bn better.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, why the hell's angles are threatening to take
9:54 pm
a high end fashion house to court. and president obama gets down to business on a comedy show. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now, let's talk some giants baseball. game one if the books against the texas rangers and went our way. larry beil is live at the park tonight. larry? >> reporter: one down three to go. so much for the pitchers' duel that everybody expected. the giants offense exploded for 11 runs and take the world series opener oh over texas by a score of 11-7. before the game, bengie molina is warm reception from the fans. hall of famers throwing out the say monitorial first pitch. willie mays was suppose to be there. a little under the weather tonight. scores andrews and 1-0 rangers.
9:55 pm
timmy's struggles continue in the second. cliff lee doubles to the gap leaving molina in third. 2-0 texas. timmy goes five and two thirds and gave up four runs. the giants get to lee in the third. freddie san seven. edgar rentia scores. the giants down. buster posey singles to left center. torres scores and we are tied at two. in the fifth, the big inning. sanchez splitting the gap in left center. the first player in world series history with three doubles in his first three at-bats. torres in. 3-2. san francisco. ross does it again up the middle. sanchez scores. 4-2 giants. with two utahs in the inning, aubrey huff. lee exits and oh day enters and juan uribe has left the park.
9:56 pm
a three-run moon shot capping a 6-run fifth. the giants go up 8-2 and keep pouring it on. in the 8th sanchez with his fourth hit of the game to make it 10-4. the giants tame the game one slugfest 11-7. we bring in mike shumann now as the world series tag team coverage continues. if you see shu in a tie you know it as big night. nobody expected this from the giant offense. >> i think i saw more smirks in the locker room not from the pitching staff but from the hitters. supposed toe about a pitchers' duel. >> it goes to show you a great pitcher sometimes they are a little bit off and hopefully when they are you take advantage of mistakes and we did it tonight. >> you never think you are going to have success, you know, against a pitcher like that but just tried to attack early and swung at the first pitch of the game and then
9:57 pm
after that i just tried to see it and put the ball in play and fortunately i was able to find some hits. >> cliff lee said the giants have hit through pitching. i guess he also knows you have some bat. >> we came out swinging it and you also want to take that first win especially at home. >> a lot of guys had multiple hits and set a couple of records i think. a great job by freddie sanchez and then for uribe to get the crushing blow. >> giants hitters stud dig the cliff notes last night. have to get in one academic ref reps. gives the team so much could confidence going into game two. a lot haven't been in the world series and you can feel it. this bodes well for the giants as they look for it. >> cliff lee is the closest thing they had to a guaranteed win. here is their manager ron, washington, on what went wrong.
9:58 pm
>> ran out of gas by the time we got to the fifth and they put some goodat bats together. they put 11 runs on the board. they beat us. we'll get back tomorrow. >> game two tomorrow night just before 5:00. matt kane against c.j. wilson. the golden state warriors tipped off a new season at the oracle arena, hosting the houston rockets. ellis and company against yao ming. new warrior david lee at the power forward position going to the cup and strong. warriors down one and a half. pulls up for three. warriors up 87-79. to the fourth, curry and montae. curry the steal, montae the hoop. warriors leading in the fourth in their season opener.
9:59 pm
a busy night locally in the bay area. the sharks hosting the new jersey devils. joe thornton with a hat trick scored two first period goals. the sharks leading the devils 5-2 in the third. that is the wrap as the giants take the world series opener 11-7. >> ten seconds larry. a lot of errors. do you attribute that to nerves? >> i think a lot of players were nervous. tim lincecum had one play off the third-base line where he foregot what he was supposed to do and he said i froze. that was typical of what we saw in game one. >> we will be back at 11:00. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 11:00 on abc 7 7.


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