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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 28, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> top of the wall and back into play for the celtics. do you know the night is going your way when the ball bounces back that the stadium
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after a hit like this. good evening i'm dan. the game was blow out. shut out for the giants dominated the texas rangers in game 2 of the world series. 9 zip the final score. sports director larry live at at&t park tonight. at least for the rangers the eighth inning seemed like would it never end. >> it didn't end. i tell you what, mentally i'm not sure if it ever ended because it was tedious. they could not get the final out. we expected a pitcher dual last night. we had one for awhile this evening until as you mention the roof caved in on the texas bullpen and the final was 9 nothing giants. they now take a commanding 2-o series lead and very real shot at bringing the city of san francisco the first world series title ever. let's look at the highlights from game 2 at at&t park. we were worried about rain all day long but mother nature cooperated all dry. matt has been great this post season. a little bit of luck on his side here as we showed you top
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5. he and kim with a bomb off the very top of the fence in center field. ends up as double. one more inch and it would have been gone. 1 nothing texas. instead the rangers would not score. now in the bottom of the fifth if cj wilson leaves a fast ball off and edgar slams it out. aloha. and the giants take a 1 nothing lead. stayed tight for awhile. top of the sixth. cane gets out of a jam. 2 on. it's kim again and routine fly ball. cane would go 7 and two-thirds. scoreless innings. to the seventh. juan with a flare. scoring ross 2 nothing giants. fans on the way out tonight again chanting. bottom 8. the roof would cave in on the sex bullpen. 11 straight ballings. walked huff forcing the 3 nothing and another run walked in. strike again. scores 2 more. blow out
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alert. follow was a blast to triple alley. 2 more score. 7 runs in the eighth for the giants as they roll 9 to nothing and take a two-o series lead. here's the skipper bruce. >> tight ball game.take you take all the runs you can get and these guys disa great job of finding a way to get on base either through walk or big hit. edgar got a huge hit in the rally. had a big night tonight and nice to have a cushion in the 9th. >> game 3 will be saturday night texas. jonathan sanchez against colby lewis and there's a chance this may be the final game at at&t park this season because the next 3 are in texas. there's no guarantee the rangers are going to prolong this series. the fans do in the want to go home. they want to stay at at&t park and keep partying all night long. we will have lots more. highlights in post
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game. later on in sports. for now dan back to you. >> okay larry thanks very much. before you go larry pitching staff in the 8 after absolutely went cold for the rangers. now the giants have really tough pickle. 2 games up with 4 to play is very, not quite insurmountable but tough for the rangers. >> i think the rangers in a difficult situation. obviously 2-o. next 3 games at home but from a mental standpoint when you watch your bullpen completely implode that 8th inning it took them 27 minute to get the third and final out of that i think. that bullpen, the psyche of those young guys has to be very shakey at this point. so you wonder some people think that the magic of the giants have is just going to be insurmountable and might sweep the seevrments i thought that's kind of a reach but after watching what we saw ton tonight, i'm not sure. it might very well happen. we could be talking about a parade next week very shortly. >> let hope solar ri. see you later on in the hour. thanks
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very much. >> all right. >> as suggested another huge night fun night for giants fans. amy is here with that part of the story. amy? >> dan it was so much fun. no torture in. unless you were at texas ranger fan. the crowd is jubilant. so excited. so proud of their team. listen to them chanting as they left the stadium tonight. about [ yelling] if chanting juan's name who was huge in the game and fans are proud. we heard the fans talking about how this team success is so unexpected. they feel like it kind of started coming out of nowhere and made for such an exciting ride. not only are they in the world series but they are up 2 to nothing. pichlt torture. it is fan takes ticket every game like this please, every game. so fantastic. i lost my voice.
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>> and now they are heateded to texas and fans aren't even worried about it. they are so confident that they are going to go to texas and seal the deal. not even sad that they might not come back to san francisco. they would rather them go to texas, get the titles and bring it back home. fans tonight are partying as if this is the lasts game we'll see at at&t park this season. let's hope so. wouldn't that be great? reporting live from san franci francisco, amy abc 7 news. back to you. >> sure would, amy. thanks very much. >> come back to baseball a little later on in the hour but we'll move on to politics next. if the polls are accurate the race for governor is all but over. the california field poll shows 10 points now separate jerry brown from meg whitman. double digit lead analyst say is too much to overcome this close to the election. meg whitman was at republican headquarters in walnut creek tonight. latest in many campaign stops today. she was quite busy. mark tonight on this major shift in a race considered too close to call
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just few weeks ago. >>reporter: meg is trailing by 10 with 5 days left. >> a lot of polls throughout right now some show me down iron ternl poll the poll i believe show that this race is a dead heat and we are gaining momentum every single day. >>reporter: her campaign is touting a couple of poll they have paid for to show that the race is still too close to call. the independent field poll is showing jerry brown with a big lead among independent and up 49-33 percent and among latino"n voters he has an even bigger advantage. 57-34 percent. this in a race that was a dead heat in september. mark is director of the calf field poychlt the past 6 weeks has been more about whitman and it hasn't been good news for her. >>reporter: he suspects latino voters were turned off by the way whitman handled her former housekeeper. look at the number for women voters. brown up by 16. 51-35
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percent. bruce. >> with respect to the women i it this issue is likeability to be hochbilitys i just think she's not come across in a way that is appeal to women. >>reporter: professor cape admit it's perfect plexing why white hand mass not connected with women voters. she would be the first woman ever elected governor of california. the odd of that happening now are somewhere near 10%. the pollster. >> overcome 10 point lead you need a game changer. something need to change. >>reporter: time is running out for whitman. 21 percent of the voters have already cast their ballot by mail or in early voting. among those brown again polled significant advantage. >> and last minute ads which 20 or 30 years ago could have made a big difference aren't going to make a difference if 20 percent of the vote are already cast. >>reporter: so whitman is attempting to make every day count. she was in salinas this morning. stockton this afternoon. before come here to walnut creek. and jerry brown? he made no public appearances
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today. playing defense. >> make sure the ground game is working and that no mistake happen and on next 3 or 4 days. >>reporter: interesting to note both pollster and political scientist are telling 93 this govern race comes down more to buy ago rave and personality than it does to the issues. this weekend jerry brown begins his own state wide tour and tomorrow the field poll comes out on the senate race between boxer and fee arena. stay tuned. this is 7 news. then there's this. does genetics play a role in determining your politics. scientist at uc san diego and harvard say yes. the research finds person political laengs are affected by two things. first the gene called drd 4. second social factors. those that have the drd 4 gene and have an active social life are more likely to be liberal the research says. researchers say this is true regardless of
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ethnicity, culture, sex or age. item a thought. >> from the 7 news i team tonight the marijuana farms that are sprouting up around the state. what will happen if pot becomes legal? l. >> also the scathing letter supposedly sent by san francisco dmv employee to a transgender woman who came in to make a name change. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. rain moving into the north bay and game 2 of the series is over. rest of us will see some rain. show you when and where in the accu-weather forecast. >> also this evening on her majesty secret service. majesty secret service. secret
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evenet 3 years interest free financing on tempur-dic, the most recommended bed in america! pluset free same day delivery. when brands compete, you save! don't miss sleep train's ttress price wars. ♪ sleep train. ♪ your tick to a better night's sleep. ♪ >> 5 month old boy kidnapped this morning in san pablo found this afternoon abandoned but unharmed thankfully on oakland street. tonight police are searchingxd for the infant father, 23-year-old evans. police say he took the baby from his estranged girlfriend's home. investigators say evans was already wanted for charges including child custody violations. >> according to notice sent to parent of student at stanley middle school in lafayette, this teacher michael merritt has been arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with his child. he's on administrative
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leaf. there is no word on whet the minor is a student at stanley. >> sad news to report about cynthia a-nurse attacked by inmate this week at the contra costa county jail martinez. she has died from her injuries. authorities say the inmate aaron guard faked a seizure and hit the nurse in the head with a desk lamb there were several deputy within 10 feet of the 2 at the time of the attack. california nurse association says the death has reenergized their effort to increase security for nurses in potentially dangerous virments. letter filled with hate sent to a transgender woman in san francisco has prompted an investigation at the department of motor vehicles. the anti-gay letter claims to have been written by a dmv clerk who assisted the woman at the san francisco branch last week. we have the story. >> now serving. >>reporter: the usually
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painful experience at the dmv became a traumatic one last week for amber, a transgender woman who came to this san francisco branch to legally change her name on her driver's license. but just few days later a copy of this letter was mailed to her hous house. the writer says he's the dmv clerk who helped her and then he went on. being transgender is evil he wrochlt urged her not to go through with the transition from man to woman. he says she's going to hell. >> understandably i think she was scared to get a letter september to her home from state employee who presumably found out her address through his official capacity as a state employee. and it was incredibly harassing and traumatizing experience for her. >>reporter: she's not speaking publicly but turned to the transgender law center for help. dmv now investigating the alleys. spokesman forth agency said in a statement this is a person el disciplinary matter which the department does in the discuss. but the dmv does not
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condition deny or tolerate the access or use of personal information for non-work related purposes. advocate for the transgender community say discrimination like this is nothing new. at the law center here in san francisco they say they receive more than 1500 calls a year from transgender people seeking help. >> i think it's a sad indication of where we are. >>reporter: transgender law center christina worth says she hasn't reported the letter to police but believe this biblical verse quote entered the letter is clearly a threat. says let them meaning gay people be put to death. he signs the letter in charity charity, thomas. in san franc francisco, abc 7 news. all right spencer is here with the forecast and boy the rain really held off for the game tonight. timing perfect. >> it was great. even post game celebration fans dry but rain enclosures. already in the north bay rate now. just hasn't moved into other areas yet but it is on its way. live view from the east bay
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camp are in emeryville looking west ward towards san francisco. and we will be seeing some rain tomorrow here in the city if not during the wee hours of the morning. doppler shows a wide path of rainfall pushing that the bay area but mainly in the north bay rate now. earlier we were seeing it up in mendocino county and just beginning to touch the northwest edge of sonoma county. now beginning to push inland a bit so rain around wind or and santa rosa and p.m. rohnert park and see how close to the golden gate so over the next few hours we see it approaching san francisco if not pushing into the city but basically it's a north bay event until later tomorrow when all areas of the bay area start to see rain. right now temperature readings generally in the 60's around the bay and into the about south but inland location in the east bay and north bay abdominal the coast where readings are currently in the 50's. these are the highlights rain in the north bay tonight and hit all areas by late friday. begin to hit all areas by then then showers
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diminish on saturday so looks like the bulk of the rain comes between tomorrow afternoon and saturday morning. satellite radar composite image showing large massive dry air that is holding off pushing that against that frontal system and dry air of course causing much moisture from the system to evaporate before it hits the ground now the system is goyng slowly pushes ward so start the forecast animation 9:00 o'clock tonight. it has been more of an up lifting event if you will. rain lifting northward and just sliding gradually eastward and that's the picture through most of the overnight hours into tomorrow afternoon and then finally we see the rain beginning to push farther inland eastward all areas will see rain by tomorrow night certainly and into saturday morning then start to taper off. low pressure tonight on mailed side generally in the low to mid 50's and tomorrow it is wet still up north but it is slow to spread to other parts of the bay area. in fact some sun parts of the south bay and east bay until later in the day. that will be the mildest area tomorrow south bay and east bay with
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high in the low 70's. as you push northward you see cooler cooler conditions because of the cloud cover and rainfall up north. near monterey bay high near the bay in mid upper skits and then inland we see low 70's at morgan hill, gilroy and holster. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain is with us through friday into saturday before it starts to taper off sunday halloween is a dry day. that is probably good news for parents and trick-or-treaters then monday tuesday wednesday we see dry mild conditions with high pressure inland climbing back into the low to mid 70's early next week and midweek next week and late next week we get cloud if thickening again and if the world series comes back to san francisco looks like great weather for baseball next week. >> we hope it is parade weather and get it done. >> don't need to play any more games. win it in texas and parade here. >> thanks very much. >> all right coming up tonight f.details relating to military intelligence kept strictly under wraps but tonight one detail is now revealed for the
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first time. the praise tag. >> also baseball klats act. player who is is also a real humanitarian. >> and high tech road rally with nobody
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>> san carve loss base second harvest food bank launch the nation most ambitious food and fund drive. former forty-niner quarterback of steve young is helping second harvest try to meet its goal of raising 11 million dollars and collecting 1.7 million pounds of food. he was at the fad bank distribution center today packing food and auto graving souvenirs that will help raise funds. >> i think there's a focus today in letting people knee 95 cent of every dollar given goes to food for hungry kid
9:24 pm
and seniors especially that's who the real group is. >> second harvest says demand has sky rocketed over 30 percent in the past two years. the economy obviously. it served an ample of 2 70,000 people per month last november and december and expects comparable numbers this holiday season. >> mainly league baseball is honoring the player who gave the most back to his community this year. award named after baseball legend roberto died while helping other. his family is in san francisco to spend time with this year winner. red sox pitcher tim wakefield as well as some little kid with some very big dreams. as lee ann says. >> they barely speak english. yet their enthusiasim comes through in any language. quickly taken and hero are real. today students at mission education center in san francisco met jeremy felt rae leaveer for the giant known for giving back to the
9:25 pm
community. very much like right fielder roberto kle meant who played for the pittsburgh pirates. p.e. says roberto went to help the people of my country nicaragua. died in a plane crash. that was 1972. widow vera sets roberto had a passion for the game and their people. >> he used to leave the hotel and go on walk in the community. he like to talk to common people from his country. >> the mold l i have my kid live upped and roberto lived under is do unto others as you would have someone do unto you. >>reporter: student here are newcomers not only to san francisco but to the u.s. by meeting these players and former great they come to realize that anything is possible. like roberto former giant pitcher juan is in the hall of fame and today continues working with the community especially with kids. >> you can play any spovrment
9:26 pm
you can do anything you want but first education. >> still lift your leg the way you used to. >> no way. >> it was memorable for these kid. we asked them who their favorite player was? >> giants. >> close enough. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight. bay area man gets it home surrounded by a pot farm. why the sheriff won't do anything about the armed guard or bright light. >> need for speed. new leader tonight for the world fastest computer. >> landmark in secret intelligence. why britain spy chief." is stepping out of the shadow. another half hour of we know the realtory on jerry brown.
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jerry own opposes the death penalty. even for cop killers. he signed an inmates bilof rights. one supreme court judge that brown appointed was so liberal on crime... voting to stop the death penalty 6times. 64 times. the voters tossed brown's liberal judge right o of office. but as attorney general, brown did spend a quarter million dollars... to redecorate his fice. now you do, too. vote meg whitm.
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meg. me vote meg itman.
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meg. me about. >> good evening once again. we are going to begin this half hour with first happened look with how the state medical marijuana laws are attracting pot growers to california. let start by showing you the state biggest pot agreeing counties. ranched by the number of raids this year. casino no. 1. shasta county and dan went to a county that is not even in the top 10 to show you how pot farms are spreading across the state. >>reporter: walter was lacking for a place to retire after career as a plant manager. place to enjoy with his grandkids. somewhere away from the pressures of life in the bay area. he thought he found it 3 hours away in yuba county. on the edge of the national foyvrmingt this is exactly what i have been
9:31 pm
looking for. this is perfect. >>reporter: he liked the mountain. the wild life. and the clean air. but he also liked the deal. >> up there life savings we can build a house and the taxes are less than 400 dollars a year. >>reporter: he sank the life savings into this house. it's almost finished. >> one day you show up. there was a pot plantation next door. completely done. >>reporter: overnight the new neighbors brought in a truck load of top soil and set up rows of marijuana just feet from his living room. it is now harvest time. the plants are 10 feet tall. >> it is not anything i want my kids around. anything i weren't my grandkids around. >>reporter: we wanted to talk to yuba county officials about the pot farm but the sheriff, sheriff, supervisor and district attorney all declined to be interviewed on camera. by phone i was told the cultivation of marijuana is not a priority for us. >> it is a priority for
9:32 pm
walter. he's worried about his family safety. >> and then i see the guys walking around with a shotgun. other guy machetee tattoo out. >>reporter: he says the sheriffs deputy told him some of the growers have criminal record. how is it going? and the man heading the operation confirms it. he agreed to an interview with of we wouldn't show his face or use his name. >> people with records can still have medical marijuana. people make mistake without their life. who can't say people made a mistake and a lot of people have records. doesn't exclude them from being medical cannabis patients. >>reporter: he rented the property to grow 100 plants and doctor recommendation for medical marijuana for what he calls script for various conditions. >> from chronic pain. >> they taking the marijuana and selling it. >> no.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: for their own use. >> personal use. >>reporter: he says the workers carry the shotgun and machetee at night to protect themselves from bears and he's sorry if they startled walter. >> basically overnight boom. there's a pot farm next to his house. do you understand how he might be upset. >> definitely i can definitely see where he's coming from. you know. i understand. but walter like to come over and say hi. we are nice guys over here. welcome to come on over. >>reporter: are you angry. >> very. very. i waste add lot of money. my life saving savings. because if i was to turn around and sell it i can't recoup what i put in there already. >>reporter: he's not just losing money because of the housing crisis. his property has lost even more value because of the pot farm next door. he didn't realize marijuana is part of the culture in yuba county. his neighbor on the street grows it in green houses. this local find what he calls stink weed growing wild in the
9:34 pm
forest. and new pot farms are sprouting up across the county. >> pulls you in. such energy in the plant that there's a life force. you just get to walk around and like see them and feel them and smell them and it just brightens your day. >>reporter: these growers brought the operation from las vegas this year because the medical marijuana laws are less restrictive in california. they have set up right next to the highway. >> more to make a point we should be able to do it for medicine. we are not trying to do it for any other purpose. why can't we, do we have to hide. >>reporter: but they are taking precautions against those who would rip off their plants. 3 pit bulls and guns. >> at any cost. we can protect our property. at any cost. >>reporter: it is the threat of violence that bothers locals most. >> this trail was for one purpose only. access to marijuana plantation. >>reporter: authorities cut down 7000 the plus 400 plant in the yuba county forest a month ago after spot ago worker with a gun.
9:35 pm
>> 2 u.s. forest service female wild life biologist who stumble on to that area had their lives threatened. cae peace officer perfect kins took us to the site. lives in the area and worried about the mexican drug cartels who are known to favor isolated public land for the massive pot farms. >> they will kill you. if you and i went out the road or roads to where the 7000 plants were, you would be shot. >> it gives pot agreeing a bad name. it is dangerous for when you are walking in the woods. >>reporter: the small local pot farmers are concerned, concerned, too. this masseuse grows medical marijuana in his back yard. you can see it peaking over the top of the fichbilitys i feel in like people should be able to grow their own. grow it for their friends. maybe even have could the annual industry doing it. >>reporter: despite this is troubles walter supports medical marijuana for seriously ill patients. he doesn't back prop 19 that
9:36 pm
would legalize recreation use and allow people to grow their own in a 5 by 5 fat space. >> it doesn't belong every dick and harry back yard growing. how do you keep your kid away from it. are your kid going to do good, if scawd up how do they pay attention in school. >>reporter: prop 19 would also ahead new penalty for selling pot to anyone under the age of 21. tomorrow night we take you to a massive pot farm that is illegal. no question about it. more than 6000 plants in a national park. we hike in for the bust of multi-million dollar operation. for the eye team 7 news. the. >> it used to be a closely guarded secret but the government is now disclothesing what it spends on intelligence gathering. just over 80 billion dollars for 2010 that breaks down to 27 bill for military intelligence and 53 bill for the cia and other agencies. senator feinstein is already promising to cut that spending. she says it is too high during the country
9:37 pm
current financial situation. >> and the head of britain spy agency stepped out of the shadow today becoming the first director of mi 6 to give a public speech in the 100 year history of that agency. ironically the topic was the need for secrecy. john sawyer also known as by his code name see says intelligence agency work to go become more accessible but warns keeping intelligence secret is vital to protect people against growing terror threats. >> secrecy is not a dirty word. not there as a coverup. operation and method become public. they won't work. agent take risk. they will not work and will not pass the secret they hold unless they can trust us not to expose them. foreign partner we have certainty and what they tell us remain secret. not just mess of the time but always. >>reporter: unprecedented speech comes after release of 400,000 leaked intelligence
9:38 pm
documents from the iraq war. also comes ahead of an inquirey lacking into whether british sfwel generals agency accomplice it in the torture of terror suspects. sawyer dense the allegations. >> another sign of china growing technological prowesses they now have the world fattest super computer doing 2500 trillion calculation a second. 1 million times faster than the lap top. super computer does use parts from intechlt it can be used for everything from finding hidden reservoir of oil to making airplanes faster. >> free lap top. free restaurants. and child care with just not enough. google latest perk to draw the best and brightest. that's coming up. take you behind the scenes at at&t park. see why it takes 20 people to operate that
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and get any phone free. is is is l. >> bay area watches the world series we highlight another impressive performance at the ballpark every night. one the jints fans probably tend to take for granted. as wayne reports, above the team on the field there is an unharolded team in a booth. >>reporter: any major league baseball stadium there's a rule about not cheering in the press box. so let's move down a door or 2. now we have entered a realm of the homer. they are cheering in the press about box. >> you bet. >>reporter: chris is one of those san francisco giants you never see. >> here we go. about ready in. >>reporter: but the jints score board center field reflects the product of his
9:43 pm
labor and 19 others. in other words, the days of going to baseball game and being entertained by just the organ music long gone. ballpark dj michael does play organ music once in awhile l but with twouz songs in the computer and sophisticated crowd down below and walk up songs for every player pshtion technology wins. you like it loud in here. >> i do. >>reporter: loud in here means good out there. this is every bit lick doing a television broadcast but with live instant feedback. >> so we thrive off that and go with something longer based on the applause and reaction. >>reporter: nothing beats a sustained rally. >> here we go. >>reporter: 5th inning last night a doozy. 6 runs. director kevin had dramatic
9:44 pm
seat of the pants replay frenzy. how is the bloop. >> well up to continue milligrams of bloop medicine right now. bringing it down, though. >>reporter: as the doctor might say after 90 home games it is time for the off season. fichlt holy smokes. you nearly said it. i had to go to smoke. >>reporter: from at&t park, wayne friedman abc 7 news. who nushtion right. pretty neat. look mom. no hands. coming up here on modern day version of marco polo journey around the world using driverless advance to using driverless advance to drive
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> new squen ration of cars making headlines. a test drive was 8,000 miles long. traveling from italy to china at journey back on july 20 crossing eastern europe, europe, russian a-even the desert without getting lost. the vans are equipped with solar powered laser scanners and 7 videocameras. equipment works in tandem to detect and avoid obstacles. researchers did ride along in case of emergency and they could observe much more closely that way. this marks the longest unmanned driving test ever done. it took awhile because the vehicle had to be charged eight hours for every 2 hours of driving. >> get a load of the latest perk that google is offering its employees. in a bid to woo engineers the tech giant is giving the workers credit for an on line service called task rabbit. let you post an errand and have them done by background check runners. sort of like personal service. they do things like empty the trash. scrub the bathroom.
9:49 pm
even cook dinner for 2 or assemble items from eye key a.there's a perk. >> many people don't know this but i actually perform that function for spencer here at the station. whatever he needs. i just take care of. right spencer. >> my keyboard is about locke locked. >> here's live doppler. rainfall in the north bay right now. continuing to spread north word and eastward and just off the coast line of san francisco and pacifica right now a little area of light rain developing there that could be some sprinkles. in fact hitting the ground at the moment. no reports yet of measurable rainfall there but we certainly do have parts of the north bay and sonoma county and in mendocino county pushing into marin county as well. so wet weather confined to the north bay right now and pretty soon be getting hitting all of us. overlooked largely overlooked today was how mild it was. we are talking about the rain so much and many overlook the high pressure got to nearly 80 degrees in san jose and livermore and more
9:50 pm
mild weather along with rain coming our way. here's the 7 day forecast. rain that developed continuing to push inland overnight tonight. into tomorrow. heaviest rainfall will be from late tomorrow afternoon into saturday then drying out on sunday which is halloween and mild weather next weak. >> all right. thanks. coming up next. >> larry back live out at the giants ballpark. game 2 of the world series in the books. >> hi dan. you mention the task rabbit business. do you think ron washington can find some bullpen help with task rabbit? any reliever out there to help. they failed the task in. edgar among the many giant heroes as they take a world series [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one shonest smear after another.
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and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown an? more spendi on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking ucation reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the sa old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs. world series lead 2-o.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. state worker who appear not only immune to furlough and lay off, they are in line for substantial raises. that story and body parts that used to be off limits are now okay to pat down. c changes at the airport. those stories and
9:54 pm
more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but now let's talk game 2 of the world series and giants baseball just spectacular tonight. larry is back out at the ballpark. it was that eighth inning that the giants fans will love to remember and rangers need to forget going in game 3. >> yes. they want to forget it as quickly as possible. we expected pitcher dual last night. we got one tonight for awhile but the giants absolutely annihilated the texas ranger bull opinion and jints take a straej hold 2-o series lead as the bullpen melted down at the finish. worried about the rain. never came. a little breezy at times but otherwise pretty nice night. montana back at the park for second straight inning. post season brilliance continued. strikes out nelson cruz looking to end the fourth. now you hear the phrase all the time. this is game of inches. in the fifth. bomb to dead center field. bounces off the very top of
9:55 pm
the fence and instead of home run guess for a double. he couldn't believe it. one more inch and it would have been gone. instead he ended up getting stranded. bottom 5. hear it comes. and there it goes as cj wilson leads a fast ball up and edgar crushes it. 1 nothing lead. to the top of the 6 and texas threatens. runners at second and third. my ball. ross. that does it for the inning. in the seventh. wilson leaves with blister on the throwing hand and crucial because oliver comes in and juan. p.e. hits a flare to hit in ross. 2 zip san francisco. manufacture to the eighth. lo pechltz lefty specialist gets a dangerous hamilton to fly out with a man at second. and texas still scoreless. bottom of the
9:56 pm
eighth and rangers take a walk on the wild side. derek holland throws 11 straight balls. 11. walks huff. forcing in buster. no land not happy at off. 3 nothing giants. would get worse after another walk. about the clutch base hit. scoring 2 more. to make it 6 to nothing giants. rowen gets into the mix. drive to triple alley. the score. giants erupt for 7 runs in the eighth. all with two outs. 30 of the 50 runs in the magical post season have come with two down. all giants. 9 nothing. as they take a two-o series lead nchlt bring in mike now. the giants score 11 runs last night. they score 9 runs tonight. if they are going to average 10 runs a game in the world series i kind of like the chances here. >> no question. i have to say that the giants wouldn't score 11 runs again. they almost
9:57 pm
did it tonight. i have gotten e-mails about it. he was nailed in. almost 21 straight scoreless innings in the post season. clubhouse very confident yet cautious as they pack for games 3, 4 and 5 in texas but the talk was about matt. >> we put our snevl a good situation. we are definitely going into their ballpark where they feel more comfortable. just like we are confident playing at home at the park. >> he watched the game. didn't you. pretty good. pretty dominant. he's a warrior. not a lot bothers him. he's our horse. >> always pitching. getting quality start and goes down and shuts the temperature down. done get much recognition obviously. but around here we all know. >> how about matt performance tonight. >> extraordinary. i was able to go out there and do exactly what we thought would he do. >> 20 runs in two games. craz
9:58 pm
crazy, right? about anything happen especially in the post season and hopefully we can keep it going pichlt you have to wonder about the psyche of the rangers especially of the relief staff. here's washington on the bullpen woe in the eighth. >> i wanted to come in and get him but it didn't happen. then i brought in low to try to get ground ball to get out the inning. he come in and walk guys also. just couldn't find a strike zone. he got it done after giving up the triple to rowan. >> game 3. saturday. 3:57 p.m. jonathan against lewis. >> well i think the giants now have a da. they say how do they adjust to that. do a lot of things. sandoval, rowan and add as bat to the line up. warmer there. ball travel further so i it this is an
9:59 pm
advantage going to the american league rules. >> last thing the rangers hear after going down 2. that's a wrap from at&t park. victorious giants. >> let me ask either of you. 2 games in going that game 3 with leading by 2 games. item not insurmountable lead but in the history of 7 game sears it's tough to overcome. >> it is very difficult when you drop the first 2 games. the advantage texas has is they have 3 in a row at home. so they have a chance to get some home cooking and get back on their feet and again recover mentally. >> take 2 out of 3 to bring the series back. so advantage giants but they are very cautious but they only need to win 1 game and then it's a series. >> mention at the top we may have seen the last game here at at&t park. could end in texas. >> thanks guys. mike and larry thanks so much. join us again in one hour on channel 7. thanks for


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