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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 29, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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helpline? yeah, th can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. -so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, e dog. - not good for theog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyo else want you to quit? me! i want me to qt. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: okers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. ♪ this device ma to look like a bomb was discovered as part of say terror threat against the unid states and the united kingdom that involved shipping devices through the mail. we begin with breaki news about several suspicious devices being shipped first by air and then by ups trucks. authorities say those suspicious packages came from yemen and were distributed in major cities
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in the united states and birminam, england. yemen is the home of the al-queda branch that claimed the responsibility for the attempted bombing of the u.s.ound airliner last christmas. president obama habeen >> newark and philadelphia airports were alerted to a potential bomb plot. the planes might have been carrng explosive devices from yemen through engnd. >> so they began issuing order 3:00 in the morning to look sat airplanes in the united states in the middle east and in europe that had parcels that had originated in yemen. >> it was thought more than a dozen were shipped to the u.s. aboard numers air carriers and distributed on to ups cargo trucks in new york and possibly new jersey. no active devices were ever found. >> one package i should say that was identified as being possibly involved with this threat. that package has been scanned by
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our bomb squad and has been clead. >> across the atlantic, othe potentl devices, cartridges with wires sticking out of them wereound aboard planes in london. >> nothing has bee found. there are planes that haven't been fully expected. >> president obama was notified late last night of two suspicious pages aboard cargo plights. extra security measures were in placfor those flights in philadelphia and newark. abc news, new york. >> abc 7 aviation consultant ron wilson says security for air cargo is better than it was before the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in america but most are still not x-rayed or even searched he says cargo airlines, shipping companies and the government are all to blame. >> shippers will solicit the government for permission to get access to ship cargo on
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passenger and cargo jets witho then going through expensive scrutiny x-raying physal inspections and that sort of thing of their cargo. it is in my mind a joke. >> and also says the airlines also carry cargo in compartments directly under the passengers. starting today security ches are going to get a lot mor personal for airport travellers who get pulled out of the line for further screings. critics say it's going too far. transportation security officials have been doing patdowns for years but now they will be patting you down more thoroughly before the agency used to flatten their hands to go down are the body, now they can use the front of their hands and check under the bra area. the new patdown could potentially find dangerous items
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on other parts of the body but won't catch everything. >> would it catch someone like the underwear bammer? >> not likely. the underwear bomber had powder in his underpants. you don't know if there's a weapon of any kind. >> critics say those new methods are highly invasive and unnecessary. breaking news in san francisco. this is sky 7 hd. the intersection of market and battery in san francisco was just shut down because of a suspicious package. police shut down busy market street just after 8:30 when somebody reported a suspicious suitcase. the bomb squad is there. we're going to continue following this and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. investigators believe a gunman who fired shots at a washington area marine corps museum this morning is also responsible for three similar shootings, including one tarting the pentagon. the f.b.i. believes the shooter has some kind of grievance against the u.s. marine corps. investigators believe that latest shooting happened overnight. all fo targeted military
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buildings in the washington d.c. area. the first shooting left bullet holes in the museum back in october 17th. two days later shots were fired at the pentagon and then a marine corps recruiting station was shot at late monday or early tuesday. in each case investigators believe a high-powered rifle was used. fortunately nobody has been injured. now to switchgears d on to the world series. the superars san francisco giants are on their way to texas on a roll two down and two to go in their battle for the world series. they left a short time ago on the team bulls f the airport. the first game in arlington, texas, is tomoow afternoon. jenelle wang joins us from san francisco international. the exce, fans are saying the "s" word. yes, the "s" word is sweep! the giants are on their way to texas to play game three and four and five if necessary.
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they just took off from the airport about 20 minutes ago and only we got their exclusive sendoff. the san francisco fire department ge the giants a big watery sendoff. a water gun salute over their chartered 747 where they continue their quest to win the team's first chaionship since 19 a -- 1954. cody ross, tim lincecum, brins wilson to play games three, four and possiblfive of the world series. >> absolutely! a lifetime opportuny, huh! right he in our backyard. what more can you ask for, huh? yeah, you say go giants! >> over at the terminal, we caught giants fans headed to texas to watch the world series, including the cantu family from livermore. >> i'm fortunate to have friends who have a suite and luxury box
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tickets and we get to enjoy behind hom plate. (laughter) >> texas ranger. >> they're texas ranger fans and they're kind to invite us. >> plenty of die-hard giants fans who through in from all over the country and canada to see the first two gas in san francisco. >> exhilarating. it was an atmosphere that can only rival a stanley cup up in canada i guess. so it was a blast. >> perfect. perfect environment. >> great city. beautiful cit >> so why did you come all the way out her >> because they're gonna win it. wanted to be part of it. >> game three takes place on saturday in texas. just before 4:00. and then on sund is game four and throng out the ceremonial first pitch are former president george h. w. and george w. bush. reporting live, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> i love the new york guy rooting for the san francisco giants.
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you saw it's dry behi you, jenelle. it was little wet early in the bay area and may continue later today. san francisco a city worke was up earlyo clear a small flood at fourt and townson. also a small tree fell. nobody hurt. let's check with meteologist mike nicco. >> awe talked about this morning if you're with us the rain retreated to the north bay. the only reporng station talking about light rain right now is santa rosa. looks like we're gonna keep this up here for the next couple hours. check out the rain totals the last 24 hours. a half inch in safrancisco to three-quarters isanta rosa as we broaden out the picture. more developg which would be upstream in this case to the southwest. this is going to be the entire system that will work its way tonight and tomorrow and bring us our best chance of rain over the weekend. looking dry for halloween. talk about how much rain you'll get in your neighborhood and when. here's cheryl with more news. >> mike, thanks very much. we'll see you a little later on. san francisco civic center is
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going to be evacuated for an emergency but it's just a drill. we'll exain what's going on. also have you seen this man? high-risk sex offender. local police need your help to find him. the gap is widening between the
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>> and we have an update on our breaking news store. market and battery were shut down because a suspicio package. we just learned the package has been opened and it was just some clothes fortunately, nothing bad. the bomb squad is going to be leaving the scene as you can
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see. and they're going to reopen market street any moment now. they had st down market street at 8:30 when somebody reported what looked to be a suspicious package. take you away from the story and move on to other news no because in less than two hours several buildings in san francisco civic center are going to be evacuated as a drill the drill scheduled for 1:00 is going to include 4 to 6,000 people at city hall inuding the federal building and department of health. the drill is going to close several streets in the area. improved response effor in the event of a real emergency. police are king for your help in finding a want sex offender robert nim is believed to be in the vallejo area. he is 6 feet tall, weighs 165 pounds, has blue eyes and blond hair. he has failed to keep up with
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his sex offender regulation requirements. a poll released this morning says democratic senator barbara boxehalls a lead in california's senate race ahead of next tuesday's elections. the survey found 49% compared with 41% for her republican challenger carly fiorina. fiorina says that poll is inconsistent with other showings as a statistical tie. fiorina talked about what it was like to run for public office. >> you know what surprised me in a posite way, robin, is the wonderful people you meet along the way. i mean, yes, politics is -- it can be a full contact sport for sure and there are days when it gets pretty nasty out there but, you know, i have met so many wonderful people along the way. i wouldn't trade a day of it. >> fiorina is in menlo park campaignin got back to work yesteay after
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spending two days in the hospital for a infection after reconstructive surry after battling breast cancer. congressman george miller, praised the hybrid auto program there. >> yes, keep on track in making america a leader. and making california the hub of the new clean energy economy your five is as bright as the sun. and at's what they're about. (applause) >> senator boxer is fighting for a fourth term. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> let's take a look outside, see if we can find rain, maybe even sunshine. a little mixture of both as we look from the east bay. what we're talking about are rain chances for today into tomorrow and then looks like a clear sky and warmer weather on the way. i'll have your forecast right after this bak. ♪ hey, at&t verse tv? yeah, it our new tv service. every day thousands of customers
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cited the obvious conflict of interest she w forced to pay the ney back. what kind of person would be involved i deals a fellow republican congressman lled corrupt? and iner last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 llion right before the company laid off 10% of it workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn'character matter?
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♪ nice out for the giants plane to take off. >> yeah, dry over texas, also. about 77 degre tomorrow with game time down to about 68. good weather in texas, too. let's talk where there is some bad weather. let's show you why. the left side of your screen, why would you not want to be in a manufactud home when there's a tornado and high winds. it's just rolling. the wind can get underath the manufactured home and lift it up
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and roll it over. this tornado went on to cause extensive damage in an aparent complex. this is out of chattanooga, tennessee. that was from that big system earlier in the week. look at this. southeasyou can see the breaks in the clouds, some of the sunshine after we get a little preprevious from the rain at least here in san francisco. another beautil picture from mount tamalpais this morning. doesn't that look gorgeous. head to th beach tonight. a little breezy at times. temperatures pretty mild in the mid-60s. actually temperatures now you can see what we're dealing with as far as the cloud cover. it's pretty extensive. notice the pockets here in the south bay and over towards the east bay valleys. those areas where we'll find some of the warmer weather. in fac have been extensive and rain upper 50s in the north bay valleys and low 60s from half moon bay, redwood city fremont southward. the monterey bay, 51. so the rain's going to stay in the north bay today.
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sunshine and even warmer weather the farther south yo travel. tonight the rain moves in, hangs aren't in a steady fashion through tomorrow morng and more showery tomorrow especially the north bay. we could hav a little rain sunday morning but it will clear out in tim for trick or treating. temperatures antioch, livermore, fremont, san jose. more likely to get more sunshine, w 70s the rest of us muscle 60s. even low 70s as you head inland. possibly 73 gilroy. bring it home tonight. look at the widespread nature of the rain. the green shie you see. all of us will deal with rain. cloverdale maybe a little cooler at 48. here we are 12. you can see most of the rain in the north bay starting to hug the coast as we head towards 7:00. your evening plans, you may want to have wet weather gear handy just in case and the overnight notice how it becomes more widespre and more intense by the darker green through 8:00 tomoow morning. dries up. you see scattered showers through the north bay.
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by 8:00 that is gone and wake up sunday morning an it's relatively dry. we'll keep our eye on this front here. that's going to bring you the shower cnce in the morning. about tenth to a quaer of an inch. the lowest amount there. we can get anothers quarr to half inch around the bay, maybe half inch to three-quarters of an inch in the north bay. quick lo at the sierra. snow for saturday in tahoe and also yosemite. 7-day forecast, cooler with that front paing tonight. mid to upper 60s saturday and sunday and then monday we'll see more sunshine and warmer temperatures away from the coast. we'll be in the low to mid-s. at the coast the mid-60s. >> you bet. and bart officials and other dignities are celebratin the ground breakg of an extension of bart in pittsburg. ten miles between the bay point station and hill crest avenue in antioch. passengers will board in antioch and be at the pittsburg bay point statiowithin ten
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minutes. the project will provide mre than 600 jobs during construction and 80 permanent jobs once e-bart has been serviced. it shou be completed by the year 2015. friday's perfect pet still ahead. mike is going to introduce us to
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(speing in international language) and he said unto them go ye in all of the world and preach t gospel
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prch the gospel ♪ eve creature in the world. (applause) >> today on oprah at 4:00, her big yosemite adventure. and we're going to be live in texas for the giants' arrival there. plus why the bay area has gone crazier than usual for these giants. time nowor friday perfect pet. mike nic here with a new friend. >> aays a new friend. very interesting name, cindy. how are you? >> good morning. >> joins us from the berkeley humane society. tell us about potpie. >> potpie.
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i do not name them but potpie is approximately 10, 11 months old. he's wonderful. the sweetest guy in the world. he's so full of energy but he's polite. >> he still needs more manners worked on. >> relatively young though. >> yeah. but he's fun and he does get -- he does get along with other dogs. he likes playful dogs. he needs a home. we've had him for several months and he needs a home. >> is he going to get much bigger? >> he might get a little bigger. if you notice how big hills paws are? >> they're huge. big as my hand. he could palm a basketbal >> but we have potpie and other puppies and kittens. >> not many adults. >> not many adults. we have a lot of kittens. turn around! (laughter) >> and an upcoming event. an art and craft sale which is
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november 6th and 7th. >> okay. if you're intereed in that fund raiser or potpie, call. cheryl? >> mike, thanks. that gonna do it for us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. have a great weekend. have a great weekend. bye-bye.
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