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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  October 31, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> today on christian world news, indonesia, 2 natural disasters in 24 hours. how bad is the damage and who is helping the people survive? >> he is the man some call can the pastor. our exclusive interview with the spiritual leader who help it had trapped chilean miners survive eir o deal. >> and motorcycles, music and the message of the gospel. a new generation of pree
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preachers. >> double disasters strike the pacific island of indonia. the number of victims of indonesia tsunami has topped 400. hundreds remain missing and many have been swept out to sea. on top of that disasteis volcanic eruption. heather sells has more on the rescue and relief operations. >> reporter: aid supplies are finally ly beginning to trickle in. cbn operation blessing have struggled with rough seas and bad days. >> our team was on for 16 hours
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beforethey could disembark and head for shore. not all of our relief supplies have been able to be unloaded. >> new ariel shots reveal widespread devastation. the tsunami left homes inhabitabl >> the medical team we have are working until late into the night working to help people with a wide variety of medical needs. the reports we havgotten, they are extremely busy, tax ed to the limit and bringing in a second and third team. >> operation blessinhas a medical team where the most volatile volcano erupted on
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tuesday. the thousands who fled not to return right now, experts fear a lava dome coulcause blisters gas and debris. >> a multimlion dollar warning system that was installed after that monster 2004 tsunami. it brokdown because it wasn't being properly maintained. >> thank you r. operation blessing has been indonesia since 2008. volunteers ga away 27 million dollars worth of medicine. to find out how you can help the people of indonesi go to
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our websit, cholera outbreak in haiti is stabilizing. deliveri clean water maybe paying o. fewer cases reported than expected. officials are worried it could spread and reach capitol, port-au-prince. more than 300 people have died since e start of the out break. a billion people watched the miraculous rescue ofthe # 3 miners trapped in the chilean mines. some of their individual stories are coming out. we have an exclusive interview with the man some people call the pastor who helped some companions go from darkness to the light. >> media gave him the title pastorjose henriquez prefers to keep the name his fellow
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minerscame him. >> my coworkers know me as jose and th is what they will call me. >> he has spent his entire adult life, 33 years working. he sensed something was wrong days before the aident. >> my grandmother came on 2 occasions to warn my mother something terrible was going to happen to me. it would be very hard for me to escape. when i said good-bye to my daughter, i was sure something was going to happened because she struggled to say good-bye and i knew then, god was going to do something th me. >> duringthose 2 months, the 33 miners needed more than food and physical strength to survive more than 2,000 feet beloground. >> i believe the key was
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believing in god. the lord wants them to believe in him, to believe in his word. >> jose henriquez is a profoundly spiritual person. his faith in god was key in helping companions hold on to hope. >> that spirituality served him well, knowlee of the word, because he preached in the church her. here. he didn't have it to read. he had to draw it out within his heart to share it with his companions. >> this christian miner lead devotions twice a day. some of the miners acpted christ. >> on the sunday before we were rescued, i called for a pastor to come because i am not a pastor. so i told my brother in the letter, bring a pastor that you
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consider andgod has confirmed is a real pastor to come and lead the prayer of salvation. he did that. around 20 miners said yes. they believ in the lord. >> jose henriquez s the fir of 33 to return to the mine after the rescue. he went back to the site to thank god for getting him out of the depths of the earth alive. within days of the rescue, he was welcomed as hero. >> no. the true hero is jesushrist. he is the only hero that should be mentioned. apart from what whatever man may have done inside and outside that mine, he deserves the honor and glory. >> he can tell the world how god used a simple miner to
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bring others into the late. >> all the miners have been honored by the government and playing the presidenand his staff in a game of soccer. a korean-american missionary held capti says he was tortured. robert park crossed a frozen river last christmas. he came to bring god's love and calling on the regime to relinquish power. park says his interrogators beat and tortured him until he admitted to committing a crime.. together they are shaping up the african nation of uganda.
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>> thousands of global christians concluded a major gathering insouth africa this
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week. their aim to help the whole church take the whole gospelto the whole world. more from cape town, south africa. >> reporter: for 10 days -->> the moment we have had here is a taste of heaven. >> they gathered to pray. [ foreign speaking ]>> to worship. >> we come together and not looking at each other but up to god. in doing that is what pulls us together. >> hear testimonies of god on the move around the world. >> it leaves me with an impression church is growing in christ with remarkable, remaable ways. >> and to seek god's faith, to know this man jesus from nazareth. >> church is not in the pulpit.
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it is out in the community, among the people. >> for thousand christns from 198 countries met for the 3rd lausanne congress known as cape town, south africa 2010. they reaffirmed commitment to biblical truths and spreading of gospel message. >> we need to leave here with the exclusive claims of chris the meaning of christ's death, necessity of conversionand lostness of man kind. >> participants wrestled with a host of issuesfrom poverty, aids to human trafficking and challenges of sharing god's truth in an increasingly secular wod. they heard testimonies from those suffering from their faith and what it meant for them to be part of the global church. this man, whose identity we
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secured for securityeasons. >> we are a big family, jesus christ. >> many informal meetings took place behind closed doors, like the one from messianic juice jews from israel. we have concealed identities of those involved. >> message of christ is stronger than the political lead rs. the leader we have in heaven, in us is stronger. >> the magnitude of the gathering was an inspiration to many to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. >> first time i have seen so many people from so many different countries and ethnic groups. >> and for the african's part of this historic event, the chance to host the lausanne congress was especially gratified.
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>> foa long time. what excites me more, africa is now sending missionaries. >> one gro absent were the chinese. 200 were supposed to attend. the chinese government banned them from leaving the country. a few however, did manage to make it out. >> to support delegates from that place, it really moved me. >> it cost some 16 and a half million dollars to put on this 3rd lausanne cgress. the top 3 countries at contributed, united states, south korea and china. george thomas cbn news, in cape town, south africa. >> beautiful. farther north in ugandaa new generation of evangelist is
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impacting africans, andrew palau hosted a gospel festival in kampala. stan jeter reports. >> report: over 200 motorcycle taxis helped spread the word all over kampala. love y you uganda festival, >> they want to come througextreme support and medical services. >> the younger crowd, most had never seen this kind of an extreme sport stunt up close. the importance of reaching uganda youth those growing up in kampala'1,000 churches. >> they run the dangeof the second and third and fourth
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generationof a christianized society can walk away fromgod and never fully understand and turn the back on the church if it is not engaging them. we really have been speaking to the next generation of whag it means to be a personal follower of jesus christ. >> during a world wind series andrew palau had a message. >> when the sun sets, you'll be free indeed. >> they preached the message with good works. this poor neighborhood lacked sanitation until they built a public latrine. >> festival teams installed a storage tank to reduce water-born disease.
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medical teams provided care on behalf of kampa christians. >> some were muslims, some were catholics and some were normal. they were excited to come to this crusade. [music playing] hundreds of children decided to follow jus and take a stand for honesty and character. many youth and adults made similar faith decisions during the 2-day public event held at one of kampala's airports. they hope the unity they developed will car through into the fure. >> nowthat we have come together, w that we are staying togetherin kampala. above all now that we are working together, it will change our nation and the gospel will go to the next
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level for the kingdom our god. >> stan jeter cbn news. coming up, christians are fleeing the holy land. some of these bishops blame israel. our analysis of the situation when wcome back.
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tensions flair between israel and vatican this week. more than 200 bishops from muslim countries gathered together to discuss the exodus. it has fallen from 20 percent to less than 2 percent of the total. some of the bishops believe the conflict between israel and palastinians is the reas so many christians are leaving the area. gary lane has traveled and reported on the story of the exod of christians fleeing from the middle east, gary,
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would peace slow this exodus down? >> there is more involved in that. when i talk to palastinian christians, it is a spiritual at mos atmosphere. >> the bible talks about there will be no peace until the return of chris what role will islam play? >> they say we can't walk down the street without a bible under our arms or a cross around our neck without being harassed. they are under the heavy boot of islam. we need to kill jews and christians, that is not a good situation. many have left for more economic violence. >> christiansin gaza have been leaving in big numbers, what is prompting that?
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>> back in june, 2007, hamas took over gaza and shortly after thatoctober 2007, we saw the brutal murder of a rami, a christian bookstore operator as a result many christian were afraidand couldn't live under hamas. you have 700 evangelicals when there used to be 7,000. >> is this happening in other areas of the middle east? >> let's look at iraq, before the iraqi war, we saw a million chriians, now down to 4-500,000. it isn't because of the fighng. when christians live in peace, they are bombing their churches, threatening to kidnap them and kill them. they are not going to stay in that situatio half of them. >> under sudan hussein, the christians were doing pretty
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well. >> in a place like egyptn, christian girls say if we are not dressed with a veil or scarf, they throw acid on us. >> it is disturbing when you think about the holy land not being a safe place. >> there is only 2 percent christians. >> you can find gary's reports on our website you can find linksto ministries that help persecuted believers.
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>> you maybe familiar with fox news correspondent jennifer griffin, she has covered dangerous war zone. nothing prepared her for her fight against breast cancer. she says her recovery is a miracle.
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she credits her faith and friends in israel. she returned to jerusalem to help israeli women overcome breast cancer. julie stall has more. >> more than 4,000 people diagnod with breast cancer in israel each year. biggest killer of women. a lack of knowledge about prevention. susan g. komen hopeto change that by bringing the international cu to the holy land. >> they gather in jerusalem for the first of a kind event in israel against breast cancer. among them was fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. >> i couldn't not come here. we covereit for 7 and a half years. my 2 daughters were born. >> in september 2009, doctors
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diagnosed griffin with an aggressive stage 3, triple negative breast cancer, underwent 17 rounds of chemo. double mastectomy. i am back and fighti to tell women theycan get through chemothepy. >> she is here to tell them faith helped her get through the or deal. >> every week my friends in jerusalewould send me notes, show me these pink notes they would put in the western wall prayers and go to the holy accept la cur and gave us a lot of strength. i am here to say miracles are possible. >> griffis long time friend lori says she believesopenness is important.
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>> it is important to wear the pink shirt and show people you can go on, do this, beat it, fight it. i come from holocaust survivor parents who say you go on. >> griffin grew emotional near the end of the 2 and a half mile race and says high hopea cure will be found here for the disease. >> for me to be here the land of miracles, this is where we are going to find a cure for breast cancer. >> jul stall, cbn news, jerusalem. >> i met jennifer the hezbollah back in 2006. we wish her all the best. that's our report for this week. until next
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