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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 2, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. >> good evening. welcome to our special edition of the news at 9:00 on this election night. >> the polls have closed in california and results now coming in for election 2010. and associated press has just declared jerry brown the winner in the governor's race. >> there is a lot of at stake in the election here in california. of course across the country. this state 9 proposition is. state senate. u.s. senate race. city mayor. plus the whole package of state controller and insurance commissioner and treasurer will be determined this evening. >> then of course as we mentioned the governor's race. again the a p has declared jerry brown the winner against meg whitman in the hard fought campaign. as you can sea right now jerry brownp has 51 percent of the vote to meg whitman 44 percent with 12 percent of the precinct reporting but again a p already called this race. >> in a moment we good to vick lee live with the whitman campaign in la but first our political reporter mark matthews with the triumphant brown team in oakland tonight.
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>> they just opened the doors about an hour ago and the crowd now just beginning to pour into the fox theatre in downtown oakland. historical theater. let me show you the exterior as people lining up to get in. this theater underwent multi-million dollar renovation under jerry brown during his tenure as the mayor of oakland. he picked this theater in part because it highlights the renovation that he promoted when he was the mayor. across the street from the theater queen meg character created and paid for by the nurse union came out from a huge bash bearing her name and she acted out a skit in which she flushed 142 million dollars t.reference of course is to the record breaking amount of money that meg whitman has spent of her own on this rates. a little bit ago i talked with jerry brown campaign manager about the money but warm front we get to that. let's hear are jerry brown on the same topic. >> a lot of add on the tv in the milt of summer may not make a lot of sense. so many
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times you can tell somebody something. >> conventional wisdom you never let the opponent define you. so she certainly had the opportunity over the summer to throw up all these negative ads to define jerry brown. couple key differences hear. first, people know jerry brown. he's been around a long time. and so it wasn't as if a blank canvas to paint the portrait of him and so the people were rightly skeptical and so effectiveness of those ads were diminished because of that. >>reporter: and remember meg whitman also went after steve poizner before she went after jerry brown so a the lot of voters in california saw her go negative early and stay negative and those ads may have back fired on her at least it appears that jerry brown is the if once and future governor of california. now my colleague vick lee is down in los angeles with the whitman campaign. vick, what are they hearing down there and what are they saying about it? >>reporter: well, first of
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all just like you said, the ballroom has filled up now that the polls closed. mike clark can you maybe pan over and we'll take a look. mark, mark, you and i have been to many election night parties and i got to tell you that despite this upbeat music, music, this upbeat appearance, the mood here really is not a happy one. just as people were coming into the ballroom here fox news if which is on the jumbo screen predicted or gave the call to jerry brown. and there was a bunch of oh, my goodness heard here. now whitman i must repeat i must say has not conceded. let be clear. she has not conceded. she in fact was optimistic today as she was greeting supporters at a phone bank. she hopes the republican tied that swept this country would help carry her. that's what she told reporters. her handlers are not saying when she will appear in the
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ballroom tonight. some supporters i have spoken with just in the last couple of minutes say that they are of course the disappointed. in fact they say that if it were any other news source other than fox news the they will be a little suspicious but to many of the people fox news is a very credible network and so, well, as many of them are starting to get hit in the face with reality, however, of course, people in the room have lots to cheer about. with other races around the country. but as i said they are going to have the i think a bit of reality hit them later on. back to you in san francisco. >> all right thank you vick. now the associated press declared barbara boxer in the other hotly contested race. u.s. senate seat. >> first time boxer faced serious opposition in her attempt to keep her senate seat. race against former h p ceo carly has been contentious one and win means the u.s. senate will stay under
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democratic control. >> here are the numbers now at this moment. 49 percent to 45 percent for carly and associated press declared boxer the winner. begin our coverage on this race and a lawyer at the boxer campaign in hollywood. >> hi dan. despite the returns they are not quite calling this a party here in hotel wad but you can hear behind me certainly festive if if, boxer folks campaign manager earlier today and she said debts fight the incumbent backlash that is sweeping the country, the boxer camp is hoping that stops right at the california border. throughout this campaign barbara boxer maintained that she is still the rate voice for california and in a series of hard hitting ads she called her opponent too far in the right lane for state still largely democratic. she's also pounded carly on over the issue of out sourceing jobs and she's tried to turn her
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endorsement by sarah palin into a negative. >> well there was such clear choice here between boxer and carly and carly was totally unknown. had never run for office before. so we felt like we needed to describe that choice for the voters and let them make up their own mind. >> we are not called negative add. contrast ads, right. >> well all of our ads tell the truth. officials fv we lost her signal there something else lost the state california secretary of state office web site has crashed. election returns are a little bit later than we wish. >> no one can access the returns if trying to get them at home by going to the web site. just not available right now. but about amy physician available for us in irvine with the carly campaign right now. amy?
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>>reporter: him if fox news if took the life out of this party on the big screen behind me. they had on fox news that called the race for boxer right at 8:00 o'clock. it got very quiet in here. they turned the tv off. and then state party leader took the podium and tried to rally the crowd telling them precinct where carly is still doing well and even beating pwoshtion in some precinct. campaign says they think it is too close to kawchlt but the associated press had as called it. la times has called it and some of these partyers are willing to go ahead and con stheed this is going to good to boxer. >> i'm disappointed. i'm not surprised. nothing sprays me about california voters. we are not the brightest lot. >> carly campaign says this is too close to school no reaction yet to the associated press calling the race. one person inside the war room told me it is early. let's not jump to conclusion yet.
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so no talk of conceding but disappointment in the crowd. really thought this was going to be the year that voters would fire senator if boxer. live in irvine, abc 7 news. all right thank you amy. >> that does not appear to be the case according to the associated press. if believe boxer will win the race. bruce is with us now to break down some of these california races. >> yes. let's start with the governor. of pishtion it was a very close race the through the summer and then jerry brown started spending money and started defining meg whitman and led to fairly negative campaign on both sides but paparrazi as you have to when you have a business person running you have to really talk about their approximately business life and personal life. can't really talk about the record because they have no record. >> don't have one. >>reporter: exactly. >> was the turning point when brown started going in with his ad campaign against whitman. >>reporter: no. 1. then i think no. 2 the him if diaz housekeeper event i think was
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really problematic for the whitman both with latino constituent and with women. you can track at the time sort of decline in her support about during the month of september when both the spending changed if. >> talk about the spending a minute. put tonight some context. whitman spent 100 million dollars of her own money. new record for this race by far. the what does that say about the future of politic ins california at this level? >> unfortunately it says if you run for office you either have to be a millionaire or billionaire or you have to be in office long enough to collect enough allies that can fund really expensive races. >> politically famous already. >>reporter: exactly. those are the 2 roots because just very expensive to run in the statement also tells you very important is that just because you spent more money than the other person doesn't mean you are going to win. we see over and over again with the self
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finance candidate that they don't attract support from other people. if they try to finance it themselves it often is a signal that they will last. >> money can't buy if vote. >> but get you to the table. may not get awe win but get you to the table. >> let's talk about the other very hotly contested race. boxer karl yichlt that ended up closer than people thochlt partly i think because the republican party took a real gamble. they put 8 million dollars until last couple weeks and typically what happens is the national republican pull out of california. they say that's way too expensive and put their money into smaller cheaper statements with a better chance. >> right. i think there will be a big fight what happens is they lose in a couple small states like alaska or they lose in other state like illinois or whatever wherever and people say why did you dump 8 million dollars into california that was a sink hole. usually republicans don't do that but this time they did. >> is that because of what was
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going on nationally gaining so many seat they thought this is close maybe we can push it. >> that was part of it but could have put the money into alaska or put it into colorado. some other states that are less expensive but were very, very tight. so there will be a lot of second guessing themselves about that if it turns out that carly loses and they wasted their money. >> that's what the associated press felt. >> it was a turning point in the race. seemed like they were closer in the spread in the gas couple weeks. >>reporter: i think you can point to real event in the governor race. in the senate race it never really changed it dramatically. she seemed, carly did better in the last three or four weeks. looked like she was dating and came back. more of that has to do with the spending and national of senate race tied much more to national sentiment and i think that it was harder for boxer to separate herself the way jerry
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brown d.i think it was the trend going. >> welcome become to you later on in the hour talk about the national race thanks bruce. >> of course we are just getting started this election night. coming up. who will be in charge of one of the bay area biggest cities and why the results may not be known for days. >> plus the mayor who would be lieutenant governor goes up the against the state highest ranking latino official. we have the latest on that race. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. temperature sore into the 80's and heat wave continue. answer in my continue. answer in my accu-weather forecast >> as we go to break here's a look at races around the state with 15 percent of the precinct reporting. incumbent john chang ahead 52 percent to strickland 40 percent. >> and in the treasurer race here's what we have with 15 percent of the precinct reporting keep in mind at the time secretary of state web site is down t-bill lock year 53 percent over walt percent
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vying for the seat and counting under way but this could take awhile because oakland is using rank voting for the first time. these are the latest numbers in the race. right now don is ahead 38 percent. gene council member at 25%. another council member rebecca has 17 percent of the vote but again this is just one percent of the precinct reporting. cecelia live at don's campaign party in oakland tonight. >> as you cap see the party is in full force right now. don expecting to take the stage and address crowd of volunteers at any minute. early returns that you have mentioned are predominantly absentee ballots now that means the there are about 60 percent of absentee voter make up voters in alameda county. this camp is feeling confident about this early lead. his campaign sent the e-mail out to supporters this evening saying that experts believe that the candidate that shows the largest lead during the
9:17 pm
first round of rank choice voting is the one who could win this race. but because of the number of candidates and new rank choice system in oakland it could be days possibly a week before the city officially know who is the new mayor is. about former state senator and 3 other candidate have the if if you said raising and endorsement. former board mayor bloomberg jean hawe and rebecca cap land. college professor and political analyst joe and whoever wins this race is inheriting very difficult job. item considered one of the most violent cities in the country. oakland faces a 45 million dollar deficit in financial troubles runs so deep that 80 police officers laid off early this year and hundreds more could lose their jobs in a matter of months. now the rank choice system means there will not ab run off but means election workers begin the tedious task of counting second and third choice. most
9:18 pm
of oakland voters tedious process that could take as long as friday before we know who oakland new mayor is. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. all right thanks very much. now let's go to the other side of the the caldecott. democratic the 11th district seat against republic approximately latest numbers we have on that congressional race. this is in the 11th district. bring up the numbers. they are a little slow tonight because of some problems at the secretary of state office. here's what we have at this moment. incumbent jerry trailing with 46 percent. republican david harper has 49 percent with 20 percent of the precinct reporting but again this somewhat in line with what is happening nationally in a elevate house race across the country this was to be a very close one. earlier prediction were that would it go to the republican in this race for the 11th district. now in the race for lieutenant governor the let take a look at those boards if we can. the democrat is ahead 46 percent to able who is current
9:19 pm
lieutenant governor with 44 percent. again just 17 percent of the precinct reporting. >> with the latest on this race carolyn is in san francisco with the newsom campaign tonight. carolyn. >> getting really tired. if supporters are starting to pour in. this is near at&t park. the mayor hoping some of the giants victory dust will settle on him. this is battle for who is going to be no. 2. at the advertise challenging if the current lieutenant governor republican able mulled in addition for a spot that most people think is largely ceremony even though it is just a heart from the governor. let show you mayor newsom voting today. he took his wife and his baby to apology place, garage in the haight ash bury neighborhood and says if elected he will focus on the 3 e. education. environment. and economic development. so
9:20 pm
lieutenant governor does sit on dmaition deal with those issues. newsom went into tonight with a slight edge in the latest field poll up about 4 percent. as for able muldenado well he voted near his ranch in santa maria today. he has been lieutenant governor since april when he was finally confirmed by the legislature. he had been appointed by the governor to fill a vacancy when john the was elected to congress. muldenado has spent 12 years as state lawmakers. he grew up the son of migrant farm workers and says his style of leadership is what will set him apart from newsom. he said he believes in bringing republicans and democrats together to solve the state problems. now of course newsom if hopes he doesn't get a chance for that to happen. here's a back story or maybe the front story if you are one of the people involved. if what happens if newsom wins the lieutenant governor office
9:21 pm
what happens back at city hall. he has a year left on his terms so immediately what would happen is that david chew would become the acting mayor but then they have to get together and select an interim mayor to fill out the rest of the term until november 2000 leand that could be anybody. don't just have to serve on the pwovrmentd it could be any resident of san francisco but you need 6 of the 11 votes to get that position. so how does it all play out. a lot of the supervisors themselves may watch a run for mayor so they don't want to let someone else who would then very, very, be incumbent. so what do you do? maybe get a caretaker in that position. someone who does not want to be the mayor but would simply hold on to that job. so is a lot of shufflin shuffling. perhaps tz changing at city hall should newsom be able to pull this out tonight. this is abc 7
9:22 pm
news. >> very interesting. thanks very much. a lot of city supervisors probably hoping newsom is elect sod they can advance politically. >> look at this. this is one of the major issues in san francisco tonight. proposition d a measure to reform pension and benefits that would have employee increase their contributions. right now this is winning i'm sorry losing rather 52 percent of the people voting against it right now. just one percent of the precinct reporting thoychlt also in the the city proposition l being decided tonight. that is so-called sit line measure that would criminalize sitting and lying on public sidewalk. we have no numbers on this yet but again we are having a little bit of trouble because of some voting tall using issues but at this moment we have no results on that race. we'll keep you updated. >> we are enjoying some fantastic weather this first week in november. >> we are indeed. we have the great weather for voting today and certainly great weather for the big giants parade tomorrow. let's go talk about the forecast. >> heat goes on relatively speaking. look at the current
9:23 pm
temperature readings in the 60 across much of the bay area. 64 in oakland. 66 in san francisco righnow. 60's in many of the inland areas up in north bay we have upper 50's on the coast. mid 50's 55 and a half moon bay and these are the highlights. passing fog will develop agent bit overnight. mild conditions if continue through thursday t.slight chance of showers late friday. we still have high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. wave heights at about 12 to 15 feet right now. well above average. large breaking waves reach heights 12 of the 15 to 20 feet. strong rip current are possibility as well. a little hazard condition along the coast line. meanwhile agent bit of fog along the north coast this afternoon. mild conditions with sunny skies just about everywhere. fog pushing close to the coast tonight pulling away early tomorrow morning except for part of the north coast which still see some fog early tomorrow morning. low pressure tonight drop to mid upper 40's in parts of the inland north bay. generally low to mid 50's over the
9:24 pm
remaineder of the bay area and high pressure tomorrow great. great weather for the parade and giants world series victory parade 70 degrees at the starting point at washington montgomery. civic center plaza temperatures will be in the mid 70's in san francisco. lovely weather. on we good to the high tomorrow. south bay high in the low to mid 80's. 83 at san jose. campbell. also see low 80's on the peninsula. mid 70's on the coast. mid 70's in and around san francisco as well. 76 degrees downtown. low to mid 80's in much of north bay, low 80's in nearest bay. low to mid 80's in the inland east bay and we'll see lots of mid 80's in the salinas valley and other locations near monterey bay. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more daisy of this spectacularly warm weather. wednesday and thursday then friday temperatures drop. cloud thing. maybe showers late overnight friday early saturday morning then drying out remairnd of sat. >> more election news ahead here. some say san jose
9:25 pm
hasn't had an election this important since 19 82. neck on the news at 9:00 what is at stake plus the winner and losers. >> and as we go to brief break here's the latest ballot count on richmond measure u. advisory measure to build the first gambling casino seen 0on the shores of san francisco bay. quite continual for folks nearby. at this moment folks nearby. at this moment no on measure u. 57
9:26 pm
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i. >> labor pension cost in their police. >> measure w clears the way for a lower tier of pension benefits for new employee here's where we are on that. this is measure b. get to it in a moment. >> measure b changes the rule for police and firefighter binding arbitration. this one
9:29 pm
right now is winning 68 percent to 32 percent with about a quarter precinct reporting. >> we get you there's measure w numbers at this moment 24 percent of the precinct reporting yes on measure w with rae sounding 74 percent of the vote. >> let's dmebing now with live in san jose for us tonight. >>reporter: the numbers are so overwhelming that it appears even labor leaders here at this election gathering are conceding they have lost that hard fought battle over measure b and w. after a 118 million dollar budget deficit in san jose this year the measures were an attempt by the mayor to reign in labor union cost and impose pension reform for new members. tonight there were only a handful of people yes on b and w campaign headquarters. but they are thrilled with the returns. >> long hard fought campaign but the people have said we need to solve these fiscal
9:30 pm
problems and they are going to give us a chance to do that. but there's a lot of hard work yet to come. >> this mayor certainly along with few of his colleague exploited the bad economy. recession. told half truth if not complete falsehood. yes they used every trick in the book. fichlt union leaders told a large labor crowd that the attack on the union in san jose have awakeen a sleeping giant and ready to fight in future budget battle and certainly a budget battle is just around the corner and the cheers you are hearing from this crowd are those who support the union and the labor issues in san jose, this is abc 7 news. >> all right thank you scene 8. when we continues here ton tonight, did the tea party candidate knock off the senate majority lead internevada? and has the witching hour arrived in delaware? latest in all the national races next. >> plus proposition 19 that would legalize marijuana. experts0l say it could turn the state fiscal problems
9:31 pm
completely around. we have the latest election numbers and live analysis on what and live analysis on what happens if it latest on public instruct head to the brake. tom has 51 percent of the vote over larry with 49
9:32 pm
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>> the voters across the country are sending a clear message to congress. welcome back everyone. house speaker pelosi is out of a job. republicans have taken control. here's what the new speaker likely new speaker ohio congressman john bainer had to say short time ago. >> i started out mopping
9:35 pm
floors. waiting tables and tending bar at my dad's taver tavern. i the put myself through school about working every rotten job there was. and in every night shift i can find. and i poured my heart and soul into running a small business. >> all right now other big races tonight. harry reid fighting for political survival in nevada. >> bruce is back now to talk about this and other national races going on. how are things looking in nevada writ now. >> well he has the lead rate now and that would of course be a wonderful win for the democrats and set back for the republicans. they were hoping that they could eek that one out. as i said situation in the senate is not nearly as grim for the democrats as it is in the house. it looks to me like they have a majority. >> but what happened nationally has been quite
9:36 pm
fascinating. >> right. >> you are estimating that the republicans will pick up 50 plus seat in the house. >> that was an hour ago. i think it has gotten grimmer. if you look what is happening definitely a wave election. republicans are winning all the seat that were leaning republican and gaining about 65 to 70 the percent of the seats that were rated by the expert as toss-up and winning some seats leaning democrat so i think the estimates are going up. i think it is closer to 60 and possibly up to 70. >> how about some of the tea party victory. we are seeing them on both sides in the senate and in the house. >> it is going to make john bainer job much harder. he has a much more diverse caucus to deal with than he had before. he has tea party people. they will raise questions about his earmarking which is something bainer does a lot of. they will ask then on the other side you have the seat that were previously held by democrat and they are going to be worried about 2,000 12 and they are going to say let not get too far over on the conservative side so he has a much more difficult job.
9:37 pm
>> let talk about delaware christine o'donnell couldn't over take the democrat the if the weird witch incident or question. talk about that race what is your take. >> i think the bottom line it was a missed opportunity for the republican party. they had a candidate the who could have easily won that race, race, castle. thinks an example of where sarah palin has interfered with what the republican establishment wanted to do that's why i think there's more and more pressure to try to take her out of the picture because they could have won there. may lose in alaska. >> they did win in a number of state where she endorsed the candidate however. >> winning tea party candidate than republican. >> it's a mixed record. i think in the end there is more bridge within the republican caucus because diversity. >> thanks bruce. >> let's talk about some of the state proposition. 19 of course getting so much attention. campaign tlegalize f marijuana in california. >> you are looking rate now at
9:38 pm
the early results we have in with 19 percent or rather 15 percent of the precinct reporting no leading 56 percent to 44 percent. >> well they left tender and came back as champion. >> san francisco prepares to welcome the san francisco giants. >> how you can take part in the ticker ta [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody yeah. you got time for tha you got time to earn more on your savings, online at instead of ening squatootski... your savings will beearning thrs
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>> giants world series fever sky high after the team won the first championship title in more than 50 years. san francisco is pulling out all the stops. heather tonight on the team's ticker tape parade tomorrow. >> willie mays and team mates new york giants received a warm welcome when they moved to san francisco for the 1958 baseball season. >> most of the high-rise
9:42 pm
windows along the parade route no longer open up. so the city positioning people on roofs to drop 10,000 pounds worth of orange confetti. planners expect crowds to line every inch of the route from montgomery and washington to market and city hall. >> we expect tens of thousands of people my gosh should be 80 degrees tomorrow. we can expect even more than that. >> there will be a celebration at city hall. details are still being worked out but mayor newsom says it will involve giants past and present. >> the giants of course are bringing out not just the current players but bringing out a lot of surprises and a lot of folks that are indelible in the minds of bay area fans. >>reporter: hall of famer and bay area native joe morgan played for the giants in 1981 and 82. he was 15 when the giants moved to san francisco. >> i kept thinking how can we not win a world series when we have all the guys in the line up. as i got older i realize you have to have pitching to go with it. >>reporter: she's torn
9:43 pm
between wearing her fear the beard and let tim smoke t-shirt. >> come to the parade at 11. my children go to school and hoping they will be excuse from classs to come with me. so lowell high school please let the kids out. >>reporter: and this san francisco native will be there too. >> we finally won. p.m. it has been a long time coming so finally got there. >>reporter: pd will have high visibility hear to. all of seniors day off have been cancelled. streets along and around the parade route will be closed beginning some time after the morning commute. again the parade begins at montgomery and washington at 11:00 a.m. at city hall, heat hall, heather, abc 7 news. >> and we will carry it on 7 live. stay tuned for that. >> celebration continues. >> coming. special underwear the one giant player plans to the one giant player plans to wear in tomorrow's victory i want you to >>
9:44 pm
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take. >> let's get another check of our spectacular forecast. >> can't hear this enough. spencer back with that. >> question is how much longer can the unusual november warmth last. 2 days. here's the 7 day forecast. tomorrow and thursday we see inland high again in the mid 80's tomorrow. 80 around the bay. 70's on the coast. tapering off few degrees on thursday. still really, really warm. temperatures drop and maybe rain drops late friday overnight into early saturday then clearing out again. >> we are talking ideal parade weather for tomorrow. >> fantastic parade weather. temperatures 80's inland and mid 70's in the city. >> fantastic that brings in mr. biel with all the sports. >> larry here. >> i have an idea. if gavin takes over as lieutenant governor i'll nominate brian wilson as the mayor at city
9:48 pm
hall. do the transition tomorrow. the right after the parade. >> be right there. >> i know couple hundred,000 people who will vote for him right away. write in candidate. giants return home to celebrate their championship. we were there. i wasn't there but our camera were there at 4 a.m. for their arrival along with whole lot of fans. this is ur captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeof looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta geto cleveland! remove your belt, your wat, your shoes. i wond what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pill! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪
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>> huge plans tomorrow. huge ticker tape parade celebratio celebration. >> also a high on this. >> who would have thought. >> the party continues. the giant may win more championship in the future but i don't think it will ever feel like this again. more than 50 years of waiting. the over. emotional psychological barrier has been lifted. fans have been tortured for decade came out to greet the giants return to the bay area this morning from willie mays to bonds this is the titles that is celebrated by all generations of giants fans. unlikeliest of team. club nobody in baseball saw coming. they won it all. >> it is closure. closure for
9:52 pm
1962. closure for 1989. it is closure for 2002. we didn't get it done. always dreamed about doing it. we always knew that the parade would be incredible. the this is pretty special for all of us. >> what you dream of. if word can't really explain it. >> unbelievable job the players did. if right now we are still running on adrenalin. good time celebrated. some of them took a little nap but come back and have the fans waiting advertise unbelievable. this is something we all dream about right now. we are living a dream. >> living a dream. what a season for giants managing general partner newcomb. second year at the helm of the franchise. mike caught up with him after the champagne was popped. >> what does this mean to you? >> if i'll know in about a month i hope. flood of emotion right now. mostsly i think just pride at being part
9:53 pm
of the team which has come to the summit and being humbled by it. realizing how many about how hard people work all year to get here and somehow we are the ones standing on the summit. world champ. it has to make you feel great. >> oh, yes after and tears and champagne last night he turned to the infamous rally and wearing it for months now. kind of the good luck charm. seems to have worked. no word on whether they plan on carrying the rally song in giants dug out stores next season. probably 50 dollars if they have it. huff was asked about whether thong on des play tomorrow at the victory parade. >> i'll wear it probably all by itself on the parade. i bet get a spray tan. something. >>reporter: now. plenty of shots on goal but none in the net. sharks visited the wild
9:54 pm
minnesota tonight. not so wild results. wild fans feeling the beat. first period. sharks on the power play. dan to joe and the shot is wide. nice chance but no good. sharks were out shooting wild 18-4 midway through the second period but stone wall by nicholas. denying logan one of the 36 days to keep it scoreless. minnesota 5 on 3 and andrew beat if the only goal of the game in the wilds win it 1 to nothing. >> maybe i'm old fashioned but i remember the rally )v:zq cap. >> rally song. >> right. it's agent different now. >> he has a theme song. >> if yes is that thanks. >> hopefully we'll not be seeing it on the float tomorrow. that's my vote. >> all right that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. >> we'll have many more election results for you tonight at 11 over on channel 7 as well as on our web site at 7 >> what you look at here is
9:55 pm
the picture from los angeles live where we are waiting to hear from gubernatorial candidate meg whitman, the republican who appears will lose to jerry brown. now the race has been called. although it is fairly close. >> a p called it. fox news called it but rate now 17 percent of the state precinct reporting brown has just a slim lead over meg whitman. >> expect to hear from her shortly as well as the other candidate. see it all on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. for the moment goodbye for now. now. >> mmmm. you don't love me anymore you billy? what? i dn't buy this cereal sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my chesterol...
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