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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 3, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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years with the giants. he is being given so much credit for just manage can them in an absolutely perfect way. letting them just play ball. it's remarkable what bruce bochy did. that is the world series trophy that goes to the victory. what do you think of the trophy, and he says shiny. >> he has made key changes and a lot of people, why he is making that change. >> you can't second guess at this point. the thing i think that was most remarkable and down the stretch, you have too many guys to play. the players brought in guys like
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cody ross and pat bureau. -- and but they didn't want a game in august. they got it turned around and with the help of his father. they actually do go four -- and back to bruce bochy, he had too many front line players. he somehow has to work them all in without players getting upset. it's kind of like that. >> and but it's a great contribution from all those guys. what a great run. thank you so much. >> thank you soap for the fans.
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>> he was able to get this collection of 25 guys to put their egos aside. >> it was a great team effort. you are going to hear -- look at barry zito when he was lift off the roster. >> you are hoping we'll get a shot of barry later on. i think most touching video is when zito was left off before game one and he came to the park and there were people that were waiting for him to get his autograph. a lot of them would have blown them off. zito signed. >> chris describes with cody ross right now. >> cody ross right now. how does it make you feel?
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>> this is incredible. one of the best moments of my life. all these people. look at all these people. they are so happy and happy to be here right now. it's incredible. >> they love you right back. >> i love them. >> what was the magic for you. >> just, going out to the wind and we did it. we persevered and overcame a lot of adversities. >>. >> and how about kristen sze jumping off. >> and how about pat, we have a wireless microphone. >> there is kristen sze. >> and we said cody who? >> acquired late in august and
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they put him on waiver. there is madison bumgarner >> and fred was jumping in there. >> can you put it in perspective at this time? >> it's something that i mean, this is crazy, this is crazy. i'm kind of speechless i don't think so. i just don't know. >> how does it make you feel? >> it's a great thing. it's the best thing for baseball no question.
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>> i live in the city. we couldn't ask for better fans. congratulations. >> and the fans must be thrilled >> absolutely. >> i'm thinking kristen sze, at the end of the series, she is going to get my mvp award. throwing herself on vehicles. >>. >> you are doing a great job. >> and we were talking a little bit about how orientated this
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team was but after the series ended and tim lincecum credit and brian wilson but they were so generous. camaraderie in sports is about whether it's tangible and meaningful for a winning team. or are you just naturally occur and they will say with the -- so just to mention the a's but willie be -- it the chemistry. being together and bonded. and ultimate underdogs.
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>> and they loved it. nobody thinks we can't do anything until we actually win the series. there are three giants for every solid car, one in the front and one in the back. >> i'm hoping to see kristen sze on one of these cable cars. we talked a little bit about the a's they were so great. and con grat late go the giants. this is being -- congratulating. >> there is a lot of people that became giants' fans and kind of
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overnight. it's remarkable. these scenes are unbelievable. >> and brian wilson. >> okay brian wilson interview. he is one of the unique and he is walking. that is hill area us on. >> brian wilson is a unique individual. >> he usually wears the mohawk and you don't see it. who else would stop the parade to jump out and enjoy the fans. >> chris describes going to jump on brian wilson trolley there but she is being blocked. somebody stopped her. >> and never had anything like
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this. it's unbelievable. there is buster posey with cheryl. >> there is cheryl with left hand grab on the trolley! >> wow. buster posey with another great story. >> i'm just, look at cheryl, that is fantastic. that is fantastic. great stories. >> how about buster posey and madison bumgarner both rookies. rookies that were not a part of the start of the season, buster posey spent the first two months in the minors and madison bumgarner was called up in the middle of the season and provided tremendous pitching down the stretch.
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>> there is aubrey huff. >> and there is tim lincecum. kristen is pointing to the car so we can see him. >> this is unthinkable. >> it's unbelievable. i'm so happy. we're so happy. >> at this point in your career how does it feel. for this happen at your point in your career how does it feel? >> great. the greatest moment in my life. i'm just enjoying it right now.
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i feel real, real good. >> congratulations. >> the as the parade, he is 35 years old, there was an emotional moment laid flait season and gathered the team together after batting practice against chicago and said to lincecum said look, we can do this. and he said, i see the talent. we can do this. just get up to the playoffs and i will help you once we get there. he was heroic. he was unbelievable and had that homer in game five, three-run homer that helped us to get to
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there. >> everyone was saying i'm going to go large and i'm going go big. he forecast. >> before he took that bat he was going to knock it out. >> i think it was somewhat joking but it turned out to be prophetic. but the giants after all of this i think edgar renteria he might want to retire. he has had so many injuries. you can't go out any other better way. >> i think we're hearing carolyn tyler, she might be one w one of players. do we have carolyn? carolyn, can you hear us? >> we're here on market and montgomery street as the cable cars turn. what we've seep so far, bill nucum, nuke, nuke, and larry
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came by and senator feinstein biggest applause was for willie mays and willie mccovey. the crowd is really getting in to it now, waiting for their heroes, but they certainly are having the times of their lives. >> this is an old-fashioned ticker tape parade. >> the last parade a championship game that occurred in san francisco was the 49ers when they won in 94 and the parade was in early 95 and i don't remember it being as crazy as this. this is energy and part of it
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the 49ers were successful franchise and going back to mike shumann's team. they had won the superbowl. i don't want to say people were used to it, but this is an unleashing of 50 years of kempt up frustration. >> it looks like it's snowing sclorng mike nicco is over there maybe we have to get the forecast. we have orange snow on market street. >> it's a little hard for the bicycle with all the confetti that is piling up on market street. >> 10,000 pounds of confetti.
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where do you buy ten thousand pounds of confetti. >> i'm sure it was a challenge, at wal-mart, how do you order that? >> and through all of this, as well. >> you know what i like, some people have criticized him at the past but in the media, get this guy out, he under reacts, he has a calming presence about him. he managed the padres for a decade. it was his job to really usher the giants through the transition years of barry bonds was exiting. now we have what lincecum and
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posey giants and there were rough years where the team wasn't filled with talent like we're seeing right now. you didn't have the best pitching staff. look at these guys on the top of the street. >> you know what, pitching wins championships and that is what the giants decided. they were going to develop pitching. the offense they pieced together this year, let's go down to mike shumann. put the mic as close to your mouth as you can. >> the last time the giants had a parade in 1954, there was only
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48 and i tell you what, this reminds me, there was 48 states. there were 300,000 fans in 1982. this is a chance players can appreciate what they've been through and what it means to them. it's unbelievable and the players haven't even gotten here yet. these are all the employees. it's just phenomenal. >> i don't know if you can hear. i want to get your perspective you are one of the few people out of the hundreds and thousands who are out there who know what it's likes to be on the float side of a victory, your experience with the 49ers. the mind set of some of these players looking out at the fans? >> what it does, monday night they celebrated the world series as a team, yesterday they got
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back, they realized what they had done, today they are getting a feel of what it means to the city, to the fans and it it's just overwhelming i think for the players because when you are playing in the game you don't notice the fans but this is a day, wow, this is what we mean to the city of san francisco. this is what this is all about today. just a phenomenal moment. >> do you remember your victory parade, the '81-'82 season. >> it's the same thing, we came down the embarcadero. there was nobody, and market street, there was 300,000 people and local police department didn't plan for it. so fans were jumping all over our trolley cars. we got a couple fans on the trolley car just to kick other people off.
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that is how crazy it was. it was just incredible. i got people saluting me down here. once they get their ring, it's going to be real. >> it's unbelievable. it brings back great memories. >> thanks, shu very much. >> you can tell how loud it is right knew. it's going to be jumping once they get to mike shumann's location down on mcalister. >> pd has been doing a great job controlling the crowd. carefully orchestrated so far. >> and holding the baby.
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>> buster posey was in there constantly it seems. >> he is the giants of the next decade. he the next superstar in waiting. as we started talking about earlier, he is the guy that was not on the giants roster at the start of the season. he spent the first couple of months in the minors. >> these are pictures along the route. there is john miller and dave going by. that is pretty cool. >> john miller is a hall of famer, broadcaster, dave fleming one of best young broadcasters. he has got the stanford game against arizona on college football. >> he is fun to listen to. >> the giants i think they have the best broadcasting team in all of baseball. it's unbelievable.
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the type and john miller and dave fleming, it's a wonderful grouping that they have. >> they really are. i heard a lot of people were tuning on radio we can hear their announcing of it. >> it was dwayne piper that started saying, giants baseball, torture. and it was torture. >> but a good pain. >> but the best kind of torture. and there is mike, a former giants pitcher. >> so this is fantastic for him, too. >> and former infielder. >> and bag giant. he has had a marvelous run as a
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broadcaster. >> what a terrific job they have done. it does, its huge family. its huge orange family. like i said the announcers are as much a part of the family as the players are. in some ways, they have -- they're going to last longer than the players. john miller, he is going to be there for 30 years. >> let's go back to market street. lyanne melendez is at market and o'farrell for us. >> we have the loudest people ever. and all those years they were watching, but the rest of san
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francisco out here. and when i drove up here -- entire bay area.... >> there are a lot of people who these are some of them. >> camera cut away just in time. >> we saw brian wilson running through the crowd. he is going to keep getting off that cable car and running along with the fans. >> you have no idea.
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>> and they change directions but we were somehow on the subject of the beard. he was talking about, the beard should have the own interview cable, microphone. >> and somebody asked him about it and.... >> what a job he did in game six against philadelphia if not for jeremy we wouldn't be having a victory parade. you know i do have sources in the salon industry and fm 19 floral might be the color. >> let's go back to lyanne melendez.
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back with the players. >> jeremy, how do you feel? >> yeah, i tell you what, it's deafening. we were giving high fives, my ears are ringing but to see how exciting this thing is. i never thought it would be like this. this is millions of people the whole city of san francisco shut down to celebrate this. and for an athlete you go out and play baseball but to see how much the infants care about it and how much they love the city, it's heartwarming. >> and in the meantime, i can tell you the crowd as you know are going nuts. let me just for a minute.
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show you all these people. we're all going to be deaf after this. >> we're hearing boos. >> and juan uribe. we might get a look there. >> i tell you. >> i don't think he can hear us but the earpiece because it's
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just deafening. >> and. there will be a euphoric celebration. >> you can see here, it's going to be another hour. >> probably. >> we've had a good 700 people that are taking part in this parade who be packing into civic center, as well. >> how does it feel to be loved by all these fans? >> we're so excited. >> did you ever imagine? rrea.never imagined this, it's
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>> barely. >> she is right next to him and he can't hear her.
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>> the fans they have been waiting down here. and we're at the civic center and they are going crazy. once the players get out here. this is appreciation day! san francisco giant players and they can see how great their fans are. you hear the unofficial song from journey, don't stop believing. they are the world champions. and this crowd embracing you right now. >> i am feeling with what is going through my mind right now. this the best


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