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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 1, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. baseball season may have ended but the battle to keep the a's in oakland has just begun and opening night is tonight. the planning commission is discussing a proposal for 39,000 seat ballpark near jack london square.
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something the team's owner has repeatedly said he does not want but city leaders are moving forward anyway. alan wang is at the commission meeting for us live tonight. allan? >> no secret that the a's want out but major league baseball is trying to keep the marriage together. the city of oakland is betting that major league baseball will force the a's to stay here and accept the proposed stadium. a crowd of mostly hardcore a's fans packed the zoning commission meeting to hear about the 39,000 see the stadium. four proposed sites but major league baseball favors a site near jack london square. the project also includes 700 condominiums and more than office square feet of offense and retail space but would displace the fire department training center and 16
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businesses including east bay restaurant supply. >> we are not sure what it means. we know that -- well, we are told we would have to move. we don't know where we would move to. we would hate to leave the city of oakland. >> looks like a promising area. exactly what major league baseball is looking for. >> we have a site in an urban environment that can ca development in the area and provide the team with a money making opportunity. >> reporter: the oakland a's have shown no interest in building a new stadium in oakland. the owner has publicly expressed his desire to move the a's to san jose. they said today that the oakland a's will refrain in fritada any comments regarding the new ballpark until the major league baseball committee has completed the study and that will pinpoint the ideal stadium and place for the a's but it is still not finished and they have been working on it for two years.
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again, tonight kicks off the environmental study for the new proprosed site and there will be more opportunities for the public to comment on that. we'll have more on the the comments tonight for you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. dan? >> thanks very much. alan wang reporting live from oakland tonight. time has now run out for tens of thousands of californians who cannot find work. congress failed to meet a midnight deadline for extending unemployment benefits. in los angeles today, a real sign of the times. look at this. a job fair and thousands show up for 36 jobs. by the end of the month, two million people around the country will be cut off, putting new pressure on social service agencies at the worst possible time. the sacred heart community service food bank in san jose serves the needs of 20,000 people per month and the number is expected to grow dramatically with the cutback in jobless benefits. more on that from abc 7's david louie.
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>> this is where people turn when they have difficulty making ends meet. the lines are long for the sacred heart community center food bank. even more people will be showing up. >> unemployment is coming to an end. we were both laid off awhile back and we have come here to get food. >> reporter: the deadline congress failed to meet means deadlines end at 26 weeks with no extensions that provided an average of $300 a week up to 99 weeks. >> with the dimmy news of benefits we expect the lines are going to grow dramatically. we will need the help from the entire community to make it happen. >> reporter: her next jobless benefit check may be her last. >> they told me i would be on an automatic extension.
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i'm not sure if i'm included in that or not. >> reporter: food banks are already struggling to feed families for the holidays and they are collecting and redistributing clothing and helping with job search assistance. >> food banks are already stretched. they are not meeting the full need of people hungry today. this only adds to it. we are now making people choose between getting medicine, getting food, finding shelter. >> reporter: food banks also need more people to help with distribution. sakeret heart relies on 150 to 200 volunteers a day to provide its array of services. >> it has been really hard for me and you have to be really strong. >> reporter: clearly food banks will face a real challenge to meet growing demand and that underscores the importance of donations. not just during this holiday period but also in the months ahead as more americans,
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millions of them, lose jobless benefits. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 money scope. another sign of the times, mayor gavin newsom met with city department heads to begin the process of cutting another $380 million out of the budget. they need to come up with ways to cut a little less than 6% of the total budget. mayor newsom thinks his staff will find creative ways to trim without making significant cuts to jobs and services. he is calling this deficit in fact manageable. >> i put together a detailed budget along the lines of what we have con the last few years that had no real draconian cuts in spite of the headlines and craziness and all of the rhetoric. >> with little more than a month left in his term, mayor newsom's successor will be left to actually implement the cuts. it is the mayor's job be to find a successor for harris before he takes over as
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lieutenant governor. no word on who she will choose. in contra costa county stray dogs have become a real problem. county officials are trying to figure out what to do about them. they already crabbed one don't -- a scrapped one controversial plan to now we are looking at another approach. >> good boy. >> reporter: looking at a happy ending but a new beginning. a dachsund mix and his new friend. until this afternoon, harry was like many other dogs in the animal shelter, abandoned apparently and homeless. he has one more or deal ahead. >> by the time i adopt him he will be neutered. >> the county will say or neuter any dog that is adopts out but in the fe future that y change. they macy or neuter any dog they find wandering the streets and impound. >> we are trying to identify where there is a more
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irresponsible dog owner and have those animals returned spayed or neutered which is the best thing to do in the long run. >> contra costa county supervisor and his public protection committee asked for a study which stems from the disproportionate number of pitbullsttacks and pit balls turning up as sprays. >> when we first proposed mandatory spray and neuter for pitbulls people thought we were discriminating of breeds. >> reporter: they also expect resistance from dog owners. >> if it a dog is found habitually to stray in from the owner's control the owner should be fined when they come back to get the dog. >> you think that is a better solution? >> absolutely. >> we should add to the budding controversy remains a work in progress and that is why it is only a study and months away by any vote from the board of
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superviseors. from point richmond, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in concord, three teenagers arrested today for breaking into a school chicken coop and strangling two of the chickens injuries the young people all boys are charged with animal cruelty and burglary. the chickens were raised from birth by second graders as part of a life science was project. they were killed over the thanksgiving break. police in oakland released sketches of two men wanted for sexual assault. they attacked and robbed a woman near the west oakland bart station and then forced her to take them to her home where they assaulted her two roommates as well. one is 5'7", 190-pounds with a mustache and goatee and the other is 20 to 25, 6'2", 175-pounds with hazel eyes. they were seen driving a black honda civic a spoiler on it. if you recognize either of the men or saw anything suspicious,
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call police in oakland. there is a $30,00 30 $30,000 rr their arrests. the increasingly contentious debate over online privacy. the feds proprose an online version of do not call to stop marketers from tracking your every digital move. plus, the san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e offers a new cash incentive for turning down your thermostat. ready for the rain? some lucky locations will see some. i'm show you where in the accuweather forecast, coming up. also ahead tonight, how a cast of outcasts is trying
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you know about the do not call list, maybe you have signed up for that. now, there is a move underway to start a do not track list. the idea is to stop companies from tracking your activities on the internet and even on your smart phone. it happens every single day. more from 7 on your side's michael finney. >> marketers have the ability to track your every move online. they know the websites you visit, the links you click and even your physical location. they can even follow your activity on your smart phone by the apps you use. the cell towers you are near in a gps device now part of many phones. >> bothers me because a lot of the stuff is my own business, it is not a bunch of other people's business. >> jonathan mayor is working on his doctorate at stanford university and heads a campus project do not >> we are concerned by the growing proliferation of web track. in the past several years an
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explosion of tracking on the web. >> reporter: they are looking into the way the do not track list can be made possible. it already developed an open source code to implement a do not track option on the fire fox web brouse. what it does is adds a little bit of information to the requests saying by the way, don't track me and that way for example when your browser makes the request it does not track you. >> all the things that follow you around, it is like where does the line draw. >> reporter: michelle says marketers knowing where you are and what you are doing can be a good thing. >> there is a dark side to not having privacy but the positivity is that you are going to get the messages anyway. wouldn't you rather get a coupon for a coffee shop you are next to rather than one that is 40 miles from you?
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>> the most important point is to give individuals the choice between how much privacy and how much information they want to have. >> reporter: a do not track option has been on the top of consumer groups' lists for years. this is giving them new hope. pg&e is offering a $25 prepaid debit card for people who conserve on gas usage this month. the san bruno explosion resulted in the utility turning down the pressure in the pipeline that exploded and they are operating at lower operating temperatures. pg&e wants customers there to cut the use of natural gas this december to avoid increasing pressure in the pipeline. >> we will look at a customer's bill over the previous three decembers and average that out and then we will look and if you saved any gas we will send you the $25 prepaid gas debit card. >> the explosion is still the focus by the way of a federal
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investigation. there may be no such thing as a free lunch but there is this. bart is giving away free rides. tomorrow morning bart will pass out one way tickets to 60,000 riders. each will get two tickets good for the next three weekends. it is to encourage people to use bart for holiday shopping. the tickets will be distributed between 6 and 9 a.m. the tickets by the way are available on a first come, first served basis. >> sounds good. >> does bart go anywhere where it is warm? >> sign me up for that. >> might be a long distance ride but i'm sure it will take you there. a little milder tonight than it was last night. still not exactly the kind of warmth we are talking about here. >> not that what i'm looking for. >> lovely view from the mount tam camera looking at downtown san francisco and the lights at
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embarcadero center. a few clouds in the afternoon that that looked threatening but broke up and it is at least partly clear right now. in the 40s in most locations. milder in san francisco and oakland. the 24 hour temperature change shows most locations anywhere from 1 to 4 degrees milder at this hour than they were last night at this hour with the exception of mountain view which is two degrees cooler. >> the south bay remains dry through friday. showers likely for the entire bay area saturday evening into sunday. shows what truly is a stationary front. this is not moving at all. blocking of ridge of high pressure keeping the rain to the northwest and off shore at the moment. things will change. starting at 11:00 tonight the clouds continue to thicken into tomorrow morning and we will see a little bit of rainfall sort of sagging southward into
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the north bay. the northernmost part of the viewing area by late tomorrow morning. it will work down towards the golden gate and then rest. petersburg. retreat. the north bay will probably see some rain but the system will weaken and break up by the end of the day. more rain coming in for the weekend as we take the forecast animation into saturday and sunday you can see showers passing through starting late saturday, saturdayed afternoon or evening into sunday. breaks in the shower activity but the greater chance of rain is on sunday. back to the bay area tonight we have a spare the air alert. that means it is illegal to burn firewood or fire logs tonight. that is in effect until midnight and low themes on this cool night but not cold drop into the 30s in napa, fairfield, antioch and morgan hill. low 30s for most other locations. in the south bay, high temperatures right around or just above 60 degrees for most locations.
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5557 the high downtown san francisco tomorrow. 5 of in the sunset district. north bay under soggier conditions. highs in the low to mid 50s. over the hills and into the inland valley, mid to upper 50s. and near monterey bay the mildest weather of all tomorrow with high temperatures in the low to mid 60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's north bay shower encounter we will see mainly dry conditions on friday. clouds on saturday. rain or showers developing saturday night in sound. dry on monday and tuesday. another slight chance of rain on wednesday. sort of unsettled weather coming our way which is typical for this time of year. >> is that shower encounterrary close encounter? >> could be if you are out there in it. still ahead, a bay area broadcasting legend makes a major announcement. and a reporter who tries to help an iraqi teenager start a new life in america.
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what happened when got here was
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ithis is world adieu day. friends gathered to remember those taken by the disease. an award was presented to jean white gender the mother of brandon white. he contracted the disease during a blood transfusion. >> i have been able to see the benefit from this, the center where people are living now. >> the united nations estimates there are 33 million people living with hiv around the world. 2.5 million of those are children. well, now to a story about a reporter and a young man that
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he met. abc's dan harris was covering a story in iraq at the height of insurgency. he met a boy and helped him come to america but thing dos not work out as planned. >> reporter: we met in the the middle of a gunfight in baghdad in 2006. >> what is your name? he was a fresh faced kid with the same name as mine. >> shooting again yeah, what we can do? nothing. >> dan had learned english by watching american movies and listening to rap and he had an agonizing story about seeing his best friend get shot. >> i see blood on the ground my friend shot, he's dead. >> we will take a close are look tonight at what it is like to grow up amid the chaos and violence in iraq. >> we got an enormous response including an offer of a scholarship from thomas college, a small school in maine which struck me as a great opportunity to totally
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transform this kid's life. months later dan arrived at new york's kennedy airport and i was incredibly excited. >> how do you feel? >> very happy and very excited and at the same time very scared. >> can i help you? >> i need a whopper. >> i escorted him up to maine his safe, snow in new home. >> oh. >> so, what do you think? >> we made it. >> we made it, dude. >> yeah, we made it. >> looked like a hollywood happy ending but looks can be deceiving. nine months later i was helping dan pack up. he had been kicked out. >> i love this place a lot. like a lot. but, it was going to work out i think. >> h his time at the college had been a disaster.
9:25 pm
school officials overestimated his english skills and he spent two semesters partying and skipping class. this left me with a huge responsibility that i never expected. days of december pratt phone phone calls trying to fix things for dan. my fear was that if dan went back to baghdad with the insurgency still raging he would be killed as an american sympathizer and it two be partly my fault. i brought him to new york city to crash on my couch temporarily. >> don't you want to do something with your life? >> oh, glance as i dealt with dan's meltdown i learnd that young refugees who come to america from war zones often act out in inappropriate ways. >> you expect me to live here normally in the united states without problems, without anything? >> absolutely not. >> no iraqi kid at my age bringing here can live normally with all this freedom and stuff
9:26 pm
like that. no helluva chance. >> after countless meetings and phone calls we caught a break. dan was accept inside a home for troubled teenagers up in maine. >> if i get kicked out of this one that is it my life is done. >> within weeks the problems started again. >> i would ask you -- >> including marijuana use. >> and that will prove that you didn't smoke. >> at one point, dan simply disappeared and i spent an anxious week waiting for the phone to ring. >> in the end, dan was kicked out yet again. he spent the next year living on his own in boston and doing surprisingly well. he studied for the ged and even considered joining the u.s. army. but when both of those plans fell through, he fell into a deep funk. >> like i have never been so depressed and so sad in my life like that like i am right now. >> despite my pleading dan decided to go home and so two years and four months after he
9:27 pm
arrived i took him back to the airport. >> this is it. >> yep. >> in the movies when the reporter swoops in to help the subject there is usually a happy ending. this, however, is not a movie. >> no, it is not. dan harris reporting. despite the outcome both danes say they would do the whole thing again and the younger dan says he is happy to be back in iraq. he is recording rap music and in college studying to become a reporter. we wish him well. drowning in death, the panel tried to end the deficit releases its plan, what they would cut and what they would save. hiring for the holidays. a bay area business that is booming right now and how the seasonal jobs could turn into full-time work. plus, it is definitely not what you would expect from the freed iran hiker. coming up, the sarah shourd
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good evening. we'll start this half hour with a real problem. the presidential debt commission is out today with an updated version of its federal budget deficit reduction plan. it runs 66-pages more than 3,000 words of tough choices and painful proposals to rein america's runaway debt, now almost $14 trillion. the cochairs of the debt commission issued a stark warning. >> this debt is like a cancer. it is going to destroy us from
9:31 pm
within. >> reporter: the u.s. facing the kind of economic catastrophe transpiring in europe. >> it doesn't happen as a slippery slope or in six months it is dramatic. >> reporter: arguing the nation it no longer continue to ignore its debt and deficit, the chairman recommended raising the social security retirement age from 66 now to 69 by the year 2075. increasing the payroll tax for wealthier recipients and reducing their social security benefits. increasing gasoline tax by 15 cents per gallon beginning in 2015. eliminating or reducing tax deductions for individuals, freezing medicare payments to doctors through 2020 and cutting the government work force through attrition by 10% or 200,000 employees. the report needs the support of at least 14 of the 18 members in a vote scheduled for friday.
9:32 pm
two key members endorsed it today. >> while there are things in this plan i dislike intensely, i don't see another alternative. >> reporter: senator kent conrad the democratic chairman of the senate budget committee was joined by republican counter part senator judd gregg. >> we either as a nation govern or we risk losing our greatness. >> gregg, however, is retiring. two who are not retiring gave the report a thumbs down. >> i cannot for the reasons of equity support this proposal. >> do i not believe that this sufficiently fixes the healthcare problem. and guess what, our debt problem is the healthcare problem. >> jake tapper reporting. as he said the vote on this is scheduled for friday. lawmakers might not pass it. there is talk between the president and republican leaders in the senate that they might use it as a template for deficit reduction votes in the future.
9:33 pm
permanent full-time jobs are still very hard to come by in this economy but a seasonal job may be the way to get your foot in the door. some businesses are bringing on extra workers for the holidays bus as abc 7's eric thomas reports they are hoping that things will pick up. >> if the number of seasonal hires packed into the basement offense is any indication the paper business must be booming this holiday season. >> we hired over 100 seasonal 18 customeriates and 178 service representatives. >> the san francisco headquarters of the online san francisco studio minted. they help turn designs into holiday cards, invitations and the like. the pay is $15 to $17 an hour. it has been like a gift from heaven if you have been out of work for a year and a half like this woman. >> now, i'm in this new world
9:34 pm
as everything works. >> this man came on out of college and worked into a staff job. that is not the way it worked for many of his college classmates. >> a bunch of his friends didn't have jobs. i was lucky to find this place. >> we are in a unique position to offer the seasonal design associates not only the ability to earn a very fair hourly wage but also to contribute to our organization through submitting their original pieces of art. >> the national jobless rate around 9.6% and in california more than 12%. staffing agencies say some clients are looking to hire. some agencies predicting a 20% increase oh over last year. >> we have certainly seen an increase to this year's hiring. certainly an uptake from last year. we are seeing a lot in the retail space, a lot of vacation coverage. >> reporter: but lisa says the number of job letts be limited and competition will be fierce
9:35 pm
and recommends that job seekers put their best foot forward and work as if there is a potential full-time at the end of it. >> i think there is long-term potential that comes from short-term opportunitys. >> eric thomas reporting. good at vice in that piece. toys 'r us is hiring 45,000 seasonal employees. macy's is hiring 65,000. if you need a job you might find one at the next abc 7 news job journal hire event tuesday from 11:00 to 3:00 at the windham hotel in san jose. well, for those of you who are long-time listeners of kgo radio, a big change. dr. dean adell is retiring. he is leaving after management there decided to air only a couple of his shows on a tape delayed basis on weekends. >> after five thousand shows, 15,000 medical minutes and a
9:36 pm
lot of highway points and some low -- highway points and some low ones i'm throwing in the towel and believe me like all of these kinds of decisions it comes with a deep, deep mix of emotions and feelings. >> dean's last show will be on december 10. he will continue in reruns through the end of the year and, of course, we wish our old colleague quite well. good luck, dean. the lpga announced they will allow transgender members to compete on tour. she sued the women's professional golf association in october claiming its female at birth requirement violated california's civil rights laws. last night the players voted to remove the requirement meaning that any transgender player can play if they qualify to do so. a spokeswoman for the lpga says they don't want to discriminate against any one. freed iran hiker sara
9:37 pm
shourd of oakland is hoping her music will help win the freedom of her two companions ♪ ♪ ♪ all i can think of is you >> shourd launched the song titled peace of time today on free the iran hikers on you tube channel. its release coincides with the start of month 17 in captivity for shane bauer and josh fatale. if you would like to hear the entire song we have a link on click on see it on tv and it is there for you. there is an online campaign called it gets better which helps young gay people deal with their sexuality. here in san francisco the cast of the newly arrived shrek the
9:38 pm
musical are among those spreading the word no matter how bad it may seem things do in fact get better. here is lyanne melendez. >> reporter: plays papa bear in shrek the musical now in san francisco. off stage he has a new role that reaches out to young teens who are gay. >> i don't know what impact my story will have but if it reaches just one person and helps them to feel like they have somebody who has been through a similar experience and understands what it is that they are going through. ♪ >> reporter: this song talks about being proud of who you are even if you are different. the entire cast has joined the it gets better campaign on you tube where celebrities and s of hope for gay, lesbian and transgender teens.
9:39 pm
recently a number of young people have committed suicide across the nation. >> it is devastating. no child should feel like that. a child. someone just coming into what should be the happiest years of their lives. ♪ >> reporter: that is tyrone davis, jr. also an actor in the musical. he admits even today it is hard to talk openly about his sexuality. >> half my family doesn't know because they don't live in san francisco but my immediate family knows. >> reporter: as a teenager growing up gay he found refuge in the arts. >> i say it gets better. you will grow up. you will move away. you will meet people. you will fall in love. you will be happy doing whatever it is that you do as long as you remember that it is okay to be who you are and it is okay to show that to people. >> reporter: the hope is the coming out testimonials will encourage some gay teens to end their isolation. ♪
9:40 pm
in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. ♪ well, we have all done it at one time or another, talking about losing our keys. but did it cost $10,000 to get them replaced? tonight, the story uncovered by a student newspaper. and life as we don't know it. nasa creates an internet frenzy about
9:41 pm
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with points from chase sapphe? ah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tkets with no blackout dates or restrtions. a student news pape in stockton is taking a principal to task for losing his keys. it cost $10,000 to get them replaced. students are angry over what they see as an unnecessary expense when the district is struggling with a deficit. >> teachers might not get paid as much. also i know we have really big class sizes this year. >> reporter: katie reports for the campus newspaper the bruin voice and recently wrote a story saying when the principal misplaced his school keys it cost almost $10,000. >> kind of over the top and also when that money could be going elsewhere to like the
9:44 pm
arts or anything. >> camp admits it was a big mistake. >> as all the principals do we are running around doing multiple things on multiple days so this is one of those days that was quite chaotic and the keys came up missing during the process. >> reporter: the facilities head says he paid workers overtime to rekey locks on campus. until the job was finished the campus was monitored by security guards at $15 an hour. >> they had to get security guards to make sure if any one found the keys that they couldn't get in so they had to have it for weekends and for nights. >> even worse, it wasn't the first time camp lost his keys. >> we heard it was the third time this had happened. >> they are correct in that it is not the first time but it is not the third either. it was the second time. >> reporter: meanwhile, he has a new set. >> these are the keys. >> reporter: and vows to hold on to them in the future. in stockton, karen massey, news
9:45 pm
10. nasa scheduled an announcement for tomorrow morning. astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. researches will reportedly unveil the discovery of a microbe that has apparently been found at the bottom of mono lake in yosemite national park. it is rich in arsenic. an environment thought to be too poisonous for any life form to survive. somehow it uses it as a way of surviving raising the prospect that similar life could exist on other planets. we will see what nasa has to say tomorrow warm we were most interested in finding out online this year. drum roll, please. coming up the top searches for 010. and
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a united nations team is headed to pompeii to look at ways of conserving the ancient italian city. two more walls have given way. the latest of four collapses in a month at the 2,000-year-old archaeological site.
9:49 pm
it is believed heavy rains tore blame for this. in the rest of europe, snow was the problem. >> i rebooked for today and we got as far as the gate and they canceled it. >> planes are just stuck as europe deals with a cold snap. london's gapwick airport is closed until tomorrow after temperatures dropped to minus four degrees. traffic at a stand still on major routes and rail passengers forced to sleep on the trains waiting the weather out. this it country, at least three people killed in weather related incidents. rain knocked out power to thousands on the east coast, closed the statue of liberty and caused delays at jfk and la guardia airports and penn station. let's talk about our weather. spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> look makes our weather look tame by comparison. a view from the high definition mount tam camera. looking up above at the clouds overhead that broke up in the late afternoon and evening
9:50 pm
hours. highs today a few degrees above yesterday's highs in most location as you can see. it was relatively mild. and getting milder. tomorrow morning temperatures mainly in the 40s at 8:00. mid day upper 50s and by late afternoon highs in most locations upper 50s to around 60. the southern part the mildest part of viewing area. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. showers in the north bay mainly tomorrow. friday, partly cloudy but a dry day. showers developing again saturday night into sunday and then dry on monday and tuesday and another chance of rain on wednesday. a little iffy and unsettled right now. yahoo, aol and bing released the top searches for 20 o. bp oil spill tops the aol and yao his. and then justin bieber. bing is capped by kim
9:51 pm
kardashian and tiger woods. aol unmany ployment and yahoo's number two and three are the world cub and miley cyrus. what does that tell us about how we are using the web just bing users younger and hipper. aol a little more intellectual and news oriented and yahoo is a little bit of this and that pretty much on everything. which is what we say about larry. a little this and that of everything. >> we don't say hipper, do we? >> justin bieber. >> my vow for the coming year is no more bieber searchs. >> it was fun while it last. >> exactly. continue the off season shopping. i will pick up something during the sports cast. they are bringing back one of their own. aubr
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it could be you. chase picks up the tab. its another great reason to bank with chase. sign up at a branch today.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, violent video from inside a bay area card club. the unusual step management is taking to make sure people don't think this is a fight club. new insight in america's love hate relationship with san francisco. what is that all about? join us for those stories and more coming up in one hour. no bieber five. giants fever. shelling out big money for
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aubrey huff and miguel tejada. tonight the san jose mercury news reported they agreed on what has been described as a discounted one year deal for burrell. he had 18 homers in the regular season. slumped in the world series on strikeout 11 times in 13 at-bats but pat the bat apparently is coming back. the 49ers received good news on frank gore. he will not need surgery. gore out for the season after suffering the hip injury month nied but will not go under the knife. losing gore will hurt the offense. one positive consequence here. the team lacks offensive creativity and forces them to integrate brian westbrook who has been largely underutilized for the first half of the season. forces him to play anthony
9:56 pm
dixon. >> son look at the duo as thunder and lightning. >> just haven't had the chance to put it all out there on the field together. >> obviously what brian west brook brings to the game and anthony dixon is something that we can take advantage of and we want to do these thing for frank and it means that much to all of us. we definitely will have frank in mind when we are doing things. now, to the raiders and their quarterback situation. bruce out with a separated shoulder. jason campbell will start sunday in san diego. campbell has been on a silver and black rollercoaster. started the first two games. yanked. and then great for a little bit. then the offense got bogged down again and he got yanked again and now campbell is the hardest again. >> people talk about being benched three times. that is not true. pittsburgh i was not benched. i was taken out for reasons
9:57 pm
being hit a lot and different things and expected to come back the next week and start. but the situation came up, you kne they felt like he was healthy and coach is a man of h his word. on to college football now. stanford finished at 11-1. ranked fourth in the birthday cs standings. as long as nothing by dara happens this weekend stanford should be in a big bowl game. for now the cardinals figure to be in line for maybe a fiesta bowl or orange bowl invitation. wait to see how it all unfolds on sunday. meanwhile the coach wants the players to rest and enjoy what they accomplish. >> i think it is good to let them have a little bit of time here where they are sprinkled with magic dust for a week or so and then i'll lasso them back in and we'll get back to work and get ready for the bowl
9:58 pm
game because it is a chance to compete on the stage which we always wanted to compete on. >> saint mary's faced another ranked team tonight. number 19 san diego state. the joker in the house. good to be a college student. a lot of time on your hands. ththe azteks answer with 15 straight. look at the range. that made it a 19-15 game. san diego state is really good this year. malcolm thomas the acrobatic move in the lane. the azteks win. derek anderson had one of the great post game meltdowns against the 49ers. now, he has impersoniateors. seen laughing on the sidelines while his cardinals were getting pummeled. we have a few seconds of anderson's rant and then the spoof by orlando to follow.
9:59 pm
>> i'm serious. i put my heart and soul into this [ bleep ] every single week. >> so what. i can smile. i can have fun. this is a game that i love and you gorgeous tell me that i can't have fun, huh? you know what i'm done. >> classic exit there just like anderson. i'm out of here. >> he will love to see that. >> he is hearing a lot about this. >> thanks very much, larry. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. stay connected 24/7 on for spencer christian, larry beil, no more justin bieber, i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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