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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 14, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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that's 1-877-276149. with anthem blue cross, you're free to enjoy value like never befor new findings were just released the dead pipeline explosion. national traportation safety board is ruling out extern corrosion. it killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood. congresswoman jackie speier's held a news conference? >> indeed, she did and she described that and other n.t.s.b. findings in that news conference that juswrapped up in the san mateo office building. she got a briefing this morning from the n.t.s.b. chairwoman and congresswoman said the analysis
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showed no sign of external corrosion or intern corrosion for that matter. there were no signs of pre-existing damage or damage from excavation in the area before this fire and explosion. those were somof the theorie being tossed after the septemb 9 disastethat killed eight people and destroyed 55 homes. some of these theories are being ruled out n.t.s.b. did release information about a discrepancy in what pg&e said about the pip and what they found in their investigatio >> pg&e has always idtified this pip as being seamless. the evaluation shows it's not a seamless pipe, it's seamd and welded at number of judges. >> does midnight those were a factor in the explosion or fire? too soon to tell, but
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congresswoman said there is a difference in the inspection done on seamed pipes and seamless pipes. the first report came out in october. the full findings of the government panel which investigates disaste is still months away. that is what we're goin to find out exactly what happened. in the meantime, time the investigation contues. live in san mateo, eric thomas. yahoo is laying off hundreds of employees this holiday season fourth round for the sunnyva based company. that is going to add to the sky high unemployment rate which is at 12.4%. terr >> yahoo says 6750 people were laid off this morning, that
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represts approximately 4% of the company's international work force of 14,000 ople, most of those layos and most of them in yahoo's product group. now, this is note a surprise to insiders. it's been discussed on couple of popular blogs but that speculation has a number much higher today. it was not a surprise to look at yahoo's number, revenue was up minimally. yahoo stock was down over that time. they say the buck stops at ceo that was ceo at auto desk and neve a hit at yahoo. >> she came from a company that sold software engineering to engineers. yahoo is completely different.
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it's like apples and oranges. >> yahoo's official statement is this, they are evaluating expenses to align with the company's finaial goals. beyond tha we don't comment on rumors or speculation. this is no longer rumor or specation, been confirm by people at yahoo. in fairns to her, there was 1600 layoffs before she came on in 2009 and she worked in intel and also at sun microsystems, so holding into a one dimensional player see to be off the mark. as far as stock market reactio, shares o stock of yahoo are down just three cents, to $16.67. we are hearing there is a lot of talk, speculation about aol taking over yahoo and we are also told that the folks being laid off did receive what is
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being scribed as a pretty good severance packe. virginia man accused of kidnapng a 12-year-old girl has decided to waive extration that means he has agreed to return t virginia. they will take him back to the roanoke, virginia in the next 48 hours. he is was with britney mae smith when he was arrested last friday. her mother, tina smith was easl's girlfriend. she was found de last week in the home. >> there is another round rain moving toward the bay area mike nicco has a look at it. >> good morning to you. we'll stt up in the north bay, show you some of the radar returns thats very scattered in nature. we're in a lull of this morning's rain that dropped
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quarter an inch in mill valley. .15 in petaluma. rain we're going to get afternoon hours, things are pretty quiet. we do have more radar returns off shore for hatch moon bay, two-thirds o an inch. a tenth in dublin. we had a healthy rain during the morning hours, during the cold front, we'll get the most widespread and heaviest coverage of the rain, about a quarter to half an inch, meabl double that in the valleys. this is one of five chances in the next sen days for rain. >> we'll keep other umbrellas out. >> s francisco peninsula state assemble jerry hill is at a meeting, he wants to warn them he plans to introduce legislation blocking a plan to charge drivers entering from san mateo county. today they are expected to decide a study of the plan. if it were approved would it
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chargerivers $3 every time they ent or leave the city during peak commute hours. san mateo county is threatening to retaliate with its own $6 toll on san francisco drivers can coming in from the peninsa. >> san jose could be the largest city to ban disposable plastic bags. they are expected to vote on it this afternoon. the ordinance would require retailers to charge for paper bags. ten cents a bag and 25 cents a bag after that. the goal is to get shoppers to bring their own reusab bags. there were mixed reactions. >> forget the bags, period. bring their own. i think it solves it own. good morning. >> i guess we don't have a choice. >> what do you think about it? >> i use plastic bags but i reuse them, as well. several cities throughout the state hav adopted similar
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measures nearly every bag ban has fac legal challenges and they are already pnned to challenge the ban if approved >> the new eastern span of the bay bridge has now arrived in oakland. caltrans says now the shipment is here crews can lift the pieces into play. these pies will bring the tower threeourths of the way to the final height of 525 feet. caltrans is hoping to finish this section by christmas eve. >> still ahd, oprah winfrey, an accident that injured a person during a taping. >> and hundreds of drivers are trappeon a canaan freeway. who knew about this? a docunt showed that pg&e knew much=c
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take look at these images. a rescue operation is under way in canada. military helicopters and resc workers are trying to remove hundreds of drivers, possibly as many as 300 drivers on the freeway. it's been declared a disaster zone. one car has been stuck for 24 hours. >> a body of a soldier killed in afghanistan is expected back home today. he was one of six americans killed when a suicide bomber
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slammed into a group of soldiers. he was born in redding. he went to school there. most recently he lived in redwd city with his wife. >> derek gave the most precious gift he had and that was his life. i don't want people to forget all these young men about all these young men doing this work for us. >> taliban claed responsibility for the blast. it was deadliest attack this month there. >> on capol hill there will be a new show down on don't ask, don't tell policy. they said the house will take a vote on the bill that would overoverturn the policy earlier tomorrow. that vote could put pressure on the senate to delay on the
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holiday adjournmt plan. veterans want them to repeal the law before a new congress is sworn in in january. >> pg&e documents turned over to state regulats said the utility may have known a lot more what one of the employees snooping on smart mete than previously admitted. one resigned last month as vice president of the smart meter program. he the was caught using a fake name trying to join online discussion groups that oppose those devices. they report the new documents show other pg&e officials kw what he was doing. the documents also reveal pg&e sent an employee to monitor a protest in rohnert park in october and company employees referred to activists as insurgents. >> meteorologist mike cco is ahead with the forecast. >> let's take a look outside what is going on right now. pretty gray skies and 45 minute
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delays at sfo. we'll take a look at live doppler, show you where the rain is right now. how much you'll get. >> also, oprah, adventure down under. the movie stunt that went wrong during a typing of one her shows. >> and live in berkey at mancini sleep world where we're hosting share your holiy food drive. we'll tell you how you can get your hands o
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it is gooto be oprah, in the land down under. her production team and 300 lucky fans are on an australian adventure. by surprising her audience what she called the trip a lifetime. some 12,000 free tickets were handed out the taping of two of her shows. australia is paying the $5 million for the tri exposure to the country and is a smart investment. >> okay. that is johnson makin a dramic entrance. and something happened. he hit the brakes too late.
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ouch! he hit his face but wasn't seriously hurt. the unt was so much fun until the very end. >> sexiest man alive. >> show you what is going on this morning. we're looking at lower clouds starting to move across the bay. some of those coul drop a sprinkle for you. heaviest of the wet weather is still a couple hours ay. here is a look at san jose this morning. let's stt off with live 7 hd, if you are heading to the east on or to the north, scattered rains and mountain snows. so far it looks like things are okay up in the sierras. the snow elevatio has been high, but once the sun sets,
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watch out. >> temperatures to nr 60 degrees except foralf moon bay at 55. monterey bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. as far as th highlights, rain is heaviest this afternoon. the rain will taper overnight. you may see patchy fog develop. it will be dry tomorrow on thursday and that's it. friday saturday, sunday, monda we have more and even heavier rain in in forecast. been kind of quiet but it will pick up and temperatures in the upper 50s and we'll fall back into the mid to low 50s once the rain moves in. could be breezy around the bay shore and same thing around the monterey bay. temperatures are up to 60 degreethis afternoon. for tonight, clearing up in the north bay, we could drop down to the low to mid 40s. rest of us with a mostly cloudy sky, mid to upper 40s. so good five degrees cooler than this morning. here is a look at the cold front. moving into the northern pa of
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the state but once it makes it's it's a way into the bay area we'll see an increase in rain. here it is moving into the noh bay, picking up in intsity by 6:00. pushes on through and then scattered showers during the overnight hours, until 7:00 in the morning when it is d. we'll see a few slivers of sunshine and then we'll have more rain on friday. quarter to half an inch around the bay. double that in mountains, half that in the valleys, wint storm warning up i the sierra until 10:00 tonight. accu-weather forecast, temperatures won't budge. close to mid-50s for the highs and same thing on friday. stormy onaturday and tapering on sunday before more rain on monday. thanksery much. one of best ways you can get into the holiday season is to get into the spirit of giving. share your holiday food drive
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sponsored by mancini. janell wang starts in berkeley? >> i'm at mancini sleep world. all you have to do is pull up your car and drop off the food. clean out your pantry. i know there is food in there, and drop in one of bins, volunteersre standing by and cash and checks are greatly needed. one dollar can provide up to two full meals for families ts holiday season. five dollars, ten dollars, we would appreciate it. great gift if you donate $20, we'll hand you one of these free dvds. if you donate $50, you get two king sized pillows and hundred dollar bucks, we'll have more prizes. now let's go to corina in san
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jose. >> we're on blossom hill road. this is really incredible. i'm going to introduce you montez, he is wi the museum in san jose. this is inedible. what are you ing to help support them? >> for the second year in the road we partnered for visitors to come in bring three food items and you will get a free admission to a world premiere body world. >> three cans of tuna or peanut butter or corn. >> cereal, sou, you name it, three itemsou get a tick, you are in. offer is good until friday. it's going on for about a week and a half. i can tell you we have food stuffs all over the lobby of the tech museum which is a good probleto have. >> thank you so much.
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thank you for the tech museum for your generosity. >> i'm telling everybody, if they can't make it to them, come down to justin hermann plaza to see me. tell me who you are and why you are pa of the food bank? >> i'm ted louie from san francisco. basically we're th oldest running company manufacturing in san francisco. >> and doing tofu for generations? >> yes. >> and you love giving to the food bank? >> giving back to the community for l the years of support they've helped us. >> we're going to be all day until 5:30. we just want people to come down and make donations. we have prizes to give aw. we have the dvds and pillows. if you want more information, go to our website at that is all you have to do, it's that simple. send it back to you guys. >> everybody is so enthusiastic.
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>> best motion picture, drama, black swan, the fighter, inception, the king's speech, the social network. >> nominees for the other best picture were musical comedy alice wonderland, burlesque, the kids are all right and the tourist. >> that is going to do it for us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire"s coming up next. >> stay dry.
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