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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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everyone. i'm carol johnsonr now cu fo wikil may hailednight in . commend approved justicemission h privatess bradley
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manning for wa city voting on it to. wong . havey made a decision? >> they have not. and of coversy younow, inform strange to berkeley an on. tonight the trto pass a res that w honor pri bradley a hero for out sensitiveformation that hsedinternational em for the u.s. he's currein a mifacing 52 year prison sly down lositive docuere posted wikileaker juliann one of the mo crucial l of u.s. he and killing 1. commissi it exposedhe go coverupt war c and co butomegovernment off relecuments pu lives toni peoplesupporting bot of the ad
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to tir opin w to do if you w it no pass resolut es other peop to ate informa harm to our tr to the anistan who work w ou >> h acerves ofupport. atepartment would believehat he'shed danger tops but yet they haven't pointedo a person tha harm by thes. cept p state departpersonnel look sil.>>reporter: or bates the past work oace assion but sa premature to take a stn this issue he acknowl re that attonal attention of t(, civironmentalce. cil is still
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listen speake. theywill make, takthe ion and we to havultsnight on abc 7 at 11 an, carolyn n. e governmary on the ine explosio san bruno is out eels d knt kind of buried there956 records got mi pipe visually inspe. unlew up. more tonigh fromhew even ptember n that killed 8 and destroyed do o pacific gasnd electricinued to r the gas pipe waless. de without weld inspector the nat transporard safety board foun ridd with e of th seams werthe nd outsid of th n theutside. and ine of th opene explos
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>> pipe d since whenas first at newference ngresswomanard th la with w to be ie ly. and t thealiforniac utilities commissiono make surespections are performedspections areperformed. want toe surethe laollowed by uc pg&e as it rel t on. i do that i has >> a calladmitted weren't accu>> we of our investigation ofds and turning he of that re. head of theengineering dettors cla weoperly inspec there is no difference inonn seamless
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pipe those that haveams. porter: in ary there nside pe. nohatere wasl from ing that the pipe.vidence plosion gas . i spthat some residents gas days before theupted.whoom causelosion ha a leak. >>reporter: ghborhood sgiving sunday be at 2:00 p.m. at center in san br ocrystalrings road. if you go to cl story link you t in the nabc 7 news. paper soon you won't the c in san j city eht to pape ones be 20. as lee ann rep is thebroadest its kind
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re in the state. >>ut aear from now bag in san jo wil goaper ones come a price. 10 . if is made ofe paper. theningr willouble in pri aftere c 25 cent people for pap that cleast 40 percentlableaterial. idea is to pu to us reus bag the nlso own ld the amountte in land fi vid >> they fish and wildliding bird wherehoke our wet land and ou habiourse they aone of the mo an unsightl of pol bay.>>reporter: by they were singledout andir bagd ed. sses nillrtem. we hav toe and will pleasant >>reporterheen the
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voted in favo of the banlecities in ia bsan josehe first to impose restrictll.>> ancisco bein la, lo alto pass o mall o there might more thatare escaping me bu 10. >>reportes in a ha inlace, last septembe ersramento reje a bill that woul made the s first do away with plasti bags. supporters of that bilpe eventuallygh citiesre will ban plasticgs gentow ose, abc news. >> san frto saild witho bring am to thamerica's cup city of supervisor unanimously c bido hosteta. now torent cup holde kill to terms are
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amy live at city us amy.rter: ace officialsaren't sayi l thisd san fy art. mayor newso ter it wa unanimou by the b su. they have working since f ante full boardsupportirst. ere ut how much m tyould spendne butomense nsders they are happy witsre happy wit result [applause] >> with the t th ly gain money for it good t getsnd b goo could prov i kno looking fo moreetched w this bid is no compet think wil bespreserve ande of the ame cu
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reporter: so here se. o would have h race at th what the frouth the pro has move tn whatfront that will becost to . race organizehave hinted t don't that idea. and s iheions sae officialup rho shop th y officials in franciscoeve they posturi and t they w land 2 a's cup san franci news. ht we will see. thank amy. ivers g intout of san fran a troad block todaynsula drivers oyut congestioing specifically them. ca r >>ou can fig ha and. just ask as hill. >> hasen a conversat withty.
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beoguean mateo >>e lawmakers came sanity hall a halt to cont congestiudy that lookhe erectin between san s andorist admi >> t t eed right no. : threatenedooduce blocking the stud. s toop the san mateo outl votedrwardwithch open otrnatives on't thinke's anyone heresco to h of othe cities have beenffic >>reporter: b supeng in ca the countyansportation aw plane st quadrant of c alaguna and 18 stre the driv 3 dollgmes entering o
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do when they head outne evening commut rethe pub >>urden platesedon t worestion pricing is a tooln how we dens >>reporter: pricinguld raise between 6 million doll trmprovement. mt. that's the idea. moneycomes with >>ren francisco wi for a fnmentaystudy and kee ht now just a . if congest pr ever becthe st that 2015 in san franc lynbc 7 ne. >> mr. to come this tuesdayding cast >> p.m aheadcot i'm
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in saceely ed in st legislatioay theact california that lp student ath from con. >>reporter: lect says the stat at unprecedentedomentoning and get . en teena drinking le the good ends of choice gh schoolers when the news in t
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ni enr and le fromto. 300 mit and
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s hope to 9 mill ate with furlough day and req employ for t i e asking but there's a way to ask includfor the classworker abe able to listen to our conceds as state of california to come forward and ca childr the stded on level thatlowsus to fairlyompensate teachers.reporter: the d upist of schools that c clos gove jer is warningducationeaders to br newsveils the budget mo. budgetles wo specifics but saidl crisis it. >> i can' you thawon't bes becausee will be. ut we have a dollar de that little a
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liut that's the magnit we are g haveing we c bring it budget school disuperintende imp avoi ieducationurge him instead to the cuts more evenly state age onal footbal officialse retireyers are pushin state lawmakre to student at s. re backing assembly bill t expand ne precaution new y ons. our capit corresponden rter: no one kn co where hitsd re to play is >>on in my lly blacked out. huddleguys are ask me akay. of coursm i'mreporter: b nfl no takes cu in own rank wirn to play ru hope the youth sp samefar
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are going b pl tking se injury. texas orego andgton havedressing co in hlete. nfl help al dozen otcluding c. ormer player da former davis and, nfl ramento a bipart prrequiring kids highhoolto not from a doctortoving the chi to play. >> tot just football . it iccer pl, fball playbo boncussion a seriouse there too. rter: takes a awaysook herto win a g hemselvesn't disappo theirftball pd a co and would hkept if her coach had l >> i den't want toekof gamesand ce b safety scan't argu
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dangerouwant gete andt more it's ge do n >>reporter critic say prop coacher suffers nconsequencesf anyone ing back a student athletea head . in sabc 7 . >> reports pped smoking have justt down the ciga and up a . researce seniors are smoking maco. 21.4 pe of the se say thed pot within the past 30 daypared to who smo may notview marijuana da druge b dong. i leve among hig seniors is its level annual studie i. it has been wet evenin out spence here n
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withook at 7 when thi of here sp is be move right nohet some spots but in and out areas. wide at t doppler havede pass of throughl southern part ofy area butorth dryit nicelyill a lif lightain , novato vallej just small patch astward around gilroy and holster a oate and s of rain inlos a cruz be pushut in the ght now. mane while is snowin o in th sieral 0 and 50 ar right now. snow i t is qg winter stor looking bay area raotal the last pretty impr in so arressive in othersnt saint hel
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tenths of an and ore rainfall overter of an d moffitt part of the bay area have rec wetther from the syst pushinw. agai winding down temperaturest ar gen in the low 50'salthough to a coo in los gatos anhese hirt break the rain wednesda anthursday then we get riday thr tuesday. of heavy rain and inds durin thed so it is storm coe two r composite imageows the f the currentf rainfalling through r tonight and endi some spochlty scattere trailings behind thed w morning but thee dry tomorrow lothinew clouds. bit side. meanwhil in the inter storm extended. overnight. sn down to 4. 00tnight
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ad 2 to 4 expeto30 miles per for highrmation dial and to the. lowessure about bit bit cooler thast nature. in the last nightm prett mill. cool th low 4 inla aread m geter to th coast row high pressure onayhe cool s nar low to y. mid 50's upper 50's o remainder. ot upper 50's. mid mostly for th bay here is the accu-we foreca. nice dry days we thursday an ooks like aus dose as w co drin andong gusty wind. a lain o sundayen wave of heavy rain on mond we have s of pretty w oming
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way >> it lo lquite a syst once we weeke >>ksral movement that bnthe bayea. just ahea3 stanford students andand are changing th >>re's li chicagothe dr defense. stay
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the p fftaff grilledor a second day aboutr he one reuirement to rr chicago ge f uncomf to thious. do d you receive a every yntil 2009ar you lived the 2009. ihat youitially dve homeowneion in 2000
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>>reposocus on hich at on the family partntsillinois part-time re illinol said thats a mistake. eviden that he saental he and his f chicagoing diplon drawingsd's wedding dress. l if youver wondered wh c diext story might inspire item couple o student with simple idea startent the dr. rier >> years ago augee 3 stanfsity metomanld ch. we met are ably 85 pounds sick with h. she ly was no trear her hive just some mone to take care
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herself >>repos came upwith a simple pla help her we had s aro the ca we thought some could do sittin on her ow with ters. : week mama her spirit live the tin pin w e made a sold byent in 200 s a amer >> 5 do weitted for pinind ng funds.>>reporter: pins. >> the on world ait san die was grea st rs awareness and reigaise money. group students a th. >>repostudent called face aids has raised two milli dollars help fund comprehensiv for comprehensiv >> it 50 centy atsomebody with canadians af it was ving aiend dhaving
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acceent today we have ith th patient who are thri because of e o american >> thatrichard r. aids campai is part seri health thatns this c 7 news on channel 7. series is sponsorepart linda gates fouthe bill linda foundation >> when weight, we continues t the stae oom computer upgrade. of expensel judicialtem. gearing uph time bridget next. lae new tion on howit couldour commute. eld threaten ex of navang alonhe pacific coast >> an. whyt may be a br th. half hour ows contt a moment
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>> gonce again. here's a lookthe headow tonight city of be is deciding w wheare man man bradley mann american army prd of beingurcethe wikileakse. city co toplastic bags forginning12. and san franciscoard of supeed of charging hefty t for a drivers today
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in boarove forward with the con pr in the >> are theesponsible for a key part em throwin money afterthat'sritic. toudiciarylicy pproved spendingalmost 100 ars co system with historylitches vicighta story y 7 news. most of ion dollargo towards t the co managemen syst. i link 58 county t state into o c iteen controversbecause of glitches delaynd rising costs. d n dollars when it is complete of the ouncil spokefendedhe proj>>judgesay it someho i. i just don' where that
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sthe plan we committe to nt d see i through >> but some ju wonder tbeing approprly. >>o a priority t keep t ittop priority er: the judicial syhiss beenenduring if ll lowcause of budgs. pr t es it i going to tougher >>is the direst budget cyclve ever seen andtshan this past. they to spendxpayer money as i owne's no accounta>>reporter: udgein of e thnce of califo judges workin reform in y any money to moved around at it should be the trway from courts. : if michael agre more chi of courtis 1.2 million dle. every we
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will have25%taff than we n would >>refrancisco is onef 4 county that already told t couneerations because . startin in ao the rollingrlough the c will earlvery >> the ice hours mea few availablime for o cl at ourvengs. >>dicialouncil passed the t unanimo voting no. tiring ch judgege preside over theurged the mve ie members to a it. bc 7 n. >> pro contra costacountyave agreedto take a oughay cutder new contract agreemen approved today. because is retroactideputy da 2 of cutxt 6 months. that's pay cut 8% and dayseen now and ju woman wasramento today. victim
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of shooled into p a mallolice say wilson l he-ye sonr suv when she was shot. edrmedentered a barber stng at in that shop who werlsoarmed. at least 3f the gun re injured. was ankle t waphysically hurt therterrifying mo sc m in pan city, a today. man his wd by the schoolrontede board with a pist boardd out thisn't worth this em please do. please d please. an then began firing ran. the boardmbers were nothe gunman exchangedots with then killed himself. >> bars wil see t over t fewas millds
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d into obay bridge. as we rep new bawe report,e project comes warn to keep youryesroad. >>reporter not looklike much mo of becausw thatis b commetour new bridgeray she thdway thatally driving onge piece0 >>report another piece of 6.3dollars puzzver the nextsll be loadedarges cranes and so on the ne averaging ordinary s torivers it i what 5 lanes oo out of cisame shipmen china segmf the done it willtch more than the air. s eve t completee of work
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is 11 daysfter the shiprrived in the ba. n to meetadline that m woe out aroundthelock. vers especially teaded westbose at the work coucted. there could bosityo what is of them. mainl to keep the wh keeye onad. with yourwing distance. try not let it distract er: sightsive pieces of steel hang the d hoisted that place mightthat easier said r weair the more visib it becomes so wed get the meat thising to happen andll happen thek. l4 million pounds whole lot oing untisll done and thew bridge o late 2013. oakland, a 7 ne. >> still ah t the u.s.y want to expand training ow it
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coul thousa d m mamma>> snt-and-run. whatppenedhe bus drive who ot
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ars fighter pilo red differentl of us. fig routinely fly at mind numbeeds requiring cont ttle roomr britishsearchers may bed to perform re. scieedhe s ion and found pilotsnt but whether piborn thatwaythesefferencesa result th is uncl theis stillear. administrati n tose mi training a tfict entaliste to try new technology to national
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critic belhe traini whales other n explains those t to of the under wat habita. noning ras from bol in northe up toian borderd than0 west into the pacific . this na vi shows tra that has beene for decades been goingr denavy wan more freakrcises. lving airarine andweapons. underter mine air to airmissiles. absolut critical the navy missi and to be tatsion at any >> but whi thny environmlieve uld also be doing protecte ocean. from toxic chemical. ex an >> suce that y is opetherey t of t state and theyt propo to s as even
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square inch forrtant biolog habitatmmal.>> rdefensel is conc pic coast national marine s. re troveologicaldiversity. use byies rine mammal ddangeredller pod of endange whalth the prom man question navyet. can'ttay outhat area. do you be the based onoximity to where the ed out of pu sound doesn pto it entirely. the impact stat sa theould marinemammal a year they mighturbed h or inju some way. b doesve any . enviro are worr especially abou. navy already us thec northwest w that sonar
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marine it s beding ingd can lead t inju >>repoal resourcedefenseped produc this vi which cite numero ca alngly during sometimes ashore dead days tw. the navyxpect that ofe pacific northwest traini >>ome r researchshown john tha th onarerely in r the operatin rs and mitigatio tha areace generall no abouts the marine ma would havemely close to theonar system injury of that s so that's w we have inat ring sonar or shuown soughtifrine mammaldetects coming close.>>reporter: t look out watch animal thay be close whr water an tough to spo.
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just a p move critic >> we feel i effetion right no with information pi out of a shi. ultiple look out we areive sonar th o . look out specific t >>re a thening willone ofhern california. congres . e agrees navy tos the extoo fast >> navy seems because theusey have aission that eve ele damped thad and do whatthey wantshtionaa has issu a permit for the ning. at sametime thency is starehensive revieof the effects. ompson want to wait for those r ence has toive. not willingke a wink
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om the that ng is going trust us.porter: as danashley reporting. coming up the one man stru ov a disabilime ate at is wheettled one
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ther front runnlm was the c runn unlif stuttering kd st. here's shar fons ts the stor of ruggle ng widely ric sp therap ittammering on the a rall the t hirmany >> for in the lives of us we a yar >>repomoment country and aho y>>hen abo this. >>repoy one percenthe population important
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joe bide th cutter ca hard to a you toto the pro : jimmyger woodse tiger woods, me, amesl. yes the man wiat voicence stuttere. while have lstress can setoffteringtsyear researche the gene l touttering.his i soci but re i diways a otherereporter: id knowit he's the sc ech and view about up with a se stutter be a s an ful is just yvoice hea er: goaly stnd rightrdsd is ne
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htet's get ch webb forecast. wve a break co up. is that s a look at liveppler hd. not a lot rainfall the southay. light rainthrough now and to theinterconcordland is of rain but r nonetheless. all down monterey bay from s down to wad over i rroys. up arouorgan hirain there much pushing out int mo . to ratures in the 40's. in ended by mi. aturessing low mid 50'sds about as it tomorrowdry day relati cool one. here ther 7 d. rthenn orcefully on friday stortong winds heavy rain. a littlmy on sund then more y and truly forretch ofer for about 5.
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spencer.>> okay.llinois bus driver has to rveeringthat o mow d a builtthe ts in y a. tap theent. ook. oh, nobout the horror. peopjoined a fac page calling f driver be reins. arry.e ran got to go carolyn >> of don't we h the t uild a m we >> you would thi >> maybe nput him in the middlead. another thwould sugges butsilly me look tohe streak basnow. aboutould beatem. have to th minnesotalves right. . maybe not. appr well see.
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ing up 7 news at 1 xri indicatctors it aids. so why isn'tore optimism?>>e mishap that hue reach thebottle during opa taping of l that is coming in an news ove onhannel. >>larry is>>eaching for too. he got bt bit. >> yes. >> be
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carefyou zip line. that's t morale ry.arriors trt having lin row. last team beat was back 27th the same t toni. finally. anotherable . ellis. rememb 2 point infirst quarticro the second is spng the contact. 's s. wa down. the lefyouserious?explodesin thearter and will rishe mug. right now warriorsy 3 at theeak in the tre you serious? ll in the coigh5. in thethly signedbouting lee. isted. gamewilliams here out o the br etension this would belliamthority. minutood an
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to 93. collegs iverside in m first hal t ha ar knocks down theed wom downtown. career h 23 then walkerout lostbank shot right there. jo rough and to going to th. 8d big winod sill coming to oak the fans some monster meddle op r-old matsui o de bawhoit consistentl major le career. obviouslyhat in zha zha pan. 8gels last. spent thefirst 7 season major he yankees. enormousvery popular n 1
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the news conf today japany. most of them japan. growina was fan of brothers. >> it was aboutrounde thdlevising league and tha tha happen to be tre very stontender >> soms we have had in the pashen we neededacrifice fly to nd ball som that's he has theity t thi he hit the then the small game a er: professionaler. basic thursdayr the ni the chargers winner k the poff hopes . ast stoppingfficult niner lineba w lets andsoth ht hand. sp dibout inju'sot suref he's
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abursday. i think l plantd be able to ab if iings about,do pretty much try everythi coltsw law. ack beat man. all americ e the secondm. stanford back at practice l inami january 3r a tech hoc o fire won inrote. rowroblem. absolu coach haentionedthe whole of lassoourself back footballon't thinkem hard wh for a ma the owl againstlity techteam. we hav work ssed't hard.
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for threportiled s new uniform ok will be g in thepionship kr ifrefer with green supposed to th likea blur when o by. t do butolyn. i dm usedthe kind of forest gre whate normal>> i think line good duck. >> a stay onuck. duck.'t know lime on thery yes. g all right it for e a tv i'm carol larry spencer thanks for j on 7 at 11:00


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