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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 15, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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ilitary nly gay men women from servi the b one and signing ceremony fromnding that policy. amy holye es it look in ter: looks g they say ts military ar lebrating yet alth developm theircause. the repeally, 250 to 175 andenate mocrats indic today they do enough get h the senate. blicans who wi th pointtoentagon udy that fouepeal of don' don't tel will harm thetary. houspelosi celebrated t dramatic ound. >> you don't hav to shoot stra ay. any event the are stra shooters in terms of wha do
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for th peop exciting but we been hurt t so many we a the , we wereight a that e youaste it and so ter: but thi pelosi eve adopted specialtary procedure that ro to one the r threats th legislation thete and allows it to be up at ment. l of this beats t passed befor year whew republic coming de will leave. the end of this 17-yea on't ask tell d be near in the newsr abc 7. all rightnkou. a spee car cras ancisco home ing off 28 the rush wasrhead itd on trumb rs say car smashed icade and a tree home's laund
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ily was hom it ened. >> oh, i don happened. i just h y just like a earth ll of a sudden i e car inside on my terrace. >> well, tkay and th okay. polistilling hy he lntrol of ent on thereeway has not ruled out. to police chief wants e fbi after a involving officers. chief is responding t olice of an ia vega repos a fairl 'tnk they are capable oferforming ctiveion. >> reporter: doe lieve h
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since officerst brother last ice departme tr wy happened why what they found on immediately. why the ig that tha was hadnd asmall amount o marijuan they responded toa domestic dll. jone nearby alley say he repeatedly reacheds waistband. two k outrage neighb at a meetinight he hasthe uct ant vestigation inhappen. >> we wat the ls comforta dings and are abiting the fb come her want publictable with
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and police department. >> repor vestigators are the bart police fnt. cle both m re murdered t was the c more apt tot what comes from t what really hh the stigation as is cohet o justice andrpial fairs. jones' fa bringin inmore nan a good ssary. t will giv object viewpoinly ppened. there is toouch bias and ntradictions g r the two of shy were on administrative few da shooti andard inl ed shooting ca they are back on but have not bee allowed t to the streetsatrol. in san
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rafaeals e offering bigard to a tw from earl morning s of decem 15 was found in san raphae war. had been sed and died her family andds ed toorters atspot wher kill. >> it turns and turns in ust kind hopin thomething. into the not howuld have . he knew how herself and wasn't nai tho put >> pent out doz of sampleshat has not producn stigation continues. d chance t yourncome taxe in the newear.
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a key component of theet deal iamento. critics beli a fist ful dol ls isn't wortlst rnia. ette miranda is in amento. >> reporter: in california theof th percentike o state income mean pay checbe s bigger next those with b able t antage of a bigger depe credit. more m thes ionillion taxpayers in california. >> aomething >> rep making $100,00 a depe it falls for married fili jointly with twoids the save es n less for stat with califor
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fa $28 billion de nths it may be surprisein threing cut as the deal broker or schwarzenegge and >>ing to temporary in hatr they wereeduled to go of the at the end ntury. orter: the hig tax and vehicle ex june. there is speculation governor t jerry broill a specialction to extend temporary longer period off or budget. >> we haveresent to the pe antunity to mitits. >> repor might try specific increasesific vote form if it goesducation. >> they education
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and the t right ifornia voters alreadejected t temps once it is to gage voters' mi willbe next inact a ection is called. bay s of ngresse under an bush. the plane tehe white house calling onbers of t house to f markthews has be countin the baya votes r: in the sena h feinst xer vote the cut p waterers s. feel passionat the earn ove llion dollars x orter: in the end parwhelming of both parties 81-19. e bill now goes house few liberacrats su it will through the house
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r: congress wo s says the provision ease the taxxemptionould llion to of nation's w family >> at some ar ever golk about livi with r: today spe of the ho echoed that ou could d with that. first of all, re deficit. >> reporter:that s been the messa ssives and t join for notely. >> the in the e the and blue dog democrats. bruce skein anserate ntinue to suppor theeasure l o o r. le try t wh they c to the best ession at th minute. they areargaining a posi wea the they a going ter: the vote come as asrrow and it is a fl
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ll get a bette here. neck s negotia arederway. >> that was east comonday. was thelist that eit not d whensked if sup ion of theax 2 bay areaembers of spear of the no position moderaat n they intend t the senate version of the bill. blican leaders will line up su only 30 mo democrator t the white ho bbying thosets. expect tomor mark mmpic abc ne
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ous attack tha pls house e a prett good of who is a hint, the, mass , indeed. he gapag made in the usa actually me . r christian. tonight thoon th e you the in my accuweather coming >> ants fan theppeal the giants wophy going tour aans ng to see meanwh of arling on his wo
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six month ol ring after great dane sn her mother' ar it hos angeles n with the in his mouteet b dropping stree she br a lung and p and multiple p the dog will euthanized. a y raccoons. thelatest acored a dog do into and attack tw pets. >> as in sheis right heneing like that back that wa by he o one right here to her loo at the hua who getting clos enough and th ire they herhoulder t ther.
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ector controlns in are boldey e the citycked anduse t >> sign should read beware o been t r aution. when i heard e have a dogg door in the bey can come go atght and also slide down i to i closed that. th outside n any >>accoons come t at nightd and there is lots o in rbage andling and now they a goingo through pet to enjoy and food. >> if ther peopl feeding racce d be food but then't get high
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whereopulation stre af nimals. >> reporter:imal concerned the intensely aggr beh exhibited e racco >> earlierts where people wer the sthe dog an aggressi to hat is really s a p iss >> reportecfety coons is ing jim ross. keep in a marine talking. >> they are d not afraid of an don't ut and have one on l eporter: the u de agricultu out here and a of raccoonoved them st advice i our pe shut a er twolant and keep your ey walking at night. inlameda, ter c 7 news. ieves are still targeting christmas
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deco al ths of homesn thompson avenu yest woman who had 25 nes stolen o t was red the thieves cak and twowo nta deco there grinch. >> that is ter canes. maybe sant needed th ep him happy. >> spenc with som pretty hea coming up. >>ld tonight. bhili some tions and then days my weather coming prepa bund up. brace yourse live view the b era. a ch eveningeady. cl around. a few thinclouds around. s getting rea right now. a look at the c ejks down thes at rosa y in the tonight. stormy period
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be cough next wednesday aneheavy in and gusty winds tim during that ays th t thected lows for tonigh napa dow toegrees. santa rosa down 32 at live id 30s in m other s and only dow to 30 in oakland and balm san fr the satell composite this rid g to bring us one dry we a deal of s tomorrow. a n t cool side and that wet. orecast animation, 1:00 tomor rain will star and then i and more wides day d all ugh the day an in ght time. a wet breon friday just theing. it will cont several more days while in the s area, a winterwatch from frid n to sundaernoon. snt,000 feet. they will ising up
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to000 feet. omes in in theday time. some of thipitation nd lake level wi ing those lower again. we are expectin t 6 f of new sn abo0 feet from storm system. avy gusty per ons challengin keep that if are plt that. thing challengin weather in area south bay,unshine. peratures in the m 56 san on theeninsula. ed ad mid 50 thoast, fica and hal bay. nd san franciscos in ge of 52 53 degrees. way up nor 50s thr f ty. new east ba see n the mid 56kland. 56 sano. he inland va
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53 54 degrees placnd ok for mid 50 nland. accuweather seven- forecast. after the of ather. itions onday. s on saturda with theing rain stro webut not ite so furiousher on saturday. d then rainns more heavily on monda stormy weathuesday. so we have got df very coming our way. re do. 't mind the rain. e rain the coldcant. >> same here. same stayingnside for th . look at your ly. thank you, sp up, raceinst e clock at bay bridge why cal t moved it cember const tim e. a holidayhristmas giveaway the st why man deserves tot one and the most exs tree ever. stay with us.
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ma and ft-off. and head t nal spacetion. wyoming space offromazakhstan ed states ha only two pace shuttle flights the shuttle program ez will the be the only vehicle abl to transport to the intce stat gos caught over chicago's the rainbow ehe llite that grab the
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image took few secondspart d thencombined td you s weird sort of ffect on a. > the big fancy trophy won world series san franabout to be on acoast tour wthe delight o ts fansre. as don sanchpeople are coming miles tornado seo tee eporter: the w commissi trophy. fans lined u th morntures taken phy. is the launch a wes coast tour thatring the hy tosmetowns. we want as ma uch that tro figu sible be. >> a thao giaans for support anduragement. >> it was magnif itresolute. it had a real effect on
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r: and as said at. ou for the tro rdinary memori and your prod extrent that areying. eporter: one fce 1958 hat he cal gi over. hrase need not fog year. i'm hoping repeat. >> reporteve ayed a role in y birth. >> i went intole s later and theoriants ter: it is als and the little t of trogiants franchise bega that they e people fro d stol away middle oheight. watching alls mayorf texas, here to a bet mayor j gi y wearing ats jersey? >> for awhil >> he kids the
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here. l start the half h a the h we are forming for you to the military's ask step clo beingrepealed. y the hou down t barsfrom bout orientation and prohibits ser members g they e f of an un bice welcoming an investigafbi into w mifornia n expectghtly pay check peke on state income expires. tate willose $3 billion in s when that ta expires. sson of goodwin a crack
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hate. the nuatees prosecfrancisco has double last. and th keepn knrce. vic lee talked w who sa i tough get cor h crimes. r: last year d.a.'s ihe three counties in ea prut the sa f hate b sco is making l effortkdown o s. >> mys the a. and one po o follow thse from almost t moment all the way through trial anencing. >> reporte is the hate crior th francisco di attorn saysy creasing, it i h e issuing t more aggres before. beat rs to trends and is ent from what ter: this year i
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san er of prosecution 12 to 24 cases. the statistics ty remain abou ara county's were are not lable. authoritiesate crimes ugh to prosecut >> theny crimes that require pnt d motive as it is diffic tohe h of th suspects someti ter: 60-year-old i exa howifficult i yes. >> what got me back to where you be which to me shocki thntinual stre hate. >> reporter:e was beaten at gasby a ho yelled r slur -- s wasen at gas sta a wholed racial slur santinued be until good samaritans rescue.
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tooing backher with chasing here as drives aw mcnaith felony assaul no hate c ncement. the prosecutsays tone neout the racial slurs n she testify ab in hearing. tone disagrees. sheys t officer a slurs but kept insi it was ju ro so says aaser d her to me h asd t play e al aspectt ever w to trial would "pollute t pool pos es for jury." >> reporter: tant eaded guiltyo lonyult. nty pro e will review tone is and ask for a term reusness of the crime.
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bc 7 > the justiceepartment ainst a her comp over l the gulf oil s asks that anies be hel removal damag caused by thencluding to the natur resou in the gulfivil penalties der the clea a attorney generald reach $2 issuedtatement promising to c all govetigations an s and set aside 0 billion to c damage claims. presidenover y with 20 of the business lea incliefves of intel, cisco no maj policy announceme made corporate hasecord-settin $1in cash sittin in the and it iear whnt ard that raged that money to jobs. >> y focused
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o jobs d investmentndl opt by wo gether we some ash off s wall street jo k that google is holding in cash. cisco has $ cans gain power invember pro cut wast ects kno pork. john onjl tracked seem to haveid thing whil >> reporter:ime on pitol hill. plentyrals d pet forawmakers. case inint. thed o apprill. $1.1 trip the goveng for the year. filld pork moreon in s specialcts tacked
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dividual members of . e is for the restorific coastal it forlocked nevada, whasn't seen wild since 1930s. $300,0 forhe polynesian voyaging socn haw for knock sho nagement in ne or maple ch in s being democrbeen attacked byicans. >> the bill is loaded with pork pro >> this i an outrage. >> manythe e w insert republican senators. >> going thrl there is e after mark f of you. millions o dollars marks fr ofu and you ear ma in we are going vote against th e wrong wa
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were you wrong when you m before >> e wapending at the amer wantormed. >> rep that dgement it was ear marks in askedbout five s and i to a to the best >>e ur the president t vet t bill ts that happen. around if they die karl, abc abc 7 news, capitol is in a bit o tonight. it oneing aampaign moneyom sale of b to s. campai made in the usa. oblem is they are not. they are made inn china. a glitzy hotel
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k michael vick could get i dog. he says it help hisate f people cares foanimals no a tonlice officer ha fus tuations in plusears the force a tim t he say last night he first time he th not m out al attacked whi making a traffi pas his ole thing wasrecorded e dash board ic stop seemed ine at first. dayton polficernathan schneider his burned o head ght. but things so combative. the 64-year-old coound as to check ses and suddenly he hisve.
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sir, turn aro >> wnext is violee. suspect and officer a sh k the driver appear to for ficer's s gun and ta fo minut continues f cerleading for on his the per hand the o around him t the trunk hood. the scues to escalatef no arriv but no you expect. that i aotal passerby w sawe f to er with thecer we laye driv with ad side tag team ves and the down for jere hubbardnews. >>
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some is derway on thay b piece of stee being hoisted in l time laps vide by cal trans. the work wasd to st but crewsd to get a head s because of th approaching s ths ion-pounds. >> we ing over million-pounds of ov 30 the air i front of on of b ges in the nat >>ce goes into pla the tower wieach525 feetbove spece already. let's talk about ade the right call, cal use a it willbe toug work thet da >> that's overnid and y. morrow chill temper 30s. by noon tempimbing up to 50 deg abov en 4:00 p.m. h th to mid
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s we l ahead, starting atomorrow night, a period weathead. rain will in overnight tomonto fr ntensify dur friday and wi e a wetand b all day fridaynd into the night nd that e start o it. continues innd and through the we an week, f wet and stormy g our and just down and bundle up beca it is going to berious. let met of the way and give you a her seven-day fore to wet friday. and and rainy on rday. nd saturday uite stormy. rainy on andrmy on and wednesdaynning wind down a b fpretty and messy >> longs. >> really. >> thank y very much. >> there wer and gre inttsburgh afternoon. for 10th straear
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they aor s. t new but good as recipient hasing sto orter: some the luck or oneoman's an utter anentially devastating it th onlyoes 30ur the least of her p int it willk down time get in the car i'm very ha to please don't nothingappen. eporter: for home, one room s sha three ch east shelter atteredomen. for he safet al we can t en her sure how it bu think can ha anybody. i would neve it uld happen t me. you go. good job. >> rh tribulat be r any in a lifetimeis
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woma l the t lea >> iht i would doing this. ng blood her r-old caughter w emia. hers was ju o many stories ntrare reshrough in letter form. you mighll gate keeper. fifth busi s is going to g that will s and memories every year, t mike's bod of othe epairinsurance stries take to rebuild t then give them ple in need. >> thank everybo bless everybody >> rhnicians donat the labor the . you are not rea bout the time spent,i you wao make s eporter: las yea uston received one she er with two
9:51 pm
tht car, she f a long wayfrom home as offense manag ce in her -- office manager. the differ in her fe no ex ut a would bes. ouldn't haveey to provid over our >> that is a bce. ly wh kids. nd that prov backpened today. for aear the ram cars again. fo making of 30 and guess whoved one? more highwaykdowns. no moreworries about getting augher to the hospit this presents l giftan with profound needs. in, wayne freedman, 7s. what lving people and a fabulous sture they make ev ely. ry beil heresports. ce to see. >> that they do every
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a grass ro arijuana by pa ofnt. andrancisco urs fast stories and coming up oneon abc 7
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11 7, of co but e optimist larry b t ta . e they call a few ever rising f k. other third pe ates and ano op as nashville co behin three minutes left i regula sh city. first are p fires. snap the p 1-0 sharks. to the secnd one. joe thfeed to os a stick it. th't protec dge. pr t then off the three-on-o beats emmy ith two andlf ushing 3-2 lo
9:56 pm
ross ght now. they would s nine charger tomo but loss rob ew head coac qu h pick. is it be longf e to nd of c being r fan these da plicated for al off the best gam of his nfl career and and the rest that it no , win the la games >> at this poiat we are abo been all lk our fo mindset. doesn't short week e hel that. >> wsmith to play way hed lasteek as the way he t week he will chance eve g to put togethe plan where don'thave to ofhinking, ere theyane up and
9:57 pm
play and aet this onenrsday. >> the b on d them in thefirste is season. last three touchdow of e. looks aslosive now a speed, t. d ohthat sti -arm is some ofhe best i e way he gets i tn field and-arm to get the five ten goal fun. m him hi r co >> cam andre regarded as two the qu countr neva q.b. has the r a bit he l
9:58 pm
college the kraft fighowl january 9 at 6'6" 225-pounds. grew in terl in a f be playinll bowl game the the worldmpion giants the fuse off in out and wanting to play. es the ba stadium. you se professional athletes ving tham and hey to b and that opportunit is g >> is about egreen andgold oncees hi physical. a one y deal . to come the pen. ed run averageve. lee and thed e f celtics. stoding machine.
9:59 pm
with a at 3 kn fo four tennd left and hits t binson almost imself trying t celebrate. two. in the not sot. take a lo the clock hitero. great shot bask. celts win 118- th 11th strai victory and amatic fas inquare garden. >> a goo on all. both h been very this ed ne 9:0 24/7 for laencer christian and i'm d ashley. thank you . ate your time o see in hour bye for captione


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