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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  January 23, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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>> today on christian world news china's president makes a startling admission about human rights even as lawmakers call on regime to end brutal policies. >> plus the brave pastor who dared to show love to her enemies and paid the ultimate price. >> and survivor story, buried in the rubble, one man found faith to survive and change his life. >> the u.s. pressed china to improve record on human rights.
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hello everyone i am wendy griffith. >> and i am mark martin. chinese president met with president obama. a lot has to be done in china in terms of human rights. earlier that go day they condemned china's policy of limiting families to just 1 child. a policy enforced by abortion and sterilization. paul strand was at that capital hill event. >> those at the somber news conference. they were aborted their parents having the legal limit of 1 child. >> one-child policy causes more violence towards women and
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girls. it is china's war on. >> it may have killed 100 million. she pleaded with the father and president obama. >> just imagine, a mom has 2 beautiful children, all you are able to have is 1. the other has to be put to death. >> for the chinese communist party to force the bloody hands into a woman's womb and crush the life is a heinous crime against women. >> no wonder 500 women per day commit suicide per day, per day!>> we have prayed for him to have an open mind and changed heart by the end of this week when he returned to china. >> rej ji littlejohn they want
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it changed. >> he believed the entire world should adopt the 1 -child policy. >> paul strand cbn news, washington. >> she came to talk about the church's role in ending china's forced abortion law. >> she said is god has awakened. >> we see god moving in china. over 100 million church members. the saddest thing is very few understand forced abortion, abortions or sterilizations and gendercide is a crime against humanity and god. god is moving powerfully to wake up these people to remove the scales off saul's eyes and
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turn into paul. that is taking place inside china. >> she said the 1-child policy could be rolled back sooner than later and calling for an end to the policy. >> one of the most prominent, a civil rights lawyer in and out of police custody for protest tg persecution of christian in followers, in 2009 he spoke with reporters about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the authorities. ap just released the interview because he asked them not to tell the story until he went missing again. they abused him in ways he could not bring himself to describe. for 48 hours my life hung by a
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thread. that degree of cruelty, no way to recount it. he said his faith keeps him from being bitter. even when i was tortured to near death, the pain is only in the physical body. a heart filled with god has no room for pain and suffering. leaders are calling on people to pray for him. christians on the southern island of maguindanao face persecution from radical muslims, lucille brings this shocking report of a 50-year-old pastor martyred. we warn you this story has graphic images and not suitable for children. >> edith is still in shock after the murder of her pastor juliet and 10-year-old daughter. >> it was horrible, face badly
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hack and several hack wounds on her neck and back. >> 10-year-old daughter watching tv was hacked to death, and her head cut off. christians believe they attacked mother and daughter because they don't want a church in their community. started a church in this predominantly muslim area. her other daughter says she warned her mother against building a christian church in their neighborhood. >> i told my mother i was afraid the muslims will get angry. even my grandmother warned her. she would not listen. she said she was not afraid because she worked for 27 years among muslims as a midwife and wants them to be saved. i knew something was wrong.
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her life was spared because she works and lives in another town. >> i questioned god why he allowed this tragedy to happen. i know there is a purpose why he allowed it. my mom has a saying on the law, god amounts certain amounts of trial, he promises none of it will be wasted. he will work things for good and his glory. i miss them because they are all i have. i noi one day we will all being together again. >> this church is now abandoned. its members continue to grow and hold on to the faith that pastor juliet died for. >> members have joined other christian fellowships. just like the early christians dispersed because of persecution. this allows them to spread the word of god to other places and reach more unbelievers. >> we are inspired to continue
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to work pastor juliet began. it is not only the blood of christ, but the blod of pastor july yet for people to be saved especially the muslims. >> lucille, maguindanao, philippines, cbn news. coming up, dan lived after a building collapsed around him. hear his amazing story of being trapped under the rubble for 3 days.
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>> officials say the massive flooding that devastates parts of australia maybe the country's worst natural disaster ever. >> flood waters caused more than 30 lives and 5 billion dollars in property damage. many aus sis are on their knees seeking devine intervention. >> as the flood waters roared
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through northeast australia this group of christian interses sors gathered on the steps of the parliament building. they asked got to protect their nation. pastor led in melbourne. >> we said lord, please forgive us and heal the land. >> estimates more than 1,000 people gathered last week. the result. >> in queensland, instead of it increasing, the water started reseeding. tg results of that according to the news reporter, thousands of lives and homes saved. it was the collective prayers of the body of christ brought about the results of the nation. >> flood emergency is expected to last another week.
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gary lane cbn news. officials in brazil are struggling to take food, water, and other help cut off after heavy mud slides, death toll well over 700 and military helping authorities search for victims. many of churches are helping to coordinate by the national bible society. >> churches helping us, offering clothes, medicine so that people can maintain their lives. we put together bibles and new testaments, especially biblical material for children. god is with them. if they are look for god they will have hope and direction for their lives. >> the churches hope to help many brazilians find faith in god. one year ago this month,
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about 300,000 people died in the haiti earthquake r. there were amazing stories of survival. >> so true. like dan woolli. ephram graham has his story. >> if found, please give to my wife christina. i love you. i have never slowed down. >> the blood stained pages of dan's journal. he only arrived in haiti 1 day before the deadly earthquake literally buried him alive. >> i could never predicted this was a devieding line. i look at this, it is like before this and after this. >> his work brought him to port-au-prince. >> i love josh and nathan, the joy and proud of my life.
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>> father of 2 left a struggle behind at home with his life. >> it is not that we didn't care for each other. we allowed the busyness of life get in the way of the intimacy. >> there was a cooling off of me and god the priority my faith needs to have wasn't there. >> the haiti trip offered an escape. >> got up early tuesday morning, amazing view of the montana and never imagining what would befall later that afternoon. >> earthquake hit at exactly 4:53. they just returned to the hotel lobby.
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>> i had debris hitting me. something knocked my backpack, i had a gash on my head. things hit both sides of my legs. something passed right by my face, within 3 seconds the hotel went from vibrant color to absolute darkness. i wonder at first if i am dead. this is it. i have passed on. >> in the darkness, he could feel his camera around his neck. he began taking pictures, using the flash to see his surroundings. >> at one point i take a picture of the elevator car. that looks like a safer place. >> he climbed into the tiny elevator car. he hopes someone would find him and wondered if no one did. >> what is it like when i face my creator?
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i came to god with nothing hidden, nothing held back. i heard a voice in my head say you are mine. >> that gave him peace as hours turned into days and began writing this letter to his family. >> i was in a big accident, don't be upset with god. he always provides for his children. >> even though i settled my heart with god i knew it wasn't time to go back. >> he found himself worshipping god in the tiny car. after 3 days he became desperate. >> i decided to give up. i crawled out of the elevator and laying on the rubble. it was at that moment in the shaft above my elevator that i saw the head lamp of my rescuer and say i am coming for you. i am going to get you out of
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here. >> the story of his rise from the ruins came from around the world. >> he lived to read that letter to his wife and children. partner david hans didn't make it. dan pays tribute to him in his new book "unshaken." the story to rebuild broken relationships with god and family. >> the earthquake saved the life god meant for me. he pursued me to the bottom of the collapsed hotel because he wanted all of me. >> ephram graham cbn news. when christian world news returns , from the united kingdom. how the bad economy is putting families in danger and christian ministry bridging the gap between.
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>> in england a judicial
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decision advances the gay rights over religious freedom. a christian couple fined 3600 pounds peter and mary that ran the bed and breakfast in england. two homosexual men sued them. the bowls told cbn news, they have a strict policy of not renting double rooms to any unmarried cum gay or straight. >> being christians, we agree it is our moral duty to carry out his wishes and what he wants. we try to be fair in everything we do. i respect the married rights. >> this week the judge ruled the policy violates the law
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banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. they spoke outside the courthouse. >> it is not just our livelihood, it is our home. we don't expect everyone to agree, but we do want the freedom to live by our own values under our own roof. everyone benefits from those liberties and everyone loses something when they are watered down. >> the christian institute in the uk says it has many concerned about the future of religious liberty. >> these bedrooms were in their own home. a person maybe entitled to live out their own values. a lot of people might be thinking today it is the bowls being ord tore act against their principles. tomorrow maybe it could be me. >> the judge acknowledged that
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it forces the bowls to violate their views and appeal the decision. sympathetic christians have sent them money totalling the amount of the fine. peter wooding tells us churches are helping to bridge a goop. >> the uk feels the bite of the recession and families have accumulated more debt, 3.7 million children facing poverty. this couple is desperately trying to feed their 4 children. this man was so desperate, he nearly turned to crying. >> main challenge was putting food on the plate. we were looking at losing the
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house at the time. only alternative would have been begging on the streets or crime to feed the family. >> when they intervened to feed the family fach found enough work to keep their home and feed their children. >> they can put you in contact with other agencies and benefit questions, advice bureau and other things. they got us through the hard times. looking for work very difficult with a criminal record. if i had to go out to feed the family that way. it was pref vent tif preventative as well as help. >> mobilizing churches across the uk to help many more em pov rished families.
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much needed food supplies from more than 40,000 people. >> chris explains wlie their food bank ministry is so sigh tral. vital. >> they are making choices between heating the home and feeding children, paying rent and getting a square meal. >> quite often we have met people that have gone without food for several days. >> they are literally saving lives. >> that thing you did for me saved my life. we have met several people who have been at the point of utter dispair and christian community that has engaged with them. >> one was former drug addict jim bugdon who tried to commit suicide 3 times.
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during christmas jim didn't eat for 2 weeks until a drug rehabilitation center put him in touch with the feedback. >> the thought was always in another world. because that, i felt things were lifted up a little bit. >> peter moss faced bullying in the work place and now serves at the volunteer in the food bank in suls bury. he sees this ministry of demonstrating his christian faith. >> makes you feel it gives the love of jesus back to them. we are the trestle is here to help people back to the good lord. showing them we have the love in ourselves for them. >> as the uk faces what is
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expected to be another tough year, the challenge remains for the church to respond to this crisis for the sake of the country's children, peter wooding for cbn news, sulsbury, england.
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>> and finally this week talk about a major oversight. >> yes. disturbing, a new school calendar includes, muslim, jewish, and hindu holidays, but not christian holidays like christmas or easter. they have filed a petition to have them added. an eu spokesman says it was a mistake. you think? >> that is our our lie
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and in our nation, things that are just finally too much to put up with, and happily, there are some people, like shamgar, come to a place where they say, 'enough is enough.' next time on...


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