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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  January 26, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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♪ four months after this deadly explosion and fire destroyed much of a san bruno neighborho neighborhood, today for the first time people are getting the money donated. >> they started out handing out checks this morning. amy is there live with the latest. >> kristen, we have an ironic surprise this morning after all the controversy surrounding this money. only two people have showed up
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to get their checks. the city of san bruno was prepared for crowds this is they even set a room aside. police were on hand to handle crowd control. at 8:00 this morning when the city hall opened, no one was here. the city received $400,000 in donations from around the world for the victims of the pipeline explosion back in september. the city of a little analysis paralysis. they had a tough time who to give the money to and how much. the victims insisted they hand it out yet today officials were surprised only a couple victims showed up. >> oh, it's very nice. >> you know, i hesitated. in many instances i need it and i'm going to keep it and use it on my house. >> i think people feel like they -- the money's here so they can come at anytime. but we expected for a large crowd and we didn't get it but we're ready for that.
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>> we've been successful in getting the word out. i think we have. we're looking forward to accommodating people on their own schedule. >> the city decided to hand out the money depending on need. the people lo lost homes will get $6,000. the next level of victims will get $4,000 and people with minor damage get $1,000. the city set aside $58,000 of this money so victims can apply for that money. if they incurred even more expenses such as medical bills, they can plead their case and apply to get more money. the 99 victims who have been identified just need to come down here. city hall is open, the checks are ready. amy holyfield. >> thanks very much. this morning local construction workers staged a second day of protest outside the university of san francisco mission bay hospital project. they demand they employ workers
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from local neighborhood. they adopted a law that guarantees local workers access to city projects. it is committed to developing and maintaining relationships with the neighborhood. >> the oakland unified school board will consider giving pays to employees. ourmedia partner the oakland tribune proposed 2% raise for district employees including teachers will cost about $2 million. at the same time oakland skill principals are being asked to cut their school's budget by 7%. the president of the union says she believes the employees deserve the raise but is concerned about the economic climate. >> commuters are still experiencing an unusual delay in an important road that feeds into 24. pablo remained close this morning. they shut down after a suspect crashed a stolen truck moo a
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power pole and it knocked out a lot of power lines. the woman driving the truck died. it was one of two vehicles stolen from the same familiar within 24 hours. the two other people in the other stolen car ditched it and got away. >> in alameda, firefighters are looking for a cause after an overnight house fire. the fires started just after 1:15 this morning on the home of alameda avenue and this video here was sent by one of our viewers. the home was vacate while undergoing renovations. if you get video of a news story, we'd love to share with other viewers. we made it easy. just upload it or e-mail it. >> contra costa county health services officials hit the streets early this morning to county the area's homeless population. terry mcsweeney has more on the
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effort to make sure the county gets adequate federal support for the homeless. >> trained outreach teams are fanning out in contra costa county today to put a number on the homeless population. >> these teams are familiar with the homeless hangouts and encamablements where samuel has been living off and on for a month. he's been living on the streets for years. >> i'm an addict. what can i say? >> hud, the department of housing and urban development, requires all counties to make this count every other year. >> we receive close to $9 million a year from hud. this count provides information which helps us note the trends in our community related to homelessness and how it changes. we can use that information to compete with -- to receive other federal sources. >> the number of folks in encamments like this is decreasing but the numbers of
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shelter homeless is on the increase. >> through the economic, lost a job, lost their house, car, sleepin' in the car. find themselves on the streets and they don't know how to do this homeless stuff out here. >> they offer a little food and lots of programs to the homeless. the program they offered to samuel this morning, substance abuse treatment. he said he graduated from the substance abuse program before and might be interested in trying it again maybe later. the homeless population count is not just going on here, it's every bay area county this week. those are the rules set down by the federal government. the idea is identify the population and somehow some day eliminate the problem. in contra costa county, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> the mayors of california's largest cities are meeting with governor brown this afternoon to voice their opposition to hills new plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies throughout the state.
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the bay area mayors are heading to sacramento including ed lee, san hoe's chuck reid. the governor proposed eliminating budget agencies and diverting an estimated $1.7 billion to schools and public safety instead. reid and the other mayors say redevelopment is one of the only tools the cities have less to spur job creation and generate economic growth. >> gabrielle giffords has been moved from the intensive care unit to a rehab facility this morning. she will continue her rehab work. there was a heavy police presence as doctors moved the congresswoman. giffords was shot in the head during a town hall meeting in tucson january 8th. president obama addressed giffords during the state of the
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union last night. >> still ahead this morning, more than 900 job openings. our mark matthews is live at our job fair. mark? >> last night in the state of the union the president said we've broken the back on the recession. some concr when you want the latest information about your health, when you have questions about handling your finances, when you need prayer and inspiration to live a more abundant life,
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and when what is happening in the world impacts your community and family, turn to the "700 club" for analysis and insight into the events of the day. the
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>> the search resumes for a kidnapped boy this morning. >> last night community held a
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vigil. reporter tim daily is live at the scene with the latest. >> good morning. we're back at the delta canal about three or four miles south of the town of patterson and behind me up against the concrete wall is where the sheriff's office said yesterday they have found yet another large object in the water here. they are not certain what that object might be. they were unable to get it out yesterday. their intentions are to come back today and once again try and remove whatever that large object is in the water. we have videotape reshot earlier in the day to show you the work that has been going on. the sheriff dive team has been dragging another mile or two of the canal once again to double-check that there are another other large objects out in the water. the technique has been to use a large cable to pull it up and down the canal. when it snags on something large
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they try to retrieve it. as you probably are aware in a day or so nine different vehicles and one of them a motorcycle has been pulled out of this canal. this canal is unfortunately a dumping ground for people that steal cars and trucks that might get stripped and it's easy to drive that vehicle or push a vehicle into this canal. once again, the search will resume and the recovery of an object perhaps a week back in the corner here of the canal where pay few miles from patterson the sheriff's office continues to work on the canal because there have been no other positive sightings of that car or giuliani or the man suspecteded of taking him. >> no other focal points. tim, thanks so much. a federal inquiry into the 2008 financial crisis finds it was avoidable. the commission will release its report tomorrow.
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it blames the government for fail regulation, corporate mismanagement and risk taking by wall street. both the clinton and bush administrations are blamed for deregulation as is the federal reserve and other regulators to allow dangerous lending and excessive loan packages. suing banks even when they hold up their end of the agreement. borrowers are avoid foreclosure by making reduced payments for trial periods. one case j. p. morgan said the agreements are not enforcement. the banks declined to comment on the pending litigation. president obama is on the road today promoting the ideas he outlined in last night's state of the union address. the president is visiting three factories. the first top owe ryan energy systems, a solar and energy efficientsy company which created hundreds of jobs in the
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last three years thanks to government incentives. >> we need to get behind original companies like- rin. that's how we make sure 80% of america's electricity comes from clean sources. that is a goal we must meet. >> companies supported some of the ideas, including eliminating budget earmarks. but the gop did not embrace the president investment plans nor health claim will increase the deficit. >> healthcare spending is driving the explosive growth of our debt and the president's law is accelerating the country towards bankruptcy. >> the healthcare reform law actually is said to reduce the deficit. >> more than 900 jobs are available today at the hire event we're sponsoring with the jobs currently. mark matthews is live with more
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on some of the companies looking to hire today and that this might mine. >> it's a little bit of good ws. the president talking about breaking the back of recession. we're starting to see signs that the job picture is improving. cathy, talk to me about the companies coming here. >> yes. today we have verizon requireless, big five sporting goods, valley yellow pages, statefarm, man power, golden gate university. >> are these companies different than what you've seen in the past. >> manpower's here with hundreds of openings and they are booming. when the recession starts to pull out, the temp agencies boom first. >> you've gone a couple dozen of these job fairs in the bay area. how are the jobs different? >> for instance, we have golden gate university here.
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they have 18 openings. they're looking for software engineers. they're looking for electron librarians. the companies are starting to hire and they have been it's just it's picking up slowly. but anybody that has any experience at all and needs a job should come down today. >> we're talking about hi-tech jobs. how are medical jobs? >> yeah, medical seems to be kind of on a semihold ever since the new healthcare law started. i think the hospitals are kind of consolidating and holding back but hi-tech is really booming. and anybody who has customers service background, like over 200 openings. hospitality jobs in hotels and motels. a good variety, loan processor
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positions, loan officers. >> thanks very much. i sure appreciate it. 900 jobs available here in south san francisco. we're at the south san francisco conference center which is located at 255 south airport boulevard. next-door to the holiday inn. it starts at noon, runs until 4:00. it's being sponsored by abc 7 and the jobs journal. mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> always something to celebrate when there are jobs available. >> and something to celebrate, all that sunshine if you like it warm and hot. >> if you have those solar panels, it's quite a run for you. from emeryville back to san francisco. a few high clouds. that's about it. talk about record temperatures not only today but day nine tomorrow and much cooler weather for the weekend. >> and no more paper and plastic. the bay area county that has put new restrictions on plastic bags. >> and the new report links breast implants and a rare form of cancer.
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♪ federal health officials are investigating a linking between breast implants and aa rare form of cancer. the cancer has been reported in the scar tissue which grows around an implant. it's known as only 60 cases
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worldwide, women with breast implants. implant makers will be required to update labels. >> another glorious summer day in the winter. >> i know! 80? >> close to 80. more records will fall. the 8th day that happens. i think we have a 9th but then the winds of change come in and we finally get back to what should be average for this time of year. what a run we've had. but rather dry out there, too. beautiful picture looking northbound from sutro, mount tamalpais there you see sticking up in the high sky over the north bay. even a few high clouds. notice the low clouds in the central valley. a few still hanging around solano county and highway 4. antioch and fairfield mid-40s. napa and san rafael, $50
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concord. 52 santa rosa, 59 livermore and the bay and the coast well above our average high temperatures. we have i'd say about three hours of warming left. low to mid-60s the monterey bay and inland. day 8 of record warmth. won't be quite as cold tonight. some of this warmth will spill over and the tulie fog moving into the east bay valleys for tomorrow morning's commute. the weekend breezes will come in over the ocean. that's why our temperatures will come back down to reality. for today, no, we're in santsy land once again. oakland, redwood city, san jose 11 degrees above average. the south bay we'll have upper 60s to low 70s. look for thes are tricks. record high in san jose. upper 60s, low 70s on the
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peninsula. upper 60 to near 70 along the coast. a beautiful day to be at the beach if you like sunshine. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco where the fog is kind of holding your temperatures back a little. mid to upper 60s through most of the east bay shore. oakland 70 and you see highway 4 there low to mid-60s with mid to upper 60s through the rest of the east bay valleys where we did not have fog this morning. mid to upper 70s the monterey bay and 80 salinas. tonight you see the fog spilling through the north bay and east bay valleys. like low to mid-40s there. mid to upper 40s around the bay and south to the coast. a 52 in san francisco. you see the storm track well to the north but the high pressure starting to get pinched. still holding today, holding tomorrow but then this low will help break it down starting afriday. that's 10 to 15 degrees cooler around the bay and the coast.
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sunday a little warming trend with sunshine monday and tuesday. >> soon shoppers at marin county will not get to choose between paper and plastic at the grocery store. the board of supervisors voted to outlaw plastic bags at checkout counters. they also will impose a 5 cent surcharge on paper bags. they enacted the ban without studying its environment impact and ar
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>> coming at 5:00 jimmy buffett is rushed to a hospital during a
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concert in australia. the science high school finalists are announced with six of the state winners right here from the bay area. those stories and more at 5:00. >> lots of bright minds around here. >> a lot of bright sunshine. >> maybe a direct correlation. see how it's snowing again in the northeast. they're sure not getting a break. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next.
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