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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  January 30, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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>> today on christian world news the u.s. missionary gunned down across the border and why her death is raising questions about the safety of mission's work in mexico. >> plus reig niting revival in england. one man's mission to bring life back to a historical church once belonging to an evangelist. >> and superbowl bound, meet one of the fiercest players in the nfl and why he says it is
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his faith in christ that matters most. drug violence in mexico takes the life of a u.s. missionary. hello everyone i am george thomas. >> and i am lorri johnson. the killing of a missionary in mexico prompting mission groups to re-evaluate the risks . 59-year-old davis started churches in mexico and drug problems forced them to stop. this week they went to deliver salaries to local pastors, the bandits opened fire striking nancy in the head. nancy davis died later that day in a texas hospital. >> some are asking how will this murder effect others that cross the border to do
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missionary. some say they have a calling and nothing will keep them out of the country, my colleague mark martin has the story. >> a good friend says nancy and husband sam says god called them to mexico. fur more than 40 years. maryanne wheeler says the davis's stayed true to their calling. >> they have had run ins and been chased and heard there was a roadblock, flefr was a consideration for them to leave. >> nancy's home state was indian and she was a registered nurse. >> she has unconditionally loved, reached out to the mexican people. >> people whose company turned upside down by drug cartels and
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gangs. 35,000 people have died in 4 years since mexican president fleeb felipe calderon declared offensive to the drug cartels. jumping 60 percent to more than 15,000 deaths. yet missionaries continue to cross the border. church leader mark rotramel says church mission work is down but not out. >> they have to be careful and committed to what god has called them to do. >> after the death of nancy davis, rotramel says his not abandon the people of mexico, but be extra cautious. >> we are not encouraging wholesale like we have. >> bob kracht is a missionary to mexico. >> they stick wg it because of their commitment to help people
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and share the gospel. >> kracht doesn't want to stay out of mexico but feelings safer traveling by plane. mark martin cbn news. >> slain missionary son said his mother did doing what she left. time after time, seeing somebody hit their knees and come up forgiven for whatever they have done, murder, rape or smallest sin. she said we stole another one from the devil today. >> amazing woman of god. joining us is cbn correspondent stan jeter. stan, obviously she wasn't killed because of her faith but gave her life for the gospel. >> she certainly did. not in dying, in 40 years of serving as a nurse and evangelist throughout mexico. that is quite an accomplishment. >> mark was talking about the drug problem in mexico. how have the churches and
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church workers been caught up in the mexican drug war? >> hard on the churches. it we talked with a human right's lawyer, last month 3 pastors had been killed in mexico. many churches have had to stop having evening services because it is so dangerous to be out at night, some very closed. >> not just in mexico, pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, challenges facing christians and missionaries is huge. what is your advice, when you weigh the risk of sharing the gospel and operating in these violent places. >> missionaries go out in the great commission, bible says go and win disciples. it is like a one-way ticket, when you commit to go, you are willing to do it because of the rewards because you are serving
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the people and sharing the gospel. that is what many missionaries feel. when there is a threat, they have to weigh the options, moderation is the word. if they are american citizens and u.s. embassies says get out, they have to decide. most will wait before going. that is the risk they take. also making wise decisions. i heard of a missionary in el paso right across the border which is terribly violent. he used to live there but moved out when the violence got worse and targeted by the drug gangs, moved family out. now he just goes can in for a few days at a time. >> terrific. men and women on the front lines share in the gospel d. stan, thank you. a humaning rights group calling on christians to pray for the pakistani christian
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woman sentenced to die calling for a day of pray on son, january 30th, the release of asia bibi and a repeal of the laws. moveing to the middle east, murder of an american christian tourist last year, kristen luken was stabbed to death while hiking in a forest just out -- friends remember her as a dedicated christian. >> christine was a woman who had a very infectious love for god. when you were around christine, you wouldn't help love the lord more. it is very simply our prayer for this great tragedy, even though it was meant for evil, that god will use this in a redemptive way. >> police say the suspects didn't know luken was an
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american. they sought to kill a jewish person to avenge the death of a an operative killed in a hotel in dubai. protecting religious minorities in middle east and south central eye asia. frank wolf has called for legislation. egypt saw a deadly bombing and it is increasing in egypt and iraq. u.s. has an obligation to interseed especially among allies receiving u.s. aid. . some american churches are taking controversial sets to reach out to their muslim neighbors. there's 2 congregations literally opened their doors to local muslims letting them hold
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islamic worship in their churches. heather sells explains. >> reporter: a mega mosque in murfeesboro. tennessee. even bond the head lines, what happens when muslims building a mosque ask to share worship space with a local christian congregation. an islamic center decided to built its own mosque. in the meantime it asked adulthood ldersgate to use it for their prayers. >> diane bechtol, the founer of the committee says she doesn't think sharing worship spaces compromises their faith. >> jesus called upon us to give
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hospitality to strangers, feed the poor and help the sick. this is walking the walk. >> regent university president carlos campo says christians must walk a fine line. >> long -- each congregation has to go to the lord in prayer and be guided by the holy spirit. if they feel god is calling them short term, that is something they may want to consider. >> hearts on church received a similar request, pastor steve stone says lending out the space is a great way to share the gospel. >> our muslim brothers know we are jesus followers, we are clearly jesus followers shg they know that. >> not everyone agrees this is a biblical means of out reach. as a recent christianity
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commentary notes, it is not self-evident this duty to love your neighbor requires tous provide property for false worship. the tension campo says lies in determining how to demonstrate grace and truth. >> christians need to put the lord first. i like the fact that the conversations are going on. let's not compromise the gospel. the lord will be true. >> christians maybe forced to engage in questions sooner rather than later as more and more muslim nabts neighborhoods continue to expand. one man's mission to resurrect the healing ministry of the late smith wigglesworth.
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>> the pope is offering advice about spreading the gospel online.
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he told krat lick bloggers and facebook users to be respectful and sensitive. he called for a christian-style presence online responsible and honest and discrete. we must be aware the truth we long to share doesn't derive worth from popularity or attention it receives. billy graham tells christianity today says he would steer clear of politics. graham ministered from every president from truman to obama. often they have no one to talk to. looking back i know sometimes i crossed the line and wouldn't do that now. the 92-year-old evangelist told the magazine wished ed he spent more time with family. evangelist smith wiggles
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worth saw tens of thousands come into god's kingdom. >> the building is being restored and a similar revival sweep the united kingdom. peter wooding has the story. >> reporter: scottish bible teacher terry quinn is on the race -- well known healing evangelist smith wigglesworth preached for 30 yeers. >> quinn was final able to fulfill the first set of dreams to convert the abandoned building into a revival center. >> people who loved bradford building -- wondered why nobody had ever taken over. to cut a long story short,
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finally owned by a muslim who knew smith wigglesworth and holding the building. so so excited to come to the center and skill the spreader international bible skills and ms. to welcome people all over the world to bring by the power to the world. a remarkable healing ministry across 5 continents raising 14 people from the dead. quinn believes by relawn unching the mission into the museum, bible school and healing center this could be a place are to reignite revival into england. >> we own the hard of islamic
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territory and reach the muslims from all over the world through the pou wer of believing god's word and really bringing an emphasis back and believing for miracles and saints. >> as quinn took us around the building, he has undertaken a huge vision. >> these steps are the steps where smith's weight dropped dead. smith prayed with her, raised from the dead, small chat together and went on to be with the lord. let's see the bap baptism. >> this is a building. taken the floors.
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he had a black foundation, they put the bap advertise mall on top of it, it was the platform he preached from. i am the lord that he'll receive. and thousands of people's lives touched in this famous building. >> if quinn continues to believe, only time will tell if that same resurrection power of smith wigglesworth ministry will return. peter wooding for cbn news, bradford, england. coming up, meet pittsburgh's safety, troy polamalu. how fame has kept from getting the best of him.
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>> pittsburgh steelers have their sights set on another
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superbowl championship. >> you know the one big reason for the success has been the player of all prosafety troy polamalu. my league cbn sports s reporter shawn brown talking to him. >> pittsburgh safety troy polamalu's combination of speed and toughness make it ideal. he has made over 400 tack ells and 20 interceptions. second superbowl championship in 3 years. when troy is on the field he plays like a lion. >> i try to be passionate like i was saying in every aspect of my life and how i love my wife and serve my wife and serve god and my son.
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i try to be passionate about football. i try to serve my coaches with a passion and teammates with a passion and god. you know through football with a passion. >> troy has been a christian since college. after entering the nfl in 2003 he has to work hard to maintain good character and not let fame get the best of him. >> pride is tough. you go to high school, pride! courage! all these words we use to motivate us. >> pride is i don't know if there is anywhere in scripture, through saint's lives where pride was ever positive character of anybody. that kind of egotism is a really tough struggle, especially in this business and this entertainment business we have. new >> troy says it is not the
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obvious things hardest to deal with. >> like the really big things that are easy to run away from. it is the accumulation of the really small things. people know adultery is bad and murder is bad. i am not going to go out and sleep with the first girl and murder the first guy. when your eyes wonder a little more and a little more jealous and envious and passions start to come rising up inside of you. that is when it becomes really dangerous. because the devil doesn't work that way. his strategy is to be very subtle. you know, and just continue top build on top of that evil seed he planted. >> with all of the struggles troy faces, prayer keeps him rooted. >> prayer is the foundation. communication of god and constant prayer, constant prayer, you know.
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as your prayer life becomes more and more fine tuned and you are able to start plucking away at these things, like wow, this is not good. that is struggle of every christian to be able to get to that point where their constant prayer with god. everything they do and thought and speech and work is praising god and worshipping god. >> troy is in his 8th season with the steelers and no sign of slowing down whether he is making an interception or diving into a play or sacking a quarterback, he keeps things in perspective. >> i don't love the sport in general. i don't wake up and go yea, football, contact time. i love the atmosphere and being around my teammates and the struggle in football. i love the fact that it is a
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part of my life and that i don't look at it as anymore important or any less but the fact god has made this a part of my life, i do love that about football. >> that is awesome. in a day and age looking for role models, troy is a good one. >> i was thinking, i would love for my son who is a high school football to watch that and see how you can do it successfully and still remain faithful to god. you can find other sports figures and government leaders at our website ago at we'll be right back.
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>> finally on our broadcast, 9 hawaii state senators, they aren't backing down when it comes to prayer. >> they gathered to seek god's blessings despite a vote to end
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prayer. they ened prayer after complaints from the american civil liberties union. references to jesus christ violate separation of church and state. senators are praying on their own. >> that is awesome. we have taken you around the world. we hope you have been inspired and follow the example of so many featured. that is our report. hope you have had a great week. >> good-bye and until next week, god bless you.s in our lie and in our nation,
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things that are just finally too much to put up with, and happily, there are some people, like shamgar, come to a place where they say, 'enough is enough.' next time on...


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