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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 31, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening i'm dan. governor brown took direct aim at republicans tonight during his state of the state address he pushed for spending cut and
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tax extensions and urged lawmakers to put a public vote. here's more from annette in sacramento this evening. >> honorable. >>reporter: could you call the governor state of the state address a kick off campaign for june special election. to ask voters to extend the temporary tax hike. he targeted republicans who have consistently said they will block the move to put the proposal on the ballot by citing the civil up rest in egypt that democracy should be a guiding force open whether californians should have a voice in his plan. >> democratic ideals and calls for the right to vote are still in the imagination of young people, in egypt, in tunisia and other part of the world. we in california can't say now is a time to block a vote of the people. >>reporter: republicans were not convinced. they say this is not the time to extend the higher taxes. especially since a similar proposal proposition 1 a was already voted down by
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the people. >> i voted for this once before. i voted it for it two years ago and people said no. so i have done my letting the people decide. >>reporter: brown couldn't get the republicans to go along with a joke. >> we need everyone's best thinking. you can applaud on that. republicans you can aflaw. best thinking. >>reporter: be said the extended taxes brown budget also relies on 12 billion dollars in cuts to government and social programs. it is a bitter pill democrats are willing to swallow. >> we are looking at cutting programs, huge programs that a lot of us have fought for and supported for decades. and we realize we can't keep them any more. >>reporter: republic cap leader conway says if the people really want to vote on the taxes she won't stand in the way in letting them gather signatures to put the proposal on the ballot through the initiative process. in sacramento, abc 7 news. frightening afternoon in oakland elementary school. it
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was lock down after report came in about someone on campus with a gun. it happened this school on third avenue near lake merritt. police evacuated students class by class all afternoon. allen is live with the latest. allen i guess they didn't find anyone with a gun thank goodness. >>reporter: no they didn't. nobody knew for sure it was a hoax until late this afternoon. so you can imagine what the parent were going through after they got that emergency call today.i'll show you the relief open their faces when they were financially reunited with their children around 4:30 this afternoon. up until this point they were only told an armed man had entered the elementary school and they wouldn't -- would have to wait for more fovrment around 12:30 the school went into lock down mode while police swarm the campus and for 4 and half hours swat scoured the school looking for a man simply described in a non-emergency call as white man in his 20's who walked in the school carrying a rifle.
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police began escorting the 250 children out of the school and walked them 3 blocks to a staging area at lane college. that's where parent were anxiously waiting for them. >> i was crazy. i was crying. i praying about my grandkids everybody is okay. >> all of us got scared because we thought l that the man was in our class. we stay on the floor for hours. >> wow! that long. >> leak 3 hours. >> what did you do during that whole time? >> i was talking and i was sleeping. >> information that we have presently is that the call came from the campus. we are using some forensic technique the try to determine exactly where the call originated from. >>reporter: source close to the investigation tells me the call came in to the a non-emergency number from around 12:30 and caller claimed to be a custodian inside the
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school. that person gave his name but we are told there is no person by that name working at the school. by 5:00 o'clock police determined it was a false alarm but it stirred up a major emergency response and had panic parents bolting from their job to pick up their kid. now oakland police investigators are wondering if it may have been a distraction the pre-up them but they say there were no major crimes in progress during this time. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. that is a crual hoax. thanks very much. >> well staying in oakland now. more police officers will soon hit the streets as city hall prepares to retire 10 of the 80 cops who received pitching slip last summer. mayor kwan revealed the plans today. the 10 rehirings will be based on seniority. mayor kwan says she is also trying to get money from washington to solve hardware problems with the fleet and software issues with the police computers.
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>> there is a second round of about applying and we'll be agrivs. >> i hope the officers see the city is going in the right direction working together to make sure that their workplace and environment is the best. >>reporter: head of the oakland police officer association says he's pleased to see officers coming back but points out the city still has 150 fewer officers on the street than it did one year ago. san francisco police now believe a business dispute triggered a double shooting at fisherman's wharf. man accused of killing 2 store employee at souvenir shop is a local store owner. that story now from am amy. >>reporter: police were quick to reassure the public this morning that the shooting at fisherman wharf was an isolated event. >> don't know exactly what the dispute was about. but it was between merchants. >>reporter: 2 people were gunned down inside the store on jefferson street right next to joe's crab shack. at 8:20 at night. when the wharf was full
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of tourists. >> agent scary that we had almost gone in the store but decided to go grab something to eat first. >>reporter: the police say they feel confident the person they arrested acted alone and that tourists can feel safe. by the looks of things tourist appeared to be ready to move o on. >> i love the area. i'm from detroit so we have this quite often here with murders and stuff. i still feel pretty safe. >>reporter: it's the merchant feeling a bit uneasy today despite reassurances from police. >> fisherman wharf doesn't seem to be very safe already. i'm scared to be work around here already. i'm happy to hear it wasn't a robbery but item still scary. >>reporter: the fight was over who cancel what merchandise and at what price. workers on jefferson street say the competition for the tawringt dollar is spwichbilitys landlord try to keep it separated but you can notice a pattern if you walk down the wharf camera store and t-shirt store. luggage store things like that. so there is competition because they try
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keep it separated. never seen violence. >> i'm l shocked because i have new daughter sol for me is not safe to work here. >>reporter he says the woman who is was killed was very friendly and cheerful. he can't believe he won't be seeing her at her shop any more. >> when you used to see the people 6 years she has been working here. i see her every day. suddenly something happen like just talk to her less than 24 hours, feeling is creepy. >>reporter: police say based on what the suspect has told them they are convinced he is the can i recall and he acted alone n.san francisco, abc 7 news. sarah short of oakland summoned to iran on spying charges. she had no comment yet on asked whether short is planning to return. she was relessed on 500,000 dollar bail last fall after more than a year in custody. she organizes fund raiser in san francisco over the weekend. her fiance and their friend josh still in
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prison in iran and claim they with hiking when accidentally crossed unmarked border. iran has warned it will seize the bail money if she doesn't return. paid by someone else not clear by whom. >> needy californians not taking advantage of billions of dollars in federal funding to help put food on the table. that in turn is putting greater strain on local food bank struggling to meet the growing demand these days. we have the report on what one food bank is doing to try to get the word out. >>reporter: tracy and daryn get about 200 dollars a month in federal food assistance through the snap program more commonly known as food stamps. >> goes pretty quick. if. >> maybe one good grocery trip to the store, you know. >>reporter: the problem is nearly half of the people that do qualify for food stamps in california aren't applying. that's putting an even bigger burden on local food banks. second harvest covering santa clara and san mateo county serving nearly half million
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people a month. we are using our food to feed people who could get food from other sources. which means then many other people can't benefit from the food that we provide. >>reporter: congresswoman love green met with food bank leader today and alarmed by the numbers. latest usda figure show 4.two million californians qualify for food stamps the. only 48 percent of them sign up. and that leaves an estimated 4.9 billion dollars in federal funding on the table every year. critic blame 13 page application process that requires fingerprinting. >> most state don't do it the way california does. and so not only are individuals in need of help losing money the state is losing money. >>reporter: she hopes governor brown will simplify the application requirement but until then food bank take action. second harvest launched this mobile unit to go out into the community to make
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it easier for family to apply for food stamps. the pilot project hopes to reach more people using the mobile food connection. >> eventually we'll be able to conduct a phone interview from the rv so won't have to go down to social service the. >>reporter: children like dean should get the food they need and is there for the asking. in san jose, abc 7 news. more to bring enthusiastic monday night. coming up. san francisco big dig. tonight on 7 news at 9:00. china town subway project that is about to get under way. impact it will have on all of us. and something that has been recommended for years. may actually tleed childhood obesity. >> forecast center. get ready for another breath of spring in winter. details of the accu-weather forecast coming u up. >> thavrjts also any. bay area man charter member of the super bowl club. probably see the achltd he lives in the bay
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area. he's been to every single superbowl. that story. >> fined for foul language. should a student have to pay >> fined for foul language. should a student have to pay for swearing
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>> san francisco is about to begin construction of the central subway. ambitious underground system connecting south of market with union square and china town. item a project that will cause some traffic headaches downtown to be sure where work will start this wednesday. transportation reporter heather has more now on what to expect. >>reporter: the equipment is ready to go. message signs in place. get ready to say goodbye to union square sidewalk one block at a time beginning the day after tomorrow. underground utilit utilities have to be moved from the street to under the sidewalk to make which for the new central subway. from 7:00
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a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays 2 lanes of traffic will be squeezed down to one to allow for a pedestrians detour in a traffic lane. >> all the stores will remain open during business. contractor has to keep access to the stores at all times. most of the cut over work that has to be done in front of the stores right directly in front of the doorway will be done at night after the businesses are cholesteroled. >>reporter: john's grill sits on ellis where sewer and water lines will also have to be dug up and relocated. owner john says the contractor has promised to take care of window washing and traffic control. >> i think people are always going to be in this neighborhood whether there's traffic or no traffic and so many more people are using public transportation so maybe put up bike rack. >>reporter: the central subway where start where the t line ends and dive underground at fourth and i 80 headed for china town. this animation shows what the stations will look like underground and this
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is the mta rendering of an aerial view of the union square station above ground. on corner of geary and stockton. >> we would like to say that ask the public to be patient with us. we know that the long-term result about makes a greater benefit for the public transportation users here in the city so agent sacrifice now gets us a lot of reward in the end. >>reporter: this mta animation shows the tunnel boring method that should cause little above ground disrug. service on the line is not expected to begin until 2018. this is abc 7 new news. and you might also have problems getting across the dump barton bridge for the next year and a half. cal-trans doing seismic safety work on the bridge that require periodic lane closure through next august. in fact all this week 2 of the 3 lanes in both direction will be closed overnight. so know about that. tomorrow is the first takeoff february. >> yes. >> feels like the first day of
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april. spencer is here with the first. >> later in the week it feels even more april like. perhaps even may like. we see temperatures rising towards the wean. here's live view from the high definition sutro camera. looking eastward. now we have this camera. we are okay. multi-camera show. mount tam camera on the bay. we had a plan from sutro but this is better. let's look at the current temperature readings under clear sky a little cool in the inland area right now. temperatures cropped into the low 40's and like fairfield and nap a.upper 40's in other location and just about 50 degrees around the bay. on we go to the highlights. expect sunny skies tomorrow. it will be windy tomorrow night especially over the hills east bay north bay colder nights will follow on wednesday thursday and milder days the rest of the week. now this afternoon we saw some clouds clean the spots along the coast line with temperatures down a bit along the coast. a little bit of cool air sunny and mild around
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the bay and inland area and will get even milder later in the week. tonight chilly overnight. low pressure dropping into the mid 30's in napa and santa rosa upper 30's in some of the east bay inland location then low to mid 40's right around the bay. to the satellite image showing jet stream rising well to our north in big ridge of high pressure building in there. start our forecast animation at 7:00 o'clock this evening show you what will happen over the next 24 hours or so. center of high pressure will position itself to our northeast and circulation around the high will bring us offshore flow tomorrow and then that will warm things up not only inland areas but along the coast line as well but tomorrow night we see locally windy condition over the hills east bay north bay as a result of that offshore flow developing and intensifying during the daytime hours. tomorrow in the south bay sunny skies look for high pressure in the mid 60's, 65 at campbell, 64 cupertino, san jose loss gather and saratoga. low to mid 60's on the peninsula. 63 in los altos,
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palo alto, mountain view and upper 50's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon basement around san francisco high of 60 in the sun set district. 61 degrees downtown. nice and mild over most of the north bay tomorrow. 65 at sonoma and novato. 68 up at ukiah and clover dale nearest bay high mainly in the low 60' 60's. 63 at oakland. 63 at fremont. 62 at san leandro, union city, castro valley. in the inland east bay we see couple degrees higher in some location. up to 64 degrees at concord, danville, pleasanton and antioch. monterey bay mild of course. skaiv at gilroy. 65 at salinas. accu-weather 7 day forecast we'll have 7 days of dry weather ahead and he's agent chilly in the morning on wednesday and thursday but things will warm-up nicely on friday and saturday with high pressure inland at 70 degrees and we say tuesday is ground hog day he will see his shadow
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but much winter like weather immediately following the sigh sighting of the shadow. >> maybe not 6 more weeks of winter here but maybe back east. >> about i'll show you the path of this big storm. snowstorm ice storm and blizzard conditions. probably about 2,000 mile path. >> 2000 mile. that is exactly what they don't need. thanks spencer. >> high school student in texas has been hit with a 6 40 dollar fine. 6 40 bucks for swearing in class. the student was arguing with the classmate. she was given detention along with the fine for disorder easterly conduct and abusive language. teach her filed a police complaint saying she was offended and that victoria language was quota breach of peace. student has taken a a waitressing job in order to pay the 6 40 dollar fine. many babies eat it when they first start eating solid food. coming up next. stanford professor who says parents should change their kid diet if find out yichlt
9:21 pm
surviving 1,000 foot fall. with can growing concern
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about what babies eat. stanford pediatrician says that what has long been recommended as a first solid food for babies may actually lead to childhood obesity. we have the story. >>reporter: item milestone every parent looks forward to. mom and dad without the videocamera for their baby's first bite of real food. >> what do you think big guy? >>reporter: for 50 years pediatrician have recommended white rice cereal for baby first bite. easily digest i believe. gluten free and
9:24 pm
hypoallergenic but pediatrician green is turning that long held belief on its head. >> i have serious problems with white rice cereal. one of the things that i have become convinced of is that white rice cereal can pre-dispose the childhood obesity. in fact i think it's the tap root of the childhood obesity epidemic. >>reporter: what is wrong with it. >> it's basically like feeding kid a spoonful of sugar. all it is is processed white flour. >>reporter: dr. green says because it's the no. 1 source of calorie by far from solid foods in a baby first year, he believes it conditions children to prefer sugar processed foo foods. so all of these foods are good for kid. >> fantastic for kids. we are designed for real food. >>reporter: he wants parents to start their babies on puree fruits and vegetables combined with whole grain cereal instead of white rice. >> the difference between the rice is huge. white rice is basically 94 percent starch.
9:25 pm
brown rice is 25% other stuff. protein. essential fat. mineral. vit michbility all kinds of stuff. >>reporter: dr. green launched white how the campaign to rid stores and baby bowl of white rice cereal entirely by next we asked the no. 1 seller of rice cereal gerber thinks of the campaign. they said they are not aware of any scientific study to support the theory. and welcome the opportunity to review any relevant scientific data. not all doctors are convinced. pediatric nutrition says imprinting is a theory and he believes doctors need to focus more on proven studies when it comes to obese ty. >> obesity is really about an excess of calories. it's not about particular food. and the idea of focusing so much on many brown rice cereal versus enriched white rice cereal is taking the thunder of something
9:26 pm
more appropriate. >> one thing to demonize white rice but parents give soda and sugar to their kid at an early age. isn't that more damaging. >> might as well being putting soda in the bolt as white rice. it would be soda with extra. >> l when we continues here at then okay day break in egypt right now. coming up the latest on the chaos in cairo and demand of the demonstrator demonstrators. >> unrest send oil prices soaring what the government could be doing to get alternative fuel off the groun ground. >> you eat a lot. drink a lot. sit around for hours. why is watching the superbowl like runnonto the left foot.our weigd
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if. >> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. in his first state of the state address since taking office governor jerry brown told lawmakers it would be unconscionable to block his request for special election in june. brown ballot measure would ask voters to extend temporary tax increases. >> phone tip about a man with a rifle prompted oakland police to evacuate elementary school this afternoon. the school was immediately locked down. s.w.a.t. team called n.nerves were obviously frayed. anxious parent waiting for word but everyone is fine. no gunman was found. it appears to be a prank. next phase of extending muni metro services china town under way in san francisco on wednesday. parts of stockton street between sutter and market street will be closed. work will continue until 2012. headlines tonight. next. to egypt where it is early tuesday morning there now and protestors have called for a million people march to begin
9:30 pm
soon. military has announced it will not fire on peaceful protestors but despite that one soldier fired shots to try to disburse a noisey crowd. after 7 days of protest president mubarak todayed asked his newly appointed vice president to lead negotiations with the opposition. no bell peace prize winner mohammad el day has he mentaled as spokesman. >> first step then we prepare for election and move on to our democracy. >>reporter: u.s. officials called for an orderly transition but still america is not taking side. >> we are not picking between those on the street and those in the government. >>reporter: communication are still spotty. internet access is rare at times and 6 reporters from al jazeera television were detain and equipment confiscated. mean
9:31 pm
time u.s. national soccer team cancelled the february 9 patch in cairo because of the political turmoil of course. thousands of people are missing including a google executive. this is head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. al jazeera says in a blog post that it had been in contact l by friends of him and he has not been heard from since friday evening. >> here in the bay area egyptians are following the events back home on television and internet and by phone and to go so very closely. mark matthews talked with a couple of is san francisco state student who are relieved certainly to be hearing from their families. >> he was talking about his father when we caught up with him this afternoon. why are you down there and what does it look like down there who else is down there. >>reporter: it was midnight in
9:32 pm
cairo. fat was outside as he has been ev patrolling the street with the rest of the men froms his neighborhood. he tells his son it's quiet now. much quieter than friday night. >> whole country people are safe right now. it has been going threw up and down but whole country people are relatively safe. looters were prisoners released from jail in an effort to create the impression that protest were being carried out by bug intent on looting than on bringing counsel the rejeechl. >> this is government tax. we have seen this before with the muslim brought hood of the day to answer. that seen this exact same thing happen where they release people out on the street to make it look like they are crashing together. >> reporter: his biggest fear is for his family's safety. >> some of my family can't get
9:33 pm
hold of food because stores are shutting down. it's creating quite a chaotic think of against stopping. their losing their job and losing their livelihood right now but. >>reporter: karen of san francisco is also in egypt tonight. staying at the fairmont. >> window at the hotel have all been shot out and many of them broken. next door there used to be a dance club which is part of the hotel structure is all completely destroyed. >>reporter: landed in cairo friday night. she says since then it is quieted down considerably. remember tomorrow protest organizers call for a million people to take to the streets just hours from now. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. tuesday morning in egypt. because of what is happening in egypt pressure mounting on the biofuel industry to fast track alternative to middle east oil.
9:34 pm
crude oil price rose again today by 2.85 to more than 92 dollars a barrel. how soon could full scale supplies be ready. here's david louie. >>reporter: it has been 5 years since ls 9 began the research into a unique single step process to make biofuel from sugarcane and waste material and team of 60's is hard at work. we are at the stage where we are producing sample used in bus fleet. engine testing. we'll be scaling up greater capabilities at facility in florida by the end of the year that gives us even more capability. >>reporter: that's welcome news as unrest in egypt has hit oil market interruption in supplies. item 0still 2 and a half years away from commercial prouchlingts analyst say it takes 50 billion dollars to make biofuel. venture capitalist last year made 7. 8
9:35 pm
million dollars in clean investment 28 percent increase. last week president obama said would he like to see federal subsidy taken from oil company and research. it can run into the tens of billions of dollar. major swift of clean truck ro row. of. >> what we hear from washington we are pulling back our role is to system the economy. for up to the private sector to step nishtion it has. chevron and proctor and gamble are investors in ls 9. bp funed 500 million dollar project at uc berkeley. support help can help in the beginning but we need to be able to come piece with existing tech until ji on our own 2 feet. without the need of. >> they are on the fast track and each day it gets additional support as a result of world events and support from the
9:36 pm
government. in south san francisco david louie abc 7 money scope. >> college basketball coming up. former bay area player makes name for himself. >> scottish climber falls 1,000 feet. rescuers find him
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cheerios. >> iconic. who can forget the theme to gold finger. one of the many movie scores written by one man. compose he have john berry behind some of the most famous film music in the world. he died at the aim of 77 yesterday from a heart attack. >> diamonds are forever. >>reporter: he wrote diamonds are forever and nip other songs for the james bond franchise. he also worked on films like for the james bond franchise. he also worked on films like born born free ♪ pishltion out of africa and midnight cowboy. f.
9:40 pm
>> to be honest fellow country man is always very, very special. >>reporter: he won 5 oscars and equivalent award in brit afternoon. he died at the age of 77 again. his music will obviously live on. all right now to story about former bay area basketball player currently playing at manhattan college in new york city. amaze to go many people he's on the team at all. lindsay explains why. jeans. >> kevin is 6 foot 11. wears size 17 shoe and masters the game of basketball with just one hand. >> i was born with my umbilical cord what happened around had the neck. >> circulation to left arm cut off but fortunately it only takes one hand to dunk a basketball. >> it was very difficult for me to get recruited because i have one arm. how do you coach tha
9:41 pm
that? >> if you are the head coach of division school like manhattan college you view it by having kevin start the game. that's what happened yesterday when manhattan beat merit by a point. >> my sensor went what could he do? as opposed to what can't he do. >>reporter: kevin has a basketball scholarship. often uses shorter left arm which he calls the nub to pass and play aggressive defense. >> i'm at bit of a dirty playe player. stick it unthe rib and stuff. >>reporter: what he is missing makes him inspiration but what he doesn't have in army certainly makes up for in heart. this is abc. >> kevin from pleasanton by wait. >> climber fell 1,000 feat down a mountain and survived. >> i'm extremely extremely lucky. >>reporter: he's not kidding. he lost the footing on summit of mountain in scotland. tumbled over 3 cliffs on the
9:42 pm
way down before stopped by a boulder. potter falling so fast he couldn't see what was coming next. fichlt free fall i couldn't see anything come so i didn't even have time to think about it. i think the last is i lost a lot of my speed to i get behind it and in a position where i could see what wasing coming and that's what i felt, a dread on that moment there because i could see what was about to good over and that might be it. >>reporter: that wasn't it. navy rescue helicopter happened to be in the area on a training exercise and quickly picked him up. found him standing up and looking at a map. all right now potter has back injuries. cuts to faces a you can see and whiplash but as you just saw he's basically okay. rescue workers believe that snow helped cushion on the fall. unbelievable. all right as we continue. anaconda and iguana living together. strange bed fellow coming up challenge of giving the bay area odd couple the
9:43 pm
coming up challenge of giving the bay area odd couple the annual cwere presel i want you to >>
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
jo there are 38,000 animals, 900 different species at the california academy of science in golden gate park. a lot of man mall but one veterinarian sew has to be ready for almost
9:46 pm
everything. academy staff explains how they have turned a 90 pound snake into a surprisingly peaceful patient. >> these unlikely roommates have been together for more than two years now. this was the day they met. as they moved in their new home an exhibit tank at the california academy of sciences. first the 12 and a half foot anaconda made a survey of the newcomb days. iguana did the same. then after a little quality time together the iguana decided some dance would probably improve their relationship. so far it is working. >> anaconda do eat lizard however ours has only had other prey the whole life so it doesn't recognize the iguana as food item. >>reporter: before the iguana and snake moved in together the staff decided the anaconda needed a medical exam. it was a real challenge too because
9:47 pm
she's a constrictor and likes to wrap around things or in some cases people. >> get this coil.coi >>reporter: exam actually lasted only a few second. vet got a quick look and snake pronounced healthy and strong. so strong she wrapped herself around one of the arms. >> perfect. good job. >>reporter: that was then. now two years later it is time for another checkup. and this time the staff is hoping it will be easier. during the last few most biologist brian fryer has been getting the snake used to being touched by tongue so when it is time for the grab she's pretty calm. >> wait. now. okay. good? >> individual anaconda is probably big and strong enough to kill an adult person like myself one-on-one but when you have so many people involved the odd are very slim.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: once the snake is out of the exhibit she's measured. >> it gained about a foot. >>reporter: that makes her almost 14 feet long now. she's a lot calmer this time around, too. so veterinarian can do a complete exam from head to tail. >> checking scale coat and how good the muscle tone is. then just work your way down kind of pushing on the belly to see if there's any masses or things that might be of concern. no children in here. >>reporter: final step is a blood test. tricky because you can't see the vein but the snake hardly seems to mind. >> we share all this information with other institutionings as far as blood value to establish what is normal. for annan con today. >>reporter: neck the iguana turn. >> he's agent bit feisty than the anaconda but smaller fortunately. >>reporter: iguana so feisty he has to be completely put to sleep for had checkup. >> palpating of the and for
9:49 pm
masses. he feels great. really good. this is this was a rescue animal. that we got when he was about this big. >>reporter: iguana was about a year old when he came to the academy. he had been kept as pet and suffered from bone disease e of a bad diet. >> the spine was bent. legs were crooked. >>reporter: now he's 6 and x-ray show he recovered and growing normally. >> basically i'm just looking for l is his leg mobile. full range of motion. are there any is he roses or abrasion. >>reporter: he gets a clean bill of health too and finally moves to the deluxe recovery area ring masses particular box with a special heater to keep him comfortable while he comes to. >> it is great. he's a beautiful animal. many. >>reporter: spectacular. both iguana and anaconda safely back in the exhibit. ignoring each others as you might expect but delighting visitors. coming up in may. academy will have a new exhibit with even more giant snakes and lizards.
9:50 pm
>> let update the weather forecast. nasty experience. for me that's the first iguana i have seen. >> i salute him i don't think i could ignore anaconda in the room next door. >> couldn't sleep for sure. >> show you a couple of wonderful sunsetngts this was submitted by a you tube report. sonoma mountain sunset last night in glen el lip. how about this one. fremont through you report powered by you tube. south shore sunset at lake tahoe yesterday evening. 2 beautiful view of the sunset sky. yes. here's forecast animation starting at 7:00 o'clock this evening of the huge winter storm that is barreling through the central part of the country. upper midwest. great lakes and into new england over the next day and a half blizzard warnings in effect from oklahoma to wisconsin and blizzard conditions felt in other places as the storm will travel path of nearly 2000 males across wide swath of country over the next day and a
9:51 pm
half. bay area tomorrow sunny sky. no blizzard condition. high in the mid 60's in most spots. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast by week end we see high pressure up to 70 degrees in the inland area so another breath of spring coming our way in february. >> more than a breath. almost a week of spring. >> very long deep breath. >> thank you spencer very much. >> nacho. buffalo wings. all got stuff the. all the food not good for your health but something else to worry about. players on the superbowl not only feeling stressed. according to study from los angeles researchers superbowl can cause dangerous levels of stress in fans if the game is really close. now those people don't exactly look stressed out as you can see. but cardiologist compare the elevated heart and bloop of watching an exciting superbowl to running a marathon. >> there you go. eating all got food over at larry house this sunday. >> extremely stressful when you are on the wrong end of the bat. in the superbowl. that's
9:52 pm
what makes it stressful. we have been there. teams have arrived in dallas for superbowl have been there. teams have arrived in dallas for superbowl xlv. what do the steelers
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
is. >> a stand on same sex marriag marriage. find whut that stand is. that story and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope to see you then. >> bit is superbowl hype time.
9:55 pm
larry is here. >> absolutely. we are getting set. packers. steelers. they have arrived in texas. now all that is left is a week worth of black and blueing by us leading up to super bowl 45 this sunday. media day speaking of black and blueing coming up tomorrow. ben gathering his own content wave of the future they tell me. went to cowboy route with the black hat vl steelers much more experienced in the play offs than green ba bay. won a couple super bowls recently but strangely pittsburgh is listed as under dog. about opinion on that, whatever. >> we don't make the odd. whatever. we still got go out there and play the game. we have been under dog kind of for the last two week almost seems like. nobody pick us. even coach picked the jets against us. still don't mat to us. we still play the game. >> urgency level that comes with playing the superbowl. steers have been there before. won it twice but i like our chances. >> first superbowl was played in la 44 years ago. you could
9:56 pm
get a great seat for 12 bucks. at that game. superbowl xlv on sunday seat in the last row of cowboy stadium are being scalped for almost 3000 dollars a piece. now 4 men have been to every single superbowl as mike report, one of them lives here in the bay area. >> meet the never miss the superbowl club. >> superbowl program identified us as individuals been to every superbowl. >> san francisco native larry jacobson seen here are the only members of the never miss a superbowl club. they now hook up annually before the big gam game. >> we get together for lunch every year now and repeat everything we have said but we are in all our 70's so we don't remember what we said last time so it's all like a new conversation. >>reporter: they have been to all 44 soup bowls. >> we all have kind of the same background. really hot on the superbowl. we had wives that supported us. >>reporter: larry enjoyed every one of the big games especially when the local teams
9:57 pm
were playing. >> would i tell people well, you know about one-third of the superbowl, more than 1 quarter have included bay area teams. that's been very spectacular. >>reporter: raiders won the first here in the bay area beating minnesota in superbowl 11. >> i was more of a raider fan early on because they were a more interesting team. character are more interesting than now. >>reporter: superbowl 23 larry sitting in the end zone when montana hit taylor for the game winner against cincinnati. >> i thought he was running toos if a for montana to reach him before he ran out of the end zone. absolutely spectacular play i have ever seen. >>reporter: he has memorabilia including patches, pins, cups and even football card of hum self. also has a program from all 44 games including superbowl 16. >> what happened to the mustache? >>reporter: nfl should give these guys a superbowl ring for attending all 44 games. >> i'm happy when i get a ticket let alone a ring. >>reporter: league makes sure
9:58 pm
the 4 sit together now and even though the 71-year-old has not missed a superbowl, he has missed a few other events. >> i have missed weddings. i have missed babies being born but i have no intention of missing a superbowl. ever. >>reporter: in san francisco, mike, abc 7 sport. >> what great memory. pro bowl not great memory there from yesterday. this game hase involved into a game of 2 hand touch. nobody want to make a tackle. nobody want to get tackle. one great play from hawaii. at the very end of the 55-41 victory afc runs a hook and ladder and basically end up in the hand of former cal center about mack like a mack truck. come on. 41 you are not tackling me. he falls down. please. just a mess. but mack says i can run. i'm an athlete. might be a lineman but i have speed. he had a good time at the pro bowl. warriors off until thursday when they host milwaukee
9:59 pm
tonight in the nba. cavs got a look at the past and not pretty. facing lebron james in miami. all eyes on the king. cleveland forgot about duane wade with authority. don't forget flash. 34 points. for wade. he did the front row what's up. what's up? i'm here look at me look at me. lebron dunking. heat in a route 117-90. cleveland poor cleveland. lebron has left he lost 21 straight games. that's 2 shy of the nba record of 23 losses. >> something to shoot for. >> that's about all. they will probably miss. the way things are going. >> thanks larry very much. that's it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us, thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on big


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