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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 1, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful. it must be peaceful. and it must begin now. >> president obama commenting on egypt now that its president
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hosni mubarak says he will step down. good evening i'm dan ashley. president obama stressed that the transition should include a broad spectrum of voices as well as opposition parties. the quarter million protestors cheered daned and erupted in joy when the president emerged saying he will not run for reelection in september. here's a reporter in egypt. >> tonight the square erupted in anger. people finally heard from the man they have risen up against. appearing on state television president mubarak address the protestors directly tell them their demands are legitimate and that he will stand down. but not just yet. instead he pledged to spend his next few months in office restoring law and order. reforming the constitution. and the election law. not good enough says this defiant crowd in cairo. this moment was a
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week in the making. week of steadily mounting pressure. from people in the streets and leaders around the world. president obama dispatched a former ambassador tow egypt to deliver a message directly to mubarak suggesting he not seek reelection. and across egypt the rally reach a tipping point today. these people called it the march of millions. sweeping sea of people flooding into cairo city center. as they started pouring in this morning, they were in no mood to compromise. in the shadow of the statue of one of the greatest liberation leaders people have been coming and going all day to the protest in the central square there. on this main bridge across the nile you can see tens of thousands of people just walking. bridges became parking lot. as people aban
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done their cars and start walking. at times we were almost swallowed up by the thickening crowd. some came prepared for the worst. >> i got this for water i have this for my nose. i have my pi wrote my will yesterday. if i die, so what? >>reporter: like the past several days this one ended without violence. and mubarak himself concluded his speech by asking the army again to continue to protect the people and respect their freedom and honor. it remains to be seen whether president concession tonight are enough. the people still say he must go. and there are others who are afraid for the fate of their country much everybody tonight remains uncertain. abc news, cairo. and president obama today spoke about the power of the
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internet in the egypt uprising and many silicon valley company are making that happen. google twitter and say now collaboration allows people without web access to share messages on twitter by voice maichlt you can watch messages being translated in real time. >> mane while the uprising is also having an impact on the high tech industry here. cisco systems, h p and google closed down their office in egypt and told employee to work from home for the time being. >> mark matthews spoke today with a local woman studying egyptian politics in cairo for eight months and she doesn't believe the crowd in the street are going to accept mubarak's deal. >>reporter: sarah tells me there are hundreds of thousands in the streets around the square. calling for mubarak to leave. >> the feeling on the street is there is no other option. there is no other solution and this will not end until he steps down.
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>>reporter: columbia graduate says she saw people streaming into the square all afternoon. >> today they set up some security perimeter just to make sure that no one with weapons was coming in to the square and that things were moving along in orderly fashion. >>reporter: she says there ace growing resentment of barack obama and the u.s. government because of the lack of respons response. >> they really feel that america is supposed to be the country of democracy and this is a completely, i mean, grass roots organic movement that wants to end in democracy and it doesn't make sense to people why the united states could not be openly supporting this. >>reporter: she says her parent are urging her to leave and she plans to fly out of cairo on thursday but pictures from the airport showed huge crowds and very long lines. george say well got back to san francisco from cairo just last night. >> it was a zoo. everybody i think everybody in the city washington trying to get out of the airport. flights were
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cancelled. i mean, the cairo airport you could barely move. it was solid people. >>reporter: he was traveling with a group of uc berkeley alum many of whom who lived through the sush length cities as students at berkeley. >> tuesday i thought this was going to be about nature but by thursday it was, it was whole about magnitude different. >>reporter: he landed in cairo friday night and says since then it has quieted down considerably remember, tomorrow protest organizers are calling for a million people to take to the streets as just hours from now. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right back here at home. family of a missing boy learned the worst possible news today unfortunately. body of 4-year-old julianne card appeared to have been found in a canal south of patterson in the central valley. the prayer service was held for him tonight. he was kidnapped from his grandmother's arms january 18th triggering a massive
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search. more now from laura anthony. >> we recovered the body of a small child whose physical description and clothing description matches that of our kidnapping victim. >>reporter: as tearful community members listen, substance last county sheriff announced tiny body found in the delta canal is likely of 4-year-old pwoychlt our team have worked tirelessly to try to bring little julianne home alive. but as we have previously shared with you, everything led us to that canal and we knew that it would be a tragic result and it certainly has been. >>reporter: canal worker found the body just after 7:30 this morning near the town west of interstate 5. location 31 miles south of where the silver toyota control a owned by jose rodriguez was pulled from the water last friday with no bodies inside. shown here in a store surveillance video just before the kidnapping police
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say rodriguez he pulled the boy from his grandmother arms sdwran january 18. a witness saw the corolla drive into the water with two people inside short time later. now police have obtained a warrant for rodriguez arrest. >> even though we still believe that jose is in the canal as well, we are going to treat this case as a homicide. >>reporter: while police wrap up their investigation, the community of patterson just beginning to grieve for the little boy most of them never knew. >> heart broken. very heart broken. i think that's the only word. >> any parent can feel the family's pain. >>reporter: this couple does know julian grand moychlt brea breaks my heart much everybody else in the community. i'm so sorry. >>reporter: also on facebook she want to leave to find jose rodriguez body. she's eight months pregnant with their baby daughter. in patterson, laura anthony, abc 7 news. san jose acting police
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chief is now the real thing. city council unanimously approved the city manager choice of insider for the top job, top cop job, corina has the story. >> san jose new police chief moore is making a point to reach out to those who didn't want him to get the job. >> i ask you to view my appointment as new beginning. as new start. as an opportunity to build upon approximately the dialogue that we created during this selection process. >>reporter: coalition of community activist concerned about racial profiling and excessive use of force wanted oakland police chief anthony bat to take the helm in san jose. but bat who became the city manager second choice. >> my only goal was to ensure that we found the best chief for the city of san jose and we have done that. >>reporter: city council gave chris moore a standing ovation and unanimous support. new department leader will oversee 1245 sworn officers and faces a
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call for change. >> we want to see the interaction between the officer and say a young person here in downtown change as a result of the shift of leadership. >>reporter: independent police auditor says she too expects a new era of accountability. >> i expect you to have the courage to do what is right no matter how uncomfortable doing right may make you feel. >>reporter: chief moore already made historic move of appoint ago woman diane urban to be his assistant chief. today he announced he will also set up a system to better track complaints about police by as and establish a community advisory board that will include those critical of the department. >> there are a number of ways to improve. part is stabbing relationship with me and stabbing day-to-day relationship with my officers. >>reporter: the mayor says chief moore has committed to be san jose police chief for the next 4 years. in san jose, abc
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7 news. we just get started this tuesday. one of the largest storms since the 1950s cancelled 10,000 flights through thursday. come up here. nasty winter storm and misery beginning and also more on egypt and what is happening there. who will fill the political vacuum now that president hosni mubarak agreed to step down. >> accu-weather forecast center. no snow. no ice. just more winter warmth. details in the accu-weather just more winter warmth. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> promise of great job with generous pay turns out to be a scam. ahead on 7 on your side. warning to everyone looking for a job. >> san francisco goes so green it cuts back on yellow. the >> san francisco goes so green it cuts back on yellow. the city plan to ba
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>> at the top of the newscast the question americans are asking with long time ally president mubarak vowing not to run for reelection, who will come next. hears martha. >> the protest have had one purpose. getting rid of mubarak. but now what? the biggest fear for the u.s. that egypt will turn towards islamic fundamentalism. muslim brotherhood protestors representing the oldest and largest islamic organization in egypt have advocated a state ruled by islamic law. which would mean a step backward for women's rights and the rule of law. they do not openly back al qaeda but several of the founders of al qaeda were former members. >> if somehow the muslim brotherhood were put in charge of the government in egypt might make it possible for
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other terrorist groups to use egypt again as sanctuary and it might mean an end to the peace between israel and egypt. >>reporter: another perhaps more likely option? an outsider. mohammad is a nobel laureate who returned to egypt after years abroad. he ran the un nuclear watch dog program and opposed to the ray wac war. u.s. concerns about an outsider he is not fully in line with u.s. policy toward israel. third option. omar this is mubarak clear favorite. just named vice president. he would be a favorite of the military coming from that world himself. but to the protestor protestors, he would mean more of the same. >> doesn't necessarily work well for the united states if there's an egyptian president who works very well with us but is not popular within his own country. >>reporter: there is also the unknown candidate. someone who
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will emerge as rapidly as the people in this square emerged to change history. abc news, washington. all right now to the weather in this country. if you have flight plans to the midwest or back east double check before you go. this massive image show a huge chung of the country hit by severe winter storm. it grounded nearly 6000 flights today and will ground 10,000 all through thursday. in boston jet blue cancelled all of its flights in and out of logan airport until thursday. chicago o'hare cancelled 1100 flights today. schools in boston are closed tomorrow. this shot of a student at harvard from the bay area in front of a wall of snow sent in by a bay area student attending school. >> in tulsa, oklahoma home set one day record with 14 inches of snow there. it forced tulsa world newspaper to cancel the printed issue for the first time in more than a century. more now from ryan owens in tulsa. >> good evening from oklahoma
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city a ghost town tonight for good reason. we have seen near white out conditions all day long. almost a foot of snow and listen to that wind. sometimes howling at 60 miles an hour. creating a wind chill of 30 degrees below zero. state officials all but beg oklahoma to stay off the road today. and for the most part, they listened. >> item a little chilly out. >>reporter: marcus was one of the few who had to go to work. he didn't get far. further south in text blizzard hit hard this morning. shutting down the airport for few hours here and leaving cal last usually busy interstate deserted. draivrs who did venture out found nothing but ice p.once this blizzard finally blows out of here it will be replaced by some of the coldest temperature the state has seen in 5 15 years. this snow will not be
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melting any time soon. forecasters say it won't be above freezing until friday. >> that's ryan in oklahoma cit city. what a mess those folks are dealing with back there spencer of course watching our weather which looks lovely and what is happening back there is so terrible. >> massive storm. by the time it plays itself out out to sea it will have covered 2000 mile path. two-thirds of the country. amazing storm. >> but everything is nice and calm here. here's live look. >> one-third. >> this is the one third. that is safe rate now. live here from the live camera in san francisco under clear skies and i might add mild conditions. let look at today high current reading. we had a temperature high today of 70 degrees in santa rosa. 69 in clover dale. 69 at oakland. and mid 60's in many of the locations. 57 still relatively mild but the coolest of our reading at half man bay. on to time lapse view
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from the high definition sutro camera with golden gate this afternoon. notice the angle of the sun light hitting the bridge with the beautiful colo color. a little thin finger of fog pushing through the golden gate but it is gone now. right now we look at temperature readings of 60 degrees in san francisco. 50's still in most location. that means mid upper 50's and still pretty mild. cool spot fairfield at 49. los gatos 44 degrees and these are the highlights. we sea gusting winds and experiencing them already over the hills tonight of the east bay and north bay and warming trend begins on thursday. beach weather will arrive this weekend. the satellite image shows jet stream still riding way up to our north. we have this big strong ridge of high pressure that dominate our weather picture through the weekend and bring us clear sky and mild conditions but circulation around the center of high pressure is also producing locally heavy wind. gusty wind over the hill tonight that will continue to the morning hours. speaking of morning. morning low drop did you know to 39 degrees at napa. 36 at santa rosa. 37 fairfield. 39 at
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antioch and low 40's for most of the remainder of the bay area. then tomorrow another gloriously lovely day with high pressure in the south bay in the mid 60's. 64 at san jose. low to mid 60's on the pen la. 53 pal on the mountain view and los altos. 60 on the coast, 59 pacific kashtion 59 sunset district and 60 agrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. north bay high climb into the mid 60's. calistoga, santa rosa, clover dale nearest bay look for high mainly in the low 60's but up to 64 at oakland. inland east bay a wider range of high from upper 50's at antioch and pittsburgh to low 60's if the remainder of the east bay inland location and near monterey baylow 60's near the bay. inland at gilroy mid 60's and high up to 64. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 7 days of sunshine. by the way ground hog day tomorrow and sunny skies he will no doubt see his shadow. while that is supposed to indicate 6 more
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weeks of winter we have 6 more daisy of spring like warmth. high pressure mid 70's 70 on the bay and mid upper 60's on the coast. we have spectacular weather coming our way. >> we sure do i don't know what happens in march but february salam of. >> let keep february here thanks. >> coming up neck. bay area woman who fell victim to job offer that was uses too good to be true. >> i had been officially first time bounded and it hurt. >> imagine. warning to receive time bounded and it hurt. >> imagine. warning to receive on your side
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>> pg&e found and fixed 59 gas pipeline leaks after being ordered by state regulators to inspect the system after the
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san bruno disaster, of course. explosion and fire there in september. state public utility commission gave pg&e until march 15 to inspect the line and document underground pipes. in a letter to the p uc this afternoon about its search for records pg&e says this. it has collected, scanned and indexed one and a quarterer million documents. it has leased the new space to house the record verification operation. documents scanning indexing goes on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and hundreds of boxes of records have been collected from more than 20 field offices. pg&e says that where it can not find good records it will excavate to confirm safe pressure level in the pipe lines. all the result of this disaster in san bruno last summer. >> bay area woman fell victim to scam targeting the unemployed with millions of struggling to find work item a growing problem. con artist going after job seekers.
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michael finney with one woman's heart wrenching story. watch what happened. >>reporter: miss jennings has been unemployed and searching for work for nearly a year now. all the while struggling to support her 2-year-old son. >> it's tough. i'm willing and ready to try anything. >>reporter: so she got pretty excited when she found this ad in the san francisco chronicle. opening for a flight attendant offering full training and excellent salary package. >> i immediately jumped on it and got excited. oh, something different. plate attendant. >>reporter: she called the number and with that seemingly harmless act she took her first step. into a big trap. >> everything sounded great. benefits. money. >>reporter: she jotted these notes as the man told her she would be a steward east on a charter jet. carrying wealthy passengers to private cruise ships. she would earn up to 11 50 dollars per week and home each night by 6. so did she want to fly to miami for an interview. >> i said wow! that sounds
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cool. definitely. i would be very interested. >>reporter: with that she took the next step into the trap. the man said she could buy her own plane ticket to miami or he would buy the ticket for her at reduced price of 3 72 dollars. she found cheapest fare on line were over 1,000 dollars. >> so i said you know what let me just go ahead and call back and ask him what was the other option one more time. >>reporter: and that was the mistake no. 3. she agreed to let the man buy her plane ticket. he told her to wire him half the fare 1 86 dollars and she would be reimbursed when she arrived in miami. >> meet me at the gate when i got there. black suit on. as soon as i shook her hand she would put the reimbursement of the money that i uses wired. >>reporter: she went to the nearest western union office and wired 1 86 dollars to orlando, florida. yes. that was her final mistake. later when she checked the flight that was supposedly purchased for her she found there was no
9:27 pm
such flight. there was no such charter jet company and there was no such joychbility i had been officially first time scammed and it hurt. >>reporter: she went from the elation of believing she had finally land add job to the depth of realizing she had been conned. >> it upset my husband and i. >>reporter: her mother couldn't stand the idea that somebody stole money from her struggling daughter and her grandson. >> i just said to my daughter that we really need to call 7 on your side. >>reporter: they did call us. not hoping to get her money back but to warn other job see seekers. whether might be lured into the same trap. >> 200 dollars hurt. i just wanted to make sure it was a red flag and tell 7 on your side. >>reporter: best rule of thum thumb. never. never. never. wire anybody money. if someone wants to you wire money just assume it's a many skachlt san francisco chronicle did not want to comment for this story.
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however the check on one ad shows it is no longer running. this is 7 on your side. >> when we continues here tonight. in san francisco a 500 dollar fine for leaving the yellow pages on your porch. >> it really choke off a major advertising mechanism for small business in san francisco. >> why nanny in one bay area city still have to keep one eye on the children and the other on their cars. >> and missing test that could mess up college plans for about locaonto the left foot.ith ust d take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose.
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>> good evening once again thanks for tuning in. we start
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the half hour with the headlines. president mubarak announces he will leave office in egypt in september after 30 years in power. >> i will not be nominating myself for a new presidential term for i have served egypt long enough. if. >>reporter: speaking with him tonight president obama told egyptian leader he should immediately begin the transition process to new leadership. >> authorities say a body found this morning in the canal was that of missing 4-year-old julian card. boy kidnapped from his home in patterson on january 18 by hisboyfriend jose the whereabouts of jose are not known but investigators believe his body too will also ultimately be found in the canal. >> san jose city council voted unanimously to confirm chris moore as the city new chief of police. as acting chief moore had been running the department since former chief davis
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retired. that was in october. headlines tonight. as you well know california public schools have been struggling with 16 billion dollars in cuts over the last three years. today education administrators pleaded for more funding for education. an extension of those tax increases that are about to expire. capitol correspondent reports now from sacramento. >> we caught one a class visiting the capitol and even 10-year-old know what budget cut meant for their school. >> teachers. cut back from 10 teachers at our school. >> still a lot of old book in our library. >>reporter: education coalition of teachers administrators and parents say public schools have endured 18 pill dollars in cuts over three years. districts have shortened academic year. cuts non-essential classes and 30,000 teachers go. they warn an additional 2 billion dollars will be lopped off if
9:33 pm
californians don't agree to sentence the temporary tax hike another 5 years. >> notion of another couple billion dollars on top of everything we just described is just frightening to us. and should be to anybody who cares about the quality of education in california. >>reporter: republicans will block attempt to get the tax vote on a june ballot even if it means more cuts to schools could be prevented. many believe more cuts are possible without affecting the classes by simply changing laws that protect losing jobs. >> why are we not contracting out non-classroom services. why didn't we let have tears run the library. we have state code that say we can't do that at all. >> reporter: even if tax extension make it to the ballot no guarantee voters will approve them. considering they already turn down extending the taxes back in 2009. upsetting parent like miss miller. >> we all have those kind of worries. possibility that it won't pass again. >>reporter: california teacher
9:34 pm
association says it is ready to help finance a campaign that would help get those temporary tax hike extended. early polling show that tax hike are connected to education voters tend to support them n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> the college dreams of 10000 oakland high school seniors dashed. they were told the college entrance exam scores were lost through no fault of their own. amy explains what happened and now what? >> i feel in really disappointed. put a lot of effort and work into it. my family paid for my tutors to get all the study i can. >>reporter: he was really hoping to get into uc santa barbara or uc davis this fall and spent 500 dollars on tutors in preparation for the act test but the scores are lost in the mail. act says he can take the february test for free but getting into college this fall doesn't look too promising. >> santa pwrar barbara said they won't take any scores for
9:35 pm
february 12th. all the other colleges just saying we'll think about it. >>reporter: he's one of 100 oakland students who scores from the december test got lost in the mail. >> it was like an empty feelin feeling. oh, gosh now i will never know. and then having to hear that i have to take the test gechbility another 4 hour hours. on my saturday. that's very sad. >>reporter: acceptance letters from college go out in march. february scores probably won't make it in time. act spokesman released a statement saying if any affected students are missing dead lanes that can't be met because of the problem they are urged to contact the colleges and inform them of the situation. the students may provide the college a copy of the letter they received from act regarding the need for the retest. the principal at oakland high school says her staff plans to advocate on behalf of the student to the colleges. >> and make sure that the universities understand that through no fault of ours,
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through no fault of the system do they have missing exams right now. >>reporter: and spokesperson says item rear but sometimes scores do get lost in the mail and the colleges are pretty understanding so hope that's the case for those 100 student we shall see. we have a picture to show you. richmond firefighters rescued a dog and sheep that became stranded on the steep cliff today. here's view from sky 7 hd. you can see just how steep the cliff is. item treacherous. woman was able to climb up to safety on her own thank goodness about 5:30 p.m. but firefighters had to repel down the dloyv rescue the dog and then ultimately this sheep. it is believed the dog chased after the sheep and then the woman got stuck climbing down to get them. cliff is located off canal boulevard just above the water treatment plant but everybody a-ok. >> 2 muni employee now on administrative leave. muni says they allowed it to drift down van ness avenue and crash
9:37 pm
in a light pole this morning. accident blocked traffic for an hour with massive back up. muni says the driver and mechanic were working on the bus that had broken down when suddenly began rolling unexpectedly. investigators are looking into reports that the parking brake was not set. good news here, no one was injured. the president of san francisco board of supervisors is trying to fight city blight on 2 front. targeting the distributors of the yellow pages phone book and the people who put business fliers on homes. carolyn tyler has the story. >>reporter: you are looking at about 1,000 phone books salvaged from the dump. symbol of the one and a half million yellow pages left on door steps throughout san francisco every year. if they were stacked up, the books would equal the height of 300 transamerica pyramid. according to supervisor david chu. >> in addition to the environmental impact, this has a very real cost to san francisco. total cost to
9:38 pm
dispose of phone book to recycle phone book in our city is estimated to be over 1 million dollars a year. >>reporter: he's proposing new law requiring distributors to get permission from customers for example by phone or mail before dropping off the books. the industry is threatening a legal fight. >> we think penaltyizing one form of advertising and not others is inherently unfair. >>reporter: bail bonds company advertises in the yellow pages. she believes that if the phone book isn't in every home it could impact her business. >> another form of advertising is also under scrutiny. many san francisco consider hand bill an annoying blight. the fliers left almost daily in some neighborhoods. but restaurants, contractors, house dleen cleaners and other vendors. david chu has proposal to require they be securely fastened so they don't blow await a minute under this
9:39 pm
measure you could opt out of receiving fliers like this by posting a large no hand bill sign. violators would be fine fined. from critic say the proposed crack down are another example of san francisco as a nanny state. but chu says litter is the no. 1 complaint of constituent like the russian hill neighborhood association. >> we celebrate our city and elimination of more paper lining our gutters, our porche porches, our sidewalks, and by the way yellow pages just launch its own opt out feature today. if you don't want to receive the phone book go to their web site. we have a link on ours. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. staying in the city for another moment. effort to allow nanny to have special parking permit ran into hurdles today. municipal transportation agency board is not ready to approve the concept until certain conditions are met. board members would like to see a 9
9:40 pm
month trial period and figure out the penalty for those who misuse it. also like parents to get their neighbors to aparagraph these permits. >> i think that mta understands the issue. they have been really respoychbs and really trying to work with those of us that raised it to come up with some solution. but i know that there's a lot of continue when it comes to vehicle and park something we are very hopeful something will get created and passed. >>reporter: process of rewriting the proposal could take several weeks maybe even months. >> when we come back here on the news at 9:00. stanford trying to turn rubber into the news at 9:00. stanford trying to turn rubber into human skin that is actually
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>> after criticism from travelers who call the screening invasive, the tsa debut a new device today that officials say preserves the privacy of travelers. did he vase called the automatic target recognition does 360 degree scan but instead of creating a 3d rendering of the passenger the image is far less detailed. tsa says the new device maintain the high level of security while addressing travelers concern about their privacy. it was debut in some other cities. has not arrived here yet. >> team at stanford has created an electronic skin of sort.
9:44 pm
not meant to replace the human kind but researchers believe it could provide the sense of touch to the disabled. of carolyn johnson has the story. >> from a firm handshake to a gentleman el caress. sense of touch relies in part on the skin ability to gauge pressure. now researchers at stanford believe they can harsh that's ability to turn rubber in an artificial skin. >> able to allow the rubber stretchable rubber that feels like skin lacks like skin to to be able to sense touch. >>reporter: like the newer on in our body the rubber skin rae lion electricity to relay the signal. to make it sentencestive to pressure the team created new flexible electrode sandwich between layers of specialized rubber. she says the slateest touch compresses the rubber and brings the electric tread closer together. >> we lamb nature them together and this competes it. anything
9:45 pm
to press on it. >>reporter: with just a touch of the finger researcher triggers the sensors and with more pressure the electricity being passed through the artificial skin increases. sending a stronger signal. >> stronger now lighter. you can see take the pressure off about the signal falls right back to the baseline. >>reporter: electronic equivalent of someone pinching your arm and then letting go now imagine thousands of flexible sensor integrated into skin lick sheets and placed over say a prosthetic arm. future technology could allow the team to relay touch signal directly to the body newer on. >> potentially this could be our about sensor with a different region we can put sensors and then these sensors could generate a map of the object it is touching. >>reporter: in one experiment captured on video by stanford the system was able to detect
9:46 pm
the weight of abuts night. example of the sensitivity of the technology which they hope will some day touch the lives of people. >> i feel in if we can do that then we are truly eliminating the hum an skin. >> team at the university of california has developed another version of this technology both projects were funded by defense department grants. >> well friends and family gather in the hollywood hills today to celebrate the life of jack la lane. among those in taken answer arnold schwarzenegger. former governor said la lane was like nelson mandela a saint who helped millions of people stay healthy. he aid when he first came to america he worked out with la lane at convenient is in beach and couldn't believe his stamina. >> that guy is a machine. also did i know that down the line i would be playing a machine but he is a real machine. i said he's a monster the. look at the energy he has. the
9:47 pm
strength he has. never stops. >>reporter: jack died of pneumonia at his home in moro bay on january 23rd. he was 96 pneumonia at his home in moro bay on january 23rd. he was 96 years old. remarkable man.
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>> we feel f we have beautiful weather coming up ahead. not so in the midwest. terrible storm is causing problems and spencer is tracking it closely. >> it's a big powerful winter storm moving through the upper midwest. snow over parts of iowa, wisconsin is, illinois, michigan. ice storm in parts of indiana, ohio, pennsylvania and rain in the southern state states. let's take a closer look starting with chicago where right now still heavy snow at o'hare airport. strong gusty winds. it's cold. wind chill factor is one degree fahrenheit. in peoria light fog snow tapered off. wind chill of 8. pretty winter lik like. in detroit wind chill down the zero with light snow. system now moving up into the northeast. back in the bay area high pressure tomorrow in the sunny skies. anything but winter look. we have low to mid 60's in most location and take a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. by the weekend we see inland high in the mid 70's. 70 around the bay. mid upper 60's on the coast. spring lake weather in
9:51 pm
midwinter. can't bet that. >> can not at all. all right thanks very much. >> which city spend the most time and money to look good? that was the question daily beast wanted answered. spending time in a spa. sweating it out at the gym. tanning grooming these things. san francisco no. 1 on the list. they spend 111 dollars a month on personal care. 20 percent belong to a gym. 50% not over weight. other city around, top 7, boston spend about 106 dollars there a month followed by new york. los angeles. hartford, connecticut, dallas and chicago. believe it or not. larry is skeptical. >> do you have any idea how much larry spend to look this pretty. >> i live west hartford. >> don't bite. >> trust me that's wrong.i'll say that we are ready now. >> hold that up for you. >> this is good. good.
9:52 pm
appreciate. media day. don't put it down. arctic blast. thank you. from the curious question to the this. we have the best and from the curious question to the this. we have the best and worst
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. what the rush to grab development money could mean for oakland effort to keep the a's in town. why the fireplace made in amish country the subject of a lawsuit tonight. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00. we'll see you then on
9:55 pm
channel 7. >> larry finish the commercial break beautification project. >> that's ongoing dan. that never stops. not at this stage. sharks came back from the all star break looking to make a serious play off push. did not start out well. ended better. with goalie getting yanked in the second period against phoenix and rookie coming out of nowhere to have great game. first period power play bad luck. slap shot. redirect the puck. past the left shoulder. 1 nothing phoenix. had no chance. 2 nothing in the second period. look at the pin point passing. about todd seen enough. furious. out comes him and outcome the rookie. first nhl game. he scored late in the second then early in the third. just like that item a one goal game. sharks riding a momentu momentum. to kyle. his first goal as man in teal. tied at 3. more more more patrick. shorthanded break away. shoot
9:56 pm
and scores. empty net goal makes the final 5-3 sharks. 5 unanswered to come back to win. all right on to superbowl media day which turned that a zoo in recent years filled with alleged reporters would wouldn't know harris from harrison ford. one played fugitive and the other will take your head off. superbowl media day to make a loud clear statement to commissioner roge roger. steelers linebacker was fined 100,000 dollars for 4 separate excessive hit this season. the league felt they were excessive. remember years ago steelier line barack obama backer suggested put a skirt on a quarterback if you continue want him to get hit. well harrison has another proposal. >> i don't want to step on nobody's foot or you hurt their toe i want to tackle them softly on the ground and lay a pillow down where i will tackle them so they don't hit the
9:57 pm
ground too hard. commissioner. >>reporter: nights delivery. media day always a bunch of goofiness. own video and this hair to the beard. i don't know what to make of this guy. i know my career heads in that direction it's pretty much we are calling it a night. here's sol of the best and worst for media day. nasty right there. >> how many kids do brad and angelina have. >> are you adopted. >> i don't want reality tv. do you believe in love after love? there we go. has cher, right? i can go to sleep. about. >> that is media day right there. good thing cowboy stadium has a roof on it because the weather in dallas this week is just brutal. freezing temperatures will continue through thursday.
9:58 pm
traffic and weather together any way on tv 20. welcome to the frozen tundra of texas. >> not a fan, man. come from a snowy cold mraichlts i thought i would be down here experiencing some sun. but obviously that's not the case. but thank god we play inside a dome. >> i guess still warmer than pittsburgh so we'll take it but we were hoping for at least 60's, you know, to be able to walk in and out a jacket or something. no it doesn't affect us at all. >> i'm not liking it. i thought texas was hot. you know. we have sun out here humidity. >>reporter: it will be warm and toasty inside for the gametime. other news chuck returned to the raider coaching staff. question now is for what job. he served as raiders defensive coordinator for 4 seasons 1999 to 2002. raiders won the west in 3 of thoses year wept to one superbowl a well but up clear if chuck is coming back as just assistant coach or whether he will run the defense. nfl hasn't had a
9:59 pm
team in la since 95 but maybe back in the country second largest television market soon. who is who of la sports stars were on hand today for news conference. farmer insurance reportedly ready to put down 700 million dollars for a new stadium to be built in downtown la organizers insist not a dime of taxpayer money will be necessary. now they need a team willing to move there. speaking of la warriors guard is there as part of rookie challenge best ridiculousie against best second year player. all star game is coming up in two and a half about weeks. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. this is larry, spencer, all of us thank you for watching. pressure time and hope to see you in one hour over onhahahahal pressure time and hope to see you in one hour over onhahahahal 7. goodbye


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