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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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 >> and then it really shook here. we are live. floors tremble. and the rocks are
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falling down. >>reporter: huge earthquake hits new zealand. there
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today's tumble that was centered right beneath the city. >> it was a large earthquake that occurred right beneath the populated city and it was shallow. the depth was 3 to 5 miles. magnitude 6.3 more than enough to give a good shake. and the city of christ church has lots of mace near buildings which are quite vulnerable. so this was a disaster waiting to happen. vulnerable older city with an earthquake right below it. couldn't get any worse to tell the truth. >>reporter: this is the sixth large after shock to hit new zealand following the 7.1 earthquake in september. there have been no official numbers regarding injuries or deaths. only that there have been reports of multiple fatality. the mayor caiingt church said quote make no mistake, this is going to be a very black day for this shaken city. in the news room, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. >> now former abc 7 news reporter noel is in new zealan
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zealand. and joins us live on the telephone now to tell us what is has gone. we see some really tear faiing pictures of serious serious catastrophic damage there. fill in a few details for us. howed about across christ church. >> what people are calling is that christ church resemble a war zone. fires burning. smoke in the air. one 17 story high-rise with a collapsed stairwell that has trapped people inside of it. some of those folks have made their way up on to the roof where they are awaiting helicopter rescue. there are 30 people trapped in another building. there's one building collapsed. and that rubble is burning. at least 2 of the multi-story hotels here have collapsed earlier in the day you could hear people screaming from inside the building for rescue. power has been knocked out to 100,000 people. broken water main and streets flooded some of the roads around christ church are impassable even though they have asked people to the leave the central city area. of
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course gas has been cut off there. what we are seeing here is that people in new zealand now are congregating or in christ church are congregating in the open fields and the park trying to avoid the structures. because they are very familiar with after shock here not just the big ones but there have been thousands of smaller after shocks since that september 1st earthquake which did billions of dollars of damage to christ church. listen to this dan. it did so much damage that they had caiingt church 168,000 claims against property were served and the prime minister only said that they believe that this one will be worse. >> item really unbelievable noel. let me ask you this. sometimes you know when you see news camera on the scene and you see specific areas damaged if you give the im prosecute he goes that a larger area has been damaged or wiped out. give us a sense of the scope? how much of christ church are
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you hearing or how many buildings have been affected? how big a disaster is this? >>reporter: well from the aerial that i can see by watching the local news here, very sharplyes seem to be within downtown christ church and that immediate area. this earthquake was only 5 kilometer below the surface so though it was shorter and notes a strong on the richter scale as earlier one this sent up more dramatic shock wave into the city. i think the thing that is especially alarming for people who leif here is that it is not just the old miss onary building that will get damp but a lot of the new building that you would assume would have many more protection again earthquake an they are either slumped or pan cake and i think that's what is alarming for the folks in new zealand is all the people that we see flooding out into the parks to spend the night tarp up, it is summertime
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here so it is nice and warm but by notice that 10 minutes ago it just started raining here in new zealand and that's expected to continue throughout the night. m coylt church very much in the throw of active search and rescue effort. >>reporter: that won't help obviously. let's talk a little bit about the you mention the building codes and that is cause for concern here because in california our building codes are state of the art. but earthquake that is this shallow right beneath the city is going to cause damage no matter what the building codes are i would suspect. >> indeed. >>reporter: how well prepared is this city beyond building codes in terms of emergency response? do they have a person el they need to handle this sort of thing. >> well, we have accepted international request, offers came in after earthquake this afternoon which was just about 4 hours ago. so there are australia search and rescue teams that are on their way here. because of the time of day that this happened at 1:00
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o'clock in the afternoon approximately there are still they still node do quite a bit to do the search and rescue. every ambulance in town has been command dear. you can see people just running in with ladders and truck. like you see in the really huge earthquake typically in a third world country where people would all volunteer. new zealand is very much a first world country that has an active search and rescue effort and they did have quite an opportunity, if you will, to test that out with the earthquake they had in september. so many of the systems are still in place and have been fine-tuneed because of the previous earthquake. >> all right good. no el i have 10 seconds. i necessity there's famous church i can't remember the name of it now in the downtown area. tell us what you have heard about the church. >>reporter: item cathedral in christ church. most famous in new zealand. entire front steeple has fallen off and the dean of the cathedral says he believes there were people inside during the earthquake but it is not known what has
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happened to them. that's still part of the search and rest kichlt okay. we'll hear many more of the stories in the days ahead. >> noel in new zealand former abc 7 news reporter and noel take care of yourself. great to talk with you my friend as always. she lives there now. thank you for coming on and telling us what is happening. >> good evening to you dab is that we'll talk in the next few days thank jew now to libya where it's the political situation that is unstable. violence there is intensifying and gadhafi regime appears to be crumbling. state department has ordered all non-essential diplomat and embassy family members to leave the country. many european country also evacuating citizens. us a try a-serbia and portugal are sending planes to retrieve their citizens. turkey sent ferry. gadhafi was on state television and insist he is still in power. secretary of state hillary clinton is calling on gadhafi to stop what she calls the unacceptable blood shed. this ace regional refuse lugs however. take a look at the map. protest
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crossed the arab world now from morocco to iran. government have fallen in tu neetion and egypt. will libya be next. latest from jeffrey kaufman. >>reporter: libya is burning. rage against tyranny of gadhafi is sweeping the country. people who have lived in fear for 4 decades are taking to the streets demanding he go. gadhafi is not going without a fight. he ordered soldiers to shoot to kill and they are. fichlt oh, my god. they are shooting the civilian. they have gone crazy here. >>reporter: with borders closed telephone and internet shut down, it is impossible to get accurate information. we do know that hundreds have been killed. many mowed down by machine gun while attending funeral of those who died in the uprising. if. >> large caliber bullet. heavy
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machine gun. helicopters using anti-aircraft. >>reporter: today signs that ka davis losings his iron grip. 2 lybian air force pilot landed the planes in nearby malt a and requested asylum after revving order to fire on their own people. there are other defection including key members of his inner circle and some of libya top diplomat including the deputy ambassador to the un. gadhafi is nowhere to be seen but did he have a phone conversation today with the un secretary general who urged him to pull back the arm army. last night rambling address to the nation his son tried to blame the uprising on islamic radical. he warned there will be a war. we will fight to the last man woman and bullet he said. mounting evidence shows gadhafi war is being fueled by higher guns. soldiers from neighbor organize african country being paid to4÷
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kill. >> you can hear them faring the guns in the land cruiser. don't care who they hit. just lacking for a target. >>reporter: where the arab revolution began more than a month ago first flight libya landed late tonight. those who arrived had stories of horror. 3 to 6 in the morning the shooting did not stop. i could not sleep. as we have noted communication with libya is extremely difficult. we are hearing reports from capitol tripoli of major show down brewing between the people and the military loyal to gadhafi. violence on a scale not seen since revolution began in the arab world more than a month ago. this is abc news. >> all right. we move on new to the weather. it is going to be very cold around here. spencer is here with a chilly forecast for tonight spencer. >> you are absolutely right. we can't say it enough. quite cold. let me give you a look
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at live doppler because it's pull away from the bay area so with the sky clearing and clouds and moisture departing temperatures are falling. right now at this hour 37 degrees in fairfield already. 40 at napa and santa rosa. temperatures in los gatos, temperatures drop rat sharply. we have overnight low that may than in the record setting range. for example low of 28 degrees. if that occurs it's a record low for tomorrow date. napa and santa rosa will have 29. 33 at liver movrment you have the picture. when i come back later show you how cold it is going to be where you are and take a look at more snow coming in the week end. >> on that subject. spencer thanks very much. see you later on in the hour. >> sierra more than 8 feet of snow over the weekend. terrific for skeevrments elevation by the way as lows a 1500 feet. all of this snow fall may have stopped but left men on the ground in tahoe and around here. this is what it looked like top mount hamilton. sky 7 flying around. here's a lock from mountain diablo where people came out to play in the
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snow. wayne spent the day on mount tamalpiais in marin. >> nobody will mistake this for the high sierra but the past 3 day decent imitation. >> not all gone just almost gone. but after three days more snow remains on the mountain and amount might fall in several winter. three inches piled up last friday. and enough is stlil to lure people from the city far below just keep the experience in proper perspective. >> well at least pel has hair and he's big by marin county standard. >>reporter: how do you spell face plant. >> spell face plant. >> yes. >>reporter: such injuries were possible but certainly not numerous on this day. nor were they a matter for much concern and this kid has an arm. >> he's a baseball player. >>reporter: mario a school
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teacher from san francisco one of many who had a snow ball fight this afternoon. ever wonder why human feel a need to engage in combat? >> everybody wants to if they work in different way some with book or their hand. snow bal balls. >>reporter: yes even little snow balls. because in these parts a little bit of snow is a lot. >> any snow is better than. >> no snow. >>reporter: at bit of snow goes a long wait a minute that's mount tamalpiais over my shoulder. strange mix of people out there today. first the people playing in the snow and then people riding on bike bikes. in shorts. then there were people hiking. it was full, full marin county enchilada up there. any way good time. everybody had a good time. in fact we saw one or 2 pick up troubling coming down the road today with snow pile in back. see how long that snow lasts. for mount ta
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tamal pichlts abc 7 news. >> all right thanks wayne. from the snow to the surf. wipe out maverick world class wave riding contest won't take place this year not only the surfers bumped. >> oakland supermarket robbers targeting elderly women. find out how. >> the vehicle now being built in the east bay that is desitined for one of the last in the east bay that is desitined for one of the last unex
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>> important warning tonight for people who shop in one oakland neighborhood. at least half dozen shoppers have been targeted all leaving the safeway store on redwood road just off highway 13. now these armed robbery follow the victim follow the victims home accos accosting them either in the garage or driveway as they are
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unloading their grocery bags. as we explain, the victims have the same things in xhochbility they are women. older. and they are targets. >> it has happened 6 times in the past month. oakland police say the m o is the same in just about every case. the victims are almost all older women leaving this redwood road safeway in the oakland hills. suspects follow the women home and then rob them at gun point in their own driveways. >> citizens need to be aware that this is something that is happening at grocery stores. so any grocery store that someone is snoping they need to be very vigilant and very aware when getting in the car. >>reporter: city council woman represents the neighborhood hear on the city council. here's how the crime usually works. man in the store parking lot pretends to talk on cell phone. when he spots a victim he gets into a white suv and he and a driver follow the woman home. usually quiet neighborhood frequent shoppers say they had no idea.
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>> you are in the saying from this particular store. is that right? my god my husband is going to really be upset now. it will just change my hand it 5 to kilometer out at night. bring my older son with me. >>reporter: polices have increased patrols and set up undercover surveillance in the area. and they now have a strong lead. woman was robbed on february 8 after leaving the safeway. neighbor surveillance camera captured the incident and police now have an arrest warrant for one of the suspect suspects. >> but we have not been able to actually apprehend this person but we are working round the chalk to do so. >>reporter: crimes usually happening in the late afternoon or early evening hours and the robbers are not going inside the victim homes but they are getting away with the purses in many cases. that white suv that they may be driving police say it has very distinctive rack on the top of the vehicle. as for safeway spokesman for the company told us this is the first time safeway heard about the robbery but it takes the
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safety of the customers very seriously. reporting in oakland, abc 7 news. >> all right we spoke about the weather few minute ago. cold outside tonight after several days of rain and snow around the bay area. spencer back with full forecast let us know what is ahead next 7 days. >> more of the same lies ahead. very cold weather. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. precipitation just offshore and pull well to the south and south west. skies clearing and temperatures are dropping and we continue to do so overnight. 37 degrees right now already in fairfield. 40 in santa ros rosa. nap a.los gatos. temperatures in the low 40's many other locations so we know did you tell sea low in the 30's and some spot in the 20's tonight. freezing cold night frost in the valley. next couple nights more than a couple nights as a matter of fact. sunny the next two days and low snow level at the end of the week much like last friday perhaps even lower. satellite radar composite image show the storm system offshore diving south ward that's why it is pulling the clouds and moisture away and making room
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for the advance of cold air. so if that happens follow the time line tonight. see temperatures plummeting. clea clear. cold. here's sampling of low pressure overnight. 28 in napa which tomorrow morning would be a record for tomorrow record low. 29 at santa rosa. 31 at clover dale an low to mid 30's in many other location. the only place we are expecting to remain in the 40's is san francisco which we have a low around 41 degrees. about animate the maps and take you through the next couple days the storm system advance from the pacific northwest and see precipitation spreading on thursday and into friday and by friday night overnight into saturday we see very slow snow level as lows as 1,000 feet or even lower which means we are looking at sort of repeat of what happened last friday. now tomorrow in the afternoon we see sunny skies. high pressure in the south bay. in the mid 50's inching up to with 56, 57 degrees. similar range on the peninsula and mid 50's on the coast as well. san francisco high of 55 downtown. 54 in the
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sun set district. north bay high mid to upper 50's we may see readings as high as 58 at santa rosa and calistoga nearest bay high mid 50's up to about 57 in oakland casts to valley fremont and inland valley of the east bay mid 50's as well perhaps up to about 57 at concord danville and pleasanton and monterey bay mid 50's around the bay manufacturing up into the upper 50's farther inland gilroy and is a leans as. accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 sunny days ahead. tuesday and wednesday but bear in mind very chilly mornings with temperatures low dropping natural 20's in some spots. rain arrives on thursday. showers and rain on friday. turning to snow overnight friday night into saturday morning. high pressure friday and sat. daytime high only in the mid to upper 40's. so it is going to be very, very chilly day and nature then finally temperatures start to moderate on sunday and warm back up pumper 50's by monday. >> okay. >> wind free weather coming up. >> thank you spencer very much.
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>> it seems nothing is making waves along the bay and that means this year maverick surf contest likely to be a wipe out. next why my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. ♪ [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. i'm in pain... that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds.
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>> tonight there is fading hope that the big mavericks surf contest is going to happen this month off half moon bay. organizers blame the lack of good waves on la nina the weather phenomenon which is colder than usual water off the coast of perus as david reports there is plenty of disappointment now along the san mateo county coast line. >>reporter: mother nature hasn't created the as well as needed for a world class surf competition this winter. water so flat that there isn't a surfer in sight. so mavericks isn't going to happen this year. >> it's a shame. that it is not happening. we have to wait
9:26 pm
another year. too bad. >>reporter: far cry from last winter when pacific storms proud several opportunities. >> last season we did, we voted 4 different times. there were so many different as well as coming through. so many great days that the guys had to surf that we actually voted 4 different times and further time proud fan takes ick event. this year we haven't voted once. >>reporter: those conditions produce a rogue wave that injured many and they are barred from the shore. those plans turn into a wipe out with this year and la nina the water is colder so we don't get as many of those giant storms like we did last year. >>reporter: small shops and restaurant near the contest site are equally disappoint th the. they will lose the wave of business created by the spectators. >> closely 2000 people with breakfast and lunch and coffee. >>reporter: that's a lot of money. >> it is a lieutenant of money. >>reporter: permit expires
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next monday. it can't be extended. >> there is going to be some mainly construction going on in the harbor area so they were concerned that having the event at the same time the construction was going on would just be really difficult and complicated. >>reporter: loss of mavericks this year means the parking lo lot, the stores and restaurants won't be as full as they might be. the and that has a serious consequence. the university of hawaii says the mavericks has economic impact of 24 million dollars. at pillar point, abc 7 news. >> when vl 7 news at 9 continues tonight. hard times at landmark san francisco hote hotel. fairmont wants the city to do or else. >> what may be the next privacy frontier. should employers be allowed to ask for your face book user name? and passport? fichlt few week ago less than 30 dollars now im up to 40 dollars. >>reporter: may not end there. gas prices going nowhere but up. find out why. one bay area city now boast the highest
9:28 pm
praises in the country. area city now boast the highest praises in the country. 
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>> good evening once again. want to begin the half hour by up indicating top story. prime minister in new zealand just confirmed 65 people have died from magnitude 6.3 earthquake in christ church country second largest city, 3 50,000 population. quake toppled buildings, buckled roads and trapped people. all international flights from new zealand have been suspended. some of the building may have been weakened by a magnitude 7.1 quake that hit there last september. well moving on now. we want to talk about one of the city most venerable hotel and
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it's struggling. far away from the cop convention action down south of market and tonight the fairmont is making a last ditch effort the try to stay alive. carolyn explains how. >>reporter: one of the most famous hotels in san francisco. but fame doesn't necessarily equal fortune. the owners of the century old fairmont are threatening to sell unless the city allows them to convert part of the building into condominium as part of a 130 million dollar renovation project. >> the revenue that we will generate from this sales of the residences will provide us with the capitol to reinvest in the historic building. >>reporter: but city policy allowing some hotel rooms to convert to condos expired last fall. seemingly dooming the project. but now the owners are pressuring the district supervisor david chu to help carve out a special exception for them. he seems skeptical.
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>> there has been a lot of controversy over this project. there are a lot of neighbors who think that this is not particularly appropriate. there are likely hundreds of hotel workers that would be out of a job. >>reporter: the fairmont owners say more jobs will be created if the project can get the go ahead. environmental impact report came before the city planning commission back in october and stalled on tie vote just as conversion policy expired. mike is a planning commissioner. >> i think everyone wins if we are able to work out something that satisfy the concerns of the neighbors of labor of the hotel. >>reporter: these are challenging times for other knob hill hotel as well. the mark hopkins and huntington court are up for sale and owners of the fairmont say that could be their fate as well. >> after going through this exercise if we aren't able to could this we most likely will put the hotel up for sale. >>reporter: latest strategy
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with glossy fliers aimed at the voters may not work. >> i respond to facts and figures not to political propaganda. >>reporter: you know whenever you talk about the fairmont people always ask what about the tonga room polynesian inspired tiki bar. what we are told is whatever happens to the fairmont the tonga room will be sold to another hotel and kept intact. in san francisco, abc 7 news. some call it a frightening and illegal invasion of privac privacy. employers are now asking job applicants ready to turn over their social network log in and their pass words as part of routine background checks. now aclu filed a complaint against the maryland department of corrections after officer robert collins was forc to log in to his private facebook during an interview. >> you can't invade people's privacy. trample upon their rights just because about you
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are employee. it's illegal. >>reporter: collins had to sit there while the interview read his post but everything his family and friend have shared a well. collins said he had nothing to hide but that's not the point here. well in the mean time there is a brand new web service called socio-clean that scours your face book for free and flags content that employers could find offensive. half of all employers today use social network to screen job candidates and 35 percent don't hire someone because of what they find there. socio-clean looks for 5000 word and phrases that racial, profane drug or alcohol related and gives awe letter grade base on what it find. if you get failing grade socio-clean show you what to do to fix it promptly. earlier in the newscast we talked about libb yeah. uprising having an impact on the price of oil. very the of the country resources come to the u.s. s. most of it goes to europe. however anxiety
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over keeping libya oil flowing sent crude oil future up 6 percent. that is biggest one day jump in almost three years. at the pump the lund berg survey says san francisco now has nation highest practice price no surprise. 3.62 a gallon. according to triple a both san jose and oakland cross the 3.50 mark this past week. now those prices reflect a 3 percent increase in just a week at the pump. as don reports, san francisco does hold dubious distinction. >> hold on to the pump handle and your wallet. san francisco is now the most expensive city in the country for gasoline. 3.79 a gallon for regular at this station. prices are headed in one direction. for many that means a lifestyle change. >> probably try to drive a little less. probably transport. that's a good result. >>reporter: restored 1941 chevy low riding vehicle doesn't see much asphalt any more. >> i don't drive around as much
9:36 pm
as we used to because of gas prices because of san francisco and the meters and tickets are higher. >> i only work in the city so i don't really have the gas praises not affecting me. he commutes to silicon valley. >> i don't have a choice. >> he has to pay. >>reporter: he does car pool. yet business has been good at car dealers this president day weekend. people are still interested in suv. because psychological gasoline price barrier hasn't been hit yet. most not affected by the spike in gas prices yet. but one car dealer told me that when gas prices hit 4 dollars a gallon motorist rethink the prioritie priorities. driving less. using public transportation. or considering fuel efficient cars l. >> once i can afford a hybrid that's where i'm headed that's for sure. >>reporter: more drivers out of the cars and using bart or muni. >> i'm used to driving my car around. i have a focus which we leave it parked. i take muni and the cable car.
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>>reporter: you drive as much as you were. >> no. pishtion gas prices is that factor in your driving. >> certainly is. >>reporter: there is more to come. experts say instability in the middle east could lead to pump sticker shock. in san francisco, 7 news. >> more to bring you here this evening. urgent appeal from blood bank around the country. coming up next. bay area blood bank were open today on a holiday. >> will sad death of football star save lives and change the >> will sad death of football star save lives and change the sports. why he wanted
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>> in southern california the crash of a church bus has left one person dead and more than a dozen injured. the bus slid over a snow embankment after collide with 2 other vehicles in san bernardino county. several children got trapped in the bus that landed about 25 feet off the roadway then slammed into a power pole. the kids are members of pasadena base korean church coming home from a weekend retreat. american red cross broke tradition and opened on this holiday because it desperately needs blood. silicon valley blood donation center one of 4 red cross centers open in northern california today as part of a campaign called
9:41 pm
recovery 2011. severe weather across the nation meant that several people, many people stayed home so january donation were his at the lowest level in decades. today happened to be a holiday. figure there wouldn't be too many people working today but it was convenient for me to come in. >> it makes me feel like i'm doing something. what else can you do to save a life. i can't think of anything else i can could except give blood. >> american red cross says since january more than 750 blood drives have been cancelled because of bad weather. so tremendous need now. >> football world has been rocked by the sad death of former star. soup well winning safety dave due took his own life. former chicago bear convinced that despair he faced caused in part by the damage he suffered on the football field. and as we report he wanted other football players to think hard about the dangers they face. >>reporter: he was exceptiona
9:42 pm
exceptional. 4 time pro bowl safety. no. 22. 2 time superbowl champ. he was also exceptionally smart and kind. which is why they were shocked when last week the 50-year-old killed himself with a gun shot to the chest. text message to his ex-wife hours before. >> he told me he loved me. very much. and he was truly sorry and that he loved the kids and about that he felt he thinks there was something wrong with his brain on the left side and for me to please get it to the nchlt nfl. >>reporter: he asked his brain to be examined for chronic traumatic encephalitis a degenerative disease found in those with a history of concussions. >> football player are very high risk because they take about 1,000 hit to the head
9:43 pm
each fall at least 20 g which is like a small car crash so essentially your brain actually starts falling apart 10 or 20 years later start getting symptoms like memory problems and emotional problems and eventually lead to dimension eric's the family members say he started having vision problems and struggled with spelling and forming words. all star new of this and served on the board that ruled on retire player disability claims with the nfl. >> david was a very loving caring man and he always thought of others before he thought of himself. even in this moment by him wanting his brain to be examined and treated and so he could possibly help other football players in the future. >>reporter: abc news, new york. >> all right. let's move on. should be good skiing all week. spencer up next with the weather update for you. but first the subject marine now being built in the east bay sz.t will chart the course
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>> there is a ground breaking project under way to explore a place that no one has ever seen before. alameda robotic submarine built that will dive into the water beneath the ice
9:47 pm
in antarctica. cheryl with the drive to discould have one of the last unexplored frontier on our planet. watch this. >> sort of like going to the moon. somewhere where nobody has been. >>reporter: dr. ross from northern illinois university will be using this one of a kind robotic submarine on mission to antarctica. he wants to find out how fast the ice sheet is being melted by the ocean underneath and what is causing it to happen. >> if the ice is flowing faster in the ocean then it can lose mass more and raise sea level faster. >>reporter: the sub ice rover being built by d o er marine in alameda. dr. powell and dr. reed and team will use it to study the glacier ice where it meets sea water. under the floating ice shelf. they suspect the ice is melting from underneath it is warming
9:48 pm
atmosphere that is warming the ocean. it's the transfer of the heat that is in the atmosphere into the ocean. >>reporter: scientist don't know exactly how fast the ice sheet are melting. so dr. dr. powell wanted to find out by sending this robot submarine around 2500 feet unthe ice. but sub lake that didn't exist until now. >> here's what i want can you make it happen. >> they did it. engineers are extremely excited about it. real challenge for them. a and it's really been about three years in the making so far. >>reporter: it is 28 feet lon long. less than 2 feet in diameter. and weighs 2200 pounds. it will be sent down 30 inch wide ice bore hole into the ocean. >> when it enters the water below it has to unfold into the flight mowed and able to go around and take the different measurement, video and get the all the data set back to the surface. >> this is where all the fiber optic cable come out and go up
9:49 pm
to the surface to transfer all the data. >>reporter: getting the sub is another engineering fete. requires especially built giant hot water drill that look similar to this. >> what we do is gather the snow around. put it into the big melter and put it through steam heater and create very hot water and then we run it through some pump and then put it town through a rubber hose. >>reporter: it will take three days to make a hole for this. under the ice for around 10 daysment sending back information in real time. but before the sub rover goes to antarctica item tested in lake tahoe. this is a miniunder water robot with high definition camera and it is going to keep an eye on the 28 foot long machine that is does the work in lake tahoe and too deep and dangerous for divers. >> this will give us whole new picture because this is first time we actually get high definition video footage to see
9:50 pm
what we are doing. >>reporter: dr. gordon is an engineering geologist for the state of california. he and his team hope the sub will whether fault lines connect at tahoe to predict the magnitude of quake for public safety. d dr. powell says the sub ice rover work in antarctica could also provide life saving data about climate change. >> i have got 2 kids and i'm really concerned about what we are creating for them to deal with in the future. >>reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> pretty neat. funding for the sia comes from the national science foundation. well it feels a little lake antarctica around here. pretty cold. let's go back to spencer to update the forecast. >> all right. own version of arctic blast. showing you live doppler not because of is wha happening but not happening. precip taition is not happening because it is moving away from us as you can see down here to our south and our south west an as it moves away you can see
9:51 pm
the movement from our time lapse view from our high definition east bay camera in emeryville showing the clouds moving east and to the south and moving out of the bay area and clouds move away we have cold cold weather overnight. early tomorrow morning 8 ochblingt temperatures only in the low 40's in most location by midday low 50's. later in the day perhaps mid 50's mild and gets cold air settling in for awhile. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. next couple mornings low drop into the 20's and coldest inland location and sunny afternoon on tuesday wednesday and then rain arrives on thursday. and snow showers move into the bay area again on friday saturday. in fact high pressure friday saturday will reach only into the 40's. daytime highs. real winter chill. >> really. thanks expense near larry is here with all the sports tonight. what's going on. >> blockbuster deal in the nba. a lot of moving parts. denver new york new jersey carmello anthony saga is over. where is mellow going that's coming up.
9:52 pm
we know where the jints want to good. back to the world y we are fourteenth in line for take off.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. is. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. new war room that will track crime in real time and help san francisco police catch criminals. we show you how that works. >> breaking a barrier in major league baseball. oakland a's role in getting a woman to training camp. those stories and more coming up in an hour on abc 7 news over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. larry is here with all the sports. >> that young lady will pitch
9:55 pm
batting practice later this week. >> great opportunity. >> fun. this is going to be fun for the new york knicks. after months of rumors and posturing carmello got his wish. knicks finally got their man. he's going to new york. madison square garden. nugget and knicks agreed on blockbuster deal. 3 way deal. anthony trying to maneuver his way to new york ever since he turned down denver 3 year 65 million dollar offer. the knicks couldn't get lebron last summer. this is a pretty good plan b. p.e. averages 25 points per game and compared to stoudamire he gives the knicks 2 true superstar in the media capitol of the u.s. knicks will send wilson chandler, raymond, these players along with 2,000 14 first round draft pick and second pick in the lee deal all to the nugget. stay with me. knicks get carmello, all these and former warrior
9:56 pm
randolph goes to manipulate society in this 12 player l mega deal that could be official by tomorrow. he hope you got all that. on to baseball. about first full season in the league. the man we call buster turned that a star after being called up triple a last season helping the yaints to the world series crown. mike has more on kid who already seems like a veteran. >>reporter: buster had a dream season. world series title. rookie of the year but he's already put that behind him and looking forward to this year. >> i don't think you ever want to be complacent. really important to continue to work and try to get better all the time. great point today he said you either get better in the game going backwards no in between. make sure we are going the right way. >> manager can't say enough about buster first year in the big league. >> the job he did last year i lack back and really is
9:57 pm
incredible. take over the staff and hit where he did just go out there and do that this year. >>reporter: the giants pitching staff weren't sure about him when first brought u up. they soon learned the kid is money. >> guy were 22. just coming out of college. asked to come in not only hit third or fourth but catch some live arm like we have and good young talent. the guy crushed it. nailed it. he had my rookie of the year vote long before the casting came out. >> this is kind of your ball club a little bit as catcher. could you feel that way coming in. >> i think we have got several guys. whole group. great thing about this team with everybody jeans comes together and obviously catching. involved with a lot of the plays. with me and pitching staff we continue to try to build a relationship and get better and better and just keep working. >> highlight of his off season
9:58 pm
was returning to his hometown of lee, georgia with population of 300. you have a key to the city of your home toychbility i do key to the front door and back door i think. >>reporter: mike reporting. meanwhile over in phoenix a's camp quiet until godzilla has large group of media from japan that follows every move. he grew up in gentleman pap rooting for the bash brother a now they need him to be a bash brother providing some power in the middle of the line up. japanese press will accompany him during every single game. kind of attention the young a are not used to. >> interesting right now because i don't know what to expect. all the hoopla and the fanfare and media surround him. only help the organization get us in the spotlight a little bit whether here or over there. >>reporter: speaking of spotlight. alex met with the media in florida. he did talk some baseball but you knew he would be asked about being fed
9:59 pm
popcorn by his honey. cameron diaz. on national tv. >> anyone watch the superbowl? l have you gotten any popcorn endorse many. >> no popcorn endorsement yet but our lines are open. fichlt they talked about that. >> funny it was like a two second shot. but the whole world sees it. >> 2 seconds you slow it down in slow motion. >> yes. yes you can milk it. >> shot seen around the world. >> thank you very much guys. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9. here on tv 20 for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour over on abc 7. time. hope to see you again in one hour over on abc 7. goodbye for now. 


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