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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  March 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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 >> good evening. thanks for tuning in. sun may be shining but there is no let up in the problems for the recent rain. you can see from sky 7 hd mud slide in unincorporated santa clara county pushed over a power pole holding a transformer. snapping the wires in front of a home and starting a small fire. lisa is
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live in san jose with the story. lisa? >>reporter: that is really not the only problem on this private road off santa clara county. take a look behind me. front porch of this homeowner house obviously sink. cropped about 3 feet since last week. all 5 homeowners on this road are having major problems. so much water is accumulating and running down the hillside the road is giving way. this person driveway is crumbling. tremendous fell on the back of this house on thursday. and this sinking power line caused a small fire just this morning. in the middle of the road where you see the open trench, that's where all the utility lines meet. meaning gas power and water all the lines according to the rest dent here keep breaking. >> p.m. we have been out of ga gas, been out of electricity a couple times. and we have been out of water several times. fv
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movement of the earth. >> hillside is making the gas gas lines break. i have talked to pg&e and they said we just keep fixing them. i said well washington happens the next time i turn on my gas stove an blow my house sky thai high. they don't have an answer. >>reporter: that's exactly what the resident say they are facing. the run around. since this is a private road they have been told the county can't do anything to help. but tonight the santa clara county office of emergency services is intervening to at least assess the situation. fair crew and pg&e came back today to check if there is a current gas leak which they say there is not but the county is also trying to find a geologist or some kind of engineer to assess the damage here and also decide whether all the homes should be red tagged. live in santa clara county, abc 7 news. >> what a picture behind through lisa thank you. >> hercules city council tonight declared state of local emergency making it easy to get
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federal funding. now that a hillside sliding for more than 5 years is causing new problem problems. >> neighborhood across the street i think they are safe. for the neighborhood that is literally directly at the slide they are in jeopardy. >> in jeopardy that's the assessment of city engineer in describing the slide. city says the homes need to be taken out as precaution today work crew installed protective barrier in the street to keep those condemned homes back should the hill suddenly collapse. >> about 20 resident along a mountain red near morgan hill are stranded tonight by mud slide. slide covered both lanes of core road near the county pavrjt only a rough cut fire trail for evacuation as you can see. kind of in a remote area. county road crew have their hands full because the mud slide also have redwood in the roadway. tree cut and removed first before front loaders could begin to scrape up the mud as you see here. hillside continues to slide
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posing a threat to crew so only ape able to work during the daylight hours. >> we can't get enough staff to observe the side of the hill watch the water flow watch the tree movement watch what is going on. so we start in the morning work until it goes dark and then we start again today. >> trapped resident seem to be in pretty good spirit about the whole thing. we flew overhead today. waving hello. crew hope to have one lane open by tomorrow. >> some other news. scare for people in a peninsula neighborhood because of a mountain lion. big cat was hiding in someone's back yard. it was spotted this morning on whipple avenue in redwood city. fish game said it had no choice but to kill it. story tonight from lee ann. >> at 8:30 this morning redwood city police knock on wally and sherry oliver door looking for of all things a mountain lion. >> they ask if they can go in the back as part of the search and they found it between, we
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have 2 fences in the back about l 2 feet of room between them and they had gotten hit gotten in 30. mountain lion a female was trapped between the 2 fences after previously jumping from one house to the next. the oliver stayed in their home but see the animal from 20 feet away. >> all i could see was this also, big face coming between a couple of slats in the fence and l. >>reporter: according to spokesperson if fish game because of the slats it was impossible to get a clear shot using the tranquilizer gun fichlt we don't have an accurate shot mountain lion could many get out, angry, it was already hissing at the homeowner and people in the back. >>reporter: redwood city police did not want to risk the safety of the people in this community. >> we have got hospital that is just up the road from us here. small park that is located up there. we have alameda tm major thursday fair through redwood city.
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>>reporter: at 11:00 a.m. fish game decided there was no other option but to shoot the animal. him if it was then taken away by fish and game. >> weighed over 100 pounds he thought. picked it up and put it in the bag. it was a big cat. >>reporter: again the mountain lion taken by fish and game and will be examined. in redwood city, abc 7 news. until san francisco the bomb squad detonated suspicious package left near the civic center today. p.m. p.m. just before 11 this morning a man stopped in front of a store at polk and golden gate avenue and told an employee he had a bomb in his backpack. he then placed it on the sidewalk and walked away. the bomb squad detonated the package. they later determined no bomb was inside. police arrested the man 45-year-old garfield smith on 3 felony counts including making terrorist threats. now this happened just blocks from
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the barry bonds trial no connection to the trial at all apparently but today professional baseball pwlirs admitted using illegal steroids took the stand. as heather explains, jason and jeremy l told their story about getting undetectable steroids from bonds trainer. >>reporter: former major league baseball players jason and younger brother jeremy testified in the bonds perjury trial today recounting much of what they have already told 2003 grand jury. they were already using steroids when jason met bonds former trainer greg anderson in 2002. but with major league baseball new drug testing survey on the horizon, anderson offered them an undetectable alternative. jason testified anderson told him the designer stared we know as clear and the cream had steroids like properties. and jeremy said app ter son told him they were alternative undetectable stared. testimony seems to support bond claim he never knowingly took anabolic
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steroids. but former giant marvin said anderson described them as simply undetectable steroids. also today quest lab director sample testified about the testing process for 2003 bonds urine sample that at first tested negative and later positive when anti-doping lab decoded the stared thg. and former giants head trainer stan conte testified about physical changes he observed in bonds that former expert witness have linked to stared use. kopt also described a conversation in his office just after the raid on anderson house. conte said bond told him he didn't know anything about the steroids and that greg was only selling the steroids to help his kid. former san francisco chronicle reporter lance williams co-author the book game of shadow about the stared investigation leading to bonds indictment. >> i had never heard that bonds had acknowledged that greg anderson was selling steroids. that's interesting. l it
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probably doesn't the case doesn't rise or fall on it but it was a little detail that was new to me. >>reporter: williams is covering the trial and has long been a thorn in bonds side. today i happen to be leaving the courtroom at lunch time next to williams and suddenly bonds entered the hall which right in front of us. had come out of a different door. when bonds caught sight of williams behind him bonds actually looked at this reporter and said lance williams is always running away from me. mumble mumble something face-to-face then turned and kept walking. williams didn't rae respond and later told me he hadn't heard bonds comment. the trial continues tomorrow probably with marvin bernard back on the stand. in san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. >> many across the bay where today another group of police officers in oakland got camera to wear on the uniform. the department insist those camera will protect officers and people that they stop. as cecelia reports, not everyone
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is convinced those electronic eyes capture everything they should. >> it was a typical stop for oakland police. man wanted for robbery. but this time it was all caught on camera. from the arrest. >> wow! >>reporter: to the complaints that follow. officer lynn says having the tiny camera clipped to the uniform is definitely a good thing. >> this day and age, yes. down load video. send it to internal affair. review the video and determine any misconduct was there. >>reporter: but department still recovering from the l rioter scandal where officers accused of planting drug on suspect police say the camera offer protection for officers and the people they contact. >> the other day i face p.m. with more transparency and hopefully drive down citizen complaint and the number of complaints our supervisor have to investigate. >>reporter: city police review board received 96 complaints against the department in 2009.
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74 percent were unfounded or exonerated. last year there were 81 complaints. it is not yet known how many were valid. >> those numbers cover just about 10% of all the complaints filed against o pd. after the rioter case internal affairs investigates every single complaint filed against the department even those that appear baseless from the start. >>reporter: one new camera mounted unthe cuszer caught the stolen car chase through the fruitvale contradict. when the suspect crashes and officer chases the camera stay ins the car and what happens next is never shown. that concerns critic like attorney john burris. >> that's where the improper contact occurs so if you don't record that particular event then the conduct videocamera has marginal relevance. >>reporter: most of the time the system works but admit it's not foolproof n.oakland, abc 7 news. pl it ace busy tuesday
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night. there is much more ahead for you coming up in sacramento. why lawmakers have given up training to reach a budget agreement in time for state wide tax vote. plus the costly penalty that you are facing for violating california hands free law. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. warm-up possibly of record proportions coming our wait a minute i have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> l reigning in your pet san jose restricting dog owner to leashes that are just 6 feet
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>> governor brown plan to call for special june election to deal with the budget is dead. governor wanted voters to decide whether to allow a
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temporary extension of several taxes but he announced tonight that he's calling off talk with republican lawmakers. senate president stein berg says it ended when the republicans released a list of demands. 53 major policy changes. >> you look at the list here. i mean it is unbelievable list of 53 things. including restoring funding for the state fairs. >> the main point that the republicans are looking for and the path to bust the tax on the ballot was spending cap. and pension rae form. >>reporter: so the development leaves no solution for dealing with a 15.4 billion dollar deficit. brown said quote each and every republican legislative spoken to believes that voters should not have this right to vote unless i agree to an ever-changing list of collateral demands. governor brown did not say what he plans to do next. staying with the business in sacramento cost of talking on your cell phone or texting while you drive is likely going
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up soon. state lawmakers are considering a bill more than double the fine for first offense. story tonight from capitol correspondent annette in sacramento. >> i see people all the time on the phone and i'm like oh, wow! >> even though the hands free device has been around for more than three years californians are still breaking the law. calling even texting on the hand held device while behind the wheel. >> probably 60 or 70% of californians are complying. that means that there is another 30 or 40 percent of the folks out there who could do a better job. >> state senator joe who wrote the original hands free law hopes stiffer fines finally get people to change what he calls a dangerous habit. the fine now for the first offense is 20 dollars. but with court fees the ticket averages 208 dollars. under senator bill it's 50 dollars which ends up being about 3 28 dollars. subsequent offenses are currently 50 dollars but would double to 100 dollars. the
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fine balloons to more than 500 dollars when you add in all the extra fees. >> the city and state attorney rate now but they have to look out for us also. to me just seams like it's too much. >> good thing to have a law against it. but i don't think about this is beyond the means will solve it. >>reporter: senator says all californians have to do is use a hands free device to avoid the fine. he says chp numbers show collisions when cell phone a factor have declined and want the trend to continue. but other studies including one by the insurance institute for highway safety found noerence. >> report show very conclusively very clearly that the law has absolutely no effect on safety. it doesn't matter whether it is hands 43 or hands on. it's the actual discussion that is the distraction. >>reporter: senator proposal would add a point to violent or driving record after the first offense and those smaller fines without the court fee would be
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aplayed to buy circumstance caught using a hand held cell phone while on the bicycle. in sacramento, abc 7 news. san jose city council approved ordinance requiring dog owners to keep the pets on shorter leashes in city parks. new law would prohibit any leash longer than 6 feet. current length allowed for city trail and park is 20 feet. first time violators would get a warning. second violation could result in a 100 dollar citation. this ordinance comes in response to a 2009 accident when a woman died after tripping on a long leash. >> let's go talk to spencer christian. forecaster could not look better. beautiful weather. >> great weather coming our wa way. started yesterday actually. >> spring fever. i feel in it. >> me too. i have the fever. warmer and warmer. live view from the high definition sutro camera. looking out over san francisco on clear and beautiful and mild evening
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around the bay area. just lovely nice walking weather. nasty talking weather and i'm walking & as i'm talking. look at our current temperature readings. 61 degrees in antioch. still pretty mild over in the eastern part of our viewing area. 59 at con kovrmentd mid upper 50's in most other location. 59 redwood city and peninsula pretty mild weather writ now. highlights warming trend for the next two days. record high pressure for these dates are possible and cooler weather starting on friday. but not dramatically cooler. satellite radar composite image shows a little bit of precipitation on the northern coast of state of california. but if you draw lanes south of the rainfall everything south of the line is dray and that's where we are south of that line and we stay dry for quite a while. put the map in motion and see forecast animation continues through wednesday and into thursday high pressure will build in to control our weather for the next couple days. warm weather here. warmest location. high pressure next couple days in the 80's and we may see some record high for the dates of
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march 30 and 31st. low pressure tonight on the mild side. low 50's right around the bay and near the coast even the coolest spots see low drop only in the mid 40's upper 40's to low 50's will be the rule all around the bay area. let advance to tomorrow lack at how mild it is starting in the south bay high pressure up to 70 degrees in san jose. 79 at los gatos. almost 80 on the peninsula. mid 70's, 74 at red wad city. 75 palo alto and mountain view. mid 60's on the coast pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco high ranging from 61 66 up to 71 downtown up in the north bay a wider range of high 71 in sausalito. 76 at novato. 78 in petaluma. 80 in sonoma and 82 at santa rosa and if in fact santa rosa does reach 82 degrees tomorrow that tie the record high for santa rosa date. on the coast cooler and bodega bay 64. east bay high
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right smack in the mid 70's. 75 at oakland. san leandro, union city and newark 76 and fremont castro valley. inland east bay will be just a tad warmer up to 79 at antioch. 78 walnut creek. 80 at concord. danville and brentwood and near monterey bay look for high in the upper 70's at santa cruz and watsonville and inland at holster and gilroy, 80 91 degrees in here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast nice warm possibly record setting weather tomorrow and thursday. friday still mild but bit cooler with high reaching in the upper 70's inland. slit chance of showers on saturday. not a big rainstorm. breezy over the weekend then milder again on monday tuesday with high coming back into the 70's. beautiful weather ahead. >> nothing to complain about there. >> absolutely not. >> thanks very much. >> coming up. the supreme court takes up wal-mart case. discrimination suit of historic proportion that may be decided by the numbers. >> president obama and health care. one aspect of the law that experts say will come back
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to haunt the president's reelection. >> and children coloring books. they look like crayon marks. unless you know what you are they look like crayon marks. unless you know what you are looking for
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>> u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in the largest employment discrimination lawsuit in american history. >>s to dozens of people rally in washington in support of the suit against wal-mart. supreme court will decide if the case against wal-mart can continue as class action lawsuit. class action would give, would represent as many as 1.5 million female workers. bay point resident christine is one of the plaintiffs. >> wal-mart may be a big company. that is no doubt. but they are not big enough to
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where they can't be challenged in a court of law. if you do wrong you should be held accountable. >>reporter: wal-mart denies discriminating against women. supreme court is expected to hand down its decision by late june. as democratic members of congress play up the affordable health care act, there are signs tonight that it might actually hurt the president with a constituency that was key to the campaign in 2008. political reporter mark matthews has the story of the least popular provision of the health care act. [applause]. >> dr. howard came to oakland to celebrate in. one year we have extended the promise of coverage to millions of people. >>reporter: house minority leader pelosi visited community health clinic south of market. >> it will not be repealed. it will not be repealed. but we have to protect various aspects of it in terms of the funding. >>reporter: in the face of republican opposition in congress democratic leaders and the obama administration are
9:26 pm
pushing the positive aspects of the health care law. there ace provision they rarely bring up unless asked. >> mandate is very important to the pevrts that we are talking about today and celebrating today and moving forward. >>reporter: individual mandate is the provision that requires everyone to have health insurance by 2014. if you don't have it, you will pay a fine. >> really? >> 750 dollars. >> wow! okay. >>reporter: most of the young people we talked with at berkeley didn't know about that provision. >> i have yet the read up on that. >>reporter: those who did. >> i personally don't like it. i think if people are able to afford their own health care they should not be required to buy health insurance. >> i'm forced to pay for this assistance which is inefficient and ineffective. >> i feel in like if they are making us buy health care if he wants that health care so bad it should be free realistically free. >>reporter: our analyst says that fits the polling. >> a lot of people right now who feel they are too healthy. they don't need it. they can't
9:27 pm
afford it. they don't have health insurance. >>reporter: add to that the fact that young people are struggling to find good jobs and it adds up to rest pe for defection from the obama camp. >> i would predict at this point that almost certainly he will get nothing like the support that he got last time. >>reporter: pelosi ups the challenge. this week when she came to the south of market clinic she brought a student from uc berkeley. >> i'm paula and i'm a graduating senior at the university of california berkeley bi-a year ago paula discovered she a rare form of bone cancer. >> i am prove it can happen without warning to anyone at any time. >>reporter: so i asked her about the polls and the students reaction and what it might mean to the obama campaign in 2012. >> i think my immediate response that it is up to me. it's up to young people like me to get the word out. >>reporter: she and the health care act supporters have uphill ballots. poll show now that more americans disapprove of the:00 affordable health care
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act. you can bet the republicans will be talk ago lot about that individual mandate and its requirements in the presidential campaigns kick off this summer. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. >> when we continues tonight. inside the danger zone in gentleman pachbility the one farmer who refuses to call it quits. >> plus the common fear in a small midwestern town. >> before would engulf you. choke you before you couldn't breathe. >> cancer. asthma. toxic that's no one seems to want to clean up. >> pl and the danger that follow as heavy snow fall as we have had recently. tahoe ski resort are guarding against avalanches. another half hour resort are guarding against avalwe are fourteenth in liner for takeoff.
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@/ >> good evening once again. start this half hour over seas. entire syrian cabinet stepped down in an attempt by the president to repel demand for democratic reform. demonstrators protesting for days. today tens of thousands of syrian gathered in a central square in support of the president. security forces opened fire in at least 6 other locations killing anti-government protestors. at least 61 people have been killed since march 18. that's incorporating to human rights watch. several development regarding libya tonight. rebel forces trying to bring down gadhafi have suffered a set back. gadhafi forces back with tank and missiles stage add counter attack that sent some rebels running. in the meantime britain and united states are said to be exploring plans to give weapons to
9:32 pm
anti-gadhafi rebels. this would be a major shift intact particulars. secretary of state hillary clinton says she believes un resolution allow for the legitimate transfer of arms to the rebels. now to the nuclear crisis in japan that's ongoing. there are concerns that the radioactive core in reactor no. 2 may have melted through the bottom of the containment vessel and on to the concrete floor below that's according to the london guard an. ge installed the unit at the plant and tonight the head of safety research for the company says plant workers appear to have lost the race to save the reactor. mean time abc on the lethal flaw tone um discovered in the soil near the crippled plant. >> it is a road block few have dared to cross. sign says danger and it is the edge of the restricted zone 20 kilometer or about 12 miles from the nuclear plant. japanese of venture to check open whether anyone refused to
9:33 pm
evacuate. they find a rice farmer about who seems to have ignored plea to leave and all common sense about the radiation filling the place. there aren't many goods available he says. there aren't many shops that are open. there are a lot of familiarers in the area though so we have vegetables. this he says is his neighbor's farm. the cow have been left on their own. in the street dogs left behind by their panic owners now roam aimlessly. how long will it last this man says? more people will die. more bad things will happen. this is going to get tougher. not far from here the assault on the reactor m full gear. help wanted sign for whether could be the most dangerous job on earth. 5000 dollars a day to be a front-line geiger counter operator. checking 80's for
9:34 pm
radiation ahead of clean up workers. today officials are grappling with a steady leak of radioactive water while also now acknowledging that highly dangerous plutonium has been found in soil near the reactor reactors. they say it could have only gotten here one way. as the result of finding plutonium and high density of radiated water it is clear the fuel has melted the official says. whatever happens with the rablingtor it's already mounting. the first fall out victim farmer who lives in the radiation zone and he said he couldn't take it any more. he took his own life. abc news, tokyo. new details are emerging about the grueling conditions that workers are facing in japan fukushima nuclear plant. each shift last three days and nights. workers sleep anywhere they condition find open space including stairwells. they get a 12 hour break before going back into the danger zone. the food rations are minimal. they
9:35 pm
clean themselves with wet wipes since they have a limited supply of fresh water. plant safety inspector reported details of the conditions to cnn. he says the workers are just exhausted. you can imagine that they are. from nuclear power in japan to coal power here. today on the hill a parade of americans asked for help saying big companies are dumping chemical destroying their town. even erin brockovich was there. one of the towns is in oklahoma. p we have the story. >> this lady that lives right here in this house has kearns. >>reporter: what if driving down your street felt like visiting patients in a cancer ward? >> lady that lives from that house right there passed away with kearns. >>reporter: so many family have been touched. resident say 20 homes in this neighborhood, 14 have 1 or more cancer >> it is very disheartening to have something like this in your back yard and not be sure.
9:36 pm
not be sure if you are sick. you done know if you are sick. don't know if your kids are safe. >>reporter: this is what resident are afraid of. coal ash. waste dumped by coal fired power plant. mound 6 stories high and rising. they count 80 truckloads a day. >> cloud of dust that one gulf you. it just choke you where you couldn't breathe. >>reporter: we met susan, evelyn and shirley who all lost close family to kearns. or suffering themselves. shirley has incurable lymphoma a. >> for me it's too late. but my children grandchildren i want them to be healthy you know. this the have to breathe what even breathing. >>reporter: hears another startling statistics. in the public school here teachers tell us more than half the students suffer from asthma. >> it is scary because you think that you might, like, start coughing or something and could possibly die. >>reporter: this is several years worth of coal ash dumping and in every handful is a toxic
9:37 pm
mix containing arsenic, mercury and lead and this the resident hear are convinced is in the air they breathe and the water they drink every day. linking exposure to specific disease is difficult to prove. epa has already concluded in a national study that if arsenic and other contaminant present in coal ash get into drinking water it can increase the cancer risk 20 to 2000 times. epa target. what about the water around here. twice the epa tested water flowing from the dump that near by streams and found toxic ordering the company to stop polluting the water. epa says they haven't complied. >> is it hazardous. >> sluchlt toxic. coal ash is poisonous. deadly. right now it is regulated lake household garbage. >>reporter: we went looking for the owner of the dumping site. company called if you can believe it making money having fun. mmhf. pvl
9:38 pm
resident hear can barely stomach. >> government comes on this operation and says this is a toxic waste, okay, what do we need to do? >> wilt be too late by then. >> but are you going to stop driving your car and stuff. >> there are risk that are tolerable and risk that are not tolerable. >> absolutely. so what is tolerable. who is going to june tolerable one and not tolerable. >>reporter: aes that dumps the ash said it is following the law as well. l coal industry disputes the health risk. back hear the children were president obama asking for his help. still waiting for an answer. >> i want our city health to wake up and go to school. >> if they decide no what happens to the town. >> we'll be covered up with l coal ash from now on. there will be more people dying. more younger people. more younger people dying. >>reporter: jim reporting from oklahoma. now last year the epa proposed calling it a hazardous waste site that would
9:39 pm
have required real safety measures but that stalled. agency now considering something much more lenient. they say they are trying to prosecute text human health in a cost effective way. now according to the natural resource defense council there are actually 42 disease cluster across 13 states. including california. here's a map from or ville and butte county to carlsbad in san diego county. breast cancer, pancreas kearns and birth defect prevalent in certain locations. researchers say there are more cancer cluster revealed in future studies. >> coming up next. avalanche danger in the high sierra. what the tahoe ski resort do to protect you from it. >> and why my feelings are hurt may be more than just a
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let's see you fly now! [ laughs ] look, more frequent flyer red tape. not on my watch. let that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family on vacation, but -- let me guess -- restrictions through the roof. that's right. not anymore. rapid rewards has your back. [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪ pa. >> neighbors in the east bay city of newark awoke to explosion at an oil refinery this morning. plant officials say equipment failure at the evergreen refinery caused oil leak and fire. about 5:00 a.m. . the fire melted a fiberglass tank containing hydrochloric acid which then spilled. hazardous material team came in to clean it up. second fire at the refinery in less than a year. it's also cited by the city 10 times since october for releases associated with leak
9:43 pm
acknowledge. cal/osha is investigating. >> snowboarder who thought he was going to die when he fell into a tree well recorded the entire accident and his rescue. he was getting video of runs at mount sthas last monday when tumbled under 6 feet of snow. he knew where he was but took him 20 minutes to reach his cell phone and to tell his wife to call the ski patrol. >> i'm stuck in a tremendous well. give them my phone number. is that are you serious. >> give them. >> where are you. >> give them my number. >> scared obviously understand pwlichlt the snow patrol arrived within half hour and dug him out. he then snowboarded down the mountain and he was on his way. >> late season snow storms brought a bounty to the sierra but also a danger to some lake tahoe ski resort. today laura
9:44 pm
went skiing with heavenly avalanche control team. experts who use explosives to bring down all of this snow safely. >> the sign says it all. on the way to heavenly canyon. home to some of the steepest terrain in north america. >> can be great skiing once we get danger taken out of it. >>reporter: as enticing as this is to expert skier with the thrill comes risk. >> slope angle is a big part of what is required for an after lavrm. >>reporter: they are part of heavenly avalanche control team. after the recent storm it is their job to bring down the snow on their terms. and in the canyon still some work to be done. with synthetic explosive that pack as punch of 2 sticks of dynamite. >> we hang them from a rope over the top to take the legs out so to speak. fire in the
9:45 pm
hole. >>reporter: on this day he's the one who lights the fuse. then moves away. when the canyon ties dangerous to ski the team will use a giant gun called an avalancheer. >> it holes compressed air. hold rocket and we can fire this off and reduce some of the risk before we send out the team was hand place charges. >>reporter: whatever the method the motive is to make sure heavenly is safe and stay safe. now that the ski patrol made it safe for skiers here, time to make some turns. be advised we are complete. mostly clear to open gates. >>reporter: at heavenly, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> apple and scalper coming up next. sky rocketing prices for the annual developer conference
9:46 pm
now that that event is sold out like a concert. >> and how smuggler are now like a concert. >> and how smuggler are now t>t?2g drugs in coloring books.
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9:48 pm
>> yesterday a veteran sheriff in southern new years says he has never seen anything like it. now these may look like ordinary scribbles. but the
9:49 pm
orange and yellow is actually a prescription drug called dissolved into a paste and painted on to the color book pages so inmates could lick the substance in order to get high. 5 people including 3 inmates are charged in this case. yesterday apple announced the date for the annual worldwide developer conference here in san francisco. it is june 6 through the tenth. the 1600 dollar ticket sold out in barely 12 hours. last year it took 8 days to sell out. now scalper are offering the tickets on craigslist and ebay. one ticket already up to 4600 dollars. nearly triple the sticker price. >> lets go back and update the forecast with spencer. that's a beatless reunion ticket or something. >> no sticker shock though with weather. this is free. look at some of the high pressures today. got up to 73 degrees today in santa rosa. and in
9:50 pm
santa cruz. 70 in her and nasty warm day and only warmer. tomorrow morning 8:00 o'clock. temperatures in. 50's already. pretty $1 million for 8:00 a.m. by noon low to mid 70's in the warmest location and late afternoon we look at mid to upper 70's in the warmest spots. may even see a kim record hay for tomorrow date. here the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 very warm day coming our way on wednesday and thursday. inland high in the low to mid 80's. friday consolidates down but mild inland. cooler on saturday with a slight chance of shower showers. still cool and breezy on sunday but warming up again on monday and tuesday with high pressure back in the 70's. spring has arrived. >> we love it too. >> we do indeed. >> thanks spencer. reason they call it a broken heart. looking at how people process pain researchers subjected volunteers to 2 tests. in one they were asked to relive past break ups. the other they were poked with a hot probe just warm enough to cause physical
9:51 pm
discomfort. in both tests the same area of the brain lit up. researchers speculate that people have evolve to feel pain at separation because way back when human were his on the area they needed to stay connected. being alone was dangerous. more a target for the tying ferry by yourself at all. that's why we evolve this way. >> is that why. >> evidently. how about the sharp stick hot stick you get poked with. >> yes. rae mind me of a friend. yes. yes. >> good story. forget about sports. >> no. no. had to go there? warriors go down to the wire in oklahoma city. about down 6 in the seconds left. have no fear monty is here. highlights the seconds left. have no fear monty is here. highlights next. 
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
is. >> coming up tonight at 11. more fall out from this month rain. emergency declaration throughout the bay area tonigh tonight. update you on those. why the animal rights group peta demanding that one san francisco neighborhood change its name. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry is here with won't hear the story but sports instead. >> sorry dan. sorry to disappoint you. maybe for my blog. yes on lin line. about warriors playing out 7 of the final 8 games in the play off teams. could go in the tank but you have to give about coach cechlt he kept them motivated fought into over
9:55 pm
time in oklahoma city. russell collide with the nose. lee foul called on him. he's the bloody one. to kevin. hammer counsel. ellis quickest player in the nba. west might be second. blow to the basket. kevin had 39. thunder up 13. were yours hang around. big night and had 35 here. the passing lane. this is why he was in the dunk contest this year. thunder by 9. more from curry. pump fake. another 3. 13 seconds left. warriors down 6. williams catch and shoot 3. got it. then cook. throws the ball away right to monty. excuse me.i'll drop this 3 in here. sudden will i game tied into over time. final seconds of o t. warriors down one. monty he takes it. not going to make it. many great game and nice come back by golden state but warriors fall 115-11
9:56 pm
115-114. you have to see this james back in cleveland second time this season since he bolted town in the off season. davis and cavaliers. from way downtown bang. they shock the heat. cavs up 11 at the half. win by 12. cleveland first double digit victory all year. 102-90 the final. as they send lebron away aloser despite a triple double from king james. women he let 8. britney and baylor had pwaent the league rival texas a&m three times this season. in the tonight. to the final 4 for the first time in school history. 58-46. they face vand veer and stanford on sunday. on to basketball. wilson threw 25 pitches in scottsdale today. said he was pain free. but the giants are taking no chances with that strained oblique. wilson will start the season on the disabled list. giants open the season thursday in la. game 2 bay bridge series in
9:57 pm
oakland tonight. henderson. fantastic oakland a on hand. pl double down the right field line. scores pat burl 1 nothing jichbilitys 1 for 3 tonight. goes down swinging in the fourth. giants decide tomorrow if belt on the opening day roster. pablo doesn't make this play last year. dives into foul ground. throws out curt and mark says i got the ball. i got it. he's out. barry wow! big hook. 5 and 2 third. allow one run. l strike out victim. pl taking michael worth out of here. 4-1 giants is the final. they have taken the first 2 games of the bay bridge series. finale come up tomorrow afternoon at at&t park. with matsui on the roster the a have huge connection with sky pan. raised more than 50,000 dollars to help with relief effort there following the earthquake and tsunami. mat sigh donated more than 600,000 and team this
9:58 pm
weekend they donate 1 dollar for every ticket sold sunday game with the mariner to aid in the relief efforts. matsui doesn't speak a lot of english especially not with the immediate yeah. apparently he does in the clubhouse. he if it in very well with his oakland team mates. >> yes. he brings a lieutenant to the table. he's pretty funny too when he gets going. it will be fun all year playing with him and i think he add as lot to the line up. >> foul ball t.emergency. emt the. makes the catch. couple high 5. who needs a glv when you have a trained professional in the stands there. bare handed grab. like it. like it. and you have to listen to this clip. from the euro league in between real madrid and the oscar insane. loses his voice. even if you don't understand any spairn. this is great stuff. pl [ yelling] him
9:59 pm
if i'm not sure if he's laughing or crying at the end there. but about he's out of breath. lost his voice. rough trans las vegas when actually speaking is tell me i'm not dreaming. whether a game. pl good stuff. >> he was on the floor. >> thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20. stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 for spencer and all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you again in an hour over on time as always and hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7. goodbye for now


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