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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  April 14, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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bart's board of directors has chosen an interim general manager to replace a veteran that resigned yesterday. >> dorothy dugger is walking away with a big pay day. amy hollyfield has more. >> and big mystery remains why doesn't the board want dorothy dugger as general manager? she is leaving behind a surplus of $28 million.
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the actual discussion was taken 5-4 vote but the meeting was found violated laws. but the message was out there for dugger. to listen in today you would never know the board voted out. her ters spoke out passionately on her half. >> i have been very ang rit about the action the board took in february. throughout my adult life i've supported talented women in leadership positions. dorothy dugger is a talented woman worthy of my full support. >> i agree completely that it will be next to impossible to find a replacement that is worth a million dollars, thank you. >> a million dollars, she referring to the golden parachute. they agreed to give her
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$980,000. the board did vote on a temporary replacement of her sherwin wakeman and the board was split and opponents said it's not a good message they are getting somebody from the outside and not looking at the people that work for bart that is next in line. the vote was 6-3. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." stanford police are releasing new details about the man who broke into a graduate housing apartment on campus and sexually assaulted a woman who was sleeping. it happened saturday night. our media partner reports that police say the man got through an unlocked door. the suspect got through an up opened door and then ran out of the apartment. they describe the suspect as a dark skinned male. about 30 years old, 5'6" and
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chubby build, short wavy hair and rounded nose. >> terry: cbupuc is holding a meeting about the safety of gas pipelines. one of the ideas, reducing the pressure in pg&e's omitteder gas lines where the utility hasn't found records proving they are safe but pg&e warned regulators that could cause a big outage and hurt customers. another proposal, includes illegal stalling more automatic or remotely controlled shut-off valves. >> great news for hundreds of oakland teachers that received layoff notices. the oakland school district says 230 elementary teachers and 17 music teachers will be able to keep their jobs next year.
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they made the announcement last night. they are dealing with budget cuts and 400 teachers and counselors are still waiting to hear about their fate. >> congress is scheduled to vote on the budget compromise that nearly shut down the government last week. deal calls for $38 billion in spending cuts and will keep the government running for the remainder of the fiscal year. it follows the budget speech where he pitched at $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. $3 trillion in spending cuts and another trillion from raising taxes. he spoke briefly while meeting with his deficit commission early this morning. >> it's important that we look at our tax code and find a way to work together to not only simplify and make the tax system fair but also that we use it as a tool to help us achieve our deficit targets. >> the republican controlled
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house plans to debate a more radical budget proposal that will cut spending by more than $6 trillion for just next year. george stephanopolous will question the president one on one about his budget plan today. you can see the interview on world news with diane sawyer right here on abc7 at 5:30. meantime, home prices in northern california dipped last month. according to realty firm data quick, prices dipped more than 5% to $360,000. it was $380,000 in march of last year. they say the lower prices helped maintain home sales forecloser accounted for a third of last month's sales. >> the official that oversees the nation's air traffic system emerged today with reports of controllers sleeping on the job. they are looking at a top to bottom review of the entire system. faa ordered a second controller
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added on overnight duty at 27 airport. four are in california including sacramento. the move came after the fourth incident this year when a controller fell asleep on the job. yesterday a controller in reno fell asleep and failed to answer repeated calls when a medical flight with a seriously ill patient on board was forced to land without any help. air traffic controllers are highly trained professionals that one the most efficient system in the world and no mistakes can be made. >> the medical plane landed safely and no one was hurt the controller was suspended. the chairman of the fcc is in the bay area right now to talk about ipad and cell phone apps, specifically on how they can be used to help people stay more connected with their local government. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: they are here today
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to announce $100,000 available to anyone who can develop an app to help bridge the digital divide. it will connect government and members of the underserved population across america. >> we encourage states, cities and townships to open their databases to developers. we challenge developers to build great achps that that data. >> the goal is to get 33% of americans who do not use broadband at home to get involved. experts say the non-users don't see relevance in the information or applications online. the chairman gave the kind of app that might qualify for the money. >> an app that might deliver, seasonal or contract job postings to mobile phones by text message or using other apps. >> some are saying developers are saying they are ready to make the connection happen.
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>> when you do make government data at any level available to developers, it's kind of like opening the candy store to the kids. >> the mayor says she wouldn't mind a few apps herself to make her job easier. >> i could use apps that we could use in a disaster that would make communities more involved. >> this is the first contest of its kind that expand people's choices education, food, services and jobs. >> if you are interested in finding out more about this reward money, go to and click on see it on tv. we have links for apps for communities website. just ahead, ford expands recall of most popular vehicle, best selling truck in the u.s. >> plus here is some irony, some
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bay area residents may be punished for
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tornado. "when was the point when you realized you were in trouble?" i could hear a rumble in the distance. my head kept saying to my gut, 'there is no way this is a tornado.'" "it went from 10 or 15 miles an hour -- the wind -- to 200 miles an hour -- all at once.""but you didn't let go." "oh, no. i wasn't going to let go. i was thinking, 'okay, this has got to end pretty soon. i won't make it much longer if this keeps going."on the "700
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a san jose mother is criticizing president obama's appointment of stanley mcchrystal as advising military family. they have accused him of covering up details of pat tillman's death back in afghanistan. the general told the pentagon tillman was killed by enemy
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fighters even though he knew the native and former n.f.l. star was killed by friendly fire. >> i don't think it's the appropriate choice and i think it's slap in the face of all soldiers. >> somebody who has heartfelt desire to help families would not have been involved in the cover-up. >> the white house says he feels strong think li that she should lead the committee. >> the ford is expanding recall of f-150 pickup trucks because of an air bag defect. the government says electrical short can cause the air bags to deploy unexpectedly and some cases injury drivers. they agreed to recall trucks back in february. it's the top selling vehicle in america. >> bay area utility companies and customers have done an
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incredible job of conserving water. over a two dozen bay area water districts that rely on the hetch-hetchy rest scary are expected to use 21 million gallons less water and that means less revenue for the san francisco puc. so they are thinking about hiking water rates by 47% in part of that hike may be passed on to residents from san jose to san francisco. the commission is scheduled to vote on the rate hike in early may. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> it looks like we have a good supply of sunshine. let's take a look and see what is going on. f we have a couple of chances of light rain, i'll show you when and where. >> right now six bay area sim swimmers are on a risky i am in the pacific ocean and they are doing it without wet suits. >> and get ready to pay more to mail out your packages. 
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right now, six bay area swimmers or a dangerous journey in the pacific ocean to bring awareness to a wonderful cause. they are swimming from the shark infested farallon islands to the
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golden gate bridge without wet suits. it hasn't been done in more than 40 years. they started at 6:00 this morning to raise money for the wounded warrior project. it supports america's service members and their families. if all goes well, they are expected to pass underneath the golden gate bridge around 7:00 tonight. for information how you can donate to their cause, we have a link on our website at >> the sun is going to be shining on them. that will be nice. >> it's going to be bright for a while. we do have kloordz cloud, even a little rain on the way. here is a look at what is going on from emeryville back towards san francisco. high clouds mixing with our sunshine. another beautiful perspective to show you from sutro looking back to the marin headlands.
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hopefully they'll find a good current for them to bring them in safely. let's take temperatures, if you are heading out the next 45 minutes or so. going to be low to mid-50s. monterey bay mid to upper 50s. highlights are desperate straightforward. dry today, even a little bit warmer than yesterday. it will be mild this weekend especially away from the coast. it will remain rather cool and minimal chance of rain still lingering in the forecast. three degrees warmer in oakland, concord, santa rosa, four in san jose. temperatures in the mid-60s in the south bay the all these temperatures running about five to seven degrees cooler than average. we'll have low to mid-50s on the peninsula. as hid over to the beaches, mid to upper 50s like daly city at 56. near 60 downtown south san
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francisco, san rafael, mid-60s to north bay valleys. over at your beaches, mid ao9 50s. today won't be as breezy everywhere. low to mid-50s along the east bay shore, mid-60s into the east bay valleys. monterey at 50 in carmel and 57 mid to upper 60s around monterey bay. check the rest of state. dry with mid to upper 50s through the central valley, san diego and 47 in tahoe. game tonight, partly cloudy, temperature is 52 dropping down to a cool -- pam dropping down to a cool 52. clouds will come back and low to mid 40s inland. not quite as cold as it was this morning. high pressure being overrun by high clouds rolling in on this jetstream. it will be conveyor belt for a
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series of weak systems. i wanted you to see the perspective of how far north they are going and where we'll get the bulk of the rain. a little drizzle in the north bay. by 5:00, we're all dry but the next system starts to roll had. saturday morning you see light rain during the morning hours and in the afternoon it drys. moves in the sierra and becomes mainly rain. that is pretty much it until monday when one more slight chance of a shower. temperatures will hover 70 inland and still cool to mid upper 50s at the coast. >> thanks. the post office is raising its rates. starting sunday but not for everything. 44 cent price for first class letter isn't changing. what going you were are other charges such as the cost to send
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magazines and items that weigh more than one ounce. the first class rate is for the first ounce of a letter. if it weighs more than that, second and third ounces will cost 20 cents each, up from 17 cents currently. >> it appears the wait tort long delayed and highly anticipated white iphone 4 is almost over. apple will send a version of the phone by the end this of month. white version has been delayed by manufacturing problems including issues with the paint. new model is expected to be available for both at&t and verizon wireless customers. >> san francisco international airport newly renovated terminal 2 is now open. it was scheduled for 6:00 this morning when two flights took off. virgin america which will join american in operating flights out of the terminal had its first flight departure at 7:00.
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640,000 square foot terminal features, ambient lighting and play areas for kid. prince william has invited his entire search and rescue unit to attend his wedding. he is a helicopter pilot, all 27 members of the unit at royal air force say they will be attending the ceremony. flight commander says he was shocked by the invitation, calling it a great honor. another member says it's not every day you see a buckingham palace invitation stamped arrive in the mail. >> and big change. >> a challenge of zoo keepers had in raising this guy.
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today at 3:00, on 7live, oprah's bloopers and blunders. then at 5:00, cal schools and debate over a perk state lawmakers get. should we take away their cars? >> and finally this morning, they presented their newest member today. >> this is nine month old boo.
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he. the orangutan is first of its kind to be born at the zoo. he lost his mother three years ago and been brought up by zoo keeper. >> he has been putting with a female orangutan to encourage his reintroduction to the rest of the animals. >> they stay close to mothers until one years old and nurse until two or three. >> as cute as can be. >> and you have a ski report if you are heading up to tahoe? >> absolutely. it's pretty quiet. scattered light showers are possible but the snow elevations is going to climb high this weekend. 7500 to 8,000 feet so anything below that is going to be a cold rain. some wet snow possible above those areas friday afternoon through probably about saturday afternoon. thanks very much. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> "who wants to be a
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millionaire" is coming up next. >> see you later. >> bye. 
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