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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the technology-packed, all-new honda odyssey. >> another apparent mistake by air traffic controller. we have heard about napping on the job and then watching movies instead of planes. now we learn about 2 planes getting too close. one of them carrying the first lady of the
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united states. here's lisa stark. l. >> first lady returning to dc from new york where she appeared on abc the view and attended other events yesterday. she was heading home. landing at andrews air force base. air traffic controllers at the approach control facility in the dc area were handling mrs. obama plane. boeing 737. code named executive 1 fox trot. also in the sky a giant c-17 military cargo plane. controllers apparently allowed the planes to get too close. the required separation is 5 miles apart. but mrs. obama's plane flew within 3 miles of the cargo plane. the distance is important. >> airplane is too close behind another airplane the small tornados that come off the air plane in front can upset the air plane flying behind and cause the air plane flying behind to lose control. >>reporter: according to the "washington post"civilian controller at andrews realized
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the planes were too close. asked the first lady pilot to execute a series of s.turns to slow down her approach and try to get more distance between them. but even that wasn't enough. after the cargo plane landed the controller were reportedly still worried it would not clear the runway in time for mrs. obama's jet. they ordered the first lady plane to abort the landing and loop back around. it did. the pilots landed safely. we are told no one on that jet was even aware of the delay or the high sky maneuvers. >> these types of situations not really unusual but it does come on the heel of so many control error or lately. in fact they are up 51 percent in just the past year getting a lot of attention. well, presumably there will be no hiccup flying for the president when he comes out west tomorro tomorrow. the president will be in the bay area tomorrow for a virtual town hall meeting. stream live from google palo alto headquarters. air force one arrives at 1:00 o'clock
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tomorrow and president obama will motor down to palo alto for couple hours then then back up to san francisco for fundraiser on knob hill and pacific heights. spend the night at hotel in the financial district and there's a fundraising breakfast at another hotel thursday morning. then it's back to sfo for flight to the next campaign stop which is in reno. so expect traffic delays in the area as the president moves about the bay area tomorrow. >> it is going to be harder to find a pot club in san jose. city council tonight voted to limit the number of marijuana dispensary and they have to folsom new rules. lisa has the latest now live from downtown san jose. lace? >> dan, several of the city medical marijuana collective, their attorney and patients all met here at the building for an emergency meeting tonight to discuss what the city council decided just few hours ago. the council voted 6-5 to limit the number of collective in san jose to continue. right now
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there are roughly 120. the 10 licenses would be given only after background check and screenings are done. then it's based on a first come first serve process. and all the medical marijuana sold would have to be grown on site which is something most clubs don't do and don't have the capacity to do. san jose mayor until tonight supported the idea of banning all medical marijuana facilities but even he agreed with this regulatory process. >> we can control it and people operate under the state law and i'm all in favor of being able to provide medical marijuana to people who are seriously ill. but that is clearly not what is happening in the city today. people are using it for recreation use. >> if they have to do cultivation on site it's very difficult for them to be able to produce product for the patient. there's no way if we have 10,000 patients in a collective and we have to cultivate on site how do we produce enough medicine for all the patients? >>reporter: but again this
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will all take several months to im employ me meant. the city has no zoning in place for medical marijuana facilities so the planning commission needs to get involved on that level and the city police chief says he needs time to get a team together to start enforcing. now those at this meeting tonight are hoping that they can still convince city leaders there need to be changes to the regulatory process but still there are other collective owners i spoke with who say that they are already threatening to sue the city for depriving them of their property and future earnings. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> all right lisa thank you. burlingame city council has approved a plan to team up with 3 other citys to provide fire protection. burlingame already shares the central county fire department with neighboring hills borg. san bruno, millbrae now joining central county fire on trial basis. the 4 city believe merging will save them a combined million and a half dollars per year. the plan includes closing 2 stations and replacing them
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with a centralize facility. >> governor brown is being accused of giving state prison guards a sweet deal as pay back for the union support in the election. but some are pointing at the previous administration blaming arnold schwarzenegger for putting the state on the hook. l capitol correspondent is in sacramento. >>reporter: the new labor contract for the california correctional peace officer association has a cash windfall provision that is raising eyebrow. the deal lifts the cap on saved vacation meaning prison guards will be able to stash away an unlimited number of vacation days and get a lump sum pay out when they quit or retire. >> it is absolutely a sweet heart deal. >>reporter: normally state workers can acraw up to 80 day vacation for pay out. >> taxpayers in california will be outraged at the accident to which governor brown is absolutely caving to the public employee union and in this instance to the cc p o a. >>reporter: analysis by the
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non-partisan legislative analyst office found the average prison guard accumulated 19 weeks of leave time did to date. total cash value of 600 million dollars today. the union blames the swats neglect administration for imposing furlough which guard couldn't take because of personnel shortages in a 24 hour operation. labor law also mandate that furlough day be taken before vacation day which makes it difficult to stay within the cap. >> it is actually an example of the previous administration choosing short-term savings over the long-term liability which is what we see happening today. >>reporter: state controller record show the average vacation pay out for corrections employees is 25,000 dollars. but 2010 a 97,000 dollar a year parole agent received a lump sum of 2 69,000 dollars for unused leave. a 119,000 dollar a year administrator got 243,000 dollars. and 70,000 dollar a
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year parole agent got 176,000 dollars. brown administration denies accusations the deal is pay back for the powerful prison guard union spending almost two million dollars last year to help brown get elected. >> i would say crazy talk to them one happy bit with the financial package they got. we did our job looking out for the interest of the citizen taxpayers of the state. >>reporter: it needs to be amroochd by the legislature and a 5 percent pay cut. >> cal train officials say they have a new plan to keep full service running for the passengers. plan calls for cutting costs by deferring maintenance and drawing revenue from its capitol fund. keep trains rolling and stations open for another year. still riders will feel a pinch. one way fare cost 25 cents more and parking will go up by a dollar. facing a 30 million dollar
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deficit the board declared fiscal emergency last month and considered and cutting weekday and weekend service. that may not happen now with the new plan. board will pick it up on thursday. natural gas pipeline like the one that exploded in san bruno are going to be tested for safety. pressure testing that in many cases never been done on those lines since they were installed decades ago. pg&e starting next month by testing 150 miles of gas pipeline in antioch, and in mountain view. more tonight from thomas ramone. >>reporter: the sound you hear is high pressure natural gas. gas traveling through a mountain view section of the 150 miles of pipeline that pg&e will test in may here and in antioch. it may be the first time these 24 and 36 inch diameter lines have ever been tested. >> in some cases some of the segment may not have ever been pressure tested. they may have been tested by other means. >> pipeline targeted are the
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same type as the one that burst in san bruno neighborhood last year killing 8 people and destroying 38 homes in an horrific fire storm. executive director of the c p uc. >> these are pipe lines probably never tested and remember it was legal to do that back at the time they were installed. so very important that these pipe lines be teste tested. sooner the better. >>reporter: mountain view pipeline runs through the sierra vista residential enabled right next to homes like evelyn's. >> i had no idea that one of those pipes was actually right next to our house. >>reporter: playground also lie no, sir more than 50 feet away from the high pressure line. as seen in the pg&e video the test will involve exposing the pipe and forcing water through it one and a half times the pressure the pipe is supposed to withstand. leaks will be easily detectible. >> all part of our effort to reassure the commission, reassure the public and ourselves that our prip lines are operating at the safe pressure that they have been designed to operate at. >>reporter: turn public utility watch dog says these
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tests are long overdue. >> it's about time that they started properly testing these pipe lines. >>reporter: foors who pays for all the work the c p uc is specific. >> rate payers are not paying for the testing. this is part of pg&e obligation to make sure it is operating the pipeline safely. >>reporter: reason pg&e doesn't know how or if the lines were tested is they couldn't find the documentation about the lines that the c p uc asked for last january. now they are inspecting the lines to meet the demand of the c p uc for safety check of anything that resemble the san bruno pipeline n.mountain view, abc 7 news. >> more to bring you at 9:00. going for the gold. as we continue the record flies has people cashing in on the precious possessions. >> demise of the corner drugstore. find out why so many independent pharmacies are having a tough time-keeping the doors open. >> about accu-weather forecast center. we had some midweek
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rainfall come our way but what about the weekend? i'll have all the details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and why moving a couple of blocks is such a big deal for this northern california woman.
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sz. >> you deserve a job today. here in the bay area and all across the country tens of thousands office people waited in line for a chance at one of 50,000 jobs at mcdonald's. part-time full-time crew and management positions. one father of 5 wants to set an example for his children. >> 5 to wash dishes or do anything i would be satisfied whatever they give me. >> type of person we are looking for is someone who likes being around people. understands the importance of customer service. someone who wants to work hard. >> scott started with mcdonald's at age 15 and is now
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an owner. he says half of mcdonald's owns in the country first worked one of those minimum wage jobs. the chain calls today's response overwhelming. l price of gold hate new high today. topping 1500 dollars an ounce for the first time. price surge has created a gold rush of sorts. gold buying stores like this one in walnut creek are popping up around the bay area these days. in concord a business that says prospecting equipment can't keep up with the orders. many of them from over seas. >> we are getting a lot of orders for a new high tech recovery system we have developed that finds really feingold. everybody can catch the chip gold that's easy but there's lot more feingold out there than there is chipy. >>reporter: consumer report says if you try to sell gold, shop around. get at least 3 bids. and if you have annan teak it might be worth more intact than it would be melted down. so keep that in mind. >> and institution as old as apple pie is starting to
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vanishes from the american landscape. talking about the mom and pop drug stores. they are being forced out ironically by the high cost of prescription drugs. vick lee has the story. >> it is very sad to be leavin leaving. absolutely. because i love the public. i love helping the public. >>reporter: as jerry calendar shirt says he may not be dead yet. but his drugstore is. karl's pharmacy prided itself on customer service for 54 years. bonnie has been a customer for a quarter of a century. >> discuss like an old friend coming here. and you can get advice here for anything. you are not treated like a machine or a number. >>reporter: earlier this month the doors closed. last independent pharmacy in belmont was gone. it went away many of other mom and pop drug stores. california has lost about 700 of them in the last decade. calendar says insurance companies are doing them in. >> it is now at a point where
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sometimes we lose money on filling a prescription. >>reporter: pharmacist say insurance company have cut reimbursement even though drug cost have sky rocketed. >> pharmacy does not really have a good way to negotiate with insurance company soyts ace take it or leave it kind of contract. >>reporter: paul owner ross valley pharmacy in marin county. also the past president of the california pharmacist association. >> what has happened is that we are dispensing too many prescriptions for 5 dollars and it cost me 14.85 to fill a prescription. >> do the math. you can't make it at that rate. >>reporter: calendar pharmacy was like many other independent drug stores. it had a limited inventory of greeting cards, gift items and knick knack. but the main stay was the pharmacy. insurance reimbursement cut hurt. so did another trend. >> many customers were sent to mail order by their insurance company.
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>>reporter: big chain like walgreens even safeway became competitors. >> why would the chain stores survive? because they have many things out in front. they would like to you leave their store with at least 50 dollars less buying other stuff. >>reporter: all that cut into calendar business. even as many long time customers told us they had to buy the prescription drugs elsewhere when l she says she goes to safeway. >> if you have them here would your insurance have paid for them. >> not here. i don't have the insurance for here. >> do it by mail order through our drug plan with our health plan. >>reporter: calendar says even if he payed zero rent he still would not be able to stay afloat. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> intel sent me record for revenue and profit in a period when many analyst were predic predicting lack luster result. the chip maker reported 29 percent increase in earnings last quarter. despite finding expensive design flaw in one of
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the chip. intel brought in half million dollars more than expected. thanks to new business purchases by pl -- or computer purchases by business. >> yahoo another bay area company of course first quarter revenue down by 400 million from last year but advertising sales picked up and earnings may be just enough to convince investors that yahoo is finally headed in the right direction. >> weather headed in the right direction. experience is here. we have had cloudy misty day. >> we have indeed. temperatures moved up a little bit over yesterday levels but they are going back down again. they will be a little bit of rain coming down with the temperatures. here's a live view right now from the high definition sutro camera. looking out over san francisco now. we have some increasing clouds in the sky above but this is nice clear view of the downtown area of the city looking out along the bay bridge tonight. pleasant mild evening and certainly a mild day today as we just mention high pressure climbed up into the low 70's in some of our inland areas. 72 at apartment i don't care concord and morgan hill today. by contrast high
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of only 55 at half moon bay. quite a wide range not as wide as summertime range but that's the direction we are moving. temperature readings up to 60 degrees in livermore. 62 in antioch. 61 at con kovrmentd inland areas are still quite mild. temperatures dropped into the mid 50's in most location near the bay. these are our highlights. light rain arrives tomorrow afternoon. scattered showers will be with us through thursday morning. we have unsettled weather this weekend. not drenching pouring rain but unsettled weather. satellite radar composite image shows the next approaching written maker that will be this system right here. bring us light rain starting late tomorrow so let's start our forecast animation 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at which time it will still be dry. clouds on the increase and later in the afternoon 4:00 o'clock or a little bit there after we see the arrival of the first wave of light rain sful that means it could be a wet afternoon and evening commute and rain will continue into the evening and late night hours by 10:00 o'clock we see more wide
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spread rainfall tomorrow night. rain continues overnight and give way to showers thursday morning. now at 5:00 o'clock thursday morning the beginning of our morning rush hour it will still be quite wet across most of the bay area and cold front brings us the rain will swing on through and by middle part of the day or into the afternoon hours we see conditions drying out and at least some partial clearing. rainfall total from this system will not be great. by 1:00 o'clock thursday afternoon looking at totals from few hundredths of an inch to somewhere between 1/10th and 210th of an inch. not a lot of rain but wet nonetheless. low pressure tonight drop maybely that the low 50's or right around 50 degrees for much of the bay area. some of the inland locations of north bay will see low dropping into the mid to upper 40's then tomorrow another pleasant day as the cloud thicken but not quite so mild as today. south bay we see high mainly in the mid upper 60's about 67 degrees at san jose and campbell. on the pens a la mainly low 0to mid 60's. 64 and 65 at pal a.upper
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50's on the coast pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 60 tomorrow. 58 in the sun set district. north bay high will be mainly in the low 60's. 61 at petaluma. 62 at sonoma and napa nearest bay high also mainly in the low 60's around 63 and oakland 62 at hayward. inland east bay mid 60's. 66 at concord. 65 at danville and dublin and walnut creek and near monterey bay look for high in the low to mid 60's near the bay. mid to upper 60's inland. now here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so light rain begins late tomorrow. continues overnight. gives way to partial clearing on thursda thursday. we get a dry day on friday and over the weekend as a matter of fact saturday sunday and monday we have periods of light rain now that doesn't mean a continuous drenching rainfall but there will be some period of wet weather during that 3 day period. pretty mild for easter sunday and start to warm-up even more midweek next week. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. environmental upgrade that are coming to oakland lake merit. oldest wild life refuge in the
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coming to oakland lake merit. oldest wild life refuge in the country. 
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>> major changes are coming to part of lake merit in oakland. and much of it is being done to return the lake to more natural state. tonight report we look at what is being done to improve the lake link with the bay. >>reporter: lake merit has been called the jewel of oakland. it is 155 acres make
9:26 pm
up the nation's oldest wild life refuge created by the state legislature in 1870. but lake merit wasn't always a lake. >> it was originally a title slew. >>reporter: the city of oakland. >> it has always been here. broader than it is now. it had a ring of marsh and mud flat around it at low tide. it was connected to the bay through relatively wide channel. >>reporter: that channel would think so blocks wide. today much has been filled in and series of narrow culvert restrict the amount of water that flows in and out of the lake. >> this end of the lake has always been neglected. >>reporter: but thanks to community advocate voters and environmental groups it's now getting attention. construction work is under way on the first of 3 segments that will widen the channel to link the lake to the san francisco bay. 12 lane highway built in 1950 on the western side of the lake is the first to go. >> we are taking out the
9:27 pm
restrictive culvert and replacing it with a clear span bridge that will span over 100 foot wide channel. >>reporter: replacing is new 6 lane tree lined boulevard with taller bridges that allow cars bike and people to cross. some wet land will be restored and bay water lake with changing tide more than doubling the tidal flow that goes in and out of lake merit. the 35 million dollar project is being funded by the state coastal conservetory, federal government and local taxpayers. measure passed in 2002. another 12 million will be spent to clear culvert at tenth street. work on that project could start by the end of the year. >> at its worst i think the lake was almost dead. >>reporter: sam is with the california state coastal conservetory. >> you continue have to change it much to make a big difference. >>reporter: he says the lake has struggled to survaiv for decades. lack of oxygen made it difficult for life to flourish. in fact fountains
9:28 pm
were put in to help air ate the lake because the summer months turned it into a jaint pool of stagnant water. >> water quality will improve. more oxygen in the water. more fish. more plants. won't smell as bad in the summer. actually smell pretty good. >>reporter: project is expected to wrap up in 2015. in oakland, abc 7 news. when we continues here tonight. serious government vast later between compromise and crack down in syria. >> one year after the bp oil spill. clean up workers say they are sick from chemical ins the oil that bp, what bp is saying about their condition. >> interestingly greta passed one of the top master runners in the world. >> no loneliness for this long distance runner. coming up. tribute to greta. another half hour
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>> good evening once again. awfully glad you are here. start the half hour with look at the headlines tonight. plane carrying first lady michelle obama aborted landing yesterday after coming too close to military cargo jet. planes were 3 miles apart instead of the required 5 miles as they approached andrews air force base. faa is investigating the incident as a possible error by controllers. >> pg&e will begin testing the pressure of 150 miles of pipeline in may. the pipeline are the same type and construction as the one that burst in san bruno last year creating the fire storm. that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. >> cal train officials hope to defer maintenance and draw revenue from the capitol fund
9:32 pm
as means to keep trains rolling and stations open for another year. also one way fare will cost 25 cents more and parking will go up by a dollar. headlines. >> now to the gulf of mexico. and the one year anniversary of the bp oil spill. tonight a look at what has happened to the health of the people who work tirelessly to clean it up. as matt explains many of them are now very sick. >> they were the brave soldiers in the fishing boat charging to the fumes. smoke. to save their precious gulf water. biggest oil spill in u.s. history. one year later they want you to know they are sick. trapped in one strong body now turned frail. many. >> cough. always cough. wake up in the middle of the night coughing. >> when you look at him he never smoked a day in his life. many pneumonia 4 times. ain't never had no kind of problem.
9:33 pm
prior. >>reporter: 4 bout of pneumonia. >> yes. >>reporter: only two weeks ago a study analyze the health effect of clean up walker from the 8 biggest oil spill. in one group of thousands of fishermen clean up crew were twice as likely to have breathing problems the non-clean up workers. so what is it in oil that make you sick if you breathe in too much of it. turns out over 200 chemical ins oil. some more dangerous than others. some in the form of par particulate matter. tiny particles get in the lung and cause serious breathing problems. dr. mike is oncologist who sees gulf patients at his clinic. >> i think there's a fairly highly likelihood that we will see some increase in some cancer in some of the population with exposure to the chemical. >>reporter: most worry to these fishermen. >> anybody here suffer memory loss? l you have all suffered memory loss. >>reporter: that memory loss associated with exposure to chemical in oil l it happened to levi. soon after getting
9:34 pm
sick he dialed the number of man he thought he ought to know. >> i said who is this matt dick insoyrngs confused he hung up called his wife thought he was joking. >> i said no i'm serious who is matt dickinson. he says well he's our pastor. and i should know who he is because i'm a deacon in my church. >>reporter: alarming symptoms despite months of reassurance from the government and bp that workers were safe. so we wondered what was being done? how did the government know whether air was safe in after sifting through hundreds of pages of government data we found that no government agency tested the air the workers out at sea were breathing national month after the spill. and most worrying they never tested for tiny particle of oil that become airborne. were you given respirators or anything. >> no. no we were told we didn't need respirator. >>reporter: nothing to protect them from breathing potentially toxic air so we took our find goes to washington. lead agency involved in the clean up effort. our first stop was the
9:35 pm
epa. who told to us go to the agency in charge of workplace safety which declined an we went to the man who was the face of the oil spill response and the only one to acknowledge that something better could have done for the workers. were this to happen again would you admiral allen have employed these vessels of opportunity. >> i would be very careful in employing them in the future. they can be used effectively but we need to understand the environment they are operating in. impact on the people and impact on the boats. >>reporter: finally we went to bp top man in the gulf. who despite hundreds of workers reporting the the same symptoms refuses to say whether anyone got sick. do you think anybody got sick. >> i can't answer that questio question. >>reporter: who is ultimately responsible for the safety of these workers. >> all of us involved in directing this. >>reporter: who should they turn to. maybe you could tell me. >> medical professionals. >>reporter: cold comfort for these fishermen. p.m. what would you like. >> to be told the truth then we
9:36 pm
could move on. seek what we have to do to try to get better. >>reporter: we spent weeks working on the story but most remarkable thing was the group interview. we found the tough griz el cajun neighbor with other people in the group and they realize they are all suffering the same symptoms. that realization that they are in this together seemed to give them just a little bit of relief. matt, abc news, empir empire, louisiana. >> over seas now. syria. mix of concession and coercion. the government today ended 50 years of emergency rule. l it must be approved by parliment or president asachltd it was the key demand of anti-government protestors but many in the movement want to see the downfall of the regime all together. in the mean time witness say at least 3 people are dead after syrian security forces open fire on protestors in the country third
9:37 pm
largest city. one witnesses the security forces completely cut off the city closing roads as truckloads of plain clothes pro-government militia men arrive to face off demonstrators. they had taken off the sthoyrt show that they were unarmed. >> tonight sports pioneer being remembered. in 1978 greta had never run a marathon before. but since she had set world record in the 3000 meters. she was inserrated to new york as a rabbit to set a fast pace early for the favored runners. not only did she win the race, she set a world record. 2 hours 32 minutes and 30 seconds. she said she suffered so much she swore she would never again run the race. >> there's a look at greta she still ladies l. >>reporter: never turned into 8 more wins in the new york marathon as well as a world championship gold medal and olympic silver and place among
9:38 pm
the greatest marathon runners of all time. [applause]. >> close to the end you have just done it. eighth time l fantastic accomplishment. will we see no. 9 from greta vice. >> i don't know. p.m. i have to tell you how i feel in right now. i would say this is the last but you never know. i say that after last year. maybe i'll come back. >>reporter: fwret a is creditd with proving that it was possible for women to compete in long distances. she died today after 6 year battle with cancer. greta was 57 years old. still ahead tonight. nearly a dozen dogs are confiscated from a northern california hoarder as part of a reality tv show. we have that story. >> you will meet the young woman who is the first person in california to receive a hand.
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>> here are some of the 10 husky mix dogs voluntarily given up by sacramento man. he said he couldn't care for them any more and with the help of animal planet the cable network the dog were his brought to the pleas anton valley humane society. veterinarians are checking the health and looking for behavior problems. now once they get a clean bill of health the dogs will be put up
9:42 pm
for adoption. >> 26-year-old yuba city mother is showing off her new transplanted hand today. emily lost her hand in a car accident 5 years ago. here's the story from ucla. >> i burst that tears vl called my sister and i cried and what's wrong. i'm like they have a hand. she's like but i thought this is what you wanted. i'm like it isment i don't know why i'm crying. and so it was kind of a whirlwind from there. >> i evaluated the hand from the deceased donor. it was identical. the color match was perfect. the size match was perfect. the blood group match was perfect. >>reporter: hand transplant procedure was a lengthy procedure that involved an amazing group of surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologist. there were 23 tendon. 2 bones. 2 arteries. at least 3 nerve nerves. several critical parts in the operation. we have
9:43 pm
tendon on the palm side and tendon on the back side of our hands. balance between these 2 are not absolutely pristine and perfect the patient won't have good function. reattachment of the blood vessels. if the blood vessels don't work meaning there's not enough blood going in or the appropriate blood coming out, whole operation fails immediately or within the next few days to few weeks. >> emily is an inspiration. she looks at her both hands and i can see in her eye that is she has what she wants. and she is going forward with her life now with two hands and i can see it in her face and i can see it when she puts her arm around her also daughter. this is a young woman who has a new lease on life. >> function witness and not think about it. >>reporter: emily remarkable the hand looks like a perfect match. she doesn't have feeling yet as they connected
9:44 pm
those nerves but should come within the next couple of months apparently from what doctors say. >> as we continue here tonight. cheap wine versus expensive wine. can you really taste the difference? spencer is nodding furiously. >> how one little boy saved a life because of what he learned from the movies. amazing &
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♪ . >> oscar winner jeff bridges taking a page from the crazy heart play book and making a country album. actor just signed a record deal with jazz label blue note and team up with producer t bone burnett. solo cd set to be released this summer. well it wasn't crazy heart but another movie that enabled a 9-year-old big brother to save his little sister. the story tonight from abc david wright. >> 2-year-old brook is alive today because of her quick thinking brother electricity 1 10. on sunday morning their mom suddenly noticed brook was gone. parents worst nightmare. >> she said where is the baby? and my mom went running outside and she saw her floating in the pool. >> little brook was in this water only a couple of minutes but that's all it takes. they pulled her out. put her here
9:48 pm
on the patio and she wasn't breathing. luckily her 9-year-old brother knew cpr. how did you know how to do it. >> television. >>reporter: television? >> yes. >>reporter: specifically the movie blackhawk down. so you learned this from the movie blackhawk down. >> they were like p.m. pushing on your chest and like giving them l rescue breath. >>reporter: he did save his sister life. of course blackhawk down is pretty grown up stuff for a third grader. we have tried to turn this movie off 100 times but he watches these scenes over and over. he dresses up lake a medic and runs around doing these things and we always thought it was so silly but that silly mavie cost a few dollars saved our daughter's life. >>reporter: she's been in the hospital since sunday but doing great. maybe released later today. do you like your siste sister. >> sometimes she gets on my nerves. >>reporter: he's as modest as he is honest. how do you feel about all this attention? >> really good.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: and the whole family is grateful. david wright abc news, mesa arizona. what a kid that electricity 10. isn't that a powerful story. fine doctor or medic. >> back to the weather forecast. spencer here with that. >> time lapse view from the high definition mount tam camera. on the basement notice clouds at the higher level and low cloud in the shadow and higher clouds being cast in the lower cloud. tonight is interesting. picture there okay few clouds around tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock. mild with temperatures in the 50's by midday. see temperatures moving into the 60's cloud will be thickening and by late afternoon as temperatures hit the peek look for arrival of light rain pushing on the coast after 4:00 p.m. so here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. a little bit of light rain developing late tomorrow and continuing overnight into early thursday morning. partial clearing on thursday afternoon. dry on friday. mild through the weekend but periods of light rain will be with us saturday, sunday and monday. dry out again next tuesday.
9:50 pm
>> from weather to the second favorite topic. wine. >> listen to this. you with like this. new study finds the next time you host a wane party you my as well poor the cheap stuff. you are cringing. researchers in england say people can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. less than half of folks taking part in blind taste test could pick out the high price red wine. bottom line they say unless you are a serious wine drinker the main factor in whether we like a wine is everything to do with the price. i know you disagre disagree. you have had friends you have tried experiments with and they can tell. >> always tell. but depends which wines you select. >> hears a guy who may not be able to tell. >> i usually drink something stronger and i know many sharks coach probably wanted something after first period. shark i don't know what is wrong with the guys but fall way behind the kings in game 3 of the play off series. wake up. roar back to life. all the crazy off series. wake up. roar back to life. all the crazy highlights next.
9:51 pm
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jo east way officials offer a deal to help protect homes from a sliding hillside. but there is a catch forever homeowners there. we have that story. >> and one bay area city plan to catch and punish people who use this neighborhood as a garbage dump. look at the mes mess. those stories and more coming up at 11 on 7 news over on channel 7. >> larry is here with all the sports. hockey to talk about tonight. >> look at the mess. that's what it was. for awhile
9:54 pm
tonight. very close to panic time for the sharks. they seem to go from bad to worse. lose game 2 and game 3 tonight immediately fall behind 4 nothing again. and then get serious. p.m. this is game to forget for him. doesn't look like much but the puck squeezes past him 1 nothing king. 13 seconds later and clifford scores and 2 nothing. todd not happy. 3 nothing kings after one period then score 44 second into the second period. richardson 4 zip. pl out goes to stair at the rest of the gale. sharks don't fold. rally 3 straight goal and 10 minutes. 4-3 game now. all the work to get back night and the kings answer. smith behind the defense. 5-3 la. game of, right? no. sharks attack again. dan
9:55 pm
boil takes his time. feeds ryan. second goal of the period and it is 5-4. less than a minute to go in the second. white trying to put it on net. joe gets in the way. then he scores to tie it at 5:00. so down 4 nothing. they tie it at 5. 5 goals in one period setting franchise play off record. in the third as we speak. deadlock at 5 appease. >> ross return to the giants but has not been activated. last year play off hero strained his calf in spring training. hasn't played until a game yet. they send the rookie to the minor this was last night. tim with no hitter. talking to sanchez. message received. second straight game giant offense provides breathing room early on. pablo sandoval whatever he's eating i want some. fifth of the year. 3 run blast. and it is 4 nothing in the first. sanchez take as onehit into
9:56 pm
the fifth. giant error. pat coming home with it. l l called safe. buster tag the ankle before the foot hit the plate but the ump didn't see it. he was on the other side of the plate. he wasn't out. gonzalez there. sanchez 6 and third allowed 2 hits. bottom 7. here it comes. there it goes. deep into the night. huff chuck the bat as soon as he hit it. he knew it was way out. facing of the second deck for the third of the year an giants beat them 6-3 n.oakland tonight a's and red sox game one of mini2 game set. won't see any runs in the highlight i warn you. 1 nothing oak land leads in the 8. steal second but cameron struck out on the play is called for a batter inference or catcher inference on the throw to second from suzuki. can't get in the catcher way of throwing that means the base runner is out as well. next batter anderson 8 strike out victim. p.m. score 4 in the
9:57 pm
bottom of the 8. big double by matsui and leading boston 5 nothing in the 9th. gilroy own robert just got back from las vegas with two new championship belts lacking for a big name opponent now an as meek reports he hassle pack and may weather on his radar. robert the ghost guerrero gave michael the beat down of his career 10 days ago in las vegas winning the wba and wb o light weight title belt. >> before the fight he was asking me -- what are you looking at? he was speechless. i heard him a couple times then dropped vicious combination on him and what is he eating rock or what? l pi think i gave him the wringt beating of his life. >>reporter: victory earned the ghost his fifth world title but still looking for the mega night would elevate him to elite status. some say he doesn't have the knock out power promoters look for or big
9:58 pm
name fight remembers dodging him what makes people not weren't to fight me is the attribute i carry. i'm a left hander. 5 foot 9. 71 inch reach. and i'm a difficult fighter in the ring. >>reporter: 28-year-old is willing to move up to the welterweight division where there are some big names waiting. >> there's a fight throughout may weather fight out there and many fans want to see it. >>reporter: ghost is willing to take on any of these champions because his mantra is you can't hit what you can't see. abc 7 sports. >> great shot of the ghost there. hard to get excited about the nfl schedule released when you don't know if there's even a season. but if and when they play here's what might happen. the niners first 2 games at home against seattle on december 11th. then dallas on the 18. 2 notable games on the schedule thanksgiving night november 24th at baltimore. harbaugh against his brother john and lone monday night game nippers at home against
9:59 pm
pittsburgh. greatness of the raiders. open on monday night football at denver on september 12. first 2 home games are really good. jets and then the patriots. oakland will play the superbowl champion packers in green bay on sunday the 11th. league made a big deal about announcing the schedule today. i can't really take it seriously because let's resolve the lock out first. >> they are probably just doing a little p.r. just trying to. >> full speed ahead. >> no problem here. everything is just fine. >> all right. western see thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00.


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