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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  April 25, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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a man is now accused of six people this morning killing two of them. >> it happened near jack london square, just blocks from the oakland police department. less than two hours later there was a second shooting blocks away. cecilia vega joins us live now with the latest, good morning. >> good morning. "am going to step out of the way so you can see the restaurant. it's an area that is known as one of safer places of oakland. as you said earlier this morning two patrons were killed and four others wounded. now take a look at some of the video. shooting happened before 1:00 a.m. there were 10-15 patrons inside
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sweet jimmy's and several men tried to get in and were denied. one of men became angry and pulled out an assault rifle. shooter appeared to be firing indiscriminately. as police were investigating these murder, just a few blocks away, a man was shot in the leg after he was leaving a nightclub. they don't know the motive in that shooting and they don't believe it was linked. they say this remains the safest neighborhood in all of oakland and he hopes it stays this way. >> i see a trend in rising gun violence and gansta culture and nightclub says one of the places it's manifested. we're not paying enough attention to these kids in school and allowing too many guns on the streets and it gets manifested in the nightclubs.
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>> the oakland tribune says one of the men killed was an oakland resident. we have yet to hear anything from oakland police but they are reporting that one of the victims shot was here in grave condition and the others are expected to survive. thanks very much. arson investigators say an electrical issue may to be the blame for an early morning apartment fire in the north beach neighborhood. three elderly people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. 13 people were left without a home including five children. fire started around 12:30 this morning near powell and green streets. they are helping them find temporary shelter. it caused $1.5 million in damage. >> san jose officials are expected to notify 600 city workers that they to ko lose their jobs by the end of june. they have called for 10% pay cuts for nearly every employee
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union and reduction in pension and other benefit costs to help bridge a $118 million budget deficit. but our media partner mercury news says only four have agreed to the requested salary cuts. the city has been unable to reach agreement o of cost of perks and pijsz. in san carlos, budget cutting has the city council considering outsourcing fire services. there are two options, one is to have the fire department team up and combine forces with redwood city. the other is to let a private company run the fire department. san carlos's mayor said it would mean no fire stations would be closed but going private would save more money. the city is looking to cut $1 million from the budget. >> white house is considering sanctions against syria after brutal attacks against
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protestors there continue to escalate. >> the an eyewitness says at least 11 people have been killed after syrian army stormed in and opened fire on civilians. troops have been reportedly to gun down any protestor. in libya, moammar khadafy's compound in the capital of tripoli were destroyed by nato airstrikes. four people were slightly hurt but it's not known where the libyan leader was at the time. the site was targeted as a military command post. it follows the government renewed attacks on the rebel held city of misruta. a spokesperson says khadafy i in health and in high spirits. >> 'wikileaks released a new
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material go b guantanamo bay. they named pakistan's main intelligence agency, it's included in the list of 60 militant networks. interrogate rs at gitmo say that they may have provided support to groups such as al-qaeda. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano is expected to visit the bay area today. she is expected to host a student forum this afternoon on cyberspace security. the discussion is intended to highlight the important contributions made by the science and engineering communities in maintaining national security. >> bart is calling in consultants to help design the
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interior of the trains. the consultants are the riders themselves. >> i was invited to a first look of bart's new research lab before it rolled down the track sand introduced to the public. >> this is bart's lab, an interactive demo for fleet of the future. the goal is to allow consumers to give feedback about the future sideline for new train cars. >> we have to get a whole new set of train cars. >> some of the questions being asked, there are questions about interior design, such as layout of the seats and accommodations for bikes and people with disabilities. >> riders will be asked to fill out a survey where they will be asked about feet length and room.
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any improvement on size will be welcomed. >> bigger is not always better. flight we are seeing our ridership is growing pretty quickly the wider seats means there are narrower aisles. >> feedback is a great idea but what will it cost to implement the changes once the recommendations are made. >> we're going to have try to figure out how to pay for them. >> it's a question we are pursuing right now. >> over the next few months, the fleet lab will be taken to several new labs and new seats will be installed into cars. if you would like to be part of the survey, go to 52 for more information. -- for more information. >> still ahead, the day after easter tradition at white house
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this morning. >> plus, and royal wedding, american tourist spending big bucks to be a part of history. >> and why queen elizabeth and prince philip or not staying at prince philip or not staying at buckingham palace home
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switch and get the hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. you can even choose wireless voice service. at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] it's easy to compare online at and see for yourself. american tourists are invading london in anticipation of the royal wedding this friday between prince william and kate
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middleton. they have been talking to some of the americans who are going want to be part of the big event. >> from coast to coast, americans are heading to great britain in droves. >> bye, see you monday. >> 600,000 tourists are expected in london just for the wedding. many of those will come from the u.s. experts say the number is up 20%. >> i followed william since he was born. when diana died i wanted him to see him find a woman and fall in love and get married. >> the fascination begin 30 years ago when she found herself backpacking in london. it blossomed into a mass thing. something to get to the wedding is what she had to do. >> we had to be here and feel it. >> it's going to be one heck of
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a party. >> the georgia couple bought their tickets soon after the engagement was announced. >> anything we label as a kate item we sell out. >> the trip will be a business center. >> it's going impact my industry for years and years toing is. >> she is dragging her husband and two sons along. >> he would prefer to be in a pub having a beer and watching it on tv. >> the journey won't come cheap. round trip tickets start at $800 and home rooms can cost several hundred a night but others can camp out, this london park will be full of campers taking advantage of the grounds. meantime, best man prince harry is taking on an extra role
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at the wedding, party planner. he is in charge of planning a private party for about 300 people. he is planning for the drj to play in the early hours and for those still up and post wedding breakfast at buckingham palace. that all night party means that they will not be staying at the palace that night. the parents will go to windsor castle. >> we'll bring you the royal wedding live during a special edition of "good morning america." we will also have a special edition of 20/20 the royal wedding a modern fairytale, that is from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. >> one of the concerns is one of
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harry's wild friend will steal the throne and bring it back to the friends. >> let's go to mike nicco, wild man he is. >> let's talk about wild weather and all the way in the southeast. tornados blowing in and we have light rain and bring some calmness to your neighborhoods and talk about a warming trend in just a minute. >> also a brutal beating caught on video at a mcdonald's. no one step searched in to help and thousands are calling for change at the facilitated. >> and what steve jobs is now saying about tracking concerns. 
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ready, get set. >> president obama on the lawn of white house. record 30,000 people participated this year. easter bunny joined the president and first lady michelle and melea and sasha. this year's theme -- get up and go named after michelle's
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program. obviously great weather and it's coming this way. >> we are definitely getting warmer weather. i'm not sure we'll get warmer let's take a look outside and show you what is going on. as far as earlier today, right around city hall, people had the umbrellas out and rain coats as light rain was falling. it continues to fall. it's been about .08 inch and delays at sfo about up to 66 minutes. check out flight tracker at where else do you want to go today? let's head down to the south bay breaks in the clouds but scattered light rain possible for the next couple of hours. also we look at downtown san
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jose. you see the most organized area of wet weather moving down to our south but also this is very shallow layer of moisture and radar tends to overshoot i. there is rain falling in areas that may be the radar didn't see. but notice this. it is definitely clearing across the north bay and that is what i expect to take over the afternoon hours. 63 in santa rosa. most of us in the upper 50s to low 60s. monterey bay, upper 50s. and extreme 55 in gilroy and 60 in salinas. light rain tapers and sunny spots develop. warm and drier for tuesday. >> nine degrees cooler in redwood city today.
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mid 60s in the east bay valleys with a mostly cloudy skies. low to mid 60s along the east bay shore. head down into the south bay, mid-50s for you also. head up the peninsula we'll drop into the low to mid 60s. even cooler mid to upper 50s along the coast. into the downtown, san francisco right around 50 degrees. north bay beaches will be in the upper as soon as. monterey bay, low to mid as soon as and mid 60s as you head inland. rain and mountain snow possible up around tahoe. light rain through sacramento, 67. fresno, 71. 72 in l.a. and 86 in palm springs. tonight it won't be quite as warm as it was this morning, and 8-10 degrees cooler. mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. here is a lookfront. warm front bringing us the rain. cold front doesn't really have any moisture with it but wants
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it moves through on the jetstream, we'll start see the clearing. >> most organized activity starting to fall apart by the 5:00 into the 6:00 hour. notice the clearer skies tonight as high pressure moves in. as we head in for tomorrow morning, clear and thick dew on the ground. afternoon, sunshine and possible high clouds. it will miss us wednesday and it will be about 10 degrees warmer by then. briefly cooler we talked about thursday and friday and saturday and sunday should be warm away from the coast. thanks a lot. tonight a rally is going to be held in baltimore outside an mcdonald's restaurant where a transgender woman was severely beaten. an employee shot and posted a three minute video of attack on youtube. two teenage girls repeatedly kicking the girl in the head. the victim went to use the women's bathroom.
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police have arrested two attackers who could face hate crime charges. much of the outrage is focused on the fact that none of restaurant employees stepped out to help. >> everybody sat there and watch me get hurt. >> i do want to thank the person face to face because i think, it wasn't for her they probably would have kept on continuing hurting me. >> mcdonald's fired the employees that made the video. an online campaign to hold its employees accountable. >> steve jobs is denying reports that the iphone 4 tracks location of its users. in an e-mail conversation, the t track anyone but google's android phones do. they recorded the location data and track the user. there is no evidence that apple
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collects that information. government agencies and a number of countries are looking into this including u.s. lawmakers who are calling for an investigation. >> today is the sixth day play station users have been unable to log on the network and download information. users trying to access the service have received a message, an error has occurred. they say they are working around the clock to bring the network back on line what it calls an external intrusion. company now says the service should be completely back up 
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today at 3:00 on 7live. one the most requested features on facebook and then at 5:00, men with muscles. a new study shows how weight lifting pays off for men with high blood pressure. we've got more stories and more at "abc 7 news" at 5:00. >> one last quick check. >> it looks like it's going be nice if you are looking for spring warmth and sunshine. >> sounds good. >> that will do it for us. thanks for joining us. >> i'm terry mcsweeney, have a great day. >> bye-bye. 
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