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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 2, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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this a good day for america. our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done. >> the f.b.i. most wanted terrorist list crossed off the most hunted man in the world. and osama bin laden is dead. >> we're learning that u.s. used several methods to confirm that he was in bakt bin laden comparing dna samples. >> and news of the release, they captured this image of new york city firefighters as they saw
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the image being released. >> and hillary clinton says intelligence cooperation with pakistan helped lead the u.s. to bin laden's whereabouts. karen travers has the latest. >> the path to the most wanted terrorist begin with a tip from guantanamo detainee. they discovered more information and it turned out osama bin laden may not have been hiding in a cave but hiding in plain sight. it was million dollar compound which had 18 foot walls, no telephones located near a military training facility for the pakistani army. president obama says it took months to run it down. >> last week i determined that we had enough intelligence to take action. >> navy seals flew over on
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helicopters and they dropped down on ropes and secured the building and then a fire ensued. bin laden was ordered to surrender. the navy seals shot anymore the head, two shots to ensure he was dead. >> it was very risky operation. a courageation decision to do it. to fly into pakistan into a city. the intelligence people that did this, the military people who did this were spectacular and the courage of the president to make this very risky decision has to be commended. >> this operation was actually plan "b". in march the president authorized a plan to bomb the compound but he backed off because it would have reduced it to rubble. he wanted proof that bin laden was kill. >> they didn't want the burial site to turn into a shrine. he was buried at sea leaving no definitive resting place.
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>> they congratulated employees to tracking down the world's most wanted terrorist. they discovered the could compound was monitoring an al-qaeda courier. detainees told interrogators the courier was so trusted by bin laden he may have been living with the al-qaeda leader. president obama held the first of five national security meetings. he authorized to target bin laden before surveying alleged storm damage. he learned that bin laden had been tentatively identified yesterday inch and three hours later he learned that the target was bin laden. >> spontaneous celebrations erupted at the times square and
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world trade center is the. a live picture of ground zero the site where the world trade center once stood. the sister of one of the victims of 9/11 attack00 mixed feelings. >> i'm glad that he was caught. i feel sorry because he was somebody's family, it's not like i'm happy but somebody died. you understand? he was my brother's killer. >> smaller crowd ganged in pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed. >> strong reaction in the bay area on the impact of bin laden's demise. terry mcsweeney is live in the section of fremont. >> here at little kabul market. fremont has the largest concentration of afghans anywhere in the united states of america and reaction out today, similar to where you might get
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to any place in america. >> first thing you might notice is the man carrying goat carcasses through the door but the reaction was typically american. >> he killed a lot of our people. exploit our people. he was big devil. so it's a big relief. >> worry about retaliation against relatives. there was a renewed hope and prayer for peace? >> we have a hope that god willing, more senseless killing from afghanistan and pakistan, all these people have been killed, innocent people were killed here innocently. we don't want that to tonight.
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>> for those that lost loved ones on 9/11 on the flight 93. there is also a sense of relief. >> my son was killed on september 11th and the lives of so many people were snuffed out on that day. it is such a glorious day that a measure of justice has been reached today. >> for jack, whose pregnant wife was cold that flight, there will be no celebrating. >> we need to really celebrate. we need to look at it as a way to learn more than anything. >> they say while the killing of bin laden closes a chapter in this story, final chapter won't close until date he dies. >> people gathered early this morning at the flight 93 memorial at union city to pay tribute to the september 11th victims in the wake of bin laden's death.
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these pictures were sent from youtube. 40 granite stones for each of the passengers and crew members that were killed. the passengers fought back and ultimately the plane crashed in the pennsylvania field. >> janet napolitano says the terror alert level will not be laced because there is no specific threats of retaliation. here in the bay area, law enforcement is in increasing security. amy hollyfield joins us in san francisco with more. >> same situation here. no threats have been reported, but police officers and their dogs of been very visible in downtown san francisco this morning. >> commuters were greeted with a new reality this morning. more police officers watching auto for anything suspicious now that osama bin laden is dead. >> as a precaution we have
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alerted the officers on patrol and all personnel to be alert in the transit areas, places of worship and people may gather and normally protest. >> they are in constant communication with homeland security and keeping a close eye on the ground. and bart officers added more officers to the trains and platforms. >> we had a lot of officers in training, we are asking them to come in. >> neither agency has received a net or has any indication that bay area will be a terrorist target. >> we wanted to make sure if anybody was going to try to do us harm, we're going to have lots and lots of visible officers out there. >> the officers' prechbz made feel secure and others the
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thought it was hype. >> i'm hoping for the best. >> i think it's a good idea. i think there may be some people reacting so i was happy to see that. >> reporter: and police say they are hoping their presence will make people feel more scuir. expect to see the extra patrols for at least the next week. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." just in from the white house they say bin laden would have taken alive if there was an opportunity. top al-qaeda official has now posted a eulogy of his death. the writer promising revenge for the killing of bin laden by u.s. forces and anybody think that jihad or holy war had ended just to wait a little bit. an egyptian born doctor is expected to succeed him, ayman
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al-zawahri is believed to have played a major role in the 9/11 attacks and considered the brain of al-qaeda network. >> a person knowingly had the operation on twitter. as the operation unfolded he blog had what he was hearing as bombs exploded tweeting. i think the helicopter crashed in abbottabad and the news conference is connected. after eight hours and hundreds of media requests, one of it's latest tweets, bin laden is dead. i didn't kill him. now let me sleep. >> a special will be on tonight and 6:30 to 7:00 and "nightline"
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will have an hour long special tonight. we published the president's full name and reaction around the world at still ahead, caught on video santa cruz officials are hoping this will help them can catch an arsonist who targeted a medical marijuana club. >> and oprah, one on one with president obama and first lady michelle. what they say is one of best moments shared as a family.
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police have dramatic security video to then them find two suspects that vandalized a medical marijuana dispensary. it was damaged threw a molotov cocktail in the store. one suspect used a hammer while the other threw it inside. they say they serve about 1200 patients and some believe the arson may have been the work of a competing store. they are hoping to open it by friday. >> in n san leandro they are trying to determine the cause of a fire of the inside garden supply store. officials say they managed to knock down the fire before it could spread to other nearby businesses. >> president obama restored the highest military honor on two
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army privates killed during the war. anthony ohanahana of hawaii and one other. they were killed in separate battles trying to save a platoon when enemy forces overran their positions. >> president obama says he wants to be the president that restores the belief in the mernl dream. they will appear on oprah today to talk about vd job of the white house and touches on his family life. president shares a memorable family moment with oprah. >> you get magical days we're walking along some path. >> actually hiking? >> we were hiking. and malea and sasha and making up some song and we came up along this inlet i taught how to skip rocks. you have moments like that.
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>> that felt normal. >> it felt normal. >> michelle says the key to a successful marriage a true partnership. and malea has started doing her own laundry. watch more from president obama and mirs f irs lady michelle on oprah. >> and perfect weather for mike go and going to the beach. it's all coming. >> very nice. stay hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen. today, throwback to summer as we look at the sea breeze that will keep us cooler. record warmth possible by wednesday and thursday. >> plus, an apology and more. given to millions on online gaming data was hacked. 
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we got a little free amend c.going on. >> and it's going to be in parts of coast and inland will be pretty warm. wednesday and thursday will be really hot.
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ake a look at fog as we look northbound from mount sutro that is pushing along some of the lower valleys along the coast. any other positions we want to show you? hasn't made it down to santa cruz, what a wonderful day down there. you'll have all the beach to yourself so enjoy lots of sunshine. let's take a look where the sea breeze has brought the cooling effect. half moon bay, san rafael upper 50s, low to mid-50s up into the north bay valleys. south bay, we start seeing the warmth, 71 in los gatos and same upper 50s in the east bay valleys. so those are the two areas that will be the warmest today and not feeling the effects of that sea breeze. right now 63 in santa cruz but look at the low 70s, watsonville and gilroy and salinas. not quite as warm and clouds
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still stick to the coast for the better part of the afternoon. warmest afternoon is when we can set records on wednesday and thursday. warming trend, we're going to have a cooling trend over the weekend and a pretty big one. today's temperatures are going to be three degrees warmer in oakland. redwood city same thing, livermore and napa, 4-5. enjoy the sunlight to 8:00 this evening. cold front onshore and sea breeze bringing us slightly cooler weather but it could move further in tomorrow but that will be it for the cooling trend. let's take you down to the south bay, mid to upper 70s with the upper 70s around los gatos. low to mid 60s along the coast. you can see some of the clouds hanging around there. 64 in downtown in san francisco. low to mid 60s along the east
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bay shore. ten degrees warmer as you head inland. richmond, 68, everybody else in the low 70s. mid to upper 70s throughout most of the east bay valleys. 66 in monterey but low to mid-70s for santa cruz and watsonville. if you are heading to the game today, 12:35 first pitch, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s over at coliseum. low to mid-80s for the rest of state and mid to upper 80s around san diego, l.a. and palm springs. temperatures will be pretty close to today's temperatures tomorrow, i should say and low to mid-80s around the bay and 70 at the coast but by the weekend 10-18 degrees cooler. >> we'll take it. the owner of the sacramento kings says his basketball team
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will stay in sacramento for one more year and not move to anaheim. sacramento mayor and several other elected officials blocked the move. they want a new arena closer to downtown. this morning, so often in ni is expecting to restore service to their hacked play station 3 unit. it improves security. during a weekend news conference they apologized and admitted they still don't know who was behind the outage. they are offering 30 days of free play station plus and
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today at 3:00, on 7live, osama bin laden pictures and u.s. releases pictures to prove his he is dead and what does it mean to the future of air travel. one security requirement that will probably be strictly enforced. plus, a new study opinion points which people are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> check out that fog this morning. >> all the clouds over the bay. it will cool temperatures down just a little bit. everybody else inland pretty warm. >> have a great day.
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