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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 5, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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president obama visited the site of the september 911 terrorist attacks at ground zero. >> he also greeted families of the victims. >> this is a live picture of ground zero right now. the structure that is now going up replacing what was.
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president obama also warned there is still going to be threats out there but was new york's moment of justice. >> t.j. winick has more from new york. >> president obama's first stop in new york city a midtown firehouse that lost 15 men during the 9/11 911 terrorist attacks. killing osama bin laden send a message. >> for him to come here and see the faces that were killed on september 11th and the shrine that was resurrected in the honor. the president was clearly touched by the sacrifices. this afternoon president obama will finally lay a wreath at the survivor tree rescued from ground zero in memory of the 3,000 that were killed on 9/11. >> we've been heartbroken for ten years. >> these are in of the
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photographs. bin laden was already dead. photos of him will not be released a decision the president discussed with 60 minutes. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as incitement to additional violence. >> down at ground zero we found those that agreed with the president and those that did not. >> i want to see that bullet in him, i really do. >> many new yorkers is glad that he is here. >> we've been waiting for ten years for this. >> there have been different accounts of the navy seal operation, they exchange one individual and bin laden himself was unarmed.
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>> vice president joe biden laid a wreath at the pentagon, another site of 9/11 11th terror attacks, he was joined by robert gates. >> tensions are increasing between the u.s. and pakistan following the death of osama bin laden. pakistan's army wants u.s. military personnel reduced to the minimum essential levels. ement is the first since the raid on bin laden's come up and down. u.s. officials have not responded. they pakistan deny having known he was in the country or the specific location. >> it is easy to say that the intelligence or elements within
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the government were with al-qaeda but this is a false hypothesis. >> pakistan's army did add notice shortcomings in efforts to locate the world's most wanted terrorist. >> a senior defense official says one of the five people killed in the raid was actually armed. the official says that man, bin laden's courier was killed in the early minutes of the navy seals assault. that account differs greatly from original reports that portrayed a prolonged fire fight. >> back here at home, in santa rosa, a shut in place order has been lifted because of a debris fire and possibly hazardous materials. amy hollyfield joins us with the latest. >> this is now the neighborhood
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looked like for three hours, while firefighters figured out what they were dealing. with they were prepared for just about anything. and when a bizarre discovery they made inside a yard. we saw pictures of the response from up above and on the ground. residents called in the fire just before 7:00 this morning, firefighters nojd on the man's door, he said he had no idea there was a fire burning. they lifted up a tarp and they immediately backed away and when they say a tank and had an "h" on it and was off-gassing. that is when they issued a shelter in place. they have stopped the leak and identified what was leaking. it's called hydrogen chloride anhydra. it's used for farming. the homeowner had no plans to
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use it. fee found the tank on the side of the road. that is what he does for extra income. now, he is going to have to pay for the proper disposal of the tank. no one was hurt in the situation some firefighters were checked it on for possible exposure to the chemical. they were complaining of headaches. everyone is fine and now it's safe to go back outside. they lifted the shelter in place just b around 10:00 this morning. san francisco fire investigators are addressing two unanswered questions after last night's spectacular fire at a residential hotel. where did it start and where is the owner of a tiny dog rescued this morning. >> i'm here on folsom between 6th and 7th streets. you look at what remains of the park hotel, a residential hotel and how could anything survive
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all that damage? maybe it's a cinco de mayo miracle but a chihuahua did. the survivor chihuahua is now at animal care and control waiting for them to reclaim him. he was in a closet on the third floor of the building. they found him at 5:00 this morning not far from where the fire had burned. arson investigators were out this morning well aware of reports from residents that someone started all this when they poured bourbon on a barbecue. >> even one of supervisors came up and asked me if i heard that. arson investigators have been told about everything we've heard on the street. they are inside checking the cause. >> reporter: deputy chief says they are looking into reports there was no alarm sounding in this building. there was a sprinkler system
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installed and it was working. six people were injured and some firefighters, all but one because of smoke inhalation, none were life-threatening. now back out here live. firefighters still on the scene up on the roof and inside that building. an arson investigator is trying to figure out what really did start all. this doctor start all this. >> a captain is bail on charges he molested a girl. andrew scott mclaughlin was arrested after a week long investigation. he is accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl in what was believed a one time incident when he lived in was watsonville. he has been with the salinas fire department for ten years. he is on paid administrative
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leave. >> still ahead, hundreds of nurses at an east bay children's hospital walk off the job today. >> basketball superstar yao
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for drunk drivers. the number to call is 1-800-aaa and tell them you need a tip see tow. >> in downtown san jose, extra officers will be on patrol in hopes to prevent problems that have plagued the city in the past like fights and vandalism. this year there will be no cinco de mayo parade, a tradition that has run for three decades, the economy and city demand for police protection and other services made the event a money loser. 750 registered nurses at children's hospital in oakland begin a five-day strike in dispute over healthcare benefits. they rejected a proposal, management's latest contract offer. they are saying it would cost each nurse $4,000 a more to
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cover their families. >> contract last july -- the employer hasn't changed the health care proposal the entire time. >> hospital administrators say they can't afford the healthcare plan. >> basketball star yao ming will be one of honorees in san francisco for his stand on animal rights. they will pay tribute to him to the opposition of a chinese delicacy. he has been featured in several anti-shark fishing ads. it's served at corporate celebrations but scientists estimate many millions of sharks are killed every year primary for their valuable fins.
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>> it should be pretty pleasant. cooling is starting in some areas and reach all of us over the next couple of days. beautiful picture as the sun is getting up to a high angle and why you may want to go to the beach today. doctors warning for parents about young children, another good reason for toddlers to stop using bottles. >> and katie couric may be close to signing a big deal with abc. 
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they reportedly found a $28 million deal with abc. mmz reports katie could you remember sick close to signing a deal that will give her a day time talk show. she would host a special for 20/20 on abc news but a spokesperson says nothing has been confirmed and no deal has been reached for w any party. >> the heat wave, time to cool down.
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>> a little bit. yao ming, i hope we get pictures of him hacking around. cooling trend is beginning, you see the haze beginning along the coast as marine layer is trying to develop. it looks pretty and you see however getting on the new section, did how far they are getting on the new section. danville and dublin and pleasanton. looks like it's going to be a warm one out here. if you didn't use the air conditioner yesterday, you may be able to get rid of it today. low to mid-70s inland valleys. monterey bay, 56 in monterey. 72 in santa cruz and look at 80 degree temperatures gilroy and salinas. cooler at the coast and the bay today..
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cooling will hit everywhere tomorrow and culminate right on mother's day the coolest day in this forecast. stray shower, that is change in the forecast and yesterday it's possible but nothing to change plans on. compared to yesterday, we are slightly cooler, inland, one cord, 1 degree cooler, fremont 3 and closer you get to the golden gate bridge where the colder air is going to funnel through, the cooler you are compared to yesterday. oakland 90, and san francisco 10. these temperatures are still running well above average. mid to upper 80s in most of east bay valleys. to 80 in castro valley and fremont. low to mid-80s in south bay with san jose around 84 degrees. mid to upper 70s on the peninsula to low 80s as hid southbound into the south bay. low to mid 60s along the coast today. near 70 downtown south fran and
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sausalito. mid 60s here. we'll have upper 70s to low 80s and we could hit mid-80s around santa rosa. gilroy, upper 80s but cooler as you head toward the monterey bay. mid to upper 50s around carmel and monterey. gorgeous weather at the coliseum 12:35 first pitch, 70 degrees warming to 76 by the time the game ends. look at yosemite and fresno, 93. some sun and mixing with clouds will keel keep san diego around 71 degrees. comfortable night, mid to upper 40s in north bay valleys and low to mid-50s for everybody else. winds and sea breeze winds bringing the cooling to the coast will move inland tomorrow and they will keep on funneling that cold air where temperatures will be nearly 10-22 degrees cooler today on sunday.
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stray shans of a shower on sunday or monday but it won't be very much. >> pediatricians and dentists are urging them infants on the bottle by age one. a study shows kids still drinking from a bottle when they were two years old are 33% more likely to be obese by age 5 compared to kids giving it up earlier. also drugmakers are discontinuing infant formulations of acetaminophen. it comes in liquid drops and contain half the amount of acetaminophen as regular children's formula. they have been sold as tylenol and nyquil. johnson & johnson will phase them out. 2010 baby names list is out
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and once again topping the list, isabella, number one for second year and rounding out top five. >> sophia, emily and ava. for the boys, jacob top of the list followed by ethan, jaden and williams. bentley is the fastest regulation name. social security administration compiles the list. >> still ahead, any plans this mother's day? >> one of the sexiest men alive. >> how you can catch
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today at 4:00, last ever harpo hookup and lady gaga. then interactive website for california schools, how much funding is going to be cut from your school district. meet the unsung heroes being honored. >> you were talking about what to do on mother's day weekend. >> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ >> movie star hugh jackmaybe is
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one man show on the stage at the curran theater. >> transformation of pacific heights mansion, it features the works of more than $2 interior designers. the world of wicked plants, intriguing stuff at conservatory of flowers at the golden gate park. ♪ >> musical theater classic, cats. national tour is at the orpheum theater. >> bay area's own ballet launches a spring season at yerba buena center of the arts. ♪ ♪ >> perfect mother's day weekend, manhattan transfer at yoshi's in
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san francisco. ♪ >> thanks for joining us.
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