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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  May 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. campbell plils jus police justa missing little girl. they say she is the victim of abuse. lisa amin gulezian is live in campbell with developments that have come forth just in the past half hour or so.
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lisa? >> reporter: campbell police found three-year-old deja in a parking lot in south san jose with her mother. according to police the little girl is okay but is right now with child protective services on on her way to the hospital while her mother, jane marin is in custody. police believe marin and her ex-boyfriend george rodriguez are responsible for hurting deja. campbell police got a tip yesterday afternoon that the little girl was being "severely abused" inside this house near the campbell los gatos border. when police arrived there was no sign of the girl, her mother or rodriguez who actually lives in the house. police confirm that they had been called to rodriguez' house in the past but they would not say why but they did say it was not for child abuse or related crimes jks back her. become here live, investigators say a tip led them to the specific shopping center where they found the girl and her mother but not her mother's
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ex-boyfriend george rodriguez. that means he is still at large and still wanted for child abuse. live in campbell, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a legal victory for the family of an antioch man killed during a police drug raid. they can continue to move forward with the suit against two of the officers caught up in the growing contra costa county narcotics scan tal. thascandal. >> three years ago a special team of narcotics officers burst through the door of this antioch apartment in the hunt for a kno notorious drug dealer. once inside they shot and killed the man who lived there, saying he went for their gun. they had the wrong guy. a convicted fell on had stolen mitchell's eye den fit. hidentity.
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attorney john burris represents the family in a federal civil suit. in january a judge dropped the case saying the officers committed a justifiable act of homicide but then norman welsh, the narcotics team commander ramonuis lombardi, a san ro officer were rested in a growing scandal. the same judge reversed her decision and reul ruled the cie can now move forward because of the arrests. burris says the officers credibility is severely damage. >> this was a potential operation where you get drugs from a big-time dope dealer and ultimately get the drugs back and make the money from them. where the drug enforcers become the dealers. >> well, they made a habit of stealing and reselling drugs seized during busts. >> we understand that his
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credibility will be at issue. >> attorney cardoza admits his client was wrong on one front not on this one. >> it doesn't make any sense to me at all. these officers didn't go out and commit crime in every piece of law enforcement work they did. >> my issue is and always has been that we did not ever have the real story about how this young man was killed. >> calls to lombardi's lawyer and to the head of the now suspended c net team went unreturned today. as for the civil case, both sides will present their arguments on officer's credibility and then a judge will decide whether it goes to trial. cecilia vega, abc 7 news. new accusations of police misconduct in san francisco. foresurveillance tape has come to light sparking another investigation into the actions of san francisco narcotics officers. mark matthews has this newly released video and reaction to it.
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>> reporter: the hotel surveillance video shows officers entering fernando santana's room at the single occupancy hotel. he insists he never gave permission for the search but the officers went in anyway and when they walked out one of them can be seen carrying a black duffle bag. the public defender says the police took that bag from santana but never checked it into the evidence locker or reported it. santana says it was filled with christmas presents including an ipod, dvds and new clothes. >> actually this is is one of the brand new. they had the tags on $25 apiece. i got them for are christmas. i never imagined it would be police officers that did it. i thought it was staff. >> they are call tlg ing it a pattern of police misconduct. >> a continuation of what we have seen in comparing video evidence to police reports. >> in march, adaci's office
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released documents from another single okay participantcy hotel. it shows police officers entering a suspect's room without a search warrant. that video has led to an fbi investigation. >> in every single instance where we have been able to match video with a police report, we have found that police officers are committing perjury. >> this afternoon, newly appointed police chief greg suhr responded by ordering internal affairs to drop all their other assignments and begin investigating the new allegations. >> this situation will play out as soon as possible and i will consider the officers innocent until proven guilty. if they did do something untoward they will be held accountable. >> reporter: narcotics charges were dropped after a police officer involve ntd arrest failed to show up in it court to defend the search of santana and his hotel room. the clips that i saw this afternoon did indicate that there were discrepancies with the police report but we did not see the entire video and as
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chief suhr points out, that will be critical as this investigate continues. in the 400 block of eddie in san francisco, mark matthews, abc 7 news. and then there is this. in vacaville, a highway patrol officer arrested for stealing an x box from a target store authorities say. the officer was identified as 36-year-old shawn hammond. employees told police it was the fourth time hammond had taken merchandise from the store are. he is believed to have sold it on the internet. a southern, california advertising firm is stepping up now to help catch the men who beat a giants fan so severely outside dodgers stadium in march. tomorrow the company mr. roll out 300 billboards like this one featuring sketches of the two men wanted in the attack and the police tipline number. brian stowe of santa cruz county has been in a coma since the attack. his family reports tonight that his sedation is finally wearing off and that he may be after all of this time stable enough to be transferred to ucsf as
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early as next week to get him back closer to home. a new effort today to challenge the reduced sentence of esteban nunez. he is the son of a former assembly speaker. today, the san diego county district attorney filed a civil lawsuit to nullify the commutation last december by governor schwarzenegger before he left office. nunez was sentenced to 16 years for the beating death of louise santos of concord. schwarzenegger redeuced the sentence to 7 years. the d.a. says the governor may have acted within his constitutional authority but other factors should have been taken into consideration. >> the constitution has been amended to also give rights to the families and to the victims so that they have a right to be heard at any portion of the criminal justice process particularly prerelease kinds of hearings. >> the d.a. says because governor schwarzenegger failed to inform other parties of
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nunez release he violated the vwr has been criticized for stonewalling officials in brisbane. but a top executive is talking tonight and to abc 7's david louie. >> reporter: vwr international it building a new 500,000 square foot warehouse. when it opens next year it will shut down its facility in brisbane, putting more than 100 workers out of a job. they say it is more efficient to ship science lab equipment from the central valley. congressman jackie spear say the real reason is a list of tax breaks. vwr denyd that in an interview via skype from company headquarters. >> our decision was based purely upon our capacity constraints in our current facilities as well as your ability to reach owl o all of r
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customers. >> they are eligible for a $38,500 tax credit for each employee it hires in visaliaed a along with sales and use tack breaks and accelerated appreciation for equipment because it is moving into a targeted tax area. >> we have not yet found out if we qualify for the teak tax cr. >> that doesn't sound right to david. vwr is a global company, sales last year totaled $3.6 billion. >> i would say that that would be disin again waws. hopefully they are quantifying the savings of moving to a particular local. >> it would be customary to use tax savings to pay for the new building. the state tax break is being used to lay off more than 100 workers i in brisbane and hire
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lower cost workers elsewhere. >> theyville everyone with no jobs. >> reporter: regardless longo is right or wrong there is one clear loser and that is the city of brisbane which will leave a major employer and a huge chunk of its annual revenue. in brisbane, david louie, abc 7 news ancht lot more to come this wednesday night. as we continue, ditch day. >> hundreds of east bay students skip their classes to join a week of action staged by teachers around the state. also, smile you are on calorie camera. i'm spencer christian. if you are waiting for a preweekend warm-up you will like my seven-day forecast coming up. a different kind of poetry slam at the white house and why so many people are upset aboutú
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hazmat tomorrows contained a toxic spill at a pittsburgh rail yard after minor derailment. the train was carrying waste from a nearby refinery. some of it leaked. but environmental health officials say no residents were ever in danger and crews kept the spill from spreading. also in pibdz pittsburgh he owners with hoses helped firefighters contain a brush fire that briefly threatened houses behind buchanan park. the cause of the fire is under investigation and there are no reports of any homes being damaged. around california, teachers continue a week of rallies and protests to call attention to deep spending cuts in education. they are making their case at the state capitol, shopping malls and anywhere else that they can draw a crowd. more now from abc 7's laura
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anthony. >> reporter: it is a student walkout largely organized through facebook and other social networking sites. >> we are not doing it out of anger. they are doing this to voice our concerns to communities, to the parents. >> reporter: this morning about 350 students from union city's james logan high school staged a loud protest over proposed cuts to their education. last year, voters narrowly rejected measure b, a partial tax that would have brought $3 million per year to local schools. >> i really do care about this. i don't know why they would say no to this. >> now, the students face the real prospect that their sports and other extra curricular activities could be gone or become pay to play by next school year. >> i'm really thinking about the students that are coming in and the choir students that are going to be here when i leave. how will they feel they they
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have to pay a whole bunch of money to just be in a scwier. >> i learned so much from watching my kids grow in sports and activities that for them to be without these things they wouldn't be the great people they are today. >> for community and children very frustrating. know if i want to play football or play in the band or be a cheer leader i'm not going to be able to do that. right now we can't tell them. we don't have the money because sacramento is taking it away from us. >> reporter: teachers lined the boulevard, they, too, are upset 9-budget decisions being made in sacramento. >> we are fighting our our lives and the students lives as well. we are trying to prevent furloughs and days off, in kriesed class size, cuts to programs. it is dire. >> on monday, governor brown will unveil his revised budget that could include up to $4 billion more in education cuts. in union city, laura anthony, abc 7 news. and sunday is the deadline for school district layoff notices and tonight pink slips are in the mail to hundreds of
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bay area teachers. the mount diablo school district voted to fire 112 teachers and 13 administrators and in san francisco the school decided 14 140 teachers will le their jobs along with 160 other employees. one more note about education. you never really know what your kids eat when you are not watching but one school in san antonio has what administrators hope will be a fool proof way to find out. the school installed cameras to record what students pile on their plate and what is left over when they finish lunch. the images will be examined to determine how much calories the students consume on average on a daily basis. the project is funded whic by a grant from the u.s. department of agriculture. researchers hope parents will change their eating habits at home once they see what kids do at school. >> i'm glad stl is no camera watching what i eat on a daily
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basis. >> you eat well. >> i try. >> it cooled down a lot today from yesterday. high temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. but, a pleasant evening, though. a few low clouds around. not exactly cold out there right now but we do have a chilly breeze. let's take a look at some of today's high temperatures. those are th larger numbers in yellow. the negative in blue indicate how much lower the highs were today than yesterday. 15 degrees lower than yid's high of 80 degrees. 7 apartment jock, 9 degrees cooler. you t the picture. half moon bay was 2 degrees warmer today than yesterday with a high of 59 degrees. right now looking at temperatures mainly in the mid 50s all across the bay area. although there were a couple of exceptions. los gatos 48 degrees. hees are the highlights. cloudy tonight with a chance of local drizzle. clearing mid day tomorrow. cooler on saturday with a good chance of showers on sunday. now, this afternoon this is
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satellite closeup image shows we had low clouds pressed up against the coastline. a brisk onshore flow of cool marine layer jshes the clouds that moved in overnight was slow to clear away. didn't get a lot of sunshine or much of a warm-up. theys an advancing cold front. ahead of that front, clouds and moisture which may produce local drizzle. start the forecast animation at 11:00. during the overnight hours we will probably see a couple of spots or two of drizzle. as the front sweeps through it will take the moisture with it. mid day, clearing out and drying off and we will have breezy and mild conditions for the bay area in general tomorrow. cooler on the coast. >> low temperature with the possibility of spot. >> drizzle. and tomorrow's highs certainly warmer than today. in the south bay upper 60s to low 70s. on the peninsula we will see mainly mid 60s, mid 50s on the coast. in and around sphron, 62 degrees down towrn. 58 in the sunset district.
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north bay highs upper 60s to low 70s. 72 at santa rosa. 70 napa. 69 sonoma. near east bay mid 60s. 65 oakland and union city. 6 cass sphroa -- 66 cass stroh valley. low to mid 70s. 74 antioch and brentwood. 73 pittsburgh. and near monterey bay highs in the 60s near the bay. vefs inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. two relatively mild days coming our way but then cool down over the weekend. showery on sunday, maybe even with some thunder and sunday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with inland highs only in the low 60s. it will get a a little milder early next week but the chance of showers will stay with us through the first part of the week. >> the ides of may. >> feels like january, doesn't it?
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it was a bit of political history made today, something we have not seen before. former speaker of the house newt gingrich announced he is getting into the 2012 pressial race and did it with a tweet he hopes will electricfy the race for the white house. but did it work? here is scron than karl. >> scron tha jonathan karl. >> gingrich joins the republican field that seems tailor made for saturday night live. >> this is a great time for
9:24 pm
this nation's greatest man, me. >> potential candidates include a billionaire developer with a reality show and hair that seems to defy gravity. the guy who ran god father's pizza, two candidates who support decriminalizing drugs and prostitution. obama's former ambassador to china and former governor the president credits for inspiring his healthcare are plan and a tea party heroine. at the first presidential debate half stayed away, missing this. >> how many people here would use hair wane i heroin if it w. oh, yeah, i need the government to take care of me, i don't need to use heroin so i need these laws. >> i never thought heroin would get applause here in south carolina. >> no wonder the speaker of the house is still hoping for more candidates. >> i'm not sure we have soorch all of the candidates we are going to see. i'm as anxious to see all of
9:25 pm
the candidates to come out so we can get an idea of what the field looks like. >> gingrich looks like a top contender. a former speaker of the house who produced balanced budgets, a conservative known to virtually wall republicans but gingrich starts low in the polls, weighed down by political and personal baggage. he has admitted mistakes including having an affair with one of his congressional aides who he went on to marry. for all of the republican problems if gas stays near $4 a gallon, unemployment anywhere near 9% they still believe that barack obama is imminently beatable. in the latest poll, 45% said they would definitely not vote for obama. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. despite controversy, a white house celebration of poetry went off without a hitch tonight. >> a great poem is one that resonates with us, that challenges us, and that teaches selvesething about our sstles
9:26 pm
and the world that we live in. if poetry doesn't affect you on some level that cannot be explained in words then the poem hasn't done its job. also known as it don't mean a thing if -- [ laughter ] -- are if it ain't got that swing. that is a little ad live there. >> got a good laugh. first lady michelle obama invited prominent writers and musical artists including common known for his activist lyrics but sarah palin and karl rove said that his lierics appear to indicate violence against the police. that wasn't the subject tonight. >> one day. >> i woke up with the sunshine. a sunshine i had never seen. there was light at the end of it, reminding me to forever
9:27 pm
dream. i was dreaming i walked into the white house. >> the white house defended its decision and said critics are distorting what the rapper actually stands for. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, what is in the water? the health danger from the mississippi waters. plus, the earthquake that rattled europe, how they made good on a rumored prophesy with one exception. and we return to the scene of one of the worst environmental disasters in california history. stay with us.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. a look at some of the headlines we are following for you. police in campbell from v. found a missing three-year-old girl thank goodness.
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investigators say she is the victim of severe child abuse. the child was found with her mother in a san jose parking lot. jane marin is now under arrest. police are still looking for the mother abouts boyfriend george rodriguez. a federal judge is allowing a lawsuit by the family of an antioch man killed during a police drug raid to move forward. judge susan ilston initially blocked the suit but reversed her decision because two of the officers are linked to the narcotics scandal. the public defender released another surveillance video that he claims shows undercover police officers taking part in an illegal search. some of the headlines tonight. contamination is a big concern this evening for the waters in memphis, tennessee. resident there's are worried the floods from the mississippi river have unleashed a toxic soup. abc 7's steve orsensami tested the water. >> it is very nasty. it's very nasty.
9:31 pm
>> reporter: families across memphis told us they were afraid of the sludge filled flood waters that poured into their homes and were curdling in the 90-degree heat. >> i'm not scared of the snakes out here, i'm scared of the water. >> filthy. it's filthy. >> we hired two experts to take samples jks one next to a school and the second from a low income neighborhood in south memphis where the water looked clean but smelled dirty. the lab results con firmded their fears jrntion the levels of the deadly e. coli bacteria, coliform and fecal matter in the water were two times higher than any acceptable places. >> there would be a need for complete de contamination. >> why is it so high? what can we do to change that? >> reporter: on the south side
9:32 pm
of town where the water had less fecal matter than the water near the school it was still off the charts. >> i didn't know thi this it ws that tox inkjet. >> scientists told us we know there is diesel and high levels of nitrogen and fos foss for rushing down the mississippi. all along the river many communities get their drinking water from the local system. scientists are testing, worried the chemicals might make their way from the rir to the faucet amount series of nato strikes has hit the capital of libya tonight. ambulances are heard but it was not clear what was hit. rebels in libya say they are now in control of the airport in misurata. the war has ver reached a stalemate. the government controls the capital of tripoli and almost all of the west and rebels are in charge of ben ghazi and other towns in the oil
9:33 pm
producing east. quaddafi made one of his first public appearances since a nato air strike killed one of his sons,. some residents wanted to keep this there as a memorial but the government finally desided it was too risky with the threat of aftershocks. after two nt mos a large crane lifted the boat off a building. many people expected earthquakes to hit rome because of an old prophesy. diana has details. >> two earthquakes minutes apart rocked southern spain on wednesday, topping church towers killing at least ten and injure is dozens more. it fulfilled an eerie prediction that a large earthquake would strike on
9:34 pm
may 11, twefs. many shops were closed and school attendance was low. this woman slept in her car are last night until it got too cold. according to internet rumor it was rafaelly bendandie who predicted in 1919 the big one would hit rome. the rear humor was enough to panic rome despite government efforts to keep calm. mile wthey had no idea they woe hit by not one but two quakes jshes the second a 5'4" magnitude monster. the nation's worst earthquake in 50 years. dianaadie. a former wall street titan was found guilty in a massive insider trading case. it took the yir more than two weeks to convict him of five conspiracy counts and nine counts of securities fraud.
9:35 pm
prosecutors say he made profits and avoided losses totaling more than $60 million. the verdict came after seven weeks of testimony and hours of pier stops in which the 53-year-old can be heard wheeling and dealing with corrupt executives and consultants. hhe he now faces up to 19 years in prison. facebook says it has fixed a security flaw that made user accounts and personal information avail tob availablo advertisers. it says the flaw appears to have been accidental but the information was available for several years. the issue affected nearly 100,000 apps including games like farmville which is so pop epopular. the report says it is possible that advertisers didn't realize they had any ability to access the information. google is threatening to shut down its streetview map
9:36 pm
service in switzerland following a ruling by a swiss court. google toordered goog toll plur all faces and license plates. >> lets you see street level video taken by cars mounted with 360-degree cameras. google says the demand is unrealistic and is asking the north to overturn it. if they retuesday they will be orsens withdraw the rt from switzerland. one of the state's worst environmental disasters. what it was like then and what it is like there now. ú
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an experimental evacuation scene has helped monkeys with the form of the aids virus to control the disease for more than one year. it primes the immune system to attack the hiv virus when it first enters the body when the virus is most vulnerable. researchers expect to test the vaccine within people in three years time trchlt has been nearly 0 years since a northern california chemical spill turned into the largest inland
9:40 pm
environmental disaster are in state history. it happened when a train deraild. thousands of gallons of herbicides spilled into the upper sacramento river. in tonight's assignment 7 report we return to the site of the spill to see what has happened since. >> with the mount mass that show meets the upper samentd river you find one of the premierout door rek yaiks area in the country. but there was a time when it wasn't this way. in 1991 a southern pacific train derailed. it didn't just cause a wreck. it created an environmental disaster and crippled the local economy. 19,000-gallons of a herbicide poured into the upper sacramento river. it was so toxic it was three days before scientists were even alud near the water virtually everything we have seen, ak troa original --
9:41 pm
>> we were leeing up several garbage bags full of dead fish. it was grey fish and hoards f aah quawtic insects. salamanders. >> almost every living original niz many within 38 miles of the river was dead. >> it is amazing to see how resillant and fast the river can come back. >> started to recover within a week. >> reporter: mark stowfer is in charge of monitoring the site. >> probably win three to four years eare resentencingly rferred. >> toafer says the long-term effects have been minimal. by thief, research showed most fis species had completely recovered. that was the last time fish and at the river.hensive lookive
9:42 pm
now, an environment group is taking a look at it. >> the river is fundamentally changed. >> renee is with the river ex-thaing an environmential group, je has been stud stud dig the river and says there is evidence that some species are still stugling to find a plaidz in the new prifer. >> based on the research that was done it seems like fly that am 23eubian populations probably haven't recover. >> he says there is nor research that needs to be done research that needs to be done but the fish and game money for it. >> i wouldn't say that the upper amount river is probably the highest priority for glus it wasn't just wildlife that died when the river was poisoned. the town did, doo. businesses sprugled to stay eap. >> some went off of whris and nft were implcted even the number of sitor they had for teive bhal rears.
9:43 pm
>> he saids economic recovery took years. lee sort loner louie was one of the lucky ones. >> a quick fix isn't going to help glus immediately after the spill his resort business was in big trouble. >> what wore id us was that the -- what worried us was that the perception would persist and the perception is what kills the comie. >> tourists came back within a year. sports ficialermen came back two. today in the commune thrit is a lense that they got lucky. >> could have been a lot worse things that are truck or train belonged 450er could have had a more relaxed -- >> merged in the mid '90s and made changes to the infamous can tara loop awrong the sacramento river. we installed a my strength airier there that we hope thutd there rfer be an insurance bent
9:44 pm
len hesm them await a cank car ending up in the yifer. >> a symbol of how nature can recover, given time. and most people agree that another spill is inevitable because so many roadways and railway tracks cross waterways. thanks to the cantara spill they are armed with knowledge of how to approach such disasters in the new teur. tomorrow happens to be bike to work day and a size kl shop is hoferring free of whatles to the first wum hundred bike raiders who show up at the. rentals and repairs at nerkz and tw other sphaikses. we have a lull fish and game at rebound rebound under see it on t slsmed. if you pa participate, good for you. just dried carefully tomorrow.
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>> yoling up next, maig mom. this is by more the fast important. >> plus,
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9:47 pm
san francisco's newest neighborhood is buy ginning to take shape. cranes were used to today to
9:48 pm
install street lights along freshly paveed donahue street. the work is the final part of the in sphr infrastruck steur improvements to a 240 home development project expected to get underway. to could add as many as 25,000 residents as new homes are built here over the next 20 years. in oakland, business owners say now is the time to shop downtown and showed off a clock to prove it. they revealed a newly restored art deco clock on the corner of broadway and 17th street. it sat there broken for years and new the arms are working again and a neon blue ribbon helps brighten the sidewalk. three baby barn owls reunited with their family tonight after two of the babies took an unexpect 30-mile hey ride. the picture from the spca shows one of two babies in a bai balf hey delivered to a woman in king city. the hay came from a ranch in green field.
9:49 pm
a man in greenfield called the spca saying that he found a baby owl. the workers built a new nest in greenfield and we understand everybody i is together, once again, and all doing well. cute picture. go waback and update the forec. spencer christian is here with us. >> tuck yourself into bales of hay today, it was cold outside. >> high definition east bay camera in emeryville. nice steady onshore flow of cool marine air. highs tomorrow statewide milder. 6 sacramento. 83 fresno. down in the desert 96 at palm springs. l.a. 74 tomorrow and things warm up here in the bay area as well. high temperatures inland tomorrow in the low to mid 70s. 60s around the bay. it is going be a lovely day. and for the giants, tomorrow afternoon, 12.5 and 18 deep park takin on the diamondbacks
9:50 pm
between. suns ansunny and breezy. two mild days coming our way. spring like weather will wind down and dial back to winter like over the weekend as clouds thicken and we have showers saturday night and sunday going to be chilly. and we still have a chance of lingering showers on monday, tuesday and wednesday. the weather gets a bit unsettled. >> i'm not sure i like this back to the future weather forecast. >> not so crazy about this either. talk about a welcome home. three san diego siblings thought their mom was serving in afghanistan so they were truly sur price surprised whene home early and showed up at their schools. >> this is the home coming i have been dreaming about all year to surprise them at their school. >> butterflies big time. >> hi, baby.
9:51 pm
>> perfect. exactly whe what i want. >> gets you every time. >> the lieutenant is back home after being gone 13 months. and they are so happy to be reunited with mom. that is wonderful. larry beil is here. >> what a great belated mother's day gift. >> absolutely. >> a great celebration, a great surprise. the sharks they are are on the eve of a do or die moment. we will hear from them on their attitude. and up in the sky, it as bird, it's a plane, it's tim lincecum?
9:52 pm
san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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the new attempt to scare young people from vandalizing east bay parks. how police are hoping that this device is going to solve their problem. and how the tsa is defending the patdown of an infant passing through airport security. look at that image. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news over on channel 7. baseball and you are going to talk hockey. i'm scared to death for them tomorrow. >> you are scared? imagine how they feel. the giants on a winning streak. a nice roll, the manager said of staying focused.eds t sancha the lonlyiest man in the world, the a's fan at at&t park. sanchez laboring early if the fourth. hammering h henry blanco deep to left and gone.
9:55 pm
bottom of the frame, tejada a couple of hits in the game. buster posey going to make it 3-1 in the fifth. huff turns on one deep to right and on to levi's landing. his fourth of the year. tide at three. bottom sixth. two outs and to the gap in right center. ground rule double. a pop secret double if you will, right now the giants are leading 4 opinion 3 in the bottom of the 8th as they go for the fifth straight. dallas braeden who has been in pain for awhile will have an operation to repair a torn capsule in his shoulder. hopefully he can come back next season. the a's and rangers trying to wrap up a three game-set in arlington. gonzalez not sharp in the third. mitch moreland with a grand slam. geoallowed 7 runs in two and two thirds but the west news is it december nt count.
9:56 pm
the game was not official because it didn't go at least five innings. the stats don't count and it is like thisever happened. they will make up the game siem this summer. >> remember the huge shark's bandwagon everybody was jump on a week ago -- like dan -- it moped ifown sized to mow med they win tomorrow night. what is the worse is the way they are losing against detroit. last night, completely outhustled and outplayed. the red wings out shot them 45-25. the sharks practiced this afternoon knowing tomorrow night is going to be nem rabl one way or another. >> we don't need to look back. we are looking aelectoral vote eliminatence to elimb nilt them. >> you never want to have any
9:57 pm
doubt in your mind or think any negative thoughts. >> literally a one game season for them. the celtics, one game got to fielt for your life. down 3-1 to people and lebron made sure it was closing time in game five. shaq back in the street clothes. the comeback lafted all of two games. the end of a great career. first quarter. dwyane wade. the circus put-back. are you kidding me! fourth quarter, delonte west in transition. chris boesch come get some. lebron james. he's back and exclamation point. ended the game on a 10-0 run hielf. the heat knock out the defending eastern conference champions. in the west, time five.
9:58 pm
>> hut sell. names arden. until you one the break. >> led by 11 at the half. look at westbrook. if i could dunk i would do it like that. and they never loed ba. rantfromay downtown. he had a team high 19. he didn't have to play much down the stretch waw because te thunder cruised to the one dismrks 24e have a 3-2 series lead. the likes will be back the inpeninsula id. we will feature the dop motorcycle racers in the country including a married kowm there come nateed last year en route to his first ever thp. his wife made history in 2009, the miest placing fee nail rider in the daytona 200 and they have what you might call a unique driving relationship. >> are you married? there is no such thing as me
9:59 pm
giving my wife tips, you know, 2 just doesn't work that way. like i said it is a special relationship we had to mig out how to handle. >> josh and i met at the ract naturally and i think it is awesome because we kind of both understand what we are going through. >> and they are going very fast. >> when is not striking people out you might see tim lincecum in the sky. he ha has gone up, up and asphwhrai this is practically sur rail, man. >> isn't it great. >> get to see it from this yeg. >> he took a flight with pilot kerr by chambliss. i'm sure giants management is going to be happy to hear they did not do barrel rolls but kir are by said next flight i want to branch it up. >> thanks, rarely. then he goes screaming under the brid


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