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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 16, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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the giants fan who was beaten by two men outside dodgers stadium is being brought to the bay area for treatment. >> they are having him moved to san francisco's general trauma center. amy, he should arrive sometime today? >> sometime this afternoon. moving him is an intricate process. we have a live picture where preparations shall underway. this is the county medical center where the ambulance is ready to go that will take him to the airlift. he will object a medical jet and fly to sfo in an ambulance here will take him to san francisco general and head of surgery will
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be ready to assess him. they are happy to get him to the bay area but the move also makes them sad. >> the people of l.a. have been in our hearts during this journey and your prayers and support have guided us through. we have made lifelong friends. thank you doesn't say enough how much we appreciate you. you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. >> it's been an honor and privilege to work with the stow family. i'll mitt my daily interactions with them very much. the time is to get brian home. >> he has been in l.a. since high was attacked. he was severely beaten as he was leaving the giants-dodgers game send suffering from brain damage. police have not made any arrests. they do have sketches what the suspects possibly look like and plan to unveil billboards with the sketches on them tomorrow.
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they took him out of his medically induced coma and he is still unconscious but they do think he is stable enough to move to san francisco. >> he has had a lot of movement. we look at that as positive. we hope it continues. >> we have no illusions it could be a long road to recovery. we are looking at over a year of rehab. so we're prepared to take the next step. >> his parents say they are prepared for a different bryan stow. the doctor says he will meet with the media and give the public an update on his condition which right now is listed as critical. abc news is reporting the 8-year-old california girl whose mother gave her botox injections
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is no longer in the family home. child protective services is investigating the incident. they say sources tell them that the girl is doing well. the mother was interviewed last week by "good morning america" and defended giving botox to her young daughter to prevent wrinkles. she administers the shots herself and they helped the daughter during competitions. this morning, pg&e is continuing the water pressuring testing in antioch. they are reminding residents they might smell natural gas as the utility clears out the pipeline before testing begins. they will blast water through the sections to check the integrity of the pipe. they ordered the tests after last september's pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> a 300-year-old oak tree will
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not than cut down as initially planned. the puc has decided to the no to remove the tree until residents. >> in is not an issue of property value or possession or anything. it's really an issue this is something that happened bay too fast without adequate notice and we have to make sure there really are no alternatives. >> the cpuc says they need to remove the tree to make room for a pipeline. >> the bay area's housing market lost momentum. sales slipped to a three-year low last month, down 4% from march. median sales price fell for the seventh consecutive month to
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$360,000 but the market is continuing to show signs of a slow rebound with an increase in number of adjustable rate and jumbo loans to buy homes. >> right now governor jerry brown is laying out a revised budget for the coming year and there is an unexpected $2 billion in extra revenue. that could mean a shift in his proposals that affect your taxes. eric thomas is live in the newsroom with the latest. the governor is explaining his modified budget in a news conference that is going on right now. let's take you to a live pick of that. at the podium, governor's webcast is picked up by the channel. it has shrunk to push for tax renewals but it's stalled with republicans blocking a measure that would let voters to decide to extend temporary tax hikes that are scheduled to expire.
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the governor says it would raise $12 billion but he may switch tactics and ask lawmakers to prove them first and go to the voters later. republicans say their position has been weakened that shows the state has raised $2.5 billion more in tax receipts than expected. it shows cutting waste to take care of the deficit. the lugt has cut $11 billi. the ts ar ry pnful ane is discussing the budget revisions right now in sacramento. we will bring you the complete story of what his plans are coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. thanks very much. president obama is wrapping up a visit to memphis, tennessee high school which one this year's race to the top commencement challenge.
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>> they were pretty excited to see him. the school is in one of memphis's toughest neighbors after implementing education reforms and adding variety to his curriculum. >> because if success can happen here at booker t. washington, it can happen anywhere in memphis. and if it can happen in memphis it can happen in tennessee. if it can happen anywhere in tennessee it can happen all across america. >> the presidency commencement address after he met with families affected by flooding along the mississippi river. we're getting official word this morning celebrity donald trump has decided not to run for president. he is not ready to leave the
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private sector. he made headlines after raising questions where president obama was born. he released his long form birth certificate to the public. >> one of the most powerful men in the world is in jail facing criminal charges, he faces a judge today on sexual charges. >> and witnessing history, the shuttle endeavour's final launch extra special between gabrielle giffords a
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a manhattan judge this morning ordered the head of imf held without bail. dominique strauss-kahn is facing charges that he raped a hotel maid in new york saturday. a french novelist is ready to file a complaint accusing the candidate of sexual assault nine years ago. here is a report. >> the powerful world financial leader looked haggard and tired. dominique strauss-kahn known buys his initials, dsk faces three serious counts. >> he sexually assaulted her and raped her. >> a judge denied him bail. his accuser fingered him on
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sunday night. he voluntarily had his body examined. his defense team claims he has an alley by claiming he was at lunch during the time of the attack. >> the battle has just begun. we will prove that he is innocent of these charges. >> 1:30 saturday afternoon at the posh manhattan hotel a housekeeper entered the room, a $3,000 night suite. they say he came out of the bathroom naked, chased the 32-year-old maid down the hall and forced her to perform a sex act. he was taken out of his first class seat minutes before the jet took off. until saturday he headed the imf based in washington, d.c. that oversees the entire global financial system. it has heard him the nickname, the great deducer.
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another woman claims he tried to rape her. he also admitted to a affair with a fellow economist. >> he was considered a favorite to win the french election but for now he is just trying to win back his freedom in new york. >> the united states supreme court has refused to hear complaint atheist over a phrase used by president obama. he didn't like the fact that he said so help me god in his oath of office. he previously charged the pledge allegiance. >> ender's mission is under way after a near perfect launch it's on its way to the international
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space station. >> with that, endeavour blasted off this morning. the shuttle and six astronauts will arrive at the space station on wednesday. the original launch was cancelled last month after an electrical problem. the mission will deliver a $2 billion physics experiment. this is the second to the last shuttle trip ever and final voyage of the ender. gabrielle giffords 45,000 people that watched the launch. mark kelly is ender's commander. she sat in a wheelchair and watched the launch from the control center at kennedy space center with other crew member families. and just before the flight, gabby and mark exchanged wedding rings and she is wearing his on
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a chain. chief of staff describes her reaction. >> during the viewing she did at the end saying to me, she said good stuff. >> giffords was shot in the head back in january and making a truly remarkable recovery, relearning how to walk and talk. right after the you launch, they exchange. >> wonderful. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> we have to look at the rain is. it's starting to come ashore and pan off to the east. light rain in santa rosa, not once but twice over the next couple of days. >> interesting weather forces the tour of california to make changes to its route today. >> also the telephone
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conversation that got one woman arrested. this chinese government has found a solution to its population problem... "the chinese culture traditionally favors boys so when you have a girl, couples will sometimes have an abortion." now they just have to find a solution for its devastating side effects... quote the one-child policy has contributed to this problem, and that needs to change. but it is only half the problem. we have to change people's view about just having boys."how china is trying to undo the damage of its "one child only" policy...
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second leg of amgen tour is set to begin in an hour from now but from a different location. race organizers will go to
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nevada city because of bad weather conditions. first leg was cancelled yesterday because of all the snow and rain. rain is set to arrive here in the bay area on wednesday. >> mike, you can explain. >> it's too high. it's snowing down to 4,000 feet. so they moved up the time and started earlier because of that. take a look outside. take a look at radar and see what is going on. live doppler is quiet across the western slope of the sierra but right there around pacheco past you can see a blip, it's a little bit of snow developing as the snow is hitting the mountains. and around 4:00, this is what is going happen. we're going to have a winter storm warning 4:00 today to 5:00
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tomorrow. down to 4,000 feet and foot and a half above 7,000 feet. quite an oms winter storm for this part of may. let's open up the weather window and mount tamalpais. you can see the clouds are getting thicker and lowering. bottoms are getting a little rag ragged with light rain developing across the north bay. as we look from the south beach back towards berkeley and also emeryville. live doppler 7 hd. you see water well to our north there. it's a matter of time before ours becomes more organized and the light rain spreads across all our neighborhoods. it will start in about an hour and keep going. temperatures around 50s. monterey, 52 in santa cruz. so number one highlight, record cold high temperatures possible for all of us. rain returns later today. it will be cold again tomorrow,
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more showers and more scattered in nature. they'll be intermittent when the rain comes in tonight it will hang around. warmer and dry on wednesday and friday. take a look at the temperatures, 6 degrees cooler than average in san francisco to 17 degrees cooler than that. upper 50s to low 60s could set record temperatures for the coldest high on this date. 5 in monterey. -- 58 in monterey. and i'm not sure tll get the game in it will be raining on the first pitch, 56 degrees. tonight's temperature mid to upper 40s inland. upper 40s to to near 50 for the rest of us and note how the rain is more scattered in nature tonight. right now, warm front means a long duration, gradual seeking rain. cold front behind it is when we'll get more showers. here we are with the rain moving in around 5:00 and then 10:00. heaviest of the rain has still
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fallen. overnight it becomes more showery in nature and then tomorrow afternoon we'll see scattered showers. better push of organized weather into wednesday morning as the cold front moves through. once that passes becomes more scattered showers wednesday afternoon. temperatures will finally warm on thursday and friday back to the levels they should be. another cold front will come through this one, this one quietly and drop our temperatures saturday and sunday and won't bring us any rain, tonight through tomorrow, possibly two-thirds of an inch of rain. >> mike, thanks. >> medical marijuana clubs bringing in big bucks for the city of san jose. they released figures shows dispensaries paid $290,000 in taxes during march. first month since the new tax on pot dispensaries was implemented.
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new revenue could be short-lived they voted to cut the number of pot clubs in the city from 110 to just 10. >> and good cellphone manners, a loud cellphone use forced an amtrak train to make a stop. they arrested her on dislloyd conduct charges. they say she was talking loudly on her cellphone for most of a 16 hour ride. train operators called police and stopped the train after the woman got mad and made threats to passengers who asked her to keep her voice down. the train was delayed for 20 minutes. >>
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you are looking at live picture center suisun bay where one of two obsolete vessels is leaving right now. the 20th ship to leave the national defense reserve fleet as it will be taken to texas for recycling. about 22 more ships will be leaving now between now and september 30th. today on oprah at 4:00, her most controversial guests. and then at 5:00, astronaut on board the shuttle and experiment he hopes to accomplish that in space. >> all right.
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>> thanks so much for joining us today. >> bye-bye.
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