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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 18, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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this is person ho whom arnold schwarzenegger fathered child and it happened at the same time as maria shriver was pregnant. >> and they lived in the same households for years, a as the woman named patty kept secret about the boy. >> latest on the continuing scandal. >> this is the woman who was arnold schwarzenegger's big secret for over a decade. mildred patricia beana. these pictures are from a website tmz. he fathered a child with her, a boy, 14 years ago. >> he always had an addiction to
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sex, an addiction to women. that was his biggest downfall. >> he worked in the family's brentwood mansion as an assistant for more than 20 years before retiring in january. divorced in 2008, she and her son currently reside in a four-bedroom house outside of los angeles with three other children. >> within hours, days and weeks we will everything we wanted to know everything we want to know about the mother of the child. >> just as they abruptly announced their separation after 25 years of marriage. shriver moved out of the brentwood mansion after he told her about the affair and child. >> acknowledgement of the child publicly is a breaking point for everyone especially one that is fighting for women's rights. >> the mother was reportedly working pregnant at the same time maria was pregnant with her
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fourth child. >> she heard rumors before and they have tried different things to patch it up but nothing has worked. >> besides releasing a statement arnold schwarzenegger has issued a no comment since news of the child broke. he still plans on returning to his hollywood movie career. >> and former first lady shriver headed showed up for the taping of hope ra. she did not talk about the marital problems but she did thank oprah for her friend hadship and you have shown love and support and more of a aus all the truth. >> we're learning more about where patricia beana is living now. they say they live in this baker field home with three other children. and the family is always cordial
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especially the 13-year-old boy. >> this young man being polite and being very cordial somebody that you want to be around. >> according to public records, she purchased the home around last june about the same time she retired from housekeeper and assistant. >> other news, the giants will return to dodger stadium for the first time since their brian stow was brutally beaten. doctors treating stow just gave us an update on his condition. amy hollyfield is there live. is it encouraging? >> his doctor is very happy. he says they took him off one of five seizure medications and he hasn't had a seizure since. doctors say this a positive
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sign. he arrived here in san francisco on monday. he had been in a l.a. hospital since the attack. his doctors here at san francisco general they've done comprehensive testing and bryan is not out of the woods yet. they don't know if his progress will plateau. they plan to be aggressive with his treatment. >> the plan with the next several days is to continue to follow anymore h i am in the intensive care unit, making sure that he has no seizure activity now that we have one medication off. over the next several weeks we'll taper the medications back so we can better understand what the true level of his brain function. l.a. police have sketches of the two attackers could possibly look like. they have about 500 leads. they are especially interesting
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finding a woman that worn a dodger jersey. they believe she gave the men a ride. they have increased the reward in the case, it's now up to $200,000. doctors and police are being very aggressive on the bryan stow case. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." oakland city council voted early this morning to continue funding two controversial gang injunctions. more than 1200 community members addressed the council prior to the vote. one forbid gang members from associating with each others and second injunction prevents gang members from gathering in the fruitvale district is being challenged in court. >> the san francisco police chief is considering officers carrying video cameras. another surveillance video that appeared freers show officer
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misconduct. it shows and search and constituent drug arrest. the officers can be seen walking into the building empty-handed and walking out what appear to be a laptop and camera. those items were never entered into evidence. >> president obama delivered the commencement address at the coastguard academy this morning but getting there was a little challenging. you can see a little silhouette of air force one at the landing of the new london connecticut airport. it forced the pilot to circle the runway before trying again and landing safely. the president didn't mention the incident during the speech. he did highlight the coastguard their record in answering calls. >> you have made one of our nation's first responders leading the evacuation of lower
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manhattan on 9/11 and being the first americans on the scene from the earthquake in haiti to the oil spill in the gulf. >> tomorrow the president travels through langley, virginia to thank the men and women in c.i.a. for planning the attack that killed osama bin laden. he is also expected to make a major foreign policy speech at the state department. >> the fans are in place and siteists are geared up and livermore is ready for the amgen bike race. terry mcsweeney is live at the starting point. >> this gets underway in about 35 minutes. they are signing up at a table over by the line over there. the crowd is getting heavier and had heavier by the minute. who is going to win the race, i don't know but the city is going to bring in million or two million as the result of this event. >> greatest cyclists from around
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the world of come for today's race, 10,000 people are expected to cheer them on. they are spending a lot of money and they hope to sell 200 dishes out of truck at an average about $6 each. >> this is great for the town. it's good for us. we're a local business. it's good exposure. >> down at the first street ale house, the owner expects an uptick this week and repeat customers down the road. >> people coming from out of the area. we've been in this location for a year now. so getting people from the out of the area and see what we are is more important to me. >> livermore spent $50,000 to get the race there and is hoping to get that back and whole lot more. >> we already made the money back in sponsorship. this is going to putting it on the international stage. it's bringing in $1-2 million so
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it's well worth it. >> selected charities do well. amgen breakaway cancer event will raise money for the disease. >> we get to ride the 81 miles so it should be fun. >> they gave us a headset though, too. >> they take off 11:45 leaving fans and lots of money behind. >> i talked to representatives of chamber commerce, events, it could be worth a million to the city. more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead, last time, usual twist in the final hookup of the space shuttle endeavour. >> and long recovery of wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> a recent poll of college
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graduates show just how
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more than 30,000 items collected... i'm delighted with the quality of the things that we have. very likely it's the largest collection in the world in private hands. some more than 6,000 years old... it's hard not to be noticed when we have collected and spent as much as we have. it is the most incredible book ever put together; that it could not have come together without devine guidance.private hands. some more than 6,0
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six flags vallejo. a pacific walrus gave born to a still calf last night. it would have been the first walrus birth at the park and only in the 12 dz in a u.s. zoo. survival rates in captivity is
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only 50%. they say though the pregnancy was ultimately unsuccessful they learned a lot from it. information that could help in future breeding. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords recovery is not slowing down while her astronaut husband is working in space. doctors are going to replace a piece of skull with a plastic implant. they had to remove a piece of skull shortly after she was shot in the head. shuttle endeavour is off with the international space station. two craft linked up just after 3:00 this morning, about an hour ahead of schedule. they are delivering the most expensive pay load ever, a $2 billion magnetic devic tt asur darener. they will attach toy the space station tomorrow. it's on the final mission and
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this is the second to last flight ever for the nasa shuttle mission. recent college graduates are having a tough time finding work. oh get stuck paying low paying jobs. the poll examined 571 graduates of public and private universities and finds just half have full time jobs. the polled students graduated between 2006 and 2010. less than half say the first job didn't require a bachelor's degree and nearly half say they are helping them financially. they were paid $30,000 a year, that is more than the first job than the most recent graduates. salaries went down. 88% of them receive healthcare compared to 77% of the more recent graduates. >> clouds out there. >> and one of those puffy clouds
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will open up for a shower but the worst of the weather and nuisance for the commute is over. drying trend and warming trend and a small chance of a shower this weekend. >> and your exclusive backstage pass to one of the biggest in the nation, who showed up at oprah's farewell. >> and sugar ray leonard reveals a terrible childhood secret. >> and larry beil and carolyn johnson. we'll be streaming it lie. ey do news and you might want to check it out. dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. a question already! my mom says cable can't bundle cell phones.
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oprah winfrey had a star-studded episode taping. tom hanks and tom cruise and even michael jordan showed up. a crowd of 13,000 fans gathered at chicago's theater last night. 13,000, oprah didn't know who was on the show until just before the show. >> it was an, indeed, a
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historical moment. 25 years of oprah. she definitely an original. >> she has given a lot not only to americans. they have no idea how she has helped people but women everywhere. >> the two shows called surprise oprah will air monday and big finale is wednesday. >> right now we're watching sunshine coming in. >> and a threat of a small shower in the afternoon hours but take a look outside what is going on. here we're looking at northwest from sutro tower, you see the marin headlands and some of the clouds that look dangerous but if they do open and drop rain it would be very little rain and very frequent event. here we are looking southeast back across the bay bridge back towards berkeley. you can see a few clouds
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starting to build over the east bay hills. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. it looks quiet a few radar returns around livermore and up around mount hamilton but the winds and cool temperatures that they have to deal with. they will hit the highest elevations up to 25 for the amgen tour. winter storm warning has expired. 56 in livermore and 58 in san jose. a lot of mid to upper 50s until you get to mountain view and santa rosa, around 60 degrees. 63 at santa cruz an 53 in monterey. everybody else around the bay in the upper 50s. most of us will be dealing with sunny spots and warmer temperatures. warmer tomorrow afternoon and friday and random shower is possible this weekend. big story is the cool front that will drop our temperatures back down. temperatures three degrees warmer in san francisco to about
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10 in santa rosa. over in east bay hills, we could have a stray showers and mid to upper 50s. east bay shore, here we're looking low to mid-60s in the south bay. south bay, mid to upper 60s. breezy and upper 50s along the coast. to near 60 downtown and south san francisco along with sausalito. breezy in the north bay beaches. this would be the best area of one of those stray showers in the afternoon hours. upper 50s monterey and carmel. mid to upper 60s around the rest of the bay. you can see very scattered nature of the showers and even a little snow in tahoe starting to dissipate, 43 degrees and shower around l.a. and 68. you don't have to worry about the rain in the coliseum but it will be cool and breezy as the twins take on the a's. 58 dropping down 53 degrees and it will be cool tonight, mid to upper 40s in most of our
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neighborhoods, look for patchy fog developing in the north bay valleys and also along the coast. here is the cold front, look to the northwest and you can see the clearing. again, daytime heating a little uplift by the mountains create the scattered shower in the north bay. it could push it into the east bay valleys. wake up tomorrow morning with on clear sky. full of sunshine during lunch and temperatures will be around 2-6 degrees warmer than today. it will be fairly warm on friday. you see the cooling trend over the weekend with a stray shower possible on sunday. don't cancel your plachx over it. monday and tuesday, slightly warmer. sugar ray leonard says he was sexually abused by a prominent olympic coach. remember he was a contestant on dancing with the stars.
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he claims he was assaulted on two occasions. first happened when he was just 15. he has been haunted by the ordeal for years and decided to talk about it to help with his own healing process. just ahead, unique for the first time in decades. we'll be right back.  (speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world.
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today at 5:00, an extreme case of endometrosis that left a
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woman not able to have a child until a lifesaving procedure was performed in the bay area saved her and help create a new life. join us for that and more at 5:00. >> and biologists thought they would never see it again. but a rat species after not being seen for more than a hundred years. >> they spotted it in columbia. rodent is covered in reddish hair. >> it's about the size of a guinea pig. it has not been seen since 1898. >> they snapped a few photos but it retreated in the forest again. >> just enough for a photo op. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye. are you trapped and don't know how to escape your addiction to cigarettes?
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