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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 19, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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oakland's police chief is being briefed right now on officer-involved double shooting that happened last night during a police operation. >> police and drug enforcement agents were involved in the shooting. happened at 10:30 in the 3000 block of curin street. a third suspect is in custody. terry mcsweeney joins us from oakland police headquarters. terry? >> we are waiting right now for oakland police department spokesman to come out and tell us what the official version of this is. not a lot of information about what was going on out there at the time of the shooting. but we know this much, for dorsey and her two young children it was a brush with death. >> i grabbed the baby. i wouldn't sleep on my couch. it grabbed him and ran for
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my other son and made sure he was okay in his bed. >> that happened at 10:30 last night. two police officers opened fire on two suspects killing them both. 12:30 this morning, police found a third suspect hiding nearby. officers also say they found lots of weapons. a witness who did not want to be identified heard some of the weapons. >> six to seven shots. at least two different calibers of gun. i hit the floor immediately. because of it was close to my door, close to my window. >> this morning, police removed a vehicle from the scene. a vehicle with the right rear window blown out. a hint of the violent scene last night witnessed by ramisha dorsey. >> i came out my door and saw him in the grass, shot in the head it looks like, looked like he was shot in the head. >> reporter: there was another body in her driveway. dorsey says she did not know either man. she is upset her children had to experience it. >> frustrated. my 11-year-old had to see it.
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just kind of nervous to come out. >> one of the residents who lives throughout, been there for two years says except for three nights ago when he heard gunfire, a pretty peaceful neighborhood. he was surprised that it happened. certainly stunned that it happened outside his door. more tonight on abc7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. live oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you, terry. new developments in the scandal involving contra costa law enforcement officers accused of stealing and selling drug evidence. decision on the trial of former task force commander norman welch and court appearance of a san ramon police officer implicated with him. abc7's laura anthony is live in walnut creek with the latest. >> reporter: this is a short hearing. in it, the judge said that norman welsh could have greater freedom to travel outside the county to attend to health issues. they ordered welsh and the
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three other defendants in the case back last month to answer charges that attracted attention of the f.b.i. two of four defendants in a growing cnet scandal made court appearance in walnut creek. lombardi and former contra costa narcotics task force commander norman welsh. >> just happened here today is the matter was put over to june 23. so that all four named people in the second amended complaint can appear at that date. >> welsh, lombardi and accused coconspirator chris are in a complaint to possess illegal weapons and embezzle money. two are charged with setting men up for dirty dui arrest. in a 40-page statement that butler gave investigators he claims he conspired to run a brothel out of a pleasant
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hill massage parlor. they have not charged the defendants with any crime related to the brothel allegation. >> there is not a charge in terms of that issue. anytime soon that i know of. >> michael cardoza acknowledged that the f.b.i. is involved in the cnet investigation. >> now the f.b.i. is involved and i assume the corruption unit is involved to see what is going on in this case and see if it is more for a reaching in this county. >> cardoza went on the say he has not been contacted by the f.b.i. but if and if he is he will not allow his client welsh to speak with federal investigators. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc7 news. impressive debut on the new york stock exchange for the first u.s. social network company to go public. mountain view's linkedin.
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[ applause ] they are happy. company officials rang the opening bell and watched the stocks soar. the share price doubled immediately. first time for company i.p.o. since 2006. right now it's at $105. analysts say it reflects the investor belief that internet company that reflect people with common interest will be highly profitable. a major development underway on the bay bridge as the new suspension plan as caltrans installs a huge device to hold all the cables. they say it's history in the making for the longest anchored self-suspension fan. amy hollyfield has been watching this, since this morning and it has a special name. >> reporter: a cable saddle. think of a saddle like on a horse. fastener. it's holding the cable in place. big deal and the largest one in the world.
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officials held a press conference to give us a sense of what is happening today. they have animation to show the saddle moving in place on top of the suspension tower. it looks easy in the animation but it is a complicated process. it started at 5:00. they don't think they will finish until 7:00 tonight. they also had video of a practice run they did. since they will be 550 feet in the air over water they wanted to make sure it fit. so they had a trial run on land last month. you couldn't see them at work this morning but this afternoon they will be visible out there. >> drivers can expect t drive safely today. they shouldn't be impacted at all. we have been doing this several times and never seen traffic impact on the lifting we're doing. we're lifting significant piece of the bridge. 450-ton cable saddle 500 feet in the air and sitting down on the top part of the bridge. >> no problem, right? here is an example of what
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that saddle will hold. this is what the cable looks like. this is what you see in the air. the arches that look like they are truly holding up the bridge. it takes a year to put the cables in place. all of the tasks are starting to seem endless. they're pleased with the progress they are making on the bridge. they feel confident they will get it open for us at the end of 2012. live in oakland -- where am i? somewhere near the bay bridge, oakland, at the base of it. amy hollyfield. back to you. i'll go look at a map and see where i am. >> thank you. we know where we are going with breaking news. san jose. game and fish officials are on the scene of a barge leaking fuel near the southern tip of the san francisco bay. they are working to contain the fuel. >> officials say when low tide hit, the barge tilted and then started leaking fuel. it had 750 gallons in it. that is not known how much of the fuel spilled in the
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water. a kayaker spotted the sheen and called it in. they're looking for barge owner right now. we'll monitor the story on the air and online at stunning develop in the the botox mom investigation. the mother is now retracting her statement that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with botox to remove wrinkles for beauty pageants. entertainment website tmz says it obtained a sworn declaration from the woman who identifies herself as sheena upton. she said the british tabloid paid her to play the role of a mom and even gave her a script and told her what to say. she claims that "g.m.a." and other tv show offered a large fee for on-camera interview. the fall-out from the interview led california protective services to remove her daughter from her home. in today's statement, upton claimed that the ucla medical center examined her daughter and the results indicated she has never received treatments,
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including botox or other such injections. abc news responded saying it's vigorously investigating the most recent statement and rapidly shifting story. "good morning america" has repeatedly questioned upton, members of her family and other sources who again and again sood b the box story. in yet another development, within the past half hour, the "sun" newspaper is denying it gave upton a script and said it only published the story after a reporter watch the mom give an injection that looked like botox to her daughter. >> so it continues. well, still ahead, major speech on foreign relations. president obama spells out a change in u.s. policy for the middle east after tide of democratic uprising. doctors have good news on gabrielle giffords one day after she underwent skull surgery. 
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president obama just wrapped up a major speech spelling out how u.s. policy toward the middle east and north avenuerica will change -- africa will change in the wake of democratic revolution in arab nations and he refocussed attention on peace talks. abc7's eric thomas monitored the entire speech. >> they call it the arab spring, the string of uprising you are talking about. in the speech, two-third involved the aftermath of the arab spring and how the u.s. will help countries and people striving for democracy in middle east and north africa. the last third involved a proposal sure to make israel angry. the president went to the state department and spoke to the foreign service
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offersers who will implement the for officer -- officers who will implement the policy. >> the question for sus what role will am the story unfolds? >> the answer, according to the president, supporter of human right, political and economic reforms. he says the death of osama bin laden in a commando raid two weeks ago leaves the u.s. with rare opportunity. >> before his death, al-qaeda was losing the struggle for relevance. the overwhelming majority saw slaughter oaf innocence doesn't allow to better life. >> to that end the president says the u.s. will push for human rights in countries where free speech and self-determination are suppressed or met with violence as in syria. the u.s. will encourage political reform and free elections and support economic development in
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democratic countries, starting with egypt. >> we will relieve democratic egypt of up to $1 billion in debt and work with the partners to invest resources and foster growth and entrep sure inship. we will help them have access to markets. >> the president added true middle east peace could only be reached if israel agrees to return to the 1967 borders. that is the controversy started today. that means giving back east jerusalem, west banked gaza as a basis for the palestinian state. that is something that benjamin netanyahu repeatedly and vehemently said israel will not do. you haven't heard the last of this. back to you. >> thank you very much. the f.b.i. is investigating whether ted kaczynski, unabomber, was involved in the tyler scandal. he wrote in papers that the
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prison officials received request from the f.b.i. for d.n.a. samples. spokeswoman says kaczynski refused to give a sample voluntarily and wouldn't say if he could be compelled to give one. kaczynski is serving a life sentence after pleading guilty in 1998 to setting 16 explosions that killed three people and injured several more. doctors in houston say wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is now awake and communicating after skull surgery. yesterday, doctors nut a plastic implant that replaces a piece of her skull that was removed in january to release swelling after she was shot in the head. her husband, mark kelly currently in space commanding the shuttle "endeavor" says he talked to family members about his wife's recovery. kelly spoke this morning from the international space station. >> she is doing really well. everything went as planned. she is recuperating and
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getting back to therapy today. it went really well. >> astronauts accomplished the number one mission objective. they attached a device to the space station that will study dark matter. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. maybe it will be sunny and stay that way. >> for a while at least. show you what is going on as the clouds are dissipating. sunshine and warmer weather for the next couple of days. we have talk about a cooling trend for the weekend. >> government says it will limit patient access to popular diabetes drug avandia. 
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a popular bay area beach is cleaner this morning thanks to the efforts of 500 students. the kids spent the last hour picking up trash at ocean beach as part of the 18th annual kid's ocean day. students have been learning about ocean health in the local watershed. they will end by arranging themes in the shape of a bat ray for an aerial photo with a message "turn the tide." i can't wait to see that picture, kids. >> practice that in the newsroom. enough of that. we have to talk to mike. the weather will be outstanding. >> we hope. nice outside. nice for the kids to get out and clean, especially on a
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day sunny and murky for them. sunnier for the minute. nice way to get out of the classroom, especially as you are closer to the end of the year. a finger of fog to the golden gate. the haze around the area. we have one more nice picture to show you. downtown oakland. we have a game today at 12:35. tiff forecast for you in a second -- i have the forecast for you in a second. i have can't remember everything. show you what is going on. you can see a northwesterly wind taking the clouds away from the north bay coast. still hanging around the santa cruz. excuse me. monterey bay and peninsula coast. it will be stubborn to get rid of. temperatures responding to the sunshine. 70 in concord. 71 in fairfield. low to mid-60s around the bay and north bay valley.
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59 at half moon bay. we are in the mid-to-upper 50s, monterey and watt zanville. low to mid-60s, gilroy, salinas and santa cruz. let's talk about the sunshine and warmer weather. that's the first highlight. it happens this afternoon. breezy to windy this weekend. it knocks the temperatures down and won't be as warm saturday, sunday, monday. today's temperature change is going up. oakland, san francisco, two degrees warmer. san jose, 4. fremont, 5. concord, six. biggest skwlufrp is santa rosa at 10 degrees warmer than jed. east bay valley where we find warmest weather this afternoon. mid-to-upper 70s. concord jumping up to 76 degrees. we make a run at 7in castro valley. not far behind. and low to mid-70s in south bay. cupertino, san jose around 72. we will drop from 70 at palo alto to 64 at millbrae. over at the coast, you can see the clouds keeping us in the upper 50s to near 60. the extra sunshine around
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downtown south san francisco and saucelito. low to mid-60s. 69 in san rafael. low to mid-70s through the north bay valley. breezy and upper 50s at your beaches. 76 in gilroy. here is the coliseum forecast. the twins and the a's 1, 2:35. sunshine and mild. 64. jumping up to 68 degrees. around the state today, especially central valley, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. tahoe, 53. tonight, we have clouds around the bay and to the coast. the temperatures will fall back to 50s. area will dominate the west coast. this is pushing the storm track to the north. this will have an effect to our weather. it will drop our temperatures five to ten degrees. it looks like all the rain will stay away. >> sounds good. thank you. >> you bet. >> well, the food and drug administration is restricting the use of the diabetes drug avandia after
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a decade of controversy. it will no longer be sold on pharmacy shelves. only certified doctors can prescribe the drug. patients have to be told about the risks. f.d.a. says patients who take it are at higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. in 2007, agency expert reported avandia caused heart problems including death in up to 200,000 people. that drug will be available only by mail-or
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a reminder of you. get a sneak preview of the 4:00 p.m. newscast with carolyn johnson and larry beil at we'll be streaming it live. show debuts on air next thursday. so check it out in advance. >> today, at 3:00 on 7 live, baseball hall-of-famer reggie jackson. then on abc7 news at 5:00, geolt release maps ranking area that are prone to landslide. also, the lawmaker proposing a ban on shark fin is making changes to proposal that might anger environmentalists. that's later today 5:00. down with the rain. >> it passes us by for the next seven days. >> we deserve it. enjoy the much-needed 
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