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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 20, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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a fusi-- they must got them in london. captions copyright 1992 national broadcasting company, inc. the surveillance video shows two shooting victims. one of them bleeding and limping after a freeway attack. >> the two men were traveling on interstate 780 outside vallejo last night when the driver of a passing vehicle opened fire on them. the victims managed to drive a few miles before finding help at an mcdonald's. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: this the mcdonald's in benicia where the wounded driver managed to get his vehicle, park it, go inside and collapse. of course, he had no idea that one of the people working at mcdonald's is a nursing student who along with the shift manager
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helped save his life. about 8:00 last night, a white buick pulls up in front of mcdonald's. you see the passenger open the driver's door and help shooting victiming across the parking lot. another surveillance camera shows him collapsing on the floor in front of dozens of customers. >> i heard someone scream, "oh, my god, he's shot." i turn around and there is a guy holding his friend. his friend has blood all over the side of him. first thing i did is grab the phone. i have called 911. i have grabbed one of my other employees and told him to stay on the phone with the police. it ran to the back and got phil. >> reporter: phil serves fast food by night, but by day he's learning how to serve up life-saving techniques. >> he's a medical assistant and going to school to be a nurse. he knew how to help the guy out until the ambulance got here. >> reporter: this is as a result of what happened on 80 minutes before. c.h.p. says light blue
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pick-up truck pulled up alongside the buick and man described as light skin with black hair and pony hail opened fire. for the next four miles, passenger rodriguez helped steer the vehicles as the driver went in and out of consciousness. c.h.p. says it was not a random shooting. >> we believe this was a targeted incident. millions of miles are traveled each year where freeway shootings rarely occur. no need for manic. >> reporter: just as there was no panic for a restaurant known for a drive-through that took care of a victim of a drive-by. the shooting victim we're told is in stable condition. the passenger was not hurt. c.h.p. said it is doing everything it can to try to find the man who pulled the trigger. live in benicia, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. san leandro police officer is facing criminal charges. the department police chief
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said officer frederickson is arged with transporting and selling marijuana. the officer was assigned to the san leandro vice narcotics unit when the department began investing him in march. he has been with the san leandro police since 2002. before that worked at the alameda county sheriff's office. frederickson will remain on paid adminitrative leave was the investigation continues. it will include a complete review of the narcotics unit investigation. in san jose, a woman who managed to run away from c.h.p. officer in hand cuffs has turned herself in to authorities. started when highway patrol officers came across a vehicle with the two flat tires. the officers arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence. the c.h.p. says the woman ran off in handcuffs when the officer went to make a report. six hours later, the woman turned herself in to the santa clara sheriff office wearing the hand cuffs.
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a search is underway or missing california winery owner and philanthropist after his plane went down in the high sierra. family attorney says robert budge brown left mendon tahoe airport wednesday at 4:00. in single engine aircraft bound for tracy. the civil air patrol says radar showed it went down southwest lake tahoe in sierra. members of the highway patrol are conducting the search. we have encouraging news about california's economy. the unemployment rate has dropped below 12% for the first time since august 2009. only a slight dip, 11.9% but it is heading in the right direction. this is the fourth month in a row jobless rate declined. the national jobless rate is 9%. amy hollyfield is s at a job fair in oakland. are people lining up? >> reporter: there was a line when it opened at 9:00. but the good news there are
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jobs inside. banks are hiring. kaiser has about 200 job openings just here in the east bay. s.f.o. has about 60 job openings. there are about 30 employers here at laneny college where the job fair is happening. employers tell me things are improving. so what they are seeing matches up with the numbers that california unemployment rate has dropped a little bit. but job-seekers aren't quite feeling it yet. they tell me it's still pretty tough out there. u.s. representative barbara lee is also still frustrated. her office helped organize the job fare. >> yes, we are seeing glimmers of hope. when you look at what the unemployment rate is. over 11% in california, then when you look at communities of color, african-american unemployment is over 16%. that is recorded. we know it's 25 to 35%. also latino unemployment. it's a shame and a disgrace. >> try to make the calls to different agencies i am
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affiliated with and i don't hear back from them. i'm just kind of like, i'm just like at my wits' end trying to find me some work. >> reporter: officials here at laney college expect about 300 people here today. it will be going on until 3:00 in the gymnasium. so you still have time if you want to stop by. if you can't make it, don't worry. i heard the representative from kaiser telling someone not to apply for a job at the job fair but to go online and do it and she promises it works. she says she checks online for applicants every day. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> that is so good to know. thank you. reminder, abc7 is cosponsoring a free job fair next tuesday may 24. at the double tree hotel in san jose. if you'd like more information, go to government says al-qaeda recently considered attacking oil tankers to hurt the economies of western nations, according to documents seized from osama bin laden's pakistan
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compound. the f.b.i. and homeland security officials say the plans considered included hijacking oil tankers in non-muslim waters and blowing them up. however, they haven't uncovered specific target or plot. they encourage companies to continue random screening and establish procedures for reporting suspicious activity. president obama is acknowledging the differences between the u.s. and israel over the path to reach middle east peace. it comes as the president is meeting right now with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. this is video from moments ago. the comments come one day after the president publicly endorsed a two-state solution between the israelis and palestinians. that would be based on borders that existed before the 1967 six-day war. >> the status quo is unsustainable. israel, too, must act boldly to advance lasting peace. >> this is not a new position for a u.s. president, it's controversial. israelis said a return to
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the boundaries would threaten the security. netanyahu blasted president obama's stance immediately after the speech. then his government approved construction of more than 1,500 new homes in east jerusalem. can you imagine san francisco without the busy 280 extension? if the high-speed rail project comes to pass, transportation planners say there may not be enough room for the caltrain and high-speed rail tracks? they say the last couple thousand feet of the 280 extension may have to be demolished and a parkway created in its place. san francisco has done it before with octavia, as you are seeing there. also the embarcadero. >> still ahead, yet another breakthrough in aids research. the government approved a new hiv drug. plus, what caused nasa to cut shuttle "endeavor's" first spacewalk short this morning. bad luck that had boat
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a long morning for boater in san pablo bay. check out the picture from sky7-hd. the sailboat ran around last night, around low tide. san rafael fire department hoped to assist the boater this morning but the water was too shallow to reach them. so they had to wait until the tide comes in. the boat is on mud flaps right now. the man on board is not in
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any danger. >> food and drug administration approved new hiv drug for patients not treated with other medications. it's taken once a day. the manufacturer johnson & johnson says it works blocking the virus from reproducing. it's designed to be used with other drugs used to reduce hiv in blood. they approved that drug after showing it was as effective as the older drug on the market. nasa had to cut short the spacewalk because one of the carbon dioxide sensors stopped working. they were five hour in a routine six-and-a-half hour spacewalk when they noticed the bay area native greg's suit was not working. they got most of the job done installing equipment before stopping. it was the first spacewalk for the bay area native. he calleded it a dream come
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true. nasa has set july 8 as the target date for final space shuttle launch ever. atlantis will carry up time load of supply and equipment for the international space station. >> we've been following them on twitter. that is a lot of fun. reminder for anyone driving to lake tahoe this weekend. pack your patience. caltrans shut down the highway to build new safety barriers. this map shows you that some of the alternate routes. there it is. it will take you to south lake on highway 88 to 89. drivers are warned to plan on an extra hour for travel time. we have more information on alternate routes on look under see it on tv. i was thiingbout snow u there. >>ou are right. there are a couple of resorts open or opening for the memorial day weekend. incredible. >> yeah. it's going rain unfortunately up there. can't do anything about that. that will cause problems, too. talk about our chancesf
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rain. they are minimal at best. clouds are starting to break. i show you where it broke quickest and why it's coolest today and throughout the weekend. >> all right. also the talented 8-year-old bay area artist who is getting worldwide attention. >> and fear the hippo. take a look at both of those pictures. what the animal at the san francisco zoo has to do with the all-star closer brian wilson. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
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when you log on to google's home page today, you will see this. the artwork of an 8-year-old south san francisco boy. mateo lopez entered ra contest called doodle for google. it was inspired by the theme what do i want to be some day. he calls this space life. he's in new york today to receive a $15,000 scholarship. his school, monte verde elementary school gets something out of it. $25,000 technology grant. >> that is fantastic. a great, great drawing. >> terrific. now millions of people around the world will see it. >> all right, mike, what do you have for us? >> clouds right now but more sunshine this afternoon. clouds will return this weekend and they may be
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stubborn so cooler weather is on the way. you can see around the bay from emeryville to san francisco, not much sunshine here. but other places yeah, like san jose. there you go. plenty of sunshine. maybe that's a ray of hope for the sharks tonight as they take on the canucks down two games to none. in that western conference time there as we lead in the stanley cup. all right. talk about what is going on. you can see the clouds erasing from the north bay, the south bay and the east bay valleys. just holding around the middle of the bay itself, peninsula coast and the monterey bay. you can see already the clearing. all of us will be clear eventually except for clouds hanging around the peninsula coast this afternoon. you can see it's been cloudy the longest. mid-to-upper 50s. now, along the peninsula shore, down to south bay, we have the low 60s. east bay valley, already some mid-to-upper 60s. mid-to-upper 50s around the monterey bay. low 60s inland where the sunshine is getting more prev leapt by the minute. slow sunshine, means
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slightsly cooler temperatures today. cooling trend will be aided by cold front that will come through quietly in the form of no rain for the weekend. coldest weather sunday and monday. it will be warmer next week. more like spring and almost summer. for today, compared to yesterday. we're one degree cooler in san francisco. fremont, oakland, santa rosa, two. concord, five. sunsets at 8:17 this evening. east bay, we have the warmest weather today. mid-to-upper 70s with 75 in walnut creek and danville. 70 in castro valley and fremont. everybody else in mid-to-upper 60s on the east bay shore to south bay. low to mid-70s. low 70s, palo alto. mid-60s by millbrae. you can see the clouds along the peninsula coast to keep you in mid-to-upper 50s. warmer in north bay valley. low to mid-70s. lingering clouds keep you upper 50s at your coast. mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the bay. low to mid-70s inland. the bay bridge series
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tonight. 7:15. first pitch at at&t park. it will be clear and breezy. 58 to 55 degrees. now each day, saturday and sunday we lose two to four degrees. so we will be four to eight degrees cooler sunday and monday when the breezes kick in and make it feel cooler. the breezes taper tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that is when temperatures get back to average. if not warm by thursday next week. >> thank you. a new hampshire town celebrating today after the high school baseball team broke the national record for most consecutive wins. the port mouth high school clippers won their 76th straight game yesterday. 76 straight games. wow! breaking the record previously set in 2005 by homer high school in michigan. clippers haven't lost since 2007. the current players fully realize the record isn't theirs alone. >> it's nice to have this under our belt. we pay a lot to the past players who have gone through the program. we weren't the only ones to do it. >> ever since my freshman
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year the streak started. props to all the teams previous that started the streak. yeah, we finished it. >> yeah. well, clippers aren't ones to rest on their laurels. they head back to practice this afternoon, preparing for the next game on monday and win number 77 in a row. good luck with that! >> awesome. maybe matt mayne can meet matt cain some day. what is in the name? a lot if you are a hippo if you look for popularity boost. they renamed tucker. the new moniker is brian wilson, as in the bearded san francisco giants closer. brian wilson, the hippo, came here from topeka, kansas, where he fathered a baby. zoo officials decided three was a crowd. he's now the lone hippo at the san francisco zoo. but if he lives up to his name, he can handle a one-man show. i think he needs to work on growing his beard a little bit.
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>> a great closer. >> definitely. we have another great animal coming up for you in friday perfect pet. >> mike nicco is about to introduce to us webster!
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oprah goes off the air after four more episodes. can you believe it? join us for a special called "oprah looks back. 25 years of the oprah winfrey show." you can see it right here on abc7 next tuesday night at 7:30. the time show is the
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following day at 4:00. thursday is the broadcast debut at abc7 news at 4:00. we invite you the join us. >> we are streaming that at live to get a sneak peek. today on oprah at 4:00 -- her all-time favorite guests. then at 5:00, oakland family is raising questions about fatal police shooting. the autopsy shows he was shot in the back, they say. and giving parents the most detailed pictures of their baby yet. you want a cute picture? we will give you a cute picture of a perfect pet. mike nicco, yeah, him. but he has a couple of friends. >> we have laurie from the san francisco spca. i'm enamored of webster. he's about to fall asleep. that's okay, he's relax and he likes to be around people. >> he loves people.
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he falls in love with everybody he meets. he loves dogs. if you give him any toy he throws it up in the air, and webster has been with us for a few months. i cannot figure it out. he's so perfect. he loves to cuddle and play. he is available for adoption. >> he is a chihuahua mix, maybe a terrier because of his -- >> he has perfect terrier hair. he and his friends at the spca that are under 20 pounds are available for adoption for only $100. >> wow! you have one another. spay and neutering? >> if anyone has chihuahua or chihuahua mixes at home we're offering the free spay-neuter to them to reduce the overpopulation. >> nice meeting you and webster. he needs a home and lap to
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be comfortable in. back to you. >> so relaxed. >> comfortable right here. for all of us at abc7 news, thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. are you trapped
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and don't know how to escape your addiction to cigarettes? one out of two regular smokers will die prematurely from smoking. you don't have to be one of them.
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escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts.


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