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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 23, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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we will identify you and we will bring you in. >> bryan stow was beaten at giants-dodgers season opener in los angeles. he remains in critical condition his sister reached by phone welcomed the arrest of at least one suspect. >> i can't even tell you the emotions that are going through right now. it's excited and it great. how she ended up in southern >> to wait for the news california. conference to start, los angeles police are offering $250,000 her parents reported her missing reward leading to information but she was found safe hundreds leading to the arrest of those 2 of miles away. amy hollyfield joins us from suspects. hopefully we'll get an update on knightsen with more. bryan stow's condition. >> sheriff's detectives aren't i'm tomas ramon, "abc 7 news". saying who did this, they are >> the california highway patrol interviewing people in shorn is accepting for several drivers california but the focus isn't so much who did it but the fact that n a hit-and-run that killed that the baby is okay. a man in oakland.
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the man was crawling across i-880 around 12:30 in the >> probe the baby at home. morning. investigators say the man was >> four-month-old ramy hit by several vehicles but nobody stopped. chp does not have a specific disappeared saturday night or suspect vehicle description. anybody with information on this sunday morning. fatal hit and run is asked to they checked on her in the call the oakland chp on the morning she was gone. number on the screen. they believe somebody came in and snapped her. they say a family member is also in oakland, a jury is expected to begin deliberating suspected of doing this. today in the chauncey bailey investigators are not confirming that to us this morning. murder trial. prosecutors say y yousef bey the neighbor says it's a relative who was concerned about the kid's care, the family has ordered two followers to four children. the concern, the neighbor says, assassinate bailey, a prominent journalist because he was is unfounded. writing a store that would expose the bakery's questionable finances. they say they take fine care of codefendant antoine mackey is their kids. the man accused of driving the getaway car and a confessed guns [ inaudible ] exchanged testimony for a reduce sentence.
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>> san quentin is lock down after a riot and four intes >> the second child -- re sent to the spit. th ri inin the ding hall >> and investigators launched a large search. guards stopped the brawl using they shut down the family street where the family home here is. non-lethal bullets and pepper spray. the fact that ten weapons made they interviewed the parents as by inmates. no word on what started on the witnesses and not suspects. riot and injured people but it investigators won't say whether they believe a relative is to came after a similar riot at a blame but they don't think a sacramento prison. random child kidnapper is on the no guards were hurt. >> they have upheld a court loose today. live in knightsen, amy order requiring california to hollyfield, "abc 7 news." cut the prison population by the family of gianants fan 46,000 so adequate health care can be provided for the beaten in a coma is seet to hold remaining inmates. the order mandates a prison a news conference shortlyly. podium is readyy at san franciso population of no more than gegeneral hospital. you are lookoking the at a live 110,000 inmates but there are more than 142,000 inmates in pictcture. california 33 adult prisons. ththis is the first pubublic statemenent since they have arrested one of the two menn anthony kennedy wrote, for years suspected of attacking himim. the medical care provided by
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california prisons have fallen tomas ramomon is live therere. short of requirements and has >> we're at san francisco general where e bryan stow is in failed to meet basic health needs. critical condition. >> union leaders say they plan we expect the family to talk to to lay off grading inspectors in us what they think about the arrest that was made and update contra costa county next week on brian's condition. will put the county at risk. after 6,000 hours of 34 workers who speck out of investigation by 20 detectives they have managed to arrest the main suspect in the march 31th compliance properties. they are in charming of weed beating of bryan stow. abatement. >> los angeles police raided cuts come even though 12 jobs this east hollywood apartment were already eliminated through complex early yesterday morning. attrition this year. >> the effect will be property they arrested a reputed gang like this simply wrote get member and ex-convict, they call abated as quickly. him the main aggressor of the there will be fewer people will beating of bryan stow. be coming out to make sure that this sketch prompted his parole property is taken care of. agent to tie him to the attack. >> they say they don't have >> a very difficult enough money to fund the investigation, a lot of moving department. county has not responded to pieces still in motion but a today's claims by the union. >> and rains over the weekend significant break. are blamed for the cancellation one that will lead to a successful prosecution. of the ferry service. >> they are still searching for strong winds damaged two of the
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another man and a woman that was driving the getaway car after pillars the ferry goes to. the attack. they issued a warning. they are working on it right now >> we're not going to stop. but no time frame when service we're going to continue working is going to be running again. they are going to notify hard. we've got the first suspect and commuters on alert system later this afternoon. mike nicco is in the weather center with a look at our windy conditions right now. >> let's go back to 11:00 last night. the gusts were the fastest. 41 miles an hour and 35 in oakland and 21 in hayward and 25 in napa and also in novato. fast forward to now, not quite as fast, sfo is down to 18 miles per hour and livermore seeing gusts up to 20. as we head through the afternoon i think these are going to ramp up and be faster. you can see them picking up especially along the coast where the yellow indicates the faster wind speeds, up to 30 miles an hour. but once the sun sets, look at the wind speeds calm down. i think the worst of it is behind us but we will see fast
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gusts this afternoon. thanks a lot, mike. >> still ahead, a deadly tornado rips across the midwest. >> there it is. there it is. -- oh, gosh that is monster tornado. >> the devastating trail left by the deadly tornado that hit the u.s. in more than 50 years. also.... >> president obama and first lady. family connection being explored as president obama visits ireland. >> we look forward to the day when the other suspects are apprehended, as well. bryan has a long way ahead of him but we are thankful the suspect is in custody. we have the utmost respect in
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their dedication and hard work to the lapd. all of it exceeded our expectation. the people at lapd were always in contact with us regarding the case or to check on bryan. we will forever appreciate that. we are also indebted to the san francisco giants organization for personally reaching out and supporting bryan. we would like to thank the media for keeping the story alive. it has made a huge difference and appreciate your role. hearing bryan's story given an opportunity for people to help. your e-mails, cards and letters and contribution and care to his children have given hope and relief. we have entered a new phase of this emotional and draining time. we need time to focus on bryan, we ask that you respect our privacy and we are ready to interact with the media again.
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we will let you know in the hospital hot line. in the meantime, you can check the hot line for updates on bryan, thank you. >> one of the detectives called my parents that morning about 45 minutes after the arrest and let them know. we were beyond happy. >> you are listening to the family's statement the family of broo bryan stow the family of the giants fan that was beaten up. he is being treated at san francisco general hospital. >> he is in critical and stable condition. we'll have the latest for you at
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are you trapped and don't know how to escape your addiction to cigarettes? one out of two regular smokers will die prematurely from smoking. you don't have to be one of them. escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts. that is the sheer sound of terror as people were riding out a tornado in missouri. it was completely dark in that video because they were sitting in a convenience dark freezer. joplin was the hardest hit area.
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they say this was deadliest tornado since 1953. they are warning the death toll could climb as search and rescue continue the work. >> a difficult can cleanup is under way, joplin took a direct hit. take a look at the wreckage of what was a high school. new rain storms are hampering search and rescue efforts. president obama says the federal emergency management is working with the state and local agencies to help. meteorologists expect more tornadoes across the midsection this beak. joplin twister was one of 68 reported tornadoes that hit seven midwest states over the weekend. we'll have special coverage from the tornado ravaged midwest and diane sawyer will anchor from joplin and terry moran will have "nightline" from there, as well. >> president obama is in ireland today. first stop on his six day,
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four-country tour of europe. he receiving a rousing welcome. that is where his great, great-grandfather lived. they stopped by a local pub before addressing thousands. president hailed the irish immigrants that contributed so much to the united states. >> to the united states we are so grateful to so many others from this land, as well. never has a nation so small inspired so many. [ cheers and applause ] >> obamas were forced to leave ireland due to safety concerns over a cloud of ash from a volcano moving toward europe. it will include stops in france, poland and the united kingdom. >> kind of windy and what about
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a chance of showers this week. >> it's still may and we're talking about a chance of rain. winds will be picking up. sunshine is the rule for now. i'll have wet and cool accu-weather seven-day forecast when we come back.
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the flags are flying high
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out there. lots of gusty winds. >> what is going on mike? >> we have already received our average allotment of rain. we'll talk about all that. it's windy today, setting the stage for the next push for cooler and wetter air on wednesday. but for today, kind of hazy as we look northeast from sutro tower, as we look from the south from south beach, haze hanging over but it's not a problem. at least it's not anywhere what we would call action to. clearing satellite and area of low pressure is pushing away from us. sinking air is why you see the clouds dissipating and that will continue through the afternoon hours. let's see, low to mid-50s in
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inland neighborhoods and san jose, from livermore back to the bay shore and coastline, mid to upper 50s. monterey bay, gilroy, watsonville, low to mid-50s. mid to upper 50s for salinas and monterey. you are about to see sunshine and warmer weather also on the satellite right there. it's going to be breezy, cooler than average. wet weather and coolest temperatures come with it on wednesday. ght now the extended looks dry. cold front for the weekend, right now most of the rain passes to the north. highs compared to average, oakland 1 degree cooler. napa, 6, san jose, 8, livermore, 9 degrees cooler than average. east bay valleys, upper 60s to low 70s for you. on the east bay shore, mid to upper 60s. looks like. around oakland and fremont is going to be as warm as it gets. los gatos possibly getting to
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70. even with the sunshine at the coast, breezy mid-50s. mid 50s downtown, san rafael upper 50s through low 70s through the valleys. clouds hanging around monterey, in the 50s. mid to upper 50s for salinas. as you head deemer in hollister, upper 50s to low 60s. it will be cooler and the winds calming, mid to upper 40s to low 50s elsewhere. here is the low creating the winds, high pressure takes over tomorrow. that will kick the breezes out of here and then we'll turn our attention and wet weather that will move in. that is what is jumping add ahead. by the end of the commute, wet in the north bay and wet everybody in south bay and watch the system fall apart as it moves through the south bay during the afternoon hours. we could get a couple of hundredths in the south bay and quarter to a little more, third of an inch in the north bay.
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it will be pretty good range for the north bay. temperatures all seven days, well below average. we'll be right b
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