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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  May 31, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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alameda fire and police officials have just announced a dramatic policy change after a slow druang death of a man right in front of emergency responders. it happened a crown beach. firefighters and police officers stoobackorn hour doing nothing. amy hollyfield has the breaking developments live from alameda fire headquarters. >> reporter: the fire chief says the mood is somber at the fire department. he says it's time for a policy change and it's time to figure out a way to pay for the water rescue program. >> it was a moment witnesses continue believe was happening,
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did couldn't believe it was happening. >> how could they allow it to happen? i don't understand it. >> the fire chief couldn't understand either. >> its regrettable incident that would have been imaginable a few years ago. >> reporter: firefighters and police officers stood and watched yesterday as a suicidal man drowned about 50 feet offshore. fire officials said they couldn't save him because they hadn't been trained in land water just because of budget cuts made back in 2009. city council slashed the water rescue program, a cut fire administrators called demoralizing. they fell out of rescue certification and firefighters could not go into the water under any circumstances. >> i know yesterday that they were standing on the shore and not being able to do anything, but under the circumstances and because of the department policy they really didn't have a
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choice. >> michael has been the fire chief for a week, an interim chief, but today he plans to meet with the police chief about what happened yesterday. he has ordered a rewrite of the water rescue policy and they will beginning rescue and swimming training immediately. after all, they work for a city that calls itself a city of homes and beaches. >> to make sure to talk to them. when you are paid to do a job, you are a firefighter you want to act, you don't want to stand around and wait. >> reporter: the fire and police chief are scheduled to meet right now at 11:00. the alameda mayor hasn't returned our phone calls this morning. we have messages out to the entire city council. there is a budget meeting tonight and the fire chief says he is ready to bring up this issue of funding at tonight's meeting. live in alameda, amy hollyfield.
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>> kristen: investigators are now trying to determine if there is any possible connection between a missing nursing students in hayward and a murder case in fairfield. the family of 26-year-old michelle le is now offering a $20,000 reward. le was last seen friday night at kaiser hospital in hayward. she left what was supposed to be left for a short break and never returned. police found her car a half mile away, but didn't find any indications she had been kidnapped. family members say le isn't the type of person to simply take off without telling anyone. this shows some similarities to disappearance of fong lee. she was eventually found dead in napa county two weeks later. that case remains unsolved but there are no links between the cases have been identified. rescue teams are searching for a san francisco man that is
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stranded on a mountain in glenn county, couple hours north of the bay area. he has sent several text messages to his girlfriend and said that he is stuck and needs help. poor weather is preventing helicopters is preventing officials from using helicopters. what do you got? >> i got rain. .17 in santa rosa, almost a quarter of an inch in napa. .12 in petaluma and about .30 in san francisco. it's more of nuisance when you get farther into the bay and down in the bay shore and south bay. it's the misty light rain than more showery in nature. taking the time to get into the east bay valleys, but it will get in the next hour or so, it
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will be very light enough to coat the roads. heading down to monterey bay, things are pretty quiet. everything is moving south to the northeast. cold front moving through the north bay. once it pushes through by 6:00, rain is over for today. >> kristen: guilty on all counts, that verdict just coming down minutes ago in the trial of two brothers accused of murdering three of their in-laws in oakland. they were convicted of shooting and killing their sister, her mother and brother. it happened during a family thanksgiving dinner in 2006 inside an apartment on telegraph hill. a family dispute over the death of another relative led up to the shooblgtd. brothers are scheduled to be sentenced on august 3rd and could get the maximum sentence of life in prison. california businessman john bryson is the choice for next
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congress secretary. he will draw on decades of experience to help boost america's economy. >> in this new role he will draw on decades of business experience, from his role on the board of major companies to leadership in clean energy industry. that will make america more competitive in the global economy. >> he is the former ceo edison international. if the senate confirms him he will succeed gary locke who will be the next u.s. ambassador to china. home prices have fallen to a new low and not done yet. prices in major cities have now reached the lowest level since the housing bubble burst in 2003. according to the index, prices dropped nearly 4% in march
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compared to a year ago. in san francisco, prize are down about 35% from a year ago. the index has a record number of foreclosures and unsold homes and lots of buyers are forcing prices down. seattle and washington, d.c. were the only two major cities saw prices rise. apple ceo steve jobs will take a break for a medical leave to deliver the keynote speech in san francisco. he received a standing ovation when he walked on stage back in march to unveil the new ipad. jobs went on medical earlier this year. he had a liver transplant two years ago. it will feature mac's software and the next version of iphone and ipad software. >> battles on the first day on the new rule on the golden gate bridge. pedestrians have to share the eastern sidewalk after crews
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closed the western one for seismic retrofitting projects. what are you are seeing? >> i saw two bicyclists nearly crash into each other. when i asked this question, can the experimented work for four months, the resounding answer is -- maybe. >> the golden gate bridge just got smaller today for tourists that walk across the span on the east sidewalk and smaller for cyclists that must join them while the west side undergoes a seismic upgrade. two groups were having issues. >> it was a little difficult because we had them coming from behind. >> earlier this morning we found a bicyclist.
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>> they don't pay attention to us. they are walking the whole way. >> and this weekend and for the next four months, the sidewalk sharing will be put to the test, on the busiest days, 10,000 walkers and 6,000 bikers are on the bridge. bridge officials will consider a plan to put a stripe down the sidewalk, one side for bicyclists and the other for walkers. >> i think they don't know which side of the walkway to go in. i don't know know what the right of way is but the fastest man rules. >> bridge officials are still considering a speed limit for bicyclists. one rider hopes that common sense prevails. >> everybody should stay to the right and if you pass them go to the left. be aware of what is around you and try to stay safe. >> reporter: work is going to be going on for about four months and then the west side reopens
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and they started work on the east side. it's raining over here, mike you got it right. >> he knew that. still ahead, why scientists says virus linked to chronic fatigue may a be a false alarm the and cellphones, a new report that may have you talking less. >> and endeavour prepares for one more landing and tonight's final landing may be the more difficult. we'll update the mission.
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breaking news in san jose where you can see in this live picture from sky7hd, crews have knocked down a mobile home fire, san jose fire officials they got a report after 10:00 this morning of a fire at the double wide monthly home on sun beam circle. that is near the 101 gray near the exit area. firefighters evacuated a few neighboring mobile homes. the fire is out but we have no reports of any injuries. >> there is new research that is questioning the safety of cellphones. an international panel of cancer researchers says there is a possible link to cancer. world health researchers are classifying cellphones as
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category 2-b they are possibly dangerous to humans. they think it's controversial because it begin by studying people that already have cancer. the group's assessment goes to the national health agencies for review. >> scientists say a virus suspected playing a role in chronic fatigue syndrome was probably a false alarm. they found traces of a virus in a chronic fatigue patient. they had hoped they found a cause for the illness. the journal of science the link is in question. two new studies determined the earlier findings were certainly the result of laboratory contamination. >> if all goes according as planned, space shuttle endeavour is expected to return to florida for the very last time ever tonight.
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they have been checking the landing equipment since they undocked from the space station over the weekend. they performed some of the mission's spacewalk and he says the cosmic ray detector should eventually tell us how the universe is expanding. >> about 4% of the matter that we understand and other type of matter that we're trying to figure out. one of those is dark matter because we don't understand what it is. >> kristen: the commander, mark kelly, says he is looking for the reunion of his wife with cab gab. he says she is doing well after recent surgery and soon be released from the hospital. tonight's landing is considered extra difficult because it's happening in the dark. pretty dark outside and with the rain out there. >> flight arrival delays into sfo. it will continue to be wet for the next several hours. this is just one in a line of
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many storms to hit us as the unusual spring pattern continues. >> also buyer beware, a string of robberies have you rethinking about how you go about buying a car in craigslist. >> two girls are participating in the spelling bee and we'll introduce you to them. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat... a question already! my mom says cable can't bundle cell phones. you mean wireless voice service? nobody does that. m sa at&does, so... uh...uh... [ female announcer ] get more bundle choices than cable. call to get u-verse tv and internet, plus your choice of home phone or wireless voice service starting at 89 a month -- our lowest price ever. switch today and get the hd-ready dvr included. i bring you... mr. roy, with u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr
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san francisco police are offering a new warning in buying off craigslist. it happened after gunpoint robberies. one was trying to buy a car but they were robbed by two men wearing halloween masks near candlestick park. a similar incident happened on university street. similar robberies took place in oakland and basically advising anyone to buy off craigslist to make sure they meet buyers in well lit, populated places. that is the safe way. let's talk to mike about the forecast. beel people have umbrellas out. >> there are more showers out. willing to get wet and no matter what, the key to the forecast,
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think dry. we're looking back to the west from emeryville, you can see this of the thicker clouds. those are some of the showers that will take over as we head in the afternoon hours, and steady rain will start to taper. here is a look down in the south bay, rain reported in mountain view but in san jose, that shows it right there. live doppler 7-hd, waves of showers in southwest to northeast covering most of the bay, waiting in the east bay for that to reach the ground up in the north bay, we're getting a break and check out the sunshine that is starting to m ashore and as it does, it's going to heat this moisture and create some showers and a thunderstorm is possible but more likely we'll see those tomorrow. you see how narrow the band was of clouds. we'll see sun just about everywhere. temperatures in the mid-50s, antioch, livermore, low 60s.
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haven't seen any rain around monterey bay. everybody else around the bay and inland in the low to mid-50s 50s's. it will be dry two days, thursday and friday. looks like the big change in the forecast is going to be chilly and wet this weekend, definitely not going to feel like june. temperatures in the south bay mid to upper 60s in the afternoon hours. low to mid-50s over on the peninsula with mid to upper 50s at the coast. downtown south san francisco, right around 60 degrees. we'll be in the mid to upper 50s along the north bay beaches into sausalito with low to mid-50s in north bay valleys. this is one of the areas we'll see the stronger showers. low to mid-50s along the east bay shore with mid to 50s around the east bay valleys and monterey valley, mid-50s. for the state tonight, we'll see most of the rain will fall north of i-80. if you want heated, to go palm
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springs where it will be 93. for the game, mostly cloudy and 7:05 first pitch dropping down to 53. it will be cooler than this morning. we'll have mid to upper 40s in north bay valleys with low 50s around the rest of our neighborhoods. here is a look at the cold front moving into the north bay, we're seeing the clearing behind the system and batch the showers taper in the overnight hours. we have one more chance of those showers tomorrow. thursday and friday, even with the drying trend it's not going warm up much. if the model holds true we could set record rainfall on saturday. two bay area girls are competing in the scripps national spelling bee. it took off this morning outside washington, d.c. with 275 spellers. 14-year-old kate anoufrieva is
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eighth grader and the other contestant, varsha senthil, she is a fifth grader in san jose. they had some easy words, like fourteen, drowsy and some tougher on ones like acetarious and hukilau. no one was eliminated in monday's written test. watch the finals on thursday night. >> still ahead, week long trip, packing clothes, how men and women when packing certain items.
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today at 3:00 on 7live, new research that safe playgrounds may not than safer important kids. schools statewide or counting out programs in favor of a virtual program. of following yr doctor's advice in getting vaccines. a programming note between the mavericks and miami heat, begins at 5:30 followed by after the game live from 8:30 to 9:30. >> finally the battle of sexes is how much underwear to pack on vacation. a new survey says for one week trips most men pack three pairs of underwear. 12% say they plan to wash items on vacation. that means the majority will be
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rewearing. in contrast packs ten pairs of undies but it appears that we overpack wearing only 61% of the clothes we bring while men wear 98%. 
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his name is fethullah gulen...he's been called one of the world's most influential islamists-- yet he's living in exile... it's not just a religious movement, it's the fetullah gulen movement. they call themselves that. so it is, you can say, a cult. it is a highly personalized movement. this is the global headquarters of the fethullah gulen movement. but this isn't ankara or istanbul. this is rural pennsylvania. erick stakelbeck investigates the fetullah gulen movement.
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