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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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asked search plane took off in sacramento to help in the effort. the plane has since returned. it has been almost 3 full days since the fishing boat capsized. sank during a freak storm off baja california in the sea of cortez. 27 fishing buddies most of them from the bay area were on board. they ended up in the water. 7 are still missing including don lee retired auto parts worker from san ramone who has gotten his fishing buddies together the past three years or so on this particular charter cruise the past two
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years. family friends said he had no equal about going. >> he just, you know, just loved it so much. he wanted his friends to enjoy it as well also. and so he would l it took him a year to pack for the next year. pl last year my husband i said have a good tri trip. the the the please take care of him. >>reporter: 7 missing fishermen and and these men listed. one confirmed fatality of central valley was his first time on the fishing trip. now the lee family have been working all day on getting social media. publicity and set up an account as well as a
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blog find our father. they have printed up missing person picture in both english and spanish hoping that perhaps the current took them down quite a a ways. missing men might be on land in a very remote area. they want as many people as possible to see their faces. family also is understanding that perhaps the fbi might be sending out divers to go look at that sunken ship in an estimated 300 feet of water to see if any victim may still be on board. live in san ramone, 7 news. all right john thank you. >> 4000 people without power tonight in morgan hill. pg&e on the scene trying to repair a damaged under ground cable. they say some customers will not have the power back on though until around midnight. at one point more than 7000 people were without power. meanwhile businesses closed and street lights in that part of morgan hill are out. >> berkeley police ask for help
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in locating 29-year-old cyclist went missing on tunnel road between the oakland berkeley hills. anthony michael barton is a former professional cyclist who has not been seen since saturday morning. lee ann has the latest on the search. the the she has the cell phone that may tell more about the disappearance of twain-year-old berkeley resident anthony michael martin. james was supposed to meet with her boyfriend on saturday at 8:00 p.m. at his apartment near the uc berkeley campus. >> when i picked up food and walked over to his place and i waited out front of the place for about an hour and a half 2 hours then i got a call from a cyclist who found his phone. >>reporter: that cell phone was picked up near this stretch of tunnel road. just above the tunnel. martin was riding a fluorescent green white road bike. he may have been wearing street clothes at the time. james says her boyfriend was just recovering from a respiratory illness and had
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also been fasting for several days. >> he was going through a cleans and i think he was malnourished. physically mentally he may not have been able to pump know cycle at the same level that he did before. >>reporter: berkeley police are investigating the case but say the former professional cyclist could be anywhere. >> it is possible that he has an avid cyclist and former professional according to the girlfriend could have gone l a numbert routes which covers you know 10, 12, 15 square miles of sometimes wooded terrain. sometimes steep terrain. >>reporter: martin was an engineer and physicist. his girlfriend admits he was having a hard time getting his life in order. >> he was under a lot of stres stress. he's working a full time job. he is trying to finish p hd in physics. p.m. that's a lot to have on your plate. >>reporter: she says martin had recently decided to leave
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the bay area to move back to florida where his parents live. his car is still parked behind his apartment complex. according to his girlfriend mike martin was supposed to leave the bay area today, tuesday, in the mean time his parents are still in florida. in the oakland hills, lee ann, abc 7 news. firefighters stopped large grass fire before it reached any homes or structures near tracey today. the flames burned about 400 acres near interstate 5 80 and chris man road in san joaquin county. started as vehicle fire then spread quickly to nearby brush. cal fire says dray conditions and winds fueled the flames as well as the heat of course. no one was injured. more than 50 crews responded to the scene while airplane and helicopters dropped water on to the flames from above. here is an image to share with you. look at this dust cloud in arizona that stretched for miles. clouds swept through the phoenix area this
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evening. it blue through phoenix sky harbor international airport and reduced visibility to less than a quarter of a mile on some highways. authorities to your knowledge drivers pull off the road as soon as they saw dust starting to blow in. pretty wild. >> well different kind of mess. fourth of july is over and the bay area is cleaning up today. illegal fireworks that went off all night long last night did some damage and really created a big mess in many areas. we caught illegal displays in the sky over oakland last night. fairly elaborate displays, too. cecelia spoke with resident in berkeley who had fireworks going off all around them laste
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around the corner illegal fireworks weren't so kind. this vacate apartment apartment building wept up in flames. fire investigators have no doubt about what caused it. >> berkeley had their fireworks last night. we would have encouraged our residents and community. >>reporter: east oakland this also torched. fire investigators are looking into whether smoldering illegal fireworks are to blame. fourth of july fireworks spectacular. lighting up the skies like big budget professional shows. only there weren't any professionals around for the illegal displays. >> literally explodes and like all around. >>reporter: sign of how explosive the problem is, this drop-off barrel at fire station in east oakland practically empty. just around the corner
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a street littered with remains of neighborhood fireworks show. fireworks in this neighborhood left him frustrated. >> if they had been doing their job they would have caught the them. him if if the police l illegal for pl fireworks. >>reporter: but authorities say they are out numbered. >> given the number of fireworks they are stretched thin already so it is pleading with the public and asking neighbors to ask their neighbors not to par take in lighting off fireworks. >>reporter: now up to local police department to enforce the ban on illegal fireworks and fines can run from 1,000 dollars all the way up to continue,000 dollars if caught with large amounts. reporting in berkeley, abc 7 news. and on the subject we are warned every year about the dangers of using fireworks. that is a warning that is tragically clear to one family in the east bay. concord man in the hospital after a back yard fireworks accident blew off part of his hand. jonathan
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bloom spoke with his wife hoping that others now don't make the same mistake. many. >> feel like a nightmare. >>reporter: she says she hasn't slept since she watched her husband mike light illegal fireworks that exploded in his hand. >> it blew as quickly as it li lit. fuse must have been something was wrong witness. >>reporter: firefighters say it was an m 1,000. fireworks with as much explosive material as quarter stick of dynamite. l blast destroyed parts of 3 of mike fingers. this finger. this finger and till think this one is actually this one was the worst. this one was broken and justices shredded. >>reporter: she says the fireworks were left behind by some friends over to celebrate her 40th birthday couple days earlier. flt labels were unreadable. he stood across the yard and tried lighting 2 that were dud then the third that was not. >> the silence after the boom probably was pl what i can't keep get out of my head and
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then the him if pandemonium. >>reporter: peters 2 kids were watching as mike staggered toward his family bleeding profusely. >> when a human being bleed ins front of you it's scary. it makes everything real. >>reporter: even more relevant for mike peteers who makes his life using his hands to operate heavy machinery. doctors say with difficulty he will be able to go back to work. his wife hopes the story teaches others not to play with explosives. >> don't pick up a firework or anything and think it is okay. it could have been his face. he could have blown up in his face and he could be blind right now. >>reporter: concord police say unlikely he will be charged with a crime even though setting off that firework could be considered a felony. by the way if you have any fireworks would you like to get rid of police will be happy to come to your house and take them for disposal. this is 7 news. more to bring you at 9:00. bold robbery in san francisco. how someone was able to steal a picasso right from the wall of this union square art gallery.
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>> investigators still have not been able to identify the man shot and killed by bart officers sunday night at san francisco civic center station. now at this point the suspect is only identified as white male between 35 and 50 years of age wearing a tie die shirt and green military fatigue pants. police say he had a knife in one hand and bolts in the other and officer opened fire about a minute after confronting him on the plat for. one of the 2 officers had a taser but did not use it. >> any deadly force situation
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of taser is a tool of availability. officer will make split second decision regarding how to respond with deadly force. our investigation will rae veal why he chose to use his weapon. >>reporter: investigators say witnesses described this man as combative who refused to comply with officers orders. now rae viewing bart surveillance tape that they say caught a partial view of the shooting. this was the sixth officer involved shooting in bart 40 years history. amazing crime in san francisco. picasso drawing worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen this morning right off the wall from san francisco gallery. police are trying to identify the man who took the pencil on paper sketch. the drawing from 1965 is just 8 by 10 inches and titled if pet similar. he walked in the gallery at union square snatched the painting or the drawing rather then left in a cab. if white sheet of paper is posted where the drawing
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once hung. police spent the afternoon questioning taxi drivers for clue and lacking for surveillance video of the area. >> he won't get very far. someone in the art world know this is type of painting. if he tries to sell it or whatever the case may be hopefully somebody will recognize the painting and give us a call and make an arrest in the case. >>reporter: the man suspected of taking the picasso is described as white male, 6 feet tall between 30 and 35 years of age. he was wearing a dark colored jacket and pants at the time with what it shirt and loafer with no sox. >> fun rafting trip tl quickly turned dangerous for group of bay area people. rafting the chili bar run south fork of the american river near placervill placerville. wayne explains why rafting right notice is so very different than it has been in year past. >>reporter: nothing like the morning after joy of unpacking
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from a weekend camping trip unless a guy is plain grateful to see another morning at all. that's jim of walnut creek. >> i feel in a little bit blessed. a little bit lucky. >>reporter: the evidence on camera inside this case. fichlt oh, my god. we e gog to e. >>report: avyou ever been more frightened in your life. >> no i have not. >> i was pushed to the limit these for sure. >>reporter: it's latest wrinkle from portable camera. near death experience captured during a rafting trip down the south fork of the american river near folsom. extreme conditions of this spring that lured them to the river in the first place. water moving at 5000 cubic feet per sec. three times the normal afternoon. just hadn't planned that it would pl take them under. if plenty of white water rafter get tossed that is part of the sport. but even for this well trained experienced group, the strength of these rapid water
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took a toll and then for a minute on end went to work on the wills. >> what surprised memos was going down the river that long. it felt like i was under the water for 5 to 8 seconds. the that's when l ty asked myself if this can't be the way that i'm going to do. >>reporter: ultimately no they all survived. one woman in the group did suffer a near concussion and went to the hospital. >> she went into shock. she had memory loss. short-term memory loss. >>reporter: now she will have the video as cautionary tale of one raft trip gone arye. >> 1 2 3 and close-up. >>reporter: after last weekend close call here's one last picture to appreciate. safe and home happy ending from walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> safe and sound. whether an adventure that was. scary so quickly. spencer is here and of course that river was raging
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because l of all this heat with the snow melt. >> the heat holds on inland. we hoped to see a cool down rather than later but will come later. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. lacking towards western sky which is still quite bright with the after glow of sunset and very clear and pleasant l to warm in some parts of the bay area right now. here's satellite close-up showing this afternoon condition. we had fog up against the coast license and active stormy weather over in the sierra. let's take a closer look at high pressure around the bay area today. we had one record hay for this date. oakland high of 84 degrees. record high for this date in oakland. some higher numbers but not records. 102 degrees the high in morgan hill today. 99 at livermore. 98 at antioch. fairfield lots of 90 in the inland area and 72 in san francisco. right now temperatures range from ride wooid ly 54 degrees at half moon bay and san francisco to mid 80's inland apartment i
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don't care 86 degrees at this hour and 70's around the bay. still coastal fog continuing to hold on throughout the night. mild to warm inland overnight tonight. with wide ran of temperature tomorrow like today with below normal temperature by the weekend. overnight tonight look for low not to drop very low range from mid 50's to upper 60's in the inland east bay. so fog near the coast. mild to warm overnight and tomorrow will be another warm day as well inland areas. we have alignment of system setting up writ now as you cane see on the satellite image bring us a cool down by weaken. sea breeze gets stronger stronger as the center of low pressure pushes inland so day by day we see sea breeze strengthening to the point it finally start to bring temperatures down in the inland areas. tomorrow morning still a little fog a little bit beyond the coast and bring back to the coast line and have a pattern tomorrow much like what we saw today. highest temperature along the coast in the 60's, 70's to 80's around the bay. 90's to 100 in
9:21 pm
warmest inland location so we still may see triple digit tomorrow. in the south bay look for high pressure around 89 santa clara 90 at san jose, up to 95 in los gatos on the peninsula. san mateo 84. redwood city 86 at palo alto. low 60's on the coast. sunset district and north bay range from mid 80's to upper 90's to 100 at ukiah. beach high from mid 70's to 80's and inland east bay will sizzle again with mid to upper 90's. just 99 at brentwood probably feel like 100. near monterey bay 70's near the bay mid upper 90's inland at gilroy and morgan hill. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast l so the inland heat will be rather stubborn and will take awhile to retreat but by friday we see inland high dropping back in the 80's through the weekend and into early next week. mid 80's and upper 60's on the coast and it
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is really going to be warm for a couple more days in the inland location. >> look forward to the weekend. looks like. >> really looking forward to that. >> city of richmond poised to begin issuing municipal i.d. card. any richmond resident can get one but the program grau out of an effort to help undocumented people in particular. l heather has the story now from richmond. l. >>reporter: san francisco has already implemented a city i.d. card program. oakland will soon and now richmond is likely next. the mayor says one in 4 richmond resident is foreign born. many undocumented. have a hard time accessing city services and are afraid to have any contact with police. even when they are the crime victim. richmond is a sanctuary city where police do not assist with immigration enforcement but the county does. >> victim has come forward. they have been asked to pru some i.d. they don't have one. then they are referred to ice. >> of course we want to see a comprehensive and humane
9:23 pm
immigration reform policy f.richmond has stood for that consistently. i brought forward resolutions calling for that. but in the mean time that seems to be stalled on national level. we think the municipal i.d. is really a step in the right direction. >>reporter: the police department says certain details still need to be ironed out but it likes the idea. >> it is going to give people more of a sense that they can actually come to the us report crimes or give us information or l anything that they need to do in conjunction with the police department then we are very supportive. >>reporter: city council unanimously endorsed proposa proposalless month and votes on final ordinance tonight. critic say the i.d. card will invited undocumented workers who then put a strain on government services. >> if if this ordinance pass it would encourage higher illegal immigration, therefore put more pressure on richmond schools and other infrastructure and therefore tlt city budget the
9:24 pm
and richmond is pretty much broke. >>reporter: if the ordinance gets through the council tonight still one more city council vote in two weeks. if it passes then, again, it would be implemented by a third party administrator at no cost to the city of richmond. unclear what kind of time line l would be involved in implementing the cards. in richmond, abc 7 news. if more to come on 7 news at 9:00. twitter gets praise. how much the social network site is now. >> new study finds that nearly 1 out of every 2 office workers say they have had a horrible boss. stay with us. more to say they have had a horrible boss. stay with us. more to come ing of.
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>> netflix goes global. they
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announce they will expand the movie tv show streaming service to 43 country throughout latin mevrjt netflix says the new international market streaming only and content will be available in spanish, portuguese and english. company stock traded at all time high today afterhe announcement ending the day up more than 21 dollars. >> "wall street journal"reports that twitter is raising millions in a new financing round that puts the company worth as high as 7 billion dollars. that is a big jump from seven months ago when the san francisco base company was valued around 3.7 billion. twitter has made no plans at least public plans to go public. instead the social networking company use the advertising business to generate cash. so far twitter made 150 million dollars in ad revenue this year. l well nearly 1 out of every 2 office workers questioned in new survey say they have had a bad boss. survey released today 46 percent of employees said that
9:28 pm
they have worked for an unreasonable manager. 59 percent said of those workers stayed in the job and either tried to address the situation or just lived with it. tl all 37 percent eventually quit the job after finding a new one. friction between supervisors and employees can stem from differing work style obviously but it's not possible to control your boss's actions but you can change how you respond to them. staffing service office team interviewed 4 40 employees for this survey. l more to come when we if continues tonight. casey anthony found not guilty. why her lawyers are striking back at the media and the public. fichlt president urges legislators to act now regarding the nation debt ceiling just as new report finds the current congress is one of the least productive in decades. l gay rights bill heading to governor brown desk could make history here in california. another half hour could make history here in california. another half hour of news begins in just a momen
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>> good evening once again. i'm dan ashley. took a jury of 7 women and 5 men 10 thundershowers decide casey anthony fate. she was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. the only guilty count was on charges of lying to police. by thursday casey anthony could be a free woman. ashley has more on the reaction to the verdict from court. >> will the defendant rise along with counsel. >>reporter: three years since the florida toddler death became national media sensation the jury of 5 men and 7 women came back with this. >> as to the charge of first
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degree murder, verdict as to count i we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >>reporter: and the acquittal continue from thereot guilty on all of the most rious arges ain h. caseanthy weptnd then smedith reliefnd hued her attorneys. after the jury decided she was only guilty of 4 misdemeanors. lying to law enforcement. prosecutors sat stone faces a verdict was read. they had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless manhours into trying to the proof her guilty. but struggled to the proof cause of death. >> any way you slice it tl casey anthony is guilty of measure customer in the first degree. >>reporter: they had a mountain of circumstantial evidence t.damming photo dancing while her 2-year-old decompose in a swamp and claimed she was kidnapped by a nanny yet didn't report it for 31 days. ultimately admit that go nanny was a lie. even in jail casey seemed more concerned about her own needs
9:33 pm
than those of her distressed family. >> i don't know what your involvement is sweet heart. you are not telling me where she's at. because i don't bleep know where she's at. are you kidding me. >>reporter: so who were the people who cut casey a break? grandmother who was a nurse. lawyer daughter. young gym teacher and student. not one agreed to speak with the press. while the street erupt the outside the courthouse casey lawyer erupted inside. >> this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination. >> i'm very happy for casey if. i'm ecstatic for her and i want her to be able to l somehow get her life back together. >>reporter: across the street from the courthouse the state attorney was subdued. >> we know the facts. we put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed. our team did an exemplary job. >>reporter: casey could bond
9:34 pm
out of jail before her sentencing on thursday. that's when she is supposed intimacy out how many more years she's due to spend in jill for the 4 misdemeanor but they only count for a year each. she already served 3. that means she could get out of jail in just a year. ashley l, orlando. now the 12 jurors in the case have chosen not to speak to any media about the verdict and the court has kept their identities secret. the verdict went viral on twitter within minutes of course. top trend on twitter tonight are casey anthony verdict not guilty and nancy grace. >> about young french journalist formerly accused dominic strauss kahn of attempted rape today. as the rape case against the former head of the international monetary fund unravels in the you as new 1 against him gains momentum in france. 32-year-old f woman claims that strauss kahn attacked her when she tried to interview name 2003. she never filed charges she says because she feared strauss kahn would ruin her
9:35 pm
career and her credibility. >> president obama has summon leader of both parties to the white house thursday to reach a solution or try to on raising the national debt ceiling. republicans and democrats are clashing on this issue. but the treasury department says a deal must be reached by august 2nd or else the u.s. might be forced to default on its bills for the first time ever. today the president prodded congress to reach a long-term deal within two week time and he declared the agreement must include hike that republicans strongly oppose to taxes. >> we need take on spending in domestic programs. in defense programs. in entitlement programs and we need to take on spending in the tax code. spending on certain tax break and deductions for the wealthiest of americans. >>reporter: president is asking congressional leaders come to the meat to go quote leave their ultimatum at the
9:36 pm
door. house speaker boehner predicts that congress tl progress would be fruitless unless the president backs down on his call for those tax increases. again this big meeting is in on thursday at the white house. >> report by the la times finds that the current congress is on pace to beat one of the least productive in recent memory. that measurement is based on votes taken, bills made into law and nominee approved. they say by this standard 112 kition under performing harry truman so-called do nothing congress of 1948 as well as the congress during bill clinton impeachmen impeachment. january until the end of may this year 16 bills became law compared to 50 during the same period last year. and the senate has confirmed just about half the administration nominee. recent congress have nearly completed the list by now. california lawmakers are set to make history by sending a bill to the governor that would require public schools to
9:37 pm
include contribution of gay and lesbian in social studies curriculum. today the democratic control assembly passed the bill along party lines. 42-25. the senate bill leaves it up to local school boards to decide how to implement the requirement and at which grade level. republicans say it was well intentioned but ill conceived. democratic assemblyman tom says it ace crucial bill because of the bullying directed at gay students. american boat captain tm determined to break israel blockade of the gaza strip has been released by a court in greece. captain john meier arrested 4 days ago he was arrested for trying to set sail from greece without permission. greece had banned the departure of all boat taking part in the gaza flotilla. 9 activist killed last year when similar flotilla raided by is israeli forces. >> i still strongly feel i did nothing wrong. i acted on behalf of my clients and people
9:38 pm
that were many and other than that, in the safety of the vessel. so i am no hero. i was just doing my job. >>reporter: captain still faces trial at later date. greek foreign ministry offered 0deliver the humanitarian aid the activist want to take to gaza. >> well dui checkpoint to catch drunk drivers and discourage others from drinking and driving but in recent years there is evidence that many are being used for something very different f.we report on hoof in sacramento to force those check points back to their roo roots. murdered on november 16th. by unlicensed driver in san francisco. >>reporter: ellen of west lake village holds up a picture of her son drew killed by unlicensed driver last year. still grieving mother pleaded with the senate public safety committee to vote against a bill that would stop law enforcement from im punding the cars of unlicensed drivers
9:39 pm
mostly illegal im grant at dui checkpoint. police would still be able to impound the car of drunk drivers and vehicle suspected of being involved in a crime. >> how could i not be furious at the double speak i'm hearing here? we are going to sail you are above the law because you can't get a license? >>reporter: los angeles assemblyman says city throughout california have been abusing dui check points. using them to impound the cars of unlicensed drivers to collect hundreds if not thousands of dollars in impound fees to fill up local coffer. police seize roughly 6 times more cars from sober unlicensed drivers than drunk drivers. and the roadway operation are often not near drinking establishment or at times when they close. >> saturday morning. sunday morning. tl corridor where people go to work. outside churches. schools. why? because that's where you find
9:40 pm
unlicensed drivers. immigrant motorist can't get a lip. >>reporter: assemblyman calls the accident a tragedy but also points to the tragedy of undocumented immigrants who were killed or victims of crime as a result of walking instead of driving. fvl became furious at the lawmaker for using her name to support his bill. >> don't ever use my name agai again. >>reporter: despite her efforts the bill passed and now headed to the appropriation committee. mean whale 2000 study by the triple a foundation for traffic safety found when compared to license drivers unlicense drivers were nearly 5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> royal couple continue their trip through canada. today they try their hand at the country favorite past time. stay with us. news at 9:00 country favorite past time. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues
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>> duke and duchess inching closer to u.s. soil and in three days william and his wife kate touch down in southern california. today the newly wed continue to charm their way however across canada. bob woodruff traveling with them tonight and reports from the town of yellow knife. >> 19,000 people live in yellow knife and today it seemed every
9:44 pm
one of them indicate out for a glimpse of william and kate. fv every day of the magical tour the 2 seem more comfortable with the people and themselves. this embrace a rare glimpse of affection between a royal couple. william was given diamonden crusted polar bear cuff link and matching broach while the duchess dazzle in a cream linen 3 quarter dress by designer. >> you are beautiful. we love you. >>reporter: but this is a hockey country. so they were also given jersey prntd with last name called cambridge. kate was perfect on the face off. >> she probably tried shooting if she wasn't wearing heel. >>reporter: many william missing all the shots. perhaps the best shot one launched at the reporter camera looking on. l the. >> they will be here in this country in three days. >> all right. good fat versus bad fat new study about that.
9:45 pm
why doctors say it is not about hitting the gym but just getting out of your chair. stay withs
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
jeans. >> medical items and start with new evidence that women who don't smoke and maintain a healthy weight with diet and
9:48 pm
exercise can cut the risk of sudden cardiac death by more than 90 percent. just how much do you really need to work out and what will happen if you don't? sharon has more on the science behind the sweat. >> consider canned cheese. yes. this stuff. doctors say in someone who is sudden tear if you biopsy the fat it looks like this. fat of an athlete looks more like olive oil. so what? well the cheesey fat sedentary people with chemical reaction to make you more vulnerable to disease. things like alzheimer's. >> interesting thing is that some of this activity doesn't have to be an exercise program. it simply has to be not sitting. there is some studies that show that you get a lot of the benefits of exercise simply by being on your feet and not sitting at a desk. >> next big step? actually exercising. sweating. . are we ever too old to star start. dockstors say starting to exercise even at 55 will still improve our lives as we
9:49 pm
age beyond 65. >> you can actually improve the muscle mass and muscle strength even in your 90's. that's important because size strength means you can get out of a chair an possibly stay out of a nursing home. >> but how much do you really need to exercise? scientist now say the minimum half hour of cardio exercise three times a week. the maximum an hour a day 6 times a week. beyond that, doctors say just showing off. sharon abc news new york. >> during the time of company cut back new report finds one benefit is holding steady. gym membership. human resource group says about 30 percent of company continue to offer discounts or reimbursement for gym membership. idea is people who work out on regular basis are less likely to develop health issues and will cost ultimately less to insure. meanwhile bloomberg business week says the growing number of company are cracking down on unhealthy behavior like smokin
9:50 pm
smoking. macy now charges workers who smoke an extra 35 dollars a month for health care cost and union pacific and scott's miracle grow refuse to hire smokers all together. >> all right. next few days good days to get out and exercise but you have to be careful in the heat. spencer is back with the forecast. >> you are absolutely right dan. start tonight i think a rather impressive time lapse video from our camera up at lake tahoe. thunderstorm clouds bubble up over and around lake tahoe this afternoon. thunderstorms all around tahoe to the north and south but especially up north near tracke most impressive storms of the day erupt. clouds building up there north of the lake. if share the video. tomorrow state wide we lack at lots of hot weather and more thunderstorms over the sierra. high pressure in the upper 90's chico, sacramento 103 at 40's no. 1 09 at palm springs. milder in the coast 86 in los angeles. 77 at big
9:51 pm
surand here in the bay area another hot day inland. igh pressure will reach into the mid upper 90's inland area tomorrow east bay and north ba bay. we see 70's and 80's around the bay. 66 here in san francisco and don't near monterey bay, here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. well the heat will start to back off a little bit on thursday and then friday we see the cooling trend really take effect in areas through the weekend. inland high in the mid 80's through the weekend and next week mid 70's around the bay and upper good is to upper 60's on the coast. >> thanks very much. >> it's a lovely night out for baseball on both sides. >> that's right. rare couple of days. giants and a's at home. if a's continue to make the routine play look difficult. against the mariners. looking for the second straight win over oak dz.d. highlights of@
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> come up tonight at 11:00. search for 7 men lost in the sea of cortez. coast guard plane covers hundreds of miles in hopes of finding survivors. we have the very latest on this. >> 49 ers are back in santa clara tonight. we know who will serve the hot dog but what about constructing the stadium? those stories and more coming up in one hour on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. we have all the sports tonight. baseball. >> this will sell a hot dog. >> maybe us. >> really. okay. padres give the giants fits at at&t park winning 11 of the last 14 on
9:55 pm
the giants home soil. hoping 0to change the ratio tonight and first time in the career miguel playing second base tonight. giants jump on stauffer. crawford off the glove of anthony. the can't field it cleanly. tim giving torrez the green late. play at the plate and torrez is safe. early lead. cane can't hold it. chopper over the mound. l tied at 2. 4th inning. cane is able. single to center. the score. giants back on top 3-two same score in the sixth of. to the gap in left center all the way to the wall scores. orlando scores. the san diego takes a 4-3 lead. now to the seventh. chad in the dirt. torrez frys to score from third. if blocked the play. out of there. right now padres up 5 bottom the 9th and
9:56 pm
complete highlights at 11:00. >> meanwhile the g.o.p. sol east only a name to the all star teasupporting a cap against seattle. hernandez brings jackson to his knee in the sec. 1 nothing mariner lead in the seventh. dustin takes trevor deep to center. just enough to get over the wall 2 nothing seattle. wondering when the team gets him some offense. wondering why routine play seem to be so hard. davis. jesus. make adventure out of this fly ball. falls to the ground but he does make the catch. to good to the eighth inning. oakland rally. kurt on top of the fast ball. seventh of the year. 9th inning. cocoa crisp jam but l this is going to fall. the the 64 to tie the game. seattle answer in the tenth. ryan rolls in the double play. can't turn it. sf the score right now 4-2 mariners in the tenth also complete highlights coming up at 11:00.
9:57 pm
>> all right tiger woods not hit golf ball for nearly two months due to bum left leg including 93 and achilless tendon. he will not play in next week british open at royal saint george. he said we i will not return to my until 100 percent healthy. apparently made a mistake playing hurt 2 most ago. this is the second major he missed this season still has pga championship coming up august 11. is that raggedy ann in the distance. tour de france 107 miles. p-2 time runner-up t.the stage in photo finish sprint to the lin line. evan had 3 time defending champ by that much. about the yellow jersey. 1 second behind. well the san jose cat return to the arena football after 2 year break. this is one of my former
9:58 pm
teammate what he has done throughout his career. >> reed looking firing touch down. >>reporter: quarterback l reed is a perfect fit for the saeb erejat. 3 sports star at san jose oak grove high school and played college while at davis. after 2 year break from the game his head coach wasn't sure if he could lure mark back. >> once i called him and told him we were going to have a team he was excited a i was going to ask him to coach but he wanted to play. >> i love competing and i love this game and i think there's you get a feeling from playing this game like nothing else that you do. >>reporter: this is his 11th season at san jose. 3 time arena bowl champion. 2 time mvp and he holds every passing record for the saeb erejat. he's the joe montana of arena football and team mates just love him. >> he's the best. great teacher leader. comes in meets us on the field off the field. can't asking for anything else. >> comes out every day and he competes working. constantly
9:59 pm
better. i think his love for the game is something that rubs off on everybody. >> this 36-year-old knows his career is coming to a close. he's prepared for a new chapter in his life with his wife and twin daughters. >> last year i taught tenth grade science and i'll go back to that.i'll continue to coach. i know that some day when the timesing is right i'll go into coaching. tishltion well if his career didn't pan out he proved himself at another level more than one way to skin a cat. >> make a good coach. >> exactly. great coach. >> thanks good choice. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20 for all of us here, thanks for watching we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening. we'll see you tonight in 1 hour. on abc 7 news at evening. we'll see you tonight in 1 hour. on abc 7 news at 11:00


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