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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 7, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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surveillance video help san francisco police help catch an art thief in about 24-hour is. >> it shows a man carrying some art minutes after the theft on tuesday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. they just announced the arrest in the past hour. amy hollyfield jionks us from san francisco. >> the suspect has good taste. he flew to san francisco from new jersey. he stayed at the palomar hotel and arrested in napa. this the his picture and he invoked his right to remain
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silent. witnesses had said he was wearing loafers with no socks and the clothes looked like the man caught on the surveillance was wearing. the camera was mounted at a restaurant down from the gallery. the restaurant released the images of him yesterday and police arrested him in napa last night. they interviewed the cab driver who helped him get away and help him track the suspect but the surveillance camera definitely help them crack the case. >> obviously where we have video we're going to have a lot of success. i would encourage any business in the city anything you do in the way of installing video cameras to help us make our investigations more expeditious. our 48-hour turnaround on a crime like this is unbelievable police work. >> police recovered the picasso
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which is worth $200,000. it wasn't damaged but the frame was taken off. they found him in napa at homes of some friends. the couple did not know he was suspected in stealing art. he includes several charges. they also is charged with drug possession. the gallery owner is relieved, he was worried that the art was going to get damaged and he is emotionally attached to it and can't wait to get it back and when he does, it will not be available for sale. mexican rescuers and the coastguard are searching again for the 7 men missing in the
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gulf of california. family members they may still be alive given the conditions in the gulf. influx smith spoke to a person a night before the trip. >> because of the conditions in the gulf and renewed efforts or continued efforts by the u.s. coastguard, the family members of those missing remain optimistic. >> they hold on to each other as they hold out hope don ee lee and six other men will be found alive. this aircraft left mccompletely len air force twice naid the mission. >> we're going to 500 square miles. >> mexican and u.s. rescuers are looking for survivors from sunday's ship wreck in a 1500 square mile region.
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the excursion boat went down in the sea of cortez dumping all 43 passengers and crewmen into the water. to illustrated how quickly the weather changed, dishing who met some of the fishermen the day before showed his photographs from saturday. >> we are drinking and we just left the bar on the beach. >> this is albert and this is don lee standing, this is two of the seven men still missing. this is where they are altogether. fishermen are a family and they will stick together. >> we don't want them to stop the effort. like the other day, until we know what happens, they come home and most optimistic way or maybe the least, we want them home so please don't stop. >> family members have provided
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us with additional photographs and social media information asking anybody head order in that correction to help recover and help find their loved ones. casey anthony the florida mother found guilty of killing her young daughter released she may be released from jail in a few weeks. she was sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators say but she will be released next wednesday after credited for time served. she has been in jail since october 2008. earlier today a juror on the trial she believed prosecutors could have won a guilty verdict if they had brought a lesser charge than first-degree murder. >> if they charged her with other things we probably could have convicted or gotten a
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guilty sentence but not for first degree. there is not enough to substantiate that. >> they argued that four counts of lying should be consolidated to one criminal act but the judge denied that for provided false information to law enforcement. >> they are investigating a shooting on popular walking trial that left a man in critical condition. it happened last night on the de anza and victim an call man was shot in the back of the head. park police and pittsburg police are investigating the shooting. this is the second shooting on the trail in the last two months. a witness of sun's fatal shooting at the bart station now says the suspect was not running or lounging at officers when they shot at him. they report a person says that
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the suspect looked like a drunken pippie. she was getting off a train and saw the incident from about 30 to 40 feet away. bart police said the suspect was aggressive and was holding a broken bottle and knife. the officers are now on leave while the investigation continues. water setback on for hundred homes and businesses in downtown lafayette after a water main break last night left them dry all morning long. it happened at the intersection mount diablo boulevard and lafayette. while the water is back on to all affected customers say a near permanent line will not be in place until late tonight. >> president obama is calling the debt crisis meeting with congressional leaders very productive but he says the parties are far apart in how to reduce the deficit. >> everybody acknowledged there
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is going to be pain involved politically on all sides but our biggest obligation is to make sure we're doing the right thing by the american people. >> at today's meeting came word for the first time the president is willing to consider major cuts to funding for social security and medicare. republicans say they might be willing other ways to raise governor revenue. they stress that no official deal had been accepted by either side. congress is facing an august 2nd deadline whether to raise the debt limit or creating prospected of creating a major financial prices. >> a medical gender gap. find out which group
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the attack occurred by a crizly bear in yellowstone. park officials say authorities won't try to capture the female bear because she was defending cubs. it was the first fatal attack in the park for 25 years but the third in the yellowstone area in just over a year. >> the u.s. education secretary
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says. it's unfortunate and highlights the schools grading. they revealed 170 educators have cheated, by changing students' scores onts. the cheating dates back to 2001, they said they were under a lot of stress to rank test scores. duncan says other schools face the same pressure but they are making progress without cheating. the superintendent said none of the teachers will ever work in atlanta again. >> u.c. berkeley earns it's academic ranking fire and square. they released annual ranking, harvard takes the top smart,
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ucla took the 11th spot. it's based on quality of education and faculty looking at number of staff won the noble prize. women need to pay closer attention to the health of their heart. heart disease among men are dropping but they are not dropping as fast with women. terry mcsweeney talked to a doctor. >> all hearts are not equal. women often have different signs and women delay in seeking medical attention thinking they are overreacting. that is new study by the cdc which is calling for increased awareness for a disease that kills more women than all other forms combined. >> they are looking for symptoms far more common in men, such as
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intense chest pain. >> the pain is more subtle, a sense of tightness and pressure in the chest. that is very different. about half of the women that have heart disease may have persistent nausea and fatigue. >> they are more likely to die within the first year after a first heart attack. >> when a woman has a heart attack she gets to the hospital 22 minutes later an man. there is number reasons. if you have signs that are related to your heart, don't ignore them, don't call anyone for consult. dial 911. >> there are things every woman can do right now to minimize the risk of heart disease. kick the smoking habit, exercise at least 30 minutes a few times a week, keep your weight down and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. another study out today says stem cells show great promise in
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damaged heart muscle. >> they injected them and people that received the treatment had fewer episodes of chest pain and able to do more exercise. >> one of the co-authors of the study says gender bias plays a role. heart related studies still don't focus enough to women. good to know. >> and mike nicco is talk about the cooling forecast. >> looks like it's going to be cooler today as we are getting away from the heat wave. and we'll talk about how clouds will be more prevalent also. >> and how far is too far, the wildly popular tabloid is being shut down because of what it did to get the story.
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more than 1,000 young giant fans will have all their baseball signed by the real hero brian wilson. it will talk place at a ballpark this afternoon. free program is offered to about 17,000 children in more than 85
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communities, many them underserved. they will also receive baseball gloves and tailgates to tonight's game. that is great day. >> wonderful. >> what is weather going to be. >> it will be pretty nice, a little breezy and a little cool. >> bring a sweatshirt. >> dropping into the 50s by the end of the game but to be around brian wilson, that is entertaining in itself. congratulations to everybody involved with that with the junior giants program. >> 11:20, right and looking back to the northeast. still see the one finger of fog that blows through the golden gate. berkeley is 69 degrees today because of that breeze. down in san jose, a lot of sunshine and beautiful looking trees there. you see the clouds hugging the
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coast and still some of the snow that is hanging around the sierra, few high clouds some of the monsoon moisture. 24-hour temperature change, shows the weather story in itself. mountain view the only one not cooler than yesterday. oakland 9 degrees cooler. los gatos, 8. upper 50s around san francisco, mid-70s in concord and antioch. still pretty warm in fairfield, i don't think it will get much warmer as we head into the afternoon hours. 59 in monterey, all the way to 81 in gilroy. clouds will linger at the coast while rest of us are sunny and cooler. clouds are the increase that will help the afternoon temperatures take a tumble down. fremont is five degrees cooler, santa rosa, 6. concord, 11.
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>> antioch, brentwood, livermore one of few kroos areas that have 90s. mid to upper 80s for the rest of the area. 69 in berkeley. san jose at 83 degrees. low to mid-70s, millbrae, san mateo, near 80 for the rest of the peninsula and 59 in the pacifica. mid-60s downtown south san francisco. we stretch from 70 to variously to 88 in calistoga. 57 in monterey. low 70s for the rest of bay to near 90 as you head inland. giants forecast, once again it's going to be clear as far as any rain, cool and breezy. temperatures 63. first pitch at 7:15 dropping down to 59. heading out tomorrow morning, clouds around the bay and even into the north bay and to a lesser extent of the east bay valleys. most of us in the 50s. fairfield and antioch still holding out in the low to
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mid-60s. seven-day forecast, pretty much more of the same as we head towards tomorrow and sea breeze gets strong, look at the clouds in the morning and afternoon sunshine as temperatures drop another 12-6 degrees by the time we get to monday, tuesday and wednesday. this year's aids walk will be held in just 11 days so on sunday, july 17th you can take part in that. to register call them or visit a museum is victim of a techie. a hacker brought into a system and captured the information of 800 members. got e-mails addresses and home addresses but luckily not credit card numbers. they posted the information on twitter last friday. the museum has sent out the
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information to affected members. >> news international says it's shutting down a tabloid in britain. they will publish the last edition on sunday and 1200 people will be laid off. they are accused of hacking a cellphone of missing girl who was laid found dead. it's accused of deleting some of those messages and interfered with the police investigation into her murder. the paper has admitted to hacking the phone in the past to get stories. police are examining more than 4,000 names of people who might have been targeted by the paper. >> we'll be right back.
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coming up at 4:00 and 5:00, this man was desperate for a kidney transplant and he found a donor through a last ditch facebook campaign and toxic mercury engs possible you are florescent lights may be worst than first thought. i think the inland areas will see the cooling that everybody has been missing out and concord dropped 11 degrees. probably tomorrow, better bet to turn air-conditioners off and temperatures are running by the weekend in the mid-80s, mid-70s around the bay and notice the
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koit coast that never warmed up, you'll be in the upper 50s, saturday and sunday for the coolest weather and probably be fogged in saturday, sunday and monday, tuesday and wednesday while the west rest of us around the bay will see sunshine and temperatures pretty close to there. >> you get to choose your weather then. >> i think that is a good way to put it. >> thanks, mike. >> bye-bye. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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