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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 1, 2011 11:32am-12:00pm PDT

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deal? of course not. but they say it addresses the long-term drivers in the deficit. on the way to the meeting vice president biden was asked how confident he was it would pass congress and he said, "i think good thoughts." >> thank you very much. speaking to karen's point a new study shows the tentative debt deal would save taxpayers $2.1 trillion in the coming decade. the congressional budget office analyst said the majority could come on tighter cap on the operating budget. agencies such as the department of defense and education. we want to know how the economic downturn forced you to change the way you live. we invite you to record a testimonial on your cell phone or camera and upload it to >> we are learning more about the latest homicide victim in richmond. mother of four was gunned down last night. her male companion was injured. that makes step homicides in
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the last four weeks and 22 surpassing the homicide total from all of last year. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the richmond police department. amy? >> reporter: we have a picture of 25-year-old rose mcfadden. police found her dead on the sidewalk early this morning. they don't know why someone shot her. and the male companion she was with, if-year-old man in cit -- 24-year-old man suffering with life threatening injuries. he was shot in the head. officers have not made any arrests. friends and relatives of 25-year-old rose mcfadden rushed to the scene of her death within an hour of the murder. they watched police in total disbelief, that the violence in richmond had taken the life of this mother of four. >> out of control. it's out of control. if it happened to rose, it can happen to anybody.
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>> reporter: mcfadden and 24-year-old man were in the car waiting forgate to open. it happened at central richmond, area toe yore to us for the -- notorious for gang activity but the police don't think they had any ties to gangs. >> there is no indication they were having any type of a lifestyle that would bring them in that situation. they might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> mcfadden's friends sigh they had seep her yesterday in church, where she was rewarded for bringing in new members. crystal was up with of her recent recruits. >> trying to get a together and now it won't happen at all. i regret it. >> reporter: mcfad season the 22nd person to be murdered in richmond last year. there were #1 murderers -- 21 murders here in all of last year. in the past week, the police and sheriff department formed a task force to bring an end to the escalation and
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violence so it was especially tough for them to get this morning's call. >> not a good feeling. this is something that all of us collaboratively want to make, not happen anymore. but there is just so much we can do. >> violent crime is up in several communities around the bay area. the police chief in richmond trying to set up a meeting with the chiefs in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. so they can talk about the disturbing trend and discuss ways to address it. in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. a 26-year-old bay area woman died after falling from yosemite's famed halfdome. park rangers confirmed it happened yesterday afternoon. the granite was wet and it appears the woman slipped and fell 600 feet to her death. this is the 14th death in the park this year. san francisco firefighters are just now cleaning up a diesel spill
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near fisherman's wharf. 200 gallons of diesel fuel leaked out of the back of a store ran facility located on jefferson street. the fire department laid down booms to protect them from contamination, but the fuel every made it to the water or storm drains. investigators are trying to determine how the leak started. amtrak capital corridor train can expect delays after another amtrak line collided with a big rig trailer north of fairfield this morning. it happened in unincorporated solano county around 8:30. you can see from sky7, the truck's trailer ended up on the back. the driver of the truck only suffered minor injuries. nobody on the train was hurt. the track is closed in both directions while the wreckage is being cleared. abc7 news learned supporters of the run, ed, run campaign will hold a rally at san francisco city hall next hour to reveal
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they collected 50 to 60,000 signatures to draft interim mayor ed lee to run for mayor. lee says he hasn't made any decisions yet and says he is still talking to family and friends about his political future. lag week, senator dianne feinstein joined in the chorus urging lee to get in the race. public-private service will help address safety issues on muni. the ambassadors will translate safety information from non-english speaking riders on several lines and ride the rails to report criminal activity. a year-and-a-half ago, chinese immigrants were targeted in a series of attacks at the muni station. ed lee announced an hour ago corporate grant from at&t and lenar corporation will make the ambassadors permanent. >> not law enforcement residents but equipped with
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knowledge and equipped with cell phone provided for free by at&t to make important calls, calls if they see something wrong or out of place they can do that on behalf of the residents of the area. >> the pilot program was created with the help of the san francisco police department and board of supervisors. just ahead, how much more it will cost you to get on board an a.c. transit bus starting today. >> one of the two suspects accused of viciously beating giants fan bryan stow made a court appearance in los angeles this morning. we are live from l.a. with a look at what he is asking a judgment to do f
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one of the men accused of savagedly beating bryan stow made a court appearance. they are charged with attacking stow. the giants fan from santa cruz after the donneler season opener. we are live from los angeles with the latest. >> good morning. this was supposed to be a bail reduction hearing but decision whether sanchez's bail will be reduced was not made today. instead, sanchez's attorney requested for the hearing to be extended to august 10, the same day of sanchez's arraignment, the same day as the other suspect in the case. today, sans chez's attorney
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requested to extent the bail because there were documents he hasn't had a chance to review. they claim that sanchez committed four assaults at dodger stadium. last week, the judge denied norwood's request citing the seriousness of the crime. both norwood and sanchez are charged with assault, mayhem and battery among other charges. now back here live, the victim, of course, bryan stow, the 42-year-old paramedic from santa cruz, he remains hospitalized at the san francisco general hospital. reporting live in downtown los angeles, darcia phillips. the san francisco woman accused of breaking in alex trubek hotel room is back in court this morning. she is charged with felony burglary and possession of stolen property and is held on $600,000 bail. san francisco prosecutors
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say she has two prior burglary convictions so this could become her third strike. she is accused of stealing cash, bracelet and other items from the room at the marriott marquee hotel where alex trubek and his wife were staying. he tore his achilles tendon chasing her out of the room. iranian court is expected to announce in the next two week whether two u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran will be set free. it's been two years since josh fattal, shane bauer and sarah shourd were arrested. shourd was released for health and humanitarian reasons. the two men had the final hearing on spying charges yesterday. even if the court convicts the men for espyian only, they hope they will sentenced for time already served and released. we used to call it june gloom, but now it's august. >> august norm. >> august something. have to come up with a good one. it will be here for a while. so are the flight arrival
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delays in sfo because of the clouds you see this morning from mount -- mount tamalpais. we will look at how long it will last. >> thank you. paying for women's health coverage. sweeping guidelines aimed to help women stop health problems before they start. >> at&t announces a new crackdown on cell phone data hogs.
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the f.b.i. says it has a new credible lead in 40-year-old hijacking case that's become le jep dare. d.b. cooper halftimed a northwest airlines flight in 1971 and he ended up parachuting out of the plane over washington state with $200,000 ransom money never to be seen again. investigators checked 1,000 leads over the past 40 years but now a recent tip and forensic evidence is being looked at closely by the f.b.i. what university has the distinction of being the top party school in the u.s.? new princeton review service says ohio university, in athens, ohio, tops the list. ohio was number two last year and made the list 12times since 1997. rounding out the top five, the university of georgia.
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the university of mississippi. the university of iowa. and the university of california, u.c. santa barbara. here is the so-called stone cold sober schools. bringham young, wheeton wesley. u.s. military academy west point. that is a list that mike and i will keep a close eye on when it's time for our kids to apply to school. >> yeah. chico state was once on the list. no way you're going there. >> so serious now. >> good for them. congratulations, i guess. >> maybe not. >> enrollment may be going down. who knows? we'll see. >> the fog is still with us. the clouds. it will clear by noon. at the coast, it will take a while longer. it's thin from emeryville to san francisco. thick enough to cause flight arrival delays. check out the flight tracker anytime.
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this will repeat. look from the top down. you can see how quickly the clouds are racing to the bay itself. holes at the coast. especially the peninsula coast. that's why we will see more snipe at our beaches than normal. normally the north bay is clear first. 58 in santa rosa. see thicker clouds there. rest of us in the 60s. to 73 in antioch. los gatos. good morning. inland, mid-60s for gilroy and salinas. just now breaking out in snipe. the weather pattern is not changing. foggy, clouddy and cool at night. followed by the cooler that average and sunny afternoons. this will last for seven days of the forecast. we will have changes. it will be warmer in some areas today. rather cool compared to average. like oakland, 3. san francisco, 4. san jose, 7. eight and nine degrees cooler than average in livermore, napa, redwood city.
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you can feel summer slipping through our grasp. san francisco, the warmest month tend to be september. still that to hang on to, but the kids are back in school by then. upper 70s. dublin, low to mid-80s. we have don't make 70 in richmond and berkeley but everybody else does. low to mid-70s. mid-70s in south bay. 76 at san jose. los gatos as usual, warmer area at 80 degrees. 69 in millbrae. low to mid-70s along the peninsula. half moon bay at 62. one of the warmer spot along the coast. bodega bay, 58 with clouds. we have sunshine around stinson beach and 60. low to mid-70s with sunshine and valley. great day to play golf. low 70s around santa cruz, watsonville, low to mid-80s in morganville and gilroy. rest of the state, hot. palm springs, 106. scattered thunderstorms
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around there. it should be clear around tahoe and 79. see the cooler weather to sacramento. 88 degrees today. cool at the game tonight. 7:15, first pitch. diamondbacks are in town and they're only two games behind us. 56 degrees by the end of the game. by tonight, the clouds continue to spread throughout the bay. 49 in santa rosa. 50 for rest of us. drizzle along the coast. set the staple for several days. you see a couple of areas of low pressure, up with here and up with here. the trough they're sitting in. this will sit off the coast. the next several days, keeping us cool. in fact, we'll be lucky to make it to the mid-80s in a lot of areas inland. low to mid-70s along the coast. we will stay around 60 -- i should say at the coast, low to mid-#0s around the bay. where we will see the afternoon sunshine. the breeze is too cool. sunshine won't win out. >> thank you. again. >> thank you, mike. >> sure. federal health officials issued new rules saying
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health insurance plans must cover birth control and other services for women without requiring patient co-payment. they will require most to cover thing as an annual woman are you tepe check-up, breast feeding support, domestic violence counseling and food and drug administration approved birth control, including emergency contraception such as the morning after pill. federal health officials say making the services free to patients will make a ditches. >> half of women according to studies forego preventive care because they can't afford it. under affordable care act that changes. >> most women are not eligible for the new coverage until january 2013. insurers are expected to pass that cost to the customers through slightly higher premiums. if you use a.c. transit, bring extra money this morning, the fares have gone up. basic adult fare is 2 cents higher. youth, seep your and
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disabled fares are up 5 cents to $1.05. trips from the east bay to san francisco and peninsula will now cost $4.20 for adults. if you are a heavy data user on the at&t wireless network, you have been warned. carrier will begin slowing down the connection at the data hogs in october. this only applies to customers with an unlimited data plan purchased before at&t discontinued it. the company says it has to resort to throttling, to protect the other network users from the slowdown. this move comes before the next version of the apple iphone expected which could lead to a crush of data demand. we'll be right back.
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today at 3:00, mr. rogers series redesign for new generation. then at 5:00, app to help you find a carpool companion and do a background check at the same time? we have that and more later today at 5:00. >> mike, you have to work on an app to bring us normal august temperatures. >> club the sky clean of clouds and get sun in here. >> thank you for joining us. 
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