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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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h what a mess for commuters. stranded during rush hour. bart and muni strains were stopped as protestors shut down four transit stations. i'm dan ashley. the demonstrators were angry they cut cellphone service last week over a police shooting. that has the american civil liberties involved. they say bart's decision was in effect an effort by a government agency to silence its critics. police have been out in force all afternoon and well into the evening trying to discourage
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protestors and help commuters get home. lilian kim has the latest live in san francisco. was cellphone service disrupted tonight? >> it was not, dan. unlike last week, under ground cell service was working the whole time so they were able to use their mobile devices. it began at civic center station when people spoke out to cut cell service last week. the international hackers organized the gathering that took place on the platform. things got heated when protestors tried to block one of the trains. bart police pushed them out of away and that is when they ordered everyone out of the station. they moved on to market street and tried to enter the other bart stations but found they were closed, as well. commuters trying to get home were upset especially at protestors who they say caused them a great deal of
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inconvenience. >> it's a great inconvenience. to the police bart station office. we have children. we have families we're trying on get home to. >> it's very unreasonable. we're still stuck. >> things finally came to a head at embarcadero station. protestors tried to get past the gate when officers made their move. they walked up and formed a line around the escalator and eventually the crowd dispersed. we spoke to one person, that overall the demonstration was a success. >> it has been amazing. they caused more of a shutdown than i've ever seen and it's not as loud orcrazy but incredibly nonviolent way they have managed to literally stop everything and make everybody listen. >> reporter: by 7:45 p.m. all
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downtown stations were back open and last we checked police made no arrests. thanks very much. the latest protest against bart was triggered by the shooting death at civic center in early july where the protest started today. two officers fired their weapons after charles hill threw a knife at them how can see to the right. the officers have been cleared of wrongdoing and is back on duty. one officer is working for the f.b.i. but there are our investigations underway by bart internal affairs division and independent police auditor and a separate police investigation in conjunction with the district attorney's office. >> a police chase in the heart of oakland tonight. officers were pulling over a car connected with a carjacking. the suspect jumped out at fruitvale and 15th street. that started a 30-minute manhunt.
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police arrested two men, at least one is believed to have been armed with an uzi. one man was found hiding behind the jose de la cruz rec center. no one was injured. we have learned that the police chief of oakland schools is under investigation. he reportedly made racial slurs against a black officer. vic lee has the story. >> on july 18th, police chief pete sarna and three of the staff attended a charity golf tournament the sequoia sequoia country club. >> they were driving home and sarna turned around and looked at the african-american sergeant and went into this tirade. >> joe sullivan represents the other sergeant who was in the car, a white sergeant who later filed the complaint against sarna. he said this is what his client
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said happened. >> he called the african-american the "n" bond several times and said he had no right here because he is an african-american. he didn't use that word. he should be hung in town square because he is a. and last african-american he would ever hire. he would as soon kill him. >> days after it, sarna approached the african-american sergeant. >> he acted like a mafia guy and fold him that nothing ever happened and there was subtle intimidation. >> this is not the first time he has been in trouble. he a former oakland police lieutenant who had one time had close ties with jerry brown. as attorney general he made him deputy director of the state justice department but he resigned after he was cited for a d.u.i. he has been credited with helping start a popular free
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summer camp where kids can play in a safe environment. >> he has been chief for the past two years. our calls to him were not rud. i did talk briefly to the african-american sergeant who says he is now lawyered up and he did not go into any of the details of the incident. meantime, the school district confirmed they are investigating this matter and that they have placed sarna under pay administrative leave. if the state finances don't improve by december they may have to slash the academic year by two weeks maybe more meaning summer vacation would start in mid may. teachers are thinking about how to shorten their lessons. meanwhile, as summer vacation ends, several bay area school districts are reporting encouraging news. student achievement is steadily rising. department of public instruction
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released results of the state's standardized tests and lyanne melendez has a look at what they revealed. >> here are the numbers that prove california students have steadily improved their performance over the past eight years. in 2003, 35% were proficient in english language arts. it's gone up to 54%. in math, 35% were proficient eight years ago, rising to 50% today. >> instead press conference about more tests and what can't be done, we're here today to emphasize the positive. >> so why did the numbers increase despite the cuts to education? >> they are working harder with less. it could be lots of things. it could be that there is more community improvement in the process. there could be clearly the use of data. >> that data is being collected to identify the areas each kid needs to work on.
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in san francisco's case, over the years the district has put more pressure on parents to keep kids in school. >> ankle lot of our test score improvement is because we're improving attendance in the district and more we can do that and parents need to help us. >> the two largest counties in the bay area out performed the state numbers. in santa clara county, 65% of students were proficient in english language arts compared to 54% statewide. in math, 71% of students were proficient compared to the state's 50%. san francisco did better than state with 57% in english and 66% in math. still most education advocates were not impressed with today's numbers. >> but on the flip side, it's still half of the kids are not proficient at the level we need them to be. google made the largest acquisition ever buying motorola
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mobility for $12.5 billion and implications w everyone with cellphone. it puts them in direct pom competition with apple. it is an investment expected to shake up the smart phone industry. >> it's a complex deal that puts google into the manufacturing business. it gets the zoom camera and a lot of smart phones and the ability to do what apple does, make mobile devices as well as the operating system they run. >> you'll start to see google phones with pure android on them. a lot of manufacturers put on their own overlays or change the operating system, google might put out phones that are just vanilla android and then we'll have to see what the other makers do in response. >> behind the scenes, the cash deal gives ownership of 17,000 motorola patents that it hopes
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will put an end to infringement lawsuits. >> you discover someone filed a pat 97 and blocks you. you need to buy these things because once it's patented by someone else they have a monopoly on that. >> they own stock in google but they may find itself suing others. >> they are getting technologies and getting a defensive position, but don't get me wrong they will use it offensively. somebody is using our ideas, using what we own and we're going after that. >> results with microsoft that has a patent lawsuit against motorola. motorola is major maker of set top boxes and cable tv services. >> the deal could face regulatory review in the u.s. and europe and then will there
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is the culture shop of 19,000 motorola employees being absorbed into google. google acquisition went big on wall street. motorola shot up to 56% of the value. google dropped some, 6.50 or a little more than 1%. that is typical after this deal. overall markets were looking for something to tell sel briat. dow climbed 200 points and back where above where it started after last week. >> a lot more to bring us. state panel approved political boundaries and some say its failed effort. also the head of the state public utilities commission is an overseas junket and raising questions about the puc's cozy relationships. >> a grassroots campaign to get you to close your amazon account
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but it will be tough for californians looking for online bargains. >> clear this morning but fog visiting us tonight. i'll let you know how it will factor in your tuesday forecast in just a few minutes. >> also tonight, we're happy to report significant striets report significant striets strides [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. the highway patrol is looking for your help this evening to find a hit-and-run driver who killed a jog they are sonoma county. investigators say this white ford extended cab pickup struck donald caspar in forestville yesterday. the shows heading east on river road. he died at the scene.
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he helped organize the city's columbus day celebration each year. >> oakland police have made a second arrest for the gang-related shooting that killed three-year-old carlos nava. willie torrents was taken into custody. attorneys that was on parole drove the car during the shooting. carlos was not the intended target but the innocent victim of an ongoing gang feud. they charged lawrence denard with the little boy's murder. >> an oakland police are also investigating a string of overnight shootings that left six people including two young children with injuries. more that tonight from don sanchez. >> reporter: yellow tape marks the spotted where gunmen fired shots across the street. they hit several people and the
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cousin was grazed brother-in-law of the victim lives in this house for his own safety he didn't want to go on camera. >> they were aiming for our house. i don't know if they somebody in the path. >> neighbors relived moments of terror. >> i stayed in the back. in about five minutes my doorbell rang and was officers everywhere. it was bam, bam, bam. i. >> jumped down on the couch and laid down. then it quieted down. >> he has lived here for 47 years. >> i heard the shooting and i tried to take cover to keep myself safe. >> now she is afraid to come outside. experts are trying figure out what has gone wrong. there is a 37% school dropout rate in oakland but 47% with african-americans and latinos. one place that has made a difference in people's lives is
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youth uprising where they learn computer skills and prepare for jobs. but adding more plovg is not the answer. >> more can't solve the problem. this is a social problem. it isn't a suppression arrest issue, its human issue. >> a few miles away, the memorial to little three-year-old carlos nava has grown. >> deputy chief says so many were developed by his killing they came forward that led to the arrest in las vegas. as far as the six shootings during the weekend, no suspects in custody and no suspects and they are still looking for the shooters there. if you live in oakland, you probably did without city services because of furloughs had closed city hall and kept city workers at home. city operated libraries, animal services and oakland senior
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citizen centers. the unpaid time off comes after labor unions and city leaders agreed on a variety of cut backs to trim the budget deficit. that meant that students and others could not use the main library downtown for research or to access the web. >> i think it's a sign of the times. with the economy, everything is going downhill right now. >> it did not affect the police or fire department. let's move on to the weather forecast. what a lovely way to start off the week. meteorologist sandhya patel. >> nice summer spread and fog at the coast and 90s inland. summer microclimate showing you the bay bridge there. you see a this, 94% of full is a
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full moon on saturday as you know. so just beginning to reign. the marine layer has regrouped. bits thousand feet deep and that is going meet coastal areas will come down tomorrow. but today there was no fog at the immediate coast or inland. we enjoyed a nice, sunny day and temperatures range from 60s at the beaches to 90s inland. 66 in san francisco, it was low 80s in santa rosa and napa got up to 72 in oakland. 90 degrees in concord and antioch. san jose, a very pleasant 83 degrees. some areas were up and some areas were down overall, temperatures were right around where you should be for this time of the year. as you look at the numbers, you'll notice it's pretty warm in concord and antioch in the 70s. we have 60s elsewhere along the coastline where the fog is sitting. look for patchy fog, mild to warm tomorrow. temperatures are going to bump up just a little bit for your
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wednesday afternoon. so the fog that is near the coast is going to continue to move in just a little bit near the bay. we'll see patches of low clouds and fog by tomorrow morning and the temperatures will bottom out mainly in the 50s. 49 in santa rosa and 62 degrees in antioch. as you look at the extended forecast, tomorrow morning the fog will pull back and it's not going to clear the coast what we saw today. clear skies in the morning and in the afternoon. but tomorrow as the fog lingers well into the afternoon, coastal areas will come down a few degrees. 60s there and little change expected inland. no big marine influence, go with 80s and 90s inland. highs for tuesday in the south bay, 86 for saratoga. low 80s for sunnyvale, santa clara and san jose. on the peninsula looking at blue skies, arp 70s for redwood city and menlo park. 76 in san mateo. the coast, socked in most of the
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day. sunset district, 62 degrees. 66 in downtown san francisco. that is a few degrees below where you should be for this time of the year. in the north bay, it's kind of a wide variety. 90s around ukiah. 60s right near the beaches. 79 in san rafael. get out to the east bay, upper 60s to the upper 70s. inland areas, 90 degrees in fairfield and livermore. 86 for dublin. around the monterey bay, 73 in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, the warm weather continues inland. mid-60s. we'll start to see a cooling trend heading into the weekend. mid to upper 70s inland and low 60s at our coast line. overall, pleasant week ahead. >> nothing to complain about. it is convenient but it could put you at risk. how to protect your private information when you use your
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smart phone. >> also tonight, why the organizers of this rally want you to cancel your amazon account. >> and the advocates for a shark fin ban score a perfe
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doctors at san francisco general hospital offered a rare update on bryan stow the giant's fan that was savagely beaten in march. most of the information came from stow family website but doctors say they he is showing significant improvement after surgery to replace a fragment of his skull. he suffered severe brain injuries after bee punched and
9:25 pm
kicked at dodger stadium parking lot. he is listed in serious condition but he is awake and breathing on his own. his ability to follow can commands and interact with his family has increased greatly. that is, indeed, very encouraging news. all right, if you do mobile banking on your smart phone you could be putting yourself at risk for identity fraud. that is a message from a group. they tested 100 financial apps and were able to recover payment history and pin numbers from 59% of them. some stored financial data on the phone itself. best security measure, you need to use a password to protect access to your phone. one more layer of security. nonprofit groups are asking customers of amazon to cancel their accounts. at issue is their refusal to
9:26 pm
collect sales tax despite the new state law that requires all online retailers to do so. nannette miranda reports from sacramento. advocates believe the state services would be cut as deeply if online retailers collected sales tax. the group launched the own website to get californians to sign up and boycott amazon. >> our services have been cut, people with disabilities, kids, parents, poor people, all of us have nothing left to survive on. >> carolyn was one of the first to close her amazon account. >> i was very good customer of amazon. when i heard about cheating california out of important revenue, i decided i wanted to close my account. >> they poured $3 million on referendum to overthe only sales
9:27 pm
tax law. seattle based company didn't comment but supporters say the u.s. supreme court have ruled that such tax laws are unconstitutional and they have severed ties from several california businesses so they wouldn't have to collect the sales tax. >> this new tax law would hurt jobs in california by creating a unlevel playing field. small businesses would be put at big disadvantage. >> they say the playing field hasn't been level for brick and mortar shows where cashiers collect the sales tax. >> if you care about californians but if you don't and you only care about your profit then get the heck. >> out of our state. >> the more jobs coalition says consumers can't afford to send
9:28 pm
more money to sacramento. when we continue, the head of the state puc on an overseas junket raising new questions about the puc's cozy relationships. >> i'm here to enlist you in a fight. we are fighting for the future of our country. >> the president hits the road as republicans hit back. the campaign season seems to be in full swing. billionaires on notice is it it time for them to pay the same rate in taxes as their
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good evening. the chairman of uc goes on an all expense trip to sweden and traveling with him the executives of pg&e. its cozy situation. too cozy for some. political reporter mark matthews with reaction from a state lawmaker. >> the san bruno disaster that destroyed 38 homes brought a lot of things to light. including how the puc has failed to enforce regulations, 11 months before it happened, i interviewed the puc's chairman about his latest trip to sweden accompanied by executives with pg&e. >> they call them fact finding missions. he has been on 16 of them since his appointment nine years ago, often taking his wife and other commissioners along. >> there is no reason to be
9:32 pm
apologetic for going to sweden or spain or germany. that is the way we learn. >> but an ally of his says the trip, particularly the swedish trip is more of a party. >> you spend a lot of hours drinking and eating. >> and doing it mostly from executives with the utility companies. >> it was lopsided from executives from the utilities. >> he says he never went on another one because it didn't pass the smell test. >> i went on the wagon because i ko realized i could get myself in a lot of trouble. >> but this week he joined him to another trip to sweden. when she went, don went along and paid his own way. >> its good buddy network system. it's very close to it. >> an assemblyman jerry hill represents san bruno and they
9:33 pm
need to replace mike me volunteer. >> when you have dinner withsamo regulate, i don't believe in that. >> from the citizens of san bruno we heard from, the trip isn't going down very well. >> it's not okay. they shouldn't do that. >> they never tell us the truth. >> we're not happy about it. what can you do? >> jerry hill wants the governor to replace mike peavey has head of the puc and he was appointed by jerry davis and carol brown who has been a good friend is jeff brown, jerry brown's cousin. it gets complicated. the independent commission redrawing the new congressional districts certified it's map today but they were challenged
9:34 pm
saying it favored the democrats. accusing of basing the work on party affiliation and making back room deals with lawmakers. michael ward voetsd voted against each of the legislative maps today. >> this commission traded the partisan gerrymandering by the legislature for partisan gerrymandering by average citizens. this commission broke the law. they failed to draw maps in a transplant parent process. >> they are backing a petition for a referendum on the june 2012 ballot to overturn the new state senate districts. >> actress and animal activist bo derek is trying to prevent the sale of shark fins. she testified in sacramento in a bill that would trading or possessing shark fins. she told committee members that 85% of dried shark fin imports
9:35 pm
to the united states coming through california. sharks are being finned for soup. they cut off the fips and throw the body back in the sea to drown or die. >> a state senator unfairly targets the asian culture. he supports the goal of reduce go shark consumption but not this bill. >> under this bill, you could have a, sell a 440 shark skin wallet. you could serve shark steak but you could ban a person from have shark fin soup. president obama is on the stump today after enduring attacks by the republicans. white house insists it's not a campaign trip. political watchers say it looks
9:36 pm
and sounds like a campaign. john hendron reports. >> reporter: president obama is sounding like a candidate. >> you've got to send a message to washington that it's time for the games to stop. it's time to put the country first. >> he is even looking like a candidate, rolled up sleeves on a bus on a three-state tour, iowa, illinois and minnesota and taking shots from a new republican rival. >> rick perry comes with a resume, he a conservative and former governor of texas. just don't call it a campaign swing. it's an official white house visit. it comes as a poll delivers more bad news for the president. his approval rating is down to
9:37 pm
an all-time low of 39% and competition is on. perry is in. tim paw len si ti is out and -- pawlenty is out and bachmann won the straw poll. >> this is the first step. this is just the beginning. >> and front-runner, mitt romney is talking about his video in a new video. he calls it a magical misery tour. >> the president is fielding criticism from own former ambassador to china, john huntsman and he finds it unbelievable that he is not attending daily economic briefings at the white house. >> several reports say that pakistan has allowed china to examine a secret blackhawk helicopter that crashed during the raid by american forces to kill osama bin laden. after the helicopter crash, navy seals smashed the
9:38 pm
instrumentation and blew it up but the tail section landed intact. the united states says they are concerned about the incident. pakistan denies the whole thing and analysts say it's a sign of the deep mistrust growing between the two countries. >> united nations is investigating the theft of food sent to alleviate somalia's famine. this are being sold as children starve nearby. the food is not safe. people say they are often forced to hand back their food when journalists have taken photos with them with it. they are stun stunned by the scale of this. dutch revealed that 57,000
9:39 pm
gallons of oil spilled. rig is co-owned by shell and subsidiary and exxon mobil. the leak is now reduced to 200 gallons a day. >> and are you too nice to earn the big bucks? new study on being mean and making more money. they say that nothing lasts forever but if research is right there may be one everlastin
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a transgender woman that receiving a threatening letter from the dmv is getting a $55,000 settlement. lawyers say she will get $40,000 from the state and $15,000 from thomas martini the clerk who sent the element. he quit after he accused he sent a letter and religious dvd to her. a call to action from billionaire investor warren buffett. it's time to raise questions of older money managers. should he pay a smaller percentage than his own secretary?
9:43 pm
here the argument. >> warren buffett took aim at tax system saying his $45 billion fortune brought him access to elite club. while most americans struggle to make ends meet we continue to get extraordinary tax breaks. my friends and i have have been coddled long enough. >> i don't think our tax system is equitable. and in the last ten years, it's favored rich guys like me. i pay lower tax rates than my cleaning lady does and i think it's crazy. >> last year, buffet paid $7 million in taxes, that sounds like a lot of money but it works out to a tax rate of 17%. buffet points out on average, his employees pay double that rate. he says his secretaries and receptionist pay 33% rate. so why is his rate so low.
9:44 pm
much of his income comes from capital gains, profits resulting from very many times and they are taxed only at 15%. buffet's solution, rates could be raised for the 300,000 americans who make more than a million air a year. an additional 1% tax on the richest americans is estimated to raise $100 billion in extra revenue during the next decade. tax experts say it's not enough for just the super rich to pay more. >> the bottom line is the fiscal hole we face is so large that everybody is going to have to be prepared to pay more in revenue in the end. buffet made his comments in an opinion piece for the "new york times" sparking a new debate on this subject. >> $50,000 in prize money is at stake for a 11-year-old minnesota boy who made an unbelievable hockey shot. he made the 89-foot shot through
9:45 pm
a whole barely larger than the puck but his twin brother's name was on the ticket. so nate took the shot. the prize money is now in the fate of the event's insurance carrier but they will always have the memory of that amazing shot. more is better but even a little bit helps. up next, how the 15 minutes of up next, how the 15 minutes of exercise can add so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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scientists have discovered a natural preservative that could keep food fresh for years. ricin attacks dangerous bacteria and minnesota researchers saying ricin to milk and even wine could extend shelf-life for years. but it does not prevent fruit and vegetables from rotting because they decomb pose differently. a little bit of exercise can go a long way. government recommends getting two and a half hours of exercise a week but after looking at
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400,000 people, a study in the journal finds half that amount offers significant benefits. 15 minutes of exercise today increases life expectancy and cuts the risk of dying by 14%. every additional 15 minutes cuts the risk of dying from cancer by 1%. it has major benefits to our heart, no study broken down how much exercise was necessary. it all helps. certainly wonderful to go outside and take a walk these days. meteorologist sandhya patel is with a look at a nice forecast. >> it is changing. take a look at time lapse from sutro camera. you see the golden gate bridge, you see the fog started to move in. it is socked in along the coastline, just a shallow marine layer but this is going to mean temperatures will fall a few degrees tomorrow.
9:50 pm
you are looking at 60s at our beaches. 70s and 80s around the bay. well inland, antioch, livermore and cloverdale, up into the low 90s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, warm days inland with 90s. mid-60s at the beaches. certainly is going to be warmer on wednesday and then cooling as we head into the weekend. perfect. great timing. this may come as a surprise, maybe not. it appears that mean people earn more money than nice people. that is according to a new study. the study found that men who were not agreeable earned sl% more. ruder women earned 5% than their kinder counterparts, indicating a glass ceiling on temperament. it looked at 10,000 workers also found that men described as highly agreeable were less likely to get hired. which explains why larry beil
9:51 pm
was working with us. >> i think everybody would agree. >> why you are making the big bucks. >> showing up angry. the giants speaking of angry, not in a good way. sandhya, don't get me mad. :w3k
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
coming up at 11:00, the group behind today's bart
9:54 pm
protests. who are they? and credit cards, how america's passion for plastic is becoming more responsible. larry is here,, always a nice guy. we tease him. >> i'm not job go. i'm laughing but it's bad. the giants suffered their toughest loss. they opened up against atlanta and they couldn't hold a two-run lied. pablo sandoval goes down in a heap. stayed in the game just for that. then he had to leave. x-rays were negative. madison bumgarner, look out. this ball is crushed. that is way out. rays would build a lead. giants got some thunder of their own. making it 3-2 in the eighth, but
9:55 pm
mike with a rocket. this one carries, another solo home run, breathing room for brian wilson to close it out in the ninth. two on and one out. a base hit. 4-3 and two outs, bases loaded. freddy free man, drive home safely. two runs score, this one hurt and bad. 5-4, atlanta. diamondbacks are off and giants fall two and a half back. batting helmet, check, junior is ready. 40 games under .500 and this is a solo homer off gonzalez. pennington, nice hitting right there. slaps it to left field. 2-1 only but baltimore scores four times in the seventh. over the head of coco crisp, off the wall and adam jones scores.
9:56 pm
vladimer guerrero scores and o's are leading. >> after hitting 599 in the sixth, there it goes for jim thome. that is historic 600. he is so strong. thome, 5 r.b.i.s is eighth player to reach 600. and here a triple play, josh wilson. then they get him out at the plate. triple play! milwaukee has won 17 of their last 19. on to football, jason campbell, raiders starting quarterback. the back-up job has a distinct local flavor. mike shumann has more. >> if you check out the raiders' quarterback position, our local colleges are well represented. stanford edwards and san jose
9:57 pm
state, are battling the spot for this friendly competition. >> we are all in here and jordan is a great kid. i look forward to working with both of guys. >> there is a west coast connection. great character. loves football. >> kyle was with the team last year and trent was a free agent this summer. he is no position to talk trash to his local teammates. >> i lost all five years in college to cal. >> again, he a guy that works hard. football is very important to him. he is very passionate. >> the rookie of the group is trying to keep up. >> older guys, they treat me like a rookie. but they are good to me. i ask a lot of questions and i'm sure it bothers them at times
9:58 pm
but it really helps out. >> one thing we do know is jason campbell will be a bay area product. in napa with the raiders, mike shumann. to the 49ers, after watching alex smith struggle in the pre-season opener. they know they need a veteran back-up, daunte culpepper signed a deal and short stint with the raiders and played last year in the ufl. and march coast ambros won and it was the first sprint cup victory. david reagan, he clipped him and crashed into the wall and then smashed into rudiman. this is a horrific looking wreck here. rudiman is okay. he wants a piece of greg biffle who took a swing at him after the race.
9:59 pm
>> i'm more upset greg biffle. he is the most unprofessional kid i've ever seen in my life. somebody gives me his address. he knees a whooping. >> if he was running bart, things would go differently down there. >> there would be no more anonymous. >> that is it for this edition. we appreciate your time. we appreciate your time. we'll see you in one j.d.: working at sacred heart, you grow accustomed to a lot of things: sickness, death, ted's morning self-affirmation ritual. people are laughing with you. people are laughing with you. people are laughing... with you.


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