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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 17, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i have just spent the last hour and 10 minutes trying to get on the richmond bridge. >> i have been trying to get up the hill for the last half hour. >> shouldn't take this long to get traffic back flowing. >> 12 hours after the first gun shot a a marin county hotel remains surrounded, a suspect holed up inside and police are waiting him out. some drivers reporting up to two hours to cross the richmond san raphael bridge because the chp is detouring drivers,
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exiting everyone at, sir, francis drake boulevard over to 101. good evening. i'm dan ashley. it has been a nightmare for commuters all day long. get the latest for you now from alan wang live on the scene. alan, bring us up to date. >> reporter: dan, we are in the 12th hour of this standoff and witnesses say this suspect is heavily armed but police are not confirming that. guests at the extended stay deluxe hotel in san raphael say a swarm of heavily armed s.w.a.t. members surrounded the hotel around 8:00 this morning. a man fired shots across interstate 580 so the highway was immediately shut down. 46 guests evacuated and 32 ended up at a temporary red cross shelter two blocks away. one guest says the suspect actually called down to the lobby. >> there was one shot and then there was a long period of time. it was about 40 minutes where are there was nothing and then
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two shots but then the guy called the front desk while i was there and told the girl at the front desk her name was kristina and she will vouch for me there and he said you better tell those cops that i'm going to kill this woman right now if you don't get me out of here and i want a pack of cigarettes. >> he told us that his girlfriend is in the room and we are operating under that assumption. >> the hostage negotiators are speaking with him and we had voice contact with him from the very beginning of the incident. >> the suspect is believed to be this man caught on surveillance tape at the united market in san rafael where police say he got caught shop lifting and then stabbed a clerk on sunday afternoon. police tracked him down this morning to his hotel room and that is how the whole standoff began. again, we still have an armed man holed up at the extended stay deluxe hotel here in san rafael and dan it doesn't look like any of these guests are going to be sleeping there tonight. i'm alan wang reporting live in
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san rafael. back to you. >> certainly not the way it is going. thanks very much. we will continue to follow the story. we will bring you the latest developments during this hour as need be and, of course, a full update on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. also follow the latest on our website it has happened again, hackers are going after bart. this time, breaking into a website and releasing the names and addresses of more than 100 bart police officers. the international group of hockers called anonymous is claiming responsibility for this. the stor story tonight from abs lyanne melendez. >> this has gotten too far. >> reporter: are that was the president of the bart officers association after hearing sensitive information was stolen from their website by none other than the international group of latin americas called anonymous. they assumed -- group of hackers called anonymous. >> the site was hacknd and the information was the
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officers addresses and e-mail addresses were posted out and the password to log on to the website was published. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating the matter. bart officers have been told to notify law enforcement where they live. today, deputy chief benson farrell said officers will not be intimidated by this latest incident. >> it is not going to change how we respond to any incidents that follow this. >> reporter: on sunday the group managed to get into a bart customer service website and post the the personal information of some 2500 bart customers. the group has claimed responsibility for the attacks after bart decided to shut off self-service last thursday when they feared a protest was planned at the civic center station. today, bart's board president invited the public to discuss the transit agency's actions at a meeting next thursday. >> there is a free speech area. come to the bart board meeting. e-mail me.
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we want to have a public debate. >> reporter: the group also announced it was having another protest on monday, same location, the bart station at civic center. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. oakland school police chief peter sarna is accused of making racially charged comments has resigned. he is a former oakland police lieutenant. he was being investigated for directing racial slurs at an african american sergeant in mid july after a charity golf it. the resinnation ends his two year tenure at the school district and also closes the investigation. a san francisco lawyer appeared in court today to face charges that he sexually assaulted three women that he met on craigslist. the attorney is being held on $3 million bail. but vic lee spoke with his lawyer who claims this is not a typical sex assault case. >> michael hoffman lives near this high rise near aquatic
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park. authorities say all of the sexual attacks took place in his apartment. >> he committed these acts against three different female victims. individuals whom he met as a result of contact that was initially made through craigslist. >> reporter: prosecutors say a 36-year-old woman was' tacked here in march. a 19-year-old in june and earlier this month a 25-year-old. hoffman is an employment attorney who specializes in cases where workers may have been wrongfully terminated and sexually harassed. he has an offense in this financial district building. prosecutors say the 50-year-old lawyer advertised in the men seeking women section of craigslist and that his victims answered his ads believing what followed would be normal dates. hoffman's attorney says otherwise. >> michael hoffman put an ad in the craigslist looking for people to -- i want to beat you, i want to pull your hair,
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i want you to wimper. >> attorney stu hanlon says by night his client lived in another world world. >> domination or s and m. >> implied in this is is a rape fantasy. >> women who want to go there and get humiliated and dominated and hit and beaten. >> reporter: police say just the opposite that hoffman prevented some victims from leaving and forced them into sex acts. now, prosecutors and police won't talk about the details of the case because the investigation is continuing. but i did he speak with one of the three women. she did not want to go on camera but she told me hoffman did not write anything about s and m in his ad on craigslist. she thought she was going on a normal date the night she says she was attacked at his home. vic lee, abc 7 news. p/e say pg&e says it is not
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responsible for the pipeline explosion in san bruno. they say a bad well in a pipe installed by a contractor caused the explosio explosion. pg&e did take responsibility for a spike in pressure prior to the explosion but the company says that would not have damaged the pipe. assemblyman jerry hill, however, who represents san bruno says the utility is talking out of both sides of its mouth. >> they will send one thing and send a nice letter, paid thousands of dollars for a newspaper advertisement apologizing to the people of san bruno and to the state and saying we take responsibility for that but at every opportunity they will look for get out of that. surprising reaction on how to slow the violence on the streets of oakland. plans for curfews and gang
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injunctions getting negative feedback from many people including the family of a toddler killed by a drive by shooting last week. they say that is the last thing oakland need. >> s i don't think it as good eye key. >> reporter: relatives of the three-year-old boy shot dead in a gang driveby might seem like the last people to oppose an injunction. the family stood side by side with antigang injunction activists. >> that is really not the root of the problem. the root of the problem is that, you know, drugs and guns and violence, you know, are just drowning oakland. >> reporter: there is a universal hope in oakland that something good might come from carlito's murder. one day after he was laid to rest exactly what that good might be has sparked an angry
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debate. >> it is not gang injunction. the real issue is lack of jobs, lack of education. lack of activities for young people to engame in. >> we are prepared to do anything that we need to do in order to prevent this to continue happening. >> reporter: the city already has injunctions that ban gang members from associating with each other in north and west oakland. opponents including carlos' family members say the boy's murder in the middle of the afternoon on a busy street proves in junctions and curfews do not and will not work. >> this has already been implemented and you still have people getting killed in the streets every day. >> we want to be able to work with oakland police and with the city of oakland but they need to bring better solutions to the community feels like it is one, not all of us split apart. >> the opposition to injunctions and curfews here at city hall could be changing. at least one member of the oakland city council that i
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spoke to today who had raised concerns about injunctions in the past said she may be willing to consider a broader injunction for all of oakland and that she is definitely inclined to support a curfew you. reporting from city hall, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. coming up here next, how the president of the uc system justifies upcoming raises for faculty and staff. millions of dollars being spent on that. breakthrough drugs for deadly melanoma. tonight, a brand new approach to fighting cancer. on the bay bridge, not listening to what drivers have to say but what the bridge itself has to say. and what the bridge has to say could save lives. i'm spencer christian. enjoy the warm warmth while you can. a sharp cooldown coming our way. details in the accuweather forecast coming up. a teenager gets stabbed by
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a new cancer drug being called a huge step forward. it has been approved by the fda for the treatment of melanoma, the deadly skin cancer growing faster than any other cancer in america. the new treatment is so promiseing that tests were stopped early to race it to the people who need i it the most. susan six years battling deadly metastatic melanoma. five clinical trials. and hope nearing zero. >> i had no other options. this was it. >> reporter: then she tried a new drug, a cutting edge targeted therapy. it goes after the specific genetic mutations in a tumor and attaches itself to the
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mutant protein and simply kills the cancerous cell quickly. >> the first day i had time to realize that my tumors, my sub cutaneous tumors or tumors that were poking out of my skin were substantially shrinking with day seven. >> reporter: now, she relishes the new numbers in her life. in one month, the tumors shrunk 40%. in 8 months, 70%. usually patients live only nine months which is why it is such a big deal to patients and their doctors. >> this is the first pill that you can take that will shrink your melanoma and we know will lead to you living longer than you would have. >> reporter: look at this pet scan. in two weeks this patient's tumors practically melted away. this is no the a drug for everyone. it only helped half the people with melanoma. >> this does not really kill the normal cells. only cells who are dependent on
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the mutation. >> reporter: are which makes susan strangely grateful that her cancer cells have the right kind of mutation. >> this allowed my body to recover enough so that i could really recapture hope. >> dr. richard besser reporting. it is prom issuing but expensive. a six month course of treatment will cost $56,000. a teenager stabbed in the parking lot of a san jose mcdonalds is suing the restaurant. the 17-year-old was attacked while walking home from a downtown event on june 9. the family attorney sells our media partner the mercury news that mcdonalds is partially liable because they failed to provide security or adequate staffing at time when the restaurant knew large crowds go gather in its parking lot. five teens were stabbed, two critically. the restaurant lawyers edee kleined to comment on the
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$140 million in all pay raises will be hand hot to nonunion faculty and staff members who earn less than $200,000 a year. uc president says the merit pay needed to help key employees on the job. it is their first raise in nearly four years. just last month to make ends meet uc regents raised fees 10%. the second student fee hike in as many years. let's move on. here at mid week. spencer christian here with the forecast as always. and just wonderful days outside. >> beautiful weather. a string of wonderful days now. well, considering warm weather, if that is what you like. >> but not extreme heat. >> no extreme heat. we did have 49ers in the inland areas -- we can have 90s in the inland areas. 70s and 80s near the coast. looking down along the embarcadero. evidence of fog along the area. visibility is good right now but the fog is a bit more dense in some other locations.
9:18 pm
this afternoon you can see from the satellite closeup low fog along the coastline. a few degrees cooler in some spots than yesterday. a couple of inland locations, several just as warm as yesterday. ukiah a high of 95 -- 96 today. 95 clear lake. 92 antioch. 90 morgan hill. all just as warm as they were yesterday. upper 80s in most other inland locations and 60s near the bay and up to 70 at redwood city. right now looking at temperature readings of 56 in san francisco. 59 oakland. 64 redwood city. 80 antioch which tends to be the warm spot even late at night. low clouds and fog returning locally inland tonight. a mild to warm day again tomorrow. much like today with cooler days, sharply cooler in fact starting on friday and continuing through the weekend. high clouds will disappear tonight. low clouds and fog push locally inland.
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by 5:00 tomorrow morning we will see areas of fog that will probably reduce visibility on portions of highway 101 on the north bay and into the peninsula. may also have to contend with fog but it will move out during the day time hours. overnight lows drop into the mid 50s for most of the bay area. low 50s in the north bay. and the water vapor satellite image shows the changes coming our way. an area of high pressure with warmer air to the east and area of low pressure associated with the cooler air to the west. the high is going shift inland. the cooler air is going to move forward and take control of our weather and drop our temperatures on friday and saturday and right on through the weekend. tomorrow a warm day. south bay high temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. on the peninsula mid up toker 70s. 58 on the coast at pacifica. 61 half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 64. 60 in the sunset district. up in the north bay highs of 82 at santa rosa. 89 clover dale. 94 up north at ukiah.
9:20 pm
78 pedaluma. near east bay highs upper 60s to mid 70s. the inland east bay mainly in the upper 80s. 90 antioch and 91 brentwood. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. high temperatures will just barely reach into the mid 80s inland on friday and saturday. 70s around the bay. gradual warm-up and by mid week inland highs back in the low 90s up to near 208 along the bay and near 60s along the coast. cool for a few days and warms back up. >> absolutely. >> thanks, spencer. >> trouble for a bay area powerhouse. weeks after launching its tablet it seems that hp's touchpad is untouchable. and snap shots from the state park system. photographer sets out to
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check out this video out of queens new york. a mechanic working on a sanitation truck lost control of the vehicle and ran through the wall. , the driver was treated for minor, jr. authorities used a crane to pull the truck out safely. a wild picture from queens, new york. new high tech safety sensors being installed on the bay bridge that will listen for the sounds of metal cracking on key parts of the span. that will help prevent the kind of bridge closures that we saw a couple of years ago for repairs. terry mcsweeney has a demonstration. >> reporter: 640 devices just
9:24 pm
like this one being in called on the bay bridge near about 400 i-bars. the devices known as ae or acoustic emission evices are listening for trouble. the snapping of a pencil's lead on this light standard is picked up by the monitor several feet away. >> we are listening for cracks that take place in the metal. much like a railroad track you can hear trains coming for are miles away. where if you listen through the air the sound doesn't travel that well. the repair broke leading to another bridge closure and major problems for bay area transportation and the riders in the quarter million vehicles that use the bridge every day. the ae sensor should protect against a reoccurrence. >> so we can tell cal transmany, many months and maybe even years ahead of time before the cracks become inches.
9:25 pm
we are listening for small grain boundary in the material. microcracking basically. >> reporter: the information guard here is sent to a data acquisition system through the fiber cables in the bridge so cal trans can now find out what is wrong and where. the sound defector might prove helpful in the wine country. >> we sold a system. when you break a leaf off a plant you can hear an action going on. you can put this on to a grapevine and tell when it needs to be water. >> this is a $3.4 million deal and will hopefully take the old bridge to 2014 when the new bay bridge comes online. at that point, the sensors will be taken off the old bridge and used on other bridges in the bay area. in emeryville, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. and when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight. death and taxes. campaign for new jobs and the possibility that congress could
9:26 pm
reconsider racing revenue. a san jose golf course losing money for years and the difficult choice that has some people teed up. on the loose. what is being done about the world's largest rodent now showle up in central, california. and why a picture of a man buying coffee may help
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good evening. thanks for being here. we will recap our top story. traffic is still backed up on 5800 the san raphael toll
9:29 pm
plaza. the police shut down the road after a man holed up in a hotel this morning. at one point the entire bridge was closed off today. the closure had a lot of drivers awfully agitate. >> i have just spent the last hour and ten minutes trying to get on the richmond bridge. the radio said one thing. the police lines that have the places closed, the onramps closed said another and i'm still sitting here. >> i can understand the situation but shouldn't take this long to get traffic back flowing. >> the backup started at about 11:00 this morning. keep mccornell mind once you get off the richmond san raphael bridge going westbound you will be detoured on, sir, francis drake left field to take you to highway 101. this has been going on for nearly 12 hours. hair reed says he is
9:30 pm
confident that republicans will give on raising revenue but he backed away from calling it a tax increase and barbara boxer did the same. mark matthews tonight with a look at the political hot potato that is the t word. >> reporter: today, senator barbara boxer stood in front of the new tunnel being dug and did something you rarely here from members of congress these days. called for a tax expense, in this case to pay for highway projects. >> a terrific program. i'm proud that the stimulus made it possible. it is working. it is going to benefit everybody. and two, we need to do more things like this. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid who has been struggling with republicans to get tax extensions told me yesterday he believes republicans will compromise. >> what do you think moved the republicans on that revenue issue? >> american people. you know, everyone knows major article in the washington publication yesterday about tea
9:31 pm
party popularity nose diving significantly. >> reporter: the latest poll shows the tea party is viewed unfavorably by a margin of two to one and 43% of americans said the tea party has too much influence on the republican party and that number is double from what it was a year ago. it as testament that even in the liberal leaning bay area we found people opposed to raising taxes even on the rich. >> i think they should not because if you look at the percentage of money that comes from the wealthy already, over 50% of all that we take in in revenues. >> i think the government needs to figure out another way to fix the deficit we have. >> even the rich. >> even the rich. >> not on any seth of society? >> right. >> millionaires and billionaires. >> exactly. >> reporter: yesterday senator boxer was careful to say this
9:32 pm
would not involve property taxs. >> these would be voluntary contributions. >> and today she admitted getting a tax increase through congress probably wouldn't fly. >> if it is called a tax increase they will have a problem. but if we call it tax reform or loophole closings, hopefully we can do that. >> reporter: well, call it what you can but president does have one big bargaining chip with congressional republicans, the bush era tax cuts. the president can allow them to expire and the republicans would have a difficult time rein stating them unless they win a two thirds majority in the senate. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. vice president joe biden touched down in beijing today at the start of a nine day tour through china, japan and then mongolia. he is traveling with his daughter a social worker in delaware. his talksion expected to focus on the debt crisis in the united states as the biggest overseas holder of u.s. treasury bills china seeks washington's reassurance that
9:33 pm
their debts are secured, of course. his trip is getting unintended goodwill, too, from a photograph of newly appointed ambassador gary locke. here is the picture of locke bying his own coffee in the seattle airporten route to china. it charmed a lot of people. they are not used to such frugality for their people. a businessman uploaded it to the internet in china and it has gone viral. best buy is not happy at all with the hp touchpad sales performance or more accurately the lack thereof. reports say the company has sold less than 10% of its stockpile of 270,000 touchpads. best buy wants hp to take the unsold touch pads back. hp is is asking the company to be patient and hold on to them. the tablets got mixed reviews when they came out five weeks ago. like most cities around bay area, san jose is dealing with
9:34 pm
deficit problems. san jose is considering selling one of its three golf courses but as david louie reports that idea has tweaked a raw nerve. >> reporter: ainge st. louis considered a valuable asset to east san jose residents. >> the really only affordable course around thatky play. i'm not working and for five bucks i can come out here and play. >> reporter: the city of san jose sees its value, too. floating the idea of selling the 34-acre site to developers. san jose is anticipating another $100 million budget deficit last year and the 9-hole course lost over a quarter million dollars last year. >> various community centers, golf courses, swimming pools, they are all important. when there is not enough money to go around you have to make the choices. >> reporter: the course is popular with seniors and home to youth t. three generations of the espn espn pa know is a family were golfing today. they believe first tee and the
9:35 pm
course have helped their 12-year-old grandson. >> something to do. keep him clean and part of the elements. >> reporter: the course has over $5 million in bond debt. payments run close to a half million dollars a year. selling the course could clear the debt and a $21 million bond debt on another city owned course. the public will have a chance to voice its opinion at a community meeting tonight. balancing the budget won't be easy tore pain free. >> i think closing fire stations and closing libraries is unacceptable period. so i don't look at that as an option. >> reporter: the city's third golf course san jose municipal is both debt free and profitable. to realize savings for next year's budget the golf course sale would have to happen by next spring. city leaders acknowledge it may take langerhan that. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. in the golf course to the parks. next year, dozens of state park
9:36 pm
facilities will be shut down around california. victims of a $23 million budget cut. a san francisco photographer decided to show the closing parks to remind us of what we are losing. eric thomas has tonight's assign mint 7 report. >> reporter: at the state park in marin county, san francisco's elia salub is on a mission. to take photos of the 70 state parks and beaches proposed for closure because of budget cuts. >> when i heard they were closing, i was leak i have to see all these places. >> he hopes to raise awareness by posting photos on his website closing, california the governor and legislature say the close eggs are necessary to cover the two year, $22 million cut in the state park's budget. the plan was passed in march and the parks are slated to close next july. >> see a place like this and it just, i don't know, i can't imagine it not being some where where everyone can come. >> reporter: but park officials
9:37 pm
say they are left with no choice. state parks will close unless money or resource are found to keep them open. >> how else can we save 2 -- $22 million. park staffing is currently at 1979 budget levels but they have grown by 10 million more visitors per year than it had back then. 150 parks have already been affected by budget cuts. fewer rangers, life guards and janitors. many restrooms, camp grounds, picnic areas and parking lots have already been close. >> some parks are easy just to close a gate or close a museum while other parks will be a a little more complicate. >> there is already illegal marijuana growing going on in state parks. >> reporter: the state parks foundation worries what will
9:38 pm
happen to the closed parks when no one is watching. >> there will be vandalism in the places, advertent and inadvertent. deterioration of the natural environment. potential loss of cultural places, historic buildings and so on. >> state park officials are hoping people will be able to fill the gap by volunteering or donating to keep the gates and doors open. >> we are hoping to look for partners in whatever capacity that is to keep the parks open. >> among those partners is elia who is hoping his photos will inspire others. >> whether you are in is for the exercise or history lesson or to go bird watching or take pictures, whatever it is, this is california and it as shame to see it go. >> reporter: he just hopes those who can help save the parks will. eric thomas, ab abc 7 news. for a list of the parks slated for closure or to check out the website go to and click on see it on tv.
9:39 pm
wildlife officials are considering setting traps to catch a kappa beara running around in california. it has been spotted at the waste water treatment plant. they are the world's largest rodents. this someone is said to be the size of a small pig. >> i received a call from the city of pasarobles treatment plan. a kappa bear berra was seen and worked its way. >> they are not dangerous but wildlife officials are hoping to relocate the animal to a shelter. they tend to live longer in captivity. unusual little creatures. still ahead. why the man on the moon could be younger than we think. and coming home. soldiers return from overseas. the one word they wait so long to hear. ♪
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♪ o, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> so help me god. >> welcome our newest --
9:43 pm
[ applause ] >> congratulations. 1200 new citizens in a swearing in ceremony at oakland's paramount theater. they come from more than 100 countries. congratulations. well, some of this country's finest fighters back on american soil tonight. their return is a finish line for this surge. the 33,000 extra troops that went to afghanistan to turn the tide of the war. the last men off the battlefield are from the 101 airborne division out of fort campbell, kentucky. more now. >> reporter: the brigade walked a thousand miles through afghanistan, carried out almost 5,000 missions. marked the calendar are in battles fought. and in days survived. >> what happened? >> i got shot. >> reporter: a christmas. a new years. >> my wish is that next year is much more than this year.
9:44 pm
>> reporter: and one just plain bad day in march when they lost six men. >> i will give you more information as i get it. >> roger. >> reporter: all of which we saw thanks to abc's mike becher and his son carlos behind the camera. who followed the guys in what was called the surge. the brigade last 17 men killed in action. 17 brothers. >> do that for you and for me and for his family back home. so that the fight stays here. >> reporter: but now the calendar was bringing them home. >> one hour away. >> reporter: one more hour for wives and for husbands, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. and then at the 15 minute announcement. >> 15 minutes away. >> reporter: it was everyone outside. and there they were. and there they were.
9:45 pm
both frenetied c and reserved. and as they came into sight greeting first comrades who had been there but some home early the words you kept hearing floating in the air was daddy. >> daddy! daddy! >> then it was everyone back inside. and then the formality was dropped. and all the ways to say hello again, the clinging never to let go, a long look. no words spoken. a moment that pushes everyone else away so they could reconnect. and, of course, this -- >> welcome home, daddy. what some say is the best study ever, wasting time online actually boosts your productivity at work. productivity at work. we'll have that story4 8 so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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fly southwest, the only major airline researchers at lawrence livermore labs say the moon is 200 million years younger than we thought. using a new method to analyze rock samples they figured out it is 4.36 billion years old instead of 4.685 billion as we
9:49 pm
previously thought. they say the implications are profound. the new age could render a lot of previous research on the moon's age invalid or change our understanding of how the moon was formed. meantime, nasa released a magnificent image of two galaxies colliding. looks like a cosmic exclamation point. the galaxies are 450 million lightyears from earth. they will most likely merge complete any in a few million years. it was captured with data from the hubble telecope. >> hard to comprehend. >> i was just a kid when the galaxies were formed. [ laughter ] >> take a look at the time lapse view of the sky. a few broken thin high clouds moving over. lovely day statewide tomorrow and a warm one in some spots. high temperatures of 94 at
9:50 pm
chico. 94 sacramento. 100 fresno. 104 at palm springs. 935 at yosemite. in the bay area inland highs again tomorrow in the upper 80s to low 90s in the warmest spots. 92 clear lake. 90 antioch. 60s and 70s around the bay and around 60 on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a pretty sharp cool down on friday and saturday. inland highs just in the low to mid 80s around the bay. low to mid 70s. and then temperatures gradually increase and by midweek next seasonal range of around 90 or so in the warmest inland hoecation locat0 around the bay. >> i remember when you were but a cub forecast. a cub reporter. >> turns out that updating your facebook page or brouseing the internet at work is a good thing. researchers say allowing the employees to surf the net on company time can increase
9:51 pm
productivity. they say cyber loafing perks up people after long periods of work and they say surf, the web is better for productivity than talking or texting with friends or sending personal e-mails and add that smart losses would stop snooping. excessive internet monte toring and surveillance only makes employees do it more. brings us to larry beil who we have pried away from his facebook page to do sports. >> because i'm the king of facebook around here. no doubt about that. >> seems like the sky is falling every day for the giants. what is up with brian wilson's elbow. i'll be tweeting in a moment. ely gets a face full of infield.
9:52 pm
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a day long standoff continues in the night san rafael. the latest on the suspect and the massive traffic tieup going on for nearly 12 hours. and why the u.s. government is investigating standard & poor's two weeks after the credit downgrade. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here with all of the sports tonight. >> i'm defriending you. the brutal attack. unprovoked attack. >> i don't blame you. >> i still like you. >> thank you. >> he is on thin ice. >> everybody here is on -- you know where your -- oh.
9:55 pm
>> aah. >> you are on the list now, too. another defriend. >> it has got ton the point where you wonder what is going to happen here tonight. what else can go wrong for the giants? the answer is fear of surgery for brian wilson. this is serious. has soreness in his elbow. wilson will be out for a few days. ely whiteside not seriously hurt but this is not fun. face plant trying to steal. raspberries in three -- ouch! that had to sting. first inning, pablo sandoval a different kind of sting. beyond the reach of martin prado. whiteside stayed behind the plate and called a great game for matt kane. to the fourth. orlando cabrera. line drive base hit. laser scores aubrey huff. 2-1 giants. bouncer finds left field. in somes sherholz to make it
9:56 pm
3-1. check four the slider. jeremy in the ninth and that is when it gets crazy. prado over the head of cody ross. two runs and now 7-5. a little tension. brian mccann, tying run at the plate. gets them to end it, 7-5 the final. giants gain a game in the west. because of what happened in philly. the phillies up for 8 runs after trailing arizona 2-1. funny sequence. hunter pence thought he got the get down sign from the third base coach. he quickly figured that was a go sign. tied the game at two. laughing about it. 7th inning. the phillies blow it up. wilson valdez with a double to dead center. three 7th. four in the 8th for philly. giants now two and a half back of arizona in the west.
9:57 pm
a's and o's. this might have been the best a's game of the season. kurt suzuki solo in the second. recently acquired brandon allen. this kid has been fun to watch since he was acquired in the zeigler trade. a triple and an error. kind of a little league homerun. 5-2 a's. suzuki again. numbers 11 and 1 for suzuki. 6-3 a's. ninth inning. 6-4. base hit to right. david dejesus fires around. suzuki tagged. does he have the ball? yes. out! game over. >> awesome. a's win 6-5. the 49ers have signed a backup quarterback and it is
9:58 pm
not daunte culpepper. josh mccowan. he was in the ufl last year. the 49ers will host the raiders saturday at candlestick. mike shumann with more on the 49ers attempt to fick their offense. >> reporter: the offensive line gave up six sacks against the saints in their first preseason game last week. >> two weeks into the new offense and trying to get everything figured out has been tough. that is part of the job and us getting more reps together as a unit going to help. >> as a result of the offensive line play and the fact that he only had four practices before hand, alex smith was not affected. >> with the lockout and everything finally getting his feet up under him and you can tell what his decision, he is getting back up and doing a good thing. >> reporter: the 49er raider preseason games are more like regular season contests and
9:59 pm
saturday's matchup at the stick will be no different. >> going to be a very exciting atmosphere and a lot of players love playing at home. be great to get a win against the raiders and carry momentum going forward. >> in santa clara, mike shumann man. >> and if alex doesn't play better jim harbaugh could defend him. >> for spencer christian i'm dan ashley. thanks for are watching. thanks for are watching. hope to see you in [boogie woogie bugle boy playing]


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